Accessing The Power of Your Voice Within with Yasia Leiserach


Hi there and welcome back to the live your dreams awake podcast a show for powerhouse women who wanted to raigmore wildly live more vibrantly. Give generously brought to you by the Parachute Academy with Your Host Patricia Logan Author Coach funkaway expert. Intuitive Healer, Shaman. Passionate Female Entrepreneur, so look at this like genius in your ear. Inspiring you to live your dreams now. Yesterday welcome back I am delighted to have you here and listening, so you're not. Going to be disappointed today today I am back on the path of some more interesting spiritual dynamic where we are going to be talking about the power of the voice with my incredible guest Yasha. She's been a great friend comrade, and just like minded soul for so many years on this journey together Yasha is for in my regard, one of the most incredible. Incredible on my favorite Cureton leader in the whole wide world, you're going to learn a little bit more about that, but also about how to use the power voice in breaking through limiting beliefs and stepping into your power, and how important are voice really is so I'm GonNa. Leave you there and we even chant for you as well on this one so enjoy. I'm so grateful to have you here. I'm Patricia your host and I have the most incredible woman here today to share with us her journey, but also you know this this whole precept idea of this podcast. This show is to teach people and to show you that you don't have to stay stuck. There's ways to unblock yourself on. Really create unconsciously. Create the life that you want so whatever ever you are right now and you want to see a change. I know that you're going to get some inspiration from Yasha. In in so many in just book loads I'm always inspired in her in her presence. In her care Tan. When she shares her gifts with the world on just that so many positive experiences on super super excited to get her here to share her story, and also to re give you an access a meeting. Maybe open your mind to a tool that you have already that you may not be using to your highest ability. And Yeah just it's going to be so cool. I'm excited so Yasha where you today. Hello, thank you for that incredible introduction it. I hope I can live up to I. will do my back. nope. No pressure. Love what you said about the the tool of voice saying something they have already the united, even realize how useful. I am to continue from little study. An my home in wicklow in Ireland. It's a very gentle spring diet, which very grateful. We love son here when it comes. Just really happy to be here with you Anna delighted to be having this conversation. Thank you. You're welcome, so. How would you describe yourself because I? Just always I'm like yes, show the most amazing leader in the world. She's so amazing, but I know that you do lots of other things so. I think that I'd love you to give like. How would you describe yourself to us? First of all, thank you, thank you so much for being such an uplifting presence in my life, and when you come and chance I just so appreciate nuts, and actually for me. The chanting is so much about community, and it's really about what each one of us to the singing, and you know it's that place where it doesn't matter what your voice is like. It's completely welcomed as no judgment, and I would say the way I described. What I do is really about honoring and celebrating the singing voice, the human voice in all its colors and we know that. Everybody has all kinds of kind of vocal weather if you like. Some days all voice will be stronger than others some days you think all goat I sound really restricted and Croaky, and you know it's really one of those amazing things that it doesn't actually betray who we really are, and that's the beauty of it, and the scary thing about it as well is that it won't let us escape also and. I would say yeah, really and I would say. That's what drew me to working with voice and I. Don't know how I would describe my work I. would say I what we sound movement. And the comes in lots of different phones chanting groups whether it's through voice, a movement groups whether it's one to one and I'd work in lots of different settings, mental health hospitals to go places to the back of the healing center. Wherever will have may all go basically. I love it I. Love It, I love it, and so I'm always so fascinated to hear how someone. Got An his top because it's not like you did I don't know. Did you wake up one day and we decide I am going to bring voice to the world. Definitely not I never ever did any work with my voice. Not In a million years is the absolute. lossing would be no night mind to do for years I've always been involved in Don's movement practices in a bit of Yoga loved of Out of wild starts to my life as many of us have. And the only reason I go a tool involved invoice is because is having a really really difficult time in my life and I would have tried anything at that point you could have said to me gun swing off the nearest fence, shout to the Moon, and I'd have done it yet. Even though my life was very mainstream lifestyle in running events in working involved in working in clubs event management. That kind of thing, so it was really. And I just showed up in this in his basement under a library where an amazing woman cooled Nikki slade was teaching voice work fashion, and she is my primary teacher invoice, and she is