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Worked as an pass off to become one of the most famous wrestlers of all time, we're gonna take care of business tonight. And that's the bottom line. And now he's dominating the world of on demand audio and he's doing it for the work in man. This is a damn good outlook for miniscule the bullshit up. My brain. This is Steve Austin on me. All right. All right. Steve Austin show. I'm currently I don't vacation recharge batteries. But just because I'm recharged batteries. We still got business to take care of. In the meantime, we'll be playing some of the most requested Steve Austin show classics and been locked away in the archives. I got a great one for you this week. And here's my producer shown to tell you all about it. All right. Thank you. Steven welcome to the classic episode of the Steve Austin show producer, Sean here. Hope he has all doing well, not doing so great myself. I just ate a half a bag of Doritos. This could be for me. Anyways. Today's show is episode number one forty two with guest. Mick Foley, mama, Foley's, baby. Boy, Mick Foley mankind. Dude. Love cactus, Jack, whatever you wanna call him. He is the guests on today's show original air date, August fourteenth, two thousand fourteen Stephen mic, of course, old travel partners and WCW they've been up and down the wrestling roads together. Mickey even remember Steve from when he was. Starting out in world class. That's out far these guys go back together. So this could be a fun conversation us is one of four appearances that make his head on the Steve Austin show. And this is around the time amid started his current endeavor of taking on spoken word shows doing those across the country. I've seen him live a few times. And he is excellent. You could probably catch some of that stuff on the network. It's a very good special that he did. And they also talk about chair shots, the origin of the cactus Jack name mixed got some stories about mill masqueraders Robert fuller, a working world class championship wrestling and even behind the scenes of production, and how he had a handed some of that stuff. And also, Mick talks about drew McIntyre who at the time of this podcast was on the independent scene and basically reinventing himself and eventually made his way back to w e and Mick and drew had a conversation. And Mick got the talk about some of the stuff that drew was having him check out that he was currently doing on the independent scene. So they do dive into that. And it's. Interesting considering how well drew is doing today on the current WB roster this Danes Stevenson history today being March twenty eighth not a whole lot going on. But the stuff that's going on is pretty big. I we start off in nineteen Ninety-three in Atlanta, Georgia w w tag team champion Steve Austin, and Brian Pelham in the Hollywood blonds fought Ricky steamboat and Shane Douglas to a forty five minute time. Limit draw mix it up there. And then we have in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It's wrestlemainia fifteen where Steve Austin defeated WF world champion the rock to win the title in a no D Q match. I forgot that that was a not Q match. I just thought it was a straight match, but no Dodie Q match. And I got my information from the history of WBZ dot com. So coming up after the break, we're going to hear from Steve Austin and Mick Foley on a classic episode of Steve Austin show. March madness is all to another while start with the very entertaining opening round of games. And now we're down to the Sweet Sixteen the hashtag sports net bracket challenge, presented by bet. Online dot AG continues. 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I was thinking I was thinking how do you start off conversation with my whole travel partner and a good friend and guy who's been down the road as many miles as you, and I have and then you drove up as at a park in front of the driveway has Parkin's tight and drove up. That's what we're starting to car. Let's do it. Everybody knows you're gonna cheap his cats in the history of the business, and I say that with all due. Because I'm number two rows behind you. So you come crews nothing brand new two thousand fourteen white dots challenge. I thought you gonna stop it's twenty four zero two eight easy. So what's? Play. The senior treat yourself with a little style. There was a defining moment in my life. And I'm gonna I, you know, I don't swear much, right? I we'll do whatever you. I'm going to drop one for you. You guys this in a very seldom do that talking in first person either. But I remember my third day in the company, you know, WB, I I didn't have much relationship with Vince for a year, or so, you know, like Hello, miss men. How are you doing you him Mr. man in the beginning? And then I then I went so many years calling him Vince that I remember going back. It took me years to figure out this is gone going all the way back to when Vince at the the explosion where Mr McMahon had died, and I wasn't happy about it. And at that time, I had the stroke to say something that stroke is long gone. But I went up to him. And I said Vinson, I get a call from a soldier who really was blown up. And he was worried about you. And I got a call from a. A little boy who really is dying. And he was worried about you. I said this is an incredibly poor taste, and he is Mick. Vince McMahon didn't die Mr McMahon did. And I said, do you think our audience has different? He was of course, they do. And it was right? Then I realized what he was talking about like a year earlier when we're doing it was alive to live backstage interview. Whether it was why she would have caught it, and I was calling I Ferdinand's, Vince. And he said, what did you call me? Bence like I never knew where he was going with it where he was going with it was he's Mr McMahon. And I had no idea they were two separate people. Right. So yes, we're going back to ninety six I'm in. I'm new in the company, and he comes up to talk to me. And he sees me putting something on my back. You know, like a little kid. But do you have your back? It's nothing would have your back. And he prize out of my hand book that says America's sleep cheap, cheap sleeps. How to stay around the country for less than thirty dollars a night because that was prime on my mind, you know, at that time. I don't know. I want my round under the bed. Pretty good faith a lot of experts. It wasn't going to be long at all. No. So I was saving every dime. I could. And it finally got to a point where I was in somewhere in West Virginia wrestling undertaker, I'm not on top of them second from top. You know, I come time for me to find a place to sleep and I pay twenty five dollars cash. No credit cards accepted. You have to go around smart marks out to kiss ash. And I lay down his bed the bed just sags under my way, twenty five dollars cash, and I just looked up at the ceiling, and I said out loud. I said what he doing here you're cactus fucking Jack. And I talked adverse Burson call myself. I'm giving name and cursed allowed. I went over to the guy, and I told him that that wasn't going to support my back, and I went in and I and I got like a fifty dollar room. I like went from the one star, you know, the bully to the twos, two and a half three star level. And and I realized you know, that man, maybe those those glory days were tripling up in the lodge. You know, they make for great stories, but as going to have to invest in myself a little bit better. So although I would've loved we show them in a car would a place you first and foremost in my mind is comfort of the driver's seat. We're talking off air by the fact, I went on a fifteen date tour fifteen cities and fifteen dates Suzanne, Ron eleven states ninety two hours of driving and I need that good front seat. And if you're you're cactus fucking cactus. I've already dropped my one f bomb I try to use one in our. Our when I do my show, and it's you take whatever's in the lot if you're a national guy, you know, you get your pick. Once you've you've bought a club. Yeah. Yeah. Pick of seven or eight things that SUV they had a couple of other things cars are too small on new that dodge had the prime. I got it. Why would go to move you parked my driveway? So I got in spun that thing around. That's I drift challenge. Tweet. Right. Very nice. You hall, Nash buckled up. Yeah. You know, what everybody is you got you on us, all your technology. And you you go way back before cell phone