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Last dunked on episode of the twenty tens the two thousand teens we are freed from the tyranny of weird decade names starting starting on January first two which is good Galata Nice content out there few on Patriot. We did a Gamer last week about that. Also yeah I went through an picked out my favorite dunks of the decade and made a youtube playlists on it that's available to patriots subscribers as well so go check check it out Patriot dot com slash Dunkin larue. Also new halder. Dunkin episode is out we talked about our Moose confusing players in the NBA also also eliminated teams from the playoffs and John talked about what I surprised him when he got into the league with the Grizzlies after having written for ESPN for a while. But ah now is the time to catch up on a little news and let us begin here in Sacramento with Dwayne deadman. Apparently quite unhappy with the limited role of late. Yeah and it makes sense. deadman signed that three year. Forty one million dollar contract with Sacramento not all of that final season is guaranteed but it was a significant forget deal Presumably had other offers on the table and was almost immediately supplanted by rashawn homes and good for men to get that money and and to be in circumstance but I can understand why he's unhappy with it and it could lead to some interesting ripple effects because if this counts and I would think that it would as public traitor quest. I he might get fine now. I think he's okay with making it clear he's out and and a lot of times. I could imagine that teams might not be as as engaged engage like for novices and the idea that players who signed that recently would want to be traded. So I think this could be one word be worthwhile from his perspective. Should that find you know. Fifty thousand dollars is the precedent here. That's Anthony Davis Scott. Find when rich. Paul said that now worth noting the semantics are he says I would like to be traded out no if that quite to the level of a trade demand it stating a preference. I'm guessing illegal. Probably say that it is because so I mean the reason they don't. You're not allowed to do. That is because they just don't want the negative headlines and that of course was caused here but I think the the greater question is just worth recounting. What's happened with that? Many shooting only twenty two percent from three he was brought in to be a fit with Marvin Bagley who has had his own. Intermittent plane remember. Bagley went down with that thumb injury in the first game of the season and he was a hand in drake him but they got completely blow out they start Oh and five getting completely blown up but the whole point here is to fit with Bagley because he can shoot and then protect the rim on the other end which is a rare combination in theory. But he's been shooting extremely poorly and he's played two games since the beginning of December and mostly because he just hasn't been shooting the ball and teams haven't been guarding reshot. Thirty percent from downtown. Unless you're with Alanna. Are you willing to say that. He is done and a toxic asset bad contract now or could he be worse over the other kings right to not be playing him at this point. I don't think of him as as done on or anything like that. I mean this is such a small sample relative to what he's done in remember. Also that deadman. I brought up the three year. Thirty one figure only one million of that final season season is guaranteed and also remember that twenty twenty cap space is not that valuable three years forty one and three years forty one yeah thank you for the correction so the yeah I mean I it it might be that it's overpay but I don't think it's a heinous one and so you know for one of those one of those teams that doesn't really need twenty twenty when he space maybe they have an expiring contract. It might be a little bit of a push for Cleveland because they actually could theoretically have cap space but there are teams that I think would be better with deadman than the other options wins. That are there however about how about his or her home. Absolutely I mean and the Hawks have more twenty twenty cap space than what to do with. It's about my preliminary estimate for for them seventy-three million so yeah. I mean they could. They could use thirteen point. Three of that on deadman. And I think they'd be totally fine for and I think he'd make them better for this year. which could be beneficial now Sacramento -CREMENTO? They're kind of in the space of well. What is what is moving? Him obviously gets him off the books and it gets them out of town and all that so i. I actually think that this is an unusual unusual circumstance where in in a first year trade make some sense and as long as long as other teams. Don't play to hardball here basically seeing how Sacramento. How bad the situation is and trying to get assets? I think that somebody could end up doing pretty well. So deadman as of now. Twenty two percent from three. That's terrible the net rating when he was on the floor was terrible. But we're talking about a sample of four games. Started at three engine twelve minutes and he's eleven of forty eight from three. I'm going to guess the hasn't just completely lost it over having turned thirty. And Yeah Rashawn. Sean Holdings's outplayed. And data's made the decision for Luke Walton easy but who's GonNa Start and then Bagley being injured and then coming back so somebody easy but Bagley now is playing nearly exclusively at center. He's got fichus next to rashawn homes offensively so I'm not sure. And then they also have all these power fords two and Bagley really needs to play. So that's part of why debt is out