Ep 162: Suddenly, Last Summer


Presented by climate power education fund does big oil care about our streets flooding or our home burning not according to an exxon mobil top lobbyists. Did we aggressively bite against Some of the science. Yes you know. We were looking out for our shareholders they care about prophets not people learn more at polluters dot exposed tonight on. Abc loves a peach and someone will get burned bachelor in paradise is finally back with your favorite bachelors and bachelorettes looking for love. All the right and wrong places. It's going to be. Spf up starting tonight on abc. These guys and gals have waited a long time to get back to the beach. And they're just bursting thirsting and pounding against The waves and just make it a bit hotter a few celebrities packing their bags to guest host david spade lil jon lance bass and more dip their toes into the paradise waters. This season ten queen victoria find her king we'll connor. The cap proved that he can kiss anyone. Even talk to carl. It's paradise like you've never seen and who knows someone or some ones might give married. Think you've seen this before beach lease bachelor in paradise premieres tonight at eight seven central on abc. Coming to you. Live from our houses in los angeles california. It's nobody listens to paula. Poundstone your comedy field guide to life tonight knock knock. Who's there not us not us who no seriously we are not here. We're on vacation but don't worry nobody's we leaving you with something very very special. I'm adam felber the man who runs this. Podcast with club med style efficiency guiding you from one preordained activity to the next to achieve maximally productive and coherent fun and now please welcome the woman who never fails to spike the rhetorical bug juice and plant zucchinis on the metaphorical volleyball court. It's paula poundstone bala. Welcome thank you so good to not be with you Hey thanks to. Tonight's house band jackson keys from plano texas on the cello. Thank you thank you jackson. And so everyone we are on vacation this week. So what we decided to do get. This decided to lean whistles. Don't care if we're on vacation as far as they're concerned they're listening to an episode. Yes but i thought you always like to be honest with the listeners. So does he does. I just wanted to say something Of course. I want to be honest but that doesn't include burdening people with unnecessary information. I mean here commercials for pharmaceuticals all the time that warn of the possible side effect of anal leakage. And in all my years of school we must have had at least one substitute for a teacher who was out with that problem but they never said it. Misses adams is here today because miss murphy is home with anal leakage. We would never have found that image out of our heads. Forget phonics in fact. They've told us that i'd be pronouncing. Phonics onyx okay. First of all that's ridiculous and secondly it's not the same thing at all and god damn it. what are you doing. Oh can you hear that. Oh sorry you just sanding the show. You don't do that. Sometimes when i'm stressed guys just real quickly for the future. Bonnie excuse me talent for the future. Bonnie sanding shelves and recording. Don't go together unless you're making a low budget film about shelf sanding monster okay. Yes that goes without saying all those sanding monster films out there and incidentally no one is going to watch a sanding monster movie that pronouncement from the grown man who loves sylvester stallone movies. You even said you liked the first rocky to real quickly i. This is a very special for me. In wanted me tyler. What set it apart from the other rocky movies is that it was watchable but there are some flaws clearly burning with developmental delays until she has sex with rocky. He should open a clinic. Bonnie what the fuck is that. Oh you hear that doing the dishes. Why we're doing the podcast that we will waiting for tony. I'm here. I just want to say anything because everyone was stickling is now a good time. Just really quickly wanted to say tyler. Just wait everyone wasn't stickling tony. If you weren't stickling to than it wasn't everyone. I rest my case as you guys know. This is actually going to be my last episode. And hold on a second tyler. Tony you sent adam coffee and not me. You don't drink coffee. And how long have you been holding that against me whether you doing. Oh this is my last. And i really really just wanted to thank you all. Thank everyone and say how much this is meant to me. It's been really really really desailly. Jesus christ will you stop interrupting adam. I think so. Listeners will be happy if we take a vacation. let's leave them with a good interview from the archives. You know what paula. i think. That's a great idea because clearly if we take a week off maybe we can reset our stickle re reflexes and we have something really great here because Paula have you been watching jeopardy lately. No they've had this parade of guest hosts and some are great and some aren't but they all managed to do something which i think is both necessary and which is that they all give tribute to the fact that they are merely filling. The shoes of alex trebek's so we had the good fortune just about a year and a half ago to talk to alex trebek's he was just wonderful and gracious and i thought we could rerun that interview because it also has right afterwards. A surprise call for one hundred caller contest. Nice spoiler alert. The surprise callers carol burnett so when we come back we will be joining the wonderful late. Great alex trebek's here on. Nobody listens to paula poundstone. Now you can say goodbye trail mix. 