around. Yeah. You got you roadmap over there. You type in a destination on your iphone? You gotta physical roadmap. The listen to the Steve Austin show. So you're so young that y'all don't know that a paper map, actually exist, and you look on highways and byways shows you how to get places Mick Foley cactus book and Jack has a real node map on his passenger seat. You don't see don't see them in on his I don't usually travel with one. But there are times, you know, you have to verify you type in your your GPS. You get the thing. And then check it. Sure. It's okay. Yeah. Is that been out there? And I'm sure you have to or the the GPS takes on a mind of its own, and you end up going along way me and my brother-in-law's on a car the of the day, and we was going to Chico California from sparks Nevada says don't Ellis road. It's a dirt road when a quarter mile down at thanks do a Utah. Turn I trust this lady, and we took away around and sure enough about six seven eight miles later on right hand side arose was LS road. It was a shortcut, and we did it take. So it proved proves it kind of blew up on her face on element. I'm over there. Eight them all of the state of California. So at least need to know where I'm going. My question. You is do what are you doing? You. Stark, raving crazy, you're so speak kicking it. Now, he worked your 'Self. You beat up your body. Now chairs to the head. You should be kicking back picking your spots on have it's hard. You know, the dates are coming in of been working on this for five years. I went from where I couldn't get anybody to go to the show. It was frustrating. I'd do a book signing, and I'd have a good line. I do a minor league baseball game great line. And when I asked me, hey, you gonna go to my my show. I could tell people were lying to me about creating excuses. Not to go to the show because it it doesn't seem to make sense. It seems like a giant leap went actually is like a little sidestep. You know, look at guys, and they really are doing. I never should've call the comedy should've gone with spoken word should a coin phrase like WBZ with. So what it is? Or just still us. It's numerous wrestling Centric, storytelling show, that's hard to put on a marquee. Right. That there are largely humorous, but don't have to be right. I can make a porn. I get a little and I make sure if I'm going to get sensitive or sentimental that I got something really shallow lined up right to dip my into and I'll make points. You know, all I try to cover some serious territory. But I also got a Sears territory. I mean is there any life lessons and your act because I mean, God dang with many times we been around together a lot of our friends and have died. Yeah. Drugs stuff like Atta meeting, you got any life lessons in your shows. Man. I mean one paying to see that they wanted just here. I used to say I wanna make people think as much as I wanna make laugh, and then when I got a real look at the academy, and how tough some people had it. I became a big believer in the power of the smile like, you know, what they can get the heaviness somewhere else. It's like with my books. People picked up little lessons about life. I'm not gonna force a lesson on though, the one lesson. I try to pass on his, you know, you don't let the situation to find for you. What being successes I always, you know, wrestlemainia moments become part of like it's part of the lexicon. You know, so I refer to things as my wrestlemainia moment. You know, I think where I was doing a little Santa Claus appearance. Because I have a weakness is, you know, for Santa, and I was doing it for a friend of mine who has a side project when Norah Jones, and I come in I show up late. I almost laughed at cursing out loud. The GPS tell me, I'm on the Brooklyn queens expressway. And I see the BQ we over me on the verge of leaving. Then I looked in the mirror, and I said if you don't go back in there, and I got my beer bleached ride. My skin's all burnt underneath. You don't go back in there. Do the best job. You can you know deserve to wear this and so similar lessons. What you doing in wrestling? And then when I walked in. It was like it was like entering the land of Oz. You know, and I walk up there. I say my little piece. Nor Jones goes to sing silent night. And I'm looking at microphone enor- Jones about eight feet away from me. And I thought myself you don't walk up. There starts singing silent night. Santa claus. Jack. And that was like I'm looking at it before to people there. And it's like this wrestlemainia moment. This is as feels good as anything ever did inside the ring. That's really the only lesson. I have is that you know, you can take a guy who used to perform in front of tens of thousands and put them in some case in front of tons of tens usually in the hundreds, you know, I mean, I need double digits have good time. You can't have a single digit crowd. But I'm enjoying it. And I go back I have to go back to two thousand when I was a Commissioner to think of a time when I had this much fun that and from you know, from just a financial perspective. I mean, one of the problems you were like, probably like me, I wonder the JR, and I've stayed friends all these years because I was not shy about making that 200 three phone call when I thought the paycheck was a little I got to laugh last any of the boys out there. Listen to to to this podcast. I mean, you got to rattle Kate sometimes in regards to payoffs and another quick segue. Always tell gas. He's these youngsters coming up. Always ask the house. No, you spot on the car, and who you work with Thomas when it comes to buck for promotion, you will have concrete evidence. And you will have learned the system continue Stein. No. I know we're going to go off and a lot of segue here. And but I hope people wanna hear talk wrestling, and you had Zach on a few weeks ago. And I just I felt like I had to write something about the Zack Ryder case, and I was going to call it the tragedy Zack Ryder, and then I watch the evening news and saw real tragedies and of calling it the sad case of sad story that rider the saddest part about that whole situation is when I asked him what happened. He said. I don't know. I said you never asked and he shook his head. And he said, no. And it's like it's almost expected like you need to. That's the big tasks like above and beyond what you can do in. The ring you need to make that knock on the door and state your case. And in his in his situation, he had a rock solid case allowing to merchandise. He got himself over on YouTube him. Yeah. I mean, you know, I don't show. Yeah. On on. What is e c. Yeah. And people responded say may be maybe didn't have legs that the tweaked it. Yeah. He would have to but you need to. Giants. Yeah. Kid got himself over and so that is a lesson for everybody. There is that you know, when you first come in. Of course, you're humble, and you expect, you know, you're happy to be there. But the business doesn't do. Well with guys who are just happy to be. You gotta pay a target on another guy ups back and go after that guy. You got to take up a spot. I mean, you don't really this is made looking back and reflecting. But I mean, as you were I mean, God we went down the road together we Hungary's ill. Literally, we are starving. Always always trying to make it one notch up on a card when when you grew up as a fan of the business and Jack lives on Long Island before we roll out in long island's anyway. You just want you want to be a pro wrestler. Right. Yeah. But I mean, there's always drain the main man, Steve, I'm gonna different categories. I've been told for so many. I just I didn't accept that. That was my day program, you they beat you know, so many naysayers you can win. But, but I I I never I never saw myself as being a champion like I honestly when you say was my program success. Like, a you are we wrestled you were going onto the you were going on to the next next big thing when I had the rock it was because he was about to wrestle you. I I knew my role, and I accepted it. I mean to this day when people say like, don't, do you think you don't get you don't do does it bother. You. Don't get enough credit. You know, you're not up there with the new plenty of cry. But you had your naysayers while you're in the trencher. Yeah. Yeah. A lot of them. Yeah. Same. But the the the the endgame was making it making a contribution. And then having the best possible match I could whether and then decided whether or not the guy