a very amazing pioneer voice, and it was through the first few sessions that I did that the I began to wake up to I actually am rather than the person always trying very hard to be not succeeding too well. Yeah so that's that's where it began. Wow, that's so beautiful and at the I just love that description of like he finds out who you really were. At the yeah, so powerful. It? It was very powerful and lightly just acknowledging on you can't. When you give yourself a chance to sound really sound without having a lot of. Restrictions or ideas about how you'll meant to sound the place he meet is your essence that that is the voice as the messenger of a positive spirit or essence. Whatever the hell you WANNA cool that. And you can ost gets away from us. So the life that I was living really wasn't good for me for my wellbeing on many many levels. I was looking. For myself in all the wrong pace. It was alcohol partying old if that. And I. It wasn't okay it was fun for a while, and then it kind of went sour. I knew this icon. Sustain living like this. You know and just be the first sessions of lesson, wide voice out with such shocking and a relief at the same time design. You Oh my God. I can't lift why I'm leaving. This, there's no going back. That was the disturbing ought shit going back, but I met the force of my own being through my singing voice. Yeah, not was a huge relief on a reclamation. And it's very interesting what you said. You can't hide from your voice, and there's a few different bronze this because I first of all I. think There's. Like releasing your voice, and like hearing yourself, but also being heard. Yes! Absolutely. That's beautiful, not so beautiful that the two sides of the same coin and the thing of trying to be when you're not standing in your tree self when you're not speaking from an embody place, it's very difficult. People know in the residents of the conversation. You know when somebody's not quite fully there. And if there's a real disconnect between a person's voice in that body in truth, it's much harder to hear what a person saying. You know we know that when someone's talking to us. Doing that asked. They're not really communicating from that truth. That doesn't mean a big tunnel. Admittedly, just means. Are you speaking from your body from your voice in place of knowing who you are, even just a little bit makes a difference from speaking from a place I. we're trying to be something. That's not really true for us. You know so. Many aspects to not being hired, but that's that's one of Mea for sure and I always just think about that whole of like trying to be someone else you know like if your your voice is the whole idea of like trying to be someone else, I know I, totally you know. I did that for so many years tried to be the person I thought everyone else wanted me to be. Open late twenties and was like an for me. It was it was yoga was like my opening place, so it was going into a yoga class and sitting in the class, and it was such a bizarre experience, because I think that there's no accidents, and it's like you finding that basement hall, but like I remember standing in the in the the bar that I was running at the time and restaurants, and this guy came in, and I knew he told Yoga and I said You g teach yoga. You've still you'll because. I've won tonight at seven thirty and I, said okay. I'll be there and it was like I had never put any interested in. Yoga in my whole life. I have no idea why even started the conversation with him and he looked. Up She never gonNA show off, like he did not believe I would show up. My sister's apparently had been telling him for about six months. They were gonNA come to his classes, and none of them had ever showed up, so he was like she's another one of them. You'll never show up. On never set on the mass, and I'll never forget, he said. This one line was. Close closer eyes and now this is an hour for you. And I saw the tears roll down. My face and I was like. Real Wood I've never had an hour for myself before. What are you talking about? That was it I was just hooked into it. L. Voice took him a little bit longer a little bit further down the line for me, but it was yogurt that was actually worked started and a you started at the door with the voice, but you've been doing movements of so on how we kind of being be led to us. I think this is one of the things. About, listening to the whispers, your heart's like. How did you hear about that place? Like what was the thing like? This is where it's like. The thought is thanks to my sister. So at the time she was also trying things out experimentalism things that she just said. Don't go and check this out and I think that place the gift of desperation. Basically, that is a gift so for anyone listening to this. He feels pretty awful Tony the one good thing about fading pretty awful. Is it makes you open to try things out? You know and I I went that having tried so many different other ways to connect with myself to feel better with myself and I really was desperate, and I was invited to open. My mouth will make a sound, and that's just the most horrific idea you know. What I've got to laugh and make a noise. You know because because it's so risky because I couldn't control what was going to come out and all the time I'd be trying to control who I was in the world's. other people's ideas fit what I thought I wanted, which of course actually they didn't know it was