Antoine Fuqua, Lori Harvey & Chandler Powell?


You've been watching real world right reeled Atlanta on facebook. Watch my favorite thing in the most recent episode is there was a fight between Clinton one of the other ones honestly. I don't remember who tonight because Clinton gets in a fight with everyone <hes> he's like the hot head he was fighting and then they did that thing that everyone does and that the real what has been doing since day one whatever nineteen ninety where they show the other people people reacting to the fight everyone in the house like eating sandwiches and it just zooms in on arly and she's like eating a sandwich do live there. They're just like eating sandwiches. They're just living their lives. That is the abandoned tagline of real world. Here's what happens when people stop being polite and start living their lives as they eat sandwiches. It'll along in a work. M._T._V.'s the real world Atlanta is an all new reality experience with contracting daily and new episodes every Thursday so find out what happens when the next generation stops being polite and starts getting real again in facebook click on the facebook watch Nikon and search the real world on Watch M._T._V.'s the real world Atlanta's streaming now only on facebook watch. You've been watching real world right da all real Atlanta on facebook watch. My favorite thing in the most recent episode is there was a fight between Clinton Clinton one of the other ones honestly. I don't remember who we don't have. Genetics clinic gets in a fight with everyone. He's like the hot head he was fighting and then they did that thing that everyone does not the real what has been doing since day one one in whatever nineteen ninety where they show the other people reacting to the fight everyone the house has like eating sandwiches and it just zooms on arly and she's like eating a sandwich. Do they live there. Are there just like eating sandwiches. They're just living their lives. That is the abandoned tagline a real world. Here's what happens when people stop being polite and start living their lives as they eat sandwiches. It'll along with a work. M._T._V.'s the real world Atlanta is an all new reality experience with contracting daily new episodes every Thursday so find it what happens when the next generation stops being polite and starts getting real again in facebook. Click on the facebook. Watch my content search the real world on Watch M._T._V.'s the real world Atlanta streaming now only on facebook watch you know they can be saying welcome to the podcast roller and everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. I'm Bobby Finger and I'm not recording out of a car. Today congratulates fun although you're on vacation though that episode Ah good the remind me it's any indication anymore at this point do this well over a couple of days because we thought thought it would be cheaper but then the people were going to end up staying with for free couldn't do it and so we had to get a hotel anyway so it's cheaper than the yes. It's like. I can't even get into it <hes> well. It's very would not be a you guys vacation. If something weird and uncomfortable didn't happen more things went went wrong. Let me tell you about it. Tell you about it on the patriotic actually wasn't even though for the factor I know I just I just realized it was it wasn't even intended to be that good it. Just it just such a long story we also do know Hocken real-life though to F- if anyone thinks either talk Oklahoma vote against the Patriots it sounds that makes us really sound not great only spilled the tea when the mics are on like I._C._B._M.. You can't talk to you gotTa Save Xavier the patron pulls out our portable recorder dish it <hes> so Linzie you didn't go to Jake and Jake Paul Antananarivo's wedding. Why not I was invited but I see for go well first of all? I got invited two weeks ago to a wedding that was happening two weeks later in at a sugar factory factory in Vegas. I've made it pretty much. You know I feel like getting invited to weddings. When you're a certain age you're Kinda like I got to pick and choose and Jake and Tana's wedding did not really pass all the <unk>? It didn't meet your list of requirements. Just you know I just felt like it was very selfish them to invite me to the receptionist sugar factory. I didn't ask me if I wanted chicken Fisher Salmon or whatever you're supposed to ask sorry I know fishes salmon's a fish but it didn't you know I didn't get I wasn't offered a plus plus one. You know like a date or whatever just this wedding was just not for me. I don't think I'm sorry I wish you could have gone. No it looked beautiful. It looked beautiful. There was a brawl at at the end. You may kiss the bride well. It's kind of what we expected expected. A fight broke out during Jake Paul and Tanimoto Joe's wedding. I'm so excited. The Youtube Stars tied the knot in a totally low key totally casual casual no big deal ceremony on Sunday in Las Vegas just kidding. It was a freaking raider they drew heart's on the outside of some building disgusting Sula. wets their instagram hashtags mean their entry museums are everywhere they left separately from the actual over an hour. I saw that the livestream that people pay fifty dollars to watch was not working and people were complaining. It really seemed like the exact mass you'd expect from a wedding planned in you know a few weeks. Yes that may or may not be a publicity stunt because I also saw that you know that quote as publishing time there were no marriage license applications or registrations under either Jacor Tana's name in Las Vegas. What what the fuck are you release? Wedding is a real. I love you Jake Paul so making you this video which is really really weird. I actually can't even imagine watching it and if you watch it in front of me I'll probably run away because this is really fucking cringe but got to do what you gotTa do on your wedding day. You know I mean this seems seems like a stupid thing to say but I do. I'm baffled by this. I'm baffled by this. We mean even just like it's publicity stunt. I don't know that that explains anything. What do you mean what is the the end game here like because Alvin if it's because even if it's fake they would reveal that it's fake well? It doesn't matter whether it's fake it's like their wrestlers and this is the plotline and she has an M._t._v. show and this is the plotline you know it's it's very interesting. It should at least be real if you're GONNA put all this work into it because then just get a real divorce well. I think that they might act but that's what I think is. I think it's fake <hes>. How do I explain this first of all we talked about this but I think it went on the Patriots but like Tanna Mojo and Jake Paul Youtube people and that's why we're calling this wedding a W._w._e.? plotline because I think they had said previously or someone had said <hes> his brother Logan it's at previously that a lot of their stuff was kind of like made up for the for the cloud for the stunts for then for the narrative but I agree with you like marriages so no fence pointless that you could just get married. Get divorced like who fucking cares yet. It's quick. It's easy and I mean. I guess there could be like weird things. I mean when you're both rich. Maybe it's it's a tricky situation. They get a lawyer and I don't know I think that they do they did actually get married. Though whether or not I mean whether or not they got I think they're they're lazy and they may be didn't get the so <hes> I think they're actually getting married. Why I'm saying to you and the fake thing is the idea that like they dated for two months? They're getting married and it's GonNa be lol and and if they break up then they get divorced. Do you mean it doesn't matter spending and you know now that I think about it. Spending fifty dollars on a livestream is extremely pay per view boxing sort of thing really he is though by the lease when you pay for pay per view you get like good shots good sound good you know they're they're. They're playing to the T._v.. These two were not playing until their to their livestream but people pay it anyway. People paid anyway to see this and to and and press not me but other press went to that fucking sugar factory and interview Tannen interviewed Jake and did whatever I just feel about Daca kick POPs at the sugar factory were so depressing. They also late to the way to get mad at these two because you're like they're not telling you it's not fake. Do you know what I mean like. They're not even if they're saying we really do love each other. They're not lying to you about anything really know us. They're not pretending ending to not be dumb ass hassles you know right. It's very like the you can't really do the fool me once too like they fooled us so many times. They're no longer fooling US anymore. It's also just like we are all here to be entertained and they're providing entertainment. You know it's it's very talking about him. Yeah and people are watching the videos and