of the rotation. Those powerful words have been playing better than him as well as Bagley should be back. Hopefully from a mid foot sprain and the next week or so he. He's struggled as we talked about in the fifteen sixty up in ago. So yeah I think I might be trying to trade form especially because nobody's trying to do anything with twenty twenty cap space anyway and you you can get off of him for one million in the summer of two thousand twenty one We'll see whether in fact won't mention we've talked about kind of how other teams could should consider trading waiting for dentists. Do you think Sacramento should try to ride this out for a little longer. A not trade him. I do think that something needs to happen here. Now Be Alita has a non guarantee for last year. He's one of these guys who's been playing well if he gets moved or is out of the rotation then maybe there is more space for deadman homes under contract for next year then. He's a free agent in the summer of twenty twenty one. I think it's pretty unlikely though that that third non-guaranteed era of deadman something that whatever team has them is going to want to get get off of With that'll be his age thirty two season. I think you definitely see what you can get firm you see you can get for. Pizza does seem like the king season started really going going off. The rails that playoff contention is starting to become unrealistic for them now if that trend continues for the next five six teams or so. And they're really it's not going to be a chance they can get back to her on five hundred which is probably where you're going to need to be done. I dig it explore all options but I mean they still have the issue of Marvin Bagley. This is the problem with drafting Bagley and then trying to build around him when he may not be that good. But if you're really going to give him a chance I still think that deadman operating at his best gives you a chance for that. I and I don't think that they really have a chance as deadman pointed out in his interview To see whether dead been really is cooked or not so if they knows something about his health or he just has a mental block regained. Shoot it all in practice anymore or something like that but for me. I haven't seen enough to just declare him so different from the player are who merited this contract to begin with Let's talk a little bit more about the Kings I mean it's gotten so bad for deadman that Harry Giles who they have no investment in they turned down down his fourth year option. Issue looked okay against forgotten foul trouble but his ball movement Really helped against Denver's trapping defense So he was even playing Over deadman in that Denver game that they lost a Bagley. We mentioned his mid foot sprain deer and Fox miss time over the weekend with a sore lower back he he did return against Denver. I thought he looked limited. I mean we just haven't seen those crazy athletic transition pushes from in this year. I mean he was cutting it out. I think US trying. He's still helps the team as a but he was more in caretaker mode really. But E- it back no indication. He's going to continue playing Where do you want to go next year? I'll let let's go. Oh to Salt Lake City Mike. Conley is likely to miss more time. And we're talking more than weeks with this reactivated left hamstring. Strain hamstrings are tricky. Here's an old dunked on chestnut but his for good reason and it has allowed Utah to go to some lineups that they're pretty comfortable with going back more to to ingles and other things but but connolly's absence is still really important for the jazz. Well certainly to have a fully actualized version of this team. He needs to get back and be playing well but they've been playing better. I think without him and as bad as he's playing that's not a huge surprise. They're getting more out of Joe Ingles in the starting lineup than they were getting out of him. Frankly which is remarkable data. Great win and against the Clippers on Saturday with Donovan Mitchell hitting a bunch of tough floaters mid-rangers to close out the clippers. Their defense looked really good. They held Leonard George till like twelve out of forty combined shooting which really good Georgia by the way had a troubling quote that he still doesn't feel comfortable going through contact around the rim the way he did in Oklahoma City before the shoulder injuries. And for those who thought George was gonNA come back and play at that near. MVP level that he did before he got hurt last year. That is not been the case And in fact when George is on the floor without Kawhi Leonard the clippers are I think even slightly negative which is not good But the clippers also also saw Patrick Beverley leave and then return with a ugly looking right elbow. Injury finished the game with a brace. Some thought though that he might end up missing time there in the Washington Wizards. This'll shock you dating. They have some injury issues right now. They do and in terms of importance to the team. We should start with Bradley beal. He has right right lower leg soreness. It's the same leg that he's had those the stress issues with. So that's definitely worth them being patient on and they're also hold on. I remember remember. We've been cautioning about this for a long time right where he had these stress reactions. It is lagging mistiming multiple seasons due to that. And he's he's come back and basically been playing the most minutes in the league the last year and a half incompletely meeting games and having these over forty minute games and now how I mean they have it detailed what this is but it's the same leg. It's soreness they didn't say it's knee soreness. They said it's leg soreness indications are