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Eric Bischoff Is out, Bruce Prichard Is in at WWE


US One dollar go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series Xm streaming subscribers Sirius Xm no car required if you don't know Sirius Xm than listen up commercial free music plus sports comedy talk and news they have it all and right now you can get your first three months of Sirius Xm outside the car Dangerous Brian and Roman reigns is a different pairing but it worked and us from the standpoint that Michaels on the commentary team they made reference to it last night to a show I'm having a little bit of a time getting rights it's Xm Channel One fifty six all right welcome in busted open radio nation two weeks three weeks three of us also thrown in that equation made for a great great show band also making for a great smackdown it was the continuation of Bailey work crew tones on the salad he was the salad man he asked the yeah the job he's been doing recently Mark Henry has been coming up in the future but what we got another window into last night Mark Henry was the teaming the unlikely teaming as we heard in the broadcast of Roman reigns and Daniel Bryan standing I've listened Sammy's been great ever since he stepped foot in the wwe I remember thinking back to the League made him take his mask off they took away L. Jericho I was furious at the time with the show being only two hours so mark it really feels like the time flies by so let's start with the main event we got a little glimpse into a program that I think navy cross came across in a six pack challenge as a number one contender and she is just that any match you put her in she is we can pretty much I don't want to guarantee is going to be going down but it but it looks pretty safe to say that Daniel Bryan Shinsuke Nakamura maybe a few pretty individually but at when you're together you can still flourish in the ring so and I thought Sammy Zane made the whole thing so it created a little bit of okay what's going on and I think that's healthy in a relationship like that with two guys you can have an idea I'm hoping that they continue to do it because the crowd was cheering them both but when they got an arena together the crowd canton you know the and threesome if you will and our thoughts on smackdown big mark I know you thought very highly of smackdown this week I did I thought that Roman reigns what did you think about that main event last night I thought it worked I thought it was like you know normally they say all in water that makes but right I think that open on a Saturday and a stack show free on the podcast edition of Busted Open Radio I we're gonNA leave with a little Shinsuke Nakamura Barron Corporate Daniel Bryan next move should be him making a far more retirement from wrestling from managing and being at the announce winner smackdown on going down last night a very interesting card you know feel like I was I it's hard for me to what was more powerful for that whole segment was him at the announce table he did not seem out of place at the announce table I think that his table he would be great not just good he would be great but the thing about it that would make him even more impactful is this is clearly someone who can carry a promo in a very real way even when he surrounded by the likes of Mark Roman reigns Daniel Bryan and the like you know what Sammy of the performance center and once they saw his capabilities on the Mike they probably saw hey this is something and it will clearly we saw last night and we've been seeing for the last few weeks last few months this is a new venture for all the people that had followed him before the wwe but he's knocked it out of the park and I would imagine you could probably highlight more on this but once they but you know but no but think about it that was going against him from the hard core fans standpoint right like they were they were upset they were wondering you know this is a new the contender we're also gonNA delve into Bruce Pitzer replacing Eric Bischoff and smackdown and end the show we're going to get into our best show at the week in busted opens weekly Rejab's at one right then how how good would he be doing one how good would he be at the announce table and being able to let everybody he was still wrestle it will come out and Russell every now and then and say okay I'm out of retirement and then he would retire again and just let it be the insecurities of the heal our show the positive and the skill level of the baby face and just throw them out there against somebody and him do really good he wins and beat somebody that's credible and then he runs off easy would be to put a mask make Sammy Zane some dumb mass character that nobody ever heard of ever thought about on on my roster because of the versatility because of the intellect and because of how interesting he is you know how Henry who we start picking and we went back and forth and it was like I thought I draft style was better than the one that almost his promos of five year and we talked about the battle between W and what about our own personal drafts if we were going to start a company if it was team Ryan Men Company Company Ryan and company margin mini things that that we we won't in wrestling and the biggest thing is we won't descriptive information at the table he and Kenya Mehta they they Jericho they have promos that are are inspiring you can't turn it was like they was expecting them to embrace they was expecting them to shake hands or high five or DAB each other up or something and they didn't tain and Sammy does that own smackdown and smackdown was a better show and I think that I I think so I think that right now his role is is the the beat air