people blur saying oh while they're really perfect for each other too dumb dumbs on youtube and it's like honestly yeah like to cloud chasers would be perfect for each other in holy matrimony or just in the lab as they say in Collab- will you be my Kalabo partner Kalev. Oh will you collaborate with me I do. I love that they rented this graffiti mansion. Have you heard this. Have you seen this picture you have. It's like this mansion that uses like wash off graffiti paint graffiti stuff on it. You can have your event there and you could write like Bobby is cool twenty nineteen or whatever Oh you could write me in Greece and script on this mansion well what I don't what I hate about. This graffiti mansion is that you rent the script CD mansion and they used the ugliest art for it will sleep. This is the yeah ugly graffiti equivalent of art. This is hideous like as if I'm GonNa rent a graffiti mansion. I'M GONNA WANNA go Chris Yeah. It's me sick. I want like call up. Whoever yeah I won't win? Column this House for me. I'll watch it off after I'm done. He's like I love that. conceptually that's great for me. I love it. Why does she have a graffiti house? Hello Sharks that's his. That's his new plan. We I'm sorry hello shirks. Hello Sharks. I'm banks and I would love might remember me from subversive street art. So are we done and if you're like me and you can't pronounce Tana's in his last name to save your freaking life. You're in luck and a letter I._T.. Name versus like a fourteen first of all thank you inadvertently gave me just having short loss which is like. I'm so excited about say okay well then we can do some quick little things such as <hes> this blind item which was revealed air quotes the illiterate former actress as an alliteration illiterate can't read the illiterate former actress recently. They love saying illiterate deal because it makes you they can't read they can read the illiterate former actress recently tried to make a deal even though publicly she keeps saying she's innocent. Apparently that's Laurie Lachlan Choir. She's less confident than she seems. which I believe this also pairs nicely with news today people were reporting not people or maybe people I don't know but other people people have people tabloids were reporting that Olivia Jade and her sister head had broken broken their social media silence to birthday wishes for their mother which is like what the what better time to break your social media science to wish flurry laughlin a happy birthday and then have an active and social media for months until just hours ago when they returned for a special reason it was lorries fifty fifth birthday on Sunday July twenty eighth? Enjoy your last year Freda Mama Mama what does it. What does it actually say Happy Birthday Momma love you enjoy your last year of freedom? Oh my God I do. I do think it's interesting that we don't no yet we don't know yet. I mean she's truly stupid to not plead out like I really do like that's when I heard that she was going to be like I'm innocent. It's it's like no just but now apparently she's trying to make a plea deal and it's going to be more complicated because she waited this. I think they know anything about La la but that's how it seems Lindsey. No I think so too. I just think it's just funny to me. It's like you think you're above the law and then like a minute later. She's like I'm not above the law. Sorry like I want to felicity got becky thinks she's above the law. The only thing she's above is everyone else in the house because they lived in the attic. Oh my God you're right with two kids in the attic can we've they made them the attic. I Know Those Kits Nicky and Alex the adequate pretty sick though the adequate sick of you were like a single person. I can't believe they had scenes in the attic two like why are we up here. You know it was always a very sick attic until you realize like the actual like <hes> the details of that relationship and family life like why can't you get another place painfully looks like Jessica Topless. His job was guitar player right like what was his like. He didn't have television homes through. She probably was like a millionaire. Yeah television host in the nineties. She could make money. Why did she live in that house? You're right. That's like fully deranged because if they left it wouldn't be a full house. It'd be you kind of in the house. That's not as full first night in our new apartment. You know honey. You did a really terrific job with the Attic E._M._c. and my peacedale is just staunch that is really tacky yeah and also not the death no longer like Joey Joey lifting but some for a while Joey lived in the living room it now back area. Okay keep going. What were you saying? Okay what I was saying was. It's also weird because Becky is the complete outsider insider right like Becky is is no. There's no family relationship anywhere. Jesse is the own goal of the dead wife so like I just feel like we in the real world he was the uncle of the dead Jesse was Jesse was Danny's Danny's ex will Danny's late wife's brother right so his brother-in-law his brother-in-law brother-in-law wanted to. He's the former yeah but I mean like you're right. Why did he still have to live there? There was there was sort of this dramatic dissociation from the rest of the family after the death at this woman <hes> and it's just weird to me that he remained in the family I guess because he wanted to take care of the kids open tickets anyway. I think they're weird. What was life like Jelly and real L. Life hair of the children before they all got girlfriends? I'm just saying I feel like if this all happened. In Real Life Jesse would have been out of that family in two seconds out the house out of the House why do you why does it makes me sad. I'M GONNA go do my own thing. Why did he move in with them as full House Fuller House full House and missile any Mary's the hot like a wake-up San Francisco Co host and move into his former brother-in-law's attic when it's warmer if death or he was like what if you were ANPAC year like why do we live here like I'm? Why do we sleep in the attic? We have two children. We've two children two young boys. Why do we live here to even have a bathroom bathroom up here? We have our own bathroom is sweet. What's going on? I will say this is what happens whenever she goes Jesse. What are we live here here? Oh God dammit. That's the wrong sex. I thought it was going to be the why I saw full house sacks loop and I thought that was the tuna the like sad dramatic sex music before they cut to commercial but well. That's what I was hoping for. It was a two it's like the more up. Do you tend to commercial okay. What are we doing here? Am I allowed to move move on find you can move on Nicole Murphy who was Eddie Murphy's ex wife she was also in that show Hollywood access type met her member because I did the ads for and I recognize her face because we used a picture of Promo talk about Jose Seko's ex wife life and I remembered Nicole Murphy's face on that picture we use it in our live show and so I kept seeing the photo of and over again so she has been friends with this <hes> director for for a longtime apparently Antoine Fuqua best known for a long time friends like that. Though do you know no absolutely not I mean should we be saying like. Should we long runs like that. It's very it's very first dealer so that's how it is in their family. The so Ah Anton married Nicole is not currently married. His Anti on Antoine is a movie director Directed Trading Day right his most iconic movie is training okay. Probably they're both very hot. He's hot. She's hot to know they're both hot there hot like fifty some things and they were on vacation so they were like in their hot swimsuits and like outdoors horsley looking hot and they were holding these dainty cute little like porcelain coffee cups. We're like fine China. They're like cute little little China Coffee Cups and they're kissing but it's not a friendly kiss. It's a very romantic kiss and they're dressed sort of like they've just been throwing each other around in the ocean. <hes> and this immediately went on what it was on shade room. I I think right I mean the shady is because he's married to the iconic Leila Rashawn from <hes> waiting to exhale for waiting to exhale up in stokes baby who I don't even even like know her real name but I know Robyn stokes when I was like Robin like I didn't know it was like Oh. I don't know the actress but Robin Robin is supposed to accept this. You don't have a choice you. You should have asked me before committing me Buddhist now. You told me you can show hours late and I'm supposed to go with you. I don't think so Lisa Ray McCoy saying Nicole. Murphy is a cheater right. She misses her with married men rain so that's why this is dramatic I was my kind of votto is hilarious and Olenin. The source was like no they're friends. Whatever the kiss is a kiss kiss is a kiss like whatever and then she came out and said <hes> they said we're I ran into him in Italy and we exchange a friendly