TKC 634 Amazon Announces New Devices


Welcome to the kindle chronicles. This is a special show and putting together because I am online for an event that Amazon is streaming this is comparable to the. Products and services briefing that I attended in Seattle a year ago and with pandemic, it is now going to be online. And my plan is to talk to you contemporaneous. Asli. As the event is going to give you my reactions to the news and I hope to put this episode up tonight a day early so that you'll have my take on whatever new products are being introduced. I think there might be new paperweight possibly I'm sure you're going to be some Alexa devices. Knows maybe even a robot. So this is pretty exciting and they're playing attractive music. I've got the video feed on my ipad pro next to my computer and I'm can be talking to you and logic pro. Tighten it up as we go along. Five minutes to go and I imagine we'll see dave limp maybe they'll be broadcasting from the spheres where the event was held last year and I'm looking at the Atlantic Ocean. Now it's nice not to have to travel all the way to Seattle but there's nothing like an in person event as well so. I hope you will enjoy the ride and we'll find out probably in the next hour or so. What's what's the new stuff from Amazon look like? Well. They ran little. Had Lots of people. Here's Dave Limp. This time of year is in the spheres. But. Okay. Well I thought it would be interrupting the. Presentation to talk to you, but it was just too much happening too fast was about forty five minutes was that's shorter than I thought but they covered a lot of ground and I think there will be some material that I can used to put the show together. Well today it's Friday and I didn't stick with my plan to put everything up last night. There's just so much stuff to digest. So I've gone over the entire recording. Just playing parts of it over enough to really hear what's being said, I have probably enough notes to fill two hours of talking about the show. Then I also have a sixty minute conversation with Darlene because I thought, it would be helpful to get her take on things and she. Asked me some questions and we were down in the library on that. I think I'm going to begin with that recording and then I'm going to move through my notes and give you highlights opinions things that really struck me in a personal way. There's been enough coverage of this event. I think in the general media that you can get the basics of the Verge Wall Street Journal everywhere else the lots of other people were apparently on this virtual briefing. Sophia's downstairs talking about something, and so let's get started. Here's my conversation with Darlene recorded just a couple of hours ago here in Ocean Park. Maine for the kindle chronicles episodes six, hundred, thirty four, and I'm recording on Friday September twenty fifth twenty. Twenty We are in the library at the cottage and has good acoustics scissors. There's a whole wall of books in front of us and a nice rogue underneath. So Fi in d'orleans lap, and we're going to talk a little about the new products. So lead what was the virtual product launch like compared to the one you went to last year. It was kind of surreal because last year I flew out to Seattle in September stated of. I guess an AIRBNB. And it was the event was held in the spheres which are these big glass dome. Structures in the middle of Seattle full with. Plants it's just like walking into the Amazon rainforest really beautiful space. And we had the presentation of the new products and you had a chance to try them. And this year, the virtual version of it was set in the spheres so that the exact same place in effect the video. As began, you're in sort of a drone and you're flying over the spheres. So you're looking down at these big glass Globes, and then you're in the spheres with all the vegetation and Dave Lib the. Devices Guy starts talking. So it was almost like zooming into the place where I was physically last year. and. and. Then, it was A. You know there were more questions. There's more interaction there about two hundred people there I. Imagine there are probably two hundred people on the zoom. Presentation that I got an invitation to. So it was much more passive. You were just watching this thing and then try to figure out. The significance of it, and there's been quite bit of coverage since the event. Concluded about two PM Eastern, yesterday but. certainly Less expensive more. Efficient. and. I wonder if the coverage of the event is is any different than if it had been in person I, don't know. But you didn't get to see and halt the product, right? Yeah and that's a big difference because. I think we had a chance to go to a different building and actually try out the products. Trees Echo frames wearing and and it was kind of a madhouse because there's so many people at each station trying to to experience them. But that's certainly something we didn't get to do the virtual. So, what do you think of this new echo show ten? Well Echo show ten if there was just one of the. We're probably ten or fifteen separate products they talked about. This is an echo show, which means it's an Alexa device that has a screen on it, and we've got a lot of those that's what we use only talked. Dad. A video conference and this one is interesting because it's a it's a pretty big speaker. And the