for Shinsegei but if it was up to me and we we talked because he's on his show and the spot that he took yesterday that they're gonNa there's going to be more of that and takes care of business right I think that it would be great and and he can do it and last night proved that he can do it and they're can choose opponents so if he's if he's doing a heel gimmick right he could it could be looked at as cowardly like he stays behind the desk until he sees someone that he wants to pick off and then he he's doing a great job at the role that he's in right now but we know this guy could carry match we know this guy can work in a serious way right do you think we'll see him inside the ring anytime soon working into the future Daniel Bryan pending since gay Nakimora listen we know their history they go back a long time they've known each other for well over a decade Shinsegei and what's going on in the ring or take the role of the color guy and and be the antagonised beat a guy that points out the manager gets more shine than the town so Sammy's Zane is so polarizing that he took summit and nobody knows the mystery man families and can do stuff like that there's there's no limit to his skill level and you see that in his save descriptive information as well as color and Lauzon was going on and at the same time he was a butthole so I mean if he could do oh really yeah I really like these two paired together Mark Henry what do you think is this is this a glimpse into the future I think it has legs I think that something else the light offers Shinsegei last night so Shinsegei is going to have to up his game they're gonNA have to have him because he got pin go off and Daniel Bryan but we haven't got to see them you know mix it up in the wwe in a railway mark I really hope this is a sign of things to come especially from the the intercontinental champion Asu venturing out in with this new attitude as she is now going to be taking on as we found out mark Henry after the six Pack Challenge One Nicky Cross inchape standpoint it's got a nice piece of gold on the line Shinsegei has been without a really solid program maybe since AJ I don't know how you WanNa look at it but I we've talked about this yesterday Moose has gotten dramatically better in just as six about six months yeah yeah and and and watching Big Mike any from Illinois Danny Good morning how you doing buddy good morning serves how are you doing good brother doing real good that's fine morning we got to see on television but we'll talk about that that's another tease for later on in the show but I would have Sammy Zane and I I think that if we can get that this thing has led you can take it on a couple of papers you're hearing catch busted open semi's eighteen is another guy that has done with those guys have done he's improved at such a rapid pace that is polarizing and would big Mike's body has changed so much that you know you wanna see what he can do now with his body type but gained back the same Zane the TV when they're talking SAM- Zane is the same thing they have got to find somebody on inex- t- that could deliver a promo that's like in the elk next T- one of the things that stands out in their programming is the interviews that cody and the young bucks it wasn't outstanding Promo truly with MS on TV let's head out to the phone lines because we got some callers one in particular that wants to talk I just had to call I I'm sixty four years old I've been watching professional wrestling since I've been six years old I would sneak out of bed at two o'clock live Monday through Saturday from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm Fight Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand with the Sirius Xm APP anyway We know a you know fifty plus years seen a wrestler is obnoxious we got to see that in all wrestling you know I mean even an impact I was watching Mousse and I know them all over the place but but we'd be he talks about Sammy being annoying listen if you follow me on twitter if you know anything about me I can be plenty critical of the wwe but there are times where you need to give credit has got to happen with Shinsegei so that we don't have a case where is his promos are great his wrestling abilities or fabulous it's just he's obnoxious that is that is did I love Lacey Evans I wanted to see her win last night but I am perfectly okay with Nicky Cross taking a six pack challenge before we get into that in our thoughts on Bailey and her out I saw saying that but it's true and that is all credit to the wwe and it is and when you recognize the talent you have to exploit that he can he can be excellent at that and I I I would just blown away may I ask you this as we talk about Sammy's Zane Mark completely annihilated Dan I mean it's gotta be something that we all just go while US yeah yeah just a gas moment I can't take your eyes off I agree with you one hundred percent Mark Henry let's let's close on this because the pin the finish last night I thought it was interesting might be says Sammy Zane and that's why I love the guy he he is I I don't know he's just one of the most obnoxious wrestlers in the morning on a Saturday and watch wrestling at the chase on a Sunday morning and be known to my parents you know they would have been and they were able to do that and I don't know if Sammy wanted to do that at that time because that time he was making a lot of money on the mark it is an honor to speak to you this I'm a first time caller to bust it open and when you guys brought them I have and sometimes you got to get get out of your own way and I think that the WWe allowed him to get out of his own way by push that in a way that I never thought possible and I would argue mark that Sammy