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So i'm trying to figure out how to reach people you know so therefore i have come up with a game. Show idea that. I'm gonna do from my house. And the question is am i capable of hosting a game show. Well fortunately we have with us. The world's best game show host. He can tell you whether you could actually do his job yet. It's time for career corner where we learn about the wide world of jobs. Would you like to be a fireman from how bad a train engineer. Maybe i'd like to make a living as a spun wilder. What can you do with your life. Career corner has the answer this week. Let's explore career as a game show host here to help discover. She could cut it in the stressful high stakes world hosting a game. Show is the man who has hosted jeopardy since nineteen eighty-four the one and only alex trebek's. Oh my guys. Thank you for helping. Break me out of my a confinement. Thank you for breaking out for us. Alex welcome what. We're so glad you could be here. Thank you very much. thanks. Alex where are you anyways. I'm sitting at my desk in my office at home in los angeles in los angeles in the san fernando valley. Ooh turns out me and alex our neighbors. Oh really yes alex. I'm glad you're not my neighbor because you call the cops on me for my dog barking in the backyard right now. I thought you can't person. I have two giant dogs and twelve cats away. Somebody has to keep the cats in line just about to say eleven cats. I have a cat that is so old. He apparently one of the things. That's happened to her in her old age as she keeps trying to go into like any time. You open a cabinet or a door. She tries to go into the closet or or the cupboard. The keeps the pots and pans. And i don't see that well. And so i keep shutting the door. She's been cut in half more than a magician's assistant at get a little strange that the cat keeps trying to go into the cause youth. Yeah right wouldn't you think that somewhere along the way she would figure out that that's not a good idea but cats are not great lesson learners. That's for sure all right. That is true. Speaking of learning lessons alex. I need to know how to be a game show host so let me begin with this on a regular alex. Trebek's day when you're making jeopardy. What is your day look like. What are the tasks that you have to do. Well i arrive at the studio at six o'clock in the morning. Okay yeah i go to harvest food for the no i I go through the mail and then at seven thirty. Our head writer delivers the five games. That we are going to be taping that date and it takes me about an hour and a half to go over. Every clue in every category in those five games. And i make dia critical marks. So that i don't make mistakes in pronouncing words and familiarize myself with all of the material I also make checks on some of the clues that i think are too close In information to some of the other clues in those five games because the games are selected at random so we could have a little bit of duplication. At nine o'clock we have a production meeting with the two producers to writers and myself and we ordered the games. And then i. Around ten o'clock i go to the studio. I get the hair. Makeup and wardrobe and at eleven o'clock. Were ready to go. And we taped three shows in a row with one audience and we break for forty five minutes. Then we'd take the last two shows with a different audience and by about four o'clock four fifteen were done for the day so it's basically a ten hour day that's amazing and how many days a week would you do this days a week and a half means two weeks of programming every time every two days that we go out and take. Oh wow okay great because you can get a little ahead of things now in mind you guys perhaps not aware but in order to make it. Profitable for the networks are the indicators. This is a tradition. That goes back many many decades. They decided that they were going to take an entire week of programming in one day. And that makes it just ideal. Because the host comes in he works is one day goes on and lounges around his pool. Everybody win everybody. Wins like to pull part now. Okay when you're actually taping the show right you come out your ouster beck is. They're acting involved in the way that you ask the questions. I don't think so. I think i try to read the material as closely as i can to give it proper meaning On our show particularly because we are so heavily driven by information. It's important that you get the message across you. Don't want to confuse the contestants. Your it could as simple as possible for them