that I worked program with with more worth more to the company. I I saw I honestly saw myself as a role player up until you know, ninety you know, until I got to WB and and saw ninety ninety six. All right. I can't compete with the big boys. I remember taking that plane ride from my first tryout, and I was a little bit intimidated, and I had to sit back and think we're second. I wrestled with about two thirds of these guys. But you know, like, yeah, I'm going into business with the undertaker but deep down he's the same guy road with right? Six years six years ago. Again, changes that much had that level pep talk to myself. That's a it's an intimidating situation. So then tell me these phone calls you would have a gym. Else because. Must be vociferiously. I use the big word he used lexicon. I back with different asleep as a wrestling broadcast. There's been some bitch. What the fuck are. They talking about out that they could tell about steel tears hacked to this day. I can't say they were trepidation without thinking. You know, like, how are you being so trepidation even used it in my hall of fame speech? Trepidation. Good number one bestselling all they were hesitant got trepidation. From a Randy macho, man savage, promo trepidation is the word of the day and went on to discussing match with whoever was tell me about these phone calls with Jim Ross how heated would they get because I talked to Jim all the time. He says he talks you pretty equal. Loves you to death. So obviously. Yeah. It's a wonder because did you stand your cakes fairly hot fairly fairly heavy but not too frequently. Right. So they always made something they always made a difference. They're always meant something when I called pissing a motor in every paint. You gotta pick your spots. But it was somewhere around ninety eight. I think when I when I realized that I was a I think I realized I was a player or the world got the message, you know, right at on that Monday night show where we're all the people turn the channel. And you know, I did stay my case, you know, Vince respected that JR would go to events, and then they usually build simple extra in a couple of cases, you know, a lot of extra extra money. And I, and I think that was his big battle as anything you'd be part of in the ring, which is fighting for what you thought you. You were worth, you know, speaking of what you were when I came into the WWF as ringmaster Adleman down, a WCW cannot talk about WW money, and when I left there, I was. I was making about two seventy five my first year in the WWF amid about one hundred grand lesson that then I started getting hot that next year. Yeah. And real hot, and it was coming on pretty fast. And this was back in the day when they would bring your W two or ten ninety nine whatever your tax return forms at the building. And hand it to you. It was a TV taping is a Monday night raw. I remember like it was yesterday. A I forgot from our still chairs, I remember I got my ten ninety nine or whatever you call it. I looked at it. It said X amount of dollars, man. I thought I'd really smoked everybody's ass at that point and come up the curve, and my paid-in reflect that and I was walking around and pretty bad mood and JR comes up to me goes what's going on as an managers got my gimmick, as I don't believe this is what I made I should made this. Donkey. Oh, man went talking. Oh, man. You'll man made up the difference. And that was my big boost on the way to starting to make the coin that would come back in the day. But you know, unstated my case and was pretty firm on it. Because I thought I'd had a killer here. Yeah. And so, but that was my first case of really having to start bucking for promotion, you don't Nick to youngsters out there. You gotta buck because you gotta learn. Let me open up a can of figurative. What baths here have you seen drew McIntyre since he left WB when they just don't TV while ago in Scotland always got it now Knight. Nice kid, right? Nice. Young man won't seem to be about where he should have been on the on the card. He reached out to maybe social media. You know, what do you think it should do? I said watch watch WB countdown and watch what Paul Heyman says about stone cold Steve Austin, when he left WCW how Paul secret wise, he took that anger that you had and the frustration and let you channel it into something productive. I said watch that and learn from it and a couple of weeks later, I get this thing. He said would you young? Would you be willing to watch something? I said sure I'll give it a I'll give it a view tomorrow. And then when I say that I who knows my weeks before you know, what I owe it to this kid to watch sing now. And it was like watching a different human being like if anyone who said, do you think drew Galloway real name has that inside of my was no, no, he's a mid card guy love month. Reimb- not a main event guy never will be in ten minutes. Check change my mind, and I'm not knocking WWE because they were working with what they thought they had. But I think he somebody in the same way that when I left WCW in both ninety and ninety four and wanted to come back as a as a different guy to be taken more seriously. He's somebody I think the company needs to have an eye on because I was like wait a second. I forgot this guy. Six seven. He's two hundred seventy pounds is ripped. He's a legitimate. Forget to good looking kid. Right. And I never seen a dose of a thimble full of aggression in them. And it was like all their in Scotland. I mean feeding off the crowd announcers calling it like like a match it was really exciting. And it just that idea that if you if you're not happy with your your. Lot in life. You you you do something about it? And I think just wanted to make it a point on your show, then your show carry some weight. You know, this is like I wanted to write a wanted to write a post about it. But if you go over a couple of hundred words on a post people lose interest, and so if you're out there, you know, people check that out you'd be shocked at how how how good that kid can be twenty nine years old. He comes back in a year or two as a man instead of a kid, and doesn't let people remember him the way he was you've probably seen some good wrestlers. Come into w just seemed almost physically shrivel the rings a little bigger. Everybody's six six to seventy unless you got in your head that you absolutely positively belong there. You just you shrivel up psychologically, make sure to stick around after this podcast to get the latest headlines from the AP news minute podcast. One's coverage of March madness runs on diesel. All right is March which means it's time for the madness. So you know, we got it all covered on the big podcast with me shack the legendary get about the game. Maybe but how you doing? Oh. And we're way more than just sports Shaquille to be prepared to laugh as we bring. You the best basketball coverage a big park after shack Chickasaw with new episodes every Monday at podcast one dot com. The Steve Austin on. What here talk about resolute dog about it? Your physicality Reggie career was author charge. A streaming hat threshold for paying all the bumps that you told probably you pay a price for them. Now, how you feeling it's been a tough couple years. Honestly, really has you know, I didn't know we didn't know nearly as much about concussions versatile, and I thought it can cut him something knocked you out and throwing up, and so I guess that had six and we come to find out that it's not just the major blows. It's those cumulative blows, including body Bose who would have known. Yeah. Like who would have ever guessed that a backdrop on the floor say can you marry a neurologist orthopedic guy, looking at a backdrop and a concrete Florence slow motion. What that does your body? And you think about I mean, I remember wrestling you at how shows backdrop, and you number one guy in the business, and you're taking backdrops in the concrete. I'd how shows because you were doing what you thought you had to do, you know tonight to pop that crowd. In retrospect, you know, man, maybe, you know, maybe some of those decisions weren't that sound especially post two thousand four in that would've started catching update. Well, ninety nine I remember hunter actually saying to me like people say, hey, make volley must be like falling apart and hundreds like, he's you know, he's actually moving around pretty good. That was like ninety eight. Yeah. Within about a year. And it was