today is better than Sammy in those years especially from a character standpoint and I can't believe it taking the mask off and making him fend for himself and fight for himself and he changed his body because he was soft and ah in terms of entering. We haven't seen a lot from Sami as of late like wh when do if you had to gauge like would you like to see him back in the ring sooner in listen he think like six times okay like like six times that ain't right well that I actually Kinda liked that from the standpoint it could be like he could a character his matches with owens his tagging with Owens where they were staying and generic all that stuff I had a soft spot for that right I had I didn't think it would work in the least want kids just so I can laugh at them when stuff like that happens in pro wrestling because that's where you see the real emotion right you see it in the kids it's some of the best reactions Ms Indies as a generic oh the gimmick that he I mean even right now I think that's one that they could if they can find somebody like an ultra babyfaced like a baby faces baby face she is doing her damnedest to get this over I loved what I saw last night that line great stuff danny and we we do appreciate the call especially a first time caller at sixty four years old man keep going strong that that is what wrestling is all about Mark Awesome Sammy's as because we were just talking about Sammy this program potentially what might become informed and how valuable he is to smackdown on Fox jump out to the phone lines to catch up with him turnhill to be able to get the best out of herself because you have to wake up and go to the arena with a purpose about when I lost the title right when I lost that title who was there to hug me that hit that was great writing that was great promo and I'm telling you soon halfway work at that level they can put that that character come back come back it just it won't just won't be saying Zane right this spot on MS TV which you know mark we're only a couple of weeks into this proper he'll turn of Bailey obviously we saw in Vegas last Friday with the slashing of the inflation now he's a Muslim guy he'll he'll never be a bodybuilder donnas genetic for that right he looks good a Nice Win for Nicky as we talked about it sets her up with a with this title match with Baileigh can we talk about Bailey for a second Bailey goes out there and does this this heart you wanted to point out the fact that there were people that were on the show maybe a year maybe two years before you that you helped train that you were better than at least you thought you were better than which I think is true that she was better than some of these people the people out but there are some people you know who they are that should not have come up before Bailey did and I'm on her side where credit is due in a very real way I'm GonNa tell you this right now when they took that mask off Sammy's aim when they did away with L. Generic I was furious I was heartbroken I was invested in Sorta due to get my shine and that's where she is and now she's a good looking woman to me I definitely am I. Opinion Curious as how Bailey was really going to get this he'll character over you know I think six seven years of being in the public light as not just a baby face Mark Henry anes man where you WanNa see people get it brought out of him and I need that it was necessary necessary for her and being in the ring as it relates to what it is as a woman to take another woman's beauty away and that's that's not only has it worked Mark Henry The wwe clearly recognized his ability on the microphone and the character they that he could be and they harnessed that and will wacky arm tube guys and we got that great viral video that kid crying in the kitchen when pro wrestling is absolutely the best that's my I don't have and I'm getting more and more on board with Bailey as a heel character she is putting in the work you can tell that she's clearly motivated and it's working mark Henry Yeah and is one of those the people have stepped up and have become superstars that came before her but there was some people that came up because they look good they were fine everybody collectively wants to see but she's exactly what you WanNa see as a heel because I'm a rub your face in the Matt I'm GonNa something that they should play on and I think at some point I'm not sure when it's GonNa happen but I think the her heat girl I can you know listen I could go on and on but Bailey is a he'll she goes out there with the you know the MS who is one of the best talkers of the last twenty years I'm I've been get hotter than Sasha's and when that happens is she still be the same friend when she's second fiddle because Ms may a- and he works his ass off and I I'll take him all day twice on Saturday I'm with you and it really does show all right let's turn the the thickness one of the finest on the roster but she doesn't get the credit for being a good looking woman because she's not what into it in his promo so it's okay that you out here in have Sasha be your spokesman because she's more page on San Jose and you guys can call and give your thoughts as well but mark and we're going to pivot to that six pack challenge and You know what before we get to Niki Cross because that was kids I'm thirty six you know maybe that that come I'm not really sure but when I see stuff like that that is like I don't even know if I want kids Mark Henry but when I see stuff like that I asked as her character before was so almost child like with the whole very wholesome like I would see her and I'd be like Oh like she never really grew last night and she had that crazy eye makeup on you know she's got that little haircut her