it might be a recurrence. We're into the same thing so that's definitely troubling me. We'll see who knows. Maybe he's back in a couple of games and it's nothing but this was somewhat foreseeable and definitely concerning but yeah. If only the medical guy reported directly to Tommy Sheppard instead of instead of the owner. Maybe it could have been avoided But yeah what else they got here. `Davis Batons and Thomas. Bryant are about a week away respectively with a batons right ring finger issue in a right quad strain and then Thomas. Bryant had that stress reaction is right foot and so that's those are huge losses. Seem also rehash Amora has missed seven straight with a growing issue. He's probably going to be at least the next week. We don't know exactly. How long and then Mo Wagner? You're still out with his ankle issue but the passionate Sarah continues. Danny that is the important thing here Toronto. When last we spoke about them on Christmas I was was killing Nick nurse or pay playing PAT mccaw thirty two minutes as they got blown out? While he's continued to start he played forty four and three seven minutes the last two games as they came back and beat the Celtics handily in Boston. In a return match up he had a career high eighteen points off the Bokor a little bit thirteen in the game after that. So he's actually giving them something here at so perhaps nurses faith and the organizations faith in him. was warranted and I was wrong there and they've still remember they've got everyone out here. SIAKA Marcus oil. Norman Powell all out indefinitely right now so no indication that those guys are GonNa be back pallets holiday the left shoulder subway station a groin for crm and the hamstring four Ghazal. Do you need me to read the Portland News or can new handle it. You can read it so scowl suffered a knee. Injury against the Lakers. Did Not look good. He had to leave the game his initial emory. I was inconclusive. Due presumably to the amount of swelling GONNA have a follow up once that dissipate. But he's at least for the next five games not going to go with them on the road trip coup. Potentially it'd be longer so as of now. It's Anthony Tolliver. They recalled Moses brought from the G. League. I can't tell you anything about Moses Brown. I'm not familiar with his game. And this your little those who your backup bigs right now just absolutely zero traditional big play in that group well Moses Brown went to my alma mater but he. You went there during the time. I refuse to watch his team because offered was coaching them. So I also cannot add anything but I want to. I want to jump to Brooklyn. I mean the ongoing Kyrie Irving Irving Saga is ongoing. He's not making. He stopped making another road trip He's still not taking contact. Could be another two to three weeks for Kyri every so means. He's done great in his in his absence. We'll talk about that. Presumably on the next fifteen sixty but still I mean that's really really tough for the nets deal with all that that and but fortunately work should be back in next few games recovering from his thumb surgery. The ongoing saga is ongoing. What is the the Leonard Nimoy? Oy Line on the simpsons. The timeless ballet goes on and yeah. There's a report that he might miss two or three weeks. They refuted that but Boston Robert Williams uh-huh left hip bone. Adina I guess. That means a bone bruise. He's going to have another emory in a couple of weeks and once again they just really could use him and his athleticism lettuces. He's got all the chance of the world here but it's really a shame that he has been unable to say healthy and trae young. Probably GonNa miss at least another week or so with an ankle sprain. He had I believe the game against Milwaukee they're already done twenty playing Milwaukee at home without Jaanus and Bledsoe and Kevin Herders started the second half at point. Guard trae out so the hawks now have no point guards available when you start the season with one that is a possibility and then Gerard Parker a right shoulder impingement and hopefully it doesn't bother him as much as irving shoulder. Impingement has but he's doubtful for tonight's game in Orlando. They'll be his third straight missed. I on the sideline Otto Porter. I recall that it would have been called a bruised foot early on. Hasn't played since November six. It was reported I. I should've noted who was A. I missed that. That is a small fracture in his left foot which makes a lot more sense now of why he just has been in a walking boot booth. This whole time has made to get back to the court but if you just had to guest any would you say he doesn't play again this year. I kind of feel that way doesn't it. I mean maybe maybe something like well after after the All star break if they just want to kind of see where things are but he auto porter has a player option for next year but I mean having a basically a law season is not exactly the way to lead into to potential free agency. Even though there are a dearth of forward I could do anything so I I. I wonder what he's going to do. Tim I don't think he's hill. I mean I guess the only way you wouldn't is maybe he comes back. They might push him to come back. If they're in playoff contention. I mean they're up to the number four defense in the NBA. which is some intending donut? Shooting there I talked a little bit. About what jared dubin on Real Jim Radio this past week I haven't dug into that it isn't just a three-point point shooting midrange. It's so basically. It was just a really quick on the cleaning glasslike difference between opponent location effective field goal percentage and their actual effectively effective. I think something like three. They have the worst location. And then