my idea of what I thought was the right thing to do, and that one moment had been invited to I was invited to sing my intention I mean when all full idea totally. I never met any of these people I'm in. The basement of the library is to and I don't know who the hell is. He's teaching man. She Sang. Open your mouth, saying intentions. Very, cool club scene in the mid lips, though notwithstanding. On this really strong intention came out much to my surprise, and then I just both crying. And I just oh my God I just met a positivity that I didn't even I was still an I. And from that moment everything changed. You know everything starts to change. I went to that Baseman. Many many times I ended up working alongside nicky as happy. Pa I did a sort of unofficial apprenticeship with have seven and a half years, and it was a very very powerful process of learning about the power of the voice. In and I think a lot of people don't want with it because it is. Yet you know it's very scary and what I know from my own work. In the way I teach is a lot of it is about playfulness about not being afraid to play and be Sydney I'd see what comes out you know. Yeah, it's pretty amazing what? It isn't giving it is so so amazing. I think that might be people here going. What does she mean by the voice? Do you win and sing like? Do, you think like what are they doing because I know exactly what you do, but I'm interested or just two people to kind of go. Okay, if I'm going to play with the voice, where do I start with playing with the boys? Yet, right, so if you went along to any professional singing class, they start you off with all sorts of rainy ridiculous singing exercises. So this is not just something that wackos do fashions do this? And you end up making all silly faces, because it's all about releasing the muscles around the Joe around the mouth, loosening muscles in the net softening larynx that the Fox say you start to man how to relax the body in order for the for the voice spoke to be able to sound from a relaxed place, so that's from a really really simple point of view. Anyway were this tension in the body it restricts the sound and vibration if your voice, so you know when you really todd. Stress of voice sounds different when you re nourished and relaxed. So the first thing is about basically being a bishop idiot, remembering that every single incredible singing hud in your life spent a long time being a of an idiot before they actually sound like that. About the secret of people that realize they didn't like my things like literally. Pretending that a big piece of chewing gum to warm up their face. That's wrote everything. So that's the first thing. Amend from that. We usually a little bit of movement as well because obviously voice lives inside the body says it's a lot of tension in the body when open your body a little bit, so that's the movement aspect in some excess dance known sine thumbs that recontact cody. Other groups, it will literally be stretching. You know really really simple stretching just to get more breath in their bodies in the book as walking really well for us to suppose this incredible thing, we found the voice. That would be how I begin, and then we've made into some more exercises supported vocal exercises. Beginning fashion. Yeah, I hear you I love I. Love 'em in terms of the the voice. I always loved because gas. So you know I'm really. I, love singing like Lis-. I could sing all day long if I really. If I could I would answer the after all day long that would be. Happy I would be flying entitled Bliss and bird just return izzy basis. And literally just I would shop with Iraq. Chant all day. To say that honestly am the voicing was really really scary thing for me like really. Like 'em, it was really confronting and interesting. Enough my whole childhood I'd always had loads of throws issues. Those are sore throats. I've grown up with so much throws. It was a constantly. And I said this to a dip, so got yoga teacher ended up finishing up teaching. He moved away, and I got a new teacher, and I said to him one day about something about my boys throat sore and he said. Do you know what you need me to do some chomping? And I said all right, okay. Whatever you wait! He said I'm I'm starting chanting class an on Friday evening I wouldn't. Oh, okay, so it's like rice. Okay. I'm going to go so a bit like you. I wasn't a dungeon. It was like a basin delight bridge. It was upstairs over realistic studio, and we're in a circle. I Have Never Ashcroft, for as long in my whole life we did. The Guy, a tree mantra hundred eight times so I have never chanted, and if anyone knows, it's a very long mantra, which I now know. I guess since that first time. In grain in me, and and we didn't sing, so it wasn't like a singing thing. It was more like chanting. It's very deeply and profoundly, and it was beautiful, and what happened was at the end of this. It was I. Just Gosh piece. To silence and peace and I've never ever experienced before. So that really hooked me in because I was like Oh. Parties attempting thing I'll get this place where my brain stops like initially. Like stopped for a few like for a few minutes, I was just like Toke me quiet. Not as if people know from the PODCAST, no me in general Yash knows me. Median choirs is very difficult, even quite mine like nearly impossible, so this was a huge moment in terms of like getting into this work, so you won't be phrased. Patricia