almost leather like her new alphabet she and I think she got it it Kinda got mundane and it was monotonous too I agree and and beat a baby face when deep down in I'm like everybody else I don't think so and the reason I say that is because I don't even think it has to do with the blonde hair how she dressed or anything but because ormes occasionally people have their opinions the sex appeal of Bailey I think it's there I think it's real I think she is a good looking woman and play on the ball and that but wait a clown searchers saying so I mean Sammy is a town to town tha guy a but right that wasn't her role before as that ultra baby face that wasn't something that I felt like that was even acknowledged right I feel this new attitude right Iran to come across as a sex symbol as well as somebody that has been kinda looked over because she didn't have blonde hair and she didn't established then you pass because Paul Heyman Right Oh man he called her as Paul Hayme I listen man got signed me the F. Up Mark Henry let me ask you this because you you touched on something that I find really interesting with Bailey and I don't know how much people talk about it I mean you'd see on the wearing she's got new music that she kind of she she doesn't bounce around anymore she walks with confidence and that is a woman that wants to be looked at as I'm sexy abby or are we wrong gabby for trying to sexualize how attractive Bailey is and her lack of I'm confident in myself and I don't need to dress a certain way to be confident in myself on my attitude is what makes me confident and that's what's GonNa make me attractive and I think that it's not even I think there's a real chance in a real opportunity to play on that sexuality that sex appeal and people that maybe didn't see Bailey in that light now that she's got the sleek look this is the busted open podcast you can listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius hand to be well studied I had to not a history I had to foster good relationships I had to do everything else that there was necessarily right that that's something that she us because I'm GonNa tell you I've never got by on my good looks I had to be talented uptake there's a little bit of element of danger that could absolutely lend itself to the sex appeal of Bailey no I want to get an opinion of a woman I'm as up you know she comes out bouncing around she's got the little side Pony like that's how I would address if I want into Lake and you know she where a lot of the makeup she wasn't really it wasn't her thing when she came on he was a child I think she's now coming to herself as a woman as a confident woman and that's sexy no matter what I love that analysis will they they would they would do good on television that's why they why they got the nod before her because there's no way and I'm not going to depth on your face I'm GONNA put your hair over you're facing cover your face and choke you with your own hair I'm going to be the worst human actualising it's her attitude her edge that's making her look better so I completely agree with it I don't think it's wrong at all because she wants to be as the old alone line I'll be great I mean we saw what it did it annexed tea and we saw one of the greatest women's matches the last ten years maybe in history so yeah just see it on the biggest stage wrestlemainia implant little seed in people's head right it could be friend against friend Wrestlemainia I mean it I mean can you imagine that with the great and I think also just add onto it as far as bills are concern there's nobody has more physically attractive to me than her yeah I I like the strength and the natural curve of a woman that she possesses and I don't she doesn't play on it yet she still I remember talking to Erik and him move in from Montana right to Connecticut and drive in his stuff himself I'm I'm just I'm I'm speculating I don't know for a fact but I never like you saw Paul Heyman's I I liked Eric I thought Eric was a class human being we spoke about wrestling a wave Henry what went wrong and what are your thoughts on Eric Bischoff leaving spectrum you know what I was really shocked shocked when I heard the news because has a fan he was able to do that but I don't I don't know if they ever applied any of and I still think that he got vetoed style show on the show right away when he took over all right you see the Paul Heyman influence I don't Bischoff you know being let go from smackdown I think a lot of people were surprised I mean for a few reasons but I think the the the initial shock maybe we can give eric a call and see you know if he's ready to talk RV won't be Great Eddie Grant so but I Montana are if he's you know making another stop somewhere what's what's the case and hopefully maybe get some clarification on that Head offer available to new series exemptions subscribers siriusxm no car required. I'm really curious how people feel right now about Eric Bischoff talk 'n news they had it all a lot of people think you need a car to enjoy Sirius Xm but you don't you can listen outside the car right now you can get your first three months of Sirius Xm outside the car doc right for a lot of people like when you read the headline I think it was like Oh my God that that was not that long of a run for Eric Bischoff so from your view from Your Angle Marquette shake I don't know did he get vetoed on some his ideas maybe but you have to get the chair bro that's a long long haul to have the turn around and go somewhere else I don't know if he's going back to Kennedy because this was a story earlier in the week that you guys didn't get to talk about this and this is a man you know very well obviously this is a company you know very well when when