I was like a different human being everything hurt like it. Caught up mother nature and father time kick, my ass in hurry, mother nature. Got it down. Does your brother, but you have any major surgeries yet? Did you have anything replace to? I you know, what here's the pro. Here's bar problem. I went to you know, to topple the neurologist skimming, the X two of them nickname. You know, it's kind of this is something I'm proud of this. I wanted on my epitaph. Dr cantu. From the Boston center for traumatic and Seth allopathy told me, no one certain terms that I could never go in the ring. Again. I looked at one of the top row. Just right. The I said I can work in entire match around my left knee. That's a great wrestler line. Right. Like like, I can work at a tire match on my left knee. And he just looked at me, Mr. folly when you were in my office, two weeks earlier struck me as a bright young, man. He said I've been doing a little readings you got a lot going on. Because if you think you can find another neurologist to clear, you that's up to you. But I'm telling you as as a neurologist, you should never be in the ring again. And it was like it was like an enormous weight off my shoulders. It really was you know, so because someone gives you a reason to welcome the ball was it was taken out of my court. It's almost like a boxing match where the the guy throws in the white the white tab for you. Yeah. And I had that talk with edge like six weeks later, you know, I was driving through the mountains of North Carolina. The edge lives somewhere gave them a call. And he was like at total peace with that decision. Because you realize coming back means risking paralysis. It's not a matter of guts, you can't do it. And I think guys like us you need that guy. Tell. In you. You can't do it. Because otherwise, you will be sitting there, and I probably could have had a good match with dean Ambrose, right? Ten minutes. You know with all the bells and whistles. I'm and I was even gonna call undertaker say can I please for one match. Can I come up through the ranks? Right. I had it all had all everything lined up. And I thought we had a heck of a match. So it was easier for me to have the ball taken out of my hands. And and kind of walk over the bench and sit down when I was in Seattle resume nineteen men. Drinking a little bit to fans of told the story too many times I won't tell it again. I went to hospital at nine amulets harbors going crazy beg Timoti speech tax and all that bullshit. And they put four liters of fluid. Emmaus dehydrated didn't really give me the clearance to wrestle the next day. But I was going to because of the rest may nineteen and I knew I had to hang them up. And so had you know going to work because that's what we do. Yeah. So I went to work, man. I remember showing up in man, Jason the guy who works at WWF had to place lit up. It was beautiful building. You know, they're veteran and air K D And all the gang. Was there JR road Whitney? I was in a real might have been someone who looked at me wrong or talking about damn they want to start crying. Because this is my last match even chance to tell everybody because I needed to rat out from the sunset because my guy said, hey, do you need to get out dodge, and you need to do it now. So you know, when when did it, but I remember rocky me with three rock zone that last one lay there at one two three and manned the Phelan. It was just like what you said. A weight was lifted off my back because it didn't have to go out there and put anything on line anymore and don't get me wrong. I would have kept doing it. But someone to the ball on my hand. So I felt that relief. Yeah. And it was it was then it was Steve it's okay to go now. Because doctor said, hey, you need to get you out of here. Yeah. So I felt like felt relieved. And now when I look back. I'm what twelve thirteen years removed. And I think if I never would have the neck issues up I'm gonna made at least another good five six now. It's pretty fiscal, Bob. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Crazy much like you. But a snapback bumper. But now contact I think had I stayed in the business because I feel pretty decent right now. But there days I feel like shit. I'm thinking, I would feel more like shit had. I got that extra five or six. So I'm probably cool. What I am cool because I got all the business out of my system. Yeah. With riding off to the sunset when I did I had the sunset exit in two thousand and I had the sunset exit in two thousand four and I had it in two thousand six and it was just I couldn't, you know, like who knew the economy was gonna fall apart. You know, like, wait a second. So not only is the money. I saved like not going to miss. It's losing money in a like. And there were his sense that I'd just written a second novel, which the world did not exactly, you know, line up to buy and I was like. I can make as much money for a comeback match. Carlito like there is still a market, right? For a for a Mick Foley match. You know, even wasn't a main event match was still something there, and I kept going to that. Well, and you know, man, if I could have taken a racer rewritten history, you know, anything post two thousand six would have been off the record for sure. So what about all this stuff with a Christopher Nowitzki? The the brain institute, whatever it's called that respect. I just don't know what it's called Boston center for traumatic encephalopathy Abby badges say that continuously back can continue to say it correctly. I know he's still got a couple of times. And I do I wanna do next year show. I wanted to deal with some of the the head head trauma, and I've dabbled in a little bit where I've said as long as I continue to say the words Boston center for traumatic and stuff a lot of the. I know I'm okay. And a couple minutes later, I'll come back to the Boston center for traumatic sympathy. And then I'll start coming up with different ways to screw up the name. And it's an uncomfortable after because not everybody understands it up on purpose. And it's kind of like a clever thing where you get in the last few people was like, I don't know if I'm supposed to be right? This guy's expense. Right. And that's one of the things I'm looking for is like how do if I do want to make a serious statement in my show. How do I do it? And I've talked to Brennan burns who's a brilliant comic muster alia and knows the wrestling business really has real good field. Wrestling minutes, if it wasn't for the fact that Vince would personally hate him and heaven thrown out by the end of the first day he'd been outstanding asset to the writing team. And I asked him about that. And he's like mate unit. Get that series. You gotta have killed killer. Final fifteen and I don't have a way to go from there. But it's like you drive down the road reminds me so much of like coming up with a match for pay per view. You know, like, you got your you get your sections. You've got your moves, especially for me had a limited set of moves and I had to keep. Thinking of different ways to combine them throw them in you know, different ways of making the match's exciting. And when it clicks the same way that you know, the match would come together and click and you'd have that vision in your head. It's it's the same feeling of filming. I'm not there yet. I don't know how to I don't know how to do next year show yet. So how's the gray matter inside your cranium? You good you fucked up. Well, you know, it's it's going to be a waiting game. You know, I mean, I'm donating relapses here. Now. Sometimes I can't you know. I I always joked my damn wife as hell man, sometimes Christian, fasttrack, Krause, aroma sooner. I forget why cross it so y'all have a gap. But I can't say that that's because I got hit with a bunch of steel chairs because I was a hands guy. Probably had you know, two to three concussions due to activity and ring just about gone wrong. Yeah. So I can't chalk it up myself, and I got lit up playing football. Now here there if you times when they asked me how many times you've seen stars. That's what would he mean? Like, hundreds, you know, you're telling me, and I don't see stars you see constellation. I really used to wrestle undertaker in the night of charge him in that corner. Bring up the the boot and have the chair in my hands and the percentage of people who would have known the difference between real contact and some space would be so minimum. But to me if it did if I didn't