Todd Sklar has never seen Tenet


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He is doing another christopher nolan movie. He has never seen it. He writes it. It is absolutely insane Even he wrote the script backwards he. It is written completely backwards. I as a joke to make fun of tenant when she hadn't seen and it's a more appropriate joke then i think he even realized but not only. Did he do that after he finished writing the script postpone the recording and inbetween writing it and recording. It he watched all of tenant. This is the most anyone has ever committed to this and it pays off. Hopefully i think it pays off. The script is so fun We're joined by. Rebecca ross joined by julian kiani and very funny comedian writer. Who's been on here before this whole thing is just a wild it. The backwards script is crazy. We don't we read it in the four words on here but we try to read it backwards. And i'm releasing that on the patriot on its patron dot com slash. Never seen it. That will be up today when this comes out as well so the thursday and it's us reading it backwards as much as we can. I'm going to post some pictures of his scripts. You can see this. He didn't just reverse the words he retyped it all backwards so the formatting is right it is i can't even call it a labor love. 'cause i don't think anyone loved it but it was a labor that doesn't sound like a cell but anyway todd has never seen tenant he rewrites it. We read his whole script. It's incredibly funny. He's such a good writer and we have so much fun with it. We talk a lot about ten. Maybe because it's the last movie i saw in a movie theater was a drive in but is bizarre. The holdings bizarre has backward. Script is hilarious. We played before and after some new dad games a new before and after style that involves movie quotes. Some perfect movie is a big big on full ten episode. And then if you wanna hear us trying re- descript backwards and then also play that backwards recording forwards. That's on the patriot for the show. It's only a few dollars a month. And i cannot imagine a worse pitch for it than this being the content but after we recorded this episode. We all started the script over from the beginning which was the end in the backwards script reading it backwards. Vernacular is that word for. We don't know for naturally as a word anyways that's patriot dot com slash. Never seen it and you get you get all of our episodes early with no ads as well as it's the weird stuff like this as well as i've started a new podcast called silly silly serious. And their episodes up there where interview people and ask them to silly questions in a serious question and then repeat that that's all on patriot. Dot com slash. Never seen it. You can go listen to this back. Todd backwards tenant. Script is on there. And then i'm going to reverse that because it's ten ten tenting i mean. Yep that's what's happening but this is such a fun episode. it's i have. I laugh a lot. The script is bananas. It is on point and nothing at the same time. Which is what we're going for. This is todd. sklar has never seen tenant police enjoy. Please go check out our patriotic. And please find us on instagram and twitter. We're going to be doing another game night here soon. That was a lot of fun. We did a bunch of before and after a bunch of other. Never seen it games with fans with everybody hanging out with some team. Captains dave ross ryan singer. Rebecca was in there so fun. And and i'm going to report about that stuff on instagram twitter and discord or at never seen his show instagram and twitter are discord is at fart dot kyle layers dot com and you can come hang out with a bunch of fans and talk about all sorts of stuff not just movies in the podcast and we'll be posting the game nights on their. Please enjoy this. Please enjoy our patriotic. Please enjoy my dear aunt. Sally what does that. Why do i know that what does that from. Please enjoy my dear out pen dos. That's from him that's parentheses multiplication division addition and subtraction. So remember the order of operations gates. Please excuse my dear. And sally right not enjoy but if you like my aunt please enjoy my dumb ass. Cepa soda of this podcast. That doesn't quite work. Enjoy though this is never seen. It is the podcast where comedians rewrite these tv shows. They have not seen But there is sometimes an interim downtime between completion anyway some today's episode having never seen tenant returning after our christopher nolan never seeing hiatus from having never seen done curse. Please welcome back. todd sklar. Thank you for being here. Todd thanks for having me also joining us once again. We have rebecca steinberg and we have julian kiani. Thank you for be here and i have a confession. Yes during the two hours we had to reschedule today. Post writing my tenant script. While i was waiting for our new time i watched tenant and now i have seen tenant and i like my version better. So i'm like the funniest thing that possibly do is have to. We're supposed to record it noon and we had to move to two pm because they were drilling a hole in the street outside my house and in the downtime you watch the movie you'd already written. Oh yeah hell yeah didn't change the word you can even check the time stamp on the file. Hold on a second. Todd i just. I i need you to confirm from having a stroke because i just opened the pd. Everyone else opens crafts. Yes everything is everything is back. It makes more sense if you've seen it before a little bit of a wild guess on the actual spoiler for anybody but the actual movie is not not backwards. But that's what i thought. Okay how are we supposed to read phonetically. We can kind of ekit out make as much sense as we're recording this podcast in front of the mirror. I literally thought i was. I literally. I had a nosebleed earlier. I literally thought. I was stroking a before. I understand the only thing that i read. That is backwards right. Now is one of the characters