got like on talking about waste like this has been so profound in so many different ways like the benefits office are like through and through powerful in terms of accessing meeting, but also like that sense of peace that I got from my always find that after any out of chanting or And then I got more into the singing. There's another story the teacher in India bus. And what about you? What are the? What were the like? You said? Your whole life changed, you know. Like I'd love to hear more about like that and maybe people that you've seen transform just accessing their voice. Yes so. Yeah. That's beautiful. What you're describing that place of deep silence that you received just street chanting this these crazy sounds that you've never had. and. The fact is we all know where we're vibration we are vibration. That's you know that's a scientific facts so? You want to be the vibration. That is the most comfortable and resource for you using the voices of very very immediate way to do that, so you literally reach Union your whole body, your whole being by using your singing voice. What's so incredible is the given this gift of sound through the voice. An each one of our voices has the mets that we need in it. You know so. The minute you start singing, and repeating any mantra or sound or even a song, you're already starting to tune yourself up to a healthier vibration view now. If you choose to sing pop song, that's going to uplift you hundred percent it. You choose to sing a Mancha. You're working on lots of different parts of your energetic field, the whole field of your body, not just your physical body, so because with ideation win not just the skin that were in where also this energetic field that goes beyond the skin. This is just science. This is not Wacko. Language is the. Abrasion, so when you're working with mantra, those sounds are said to the very very close to the source of what we made of. And it actually doesn't matter whether you believe that's not the whole point with mantra is that it is a scientific vibrations. You just go away and have a saying and try. Those sounds an physiological level. You're already giving yourself incredible power sympathetic release through the number system, so the Vegas now that is in the throat that will goes all the way through the body into the organs. The hallway through the body is perceiving this beautiful vibe abrasion immediately tons down stressed united starts to clear your whole body of anxiety of fight or flight responses. You'll physiologically being given something very powerful at the same time. Those mantra are also raising vibration though. If you read any of the Old Indian literature, which is where these these types of chance. com that all about clearing the energy video continuing through the different shot. Awakening opening enlivening, so it's a very powerful lesson. Actually it's a migration, all medicine, different type of medicine in the stuff out of the counter. You know it's a different finance frequency, and of course it takes us to all sorts of states that most of us look for in alcohol and partying in relationship it takes us to those places that actually Mitt insider office places a deep peace place. All of those very joyful uplifted spaces that we look for outside of us, we get to meet inside of us through the chancing practice, and ultimately it takes you into deep silence. which is where vibration emanates from is deep silence, so would drop into a well of dijk signing slash through the practice of chanting, which is so beautiful, really beautiful to hear Oh my God. I just love that description that you've given people and I'm just like everyone to just run out and like chats. Are just saying you know I think this is this. This is something that so normal for us. As children like just like sing songs and play and platelets, you talked about earlier that we all like I just remember like making dance moves and seeing my cousins and my sisters, and it's like almost like it's kind of like taken away from us under some kind of. Barrier between like expressing your voice. From being a kid to the some aid, it's own. Oh, I can't sing, and this is a nobody in my entire life ever told me you can't thing. But I made an executive decision that I could not saying as a teenager, and that stayed with me until my until I was in really at that leaving the chanting until I basically got to India when looking for chanting teacher, the first song I said to I. Don't want to learn to sing. I can't sing. I want to chance I want to learn chanting like the. An old like a week later I'm singing a song to Ganesh. Here I'm singing, you know. So it's this idea of like. Giving yourself permission because I feel like this is something that people may have when they're listening to this near their own open I can't sing. You actually don't need to be well first of all you can like. It's not about like a perfect perfect voice. Maybe you talk a little bit. Absolutely I mean for a star. If you can breathe and to, you can sing. You know the voice rides the breath so. That is no such thing as not being able to saying I. Think what you said is really important about somehow. You decided that it wasn't okay to sing. And for a lot of people that have been told to be quiet talk even if you went told explicitly that we're brought up and shown a particular style, singing were only a tiny percent of people are allowed to sing, and they have