hello? That's it and then later or like no this is like a lot and then she said I want to apologize to my family until Leila Fuca family for what transpired she he said it's not my intention to be in this situation. I do not condone women kissing or interacting in any way or inappropriately with a married man so she still she still doesn't admit to doing more more than kissing but she's at least recognizing the <hes> the inappropriate nature of the kiss right but she's not saying it extended beyond the case. It was funny 'cause then <hes> Lisa Ray McCoy was like a nickel Murphy fucked around with my husband so <hes> hello girl you have to the Roshan's has been to as I made so wrong again she wrote. I just love it. That was a comment. T._M._Z. was like T._M._z. ran into her and was like hey what's going on and she's like did you. You said that she missed her out with your ex. Husband is that true and she goes. That's true that's absolutely true and then they're like but wait. Can you go into details he goes. It's just what you said. She has her out my husband. He called it the same thing in stay in the early two thousands in your former marriage is that true. That's true absolutely true so so what happened exactly just would you say see messed around Rav. Here's the thing we've all done something that we regret. We've all made mistakes and we all have to learn from that but when you start doing it and being messy enough to do it amongst family. HOW DOES THE FAMILY KISS TURN INTO A? I'm sorry apology like what do you mean. You didn't know that she was married. We all notice with me and that was twenty years. That's history. You don't do that amongst friends. She's like I don't know how to make this clearer four and it was even more wild. Mr For some reason debris was involved. I guess she's like friends. Lisa and she was on some show. She was like on a morning. Show in the topic came up. It was like she has received. She's got the pictures she got emails. She doesn't want it from us. We we're from. We're from child like she was like she was defending her friend. Lisa like Nicole Murphy better not like come for us because we have receipts of her hitting on Lisa raise man. I love that everyone's saying like doc. Is it true. Could this be real and everyone involved is like yes. It's true right. Why are you asking us over and over right but but is this? Is this really happening Brad Rashy yes. Would you like some receipts. I have a folder I mean I those photos like they're just they're. They're really intimate. It's not like the thing about the photos also is they're. They're they're they're clear they appear to be close up. It doesn't seem like they're like yes in hiding because they're being so brazen about it. I'm inclined to think that it Bizet's innocent as she sang just because they're out in the open. It looks like I was there. You know like I'm like sitting next them and I'm like okay. Let me take a photo because a great smile. Give a cast. It's just give her a kiss it there so audacious that I I'm sort of on team Nicole. You're on team Nicole not not that. She doesn't have a history of messing about men in this particular instance. Don't believe anything's going on because they're just so out there because it's not even a yes. That's what that's like a that's like <hes> <hes> that's an interesting theory. It's odd that doesn't that isn't it Su- obvious that doesn't mean that like they haven't in the past. I'm just saying like this. Particular instance does sort of read readers in my take is because so out in the open. What's your take open marriage agreement just like agreement? They haven't agreement people don't like yeah and and he's been and they've been dating him in the fold seat. He see each other and they don't think anyone would care. I don't know maybe the phone I don't know where the photo came from but whatever we'll know the open marriage could could help explain it to because people hate like plenty of people have open marriages but they're still like a stigma associated with open marriages so people like talking about more famous people have open marriages than we think <hes> like. It's an actual each eating but if I explained my situation it kind of ruins the it's the romanticized fairy tale of like yeah rich personally. It's a rich person's kind of like perfect setup. You know we don't want to deal with divorce. I we live happily. We live comfortably. We live we have kids. We WanNA deal. We don't want to deal with that divorce but that requires more energy than just saying I made a mistake you know like having to go into the details of your private relationship and like whatever open released dragon's you probably exhausting. Yes this. You're like well. She's like nothing happened. We're close friends moving on and and even though it's slow to move on because we're still talking about it and people are still saying no. She's a cheater. Whatever <hes> it's still going to be moved on faster than for her than them getting a divorce then coming out and saying something yeah I mean that's what it seems like to me and like again? I look at that phone I'm like are we misconstruing something here and it's like no. This photo is like very into you know it's not it's not like running to a friend at the pizza shop being like high so good to see you were close friends Bissau's <music>. I'm taking my tongue in your mouth and grab on you. You know you're like oh well. I I love fucking you earlier when we talked ten minutes ago that really he says I loved fucking you earlier. She was spotted kissing a married man now. This ladies and gentlemen is Antoine Fuqua. He directed training day and other good stuff. He's been married to our friend then from one of my favorite movies waiting to Exhale Leyla Rashawn for twenty years. She's at home home in L.. A. Thinking everything was good. Her man's running around and Nicole pops up on his lips using Dan. That was a good time to move on. Are you going to do this every time we need to move on from moving to move on okay. I love the story. There's really not that much to it but <hes> I'm just this is so wild did he. This is what I miss. I mean Johnny. I know I mean isn't Perez and China's in L._A.. You guys uh-huh we I mean as a European citizen now we literally who'd at is so hard to put together okay so did he. It has been seen like sort of walking around Romantic Ali with this woman Laurie Harvey who was Steve Harvey as an family viewed as in Meta it from Mars no not that one athlete think like a man Steve Harvey Stepdaughter Laurie Harvey Laurie Harvey is twenty two years old diddy is what forty nine yeah and he yeah I'm forty nine up with cassie who is pregnant with anyway. Guess who guess who the last person Laurie Harvey data was ditties son. Did he suggest so did he broke up with yes did he. Sun broke up with Lorie then Lori was like I kind of like your dad and started dating him allegedly and you know that but there are enough of the headlines that are like. Are they waiting for me to believe that like yes. They're dating saint so above. We have before that story we did. We talked about a minute ago. We have a picture like actual intimate. Whatever we were like oh those two are like having sex I can tell by the photo but with Orient D._d.? We have all these photos where they're together there where they're hanging out or they're all they're matching clothing all these things but we have known photo that says Oh these two have had sexy no or these this feels romantic because we have photos of her and just in diddy son Justin like they dated for shore right yeah <music>. Hey there's Laurie Harvey you know Steve Harvey's twenty two year old stepdaughter in New York looking super happy and their city looking uh nervous doing dating rumors that have been going on for a few weeks now. They've been hanging out sorry getting out of ditties car last week and no bu-but Teddy's people say she's just a family friend Becky Mexico matching outfits matching out matching outfits but there's nothing we didn't even talk about on the podcast because who cares that Lori Harvey are we stepdaughter and S- and ditties center dating no who cares who cares who cares but the moment you bet on this level of excitement. It's like Oh my God have never cared about anything right literally. Although Laurie Harvey has been like a thing for a while like people have been trying to hook up with when he's been trying to make herself happen for a long on Geez. It's kind of if this is whatever cancel this is. I feel like it Steve Harvey's penance that he has a hot daughter who's like like wanted like a sexy daughter. WHO's like out on the town? You know like fuck him a sexy daughter who's like absolutely not reading any right like like Steve Harvey's like women like act like ladies and it's like an like his daughter's like but I and like I don't give a shit anyway I e mailed emailed. Steve Harvey's talent agent because I couldn't find publicist context. Maybe he doesn't have his talent agent leg Ari Emanuel. It's it's Aria manual