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How to Customize the Music App's Equalizer


What the apple v it's podcast. Hello, everybody. My name is Thomas. Don, Bill, also, go by the name of anonymous in this podcast. I would like to show you how to customize your music apps equalizer. There are times you want to change the way a sound soul. If doesn't sound quite right, or it's not to your taste. Yes. You can change. How the sounds comes across to your headphones or your speakers. Whatever have not I'm gonna show you how you can change equalizer on your device, it is not schist for music. It can't be for voiceover or for net. Flicks. If you're listening to a movie or even a podcast for that matter, you can change how equalizer or the sound works on your device on I'm going to give you some advice and tips, so you what kind of presets they have available, and I'm also going to show you a little demonstration. What is sounds like and what you can expect from? Well, the first thing you wanna do you wanna head on over to the settings settings from the studies can be one figured uptown settings heading now we're going to swap to the right into you to the music button music. But and here's the music button. Now, we'll go one finger dope tap on this selected settings back on. Now. We're going to swipe to the right into you get to the Iki bun eq- off button. And there's e Q right now by the fault is off. So we are going to double tap on this music back. No, she swiped, right. You're going to hear the various different presets that you can use saw me point out. Some of the big ones that you might be interested in depends on your taste of how the sound should sound to you. And most of all what device that you're playing it on sometimes small speakers doesn't sound as well. They have a thing for that. Sometime people bigger base or some people like to put this. Token voice. So let me show you some of these things Q heading selected off acoustic bass butcher base booster. So if you want increase the base, you can do that face reducer classical deep. Laconic flat flat is a popular one for audio files buffet there that just want. No equalizer whatsoever. Just flat just all the way zero they want the sound originally how a sounds hip hop jazz late night late night has been a popular one. By a lot of people. That is kind of what we call a compressor. What it does is anything sounds really high ill. Bring it down. Anything? That's really low Il bring it up. So this is great option to a lot of you loudness lounge piano, par are NB rock small speakers. This is the one I was pointing out if you have a small speakers, and you want it to sound better on a small speaker device. You have that option to do this spoken? Word spoken words. This is great for podcast treble BUSTER treble reducer vocal BUSTER. Now, let's go back all the way up to off. Now that you had to. Time to go through all the different various presets from here. I'm gonna show you what a what they sound like in different forms that. I just showed you so you can hear for yourself selected off. Let's turn something on here. So I'm going to go to the right until I get to base booster baseball star. That was the first one I showed you should double tap that selected baseball star. Now, everything from here will sound more Basir Solis given example here. As you can hear more. Now, go to the next one here. I'm going to go down to the flat one flat. Here. We are. Let's go ahead and double tap flaps lifted flat. Now, let's see what now. Not a lot more basic before. Here comes the most extreme late night. This is pretty popular by a lot of people because you're able to boost the volume a lot higher, and it is really great for if you're in a very loud environment around you. So something is really loud e can't hear the music, farewell. This late night will be the option for you. That's why I wanna point that out to us and double tap on that one selected late night. You can tell all ready just with voice over voiceovers self just went into that. So let's try it's. And you can tell. It wasn't quite all there the sound. But it will be ideal for very loud atmosphere to consider for you, smell speakers. All right. Come back to small speakers here. Selected small speakers at you can hear it just went back up did give a little bit of boost their see what it sounds like. It sounds different. Whatever they use for that must be sounds a lot better with your small speakers. I would probably try that with your phone itself. Maybe the loudness or the small speaker would be better when you try to play it on your phone of self or if you got a blue tooth speakers give that a world spoken word, obviously spoken word. This is going to be more designed for podcasts where there's a lot of Spokane worse. But if you double tap tested spoken-word now, I'm gonna try see what? It does change it a little bit. Boy, you really gotta have some fine ears to hear the differences. But the whole point of this podcast is the now you have the power to change. How things sounds and what sounds best for you in what circumstances? So I wanted to point out all the different types of precepts that you should take a look out. And that is how to customize the music apps equalizer. My name is Thomas, Don Ville, also known as non mouse until next time goodbye. This podcast has been brought to you by the community about this for the latest in resources and tips and tricks to help you get the best experience from your apple device. Visit us online at WWW dot apple this dot com.

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