to fit into substance categories. You know whether that's hot or whatever started. Do you have to fit into this very narrow category, which is ridiculous? Considering every single person has this capacity, and it's very very convenient thing to keep a population of people. Control is to silence that voice, though 'cause, the status quo is shut up. You know so there's nothing. More dangerous to the status quo than for somebody to claim their voice. You know it's a very very powerful thing to do, and it's really interesting. When I first started to use my voice, even people that were close to me with a questioning why she doing that you what she doing because I was shaking up the status quo with in my close circle of friends you know, and the fact is. You're making a run for your life when you claiming your voice. And I would just really support everybody you know. Screw Olen Ron. Just go for it. Ask. In Your Voice you will meet your power, and you will meet your freedom and your essence, and is not convenient the structures in our society. Like that. So you know, of course, there is a general thing of everybody. Keep it down. Nobody knows how to manage really full life force. You know it's not controllable. It doesn't fit in in thought to actually. Really truthful none of us really a in because we're all very unique. Unique human beings, yes, so I would say risk playing with your sound whether that saying to a pop song or guy into a chance, or it doesn't really matter. Just risk meeting your voice in whatever form, it feels manageable in an at that. Is You know I used to go swimming and go underwater and saying under the worst low the noise, and then come up, look really normal carry-on on. The mods underwater because I didn't have anywhere, I could make allowed sounds. You know so. That was really fun. Wave me lay now I'm a lunatic in general so. What that's done. Is that given me a huge amount of joy and capacity and energy in my life, just from having my voice spot. Let alone a life that. I didn't know I could have you know which is a life offering? I love and offering the thing that really gave me myself back. So. I would say half ago. Disturb a few people make some loud noisy. makes. Loud noises and it's so true it's like how often do you hear people making loud noises like so rarely and. We have actually just telling a story about Ken wanting to make like a bit of a noise and I was upstairs in our place in Bali. I just heard this big splash in the pool, and I was like well, I looked at homeric headed, got in, and I jumped in the field, and his close, and he was in the bull screening at the top of his head, his voice under the Walser and he came out. The nays. Like amazing, she just needs to express something that he didn't feel comfortable in the air during it I think now we'd probably be better because. It's so fascinating and how we just like. Stop ourselves and I really even haven't an moments as missing to you because I'm always inspired you, but around the that like? When I feel like by doing this voice, work really helps you like standing down in your power and not be afraid to your truth. You know you. You're not as afraid I know. People are like wild, Patricia, you're wealthy to go on facebook lives and do podcast. Do all up like I would not have bass capability I think if I hadn't really. Dived into this voice work as much as I. have on and. I always feel so high live outdoors, and they say the whole people's health is better if the join choirs, they better health if they join a choir like you know, it's free. You know to go to the choir and any better health. That's another way of doing. It could be like choir obscene on your own. Go to cure town. It's all about like finding a place that you can express yourself freely. An opening up time to that throat Chakra, and because you see people who and you were saying about like your body, your voice doesn't lie. I. We had we chatted last July and my voice was absolutely correct, and I was exhausted. It wasn't just my voice. It was like entire. Exactly flatlined lining like Joe Stop. Don't talk to do anything. Just go to bed or a few weeks. And it took a while to come back. You know it really did take come back because I'm you know I think even the voices near the outer edge of the signs like if your voice starts getting bad, it's like Oh. Absolutely and we, we also find ways to mark so we we mosque things for a while, and then as I found. You know you can only do that for so long Something says sorry. This is not sustainable. Wanted to go back to where we were talking about making loud and wacky sounds Yes that that I neither many people are very afraid of sounds because of how they've been. Brought up around a lot of shouting, and that's just something to really acknowledge in yourself as a very lovely simple thing that you can do. Around the voice of you find yourself getting frightened by somebody else's sound or it's bringing back. Bad memories or anything like that just an very simple. You can use your own top. You can put your hand. On the center chest or even just give yourself a hug and it's just to again. The relationship nervous system has to sound singing voice with founding boys, or if you hit loud sounds, a frightening is just to really bring yourself back to reassure yourself to self soothe actually because that's one of the reasons, people find voice frightening is because of the way voice is being used