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305. TWE Shorties|Who Stole my Butter?


Welcome everyone to another episode of the Work Experience. It's story time or what we like to call here at the were hitting experience shorts or shorties where we discuss topics Thoughts very very short brief interludes into the work experience experience narrated by either myself or Manny K.. Enjoy the working experience. Whatever ninety three north does almost at a standstill yet so rough one out there? The sporting snow and sleet snow service on any clear of the closing doors. Please ask it would be a few minutes. Traffic should make make sure Johnny that report. SAP presentation shore wants to see you email meeting meeting at ten. He worked makes the dream work moving around and after the meeting. We'll have a breakout session. Where Am I? Microwave is disgusting in Tokyo. Everybody Betty this Medicare with working experience. PODCAST back with another shorty episode. And this one one I actually saw myself I. This is not something I research. This is A memo that I Assad work and this falls under the category of I think my co workers. Her is a narcissistic a whole I saw this note taped to the refrigerator. Raider in the break room I do know who wrote it because she put her name on it and I do know who this person is. I think she is generally pretty useless at her job and She devotes her time to doing things. Like this writing notes like this and taping them to the refrigerator It could be that the person is they're they're narcissism is causing housing them to maybe close to a nervous breakdown. I'm not really sure I hope if she does have a break down she doesn't come come into our place of work with a weapon looking for the person who Well what it boils down to his somebody has been taking her butter and this is This is what her note was about. And I think I don't know if it escalates. We're going to have to get. HR involved to try to defuse the situation now for the record. I did not take this person's butter I I will say is this You know we have a coffee thing. Setup sometimes people bring incorrect pods people bring in bottles also of creamer stuff like that. I brought in creamer. I brought in half and half I stick it in the fridge. I kind of just assume other people are going to use. I don't put my name on it or anything like that. One time. I did bring in a big box of keurigs. I just stuck them up in the Cabinet and I just figured in other anybody to us because other people do it too. And I you know if there's a boxer curate cops and I'm low in my own coffee Offi just for the record I use a reusable curic Plod because I don't like all the garbage the other stuff creates and frankly I don't particularly care perfect coffee and their taste a little stale so I have my own. Coffee can however if my coffee runs out in an emergency or if I just don't have time to fix the pod I I'll grab one so you know fair enough. I think things like you know butter jelly mustard stirred are things of a communal nature. I mean something kinda cross the line a little bit. I probably wouldn't use someone else's salad dressing. You know things like that or maybe I would. I don't know people have different views on it but but again some things you know if there's like four sticks of it in there then you know just I kind of figure you need a little pat of butter your muffin or or something like that. I mean I wouldn't mind. I don't bring butter into work but you know if I did have at it. Just don't use it all you know don't don't use all all of it and then not replace it or something like that. Those situations arise as well. Some people are better than others about bringing in more milk or things like that. Which reminds me I do have to get a bottle of creamer for work But for this person to go to the lengths she did with this I called the butter memo Out because it was actually a note taped to the fridge but I think memo is funnier Now apparently apparently the author of this note she does not feel this way about the communal condiments. I'll call them and it's funny because you you never know like as far as I know. She's never said anything verbally to anybody about this. And it's always kinda funny because you never know what exactly is going on in someone else's head and you never know what is going to push them over the edge like it doesn't I don't I wanna say doesn't seem to happen so much anymore but there was a period of time where we seem to have a spate of office place shootings and the phrase going postal was. I don't know if people really use that anymore but this would happen at the post office quite often. I should say quite often but that's where it seemed to sort of originate In like the eighties and early nineties like people who worked in postoffices were showing up in shooting the place up. Apparently there were so unbelievably frustrated with what was going on even Seinfeld the show Seinfeld referenced it at one point But you heard about this happening in other places too do and someone who is very seemingly normal well-adjusted come to work every day you know and you talk to them and they seem okay and yeah I mean some people seem a little off but with other people it just seems to kind of come out of nowhere and you like I mean. Sometimes someone has been fired fired you know. And and that's I don't WanNa say understandable but they have a clear cut motivation other people. Just lose it. I mean something causes them to lose it This woman with the butter note I. She's naturally that way she's just more whiny butt earliest. It seems from this note. She's just more of kind of a wigner but again. You never quite know what's GonNa Shove somebody right over into going and purchasing a firearm even showing up and having add it so the notes was taped to the refrigerator her it was printed in big black bold letters to make sure that no one was gonna miss this and and it starts out with to the person who is stealing my butter a stealing not using stealing to the person who is stealing my butter for the last month. Someone has been using my butter without permission. I bring the sputter to put on my Bagel which I toast and I do not appreciate anyone taking it without permission Russian. How would you like it if someone took your butter? I bet you wouldn't. This is very hurtful to me. Sounds like kindergarten teacher teachers saying to little Johnny. How would you like it if someone called you a bad name and I love the question? How how would you like it? If someone took your butter that this is assuming that everyone else would feel the same way and everybody else loves butter. The same way she it does I really couldn't care less if someone used my butter as long as they again didn't use the whole thing and just leave the empty carton in their hurtful. This is very hurtful to her. Not just annoying in the sense that like Damn I have to go buy more butter and I wanted some butter for my I specifically Bagel which I toast. She wants to make sure we know that. So it's not just that she wouldn't have the butter for the Bagel Gulf. She's hurt by this. Apparently and she goes on. I brought in four sticks of butter in one package. The package. It's clearly marked with my name. I liked having butter on my toasted Bagel in the morning. You are ruining my enjoyment demint of my morning Bagel and I do not like disrespect. You don't know me. Stop taking my butter. How would you like get if someone took stuff that belong to you will i? Don't either please stop taking butter. She kinda gets gets repetitive. With this again asking the question. How would you like if someone took your staff that belong to you so this is where it gets a little menacing missing to me? I mean you are ruining my enjoyment of my morning Bagel and I I suppose therefore ruining her entire morning if not entire life where it gets ominous is I do not like disrespect? You don't know me well. That is very true. I mean I know who she is is but I know very little about this person personally except for the fact that again. She doesn't really seem to focus on doing the actual job. She's being paid eight for. She is known to come up with excuses for. Why shouldn't get this don or why shouldn't get that done and you know it's sort of like okay okay? Well maybe it's because you're focusing your time on writing these notes and putting them on the refrigerator in the break room so you know. I'm I'm not saying we'RE GOING TO RUN DOWN TO HR and get them involved but This this tone again is It's a little strange strange. It's a little strange This sounds like something. She probably goes home and complains to her husband about I think she's he's married Probably talks to other people about it like the sounds like at some. She really fumes over. I'm not the type of person who who would escalate a situation. I mean I do think it's funny when it happens but I'm not really the type of person to do that but having said that I I am really dying to just take the entire pack of butter. Next time she brings one in. I may do that now. Keep you updated. I'd everybody thanks for listening and please listen to our podcast. We always have a Monday podcast. John and I do too a week. That come mount on Tuesdays Thursdays and we enjoy doing. I'm only hope you guys enjoy listening to him. All right thanks a lot. Thank you you ever won for listening to this episode of the Work Experience. 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