the number fifteen opponents field percents. That's that's a huge swing and a lot of it has been forcing turnovers. I think To why they've been so good. And we had that with the Grizzlies Lewis earlier in the season. I think it was last year even last year. Were therefore forcing forcing turnovers in like nineteen percent opponent possessions. which is just you never see? Now the Bulls number isn't that high of Sleep Dallas. This could be potentially significant. We'll talk about them. The litter later on since we saw them in person in a fun game on Saturday night. Tim Hardaway Junior on Sunday. Got A fast break. Dunk tried to go in and really yolk it and he hurt his hamstring. Couldn't really move for a couple of possessions after that had to leave the game so usually when a guy can't move like that has to leave the game with a hamstring injury. It ends up being a couple of weeks or so and he's been shooting the shit out of it as the hotel team and it seemed to me that their offense really took off when he ascended into the starting lineup. and He's been shooting. I think forty three three percent from downtown for Denver Michael Malone gets a another essentially. I think this is just a one year extension. They did this little bit earlier in the season last year but they're pleased with his work 'em. She had a conversation with a a scout about the nuggets over the weekend. An advanced guy and he was very complimentary. Molin talked about the nuggets for awhile and their defense. He said that actually offensively. He likes the stuff that he runs some of the set pieces that he he has opened things up to be a little more free flowing than he did in Sacramento in Sacramento. Who would call plays pretty much every time down and but he really has good? Ato's that can get guys the ball in spots where they're comfortable. You noted that they have a a play for Gary Harris that they run to get up bucket on pretty much once a game based on out of bounds play And I talked onto the nuggets defense and you know we were both very complimentary. He said hey you know like their personnel is a little bit limited their scheme with the aggressive the pick and roll coverage. You know you might be able to export that. But when you consider the limitations of some of the guys on their roster that he's doing amazing job he gets those guys to execute exactly actly. What he wants them to execute? And even if you're scheme and your personnel isn't that great if you simply avoid mistakes that that can make you a pretty decent defense that I mean. You can't argue with the results. They've had the last couple of years given their personnel defensively. Even if again we might say that they've Benefited from opponent shooting the last two years Yeah and and also something that Malone has done. A good job of in my opinion is handling when they're happen absences and one of those going on right now. Gary Harris was unavailable in their game on Sunday. So Michael Porter Jr. got his first. NBA Start and was co leading scorer with Wilburton nineteen points on eight of ten from the field. One of three from three in twenty twenty six minutes in their five point win at home over sack and I've liked that part of it from Malone too. I mean they've had that time when MILLSAP didn't play his first year on the team and and they were able to get through it well enough and so I have qualms with Malone as a playoff coach but considering Denver you know and and I mean it's it's not like the crunchies like breaking the Bank to get one of the best coaches in the league malone is is a good fit for what they're doing I think he's done a good job there. Some totally fine with that. Yeah and and to finish up my conversation. It was what I kind of realized. Is You know he's not my style of coach. You know he kinda he's a little controlling Ling. He's always preaching effort. Does the heart asks in the media. Act every once in a while which I never particularly cared for but as that archetype of coach he does it about as well as you think. So I mean I've Kinda predisposed not to care for that style but you can't really argue at this point with the results. May I know I said last year that when he got extended early that I wasn't necessarily in favor of that I didn't think he'd done this amazing job I think clearly where they've gotten defensively. I also talk a little bit about Denver's offense which is come on some lately but still is not where it was a couple years ago. Even when they're like second offense and one of the worst defenses a couple of years ago and Chris Vinci member was there then he he moved on to New Orleans and What the Scout said was that with finch? They didn't run as many he plays as they do now. They still aren't as rigid as Malone was in Sacramento but that finch was all about the free flowing get it to Yokich. Were not going to run any set plays. We're just GONNA trying ain't cut off of him and the only reason though that he thinks they're not as ridiculous offensively as they were back then number one. The lack of spacing talked about that but they need millsap for the Defense Jio. MILLSAP wasn't playing that much that year and because of the injury but also just the league kind of caught up to the run TA chose off a Yokich out of the corner and and deny those guys. Another tactic he said has been working pretty well. Is that teams when the guy does come off that. Da Joe was space out of the corner. That they'll trap that Guy A. and Yokich for all his brilliance. He's not necessarily going to get right on top of the Rim and Dunk on you in that situation where you imagine coming off the CEO at the elbow. That guy gets trapped. Yoka trolls to the rim. So quickly that he gets over there dunks