to perform at their very best. So that's why make the dia critical remarks. We have so much limited space on the television screens. The monitors we use for our clues that sometimes two words that normally go together are separated at the end of the line. And if you aren't careful reading it you can confuse the contestants and that that's not our aim. Of course we want them to show themselves to be as smart as they possibly are now. Have you ever had a difficult contested. difficult in what way paula. Well in any way you mean hives at me or no no. We've very by now keep in mind. We've been on thirty six years and the people know that there's a certain formality if you will to jeopardy so they abide by that. They're very polite They can be funny. They know that But if they're going to challenge a clue for instance. They are instructed to do their challenge during a commercial break and i see and we will try to resolve it. They're not going to speak out and interrupt me reading fluency a alex. Wait a minute. I the i think my my response was right. They're not yeah so you've never had anybody like flip the podium. No okay never had anybody who storm off and said you know. I don't have to put up with this shit that nothing like that. Nobody what we have had when we were doing the kids tournament. We have had many many tearful scenes because keep in mind when you're doing a children's tournament. These kids are the pride of their parents. Is they do well in school. They're not used to having anybody say. Hey you're wrong. They're used to being lauded and all of a sudden they get in a game on jeopardy against two other kids who have similar backgrounds and they lose and they're not used to losing. They're not used to having somebody say ooh sorry. Two of the three contestants who walk off the stage losers quite often shed a lot of tears and it's hard but you don't take that opportunity to make fun of them. Do yo know in. Ever my god. And i don't even try to make fun of the adults who appear on the program even though some of them give me a many reasons or many. Now i have to say alex alexander my my son and my son for some reason. He's just turned twelve. And he's been watching old episodes of the sitcom cheers. He's just in love with it and recently just just a week ago. I found myself explaining to him on the immortal jeopardy episode of cheers how that episode became part of the lingo of jeopardy as pulling klavan right. Yes and Took us completely. By surprise they came to me. The people at cheers and asked if i would do a cameo appearance and we started doing readings and every reading we did a. They looked at me and they said rebecca and lines so we kept expanding and they expanded it in that unique way in order to Do the cliff. Cleveland did and it has lasted. It's amazing it has lasted now for twenty years and it's incredible. I wanted to ask you apropos of policy question about difficult contestants. Have you over the years. Seen contestants actually pull a in or something close to it and for those who don't know what is the. Cleveland is when you needlessly bet away all your money and lose the game. We've had contestants lose all of their money. But i won't say that needlessly wager and lose it a bigger win the game but We've had other contestants who have taken advantage of the cleveland thing. A teenager in one of the tournament's wrote down as his final. I don't know what the response is. But i just won seventy five thousand dollars so they the little off script if you will i. By the way in terms of trebek's being able to handle a script on alex trebek's was On the dais at an event for an organization a charity organization called actors and others for animals and i was also on the day and we were roasting a betty white at our many. There were many comedians up there. And then alex trebek's name gets called and we're all looking at each other going out your back is is a game show hook. Why out jeopardy. What indication is there then he would be funny on roast well. Ours to back stole the show. He was the real. I don't know if you've heard of them. Alex but alex trebek's was the funniest up there. Do you remember that ni- alex i do remember that. That was At the universal hilton. Yeah and you're so funny. And i think blow everybody away because it's not the side of you that we see when you're hosting jeopardy all right speaking of which let me get back to the point. Okay let me. Let me interrupt you. Just a second because You bring up a very interesting point and that is that no matter who you are as the host you have to keep in mind the game itself. That's the most important element you're dealing with. The game is the star and you have to adapt yourself to that game so if it's a a more cerebral game such as jeopardy say it does not behoove you to become the standup comic. You're running a specific game that is designed to entertain a wide range of viewers. And you should not intrude in the format. So you're saying if you're a comedian say who's prone to long and sometimes rambling digressions. You might want to rain that in to become a good game show host. Yes at now. One