name disease. I believe that wrote it in like normally watch tenet was like i gotta make this just a touch weirdo and then trying to. I'm trying to read. I'm trying to read this backwards. And i'm seeing that one of the character's names chappie and i'm really good jobs backwards reading so there's a huge attach the tech this right you're right. There's there's a mirror element to just getting the letters in the right order but then also here's where this really got. Intense is that the actual chronology of events is also do this the right way we should start at the end with the war. The other thing. That's confusing on the title. Page the name of the film is correct. I understand that i understand. It's a passenger room but the letters are not all and then but your name is backwards. But it's your first name backwards. Your last name backwards as opposed to your last name and then your first day whereas the whole scripts the whole script is sentences completely is what we call an inception. Check that out. Yeah oh. I'll send you guys a version of the script that has written for. We're going to do it. Here's what we're going to do. We're going to do it. The normal way and then the patriot for the show. We're going to do it. David lynch backwards which reading it. And then i will have the backwards and forwards version available for people. If they want alma l. will read it backwards. Then i'll put that on the patriarch for people who want to hear that. We'll read the backwards. We'll try to read the script normally. Okay okay. we'll loop it on backwards. I just sent a version of it where it's incorrect taxed. It's quartered front words. I there's gonna be a lot of spelling errors in the backwards version because spellcheck does not understand backwards taxes but this current version. The correct version is spelled correctly. Okay wow I'm like worried about even scrolling and seeing what. This is actually sorry. I was trying to think of. Who's the funniest okay now. Todd's name in the correct script. Says todd sclera really good name to go. Forward ra pallet. grow up could be attendance. It's very possible. We'll you're either attendant or a landlord. Check your token to make sure you're not dreaming right now. Okay the head space. That i'm in right now. I don't even know what to describe. You have the head space. You're in you say fuck sponsor for the episode actually sponsored by head space and. We'll get to that in a little bit though. This is not going to be very calming for people who are and it can turn off the episode after it's completed and then go on heads face. Use the code just the fact that We're talking about. There was a chance. This episode was supposed to be sponsored by the tenant. What happened with that. They they looked into the podcast in a little bit. I got we got ghosted. We got they were like. Hey we want to do a giveaway. And we're like we'd love to give away and they're like okay. What are your numbers. We sent them our numbers they were like. This is their exact words. For rebecca's was this is perfect right and then we're like okay and then week went by and k. Clearly let like we need to get this approved and then they just never got back. Is it possible that they just haven't gone back into the past can be about. Is this a time travel movie. I don't now. I you know it's funny i somehow. I know less about the movie having. I'd never had that happen before that. We was truly a bizarre experience. I can't fucking believe that you when we were. We were all on sued and was like. Oh todd needs to our mets finished. I was like oh finish the script and he's finishing. It's so funny dead. Oh my gosh. Wow okay we need to do the script because then we have so much to unpack here todd head and cast too so there is really just four main characters there is someone needs to play who has the best british accent. We need someone to play. Michael cain with the old try. I'm not oh. Yeah what's a channel. Mike prestige stace. Is that all right. That's pretty damn good. You can probably say movies. He's been in and his and his name. Mike okay that's it hell. Yeah and then. We need somebody to be aziz. We've got a good season. Sorry hi kyle actually does nice at your plan. Z's right perfect as perfect and then we have Chappie shafie happening. Well it's okay so he's is not the michael caine. There's actually others actually in my pocket and character. Chappie is a robotic character named chappie from the movie shabby artist choppy sound. He sounds very confused in south african. Oh god oh doesn't sound a little. I was going to talk about movie. I know what i'll do. I'll be chappy and rebecca. You read the wall to wall the stage okay. Hall are going to be bain. Well the thing about bain. I'm not sure how familiar eligible. Nothing says you can't hear it. Also also but i was gonna just kinda mumble. Whoever wants about bain fire okay. So are we going to start now. All right so it tenant bite tot sklar oaks. I we have a quote. I don't believe in time i believe in truth. And that's by prince. My game is like the pythagorean theorem. there is no answer. shaquille o'neal exterior large cargo ship in the ocean day. Aziz on sorry is dressed in a james bond style suit looking over the edge of a large freight ship. He stares he stares out into the rugged seat pensively something is amiss. Something is awry he. Squint then calls out for refreshments. Hey robot which bring me directly seconds later. A modern humanoid robot walks over with a drink. It's chappie from the movie. Chappie start starring chappie choppy chop delivers a first and cocktail z's and then joins him overlooking the pensive rugged waters of christopher nolan ocean. I am jeopardy. Yeah we know dude. That's like all you ever say. Hey help decipher this message from the company. I think it's our next mission. Okay bro as these starts pulling a string from the side of the ship and reels and a message in a bottle from the ocean as soon as it's within reach