against them as a child or in their environment, so it's also just acknowledged it. People can have a very traumatic relationship to that voice into other people's Voice, and if if you're listening to this new, no, that's true for you just to very very slowly and gently, and in the fast ice, just to acknowledge that voice has been a very frightening thing, and it's been used in the wrong way. You know so. It's to begin with acknowledgement and very gentle ways into what with that. So I. Just want to acknowledge really really. Really really important, really important and. Just, beautiful to be able to kind of okay, we can solve. Soothe ourselves, and and even just. I. Don't know if you've seen those studies about like ams listening people listening to like tap purring. Being like really good for your system or you know that I'm like I. Don't know how cats purr. anyways. Good Attempt That whole idea, though on a sounds like those vibrations. I'm just that idea. effective sound because I used to do the teaming with Jeff. And like I to talk to people about like we have our own beautiful voice that we can self soothe ourselves with just whatever we feel like we need to nourish ourselves, but we can use other sounds to of tune into that vibration of those sons, like so whether it's a mantra or at both or a cash purring or birdsong like there's so many your. Nature to just connect in without like the ocean. We know that they all soothe oss. So why wouldn't using our own voice be another place a consensus because it's it's ours now. Absolutely right, and that's so beautifully said one of the things people have grown up in natural matic environment where the sound was where the voice was not used in the right way. One of the things that happens is the inner. Changes, the frequencies that it can here so it can only hear some lower frequencies that are actually shocking to the system, so that thing of really feeding yourself with sounds that allow you to often open and feel relaxed is so so important, and those sounds that you just illustrated the night to sound therre amazing bud songs amazing Costco Music. Yes, really good classical music, especially box, actually okay, because of the frequencies the way that those pieces of music aristion at very very good for wellbeing. Okay, so even just beginning to retry the air for sound coming in beautiful Y in a choice voice a very intentional about what you choose to listen to yes because. The. Two the two sides of voice is listening the receiving side as expressing inside so that's also healing process that happens with the listening both from sounds coming in, and then listening to our own invoice before we go to express. For you, and it's just that whole power of sound and music on people so profound you know. I just see from some of my events like there's some songs that like. Katy Perry firework like everyone in the whole room was just like. It, just you know what a gave permission to dance at the saying to go live like express themselves. Because everyone else is doing. They did it, but like they still like post videos and Doug me and they're like Oh God I'll never. The same again you know. Access these these moments of time, so there's those songs. Profound power of different pieces of music like impact us in different ways. And being really mindful of like what we're listening to is so important. I'm just laughing. Because as we were talking, the cows were doing outside I was like. I wonder is moving cows like a soothing. Voice exercise where you do use a move found and again I. Want I want you to know people. This is not Wacko. Stop this professionals do. You know they make these funny noises to actually sound free so sound free out of a cow. That's one of the ways to relax. I, you I'm just like getting the Hash because I I kind of go with the flow with it, and I would love if to do some kind of little chance, just for people to you know maybe if it's a few words or something For people to able to kind of go okay will this is what I can take home with me to repeats, and to you know anchor into my body that will make me feel good, and it's something to kind of play with so you could be in your car. Listening to this, you could be in your headphones. He could be walking could be at home and to just like. Give yourself permission to voice with US I'll go with Yash is. Not! I love it I wish I. had who I've got. My Teresi box will go and get it. We can just for us will describe for okay so less than really really simple one. Let's just do Mar Jj Ma all Atkinson poll. And just for those of you thinking what Hell's that that size? Agent language the language of Mantra and again I just want to actually at. The these from this amazing Indian lineage on it's very much sense to that continent that these mantra in tax being passed down orally for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years, and they I started in villages where there was no musical training. You know normal people who just wanted to sing together, so that's why this is comes from. It's not some special professional thing. Anybody can do that. The and so I just really want to acknowledge the privilege. It is to be able to sing a tradition like this from from another continent that is so beautiful, not listing Brussel. Yes, and you don't have to believe in us to do. It does nothing to believe me believe. Yes, those believe in. It's very much about the power of your