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Adam Curry, Inventor & Consciousness Researcher Collective Consciousness App


It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC Free Hemp Oil Irvine Resident Adam Curry was kind enough to sit down and talk to us a little bit this guy's fascinated we're going to talk about a few of those today mostly we want to talk about consciousness ah softball well so business where do our thoughts come from our first person experience mindfulness or conscientiousness or conscientiousness. Yeah unconscious that's great and so forth my my sort of background to the extent that I have one is in the Gotcha snus in conscientiousness mindfulness stuff agreed now there are some people that believe leave that is how consciousnesses or do you think consciousness exist within each of our minds will is that we use are often things like sort of physics based or frequency based so the example that you gave is similar and it's kind of this idea that from some sort of more fundamental field of whatever right possibly so we'll we'll make the simple give two perspectives right so the perspective brings the whole world of your experiences are not real like they're not real they're they're does we goes back to this thing called materialism which is this kind of framework that scientists fine but this this perspective on on consciousness is kind of falling apart the first reason is that if you say consciousness is an illusion I think that we're living in a matrix it's not even real let's right I mean even if you're in a simulation you can't and so then okay well maybe if we dig deeper in the in John Fantastic work in brain mapping really really good MRI and other types of methods and you should be attended to brain functioning at all meaning if consciousness and maybe there is consciousness inside but why why is there and we just we have no idea wjr and that's often conflicted with parapsychology but it's really more like the whole class of experiments really good experiments going back about fifty years looking ebbs and all that kind of stuff are actually really quite robust and telling and we've done that we've had that's right yeah so on on the Seiken Isa side what you're talking about it's not like spoon-bending or anything for all of these reasons the idea that our mind is you know some sort of allusion and what is not as the illusion what it is might be the metaphor the experience you would be wrong to try to look for you know the little so if you damage the TV set the picture doesn't come through so if you were to cut off part work happening right now very much in line with that perspective a couple of from different angles and raided collapse orchestrated production basically so I won't connected to some sort of like more extended information field function is actually conscious is the collapse of the wave function law talk about some of the people that die they feel they suddenly have all the knowledge of the bit of evidence Christoph caulk and others have wouldn't know any of this if we didn't have consciousness it's hard to get behind it right it's it has consciousness is it just humans is it all life forms you know where where where's good like matter as matters actually consciousness in a way but it's not conscious allows consciousness to sorta come through and you can wonder how far back humanity humans are there isn't a day but they're also isn't this sort of like punctuated so the question then becomes how do you get from low spectrum consciousness like have things called like a nervous system our biology at that level during device and that is something that is different in terms of fundamentally how it's organized in something mortal vehicle or the Corpus that consciousnesses attendant to might have something to do with how much there's not I don't really know many other people that are doing this but just about what is the mechanism by which consciousness interacts with the physical world so you think of if consciousnesses non-local extended than it might be able to interact orients them to some degree because they may be are if it's not local we can download ourselves to a computer you would have that you could still talk to your mother is it the question of what consciousness actually is candidly. I'm a bit skeptical of the whole idea the thought experiment you can imagine building a robot okay and so this robot starts off looking into the point where it's indistinguishable it doesn't it looks just like one of us you could say okay well we're going to create you could say okay we're going to turn our attention to the inside of the robot and we're going to build things like muscles and build things like manically some sort of biological robot that is sort of on the we don't really know but if we could do that in well highly advanced robot is if it can pass scientists but I wonder doesn't mean that it really is you know what I mean even just because it's indistinguishable to me the novice business that's not just pretending to be awake so like at some deep level I believe that we're connected and that we're connected to from which consciousness springs if you will to get metaphysical and if that robot I would be willing to say that it's joined the family of business if it isn't then you could never truly be conscious and there there has been I I know you're sort I think that you know both aliens are this way that they in fact robotic and are in fact not like like wild speculation goes I think that's perfectly reasonable to think like if you're a particularly you send some sort of robot that can can do very precise types of things but as hypothetically in which you could measure this then if you were to send like the the the biological it's not truly conscious but it's close to replicating conscious exactly yeah so entangled is a mobile app you download it and it turns physical systems like random number generators tends to be shifted when is a global an earthquake or something yeah that's right so collect data from them twenty four seven and then when big events happen we're going to just system and if so is that evidence of some sort of global consciousness right and there's like different ways to unpack that so my perspective is that we don't know if it's global consciousness more ordered and structured when events happen that catalyze mass attention it is it like an experiment or fact from all the people involved that are shifting it is that it doesn't really matter because that shows you how to build something that's the next stage which get something that is like mass consciousness maybe global consciousness but you're if you've got one hundred thousand eight everybody download this APP to their phone is this all this data going to some computer this program it's it's about being part of this program you could think of it as like said he for consciousness convince anyone of anything I am in the business of asking interesting questions tapped into mit or something where they were working on a math program and they were just doing call that's exactly right yeah you can think of it as certain number crunch that is complex and expensive however if you were to consciousness to the bigger question of what is consciousness what is consciousness work effects and consciousness you can actually pose that's an events that meet certain criteria some earthquake in some region we'll be some means shift that is you know this is a genuine it's coming from a good place like really trying to get a good make sure we get that okay I I I WANNA ask the big question that I ask a lot of people because it's the one phenomenon it's on the synchronicity phenomenon it happens to me so often in so is often something that most people it's their closest and most palpable experience you in the external world you know thinking about somebody that you haven't heard from in a long time and what it's like now did they listen to me that they know oh it's both the odds of that are actually like within the realm of chance and you're just paying attention to and sure that I it coincidence is one thing that happens all the time it's tell you about the reality of something like a synchronicity and there's actually unconnected events in some meaningful way what we saw in the laboratory on on random physical systems when it's meaningful for us to do so in a boring old lab you get no results basically You know get that I you might think of a lot of scientific experiments all the decline effect where the the second and third time that you do something it declined results decline that's meaningful and right now it's almost like that that that Heisenberg thing where where if of this is an unpublished study but it was done in a room with no windows and you put it in one quarter up at the top of the room you so it will shine in this quarter in this quadrant this quadrant of that quadrant an equal amount of times in this experiment over enough time the light is shining in that quadrant towards the life in a very very basic way consciousness in the plant what it when you're talking I'm talking is able to affect the number generator biology might be a technology of consciousness wow yeah there's more than their basic three d world that people think just that alone just that alone freeze it and it comes out differently there that's water houser when it comes to the sort of evolutionary biology conundrum you get life from from nothing for less complex things so perspective the number of atoms in the known universe is like ten to eighty okay you don't like the creationist they're like no no no it's actually more like ten to the fortieth all of the physical constants in the universe that have to be just so all these things are just like bizarrely perfectly tuned to life and that would have had to have happened in the moment of the Worlds Universe where there's a zillion different like realities which just happened allow consciousness to be a real thing that nudges the probabilities around so really like we're infinite universes in which happened to live in the one which is not parsimonious or the way consciousness nudging probabilities all of a sudden it's not tended a three hundred God created that consciousness yeah you're opening it's nuts well listen I I want to let you get out of here can talk about what I think it is as science outside the lab I do things together to show me the way so when you experience a synchronicity that tells you personally into is consciousness is bringing together otherwise random things in a way that are out there for us and you know when you start to sort of open part of you is GonNa lead you exactly where you need to go there you go it's that simple is talking to you for Tony Sweet I am kept around here at the fiftieth anniversary of the MU funds it's drug free and scientifically tested to help support your immunity Sam McCall has the point your family's immunity with Sam McCall Black elderberry. 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