yeah which is really it's it's not it's not some idiot. It's already know Steve Harvey's a millionaire billionaire. He's so I said Hi. Celebrity podcasts called who weekly and have a question regarding one of your clients Steve Harvey. I recently read this page. Six story hyper late about Laurie Harvey's alleged relationship with Sean combs who happens to be the father of her ex-boyfriend as Laurie every step father and the outspoken bestselling author of upheld books. Does Mr Harvey have a comment regarding the rumors anyway and I said Oh. I'm just trying to find that this behavior lines with I said I'm just is trying to find out if this behavioral lines with his mantra acting like lady of thinking like wow you fuck all best Shamar famer you'll never I mean the whole point of these emails is to have a funny email. It's not to get in a response and when you do so when you do get a response. It's like Oh my God. I never in a million years expected. I just feel like the answer is yes like I just it. Just seems it's gotTa be passed with just knowing the kind of things that did he does with knowing people who have worked with him with kind of just like the the general vibe of Diddy I would say the answer to this is yes ask your I mean like whatever we're thinking. It happened. You know that's this weird fucked up thing for sure you know for sure right and even and I will say that there is nothing romantic going on. It's fucking weird. If you are just friends with your son's ex girlfriend people on twitter have found it extremely refreshing that Lori is basically doing what so many men do like user the Laurie Harvey the first black woman to successfully pull a you on you. The ladies respect lorries dating hustle burst of all the first black woman to do that. You've you've been watching real world right real Atlanta on facebook watch. My favorite thing in the most recent episode is there was a fight between Clinton one of the other ones honestly. I don't remember who was fine. We don't clint gets in a fight with everyone. He's like hot head. He was fighting and then they did that thing that everyone does and that the real what has been doing since day one whatever nineteen ninety where they show the other people react into into the fight everyone in the house it's like eating sandwiches and it just zooms in on arly and she's like eating a sandwich. Do they live there. They're just like eating sandwiches. They're just living their lives. That is the abandoned intact line of real world. Here's what happens people stop being polite and start living their lives as they eat sandwiches. It'll it's a long gonNa work. M._T._V.'s the real world Atlanta is an all new reality experience with contracting daily new episodes every Thursday so what happens when the next generation stops being polite and starts getting real again in facebook click on the facebook watch micon insert the real world on Watch M._T._V.'s the real world Atlanta Atlanta streaming now only on facebook watch. You've been watching real world right da all real Atlanta on facebook watch. My favorite thing in the most recent episode is there was a fight between Clinton one of the the ones honestly. I don't remember who don't clint gets in a fight with everyone. He's like the hot head he was fighting and then they did that thing that everyone does not the real what has been doing since day one whatever for nineteen ninety where they show other people react into the fight everyone in the house. It's like eating sandwiches and just zooms on arly and she's like eating a sandwich buddy. Do they live there. They're just like eating eating sandwiches. They're just living their lives that the abandoned tagline of real world. Here's what happens when people stop being polite and start living their lives as they eat sandwiches. It'll along in a work. M._T._V.'s the real world Atlanta is an all new reality experience with contracting daily new episodes every Thursday so find it what happens when the next generation stops being polite and starts getting real again in facebook click on the facebook watch nykanen icon enter the real world on Watch M._T._v.'s the real world Atlanta streaming now only on facebook watch moving on D does bother me though snakes so so you're saying you're bothered when did the urban modeled her to carry engagement ring while holding photos of a snake in new exclusive photos by people delighted by this by the way because when I saw it I burst burst out laughing Bendy Irwin's <hes> did these exclusive engagement photos with people like they have the people stamp on them. which is my the Tattoo that I'm getting on my ass next year my I said to you will be that people exclusive exclusive stamp watermark people exclusive watermark yeah? I'M GONNA get it on my bed and I'm going. They sell the photos of my bet with a tattooed to people and it can be people lose what they lose it exclusively no you should you should sell them to us weekly and then it's an exclusive that you've got people to have to ethically exclusive of the people exclusive exclusive. It's exclusive twice so it's actually four exclusives when it's the exclusive okay here's what happened. This is deranged indie Irwin daughter of delete Stephen when yes who's an Australian Australians number one beloved you know the person's like basically the princess yes. She's he's like Megan Markle. She's there Meghan yeah she's. She's there like me Obama. They're going to do not say bad things about windy and she is our queen. Yes essentially yes. Bendy can never do any wrong bendy and bendy followed in her father's footsteps and his very into like an animal conservation and like talking animals he also with an animal. She works at the right so she's fully following in her father's footsteps. She's personality so she's famous in that way. She is marrying a snake. She is marrying sir his himself <hes> she's married. She's marrying no the photos. Does you guys the photos. Make it look like wearing marrying a snake. I'm not joking. It's a photo of her hand with the ring on it and a snake like casually posing on her hand next to the robot associates snakes thanks. I bought this ring no it's it's fully service. It's like she said yes. She said head yes. Thank you Australia rest in Peace Stevo when Steve Steve Steve Kerr when the bikes are gonNA though indies Nate Vinnie Irwin does not have ss in it so the snake is finally only can speak normal whose name does have eh Senate. Her husband actual has been her shadow. No his name isn't in here. I forgot his name. I just know that he's professional wait for yeah. I'm here from Florida so the only thing more thrilling than marrying a snake no offense Chancellor Chandler Powell marrying a wake border. What's the difference between like? What's the wake boss this question? Don't ask this question. What is the wake border versus what surfing Sir I know it's surfing? So what is the wake. Wake boarding stand on. I think when you wake board you hang on the back back of a boat you get pulled by boat and your legs of debate and then you like do a flip anyway anyway so chandler imagine everyone in Australia does you guys do not have jobs. All you do that. Wake board take care of snakes like it's it's like Richard Scary Gary but everyone like no one has real jobs. You know that's so route to Australia do you. I mean they're miserable. Necessarily we're miserable. Climate change is hitting them. You know they're they're one of the first wants to go. Whatever climate change hits? It's peak okay. They're not not happy. They're nervous. This has nothing to do with climate change. I'm just saying Lindsay everything has to do with climate. Would you take my nice thing about Australia. Which I think everyone is happy and has no jobs to to this place? I'm just saying I think everyone there was miserable and has no idea what they're gonNA do when Shit hits the fan we're also fuck to don't put this on Australia all fucked. I'm just saying it's one hundred and fifty degrees in Australia all the time. Why are you stopping so they're like left there like number? One cultural import is like a movie about the Post Apocalypse Okay Stop Bendy Irwin is marrying way quarter and she had a snake involved in the photo so all these photos of her holding the <hes> Ho- showing up the ring involve a snake slithering around her hand and posing beside the two point one carat diamond. I just love the couple first met in November two thousand thirteen when Powell owl a Florida native he's not even Australian nope he's from Florida and that's what I've been trying to say. He's a floridian awake border who just was visiting Australia and met at the Queen of Australia Windier when married when she was sixteen when she was sixteen. I Guess Teenage Teenage Romance Story and he went to the zoo and he met Bendy Irwin. It's fully like the fault in our snakes the fault in our sin aches and you know what he probably met her he probably I didn't even really know she was because people really don't know what Indie Irwin looks like. No he probably met this