before the help can come from the weak side and said if you need to bring help to from the weak side you you can. or He's GonNa pop seventeen feet and you give up the seventeen footer. You know that's not the end of the world as a defense really interesting conversation about the next talk talk for like thirty minutes about them so I thought I would take a chance to relay that with the the news. MILONA is going to be in Denver for a little bit longer here. What else we got? The Houston Rockets are dealing with their own injury. Woes in the game against New Orleans Russell Westbrook's at due to the Being back there we're going to send me anyway. But that got exacerbated. Because James Harden couldn't play due to a sprained toe and then Click Cappella Mr do that Bruce Steel that was suffering. I think it was a little bit over a week ago. We said to keep an eye on it. Fortunately they did get Eric Eric Gordon back. He was pretty spry. Scored Twenty points in twenty two minutes but they did lose to the PELICANS and in Detroit. They're dealing with a bunch of issues. The Reggie Jackson still. He's going to be reevaluated. At some point like but we don't really know where he is with us back issue. Luke Kennard as it has been missing time. And he's not we're not gonNA hear anything for him for about a week with bilateral soreness and then Blake Griffin Sorta left knee. That's worth keeping an eye on. Yeah I mean it's almost at the point where where it's not worth keeping an eye on more because we just know. This is what it's going to be going to miss games periodically supposedly the MRI that he had was clean. Three of sixteen in a blowout loss to the Spurs on Saturday justice beginning nothing at the RIM under five hundred shooting for the season still got the sleeve On that knee and it really. It doesn't appear like he's going to be able to get it back. I mean I don't know at this point what they can do. It doesn't seem like there's a surgery whether the MRI came back clean or it came back as yes you have no cartilage left so there's nothing else that we can do but it just seems like he's either going to be effective or missing games games for the foreseeable future here. This is year three now only of that huge contract. He signed the summer of two thousand seventeen and he she basically gave you one year of all star production for that contract and it seems pretty likely to me that his his time as an all star level a player is over not totally for closing using on it but these signs are not good here so with Blake doubtful to play tonight against the Jazz Marquee. Morris has a left foot sprain. Seems like it's at least a few games names for him so Christian would time he an an Andre German will see whether they actually played drumming and would together. I don't think they deployed money of those lineups or whether he's just solely in a backup role at they. Don't remember this is a team that doesn't even have any threes not to mention threes. Who can play up to the four at least that doing Casey Trust so? It's going to be even tougher for him at this point with both of their traditional power forwards out Indiana Malcolm Brockton. There's another one to keep an eye on here missed. This is third straight against the PELS as they got blown out after a tough loss in Miami the previous night. That's now his third straight on the sidelines. Your call he also had to miss. It's time earlier with lower back issues. All that of course is connected. That post earier chain so hopefully. This isn't going to be a recurring issue for him throughout the season. But I don't know exactly when he's going to back you would hope it'd be the next few games but And then ED in summer had a chance Had to leave the game with right knee. Soreness you know res had a ton of the issues of the courses career got drafted as low as he did because he suffered a torn. ACL In college a one other another running storyline through the league. Right now are Dr. Kelly's soreness issues in Orlando Aaron. Gordon was recently ruled out for Monday's game he left Saturday's game after twenty one minutes and then in New York when Ellington back from it but was kind of something to keep an eye on. I'll stick with the next and then go back to the magic with the next Ellington is back. Dennis Smith is still out With with the strained Oblique and not surprisingly he would like to be moved. He's been marginalized and the Knicks also just suck so they're going in that direction and then in fairness he he did when asked about it he did say no I would like to stay with the next But there were also non est reports that he would like to be moved but important. Is this the the the shinning shining we. Don't WanNa get sued Dewey and then in Orlando Michael Williams already missed a week with their left shoulder issue and Alpha Camino suffered a setback per Steve Clifford. He has a torn meniscus was. It probably sounds like now that he was trying to avoid surgery that he will have to have that surgery. which which sucks and Mogambo sprained his ankle on Thursday in his questionable again in their game against the hawks on money for Philly Matisse thankful with at that knee sprain and bone bruise the there's hope per Kris Haines that he could be back at the shorter end of that two to four week recovery period. which would be about a week from now for Oklahoma City the currently playoff position Oklahoma City thunder and that A Nice rousing win against Toronto on Sunday as Shakeel just Alexander. Alexander scored the most points by a Canadian in Canada but Dennis shooter hurt his right ankle on Thursday played on Friday at twenty four points and then got ruled out for Sunday in Toronto Tena advanced so sounds like maybe suffered