chappie grabs the bottle and smashes it sending glass shards everywhere. Dammit chappie you gotta warm before you do that. Jeopardy's sorry whatever dude. Just read me. The message chappie picks up the scroll from the and begins reading it king. Are you glad you are king. As he's furrows his brow. Was it a car or a cat. i saw. He scratches his chin. A nut for a jar of tuna and scratches his head. Are we not pure no sir. Panama noriega brags. It is garbage. I already dooms man a prisoner. Up to new era choppy sets the letter down. Looks confused chappie. None of that makes sense. I think it's a postal broke. A cease picks up the letter and stares at it for a while. Like we're just watching a dude stare at a piece of paper for like fifteen to twenty minutes. Yeah dude a still. Don't get it. Maybe we should try reading it backwards. Suddenly the screen inverted insult that and inception and the ship is transported to an arctic island. Where futuristic spacecraft lands on the hull of the ship z's and chappie watch as the door opens and baynes steps out of a tank top gas mask and all he speaks as he approaches them but they can't understand anything he says not because he's talking backwards or anything but because he has that stupid band mask on. Thank the frog character in stocks and sixty four. What is he saying. I don't know bro. i can't understand a word of it. No babe broke chappie. Chapman not broken champions. Fine everything is chappie. perhaps. I can lend a hand. Michael cain steps out of the other side of the spacecraft. What my esteemed associate is trying to tell you. Is that you both now. I'll play an integral part in the fabric of our space time continuum. What do you mean nate. Chappie not understand. Michael caine approaches them pulling out a yoyo as he speaks. What i'm about to tell you carries great way and levity life as we know it will never be the same. Oh no i. I am jeopardy michael. Caine tosses the yoyo chappie chevy catches it reels back to michael michael caines hands. Not because of a time warp or anything michael. Cain just still had the straw. Okay just still had the string. That's just how yoyos work rush. An olga played by a british guy who send weapons back from the future to the past and somehow is rigged up a device or something. Where if he dies a nuclear explosion will happen and and the world. Oh no wait guys into future or the past otis. The present the past for him. That paul remains unclear. What is clear. However is that you two need to stop him. Oh jeopardy can stop him. But how chappie. How are we going to. How are we supposed to stop this. Dude i'm going to tell you how michael caine pulls off his top hat revealing a small a small yellow bird sitting atop his head is. How is that the name of your bird heavens. no my name is jackie. The bird is just flare. Michael caine snaps. His fingers in the bird flies away but backwards he's entropy a season chaffee watching michael cain does a prestige s cad motion to recapture their attention. I'm going to tell you your word now ten. I don't know what does that mean mate. We're going to tell you we're going to explain all of this out. Remember now do you understand. Champion disease are puzzled ban attempts to help michael canton the yoyo off the side of the ship and pose a small metallic top from his pika and spit on the ground in front of champions vs now understand. They're still confused. And so are we more time to get this train on the tracks. Rubber co. dude. I can't understand a fucking thing that guy saying he's talking about ten. What is that. My colleague is trying to explain. It's not what tenant is is it. Is it yo- dude. I mike major confused. Tenet is everything and nothing out wants. I am no dude. You are chappie yes you are. Now let me have explain things further but making them more complicated michael caine snaps his fingers of the screen in itself part in inception and the ship is transported to a busy city street in paris exterior paris day. The light the large freight ship is sitting in the middle of a crowded street. People walk by and go on with their day as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Here's the thing though. Everyone is moving backwards like. They're walking backwards. They're closer backwards. Cars moved backwards. It's like that scene in freddy got fingered where tom green the backwards man except it's everyone season chaffee still on the ship here over the edge the backwards world around them know. Everything is backwards. Chevy as our two heroes. Contemplate their surroundings. Michael caine motions off the ship towards the busy street. You see that woman over there. He points the only woman in the entire crowded city. She's a tall waifish british lady. What if i told you. She's both the mother and that seems reasonable. What else are female characters and christopher nolan movie. Well how about this. She is also her own mother and wife Issue chevy michael. Caine chuckles to himself throws an arm around his robotic. Pow knows she certain light. Okay dude i thought i knew what was going on. But like actually. I'm like totally confused apps. I can shed morla. I whom the situation by adamant more complications to michael. Cain takes off his coat and rose up his sleeve revealing an arm covered tattooed notes. To himself he begins three reading from them. You see intended. Which is where we currently are. now time is inverted which means that time is inverted it. Finally clicks sees has a eureka moment. Oh i get it. If time is inverted that means it's moving slower. No that was inception. So does that mean. The time is moving faster than you. Stella so i guess the inversion means time is repeating itself. No that was memento. Okay then does that mean that. There is multiple timelines but we're only seeing one perspective at the time the same events. no that was dunkirk. Sorta we've been done. Kurt oh my friend. You certainly have listened. Inversion is like it's like more like time is moving backwards