cutie girl was like wow she's really one with the animals and then they fell fell in love and she was like I love wake borders because that's all that they have their. You know wait pointing her. MOM's like well. He is awake board. I always wanted my daughter to marry awake. Border here comes the Australian accent again A photo of the snake is really really wonderful. It's beautiful people's like can we get the use of and they were like yeah. We'll send you the photos end of day. Tuesday Tuesday and then people opened up their emails and it's like <hes> <hes> be underscore. Irwin has sent you engagement under underscore photos dot zip via we transfer and then they own they opened them and they're all snakes all snakes all thanks could. They not get the ring on the snake's tongue to like slid lighted onto the finger I just I want to see the outtakes. I WanNa see who what's a snakes name. Where's he from whose name is certainly what ten steelers name is Sir his when I was in elementary school I was in a production of Robin Hood and I was Prince John so I got to do service the entire our time you did not so his little snake puppet on my hand did the S.'s veteran? Wow you're my mom's. My teacher asked me spe- an owner that asked me that's nepotism. No nepotism would have been me getting cast Robin Hood Still. It's a nepotism allthough she did when I didn't catch his Robin Hood and I was like <hes> my mom said. Are you disappointed. They didn't get cast as rob nervous like no like Mitchell deserved it and she goes well. Prince John has more lines nepotism nepotism. Believe me let me have one instance of nepotism. Please on my life. That's nepotism. That's not did you enjoy it. That's it what's your do you have. Do you have a story like a sad childhood nepotism story. Oh not sad. My parents never had much power like your mom. Are you kidding. Oh nepotism. It's as you waited from home from college. My I want an internship and my mom's friend or someone she worked with knew someone who worked at A._O._l.. And they got me an internship and that actually got me like my job and my friends and then more jobs so that was my nepotism consequential nepotism say more consequential than me being Prince John Was it. I don't know it feels like everything you've done today. That could've changed. I know may may turn into a theater kid yikes and look at you. Now you're right. You're sorry and glee shot of Eight. You and that's how you got the role as a kid in the wheelchair and Glee da obviously veasley nepotism <hes> nepotism okay moving on armie hammer causes twitter fewer after posting video of son Ford to sucking in his toes you you're on vacations. You didn't see this but I kept seeing like something's happening with armie Hammer and I held off held off held off held games where it's like me getting Armie Hammer I saw. Will you know like you know that one like really iconic scene no oh I know I know so you know the that one iconic instagram or who does the like redick euless beauty videos where he turns his face into into a frog. He turns his face into whatever he turned his but he uses exclusively makeup. You know like you just uses makeup to like look like no. He looks like celebrity. Sorry it's lineup. You're talking about Steven Abbas obsess yet with him. Yes it Stephen Abalos was obsessed with them so he does all these videos were like can look like Angelina Jolie with exclusively ugly makeup but chooses the weirdest people so did he did a baby and I think it may have been like Prince George or something but he did a baby where it was like the top it only use like the top half of your face and that he wore this like shirt over the mouth like he he painted a mouth on the unlike the nose Beasley he looked like a eighty eight and it was like a four step process of doing this makeup to look like a baby I saw someone post that photo and this is me finding out what about this whole story they posted that photo the progression of him turning into a baby face and it said <hes> me me me pretending to be armie hammer son so I can suck his foot we that was the caption on the tweet okay. Hey I was a makeup. Look as a baby to make a joke about know someone else used that mere like to see and I was like wait. Why do they want to suck armie hammer toes norm? Is this just like a like a at first I I wrote it off. I was like that's as reasonable as anything else. Maybe they just want to suck armies AMIS toes. I know there was some sort of context. These games are out of control. Whatever moving on I guess we WANNA suck I was like last week? It was Jake Gyllenhaal like now. We WanNA suck armie Hammer toes okay. I guess I get it fine so then but no it's because he posted a video of his son sucking his toes. It was on instagram and the video existed in like a private photo sharing thing between family members and then army was like going to army decided to go rogue included aw public instagram army again and again army should not be allowed to use social media because he doesn't really understand what's GonNa make people mad. He thinks like he posts like funny. Stuff and people are like army. Stop you know like army no and he just like that's why I love him so much honestly because he he is like a full Weirdo you know like member when he was like liking Shiburi like not going the the rope the rope the rowing. I mean you just again and again. Army does stuff tough on twitter that gets him in trouble. You know yes but it's also the kind of stuff that if he wasn't famous it'd be hilarious so like this thing. It's like it's it'd be really funny. If someone someone you knew posted this. Can you feel like what kids freak I love it you know but people don't like your toes out of your son's Perez Hilton Posts Post Post it and armies in armies caption on the script store he wrote this happened for a solid seven minutes. Okay the only fifteen fetishists chester sub the video the video it's only fifteen seconds long because the instagram story but armie hammer said it happened for seven minutes so press Hilton publishes at and it says Armie Hammer Sun shone sucking famous father's toes for quote a solid seven minutes and because of that Elizabeth Chambers added Perez Hilton Brandin said at President Elizabeth Chambers Bakery store owned her. She's like excuse me alleged member wishing made member when she made Cookies About Hotel Mumbai never when we God cook what did we put a terrorist attack on a cookie memorable cookies at our show because <hes> we can scrub them to us and they were honestly kind of good. No good offensive defensively redecorated. I will say it's so like Candy the candy thing at at present it wasn't even seven minutes more like five seconds. Our Son likes to play with people's feet and I put the video on our family stream because this is an ongoing joke sharing the video and it's was not the best move move on as part but I can assure you that children's safety and wellbeing sorry is in this is nothing to do with ours has nothing to do with child safety Elizabeth this has to do with like it's weird as fuck that your kid was sucking armies toast no but I think that people I think like Press Hilton Spun it that way. y'All think people were saying because anything in any anything any celebrity does with their children people fucking go after them. It is disgusting like we really have a problem with with that. It's not even just like mommy shaming. It's now like everything like it's just everything no one can you cannot post about your kids. If you're famous people will come after you really don't mean to kid shame if he's sucking on his daddy's toes and that's fine. I don't care that's just funny me wrote foot fetish future for yes. It's Farnese armies. The one who took there's into the other direct any boy from like age three to six is like deranged. They'll eat poopie off the ground like sucking on your dad's toes like the fucking nothing nothing compared to that you know they're crazy <hes> so I feel like this is funny for the family but I'm sure Elizabeth Chambers was like army. I cannot believe you posted that like I'm GonNa kill you. You know I know just look. I know just another armie Hammer. Bad social media needs to get it together. What's next? Let's talk about Camilla Maroney clubbing back at the trolls for sending their relationship. Let's do it Leo's Leo's US probably longest relationship in no in years Barra fe Elliot's probably as long as relations since bar Dr since bar since Bar Using Camilla Maroney for a long long long time what's long long long for him. It's a year two years so a year for a year. Dating for Leo is is literally like a lifetime is like a happy marriage yeah so it's Windsor last time we've been able to talk about one of Leo's girlfriend without this many episodes right true like it's like Oh. Here's a new one. Here's a new one. Here's a new one and now it's like Oh. We're still talking about Kamala Maroney. That never happens real but I so so I love Camilla. Maroney seems funny. Let's say that seems good. She's took instagram stories and she so