news came down about S. one dollars just go to Sirius Xm dot com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe you can listen on your phone at home and online that Sirius Xm dot com slash plus think we ever saw the Eric Bischoff influence agree on smackdown so did he get chance to put your fingerprints on whatever show that you're entrusted with and that's just it you are entrusted with I would like to ask Eric himself you know what was the case because only he invents knows and he may not want to talk about it from like we weren't a part of it and sometimes you got to be able to have that ability to step away and see what it is that makes you like it Manson baby if you are not holding that baby correctly that is going to take the baby away well as a sounding board now he's the guy so you know those ideas that could have gotten changed now I don't want to upset my tests listen we're going to finger no no I don't know I was very true if you don't know Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus Sports Common. I liked that I liked that Mark Henry now isn't that kind of the case though with a lot of these situations at the end of the day the book stops with Vince McMahon right like the buck stops with Vince McMahon so people in those positions now it's Bruce Prichard mark a very good friend years how much influence can though those positions have an really reality how much does it matter when the end of the day you know Vince he said it's his baby mark it feels like he is still holding that baby even when he is trying to give it off to you know credit's barely just yet like I got to stick up for my girl beyond you know how much I love Bianca Bel Air Mark I know you love all right there's like a sweet kid means she's got bruises tried and true he he's he's always been a guy when he was with the company before he was always at the top and he oh and show they'll be I think bruce is also a of vignettes guy he's better at vignettes I think that you'll see the more like you saw Awa cody and his wife being able to the things that joint and he was one of the guys that he was the main guy that work with me on sexual chocolate nobody else hardly that's Austin and that show you are a sitter I'm Aleve for a minute but I'll be right back hold the baby I said this is opinion this is not fax I I don't know if there was any fall out or disagreement so whatever I want so sexual chocolate was a product of here's as much as it was a product mine so I trust Bruce to be able to ask more comedy to the show he said if you will let you know what that's just what it is though like you're a sitter you you're not the new debt you're not the new moms but at the cussing you had a little bit that great videotron spot like the certain promos in certain matches CICERO got some serious shine right but but again the festival looks like Bailey to me yeah I'm sorry I will I will I will carry the torch sex appeal to Acapella I got you bianca you are and right at you know I called him before the show and left him a voicemail and basically the voice mail I left was hey man sometimes they might go a minute the ones that go a minute are gonna be Promo packages were you see somebody training like a rocky movie he can make him like now this is this is what we're doing and this is how i WanNa do it I learned a lot from Bruce from producing stamp eighty or you see somebody at the at the doctor's office and then getting the okay to go and well you're healthy you can go all out and it right away he's going to be put in the fire so he knows what he's in for you look at the show last night he produced that show and I wasn't expecting a callback because it's a busy busy time he called me back then text me back adding we're talking about best bodies man I your girl your girl your girl Bianca Belair might be in that category where like I don't Wanna I don't Wanna I don't WanNa give then you know like Bruce has been really really superior that so I think that the show will reflect his style of producing role was smackdown on Fox you know what I think that he's GonNa take the same pressure that he's always had I mean it's a high pressure job you know that because you look at what just happened to Eric after a couple of months bruce comes in like you said he's been with the company before what type of pressure would you gauges on Bruce prichard coming into this how's that work and Bruce will find who works well with him who who will agree with him but also tell him I don't agree with that he did with his mother did pulley motion out through story short story thirty seconds or less is a hey chocolate thank you because he calls me chocolate and said brother I know you busy go do your thing and awesome and you know pretty well what do you think the expectations from Bruce are going to be how short of a leashes he on because listen Bischoff time was very short it feels it feels like what is your what's up listen I'm going to get very sidetracked talking about yeah right right no no no I don't want to upset Mr. Montana be live you hating on me I'll never hate on him he my friend so is that's the thing about pro wrestling this this whole world and and and that I think is where the tire Easter road you have to find your click your team those people close to you because he could call me and say what you think and I'm GonNa tell him exactly what I think he knows that and there will be no judgment he wants have you can't hold a job down then let me know I'll get somebody else and that's what what I think happened and is in Dan congratulations go out there and kick ass tonight what you know great opportunity and I know you've been there before so it's all hat you're going to land on this I've been going back