feel the stars wasn't doing it. Right. Right. It going back in time. I would have had that. Hey, you know, what would it have hurt? Right. Put not only the hand up between the my chair, and when that boot, but the put that chair up when those you put that hand up when those chairs were travelling at high speed McEwen to wrestling school and at the core, you're beginning was with Dominic Ghanouchi correct right now in this school of professional wrestling two questions. How long was the wrestling school? And did you learn how to take a chair shot? It's no questions. All right. Yeah. I'll it's the second one. I know there was never a chair shop. Okay. Okay. We'll get the rest of the wrestling. Talk about a chair shot because all of a sudden there I was in Dallas, Texas down to go down at Tennessee. And I'm forced to use a steel chair because as an angle ensues or progresses. You get new first angle inevitably a chair will come into your hands on your head. You gotta take or receive it you've been trained to do either one. Now, neither one now. So what was your experience with the steel chair in Dallas? They that one clunky steel chair. Like, no one even thought, hey, why don't we go to department store and buy steel chairs, you know, even when I remember wrestling staying at beach blast. And part of the reason we did well is because I went and searched the arena and found steel chair, you know, sit at a match earlier on they went used chair, and they had that horrible cushion chair is that looks awful it because it looks to the crowd like first of all those shares are heavy they hurt your vertebral structure. But the the crown because they have a pad on them the. The doesn't hurt on. Yeah. So then you have to go to the core steel chair. Exactly. And no, no the one we had Dallas was awkward at rust all over at Acis shit. And the first one of the first times, I I took a chair. I broke mile of my thumb put my hand up and the lesson I took from that was my head was harder. Wrong lesson. But also keep in mind that at that time, you know, you would work you are we working a gimmick, you're working to character. And I had an act say he's on me. I'm in a good way. Come to me, Jack you act wash are. Yeah goes, but you're so nice to the fans, you know, that was my weakness when you're in a territory every week your day Saturday, people get that part of what I talk about during my current show. And I and I and I and I love talking about I love the current show. I try to figure out ways every night to make it better. But I talk about that almost like collective realization, you know, after certain point, you know, we're you'd see all the wild moves. And I had the is which always get put a question Mark and people's minds, but it would be like about that six month. Mark of you'd watched for six months steadily. And then I'd come down with that elbow. I look up at camera was almost like you could feel people going. He's a nice guy. Like, they would all you got. I choose crazy. What I mean as government? And I think I was helped in WWE then that mask right, which I only recently came to find out through Bruce Prichard was really just Vince his way of hiring me while covering up my face. It was not meant as a deep psychological ploy was just JR JR. Waging a steady campaign on my behalf. And finally, Vince slamming his hand down at a meeting. All right, dammit. I'll bring him in covering up his face. Like, this is a quote that is you. That would have stunned a little I know that. You go beard and all the vote here. Looking do not. Yeah. I mean. Mean I have straight. You're looking dude. I was not a bad guy. And I had to do a lot with smoke and mirrors, and and put that goes back to creating that image in sports or him. You would go up and have Bill kovil and big, Mike. How Bill walking? Yup. That that really protective rope. That would keep the fans use like it was it was it was big around as core. That goes to my MAC, a laptop computer and that rope barrier said do the people do not. And you stay here wrestlers over there. It was the most forced yet. I'm safe environment history the restaurant business, but it was great. It worked for the sports. This. Are you look back and all the missed opportunities. Nobody taking a guardrail you shoot somebody into the rope white clothes on take me into the guard. Rope. But I would walk up after Bill would lead me in there'd be like that twenty foot walk from the isle to the dressing room. And to the day. It was torn down. There was a section that was almost completely dented because when I would come back from my matches you'd have ten or twelve people looking at you. I would slammed my head five six times in there because the idea was those ten people would tell ten other people, and you'd be really is praise. Yeah. And sometimes I mean, I would I wouldn't I would I knew where the beams were at least I thought it would void the beams. Usually, I missed them that sometimes I wouldn't write looking back now in in in ninety seven when my back really seized up on me, and I was really struggling but needed to give people what I thought they deserve as far as physical match concerned like ours. Okay. I can't take the bumps that that I'm known for how do I create the allusion out wildness, and this was in WWW Morton. Let's go back to two world class championship wrestling because you broke into the business in what year broken in eighty five eighty five by the time. You got down to world class. I mean, well, you might have been there before. But I remember paying ticket to see restaurant you there. I was and then I was in Chris Adams school. Yes. You saw me verse day and news nest? This is another statement of where my head was at the time. I've been I've been gone from home for seven or eight months. I could have easily said can I have one week off to go back home and see my family really would not have been an issue. But in my head there needed to be a reason, why wasn't at the TV in retrospect, how many people would have cared. How many flags would have been raised as to why isn't cactus jagged TV? I thought I needed a reason. And the reason was going to be stretchered out and for the twenty five dollar fry Saturday morning pay off I took the Nestea plunge off that ring apron, and you could actually see that's what I'm getting at. Yes. Bidding up spitting coughing up gobs of blood, and then Akbar cuts the great promo where he goes the Marc Lawrence's. We'll take tax checking nevermind look at this expensive shirt. An act told me later that's always used plant that seed like that he deep down didn't care about his guys instead of going home. You know, I got carried out. I wasn't gonna let anybody see me walk out of that arena. I was going to wait until so many hours that elapsed that there would be nobody to see me leave when I got power bomb in the concrete by maitre and WCW I left my car in the parking lot for six weeks because that was the type of thing that made a defendant how to some out at that. Back days you've been gone thirty days, seventy two hours days. And then when you drop an elbow are the let me just make way, but the point was that's why I was in the crow's nest because I didn't want anybody to see me leaving sports oriented, and I just happened to be there on the day that class began. And you know, you know, the way a wrestling group school dominion as you can kind of cast off just about almost all the guys almost immediately. And sometimes you're gonna make a mistake as people do write me. But it was like all right that one kid's got that thing going on and obvious out turned out to be, you know, she got lucky, but I'm ever going to go. I wanna go back to you drop an elbow off. Because I mean, yours dropping at one side. Yeah. Because curls was here drop it right there. I'm sitting there drawing on debut and mix saying, yeah. So it's true. You just can't see it. It's audio video. I gotta learn that we'll get to cameras in here. One of these days. What made you decide to take that leap of faith on? The concrete way back in the day. And was it because that was who cactus? Jack was was he added control crazy willington flick damage on a person Harvey he could or were you looking at its core. When you started doing that to be noticed by somebody to get a push. I brought Robert fuller is one of the first guys had faith in me. I think you had about as good a time in Memphis, as as I did, you know, I learned a lot too. Yeah. I didn't like it. I've since made peace