screen swivels three, hundred sixty degrees, and so it could be facing us right here or it could turn around and be facing the bookcase. And there are two ways that this. Is. Helpful interesting one is imagine. You're in a kitchen and you've got a recipe on the show and you're over here on one part of the kitchen and you're chopping something. The screen will. See you and we'll aim itself right at you. So you're looking straight at the screen, and then if you go over to another part of the kitchen to do something else the screen will just turn. So it's always facing you. which is kind of handy. The other used for would be that if we had one for dad where he lives. We could put it in the living room where it is now. And instead of it being fixed, aiming at the chair usually sits in. I could control with my iphone and you know if he had fallen down somewhere in the living room or something was going on, I would be able to look notch us at the chair, but I'd be able to swivel the camera around. So I, could see the whole room. Remotely. And this could be something that would be good. You know home home safety if you're away from your home and you wanted to put one of these devices like say in our living room in Cambridge, you could be looking at the front door you could look to the side know if you just wanted to see look, you'd be able to control remotely. Does that look useful or what's your first impression of? It is I mean, but we already haven't Cillian of the other ones. Yard Sale. See. The other thing that is interesting about this device is there's been talked Amazon's working on a robot and I'm picturing that something you know maybe three feet high and it can follow you on the house or you could remotely say you know Alexa checking the dining room and I think that the swivel of the screen is likely with the robot will look like it's lake. We're seeing the face of the robot because just the fact that it can follow where you are. It's. Jimbo robot that experimented with briefly. And the fact that it would kind of follow whoever was talking gave it it. Much more like a human. Or robot this like a human that simple Alexa show that never moved. Do you remember that you're playing that thing. I said it back and it turned out. It was all I could do. It wasn't that big a deal but anyway, this is a first look at what what a robot might look like. So tell me about the always home drone camera. Well this one is generated a lot of talk because what it is is it's essentially a drone and it it's indoors so that if you there's like a charging base. Sits on it and if you are remote, let's say we had it at the house in Cambridge. We were up here and we wanted to see well, did we leave the stove on you would just either talk to it or somehow control from your iphone and it will lift off and it would fly through the dining room take a left the kitchen. And then look around. Right. I mean pretty crazy. and. So. There's something even crazier about it. I gotTA show you this. Imagine if Sophie was home we did. I know as flying, it's recording video and it's beeping. So it's like this beeping thing flying through the air love this. Ode It's true true and see this is ring. So it can be tied to like the alarm that would show an intruder coming in. So this is a little little story here. Draw. With. Guy Watch Zyppah owned. Third. Guy. Is The drone comes at? Does, it call the police to know imagine the alarm system can call the police was called the always home cameras can come out sometime next year for two hundred, fifty dollars and there's people are freaked out because my gosh what if? Somebody could take control of it and fly around your home and take pictures you know the whole security aspect of. I think they've got a lot of protections against that that you can handle. But what do you think of just the idea? I hope. I just keep thinking about soapy. She would just it would be a way to give her a workout when we were there, she just started chasing all. Wow. I think that it's From what I've read about it, you can't actually drive the drone remotely when you set it up in your house, you create a map of your house. So that would explain this is the dining room. This is the Dan this is downstairs and so on. The controls would simply be able to save fly to the downstairs. So you're not actually kind of navigating trying to keep from hitting the walls with it from you know a thousand miles away I see the sound like actually running drones from. The headquarters Virginia and it'll it'll dodge dog says it as it goes I, think it's supposed to dodge different stuff. I guess if you're breaking into a house, yourself drone coming you, you probably would run. I don't think I would probably grab it. Baseball. Ready to go I. Mean you think about it if you can grab it and then you could stop the thing that had a picture of you know but by then it would picture of you. Coming towards you crack. To crazy future. So did the ECHO show audio? How come they changed the shape of it? Well it I don't I think that it looks nicer in other words. This is the Basic Echo. Now it's like a canister it's. Fabric it's nicer than the original, which is so tall and the the new ones are just round. It's like a round. Ball that has the sound and you've talked to at the same way you would Alexa and then there's a little one called the dot that's also route that used to