own heart. So when you're singing, you see how that affects you. If you love it than follow it actually you prefer It's whatever floats your boat. Mantra Gateway into a certain type of practice. If you want to play with it or not. It's it's really that just to enjoy so jay means salute or hail or in celebration of and Emma is Martha. So it's Mar J. J. Ma. Ma, JJ J. Ma. A. Anybody is listening to this one single. Just say no. There's usually a little bit of delay on zoom. If it's out of tune in our. anyway, don't worry about it. Yeah, so usually. We do in a cooler responsible match. It's up to you. Say Join in. So just taking a moment to soften the belly. When we only do that, so you can get a little bit more breath in. Softening, relaxing the chest and the shoulders. And if you're sitting down and listening to this just getting connection, he'll stitching lines. And, if you're standing just all the way to the cells defeats, and letting the body often relax. Will. The face. Great and just for fun. Let's start with three own so leaving in. Oh. And again. Sh. Kolja so begin. Ma Jane J. MMA Jane, Jane JJ. Together Nah Jj. Ma J., J.. J. J.. ME. Ma J J.. J. J. J. J., Ma. Ma J J. J, J! J, Jay. Yeah MA J J. J. J. MA J J together. J. J.. J. J.. J. J. Ma. Ma J J MA JJ. J. J. Nah J. J.. J. J.. J. J. Ma. J. J. J J. J J. J.. J. J.. J. J.. J. J., Ma. JJ J. J. J. A. J. J. J. J. MA JJ MA JJ MA. Beautiful, so you get the idea? Founding with Zoom delay. Zim As in, we're like so happy. Until. Grinning leader takes UN's. For those of you that like yeah, okay, this is definitely waves when you hear that for the first time especially, if it's not part of your cultural background and history, it absolutely is, and you're hearing something that is not accompanied by drum or an instrument and no lead have folks drum and instruments and the great thing about it is? It's so super simple, but ultimately you can let gun let your voice ride the rhythm of the drum an instrument together on its as very very nourishing course in way to sing with other people because that's also policy. Practice is to be able to sync together with other people, and you have a sense of in training by the nervous system softens relaxes as a whole group, and you come into Homey as a whole group. So powerful and profound and beautiful, and yet blissful and challenging. I, think that that's the Nice thing. It's just you know whatever you need. It will give you. And Really I. Just Really Wanted Yasha here today to Kinda. Give people a permission slip to use your voice and I. Only. We've done. And I'm so grateful for you sharing your check with us and just sharing your gift because this is a gift, you. But also around the world, so you do workshops and teaching like you're like this globe out around teaching workshops around the world. So tell people a little about about more about you. Do you do work with people online and you to a sessions really? TO INTUITIVELY HELP PEOPLE! Thank you I I'm very lucky to do. There's no doubt about that, so you can come and trump with me here on, and that's one of the regular challenge, a couple of times a month and you know again. If you're uncertain about this kinda practice, you can also check the lows of links on Youtube to lots of different styles, chanting styles, so I would just check out something. Sing along with each evening. It doesn't matter, but you're very welcome to come to the chance here in Ireland. I offer voice in movement workshops. Whatever Europe. just just come back from a shopping hamburger. We had fifty people singing dancing. Really really useful group, and the fact is every human being loves to sing. Imbalanced doesn't matter what. It doesn't. It doesn't matter how culturally on your buddy your sound. It's really about allowing yourself a freedom of expression, one way or another, so those are some of the things ideals running chump training, just starting in March around my lost year. It's great beginnings of people who want to learn to lead. chanting a variety of things and very welcome to check out my website, which is www. Dot Org sadistic. Anybody who wants to have a look? Boy Running, down everything. That Org and that's where you can find I highly recommend. Along and seeing what she's up to and attending if you're lucky enough to get to attend one of her. Chance you may be if I'm in Ireland at the time. You'd be sitting beside me. Because I have most of them, but in general, if you're back here or an Orleans or just follow just to try to whatever workshops and it's really powerful, amazing work and I can testify to the just the power of your voice, and how important it is for us to really tune in, connect with the hearts of us. truly embodying so tonky. Yasha, for bringing this medicine into the world and helping people access their voice. I'm so grateful for you here Who Listening please do come in and share your our house after this share. What chance if you find one? Did you like us to? A. Common share with us in the group until us. Any moments I'd love to hear and to connect with Yasser for sure thanks being here. I will see you all next week for another episode and. Obviously another very inspiring woman from somewhere around the world views, really stepping in and sharing their magic, and also creating a constant creating. Beautiful Life. Chemo thank you so much, Patricia in love to under wife is. Really.

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