some additional swelling after playing on that and it'll Galadari also dealing with an injury hasn't played the last three games. It's unclear when he's going to return. Billy Donovan downplayed it. At least as not a very long-term absence so sounds like he could be back soon but always a worry with Gallo that he's going to miss time if you remember. He had that glued injury two years ago where he just seemed like he was going to be back in a couple of games than ends up like missing. Basically the whole season Milwaukee Walkie Eric bledsoe probable to make his return against the Bulls while Janas is questionable to do that so he played on Christmas and has missed the last two since then with a sore lower back I mean that's obviously important not only for the MVP race and for everything else. and Karl Anthony towns real quick on him. I maybe that through some of his difficulties in that eighty twenty seven Christmas game into a different light if he then is GonNa Miss Two Straight Games after that may maybe that's a reason and has some more hope as the Bucks Fan. That Joel embiid didn't just completely solve him. I don't know if he injured it during that game. I mean it seems like more of a thing where he's been games but the bucks. They deserve so much credit for the way that they're able to just roll along we've been honest is out BLEDSOE's can be back though so that helps them a little bit But yeah you'RE GONNA move in Minnesota. Yeah I mean the wolves have been in this serious tailspin including losing to the cavs on Saturday. A big part of that is Karl. Anthony towns has been unavailable. He is questionable with that. Knee sprain in their next game and injure Wiggins is dealing with an illness as well. Can we You're doing some betting now for real. GM radio right are it can. Can we talk about that. Sure we can talk about it a little bit. It was just funny being at the game on Saturday and I think you're to bats that you talked to me about at least we're both without a look at this stuff but it's gotta be me want to now because you're you're I bet. Was Hawks going against red hot bulls defense. No trae young under under one hundred and three points I was like wow. That's just like free money. Like how bad the hawks have been without trae young on the floor going up against the a pretty good defense like there. There is no way that offensive rating without tree hugging the floor. That got ninety this year. Yes so so that was one and then the other one was The cavs were then and we didn't know for sure. At the time I made the towns wasn't going to play the look. I mean we could read the tea leaves. I think the cavs were six or seven point underdogs against the wolves and it was like. Oh okay okay. That's that's easy. I thought about doing money line but I did that instead. But Yeah it was fun I so I hadn't made any sort of wager in two months largely due to the Europe trip and then I'd Kinda forgotten talking about it so I'm just six low low dollar wagers on game Saturday when we were going to be at chase center just kind of just to keep an eye on different things end up winning winning five of the six and the only one I lost was I did a preliminary one on the blazers because I thought Lebron wasn't going to play and he did so. That was really what happened. There and then the Lakers won that so it was pretty happy with that and you know the next time. I find something like that hawks when I think I'll hit it a little harder than I did. Ethan Strauss also noted in his calm over the weekend a no. We'll get from the G. League showcase that a number of executives said to him that crawls need towns Maybe unhappy in Minnesota not a huge surprise when you know everyone else on. His team is shooting. Twenty five percent from three as we talked about on the fifteen and sixty. But Hey Carl remember when you signed a full five-year deal instead of getting the four plus one prolly Ali. Should've maybe got the four plus one. We'll see I mean now you can always. If you're really willing to Vince Carter it. You can always get out of place But that's just something something that even heard from multiple people but you know that's always Executives Gossiping Run League who are just telling us this stuff sometimes so I don't know how much to make that but it wouldn't shock. Let me if he's ready to move on their I wonder what other big concerns for towns in Minnesota is just how hard it's going to be for them to change directions. Listen to remember Wiggins is paid through twenty twenty three and those guys make about sixty million combined that writes all the way up to sixty seven million in two thousand two twenty three and then Jiang is paid another. You're late it's hard to see how even if Rosa's does a good job and drafting Jericho verse. Not My is not necessarily the hallmark of good job though there are other things Rosa's done that like it's hard to see them like dramatically changing over this roster in the next couple of years. Yeah Yeah I agree with you. And they're trending in the right direction towns his own individual performances not turning in the right direction. He's been it's interesting. There's been questionable for the the last few games it sounds like but I'm not quite willing to go there yet to say like always extending his absence stay out of the. It's not to get out of there. It's not the implication Asian yet but you know if this drags on a little longer when he was supposed to come back seemed like pretty quickly and he rarely if ever misses games in Phoenix the ANDROID and another odd injury injury absence. It's unclear what happened to remember. He sprained his ankle in his return again. In their blowout lost the clippers on December seventeenth