Atlanta Journal-Constitution 11/9/20


Good morning it's monday november ninth. I'm lucas dixon and here are today's headlines from the atlanta journal constitution brought to you by lucky charms magical mission. Take your kids on an interactive screen free adventure to bring back the magic with lucky the leprechaun. Add some fun to your morning routine as you sing dance and meet new magical friends available on alexa google home or wherever you get your favorite podcast. Just search lucky charms magical mission our top story. The presidential race is over but in georgia. The campaigning is just beginning for twin. Runow that will almost certainly decide the fate of the us. Senate the consequential. January fifth showdowns will test a new suddenly swing status of georgia which is on the cost of delivering at sixteen electoral votes to joe biden and the opening moves for the seats held by republican senators. Kelly leffler and david perdue set the tone for a frenzied race to the finish in twenty twenty one both democratic contenders john. Also and rafia warnock have already aired ads previewing. Their opening arguments outside groups have started flooding. The state with millions in spending and major political players are ready to pitch georgians on why the race matters case in point former presidential contender andrew. Yang sent word over the weekend that he's moving to georgia for the home stretch and he's asking his supporters to follow him in more political news at eleven forty five. Am whoops of. Joy erupted in midtown atlanta pots and pans claimed in rhythm car horns bleated at tenth and piedmont people danced in the street minutes later. Angry crowds assembled outside the state capitol and across downtown at the c. n. n. center some carried signs that declared stop the cheat or fraud others carried guns across metro atlanta and the nation news of joe biden's presumptive victory over. Donald trump in a bitterly fought presidential. Election released strong emotions on saturday. Some had been held in check during four days of watching returns. Come in others pent up. Over four of the most tumultuous years in american history elation relief defiance apprehension all emerged as metro area residents processed the election's outcome as did in small doses. Hope in other news. Alex trebek's death from pancreatic cancer has saddened fans around the world especially former jeopardy players. Many of whom live georgia. The news is absolutely gutting. Said dhruv gar of gainesville jeopardy twenty nineteen college champ. He cited trebek's steadying personality for the show's enduring success calling him someone who wouldn't fade into the background but also not overshadow. The game itself in his final game during the tournament of champions last fall guard didn't know what the final jeopardy answer was so he wrote. What is we love you. Alex and caused rebecca to choke up over thirty six years. Travek hosted more than eighty two hundred shows with fifteen thousand plus contestants. He post answers to contestants. More than four hundred fifty thousand times if you try to watch all his episodes consecutively without commercials. It would still take four months. This show under trebek's wants remained a ratings champion. Even as a heavier slice of the potential audience has shifted away from traditional television. Trebek's died at eighty. He announced his diagnosis last year and finally uh shoplifting. Investigation at a gwinnett county. Walmart turned deadly saturday night after two fleeing suspects hit and killed a pedestrian as they drove away. The incident began at the walmart on. Lawrenceville swannee road swannee. Police said in a news release at about nine pm. Witnesses reported seeing two men shoplifting inside the store when a walmart loss prevention officer confronted the men. They ran into the parking lot and drove off in a u. Haul van while leaving the law. The van hit a pedestrian and dragged them onto satellite boulevard. According to investigators the pedestrian was found dead at the location. Their name has not been released. The identities of the suspects are not known at the time. Police are searching for the u haul. Van which is believed to have the arizona tag. Aj three eight four four six. Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact swannee police at seven seven zero nine four five eight nine nine five. That's offer today. Check back each weekday morning for more from the atlanta journal constitution or co two. ajc dot com. Have a great day.

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