be like a little hockey puck thing. And I think it's a combination of this is just looks nicer and then. It it. It probably has better. Audio Quality I would think. Almost looks like a the kind of a fortune tellers ball. You know it has a the blue light shines at the bottom when it's listening I. Don't know what do you think that looks attractive or no? No. Really you like the the canister better. Yeah I mean I I don't think it's worth paying more money to. Fund no sustain one. Cost so I don't think you'd be replacing one of these one of those, right? I don't really think it's attractive at all, but then opinion. Like the blue light around it, you could see when it's topping, you have a blue the top. Run. Chances you know listening, right? Yeah. The one that turns us more interesting than that. So now the big question. Which of these new gadgets have you ordered? Well actually I I ordered a new echo the round one twice as turned out. But then when I get ready for this, I realized my mistake and I I deleted one order. So I only ordered one of them. And there's a thing where you send them you say, please email me when. I. Can buy an echo show the new echo show ten. So and I think that will probably come in the next few months. It'll be just give me a chance to try that one with the screen moves around. And at this point. There's no chance to say, tell me what I can buy the always home cam. So I'll just be watching it. It's GonNa be available sometime next year I think they were kind of jump jumping the gun a little to show it. But sometime, probably the first half of next year, they'll go on sale. We'll definitely have to try one. So, which one's the drone, the drone is. Cal. Cal We're not getting that people drowned any time. Be Living drone free for the next few months. So can you hear that? I think she's going to like it. Yeah I think so too. then. They have another thing it's ring alarm. Detective Somebody's in the neighborhood or near the house and will start barking a dog in the house. And then she can bark back at. Work. I'm not sure we need that. Great, right. So. Thank you the chance to talk about the highlights. You have any other impressions of the of the news why can't wait till? They have a drone that I can send out to watch the dog. So I could put her out in the backyard and. if something tries to get her. Come down and start off the Fox if she gets out of the yard the Journal. Messy to fly above. Honking Sound Stop Cars Brune idea I mean it could be great. Owners everywhere would buy. They haven't expanded thing called Sidewalk Amazon Sidewalk, which is like extends the Bluetooth range of the house. So well, that's up and running the drone just follow her all through the neighborhood. Well, there you go. It could be drawn walking the dog. I think of more as the drawn protecting the. South fighting people off our dog is kind of like Dini. She can get out of anything but she's for the whole time running along birthing withdrawn it would be confusing. Yeah would be. All right. Okay. Well, this was fun. Thank you. Bye. I want to thank Darlene and Sophie for helping me out on that segment. What I've done to organize the rest of the notes that I took in listening to the presentation he candidates I've come up with eleven points, and these are going to be like little chunks are nuggets of impressions that I WanNa Talk to you about, and I'll just give you the titles of each of these eleven that I've outlined. one is the ambient home. To is sustainability three progress on echo hardware for echo for kids five a conversational improvement. Six doubling down on security in smart homes seven, the new care hub. Eight lots of products by ring nine, privacy ten, fire TV and eleven fly me to the Luna. So, we'll just get started and I'll take each of those nuggets and let you know something about it that I hope will be interesting. So first one is the ambient home. This is a phrase which kept occurring in the presentation starting with Dave Limp who's the head for devices and services for at Amazon. He talks about the. Ambient home saying things like this we believe that our homes are made better by technology technology that you don't have to learn that works well for everybody whenever and wherever you are. To us this is the definition of an ambient home and voices a big part of that He pointed out that a majority of customers use Alexa for more than one device that was kind of interesting. When I heard that we're ambient, it sent me to the dictionary and it means of the surrounding area or environment. It doesn't necessarily mean audio speaking to Alexa all the time. It just means that your computing power in the home is all around you and there was a talk about it may mean less speaking and that will be the home understand more about you anticipate your needs and. Be More contextual in this would involve things like routines and knowing when it's the right time to turn the thermostat down and the lights on. Second Sustainability. This was given a prominent place early in program and I learned some things that I didn't know Amazon has taken a climate pledge and the goal is to have one hundred percent renewable energy by twenty, twenty five, and they're five years ahead of the original schedule by shooting for twenty twenty-five and they're aiming to be net zero carbon across the entire company by twenty forty. Made a