exception in a way was Richard dawson who you'll recall hosted family feud yes and he used to drive the producers crazy because as his manager wants said we've taken a lot of crap from producers over the years. Now it's our turn to dish it out so launch into dialogues and tell stories instead of running the game and at the end of the taping the producer would have a half hour show. That was forty two minutes long and retired excessive editing. But that was richard's way of getting even longtime ago. Wow you know outwin. I entertained jeopardy staff at your christmas party and thank you again. That was a blast. I would surprised how many people worked on the show. Did it always takes out large a staff when we started. I was the producer. And i think we had six writers to contestant coordinators one researcher a stage manager and myself. We couldn't have been more than twenty people now. We're probably up to over one hundred. That's a lot of people isn't a lot of people the other thing. I was really surprised about while. I was entertaining. Your staff i. I would just sort of point to somebody in. Ask them a question. How i used to do when i worked on stage and i'd say so. How long have you worked to the show and they would tell me. Did you get hired to do that. Particular position your what and somewhere along the way people began to say no all my life. I grew up wanting to work on a game show. And i just couldn't get over that like many of the people answered my questions. That was always my dream to work in a game show. Who grows up thinking that people think. I want to be an actress so i wanna be a lawyer. You know. we're the skydiver. Who did you grow up wanting to be a game show host. No it happened by accident. Actually i was working for the canadian. Broadcasting corporation in toronto and one of my first assignments was to host a high school quiz show called reach for the top. Now you may have seen that particular show mimicked by eugene levy and the setv guys years ago and they Yes and they had. John i mean think of the cast they had. They had john candy. Eugene levy they had jewish clarity catherine o'hara martin short andrea martin. Yes they had so many talented people who went on to more success in motion pictures. But those tv shows are still out there those takeoffs and the ones that are eugene levy did at me hilarious. And i've said this before. Funnier than the will ferrell on saturday. Night live wild. I agree with you. Keep in mind. He had a mustache. Black moustache black hair and he just looked more like me and he would. He would be able to demonstrate frustration with the contestants A lot better than will farrell will farrell on saturday. Night live is very cool and doesn't get too upset but eugene levy. Let it run with his eyebrows alone. Yes indeed famous eyebrows. Jeopardy's all time winner. Ken jennings said during the whole jeopardy experience. I felt like i was living a bit of a double life. I'd be secretly flying out to la to tape new shows hoping that none of my co workers would notice the absence and figure out what was going on jeopardy tries very hard to keep their secrets. Stay tuned as we uncover more secrets about how to be a master game show host. The cat is old man. Ali from holyoke massachusetts tonight on abc. Loves the peach and someone will get burned bachelor in paradise is finally back with your favorite bachelors and bachelorettes looking for love and all the right and wrong places. It's going to be s. p. f. up starting tonight on. Abc these guys and gals have waited a long time to get back to the beach and they're just bursting thirsting and pounding against The waves and just to make it a bit hotter a few celebrities packing their bags to guest host david spade littlejohn lance bass and more with dip their toes into the paradise waters. This season queen victoria find. Her king will connor the hap. Prove that it can kiss. Anyone even talked to carl. It's paradise like you've never seen and who knows someone or some ones my get married. Think you've seen this before beach lease bachelor in paradise premieres tonight at eight seven central on. Abc whether you're exploring a new world in the pages of a book or trying out a new patio. Brunch spot ever lean has premium essentials to outfit you in comfort. I got an early a. T. shirt that upped its white with red sort of thin stripes and a red caller. 