but also forwards at the same time but not exactly like that because this sounds like benjamin button. How no we've got benjamin button. No you certainly haven't my good man exit. Michael kids getting more and more exhausted by having favors for christopher. No one no. You certainly haven't my good man. Listen just going to have to trust me on the sim version. Stop unless you're not smart enough to understand it and if you're not smart enough to understand tenant then that means you dumb and if you're dumb then that means you're probably a trump supporter and if you're a trump supporter that means you're probably racist racist to you and season. Jabot shake their heads. No well all right then. That settles that matt didn't settle anything. Dude bain would help show bain would help. Show him what i'm talking about. Ban steps forward picks up his these his back over Ona i got dark knighted. But you haven't yet actually. Because antenna time is embedded so your back actually broke his knee drops to the ground and grabs his knee and starts moaning and groaning unintelligibly. Oh dope and the best pop. My friend is that his name is name broken because intended we can just go back in time and undo what we just did then suddenly stands up straight crosses his arms like nothing ever happened. Oh no what. Time is relative and everything that's happened isn't actually happening then. Does anything even matter intended. Nope just like that movie. Vanilla sky where it's just a big comp- using waste of time because nothing matters because it was all a dream now. Now michael cages spoiler vanilla sky so then. Couldn't someone just a racist from the future by sending back version of themselves back in time to suddenly everyone on the ship disappears. The camera smoothly lowers to the ground revealing a spinning top. Starting to slow down and it's been justice it's about to tip over smash cut to black. The end is the beginning of the end by smashing. Pumpkins plays backwards. That is attacked. Hello everybody You know this life can be stressful. 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Honestly that makes more sense than the actual movie and actually really. Oh i mean. I can't wow it does it is. Let's i. i saw ten at the drive in and Michael cain is in your script with. He has the same amount of lines. Total in your script actually five times. As many as he has intent he's intended for seventy five seconds. It's true for no reason that he has good and exit. It faded sweater thought. Michael caine say that tenet was the greatest action movie of all time. And i was like. Does christopher nolan have a steele dossier style thing over. Michael cain like. How does this keep happening and to be fair. Michael michael johnson. A bunch of movies because a lot of his movies are batman and my character in batman but he also in the rest of them he just sorta plays a guy that tells the main character with the audience needs to hear it the only thing those intended. He only does that for one scene when we needed that. For like all the for one for thirty five seconds starved tenant the main character walks into a restaurant and sits down with michael cain who has never met or talked to in his whole life. Michael caine explained to him. What has happened intended so far and then the main character gets up and leaves and michael caines not in the movie ever again. It couldn't have made less sense. It was so wild i have. I looked there's no way. Tenants gonna sponsor podcasts if the movie for movie that is supposed to be able to go backwards and forwards. It sure seemed like they weren't allowed to use it. Delete key writing it. It's it's it's a very interesting thing to see like there's sometimes there's like complex complicated movie. That doesn't work because like the movie itself didn't like explain the rules of the game. Well enough to the viewer to allow us to play in it but this seems like a movie where they didn't know what the rules of the game were like. I don't think anybody understands this movie. Like christopher no one does not understand tennis. Guaranteed i cannot. It is almost like if you sent me. All of the tenant footage. And i had to edit it without a script we could have ended up with something sort of so. I have just never. We were laughing. I i've also never seen a movie take itself more seriously than tenant took itself. It is reasserting itself like on the waterfront level of seriousness. Yes right it is like st- he's like one of the most self serious. But like i guess even like the other elements like the score is so unnecessarily like dour intense. There's there's no joy in any character completing a successful mission. You're going to have a cheesy one liner but like you wanna have a smile. There are so few movies that i think i wish michael bay had made instead of the person who made. That's what i think. He has made this. It could have been great. I fear i think made this in the year. Nineteen ninety eight. This might be my favorite movie. I don't even know the acting is fine. Do you know what i mean. No one's bad at it but sometimes you're just like your contractually obligated to say this stuff. The thing that is there's there's so little to take the opening is pointless. There's a whole big opening scene. You think we'll come back. And it's structured. Really the opening. He's so good at setting up set pieces an amazing amazing action setpiece director and a great guy. He's at opening a movielike. First five minutes of ten. And i was like wow. This is fucking awesome. Weight fell night opening where it's a lot of reveals a big sort of heist type of thing and then they no one. No one talks it it it it. I don't know why it happened. I don't know who was there. They're all in masks at the beginning. You don't even know what characters were involved for the most part. It was very weird. The fighting in the movie is the most bizarre thing i've ever seen because he refused to. Just run the footage backwards. He