commitment to deal with ECHO and fire TV devices. In a way that they're made out of all sustainable materials, and then there's a focus on the energy use in the home. It's not just the use of making the products and disposing them. They're aware of how much electricity to these devices use in the home and on at average more than half of the total carbon footprint of devices actually comes from when they are in use. So what Amazon is doing is adding a low power mode for all plug in Echo on fire TV devices, and there will be free over the air updates to enable low power mode in existing. Devices also, Comey is going to be an energy dashboard for echo and Alexa smart home devices and Alexa will use this to suggest ways to save energy. They are also building new wind and solar farms to match the electricity used by ECHO devices, and they're going to expand that to match the energy needs of all their devices over the next several years. So in other words, they sell these devices there's more energy use they're putting that much energy back into the grid from solar and wind power they're hoping to. Be, a model for other consumer electronics companies to take on some of these kinds of goals in the area of sustainability into. That brings us to topic three and that's progress on echo hardware. This is in the context there's progress on using the cloud which will get to in a moment, but there's also constant effort to improve the devices themselves and the echo redesign which I mentioned in talking to Darlene it's it's a round shape now, but there are also new aspects to it. There's a built in smart home hub in the Basic Echo. That's one hundred dollar echo Currently you get that only if you buy an echo plus which cost one hundred and fifty dollars so the smart home hub. I remember trying to hook up. A door lock that had. Be. Protocol and get it to work. Because at that point I didn't have the smart home hub, but the idea of the hub is that more and more devices can can seamlessly sync with it and it makes the whole smart home. Easier to install and get working. There are also working on the speed they're talking about these new ECHO devices, shave hundreds of milliseconds response time. This reminds me of ever. Sort of the the constant effort to shave a little width and a little weight from the kindles. From the original kindles, it was pretty easy to start making them slimmer as you get further and further into the life's a span of these products it. It's hard to shave announcer rekindle, and it's probably hard to save one hundred milliseconds response time from an echo device, but it really matters you know I think that we get so used to how quickly these devices answer, and if the next generation of the hardware is answering just a little bit faster I think part of us realize it and there's A. It's it's a smart thing from the under work on because we're constantly getting adjusted to what's normal and if something comes on, it's an even a little better than that than there's an effect on it. There's a new chip, some of this. Kind of over my head, the easy one chip has new numbers, speech recognition models all all of the commands get answered more quickly because of things that they're doing kind of under the hood of the echoes, the Echo Dot is also around fifty dollars. You can get that with a nice clock a digital. Readout of the time on the side of it for sixty dollars and you can tap into snooze. There was some fun things that they did with the dot kids edition, which is also round, and you can get it in the shape or the the decoration of panda or a tiger. And there are kid friendly responses one thing which Is Part of this the rollout and I'm not some of these things they announce and they didn't say it's a it's it's here immediately or if it's coming but one that I thought was pretty cool. Was Alexa voice profiles for kids and what this does is when you get into this mode for kids if I'm thinking grandsons Ryan and Jake who are six and. Four if they had one of these kids ECHO DOTS in the room they talked with that's fine. It's all kid stuff. But if they go through the house and they talked to one of the echoes in the rest of the house, the Echo is going to recognize that it's not an adult. It's not my daughter Roo or her husband Mike it's Ryan Jake and that that will result in you know. Content which is aimed at kids and speaking. kid-friendly responses no explicit lyrics in music that it plays and I just think that's pretty cool and and I tell you these grants in mind. They are talking to Alexa all the time and they talk and I'm surprised that the lexicon and understand that because they you know they talk like very young kids and with this system when Alexa here's that voice they're gonNA, they're talking to a kid and she's going to respond appropriately that I thought was pretty neat. There was A. Really, interesting kind of dense part of the presentation given by a row hit Prasada, who is vice president and head scientists. For Alexa. He's I believe he's based in Cambridge and Kendall Square I met him once just briefly at South by South West and he's really Kinda, Guru for Alexa and has thousands of people working in that area. So they gave him a chance to talk about his vision for Alexa, which is pretty simply making it as natural to speak to Alexa as it is to speak to a human and you know this reminds me you know the