is returned from the twenty five game suspension and he practiced on Thursday like Mike. Get back but now. He's getting ruled out waiting advanced again for these games for maybe. He suffered a little bit of a setback but again. That's one word. Don't know how long it's going to be for him. New Orleans signed Williamson. He's been dunking. He's been dunking Daddy Even off of that leg that he injured even did like a nice windmill. So He's supposed to start taking contact in early January still looking at me like late January they will be exceedingly cautious but New Orleans actually playing a lot better recently recently. They changed up their defensive scheme with the return of Derrick favors. They've actually been a top five defense since he returned to. I don't expect that to continue. But they you're now going to more of a drop coverage with them they just didn't have a center is really capable of playing that kind of coverage but favors a is a good defensive player. Still doesn't quite have the bounce that he showed in previous years but as he's been able to work back after understandably missing a lot of time with the death of his mother as mail to get back in the swing of things they've looked like take a real NBA team after that. Thirteen game losing streak and there is enough time in the season for them to look like a real team long enough to make the playoffs. which would be a really incredible story? Yeah I think they probably would have to at this. Point have to hope for an injury or a trade from the teams above them as of now while they're actually by I five thirty eight given forty two percent chance of making the playoffs. They're eleven and twenty three blazers only forty eight percent now fivethirtyeight. It's been higher on the pels that lower on the blazers. There's all season blazers are fourteen in Nineteen PELS or eleven and twenty three thunder. Seventeen in fifteen seventy six percent chance of making the playoffs. Fourteen percent for the son's ten percent for the wolf seven percent for the Kings. I still have not willing to write off the Spurs. Yeah I mean they're thirteen and eighteen so they're really only one game out of that playoff spot and five five thirty eight not a fan of them at the start of the season with their players. Not a fan of what they've done so far projects of Nabet negative four point two net rating by the end of the season. But they're playing a lot better lately and they had not quite as extreme of a turnaround last year but kind of a similar one. I mean people were saying they were done when there are eleven and fourteen ad. So I'm certainly doubt on on the spurs overall but the Popovich Magic. We've seen it before when they've struggled early in seasons so I still think that they I kind of actually like their chances. Chances still better than the pels. Just because they've I mean twenty three losses already for the pulse. That is pretty rough here. Last piece of news Miami. He Justice winslow misses his twelve. Th Straight game on Monday with that lower bone below bone bruise in his back. Sorry backbone Bruce and they're supposedly trying to reintegrate integrate James Johnson and dion waiters two of the sour seventeen that they have that of just had such a rough go of it particularly this year. Yeah but that said they may be trying arena great thumb and I don't see how either of those players helps them right now they just even with winslow out they have quite a surfeit of shooting guards and power forward in eh so a aspirations that stuck out to you some of the Games that you watch to over the weekend. We're kind of free flow this but wanted to get you guys. An episode here. Didn't want to go too long without it. We got of course top prospects top ten prospects coming later this week and also awards coming later this week but wanted to keep current Any of the action. Stick out to you over the weekend. Yeah for for me. I mean we came off the high of Philadelphia Alpha putting together that crazy win over the bucks on Christmas Day game we did for the NBA cast and then on the twenty seventh. They ended up losing by one point into the magic but it should have been a lot more and the reminder that while the sixers have this crazy high ceiling and also. I mean you kind of would know that a magic nick. A magic sixers game would be gross like just those teams are very talented defensively. They can give each other problems but it was a reminder that while the sixers can have those games when they're shooting while they they can't get beat and then there was also this weird duality where the sixers lost one point games on back to back nights and the heat one one games on back to back nights one of which was against each other. That crazy crazy game on Saturday night. That Miami won in overtime. Yeah and the heater now. Four Games ahead of the sixers in the loss. Calm and sixers are seven and ten On the road I mean that game was just completely bat. Shit insane If you missed it on Saturday night which you probably did if you're like a college football fan. Yeah you're watching that Eh. But let me just give you the highlights of what happened just in the last minute or so. The Game I Joel embiid hits a late shot clock step back to his right leg. Get James Harden step back to his right for three over. Jimmy Butler puts the sixers up by five Jimmy Butler and he get back into it but it only makes one out of two so so the after a Miami bucket he gets fouled hits one added to the heat press. The sixers might be one of the worst teams in the League against the press. Probably worth seeing because embiid has said it pretends to turn it over. Ben Simmons doesn't WanNa get filed. He's their nominal point guard Josh. Richardson is