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It's about the game itself. Yup it's about the game the contestants advice for you as host of the program. Yet you be yourself be natural. Don't try to upstage the contestants because that will alienate the audience. Oh you don't wanna take off your on. The audience wants to look at you as the friend of the players because they imagine themselves in the position of contestant incher adding they relate to the contestants so they say cheese. You know what there's a waiter up there and he's doing well. And i'm aware damn. I could probably do well if i were there. Oh wait a minute. Why is all picking on him. I don't like paula. So so that's one of the things you have to guard against. You also have to be a little bit of a traffic cop in that. There's a certain time limit for each segment of the program and you have to get that segment done within that time limit so as i said earlier. It's not a time for doing a lot of ad living occasionally it might if the game is playing very quickly and your stage manager comes to you and says hey where were minute under were. We're good if you want to say something. Then you can do a little number or whatever so that's very important you you're a producer or a director if you will on the floor and you're the director's best friend out there because If you get along well and understand each other there would be no problem you you get a feel for how the game is going. You know where to put stress. You know where to heightened suspense. You know where to encourage the contestant who may not be doing particularly well and conversely you know how to put controls on a contestant who is not only doing well but perhaps lording it over the opponent so anyways there are many ways in which you can exert your influence but the trick is always always always be on the side of the players. I love that what great advice. That is great advice. Hey alex. I'm sure you've heard this because i've heard it. Which is that mel brooks and carl. Reiner used to get together in the evenings and they would eat dinner on a tv tray and watch jeopardy together and you'll ford that right. I was there at mel's house. He and carl were recording clues for us and they told us that's the way they spend their evenings so i have no reason to disbelieve at. That's gotta be the highest praise that any performer could have i think will. Hey we love fans and if they are famous fans whose work we admire and have admired for years. It makes it even more special for us on. Yeah that's such a great thing. I i have one question for you. Do i need a sidekick. Hey no you do not stay jackass vanna. You have adam. Yeah sure. I have johnny gilbert behind the scenes. So it you don't need a sidekick some games it helps when i was doing high rollers many many years ago my sidekick was rudely and then after her elaine stewart because they were rolling the dice while i was explaining the rules and running the game and it worked out beautifully. It was a great relationship. And and i have remained friends now for about forty years and But it's not always required a. Have you ever felt a little jealous. That patsy jack has someone to to turn the letters No on our show there. There really is no place for a co host I read the clues. What else is there. Yes you're going to point the clue. I'm reading or or go. Good one alex. If i can go back to a few moments ago when you were talking about mel brooks and carl reiner sure saying how nice it is when people like that Are fans of the show. When i started hosting jeopardy and the show suddenly became popular. I would get invited to a lot of events. A lot of celebrity golf matches and one of my big thrills was being invited to the frank sinatra classic in palm springs and meeting frank and finding out that he was raising fan of the show out nice and he sent me a letter thanking me for he says you guys made me a star yet. Right would evasion. So he was he was my musical hero and my showbiz hero and to find out that he watched on a regular basis. That was extremely pleasing to me. I why does johnny gilbert always mispronouncing your name. Well he did. I don't know it's. I had a younger sister who died a few years back and she did not pronounce travek way. I pronounced rebecca. So i've got used to it there. I don't mind slight variations in the pronunciation. You've never mentioned it to him. Cnn side and we are over shoulder and said it's true beck. No i've never done that. Yeah have been together now. Thirty six years. Never a spat never Nasty word between us. Oh that's so. Nice i i guess. I guess after the first decade or so telling him would become awkward. Yeah i it's like when you have the social acquaintance and you don't know their name exactly. After a certain amount of time it would now be more awkward to ask them their names. That happened with me. And my dad. You know i would recognize him in the hallway of the house but i i know i know and i just couldn't you know just too late. Yeah now it would be embarrassing. Yeah i get out. What other game show would you like to host. If i'd had my druthers i would've loved to have hosted hollywood squares the now to me that was the ideal job. First of all the host is seeded. I have spent a many many standing on a stage. I loved it when i got an opportunity to sit. Hollywood squares was my ideal because as the hosts you asked a celebrity question and the response would almost always make you laugh and the game itself was very simple to deco and who could not like that One of my really good friends is peter marshall and we talk about those days together and It was the ideal job for him and because he was so pleasant so endearing and so friendly with the contestants and knew how to play off of the celebrities. Yeah who makes the best contestant. Yeah that's a good question because we've talked about how paula