she posted a photo of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart with the caption in a love like this. They had a twenty two year age gap in their marriage. I don't know a ton about them but it's it feels like if we google some stuff it would be like a problematic relief. Do you know anybody. Let's just let's just let it go on Google yet as I google. I don't know anything but I wouldn't doubt doubt anything. Let's people started giving her shit. For this Humphrey Bogart Lauren Bacall Romance began with a scandalous scandalous affair their May December romance as one for the history books. Oh Good Lauren Bacall nineteen was already like this Lauren. Bacall nineteen eighteen was a former model starring in her first leading film once you meant Humphrey Bogart forty five on the set of to have into have not nineteen forty four bogart was married to his third wife actress Mae Oma Thought Malema Mayo method whatever that's my name Mayo Mathiot despite their twenty five year old age group sparks flew. I bet they did between the two stars and their relationship progress quickly. The movie debuted on January twenty two thousand nine hundred eighty five and book and Bogart was divorced soon after he and bacall tied the knot on May twenty first nineteen forty five and at a ceremony on Pulitzer Prize winning author Louis Louis Bromfield Farm in Lucas Ohio would go on to have two children together staying married until book are Seth in Nineteen fifty seven okay so they were together for a long time until he died and <hes> but it started it started a little bit sketchily so Camilla Maroney plans on being with Leo until his death at which point she'll become like an iconic older actress Cher Cher Cher and she will appear in fancy feast commercial for sure sure and what's the coffee she did. It's decaffeinated. Oh that's our favorite video. Favorite time of day is night. I love curling up with a Rich Cup of coffee. Houston coffee and sleep down Rick's do if it's high point it's decaffeinated and the flavors bottomless you see high point has a special way of capturing flavor have a deep-rooted flavor. It's a coffee lover's dream deep brewed highpoint now with our richest aroma aroma ever yeah so Leo. What did she say Lindsay so Camillo posted that then people were like relax and then she they were calling her gold diggers serving room to her nice though like like don't? I don't think the emphasis should be on her to be on him. He's a creep. She's not a gold digger. She's just you know living her life. <hes> she said I just read some of the comments on my instagram in my God people are so gene and like full of anger with people that they know nothing about and I I just hope on this Friday that people learn to live with a little less hatred in place their time and interest elsewhere because <hes> without hatred feels it's fine. It's just it wasn't there wasn't anything super notable about what she said. It's just interesting thing to me. That Leo's girlfriend is this kind of like intimate coverage when that never happens with his girlfriend's <hes> I don't. I think his girlfriend's don't usually like do anything so there's nothing to cover yeah. She's definitely something about her. That says something about her. Yeah she definitely his girlfriend who's the most like vocal and full of life uh-huh she wants to be an actor too. She wants to be an actress. Most of them are just marvelous. She is right. She is an actress. She's like definitely been in stuff. She wants to be like a more famous gross. Yeah whatever I think Leo's like I'm like this is the one for Leo they break up like I don't know I I don't I feel weird being like the seems good like Yay but I just don't even know I literally don't know his movie was a big hit. So we made a lot of money made more money than they expected it to. What does that mean? Do I have to say so. He's like riding high again so he might be writing so high that he field sites to dump Camilla and Say I can do Better Aka your younger one year younger right didn't she. How old is she's twenty two but went you need the twenty? One year old wasn't yeah when she turns twenty five though it doesn't dump them at twenty five with the year something like that you've been watching real world right. Da All wheeled Atlanta on facebook watch. My favorite thing in the most recent episode is there. It was a fight between Clinton and one of the other ones honestly. I don't remember who is fine. We don't have enough because Clinton gets in a fight with everyone. He's like hot head. He was fighting and then they did that thing that everyone does and that the real what has has been doing since day one and whatever nineteen ninety where they show the other people reacting to the fight everyone in the house it's like eating sandwiches and it just zooms on arly and she's like eating a sandwich really. Do they live there. They're just like eating sandwiches living their lives. That is the abandoned tagline of real world. Here's what happens when people stop being polite and start living their lives as they eat sandwiches. It'll it's a long been a work. M._T._v.'s the real dilemma is an all new reality experience with contracting daily new episodes every Thursday so find out what happens when the next generation stops being polite and starts getting real again N. in facebook click on the facebook watch my concert the real world on Watch M._T._v.'s the real world Atlanta streaming now only on facebook watch and do we want to talk about Cole sprouse and Lily Reinhart Lily Reinhart I think we want to do we have to interesting. Do you do care now. I care just like so just see if I if if I have this right Louie Reinhard Cole sprouse like team dream. If you're a teen you love these two like promotion Juggernaut on for the show on the C._W.. They are the like you thought it was K.. J. OPPA no it is then they are the people who are getting people to watch the show that early yeah <hes> at their relationship there will they. They're the this show is resting on the shoulders of their relationship. So <hes> someone released a story saying that Lily Reinhart and Cole sprouse house had broken up and the essential someone's arm is going to not just people like the interesting thing about this too is that so people reported boarded sources said they broke up and you know people. They don't fuck around with sources tros people they get P._R.. People they get the direct information mation right <hes> for the most part. I thought what we think about people. It's like oh no. They said they got an undisclosed source about how they were broken up. So people still set it. I'm just saying like it feels like they just like people doesn't post Wackadoo rumors they they post. We'll say okay so there was wackadoo stories but not necessarily like they're not out here being like this is a big enough. Come touches cover doesn't want their Shit Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt or back together again like that's not what people does also people doesn't want to be told. They're like they don't WanNa be right. They'd rather rather be right than I. They want to be in the good graces of every celebrity also they'd rather be right than I and they want us to like yes. Yes yes yeah so then after this happened Lily Reinhart and Cole sprouse started going off on social media like saying no we absolutely are not broken up and they were writing things like unprecedented Cole sprouse and Lily Reinhart consumed the flesh up at reliable sources to fuel their Buchan alien sex cult. Wow Okay so you're just saying you guys are wrong. We're going to do the strongly this magazine that they were on together. They were in together and like post together came out right after they announced this break-up and in the magazine they asked to be interviewed separately okay and unlike their reasons were not unreasonable like there. We are person where did it up but you are posing in the magazine together so like <hes> that's what I don't I don't object to if you interview Italy Reinhard if you interview Kohl's browse separately and they're on their in their own magazines or their own interviews reviews and they say I really would rather not answer all my questions about my girlfriend or boyfriend like shore. Yes a hundred percent. You got that right especially lily like lily reinhart. You know especially the woman in the relationship but you're in this magazine together your post your posing on the cover to gather right so then you tell the reporter we WANNA do separate. This is w magazine WanNa do separate interviews right so then people were saying oh well that's because they were gonNA split up and that doesn't seem that unreasonable to me because I kind of feel like their reasoning behind winding separate entities which they say <hes>. She says we're not fighting with the idea that people grew together but we are paired up a lot. Well you star in the same show in your fucking so sorry. We're acknowledging that we're in a relationship but it's a Of who we are as people we want our own