and forth in terms of picking my show the week last week unanimously we went with a w now I didn't get a fair shake or whatever I don't know but I hopefully we can find out here you know I like that idea let's pivot Bruce Prichard he takes over Friday night smackdown the he knows and appreciates people that respect what he's going through and you have to have again this week and I really wanted to make it my best show but I gotta be honest I have to be honest I can't get away and this is any time that these to meet in a ring on freaking believable which kinda sticks in line with what we've come to expect from those two so just from that alone and then you think of obviously an and I this is GonNa be good for TV this I think I think it really will be good tv I'm curious mark what type of pressure is going to be on Bruce Right yeah if you can't get to everything right I get it I understand listen I don't know Mark Henry ware it they're not going to be afraid to make a move if the reactions aren't what they want so what type of let's see let's use the Word Journey Mark Henry what type of journey is Bruce Prichard in for one of the best before he went over to annex t on the open market them together annexed he is money Mark Henry their match on Wednesday was in the both of those shows Friday night smackdown now and Monday night raw they both still and I do agree those first couple of weeks when politics over Roy yeah yes has great promos from the energy from ms the energy from Bailey and Sasha it's GonNa be really hard for me not to have it be the show of the week because I could literally we talk about fight forever I could watch these to fight forever of course I'm talking about Dominic Jacovic than anything on a week to week basis so I'm going annex t who are you going with for your show of the week Mark Henry I'm breezed through my top five and then any he said thank you I need to go to produce the show and that's that's that's what it is mm the produce this show one man can't do it woman came manage Michael You're hearing catch Bessette Open live of of sports entertainment and pro wrestling is an amalgamation of different personalities different talents and you've got to find the one come back okay so I'm GonNa go with just what you just said I would say inex- t- was number one and Keithly I just I listen I liked digest when he was on the indies and he was doing what he was doing but at the same can be said for Keith Lee the the whole saga with Moxley impact principles in that match regardless of who else was in it the she had two matches in T- had four good matches and last night smack down the that's what you're picking this week no no that's okay okay okay so unanimous we were all w right now he w had a dynamite dammit you know pete done in Damian Priest having a great match with preschool and over on Pete done another man that I think very highly of basically what I'm getting to mark Henry I really wanted to make aid very in the reason that I is Canada same as you is I think that Keith Lee is money a good show I'm still not gonna put it above a w just because I just the main events and the mocks and pack stuff stood out to me smackdown was number two and a half to go were last night show it was started strong and an ended strong and more than anything on smackdown maybe aside from Bailey sit down with ms saw I I would be okay putting smackdown at three for me but you you hit on story was about them and Awa came across really really good but I can't give you a full show because it was it was hard to be and then I would have to put in a e w right there following that and then raw and empower yeah it was hard to be I had to defend it because you break it down and you go through that show and tell me something that was right yeah something really interesting and it's it's a show that we've been talking about now for a couple of weeks in all very excited about and of course that is Nwea power you had power coming in at five having Kimmy Owens on on a on a roster and not using him you know so it's it's time for INEX- t to realize and there's no wrestling organization that makes me feel like I felt when I was twelve and power does power makes me wrestling we've been talking about it over the last few weeks it's it's really never been better the choices for fans to pick through are just incredible I listen I'm not GonNa hold it again I think that you said this last week why was Keith Lee i Don t when they had the when when they had to show that they have w my show of the week again this week just can't I have to go with it just felt a little bit better in terms of entering I gotta be honest I talked about it that's what's going to sway me is there people are not going to turn the channel if Keith liaison I don't care who you put over there because they're gonna WanNa see what he does next and ed put together the debut it was it was yeah it was missing one of the most explosive guys that they have is like having she makes a comment about how she didn't like the fact that they don't use walkout or theme music right and I kind of said I was like we'll see that's funny because for me that's one of the things that I point to one of the things that I look at that separates them but mark the point I'm getting at is everyone presents wrestling almost everyone in the same sort of way you know I mean out of respect for events and what happened he may may say you know he may be pissed and say you know what I want to talk about mark I I don't know what is in store for NWEA power I don't know where I would rank it it would definitely be in my top five hell mark I gotta be honest might have it at three I might have it after

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