could become a good host. But who's the ideal game show contestant. Somebody's smart what what we've discovered over the years is that Teachers lawyers and students make the best contestants and the reason for that we discovered was that there used to confrontational situations in classrooms. Think of lawyers. They're in a courtroom they have to rebut. They have to make arguments so they're used to thinking on their feet and that helps you. Allot as congested. And the same true for teachers and students. Teachers are trying to nail students. Students are trying to one up the teachers. But in in general if you have the knowledge and there are people as we've discovered certainly this year with james hall tower who is a professional gambler. Austin rogers who's a bartender dizzy. Who was in Recording business they all knew a ton of stuff and they were able to express themselves easily and be comfortable in the setting. That's so important for contestants. If you're going to succeed you need to be someone who can deal with the pressure of the moment because keeping under two other individuals here who want to beat your brains in right right. Yeah now paula. Let me ask you this. You're thinking career a game show host. Yes i ended up. show would you like to host. Which kind of program would you feel. Most comfortable hosting a wheel afford jibe show is at a gun show is a jeopardy type program. Is it a To tell the truth type show well. I'm limited by the fact that i'm going to do the show from my living room on a zoom type of format because we can't gather in groups and so i'm gonna use you know what the world of technology has to offer. I'm going to be in my in my living room. I'll tell you one it's going to be a question and answer kind of show with two contestants that are answering questions about one. Another one element of the show. You know i do have twelve cats and each contestant at the beginning of the show will pick a cat and if they're cat happens to walk in front of the camera while we're taping they get an additional point and if their cat throws up anywhere in my house while we're taping they just blame lose. Well that sounds. That sounds great so paula. It sounds like it's sort of like if they have answer questions about each other. It's sort of like a newlywed game. For people who are neither married nor indeed have met no they will have met but not for married people they will have met okay. And i think it'll borrow a little bit from jeopardy in that There will be questions about really informational things as well as as questions about the the persons themselves but Yeah it's going to be done from from my living room. In fact alex if as soon as the stay at home order is finished with. And i don't know when that will be you are welcome to come host. My and i will gladly be your sidekick y-yeah i'm thinking that instead of having it as a situation in which you are the host and you have two contestants how would it be a few had just one contestant and you mentioned that you would be asking questions and expecting answers. That's good so you could do that. With one contestant and maybe instead of a game show you could call it. An interview are interviewing tax of being star. They're not they're absolutely are yes indeed. And that's one of the things that sets a lot of the people apart but again it depends on the kind of show you're doing i can't get away with it too too much on on jeopardy but Sajad can do it on wheel. Yeah well you know maybe you could get a big wheel sometime. Had a big wheel tremendous. Yeah i can't. Thank you enough alex for your help and your advice and for being a part of our our goofy little podcast. While you're you're welcome. Bala death i think you as a game show host a i think you would be sensational given the right format and that's so important and it's so important to the success of a program you can be the best game show host on earth but if the program is in very good you won't succeed but if you get the right combination of host and show peter marshall hollywood squares at say jack and wheel of fortune. Bob barker prices right Richard dawson family viewed. Alex trebek's hopefully once that show host and paul and paula poundstone with. What's that cat doing here. you've well. Well thanks alex forgiving publicly. She needs to figure out if she could control the board and become a gameshow host. Paula what have you learned about becoming a good game show host. And could you do that job. Hey jackson if i could get a little background music i'll tell you what my takeaways are. Perfect i have to say. Alex trebek's was very encouraging and supportive about the idea of me hosting a game show over the internet. And i'm gonna do it still some of what he did. Give me pause. He mentioned for example writers contesting coordinators of researchers. We're on a stay at home order. And i have no money. It's me twelve. Catch two big dogs and a dictionary. That's missing half the ape pages. That's my research staff. Although i do have a book about clump hosting called let it rock. He said it's it's important to keep in mind the game itself. I don't know if