with Randy Hales, right? He brought me and my family the circus. I realized a valuable learning experience you go in you don't know your opponent is until you get you see your name on the Chuck Bryant you walk out there. You haven't seen the guy? I haven't talked to him you putting a match together you're learning as you go. I learned a lot, but I wasn't treated particularly well there and Robert was the guy who had faith in me. And Robert saw me take I'm going to drop a second bomb on us is note worthy line, Robin Roberts saw me take that nest. T- plunge at spot show for twenty five dollar payoff. And man that that concrete just about knock me out and opened up a nasty wound on the back of my head. And I went back in a row. We look like a pussies in on your head. I don't know whether to stitch it or fucking. I don't do Robert bullet. I've never asked anybody for an instant replay on my life repeat that. Dan, again, mother I slow motion that looks like a big old pussy on your head damn Jack. I don't know whether to stitch it or fuck it. For ever heard my. But on the way home, he told me, listen, son. That's it's a mighty impressive bump, and I'll stop trying to Roberts voice knows impressive bomb. You gotta you gotta take you got to take care of yourself. You have to do these things when they're meaningful. Couple of weeks later were driving and Roberson lead. He'll in Memphis, and he's you know, Robert great mind and just wasn't clicking days. Like, I don't know. What to do? I've man easy. He didn't want to blow off the the the angle and the first week. You know, he was looking for a way to do a return match on a rob. I have an idea and it was. What was the program? This is Jeff Jarrett just gotten Roberts loaded. But okay, you know, so we had the loaded boot in Ryan, we knew there was going to be be trouble and any any my Steve Austin show listeners out there that don't know what a loaded Buddhism. How does it? That's what the folks boot. You actually had some kind of apparatus sewn into the the sole of the boot. And he would kick, you know, you get jingle. And then he would use it like when cornet had to tennis rackets, sometimes they would load that thing, and they'd put a horseshoe and cover that's that's loading and putting a foreign object or piece of steel allegedly or sometimes for shoot and an object. So Robert fuller mobile lower new boat. Jeff Jarrett gun hold a loaded. Boot. We knew there was going to be trouble. But in Memphis, you have to come back four or five times. You're there every week. You just think of a way to come back next Monday. And Robert was looking for a way to the next Monday without blowing off the program in the first week. And and I was riding with Robert if it had been anybody else in the territory, I said, I've got an idea, I probably would have been just ignored or shunned. And he goes with them guy. Let me hear it. And I and I said, well, I think this might be the time that Nestea. Plunge, and as it turned out. I didn't know at the time that you know, the wrestling fans had their annual convention. You know, the observer was there, and I ended up taking that nasty plunging in front of like the hardcore, you know, observer fans, right? And I guess it left a pretty lasting memory. And there was a there was there's blot him. And it was it was a pretty wild scene. But it was the right bump for that show. And then every time when especially when I turn baby face, we were looking for ways to create that type of impact from a selfish point of view, though. I realized wait a second. I need to have something offensive like at a can't this can't be my calling card is that everything I'd use. Yeah. Like, how do you? Right. Not him. How do I take that willingness and ability of your punishment and make it work from the offensively? And and I I wanted to be the guy. I mean, I was Superfly fan. You know, again, I used to one of my my firmness memories. In in. College is is always looking out at this houses at a party, a sophomore in college right before I a couple of months before ended up meeting to Nucci, and I was like just looking at the the the house next door guy comes over make good friend of mine because what what are you looking at us. It. He's think if I dove off the top of that roof with that garbage can break my fall. Like, I always wanted. I needed to know there was something that was big with that break my fall, right? If I die off of this sand dune with the waves coming out with those three inches with that break. My fall I wanted to be a Superfly guy. I couldn't I couldn't balance on the I couldn't balance on the top row. And you couldn't do anything as good as Jimmy. Did. I have I believe her. Why be the second best is something. I was just talking today on the hip hop station serious about the the your big hip hop guy. It was a perfect fit. Not likely draw single fan to one of my shows. But I was asked about the evolution that just hear me out here. We're saying the ablation of mankind, and the fact that it was actually the cell match that made me see, wait. I gotta find a different way to connect with people, and you may not want to take credit for this. But when your character just skyrocketed, they were like six or seven like Steve Austin lights, you know, like guys saying I'm gonna in every people whether they knew or not we're trying to be like you and not being successful at it. And I was a big deal. I'm not going to I'm going to be the seventh. Best stone cold. There's a there's an open market there for like the nerd fans. You know, and I need to find a way to make some people laugh to make that connection. So I I went in that direction, but going back to the elbow that was my way of of finding taking the talent that I did have for taking some wild chances and making it work for me as an offensive move. But question and before I asked you the question. I'm talking about loaded objects. You know, one of my favorites. Mid south wrestling Bill. Watts loaded Gucci bags Missy Hyatt would walk dark journey with that loaded Gucci bag. I mean that was one of the damnest loaded. Gimmicks of all time. It's got loaded Gucci bag if you hadn't seen it go back and Mugo mid south on YouTube. My question you make us when you took the nest he plunged to help preserve that angle. So that did you blow it off at night. And so that was so I don't know satisfactory a feeling of accomplishment. Yeah. Did you become addicted to that and say, hey, I gotta do this more. Because I know you just talking about moving to the future you need to use it on offense affront, but did you become almost thrill seeker are pain seeker and wanted to actually take note, you did I was pretty realistic. I mean, I didn't know the long term ramifications. Didn't know for example. Okay. Let me ask you this first. How far down the road were you looking in your career because I didn't look non-road, man. I would live in for the hair the now and waking up the next morning, Steve. Even in Dallas. I I gave myself till I was twenty six I'd like to think I would have had the strength of character to admit that that that gig was up if I was twenty six I wasn't making a decent living Lee livable apartments, cut car. Now, you're married, and I wasn't wasn't married. And I was I would go down to the TV studio in Las Colinas twice a week. And I would watch video Bob Boban gerski put the put the show together. And it's funny. If people go back while she'll world-class show, I would do several the voice overs. I produced a couple of the videos like pretty hands on there was even a time when Bob wanted to take a vacation they were gonna put me in charge direct in the show was added the background in college. Like, I was always fascinated. I was considered a pain in the neck by some people because I was walking around saying can you get get this camera shot him a low the camera. Here's the elbow. And I realize it's my bread and butter and at that time it was the thirteen to fourteen foot length. Back when I had a little spring in my layoffs, and even then there was very little. But I realize like you or to look into the people with the camera to help you look more like a so if if people go home, and they watched that Nestea plunge with mill Maas, Chris, it's it's a hell of a bump. But Jackie Crockett had the perfect camera shot, and as I hit you he shipped that camera. Right. And like I said when I got to WB there was just a little bit of feeling. No when I would walk through a this is what I'm trying to do