made everyone do stuff. Backwards and shot at four words like seemed like a spider. Scamper away when you spray it with fight on the ground. But they're rolling backwards the stunt people. Oh wow scary very scary. Because it's like a horror movie. The ring girl moves sort of jittery. It is not like that if you got on the ground and did a somersault forwards and then did it backwards. Same and one of them wouldn't look fluid. It's disorienting in a way that it does not help the movie because if we understood what was going on as it was happening that level of disarmament might be a fun like trick or put us in the perspective of the character. But we also don't really have anyone point of view in which is also a weird day. Yeah and it starts for a lot of the movie. it's about one guy. And then at the end it's a giant sort of two and a half sided war and then the wars happening backwards and i and forwards. I don't even know if it's fun enough to hate watch. I don't know if there's that's going to say okay. I think there's i think there's a lot like people people enjoy like having to figure some stuff out that's fun that's gone yup but when you when you go down a path that has no like redemption is ours like information or anything like you. Don't hang onto any plot points you don't hang onto any characters nothing with you then nothing. There's nothing to talk about. They don't want to spend the whole time. Like sort of like shitting on it. Because the the takeaways i did i do like when a director gets to make the thing they want to and it doesn't happen as often anymore and he's one of the few left and he's one of the very few left that gets to make a non superhero hundred million dollar movie. However he wants later original original idea nine original idea original idea that was to be an idea it has to be original idea. Or if it's based off a short story his brother wrote when he was six witnessing like three pages every school when you say it's backwards but also at the same time meaning like chronologically. It's moving from point eight four but then actions are happening backwards. Yeah she's physically. People are running backwards put. It's supposed to mirror something that's already so at some point do through just walking around and then backwards shit just happens by them like and they don't talk and then later in the movie backwards is happening forward and the older forward should is happening backwards. But he didn't just reverse the footage he active walk backwards and it's also a lot of parts where that's happening at the same time. We're losing time. There's a team which is bizarre. And they put armbands on each other and they all know the backward stuff happens so they're like hey blue team going backwards. Yep we got all this intel from. The blue team had already did this. And we know what to do this in the future and could change this so that we got from. That might be changed by the time we get. There is a really doesn't matter that we're doing now so we're just it's like it's like a puzzle box with no prize at the end where nothing matters if you were just jump in on that part of the conversation. I would swear that you're talking about double there. There is the part where the red team is already taken. The token out of the giant knows and so that helps. We should learn from this. They're really i have never felt I laughed so much. I laughed a lot. Watch in the robert. Pattinson is the. I love him as an actor. I love to everybody in the movie. He's not even star. He's a little bit everyone's great. It's i've never seen be less than the sum of its. Oh it could have been. I need a better casting. I feel like i feel like denzel. Son is kind of like charisma. Liz and i feel like robert panton also is like not smooth enough to be like the james bond smooth british guy feel like i like both those guys. I r- these wrottesley todd. Why are you forgetting the characters name. John david washington plays a cares because his name is protagonist because his name in the movie is the protagonist does not carrying a name. We never learn his name. He refers to himself as the protagonist twice. That's like it is not named him. It's so got about that but it's just watched the movie going wrong performances could be better because there's nothing to say charismatically. There's no point. is anyone like. There's one the only backward moment that works for me is when the protagonist. I shows it happening. There's like two seconds like tight and it's really well shot it's really well directed but then when it's like they hand to hand combat wards and. It looks watching. It feels like listening to that time christian. Bale yelled at the guy. Yeah order it is. This is anyone's fault but my neck hurts up there. Is there less of a less of a mission. Like a clear mission. I it definitely not a clear mission mission. They have to get something that its name is also if feels like he forgot to go back in name all of the stuff. Sometimes when i write a script. I will name people after who i want to play them like. So i could keep the voice as sorry or i will re or you'll be like but what was the thing they were trying to get. It was just the algorithm. Was the thing they were going. After because the algorithm can unlock a nuclear bomb or the nuclear bomb was a separate thing. There were no offer ends in the entire movie. It was very weird. They're going after the algorithm to stop the bomb but the bombers is controlled by a guy in a boat either in the past future or throw antagonist but also. The bomb is not on a timer. Goes off when he dies but also there is a timer on the bomb also coming down when it goes off you. Don't act the bomb. Yeah this is an exercise in like. This is like a logic puzzle. I'll never know what's crazy as we've spoiled nothing. Yeah the movie and still be confused. So i i just you leave movie theater or drive in. I wanna see movie that. I wanna talk about and and wanna keep thinking about and this is the