the understands my memory problems which have been exacerbated by the stress of this crisis. I can't keep anything in mind. I'm sure to stop me quiz question saying what were we doing. He said the jeopardy contestants abide by a certain formality. I don't think mine. Will i get guys like paul who bitches that he thinks. The french trump press conference could only be funny once but he listened to four episodes. Says i'm supposed to be on the side of the contestants posed contestant. I'm not supposed to say. Please welcome our first contestant. Paul who left his negative fringe trump comment on the comments section for the video about the little tofurkey meant. I don't think i cannot say that alex. Thank you so much for being on our show you know. One day paulie you will be essential again but one man we know is essential is the host of jeopardy. Alex trebek's and alex. Thank you so much. We'll be back with more. Nobody listens to paula. Poundstone after this. 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No come on kiro what are you. Are you aware that you can win. Any appliance from roger federer's appliance store. As well as you can hang out without a map to the game. If you're the hundreds caller what do i have to. Do you have to be one hundred dollar. Well you know. I'll call back when i can be the one hundred sixty eight. I want to be one hundred. Sixty eight is good though. Maybe we can get you like a tennis ball or something from roger. Federer's okay fixed for toilet paper. All right maybe we could win that. What do you think that's a good idea. Actually that's a really good idea. Well you know maybe once we exhaust the hundred calls which i know adam is really happy about having this contest. Oh yes i love it. Did you know that roger federer tennis star has an appliance store. Not gotta roll. you're getting. You're getting sucked into paula's web of lies. So i'm used to lying. I watched the news. Oh it depends. It depends which now how are you. How are you and yours holding up during the have you taken to eating marshmallows. I during the no. no no. We're doing okay. I've got my my husband. And i are here and We have our kitty cat and It's one day goes into the next day and the next but we're staying somewhat. Shane by Doing crossword puzzles and watching good. Old movie excellent. What was the most recent old movie that you watched all my gosh well. We watched Singing in the rain. Which i know by heart but i love it singing in the rain. The music man august To catch the gaslight all about eve all those good old you know those are great. Singing is my wife's favorite movie. I rented a theater for a big birthday for her into. Oh gosh every number is a showstopper. It's absolutely wonderful to watch. I i love this show. Kip stopping know. Assure a metaphorical showstopper paula. The concession stand must've been going crazy when that was in the theater. Did you see it in the theater. Carol yes i'm that old. Debbie reynolds was you know. She was in it and she was. I think nineteen or twenty years old when she made that movie and she was a year older than i am and so I was eighteen. So i saw the movie in the theater. But then we have it here and it's just like a ritual. I watch it every year and holds up so great. It's it's wonderful. I recommend it to anybody who can get it. You know and of course it's a wonderful life with that was stewart's favorite movie and it was frank kaffir favorite movie. Yeah wonderful lot and it bombed when it first came out really. Yep yep and then what happened was it became a cult classic every christmas. And so then it just you know and it caught on but when it first came out it didn't do well at all. I'm a moving forgiving me. Why have a fantastic piece of trivia that my wife tells me almost on an annual basis when we watched the movie with their kids which is while filming the conic singing in the rain number out in the rain. jeanne. Kelly had one hundred and three fever. Yes yes you knew that he did. I've met him years ago and we talked about that. I was at some function that he where he was. And i said that was just the greatest number and he said that he was so sick when they were doing it but he had to do it because it was all set up with the you know the rain and this and that and yeah and so maybe that's why his eyes are kind of shiny and then of course donald o'connor doing make them laugh. I mean he knocked himself out for that one and then when it was finished he had to take two weeks off to rest up really why because he had one hundred and four degree temperature and he was very This is little known trivia. Carol that they might not have told you. Donald o'connor was very jealous of gene. Kelly and so he purposely got himself a higher fever together though he was he was so jealous of gene kelly that after they finished shooting the singing in the rain number. Donald o'connor went out there to the street set and licked every lamppost. Gene kelly tucked. That's that's that's a rumor that might be true. I'm sure and then. Of course the wonderful. Jean hagen who was the billinness in the movie was so fun favorite in the whole thing