the kindle vision from the start was to have every book ever published. In every language available for download and under sixty seconds if you really bold a Dacia goals. And, that's the kind of goal that ROE head is pursuing with his group. Actually have these devices sound just like we're talking to a human that brings them digging pretty deeply into. Is Human Communication like and he pointed out that one of the things we do is we ask clarifying questions if somebody says something we'll follow up and this is now something which Alexa is going to be doing. If you tell Alexa stop that's wrong she's going to detect that there was an error and then she's going to use something called deep feedback surge to automatically correct those errors and he was announcing today as of yesterday a step further for self learning is giving the customers the ability to teach Alexa Alexa will now ask questions to fill in her learning gaps row he gave. A demonstration of this, he was in an office I pretty sure it could see the Cambridge skyline in the background and He's asked his Alexa to set row hits, vacation mode and Alexa responded, what do you mean by row hits vacation mode and he said sixty degrees and she said, well, I will remember that and then he had another one about the brightness of light setting. So it was actually sort of a conversation which Alexa was learning things that she would be able to use again in the future the next time he said row hits vacation mode she was going to know. What that meant from that particular customer. This uses he said a set of deep learning base parcells if I heard him right to figure out which part she's having trouble understanding, and then generating a clarification dialogue this is pretty sophisticated stuff. This is this is where linguists and Engineers are probably talking to each other just to figure out how to bridge this gap between. A listening and humans. Another. Part of this desire to have the communication sound human is how Alexa response and he said there's going to be changes in how she responds based on conversation context. You can your tone she can stress certain words, pauses breaths, and that's made possible by neural text to speech technology and it's coming in the coming months. He gave a demonstration of kind of a flat Alexa response and one in which there was. There was modulations. Oh you. WanNa hear this. Well, let's play this. Sounded more human in the actual speaking style of Alexa. The third area that he talked about was even more mind boggling it was a conversations and this is where you can have an Alexa device join a conversation with two other people and. There's the the competence which he was announcing yesterday is called natural turn taking, and this is based on an awareness. That Alexa is not always the one that is being spoken to if there's multiple people then Alexis trying to decide when she's it's her turn to participate in the conversation. The demonstration of this was two women talking to each other and wanting to order pizza and they began it by saying Alexa, join our conversation and she says, okay, let's talk they say they're hungry. They mentioned pizza and she says, well, there's good pizzas at Mike's Pizza. One of the women says that one in response to what she's seeing on the screens an echo show. And then they go to what movie you recommend. So is it was obviously a scripted conversation, but it was showing some capabilities that are coming to have this kind of conversation with Alexa that. Were fairly impressive. the part of the ability of this particular device Alexis show, which does have a camera. Reading a coup, stick signals, linguistics, singles, and visual signals to determine when. One, or of these women was actually talking to Alexa, and then that's when. The Alexa. Would respond so. These are. I find these kinds of innovations and advancement fascinating and I love the scale of the ambition that this group has. Had I I'm sure that they'll just keep relentlessly pursuing it with all kinds of resources. This is one of the things that Jeff Bezos has realized is a big hit and when they put this kind of resources and you know five ten years down the road If someone were to talk to Alexa the way she is now they think Oh. Yeah. I remember when Alexis sounds like that compared to. The much more human like conversations that we're going to be having in the future. That brings us to topic six, which is doubling down on security in the smart home. This was a section of the program given by Daniel Roche VP of smart home. He noted that there one hundred, forty thousand products that interact with Alexa in homes, and he expected that we will be speaking to Alexa less because of things like routines and detection of sounds like broken glass or footsteps doors, which will trigger various activities by the system he said that more than two million people have registered for. which is service which gives. Monitoring through echo devices, and then responses which can be helpful as a result they are. They use that phrase doubling down and that is leading to service called guard, plus which will cost five dollars a month, and they'll be one month free. This has twenty four seven access to emergency hotline. hands-free emergency access and detection of different kinds of sounds that might generate a need for security or emergency response This