is what I'm trying to accomplish. And now the now the producers are up there. What are you trying to do trying to compass? How can we is in? You know, I hadn't seen my my match with the the big show in the boiler room in years. My son you is such a fan. You know? I don't as a habit. Go back and watch my old things made it, but I remember Kevin remarking like he liked the way, you know. I'm in the knock on me, you know, from Neethling, you know, from people were not Mick Foley, guys, reliable were just a big bump guy. But I always wanted there to be a story, you know. And I remember Kevin Don really heaping praise on me, you know, after that match when I was clearly way past my physical prime, and I was just about to go out for some fairly fairly extensive knee surgery. We told act of a story complete with you know, as I made it to that made it to that wall. I made sure, you know, with the Hama bloody that I had that palm print and smear like he was gonna leave an impression. So I I was real big believer in the, you know, thinking visually way back, you know, I think before most people before into most people's minds you brought a. Name meal. Massacres? There's a story there were you a mill massacres fan of. You know, I I, you know, I don't I didn't enjoy a did not enjoy work with Mel. And I know, you know, a bird houses his nephew. I recognize. He's a legend drawn drew money everywhere that he went, but he wasn't. He wasn't interested in doing business that night and. You know, I tried to remember though, the store this was was in a pay per view. It was a clash of the champions. And so you're gonna work no mass. What's his beef with you WCW would some big picture thinkers, correct, we are in Corpus Christi and the small picture is. Let's get a pop from the Latino audience bigger picture is. Here's a fulltime guy. Why are we having has got some promise? He's the guy wanna us. Why we having him lose on national TV in the clash to a guy who won't be here ever again. And I was set to mill was late. Missed his flight set the wrestle Rick Fargo actually, pick up a victory on clash of the champions. And then you milk came in. I'd say twenty twenty five minutes before the match, and it was just a series of armed drags. You know managed to get that last. You know, that that one that one move, and I just I just wanted to kick out, you know, and I got caught flack. From the pay the powers of bay. Now, you were not kicking out on her. You know, and I I wanted that image, and I didn't get it. But what I did have was Jim Ross Rawson Jim cornet making me look like the superstar that Milton Jin. All right. You know? I mean as as great as as JR's, you know, guy got it my windows, broken half, you know, not far behind it and much less heralded was captured Jack is dead. You know, Jimmy had that high voice wasn't a perfect TV voice. But you held back. He was quick he knew his wrestling. He got people over and I liked people who who put the product before themselves, even if they had a larger than life personality. There were a lot of guys spring to mind cornet was one of them. Michael Hayes thought was very unheralded as an announcer as was Kevin Sullivan who even these these were gimmick guys go out of their way to put the guys in the ring over which I try to keep in mind when I had my short stint behind the microphone, so where did a cactus Jack gimmick come from. Cactus. Jack was who is who was he was tactics? Jack was my generic gimmick that I was only going to do long enough to become dude love, do you going in Indiana. You grew up on Long Island. How the hell did you come up with cactus? Jack, Suzanne eight loan is my dad, and I wrote about this in my book. But I I love love love and miss my dad, and I'll take this opportunity to talk about it. My dad had an had a reputation in our school system as a you know, as a as a disciplinarian into the fact that he had a kid who sometimes did things a little differently. You know was a cause of some concern. You know, like, it's my dad was like, such, you know, the the crewcut there's no there's no pictures in the Foley family vault at my dad with bell-bottoms and pork chop sideburns. You know, he was the the crew had guy. He was the. The athletic director in in the book, I talked about how ward Melville high school was the only school that didn't allow any like taunting or stomping when opponents for taking foul shots because they would try to do that my dad and just look up at that crowd with you know, we had this one glance and you'd see like eight hundred people stand down and cactus. Jack was just a game that name that I came up with for my dad when we're playing like wasn't the internet. Wrestling game was the magazine wrestling game, you could send away, you know, you cut some nabbing the Bill apter magazine. And then like three months later, you got this little board game, and they would be characters that you knew were supposed to emulate WWE WWF guys characters were supposed to the dusty Rhodes character is very similar name. And then there were some space if you could fill in your own names, and I was big train Foley. That's who I thought I was going to be and my dad was cactus, Jack. Yeah. And so later on you know, as months passed, I created this dude love persona for myself, which. Really was a wig in orange headband and a pajama top that somehow made me feel cool. I would put it on. I would go out at night, and I would have confidence that I did not have without it. It sounds absolutely ridiculous. But I was smoother. I talk with women away. I never could as as Mickey Foley Maki phone, Nikki. So when were you doing the do love, I was doing it as a as a a did it, you know, in a home movie that involve the, you know, the first dude love some ten twenty year old yet. Yes. Dude love and in eighty five and eighty six and then the the deal was, you know, I became cactus, Jack. I was I'm sorry. I do love and eighty three and eighty four started wrestling in eighty five with the intention of becoming dude love when I got good enough to earn that name. Then along the way, I realized you know, mother nature's not cooperating. I'm not I'm not dude love, I am this guy. You know, it's, you know, cactus, Jack on the surface seem to be like a western motif downtown it turned into something completely original with a very, you know, with a very generic sounding name created, a a very original concept where the Bank come from bang, bang, man. I love this story is just like some of the craziest things, you know. Just come out of thin air. It was if I say you're going to pop and we're not going to eat people won't see you smile. But if I say the name nasty Ned Brady, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. He was in enhance. I never call them job guys. He was in the handsome guy who had the greatest facial features. Greatest facial expression kind of like monkey whip arms. You know, he he was like me without the love animals like a thinner version, some Muskie Larry STAN boy like me without the added body weight, and he sold things magnificently, and I let the third or fourth week. I guess you know, it was November of eighty nine. I'd been turning on my partners for four three four five weeks. It was starting to catch catch on like people were actually looking forward to these tag team contests that I would lose or my partner lose then turn on that partner with the elbow. You know and put him out twelve thirteen feet Bom. Here we go, and I dropped that elbow, and it was a good one on nasty net Brady, and as I lay there as I sat up I the song. Love shack b fifty two's came into my head, and you can see it on the for all mankind. DVD? I actually say bang bang bang on the door, babe, actually sing sing sing the lyrics. And that was the last time. I sang the lyrics I, but I kept bang bang. Also, I believe you that night or the next night the last match I wrestled with front teeth. I was in, you know, went home that a friend's. Bachelor party, and we got hit head on by drunk driver those teeth for history, you know, and you know against my better judgment. You know, I had well-wishers come to the hospitals as good for wrestling. I know that that image of the guy with the missing teeth. That's long gone. And this is not good. And when I showed up I remember Jim Ross going, right? Look. And they gotta take what you can. You got. You gotta take what you can. And so this is a pretty pretty good luck. So much, sell, you know, I've never really gone replace them. So