i. She's like the unsung hero of the film which she was doing. I remember when robert. Mueller wouldn't testify. Wouldn't testify wouldn't testify yes. I was almost certain that when he finally went to testify he was gonna say. I can't stand it. I thought for sure he was just ashamed of his voice. Yes exactly yeah. Like he was he was going to sit down and go. Yeah go he russians. Oh yeah informally honestly. Yeah yeah it. Anytime noted mickey mouse. Yeah you drifted carol. I gotta say. With all due. Respect tom hanks say carol. I hope you are the hundred caller eventually in this contest. Because 'cause what else does one hundred caller win paula. They they went any appliance. They want from roger federer's appliance store and they get to hang out with adam after the game so i'm into that keep calling back and if enough thank you guys. I have to ask my co workers. Did you guys know that. It was carol burnett before she said it was carbonate paula. How are we supposed to guess such things crying. Tony i am crying tony. Hundreds of nays speechless. I'm blown away. I'm like oh my gosh well. That's not quite speechless anymore. Were never we love you care. I wanna thank you so so much for doing this. And i took time out of my busy schedule during the pension. Yeah i had so many other things to do i actually. I'm i'm glad that you put those on the back burner for us. that's really flattering. Thank you. I know the next time i call. It'll be number one hundred. And i just. I think i would like a blender blender yeah browser so just put down. Yeah then i'll call in cal- their damaged appliances so it's a blender that will mic some things but not all. Oh well no. I don't want that something else. We're getting you a damage blender. That's all there is to it. I'll buy you a new blender. Well everybody stay safe. Okay you too and thank you so much for calling talking to you. Ain't you be good. They say insane. Okay you too. Thank you so much. I'm pulling by ear for you Bye bye love you to take care. Okay bye bye bye mike. God that's still amazes me to this day that you got us carol and you know what it's still amazes me. I still might as well. That was fun. Hey nobody's if you have questions or comments or anything like that just send that to us at. Nobody listens to paula. Poundstone gmail.com and paula. You know even though we're on vacation the poundstone machine keeps churning. Do you have any upcoming dates. To plug on september eleventh. I'm going to be in buffalo new york at asbury hall on september twenty fifth. I'll be englewood new jersey at the bergen performing arts center and on september. Twenty sixth of being the great city of charlottesville virginia at the paramount theatre. Wow that's pretty exciting stuff. Remember everybody preorder adam. Felber new book with charles band. Confessions of puppet master on amazon or barnes and noble or wherever you preorder. You're fine literature. Also subscribe to this podcast. It's free get it every week at no charge no obligations. That's our show. Nobody listens to poundstone has hosted by paula. Poundstone and yours. Truly adam felber. Thanks to our house. Band jackson keith. Our show is produced by paula. Poundstone adam felber. Bunny burned ken. Lewis epic tonita hall and tyler burke thank you so much for being part once again of the. Nobody listens to paula. Poundstone family taylor wait a minute. Been a pleasure. It's time for your goodbye speech tyler. This is the first word of this. Our intern is currently patrolling starbucks. Production by land romo and kyle mcgraw transcription services. For the show provided by transcribe me a premier international use transcription service use code. Paula poundstone when placing your order at me dot com to receive an expedited service. That's our show for tonight. Won't somebody please listen to me starbucks. I really heard that. Yeah let me hear really brings out the i. It was coffee that it was some music. Production the occasional scone and now podcasts. Shirley we're not locked into that. I mean everybody knows what the by starbucks i mean discounts as credits of during the fate over. I think so starve earns. Were you doing a little side plug for starbucks hoping to maybe get your own. Yeah i get i get. A free mocha chino. Every time i do that. You know what i wished though paulo which i wish tyler had spoken up and told us this this last episode. Why would be from us. Everything we've done for him. I remember when i first found him on my doorstep on little basket. And i said you know. They're so cute when they're just out of college to be of our podcast. I brought him in and the death any from bottle be suckled from and okay. I fed him a little bit with an eyedropper. And i kept in wasn't cage but it was a for periods. And how does he pay us. How does he wears he leaves without without. It's just a giant. fuck us what. He is not a word not a word from the guy we gave her opportunity to. You know. I told you we have floor. I kept waiting for him to say something about leaving. Guy's an asshole just an Starve as our podcast network.

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