is the the pattern that has and they give a signal to it. When they talk about customer reaction to this has led us to double down on it that they mean exactly what they say that this guard capability of the Alexa that was something new I I remember this coming out in the last couple of years well, apparently, it's really hot and people like it and people are willing to pay for it and therefore they're. Moving a lot of chips into this kind of activity. Within the smart home that Alexa will be able to help out with. Topic seven is the new care hub This is something that I'm interested in because we have such A. I just have such credited for the way. I. Can stay in touch with my father during the pandemic. He's ninety three living in a apartment, and I can drop in on him with the echo show. He's got a favorite chair in the living room and each day we just have a chance to have some wonderful conversations There are now the. This care hub is a way to create a high level relationship with family members. The way it's described. So if you had somebody like my father somebody very close and perhaps living alone, you can set up ways to monitor and listen in and in a helpful way and obviously a way that is. Approved of by all parties taking place. They showed an example of notification that was coming in from. Its care hub alert like text message I guess maybe coming in on the Alexa APP and it said First Alexa activity on MOM's echo show. So what it had done is It had detected that there was some activity on one of the ECHO devices by. An elderly mother, and then there was an option to call her or to drop in I, like the sound of this because I've had one thing that I've done with dad is he shares my Amazon account and that way I can drop in on specific devices in his home. And I've always hoped that there would be a way to have separate accounts because I see messages that are showing up as reminders on his Alexa system, and he's seeing things on his screen that I'm doing. So it I'd rather have my own Amazon Alexa device or a setup I think there'd be advantages for him. So I'll be taking a look at this new new care hub to see if there's ways to do that. Emergency contact is another part of it. if if a person that's using, it says Alexa help. Alexa will find in this case the sun if he's in his kitchen, she'll talk to them there if he's on the phone, so there'll be a very quick way to. Alert family member that someone needs needs help pretty good stuff. topic eight. Ring acquired by Amazon a couple of years ago. The president of the company was standing out in front of the original headquarters for ring just. Dizzying amount of products that nineteen products introduced this year over ten million monthly active users on the neighbors APP, and then talked about the one that. Talked about with Dr Lene. The always home cam she also mentioned three-car security products that will be available early in twenty twenty. One one is a sixty dollar car alarm Another is a two hundred dollar car cam, and then there's car connect and that's an API for Cars that will tap into their existing camera systems and I was. Excited to see the Tesla is going to be the first car that will be set up to be able to use car connect. So if I get that though be I'm having this kind of ring system that sends me alarms to my iphone if something is going wrong with my car. Topic nine is privacy and this is a concern which is frequently, which frequently greets new products that Amazon pushes out the Washington Post proved how independent is of its owner by the pre snarky column by Gregory, Fowler and it was just basically saying that Amazon stuff it's creepy. And Okay you know we make these changes and more information gets put out the the one thing that I always am surprised at is why someone can get. Upset about something that an echo show is doing when they're carrying around an iphone in their pocket, which is tracking every move you make, and if the could easily be hacked to send information start recording you or whatever, and yet, we've gotten comfortable with that because iphones are just part of our daily life. When these new products show up there, you know a drone flying through the house. It's understandable that there would be concerns about privacy and Amazon is. Aware of this some of the for example, when they were talking about the echo show ten, that's the one where the screen moves around while it has to be watching the person to tell where they want to be aimed but they're not using facial recognition. It was pointed out there getting sort of an understanding the human form enough to be able to tell well I think there's a human over there. So that's where the screen is going to go, and the other thing which I believe is Dave limp mentioned is that the technology for the echo show ten is all running locally it's not in the cloud. So the information that's guiding this screen moving around never leaves the device itself. one thing I. Point out passing the there's a much better camera in this new echo show ten, it's a thirteen megapixel camera compared to a five megapixel camera on the current echo show, which cost two hundred seventy dollars in the new one's going to be causing two hundred and fifty dollars. The other aspects of about. Privacy they've got a new thing. I'm not sure if it's available yet or will be soon. You can give a command Alexa