AirPods Pro finally ditches Apple's one-size-fits-all approach (The Daily Charge, 10/29/2019)


Pros customize what your tips and better sound enough to justify that two hundred fifty dollars price tag or are you sticking with your older air pods we breakdown apple surprise announcement of its new headsets stick around the daily charge today is Tuesday October twenty ninth our extended post show with special features audience Q._N._A.. An indepth reviews available now wherever you get your podcasts Asian but a lot of other your buds including Deco buds have noise cancellation yeah that's becoming more of a standard feature earlier this year the air pods pro which really terrible to pronounce brings a completely new design noise cancellation and customizable your tips these changes of course don't come cheap and the air pods pro run for two hundred fifty dollars Scott why why are they dropping actually a significantly different product at a feature that's been available on like basically every other wireless headset out there but do you think that makes these more accessible people that the fact that they can customize it so folks roundup of alternatives to the air pods pro that are less a lot less than two hundred fifty dollars so we could add that later on I just wonder like now are my old air pods so I would be tempted but it's a lot of money yet to fifty is like a another device feels like like yeah that's totally left the so these it didn't matter what your ears shape was like these are their pods and this is it and it finally added customizable tips which I think is the biggest quote unquote innovation here even though this is than the Apple Watch series five right point to gybed I don't know maybe there was an October event that never happened Ryan as the result but these clearly were ready like bigger or smaller ear canals can partake in the air pod revolution yes they will this is where we are now Asians all about losing the the two hundred fifty dollars Richard Express opinions before the show Yeah what'd you think to fifty dollars that's a lot of money I mean I do I have air pods I like them I like them a lot actually oh remote that comes at the one in the box so oh yeah I just I just want to be able to and there are other ones that do that control volume yes you can do it on your watch but you have to have a watch Oh yes and and I'm really sorry because people who had been who had bought air pods now there's a new version they cost me included you that's true let's talk about assery landscape I also want to talk about the fact that for the first time apple with airports is acknowledging that one size doesn't fit all fair positive they're always and so it's interesting to really pay up for that here and there are so many buds now in the landscape by it but but apple has established itself with Air Pods so aware and look at noon press release right here like a month after the iphone event why didn't they just bundle with the bed yet super weird I mean product is more interesting Asian work does it basically just like mute the volume or like it I am curious how that we're supposed to provide a mix that that allows pastor but some noise cancer than having to get new tips and then gung up tips or at least that'll be world of your gunk I think that's part of it I think the noise offing speaking of wearables Google has struggled in these smartwatch arena and could be eyeing a competitor to bolster its efforts a Reuters report has parent alphabet looking to acquire fitbit for a bunch day so I still would also really like a way to have these all charge each other whether it's reverse charging or plugging in easily through the iphone or something nations while right said provides that having those noise cancellation headphones turn off the noise cancellation it's like a little I don't know it's supposed to be a little bit different than that we'll see Erba any sort of event emerging but but also not just that fits research into FDA cleared territory they haven't had anything FDA cleared it but they're supposed to be really close to something in the You know kind of like an Arrhythmia they're also trying to pursue sleep instead of tapping there's a squeeze yeah but what's annoying to me is there's no volume control right there's no there wasn't volume control of the first ones but there is volume control battery life always on thing I think for but to be clear for fitbit was really about acquiring the more of the APP developer ecosystem sense I mean Google had a big hardware event a couple of weeks ago and they had a phone they had a smart speaker they had a router was noticeably missing you like my like une cool and generally are really spot the the length of the tube in if so that's a little thing I'm really interested in how the pass through a transparency with Ezekiel that versus the noise cancelling export watches using a platform that's compatible with both android in Iowa's is is that I mean does this make sense it it certainly makes away and they met on sales may posted lower-than-expected prophets yeah What does that mean in the long run not not affected prophets were because of you know spending spending big on the cloud business and hardware okay but you know I mean the it's kind of like that right but you know hey today I rented battery again ran out of charge on airboats coming in just because I forgot will be interested in that for health tech and then there's the pebble element which is kind of intriguing because they've they acquired they had a ball pebble and now if Google attack that's FDA cleared trite which apple has even gone into territory but Google has been beginning Google fitbit has been pursuing that but you can see where an alphabet Google has a watch yes do you think like you think it conceivable that replaced whereas with the the operation that fitbit runs or now I I'm really the interesting thing about these about this earnings report is that they are facing a whole lot of other problems outside of this and so it's just one more thing that they have to worry about that's a recognizable brand and people will go up here are they see how they sound here how these well we we have these what we can add a link later on but Rick Has Nice Charter Roger Chan I'm Scott Stein I'm rich nigga phase for joining us can't get enough check out the daily supercharge roll the search time posted weaker than expected third quarter results this comes amid a slew of internal problems Ritchie break this all down for us yeah well so they posted earnings it's also concerning this a lot of people in saying if it user what's going to happen to my data very question bulk versus hasn't happened yet so I mean this is like a this is a question before quick to say no but I do think that that fitbit provides a lot of things first of all a lot of data yeah and so if you're looking to get a catch up on on fitness Scott Stein I'm rich never hear today's top stories apple on Monday dropped new pods and they aren't minor upgrades like the wireless charging case are those little APPs that's the part that's probably least interesting to Google because they have their own way of getting them APPs would be my spit ball guess we'll speak it acquires all of it then you still a pebble in there somewhere I don't know whether that nest reverse nesting wearable tech right I kind of want the I still want the lawn really much like nobody Google is not going to go out of business right I'm curious I mean you're on the call you listen to them speak do they talk a little bit about hardware given that they just I said how big hardware vendors about these products did they did they mention anything about how well or

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