exception. That proves that rule. Because i need i i just. I don't know it's so weird. It feels like an snl sketch. Christopher nolan hosted best that be like oh you kinda got him. Because it's literally todd script it's a reference to every. Yeah mike. I could not believe when michael caine was just had a he even had a funny hat with them. There wasn't a bird under. It was already on the table but he had like a little pork pie hat or something i can. I don't remember because i was laughing. And then The protagonist walks it and michael caines like ten. It looks like this sometimes. It's forwards sometimes. It's back watch man and then he leaves. That's literally the movie so todd. How the fuck did you know that. Well because that's not the movie that's the thing is it's only ten minutes like it's just a weird spot where that's like halfway into the movie. It's not the end of the first act. It's not the inciting incident. It's not at the end to give the guy information. It's just in the middle. I'm trying to if if in the middle. If so if in that scene in batman or the joker is in jail clapping. Which i would say is about the middle if someone turned to commissioner gordon and said that's the joker he's bad that's like win this weird michael kay but if that if that was like some huge cameo that happened like if leader caprio walked in and said the joker is bad right. Then that's what they keep doing. There's multiple heists in the movie which is fun but also you never know what the heist four. And it's not in a way of life we're going to reveal it when we get the thing. It's like a thing where you don't know why anybody is doing what they're doing. Not even a character motivation sense but even just like a logistical thing. We don't know why we need to do anything. Which is just a wild thing to experience. And i keep saying. I don't wanna just sit here and make fun of this movie. Because people are listening. They liked it. They will hate this. But i just have this movie. I cannot the movie the if if you all of the backwards stuff out. It's a pretty good plot for an action movie where they have to get the thing to stop the thing. And then there's levels to it there's a heist to get the thing to do the heist but for some like you read seven. It's like did you know chris. It's just these things will happen. He's made a lot of movies. That i really really like. He's phenomenal but great. People will defend him by just telling you easter eggs. Like y'all be like tenant. Nick actually blew up a real plane. And i'm like look stupid as fuck like i. don't i love finding nemo. They are none of them are real like every they talk a you know what i mean. I know it's not that he actually did this thing that makes me. I appreciate his dedication to that sort of thing and it looks very real and it because he really did blow it up. But i don't care how the plane blew up if it makes sense for there to be a plane there and people are running backwards in front of it and also. They're not fun to watch. Because you have me a confusing be. You're taking it super serious. It's like how do you it's har. It's almost like expert level filmmaking to make blowing up a plane not fun to watch. That's that's incredible. I think if there's the ville the thing that lingers is i've never and i've said i've never seen a movie take itself more seriously ever absolutely in my entire life. I've never i have not seen a movie. I've seen every serious movie. And i've never seen a movie now. I haven't seen them all but that like it. Just there is no joy there is not a joke there is not a funny like one funny thing kind of maybe happens but it just feels weird because it sounds like a actor. Refuse to not riff or something. It's it really. I don't even remember the protagonist like kind of a couple of funny little aside. Would kenneth branagh acts how we wants to die. And he says old. That's kind of a cool line but he doesn't do a smirk with it at all. It's like it's like a bad james. Brennan like yeah. It has sort of that level of seriousness camp in quantum of solace level of seriousness. Where there's no camp and it's just sort of convoluted and i've never seen a movie. Spend so much time explaining things with exposition and somehow not explain a single thing completely anyway. I cannot imagine attendant. Did not get back to us about doing a giveaway digital copies of the movie. How crazy is even just the function of the time inversion devices that they use and they keep going into an out of to go backwards in time. They don't explain how that works or also the mechanics of inverted. Sometimes they're just in rooms that have other rooms that now you move backwards when you leave the room. We've gotten converter here and we've got an inverted there we don't know how many are in the world we don't know who else is using. He's about them. You keep they keep widening the scope of people who have this reverse technology Every team that does it. It's just like what is going on here. I live by an amc. That's been shuttered. Obviously and every and it's has a bunch of posters for tenant on the wall that say coming soon on. I'm like i wonder if this is part of it was good i just i would say i waver between it would be fun to watch too then have stuff to talk about it and Don't i don't i. i don't know it's probably fun. If you're like hanging out with friends which is illegal and Maybe we'll maybe. I'm moving on gonna have a little backyard. Maybe get projector and do watch party and never can walk backwards in my it. I know 'cause we didn't even get the digital copies to give away because they hate us. We'll follow up with them and say please please. Don't look into the podcast. Play this. I think a change of heart description and the backwards is great. We'll send them the script okay. Awesome todd though. It's very funny Guys i'm so surprised. Now that there wasn't a funny robot tennessee because there wasn't interstellar and that robot you know what made out of interstellar