what was your favorite art of you to be mixed only do love mankind cactus, Jack? Get them. All I love you know, what Steve what's the difference between album? We we collectively, you know. And I'm talking about WW, I'm talking about Vince specifically in one case hunter a great job of creating differentiation in people's minds. You know to some people they you know, they say forget about the cell match. My favorite moment is when you did the promo where you're transformed for mankind cactus, Jack keeping mind all I was doing was removing one shirt to reveal another and the character would wouldn't have been dead, but greatly reduced head-hunter just laughed and given that you're the same guy with a different shirt writing go that route he put it over like he was seeing a ghost, you know, like a larger than life superhero. I'm getting goosebumps talking about it, you know, and it was one of those great moments like do or die moment. This guy. Either means something where he doesn't. And fortunately. All that. Yeah. Yeah. I saw immense meant something. And I'm quite honestly, you know, you go back if you're looking for that mythical cactus, Jack like he's there in spots. You know, like, you know, there's certain matches where I was as good as hunter was making me out to be. But I think w w a very good job of creating this mythical character from a guy who was a very good performer, but not mythical by any means until then which one of those guys was your favorite to me, which one of those guys was your favorite to work, or which one of those guys was easiest to work the closest to my heart was the Commissioner and two thousand. Yeah. You know, we're I completely changed courses. You know, I I went home. I did believe I was retired. And I went to Hershey Park, and I traded out a twenty minute QNA in the park for like the run of the place for four days meals included. So I made out pretty well in the deal, and I had a little, you know, shaving kits head shaver. I went home, and I went back to the room shaved off all my hair, which been a tr- trademark long since eighty since eighty five and my son. Do he was there? He thought it looked cool. So I, you know, I shaved his head to we get some great photos of us going on the log flew with no hair. And that was my signal to myself that I would never do anything in the public eye ever like ever again that was dead set. Never. And it was two days later. I got a phone call. I get home, and I get a phone call bell. How'd you like to be the Commissioner, and they are I and I showed up in somebody that hey Powell was the famous man phone. Mm convoy, which is either the best phone call. You could ever take or. Or bunch of hassle. And it was at same. It was at same. Hey, pal. It was like seven AM. So charismatic. He's good on the phone the seven AM. I never sleeps. Yeah. He got an idea for you. How'd you like to be dude love, and I went like once he said that he said that to me on the phone. They came up with doodo know what it was in this. I remember this. This is you said this to me, and this is one of the things that talk about during the current show. I love the idea that I can take people back and go into mankind and give them that feeling of being the ninety seven mankind may take him back to the interview segment. Right, right. Dustin Rhodes had just done. What was that the time really groundbreaking interview where he said, I'm Dustin Ronalds, a my son of a famous wrestler tub, I live in in his dad's shadow he referred to it is character. I don't think he's gimmick. But his character and WB wanted to do the same thing with me as mankind because Vince had come to realize that I had a more interesting real life story than the fictional one. We created as mankind, and it was one of those things again where you have to have a feel for your character. You gotta fight. What you think is right, right? Wanted me go out and talk to the fans just as I'm talking to you and say my name is Mick Foley used to be cactus, Jack, I've been wearing this mask. And I said I have a lot of I got a lot of time and effort tied up in this character, and I propose that we go out unscripted Jim Ross pulled it off probably nobody else could have and for years, I considered it'd be one of the top two or three three things I've ever done in the business. I said what of JR asked me questions. I will answer them with one hundred percent honesty, but I'll do it in character. And you probably heard this as well. I remember L snow telling me that the first day. I was in the in W W E that you couldn't really become a top guy to Vince personally became a fan and up until that night in ninety seven that wasn't the case. I was used good. You know, I'd been a top of a couple of paper use. I think if you'd ask Vince deep down is are you a fan of this guy? He would have been on the border and JR, and I just went in. And again, you know, you you to me that the intangibles like the magic in the air is can't be scripted. It's got it's got to be an element there. And I think we lose some of that. I think with scripting, you you you lose a lot of the lows you eliminate a lot of the horrible interviews. But you also lose that element. You know, the possibility of magic. Yeah, they scripted that it may have worked. It wouldn't have worked on a level that it did. It was like I remember you I riding and by the time, you were kind of you kind of a loner by ninety seven, you know. So it was unusual. That'd be we'd be riding again like the old days. And I remember you saying what are they doing? They turn your maybe face. And I said now, Steve I think they just want people to get a better feel for the character. You look at me said you'll be baby face in three weeks. And the best of my knowledge. It's the only time that I can recall a turn taking place without any in ring change without any, you know, without any know saving of a hero. Throw. It was just every week. They would unroll this thing. And when I told the story at even know Vince was in the room, it was all dark, and they said, we're gonna change tapes. And I heard a voice in the darkness go. This is outstanding. And I was like, that's it. I'm a made man in WWE like that was the most pivotal moment. I think of my career when I became a star in WWE. Does it up it's spring. You're about to kick out of old man winter smackdown. And you don't want your neighbors. Talking trash about your grass your loan can take a real beating. He drought bugs wake thin grass, and so many damn wage you'd think it was a Royal rumble. Well, our sponsors got turf biller has components. You need for thick green lush lawn. 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Both Sam on social media Twitter Instagram at Steve Austin, BS, Dr Vokes I'll be back soon. But until my name is Steve Austin, I will kick your ass down the road. Download new episodes of Steve Austin unleashed every Thursday podcast one dot com. That's podcast. Oh, any dot com. Great things happen. When people use the cloud to work together. At McAfee, we build advanced cyber security from device to cloud. So organizations are empowered to invent lifesaving cures smarter investment models and cleaner energy without protected technology. These innovations might never happen we support. Fearless innovators who are making our world a better place. Maccabi the device to cloud cybersecurity company. Guilty plea in Charlottesville. I'm Tim Maguire, the AP news minute, an Ohio man pleads guilty to federal hate crime charges in a deadly car attack, a twenty seventeen white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. US? Attorney Thomas Collins says dropping the death penalty case in exchange for James, Alex fields juniors plead to the twenty nine other charges was a good to see potential life imprisonment was an acceptable result. We also believe that it vindicated or interest in protecting civil rights. Victims fields was convicted of first degree murder. Another state charges for killing Heather higher and injuring dozens of others. He is likely to be sentenced to life in both cases Facebook extends its ban on hate speech blocking the promotion and support of white nationalism. White separatism the site says it worked on the change for three months. It comes less than two weeks after Facebook was sharply criticized when the suspect in the shootings at Tunas Elam moss was able to post a video of the massacre live. On facebook. I'm Tim Maguire.

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