separate okay cool right then don't pose on the magazine cover together. You know okay so that was that was just like Mike Point in response to they're kind of like my map but then they posted instagram's that were denying that they were breaking up so something Amiss I will say communication miscommunication yet but I will say it's also funny that like our relationship is such a small part of who we are and yet the moment you get something something wrong. We're going to go on a fucking rampage and say how dare you say were broken up right. You know like their response to this does not really equal the way that they have tried to rationalize it. You know right <hes> I was reading my favorite thing to do. I mean always read the owner. They didn't comments like just to see what because there are so many like riverdale heads out there I was like wondering during and this one caught me. This is <hes> by the user waxen strings to be honest to be honest there silence since the rumors started in the way they finally said something had me thinking they planted slash plan the break up rumors earlier so this would have more of an impact or splash but if that were the case it feels that they feel because nobody cares swimming so right. This is interesting. They wait they the the said they broke up then they waited until the this magazine came out and then they were like how dare you oh you know this couple. It seems a little dark gotta say but not just like Riverdale dark like a little dark dark anyway uh-huh a couple more things we into Rita one of them. This is amazing constants. Woo is the gift that keeps on giving constants woo we needed a diva and I feel like the yes there's like unavoidable sexism and all of these labels that are being thrown on constance Wu but as a consumer of popular culture we have not had a diva narrative in a long time and it's nice to have a new one. Oh no we'll like think it's funny because I feel like I don't want to ever come off negative more talking about Constance Wu at this point maybe in the beginning when she was doing those weird tweets but now I'm a loving this I love who weekly have to team up to give her money now for this like we're like we're like we need to both start putting money into like a little piggy bank so that Constance Constance Wu can smash it when she's ready sort of like oh constants who is being like demanding onset. I love it. That's what I want for my also. That's what I want for my a-list celebrities like I don't want everyone to be like Amy Amy Adams. I love that she's nice to everyone but like I I want a little bit of both you know amy on is being nice to everyone. Constants boots screaming at everyone. Thank you will put me above Jennifer Lopez on the postal for hustlers this such petty small. No one gives a fuck thing. I love it in so page six reported the actors care so much about billing now don't care about it at all. What's also funny because it's billing in a movie that had actually has a lot of quite famous people on it so it's one of those things where it's it's like the billing with constants with the top of the billing for this movie? It does seem weird. Constance Woo sang put me about Jennifer Lopez is crazy like imagine being in a movie with Jennifer Lopez and sank. Put Me above her. I don't care if she's I don't Care Jennifer. Lopez is in is in Hustles for thirty second rippers and thinking that you are above Jennifer Lopez for people who want to go see a movie about strippers like get the fuck Outta here but also stay right in in your place because I love this behavior okay. This is from page six <hes> diva we this is like just they're just they have influence and they're just like sending her the checks waiting for them information a comment just getting I don't know if they do pay all but they should <hes> while hustlers premiers in September can't wait select select publications have been walloped with a warning from the studio. This is like publications media getting emails from the studio correcting them saying saying that we must be named I in the press as the film's biggest star a source said Lopez and her production partners signed off on Wu's top billing quote along time ago. Adding constants is in the unique position of being part of projects that are breaking through Asian American representation Hollywood that is not an answer to that question question that is a different. I love with different pileup it. This is also killing me because you know how I said like they have an informant. They have that but this is literally an email that they were sending linked directly to the media. This isn't even underground. This Dorado of the Jennifer Lopez has just like she wants top billing fine. That's okay with me because Jennifer Lopez notes that organically we she will be the biggest note person right okay. She says it says then this is where the informant comes in on the New York City set of Hustler's this Spring Ring Woo made enemies anew with her diva demands one onset source e._p._A.. I Bet told page six that wou- quote was a pain in the fucking fucking ass. She just want great to do anything. It's like a cliche. She's very talented but all signs are pointing to a difficult diva cod. They use the word diva another another insider added. She's a total piece of work. She thinks it's okay to treat people badly and say out loud. Whatever comes to her to make a sticky situation stinky? Oh Woo Bunny poop all over the Chelsea penthouse rented for her. Why did she have her bunny with her at a Chelsea penthouse during being shooting celebrities love their their animals? They gotta have them with them. That is amazing. It's incredible. We need this behavior behavior but it is like whenever whenever Katherine heigl behave like a diva and everyone dumped on our neck ruined forever. I feel like we learned from that I now we need to be positive. I miss that he pro l.. You need it takes all kinds to create this beautiful tapestry of Hollywood of Hollywood right like you need the nice people you need the divas right who was the older actress address who got kicked off a Broadway play recently Faye dunaway. Oh my God for being classic diva. She was like Swi- she doing she was just like being yeah. We love it. Oh my God and then great then us weekly who is on the scale of mean too nice. They're slightly nicer than page. Six expert not nicer than people they have a headline that says const exclusive constant will refutes a report claiming she was a diva who demanded top billing for Hustler's. I I mean people have these emails. I feel like they could just share them with quote. Constants has no knowledge or awareness of acts on her behalf of hustlers to have reporting mirror that of the film's excuse me what is that unquote. Am I reading English. She's she's just saying that that story about Jennifer Lopez signing off on Constance Wu who getting top billing is untrue because contents we will apparently never signed does ends like no people are. She doesn't know that people signed her for to do that. Whenever representatives associated with her in the films did engage meal? It's correct misrepresentations of the film's characters and castings in the spirit of Collab- calibrating credits. Let's to accurately reflect the guideline set forth in standard legal so complicated just call her a diva and get it over with. I love and just say yes. Yes we confirm constants who is a diva moving on what well conscious character and hustlers is the key protagonists any reporting that implies or indicates that she demanded or directed this recently reported initiative is patently untrue and clear manipulation of acts the Rep clarifies she has always been and remains a proud supporter of all her fellow classmates included in the celebration of film in the telling of the story but what about the rabbit what about the rabbits and the rabbits coupons. You didn't answer the question about the content to yes or no question constance. It's a yes no question did would you let your rabbit shit in the independent constants. That is the worst fuck in response from a P._R.. Person Ever. I just think it's just like we look at so many divas like Faye dunaway like gay icon Divas Patti lupone right yeah iconic Diba like we'll just yellow people in the middle of performance or like the frank just complain about everything Aretha Franklin. We love it. Why not let us love concerts wellbeing ADIBA? She feels avoid Jennifer Lopez famously nice famously accommodating dating. I think this is all we do. I think paychecks does I think we do. I think you know we love it. Yeah we want more though and if hustlers and I presume it will be we love Laurine fucking love you laurine. Oh my it's even it'll do wonders for her. Diva career concerts the diva will go to the diva will go into the into the solar system. I mean she'd say sign in Crazy Rich Asians I duNno. She's fine. That's getting that's getting sequels. That's getting a sequel getting gun but a gun she it ended up being not like <hes> Gemma Chan is going to be the star of the next one