really nice absolutely because he was funny and having a sarcasm setting as a funny thing to give a robot and that was fun and okay win. He saw matt. Damon matt damon. Just said to my matthew mcconaughey. Did you know your in space. That's what michael caines function was because at that point can be like s. yes. I know that because everything is hinged on mean having that information yes we've been told that you have to look up the fighting i. It's so he oversaw mixon and a bad way at all. I think we've set up. A i think the more. I think you'll be like if you go in with no expectations. And if you don't mind you can look at your phone. That that opening being so awesome really heard it because like i was ready for fucking rad movie and that is not what i got like. That was that was a a rough start to ended up finishing all right. Well that's tenant we're going to just roll this episode backwards from here to the question. Do they ever say the word tenant million times they never explained what it is but he says it a lot right i see what is the thing from inception that they have like the top one of them a totem. That amount of times is like sort of what it functions this. What this does movie does do is. I do like all of his other movies more now. Yes i agree a hundred percent. 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This is the game where two movies or smushed together into one movie. I read you the smushed together. Movie plot you told me this much together. Movie title Rebecca have to. You may know some of these already. I think some of these may have come from are never seen a game night. Julian todd you you understand. All right are here. We go before and after. I can't find the document. Go a young rapper struggling with every aspect of his life witnesses. A train crash investigates subsequent unexplained events in his small town. Oh that j.j. abrams one eight miles. What does that. tj movie. This wasn't the game night out. Then do you know. Wow this guy's super aims which ones we did off of my doc. That one wasn't there you think don't think this next one was either But the rest. I think we're a struggling cartoonist. To move back in with his parents and after fighting with his father and claiming his father is molesting his younger brother he attempts to shoot a blockbuster movie without letting the star no he is in the movie. Freddy got fingered. I would watch that movie. That's a great idea. Man task fingered. It's a it's the second part what he just explained it. Steve martin and eddie murphy. Yeah isn't eddie. Murphy's movie star but they and they try and shoot a movie that he starring in without telling him it also has like two acts into. The movie starts like a very like biting satire on scientology that they got in a lot of trouble with the just that pitch. I can't imagine how fast that movie sold with. Because that's such a funny idea for a movie shoot and then if you can get shooting a movie where the star of the movie doesn't know there. I haven't seen bow finger before. Is eddie murphy. The movie star. It's not good or is causing it in theaters. He's the movie stars. Also not the movie star. He's the star. they're trying to get replaced. Two guys news. He's really good at play. I think he's really think eddie. Murphy's really good at playing movie stars though. Does that make sense. Just give them. You can give them joke amounts of charisma and he's going to be good. Here's me with the hot. Take eddie murphy. Good folks get ready for the bull. Yeah i've only Here we go. We've got two more in a society where books are banned and burned a man encounters a sinister version of himself. that escaped another dimension. Can like it. It really feels like a before and after movie plot. I know the first half. But i don't know the second half fahrenheit four fifty one for one ready player one where a man encounters a sinister version of himself it escaped another dimension like version. Himself are we are looking for fahrenheit. Four fifty the one fahrenheit. Four fifty starring jet li on so familiar. But i don't know that movie gently is the star of the one basically is going to kill all the other jet. Li's you can stronger as you kill the various. Like if i killed kyle b. I get his power so do good. Jet li has to fight the one. That's been immersing in theaters being like that guy can fight good. He is fun to watch and he's fighting himself. Which is fund. Is there a thankless than the body. Doubles done double. Who has the fight hip. And it's not allowed literally cannot have his face in the movie or ruins it. are you ago last one. This one was for sure on game night and no one liked it. A man comes upon the aftermath of a murderous drug deal and finds cash that was left behind. He takes off with the money and is hunted by the man who earned that cash knocking over three casinos. Oh no country for graceland three thousand miles of graceland that is not it no country for old ocean's eleven you gotta get the combo. What how's this sound. No country for ocean's eleven. We're looking for notions country for eleven men so gross. Good all right. we're gonna new game. This is called quote. Four and after i combined to famous movie quotes you tell me the before and after movie title are you ready for four and after there's only one these are very hard to make. This seems impossible. Yes we go ahead say hello to my little stella scarface and scarface named desire. We're looking for streets car face named desire so hard to hard to do. That's the best one sale out of my little still. They are what we do for. Let me see if i got any other ones in here. Saturday stelo to my little. Do you want to hear the best one that i came up with. This is the absolute best. this'll be on future episodes. A million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool being mad as hell and not taken this anymore. Oh my gosh. Social network network. They're pretty fun. I could've been somebody. I could have been baby