not that. Great of a dribbler. Neither Tobias Harris Neither is Al Horford Horford actually was sitting out the majority of crunch time in favor of Trey Burke in part because they just felt like they needed to get more penetration against Miami's zone which which they largely played better against this remember. Miami killed them by playing zone in their first home loss at the Wells Fargo Center so the heat press sixers break it. Twice Harris tries to go in for a dunk up to twenty seconds left. It bounces up in the air. Misses it off the back room. Ben Simmons Amazing Play Shifts. Joel embiid he gets. It poked away in a double double team after just trying to accept the fall in the three guys surround him and they poke it away. Tyler hero gets in transition. He's inside the arc seth back. It's a crazy easy. Three to put Miami up with seven seconds left then philly tries to get a really nice. HBO Sideline Out of bounds just inbound right to the charge circle from be great play. Great passed but he drops it. They lose it Butler one out of two again. So it's a two point game br tiki Leslie terrible foul. By by Gordon drug it maybe the worst fallacy year. I'd have to think about it though. Yeah I mean he just reached in the. It's one thing if you're up three right but they're up to it. Looked like he almost intentionally founded just like reaches armoured Josh. Richardson didn't even really like make a play to try to get filed just reaches in and with one second left so so Richardson goes the following misses. The first they're down to intentional miss situation. He said later that he saw Ben Simmons behind him. Kind of on the right side at the ARC sprinting. Printing to go and Simmons might have got a little early. Because you're not supposed to cross the three point line until the ball is released but he just blows past Derek Jones. Junior just goes right right through him and Josh. Richardson shot hits the backboard. And we've seen so many times. When the shot hits the backboard that just only hits the backboard and these essential miss situation talked about all the time and in fact? That's what had happened. The trail official on the opposite side of the floor calls violation as Simmons's tipping the ball in and Josh. There's like no no no he starts running the official that no it did hit the rim and the replay showed that it did. It barely grazed the rim and then went right to Simmons and he did it was just beautiful. The Best Execution I've ever seen on one of those mis free-throw plays and so they review it. It's clear that it's hit the rim. I don't know actually let me look up with the last two minute reports on this so yes. So here's what it says it says Attribu- came at the replay senators determined Richardson's free throw. Hit The rim. The whistle occurred after Simmons releases successful field goal attempt and the basket is scored. This is clearly a just result. I don't know actually that the whistle really did happen after some is released his shot because in theory what should happen is. It's an inadvertent whistle and then you have a jump ball and I'm also not sure where in the rules you're allowed to review whether a violation of the shot hitting the rim has occurred. I mean ultimately the right result and I commend them. Even if it's not in the rules for getting the right result but I the whole thing was really weird and then it over time. Miami ends up beating him also L.. Yeah sorry go ahead. Also various that Miami winning a game significantly lowered their clutch are there overtime net rating. 'cause they were like crazy plus seventy five before this one and then they just only Roy plus a little bit. Yeah Yeah they're not six Oh and overtime and so al Horford finally gets put back in the game. Switches onto Jimmy Butler. I liked that at least the heat. It was a tight game. The heat didn't just run the clock down for Jimmy Butler to go against. Because who's Ben. Simmons did a really good job guarding Butler most of the night other than a couple of cuts that he gave up so I don't think that Butler could get a great Jiji Simmons one on one but they set a screen Horford Fresh off the bench falls Butler on the arm. Just the one thing that you can't do in that situation would have been a pretty difficult shop but a decent look for Butler Butler. It's free throw and that ends the game but yeah what are the crazier games. If only it hadn't had that sorry ending with like a bad foul and it'll probably be one of my two nominees for the game of the game of the month Later here are this as hesitancy has gone on pretty long hair. But anything else you wanted to talk about a process we can feel more brief ref then with that game but I I really wanted to get through that one because it was just such a crazy game well being there in person the insane especially first quarter of warriors. Mavericks was really fun De Ngelo Russell being completely unconscious twelve points in the first two minutes of the game and he ended up with I was seventeen or eighteen in the first quarter and then he ends up getting hurt in the third becomes back in the game and then Dallas's offensive Mojo just continuing to roll it was. It was really fun to be there and it was a game that had pretty good atmosphere and chase for the time I'm that it was competitive. And then after that of course trump. Yeah I don't know if you knew the study but they had a 176 off into reading in eighteen minutes in the second half all right well that's a Great talking to you guys and we will be back later in the week top. Ten prospects in the N._B._A.. Followed by our award so big rest of the week that'll be after the first year taught you all that.

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