and Gemma Chan was when everyone's Kinda puzzling about the end of this was not the breakout once again and then she had the thing with the T._v.. Fina Breakout Yeah Henry Golding not quite breakout though you something he's he's hot. Everyone's like always on okay. Let's move on. I think this next door is what you really want to talk about. I mean this is sad but it's also hilarious. We can can acknowledge that it's sad but we can. Let's focus on the funny parts so Joe Jonas. The Jonas bows were in New York filming a new music video <hes> for their follow up to the rapturously received sucker. He really was though you're you're joking but it really was. I know everyone loved sucker just like crazy. How much people loved that Song? We missed the Jonas brothers. I'm like WHO MR I still have like certain things certain things. I'm just like you were you. Were you missed them. Everyone's being conned. I don't understand like people I respect are like they're back. I was like what talk like you were. You a fan saying you personally like missed. When everybody was a fan of draws brothers like you were like? Where were you yeah? What were you doing so anyway so they're filling their video in New York City? They had their dogs with them Soviet Joe. They have two dogs. The dogs names are Waldo and porky. Whatever Waldo gets free of it's leash? I think it was in the in the <hes> it was being kept by one of their <hes> assistance or something so it gets free leash runs into traffic gets run over by a car. Oh my God really sad d._m._Z.. Sends Out T._M._Z. sends out a <hes> an alert immediately. Sophie and Joe are inconsolable and and I just think the way that this has all been handled is in typical fashion really really funny because people are trying to report report. This is the typical Corey Monte thing like so and so does this amid this. It just happens to be about dog so it seems extra absurd you get headlines like this so be turned acquittals dog porky in her arms during walkw- Jonas after dog Waldo death. How am I supposed to keep all these straight so he turned her picture? Exclusive Star holds back tears as she cradles her surviving dog porky on a video shoot with her husband. Jonas dot days after her beloved pet Waldo was killed by a car terrible so oh be tender and Joe Jonas are keeping their dog porky Basquiat close following the death of their Dog Waldo Picasso you're supposed to you're presenting this as like sad news and I'm supposed to overlook the fact that they gave these dogs hogs Middle Names Basquiat Picasso out here. This is what this is really funny. It really does suck. They came to New York for like a thing and like the dog right. It's really sad it's really sad but it's also funny at it. Dogs who live here don't really run into traffic as no no this. These were unused to it but it's funny this follows they follow all of the <hes> <hes> the beats of neural reporting like if this was about like a human death it would still follow these beads because where it's like Oh we have to go into the Archives Archives and find previous statements made about these in most cases humans but in this game what other times Joe Jonas and sofie Turner talked about their dogs so this story about the dead dog ends with opening up about his two puffs Jonas previously revealed to people that Waldo and his little brother lived a charm lifestyle quote deliver pretty Fabulous Life Jonas people people were posing with his beloved pooches and in the sexiest man alive issue. It's just so absurd and I really like as good as so like asked Waldo Lake pleased that makes me really really sad. That's very sad. That's notice they don't even they don't even mention the dogs breeds like what maybe maybe their minds. They're missing a lot of stuff. I also found this related. Can I just read you this related headline not them's not who's but like just equally deranged in its in its composition construction. This is from just jared Jennifer Aniston Justin Thoreau's seemingly God doing Jennifer Aniston and Justin theroux <unk> seemingly reunite as dog Dolly passes away. Here's the thing what is this the end of Marlin me. They like at the euthanasia centre well. Here's my thing with never were you are never supposed to say passes away. That's one of the rules you learn when you write in journalism especially for blogs you say died you not tape passes. Away is not for headlines. You do not say passes away that is not clear while the Little Mini J. school also the other thing about this is Jennifer Aniston adjusting throw seemingly reunite like were they together were they. What were they reuniting? Seemingly seemingly seemingly is another word that I'm obsessed with that. People use seemingly reunite as dog Dolly passes away like at the same time this headline is just the grabbing a coffee and then the dog died or did they go to the shelter to get the dog put down for that purpose like rightly did did they seem to or were they not. I'm wishy just across the street with her best friend Courtney Cox as the dog passed away on the other side of the street office and throw dog dog pass away like did the dog soul come out of its body as they were also more important question that we have not addressed because I don't know their life it is Dolly even their dog or his dog Dali like an instagram dog and this is one of those like Justin Ah Jennifer Aniston and Justin theroux seemingly reunite right dot as instagram famous dog Dolly passes away on the other side of the world who Dolly is we just know she he is a dog right like is that they're all a lot of questions a lot of are there questions. The questions are in the headline seemingly like it's just it's it's just the wild headline like gesture like get together on saying. It's time for Rita she wary. Where was she seen? She posted why on instagram she's the WHO clean onto onto <music>. What's Rita Ora up? To who is this woman. Today's biggest read or a news is about her mom there Aura Ara there or a had which I forgot about. She talked about this recently. I think we put it into what's read or up to Vero. Aura had breast cancer pretty young in our thirties. It was very scary. Rita was around real a child <hes>. It's sort of like <hes> I think it did a lot with her. Conception of like mortality and stuff at did a lot to like maker very scared about ways just making that up for you because she did an interview where she like. That's a big thing therapy. She worries about breast cancer a lot. She wears by cancer that you're Africa back like no no no no just something she said but I had forgotten that she recently opened up about this and so I guess she had a double mastectomy. I think that's what this means because she's like did a photo shoot wearing bikinis to show like as a breast cancer survivor with a double mastectomy like I can wear or a bikini infield coach Dabo coverage for this to me. It doesn't say it's just when she was thirty nine and consequently underwent your scars yet and and she has she has scars from the surgery <hes> she's a survivor and she's doing the confidence thing which is always very nice. We liked the Aurora. She's good good. I mean Rita Ora. Also you know she's like her mom. She flashed her bombastic bus and he's completely see through soaking wet. Swimsuit went away Reno or is also bringing awareness of breast cancer because I'm always looking at her breasts. Always constantly is I'm always looking at her breasts and that is that might be intentional channel that might be intentional. Is that using that's our message who needs a pink ribbon just flaunt just flaunt your bombastic bus in completely see through soaking wet swimsuit for the sake of Breast Cancer Awareness share it works it works. What yeah hope you're having a great summer holiday? So far are is the caption she's getting up out of the sea climbing onto the steps of a boat as her father. Bombastic bus is completely in up completely see through soaking wet swimsuit it is visible and who took the photo Ronin Park. I'm starting to think that they're dating no. They're not. That's my position sitting on putting it on the record fire. I'm putting it on the record auntie not that he doesn't deserve that if it you cannot beat the daily mail to think readers dating someone like that's way too assumption. That's way to game show beat the Daily Mail your beaches A._M.. If you're assuming before the Daily Mail you you're assuming too soon because they are always the. I assume you know because they're rude well now. I'm the first to assume well. I just think you're wrong. Okay well <hes> watch this space. <hes> we're done. Thank you for listening to our podcast. <hes> thank you for supporting according to Patrick Dot com slash who weekly thank you for writing reviews on Apple podcasts. We love reading them especially when it's about the apocalypse follows an instagram twitter and facebook and call us at six nine in who them to leave questions comments concerns for Freddie episode we will get back to normal in

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