in a corner. There's a lot of fun ones All right we're moving on. What do we have here. The next game we're gonna play is called. Build the perfect how this works is. I'll give you a category. Each of you must pick two movies from that. Category whose rotten tomatoes score adds up to us close to one hundred as possible without going over. So you'll each pick one will review the scores delete Pick a second. I think we know how this works. Today's category is going to be movies. That have some sort of time travel in them movies. That have some sort of time travel on them. It can be a reference. It's you know we don't really hold you to the category here and we will start with todd and julian and then rebecca and That's yeah that's that's what i'm gonna start with dude. Where's my car my car. I will do a recent one. Let's do palm springs. I heard that was great enjoyable. It's funny because people back. What did i see someone like. I can't believe. I watched groundhog day. Movie and god. I guess every movie should be a groundhog day movie. Because it's good. It's good stuff. It really is good perfect. Is there a third back to the future. I don't now in the desert right as long. Go with that one. All right go reviewing the scores quite as gets dude. Where's my car seventeen percent. Todd you'll be looking for in eighty three palm springs ninety four julie looking six. I am very good at this game and back to the future. Three rebecca is an eighty percent shot. Twenty will pick. Todd see that. Neither rebecca second and then julian code act. I'm going to go with. I'm gonna go with tenant rebecca. i mean. This is impossible. The only movie that makes sense. Dude dude where's my car. Go with the time travel. Okay not space They're space travel and they're going through somewhere where they would adjust the way relative to them. Okay yeah that. I'm very familiar with. I'm going to go with whatever. The newest bill and ted the remake with the kids that come out with their daughters did bill and ted face the music. Yeah that's the one all right palm ninety four percent. Maybe six. I got. I got this. I haven't seen it. So i can't say for sure if it was like fun and good but i'm going to go with hot tub time machine. It is fun. good. I'll confirm that okay. Well i'm going for two hundred are here. We go palm springs ninety four percent hot tub time machine sixty three percent pretty far over dude. Where's my car. Seventeen percent tenant seventy one percent not only. Is that an eighty that is also a pailin jerome. Both scores are pound rome and the second score adding up as a pal tended to score. You went from seventeen seventy one to and eighty eight. You just tend to deserve it. Speaking eight back to the future. Isn't that the speed viggo. Eight miles an hour eighty percent bill and ted face. The music eighty two percent in a fucking world. Is that possible. Say the future is. It lowers the bar. Yeah every for just says. It came out which is titus. Hell what would you because i always. I like mess up this game. Big time every single time. What would you have chosen in my position like guests six percent time. Yeah although i don't think he got six percent time cop. I think was actually somewhat light but i would have gone with an action movie. Maybe universal soldier to that probably is a pretty low score. Yeah julian sobe that we all just pull out universal soldier to five percent sick. What a win. That would have been built. Travel back in time. You can do that all right. Our final game that were gonna play. Today is called guests of movie. Kyle's dad describing having only watch the movie trailer and never having heard of the movie. Okay okay movie. Kyle's described gabby newly wash adjacent movie. Are here we go you guys on how this game works. My dad watched movie trailer. He will describe the trailer. You have to guess what trailer he is describing. Are you ready. There's a new one we got new ones. Okay there's a bunch of tv's going at the same time. It froze and zoomed into one of them to show us. This one guy is retiring in two weeks. Wait what did he say he's doing. What am awake. The voice over said this is a perfectly outrageous motion-picture they they can't put him back on. Tv she's yelling with their arms out and they cheer now. There is a sad guy talking over some green lamps. He's loud now to and his arms are up. Red face shouts of the crowd cheering. This guy looks like he came in from the rain. Lot of clocks up their red lightning about this back showing us in the movie. They're all yelling where he said to yell. Line was that tenant no that would have been so fun though. That was beautiful it over. Is that bores. it is not. he's about to retire. That's what i've locked into all the yelling green lights and then yeah so this is movie that very very briefly has come up on this episode of this podcast already. How their soldier to you universal that would have been absolutely wild we are looking for. Oh wait is it palm springs. It is not palm springs network. we are looking for. This is off at work. They are yelling what he told them to yell fat. And that's good. yeah. I have not seen network. Yeah okay. Well i'm maybe i'll watch it probably not enough time travel in it for me and it's using backwards the fighting and stuff We'll hit for us on this episode. Todd thank you for coming on having never seen tenant julian rebecca thank you for coming on and having never actually seen tenant big listening there will be something after this out tro letting you know where if you can win episodes or win tenant on digital but i doubt they get back to us. That's also that losing. So you want to. The thing is if you get it on digital it actually takes. I don't even know how to do it backwards. Thank you guys very much for listening. This is never seen it. I'm your host then to revenge mocking menagerie approach. Some serve is it and so if week sterling's a podcast network.

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