I got corona and it was HORRIBLE!


A. World. It's been a couple of months first of all. Welcome. How do I start a podcast like that? No. All right, guys. Welcome. Welcome back to another episode of Bev's world at podcast episode today I, first of all. Hey, how you doing I'm doing just fine. Thank you very much. It's been a while it's been a couple of months since we talked last time and that is due to a couple of different reasons. One of them being I have been working a lot lately, but I will sitting thinking. About uploading something and specifically talking about the corona virus and my audience, the coronavirus you know. I, think we'll just jump into it because you know in the beginning of this whole pandemic we We didn't really know what it was going to what was going to happen and I think. You know sitting there in my office working in like office hours were not many people I you know. We don't sit too close to each other's I'm not taking the bus. March. You know. Just taking it easy and just kinda following the restrictions and just making sure that I'm safe. I'm always using my hand sanitizer. And for me, it was really important to follow these things as a routine like I would almost like overdo it and I was like there's no way I'm GonNa get Corona virus and. Because of the reasons I just listed. Approximately two and a half months ago at three months ago. Now, it probably is I got a fever. I started kind of tingling. And I started feeling very weak. In my body and mom, it's Kinda hard to. Explain but it wasn't anything out of the ordinary I. Just felt of really like low on energy and just like you know like when you touch your skin, you just feel like a cold or hot lick it lick a normal fever can hurt to just touch your skin almost in a way that kind of sounds brutal but you know what I mean and was like. The same corona virus you know and I was like, yeah. So just continue my life as normal and. It got worse. and. Not like with like coughing and stuff because I think one thing that's important to remember with corona is that. There's pretty much two different ways at that. It can affect you Like. Will two ways that you can see. You. Know what I mean like to two very extinct tial things that it can affect you with like soap really high fever, and then also as some people's you know lung capacity. Capacity and breathing. Is really difficult and. All of a sudden like from nowhere it just got worse and like the fever just got higher and higher. And I was like wait what's going on and all of a sudden I was between and I got over thirty eight degrees, body temperature, and then thirty nine. And then I had thirty nine for quite some time. So one a couple of days and I was like you know what? This just feels very different because I will. So who drained. And so my mom's like Kevin you know they've just up. Okay so just backtrack a little bit in. Sweden we've had a pretty like s strict rule when it comes to being allowed to test yourself for corona virus in the beginning. Right so only you really really were sick you could come in like we're talking you're coughing you can barely I mean you can barely Britain coughing of course, my coffee but yet like really really bad costs I would say that or if you're a if you have trouble breathing. And Just. Like. It's getting worse and worse. and. So Right when I got corona virus. At they had just opened up on these restrictions here in Sweden. So anybody could go down and test themselves and I was like, oh. Should I really do it and mom's like, do it Kevin like it's worth. You know like you don't want to just lay there with fever and we can't meet up you know and I was like Oh. That's so true. And I was like on no but I'll just wait a couple more days and just go over. It's just an old fever you know even though I was just feeling so drained. And I know him saying and like a lot but just bear with me. Two days three days had gone after that when I said no to my mom and then she's like, no, you know what? You should just have yourselves test yourself because it could just be a relief for yourself just knowing, do you have it or not? You know? And also, all right fine I'll do it i. wasn't mad at her but I was like, all right fine I'll go do it. So I on right in my personal number and I signing for this test. That's GONNA. Be The morning after and it's like this express testing where you go in and it's really quickly. So every. Five minutes, ten minutes. There's a new person that goes in right. So they have a list of people that have signed up the night. And then they say, Oh, who's this Bubba bump and then you're going in but the funny thing is that or not funny. Well, it's kind of funny humorous is that we're all standing there. Down where the train station and there's like little like a container you know like On a building site or Industrial like like building site, you'll have like builders living in these smaller containers that are just transportable. One of those, they had just like wiped it up, and then there was this nurse in their full like has matsue and like you felt like A. Virus yourself but then you're all like standing on the outside waiting to heading for her to call up your name and so all of a sudden you know. You start looking at each other. So Yeah we're all sick. You know. We all think we have Gerona. You know it was just as awkward thing like do we? Like. Don't stare to much. Or against the trains going behind me here say windows open you might hear that but. It was just kind of funny because. We're all just standing there like. Do Do we stand close? We will eat it was just so early in this whole pandemic thing but anyways I go inside and it went so quick like she's like all right sit down lean your head towards the wall like back and then like put up your nostrils or whatever, and then she shoves this like stick. It's not a stick it's like A. Like one of those things that you can put in your ears, you know type of things and like get out the ear wax but she shoves it up my nose, right? So. It goes so deep heels like what the heck critic it was so uncomfortable, but then she likes she robes it around and then she takes it out and she's like Oh. Yeah you're