to delete everything. I've ever said. So Alexa stores information from what we've said you can go in and see all the questions you've asked Alexa. It's it's all transparent there. But. If you're just uncomfortable having those questions available in the cloud anyone, you can just say delete everything. I've ever said, and then you can have that be the default so that going forward, it will delete everything you say is Immediately after you've said it and given the command and it's been acted on by Alexa. Fire TV devices were mentioned over one hundred million have been sold one thing which I hadn't seen in I wished they would do they're now going to have and that's videoconferencing by fire. TV I. Guess You'd need a Logitech camera than you could put it up there but I think that'd be great. You know on a nice big TV screen it would be fun to drop into my father with his echo show and maybe have a whole living room full of people visiting with them. So I think that's a nice advance. There's a new fire. TV. Stick with Alexa voice remote coming fifty percent more powerful same price. And then there's fire TV stick light. It's a little simplified the controller and that's thirty dollars well, two, thousand, nine, hundred, nine. Last item number eleven is a Luna and this is a game streaming service I I'm GonNa try this out. You know I'm a real dabbler when it comes to video games I can remember when the. Microsoft. xbox three, sixty came out I started playing halo I'd never played video games as a kid, but it was just intriguing to me the Microsoft. The computer company was getting into gaming and that ended up being pretty big thing will now Amazon is getting into a certain kind of gaming and it's gaming the where a lot of the actions taking place in the cloud backed up by Amazon web services, A. W. S. There will be a controller, the Luna Controller, and it's It's going to be available. You can put in a request for early access. It'll cost fifty dollars to get it, and then that controller will connect directly to the cloud not to a local service or you're not going to have to pair it with your iphone or anything like that. It just connects to the cloud, and then when you've got the Luna Channel or the Luna plus channel, you'll be pulling games down and playing them seamlessly from the cloud. They showed some dirty looking gamers trying to system out and they were delighted with man. It's just so smooth and I don't have to wait for the video game to download. It just starts up immediately and it it. It has some kind of interface with twitch, which is Amazon now owns twitch and it's a huge platform where people watch people playing video games. It's just like a whole world. I don't know that much about, but it's You're going to be able to watch people playing a game and then can drop in on the game via Luna and switched from playing on your fire TV or your pc or your phone or your tablet. Anthropologist can of. Portable, it seems like it's a it's a portable game platform. So I put in my early request in I will have a Luna Controller and maybe it'll be some kids games. I'll be able to play with Ryan and Jake can my Grandson. James was fourteen. At, the end of the presentation, Dave Limb came back and said, the team has been really busy. We've got a and all of our products and. Our goal is to help out in the home and just fade into the background. Thank you so much for your time. We can't wait to see what you all think as address to the journalists. who were covering the event virtually and I love the thought that as I was sitting here, watching my computer in Ocean Park. There were you know maybe two or three hundred other journalists from all around the world. Doing the same thing when I was there last September I sat next to a woman who come from India to cover the event. So there was a lot of money saved and travel by everybody having a chance to drop in on this event. In real time virtually. that's it for this week. I've got next week David. Bloom is going to be our guest. He is the editor in chief at audible. He's had a long career Amazon starting out with taking over kindle singles very early, and after it was created and he's done a lot of interesting stuff I'm looking forward to finding out what sorts of things he's doing at audible creating original content and He made kind of a bold move leaving traditional New York publishing career Ending Up Amazon and I think he was eight years ago maybe more but it'll it'll be fun to talk to David and then I think the week after that Dean Koontz queued up I'm reading his book elsewhere and I'll be talking to him a week from. A week from today. So I've got a lot of reading to do. It's a good book. I, hope you enjoyed this. Overview of the Amazon devices preview. Held virtually yesterday and. If. You hit dams on dot com you'll see the information on which of these products you can. preorder or request information on when they become available and you can be sure though except for some of the ones like the, the indoor drone will be available for the holiday season and prime day I think I saw somewhere is coming up on October mid October. So though the probably be some specials, there's well. This. Is Land for the kindle chronicles from Ocean Park Maine I really appreciate your taking the time to listen to my show every day by.

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