done. What that was it it just took like a couple of seconds I. Guess. I could say they're like if you're if you're ever wondering like, should I go take a test like do it's not that bad to be honest like everybody had been hyping it. Up. Before that's like super scared and I had been hyping up myself. You know one of the worst things that you can do is Google your symptoms or Google your problems like. To Google you're dead within the next two days whatever you're sending on this so And just reading lighted. So's Nar recommended but I did that and I was like looking at videos on Youtube when people like got that stick shoved in their like knows I was like, oh, bed would it do that and I was like sending it to our friends on Messenger and stuff like this is what are you GonNa Do Tomorrow But anyways, they weren't super well and like on that note respect to all the people within the industry because the work that you guys do like in the medical industry like you guys are heroes seriously and she's literally risking her life standing there taking in hundreds of people and testing them. And you know just from previous stories and. Even those people have gotten. So it's like you're not safe even though you think you're safe Kennedy anyways. So it took like. This was on a Friday and. It took like four days. So like I think it was choose or Wednesday. They send me home this piece of paper. No No. Okay. So there's this guy that calls me and he's like dislike virus doctor type thing in the region where I live. And he's like so odd yeah. Yeah we'll do now disturbing. No. So he's like, Hey, Kevin were just actually calling to. Inform you if you have corona virus or not, and I was like Oh yeah. Sweet. I've been waiting for this call and he's like, yeah, well, and you know in my head I'm like I'll just tell me I don't have it. You know I know already I'm kind of feeling good. You know like, Oh, I don't know if it was just like. Taking. You know one of those aspirins or whatever to make me feel good or. To numb the pain. But I was feeling a bit Oh right and then he's like you know what Your positive. As an and I was like, so you mean like I'm positive light on positively not. You know like I don't have corona or no you're positive right? And I'll. Positive. And I was like what the Heck I have the corona virus, this little virus or this Follow me this little victories from Wuhan China. Has Reached my little town in the west coast of Sweden? Within a couple of months? I remember sitting in my office with my colleagues. Cana. Just Oh, men nothing's going to happen. It's not gonNA get to us. Just. A couple of weeks couple weeks and months ago just like. This, is just going to be you know something down there in China and it's not going to affect us. But Lo and behold I. got it. And I think you know to answer the question how I kinda? Did I. Have Breathing problems did I have you know? The coughs and stuff like that. I did not have. I did not cough I did not. I did not have breathing problems and I think the worst thing and the worst experience with all of this is just laying there in bed not knowing if it's going to get any worse and I remember one of the nights when else laying in bed and it was just so like not dark, but it was just like I could not see me living with out this I couldn't see the light kind of in the tunnel like, oh, it's just a fever and it's GonNa be over because while you're laying there and your reading the news of people dying left and right and You know. When you're when you know you have in your still in that pain here the train comes again if you hear it, it's my bad. You're laying there and you're just. AM, am I gonNA die. Like now I had my hopes up in my you know, but it was still this part where you're just so vulnerable in your, you can't meet with people. You can't be with your mom. You can't be with your sisters. You can't be with your friends you can't go to work you can't you can't do anything. And I think the worst part of having the corona virus and this is my personal experience. You know I bet like if somebody has had a hard time breathing and all that stuff that that is the main thing that was the hardest thing during the coronavirus oil when they had coronavirus but I think for me. My hardest part was. Not being able to be with people and being isolated. I think that was just so so difficult. You feel like a virus you feel like you can on go out you cannot be with people. People don't want to be with you even though they really want to. You know like close friends and family you feel like nobody wants to be round you in a way because of all. This. For Kim virus right. So. I I. Don't know like if we could wrap this up in some cool way. I. Realize Gone On for Thirteen minutes now it felt much shorter but if I can encourage you any way I, just want to say that If you know somebody that has it or if you know somebody that's like sitting in quarantine that's like stuck at home they're like maybe seventy plus and can't go outside please call them talk to them, send them a message like the whole isolation thing is such a burden on your psyche. Like on your brain on your mind it's like we are social creatures and we need people around us. Right. and. Even if you can't if you know somebody that has it, you can't meet them. Video chat them like my mom did to me she will sure she called two three times a day. We had a video chat. The will just sit there laugh cry and you know like just have a good time via video and I think this is one of those things I said to mom as well I was like. This is the positive side of the technology that we have. You know there's so much negative and You know is social media good or bad for us and I think this is one of those. Experiences where I'm like you know what? BIG UPS to two big tech you know. Thank you for being there you know. And Yeah. With those words, I, just WanNa say thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you're new to babs world here, please follow it means a lot to me and that way you'll get notifications and information when I applaud another episode so. Yeah as world podcasts. Signing. Out. Pace.

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