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From Washington DC this is Westwood One Daily News for October Seventh Twenty nineteen. I'm John Trout. US forces have begun pulling out of Syria that according to news reports the White House says Turkey will soon invade northern Syria camera vice president Joe Biden wrote an op Ed piece in The Washington Post calling Mr trump wholly unfit to be president facing how subpoenas secretary of state a smaller part of that border and not well within it so certainly this does represent something of a which is basically would encompass a variety of large towns and cities that are currently under the control of the Syrian democratic very unhappy with this move they put out a statement this morning just a little while ago saying that the United States is not abiding biased leader announcing officially second person is joining the complaint and the attorney says the Second Whistle Blower has first-hand knowledge of the goal president trump doesn't word with accusations concerning president trump and his Ukraine interactions is representing a second whistleblower Bob Costantini has that story no one from the trailed by the United States of one of its most important allies in the war against Isis and it brings into question what are Turkey if Syria that has been relatively stable now for several years Ben Wedeman reporting the lawyer for the first whistle blower who came along the almost four hundred fifty kilometer border between Syria and Turkey to be thirty kilometers with inside Syria written urging them to cooperate with Attorney General William Bars investigation into foreign influence in the two thousand sixteen election and on Fox News Sunday futures Lindsey versus those are the forces that the United States was closely aligned with in the war against Isis and the Syrian democratic forces are clearly part of Syria but we need to keep in mind this is not where those Syrians come from these are Sunni Muslims from western Syria being reset his intentions we have heard from the Turks that they want to settle as many as two million Syrian refugees currently in Turkey within this point house was on the news programs in one Sunday tweet president trump re tweeted a letter sent by the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to leaders of Australia Italy and nation is denying all requests and subpoenas until the full house votes for an impeachment inquiry Bob Costantini Washington ten days after he testified in the murder Graham announcing he will insist that the whistle blower one or two whatever they come forward under oath testifying so the public can judge or credibility if that trial of a former Dallas police officer key witness Joshua Brown was shot and killed corresponding Clayton Neville says police continue to search for suspects commitment with the keeping in mind that in the beginning of September the Americans and Turkish forces began to patrol old potentially in a part of Syria is largely Kurdish so this has serious implications could certainly destabilize a palm peyot who was on the phone call president trump had with Ukraine's below d'humieres Alinsky we'll obviously do all the things required to do by law pronounce the administer that happened in the House I will make sure it happens in the Senate was the blower one or two is a reference to the attorney for the first intelligence community employees who was alarmed by president trump's called Ukraine's thinks Oh tweeting where it is they are going to the bench in another whistle blower is coming in from the deep state also with second hand info the object of the president's concerns about corruption is apartment by mistake and killed him he testified to the prosecution about what he sold Geiger doing moments after hearing gunshots she was crying say she indepth and the testimony in the Geiger Trial Clayton Neville Dallas the ocean cleanup project created to pull millions of tons of plastic out of the Pacific while the aftermath of the high profile trial continues to play out Joshua Brown lived across the hall from both John Last year when Amber Geiger claims Joel walked into Eh apartment Brown was killed his current home Friday about five miles from his former apartment building authorities haven't said whether there's any connection between is finally making progress here's Evan haning he had failed at first then the project realized the cleaning system was moving at the same speed as the junkie removing it is a big job but cleanup has been so encouraging the project hopes to improve techniques that will pull even more plastic from the ocean. I'm Evan Haning was trying to strain out of the water so after a few tweaks it's beginning to make a dent in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch an area of floating trash twice the size Texas with as much as nine hundred thousand tonnes of fishing gear lost in the sea each year along with millions of tons of bottles toys and traffic cones from shore well college educated women earn less than men correspondent and cates reports over the past six decades women have enrolled in college in greater numbers and those born in the mid nineteen eighties twenty two percent more likely to hold a bachelor's degree than men but these womens still have smaller salaries according to the Wall Street Journal a new study college students thoroughly researching the job market and potential wages when picking out a college major I'm Anne cates there have been changes attributed to global warming at eleven because Glacier Bay National Park here's Stephan Kaufman Alaska's Glacier Bay national park is experiencing the deterioration of a world class destination and female students tend to major in fields lead to lower paying jobs and even women who enroll in traditionally male-dominated courses of study still earn less researchers say the results pointed ranger Jake mcphee says climate change is making it harder for glaciers to collect snow and ice we have over one thousand glaciers in Glacier National Park One thousand forty seven park in addition throughout Alaska dramatic temperature changes including a recent heat wave along the Arctic coast resulted in the loss of many types of wildlife Lamar shrinking we used to save in two thousand seventeen ninety five percent of the glaciers are receding today it's definitely one hundred percent among the shrinking glaciers as often casting uncertainty on the fate of the Kurdish fighters allied with the US. Here's Ben Wedeman the Turks have made it clear they want this so-called safe zone defeat off the top as well make says it's easy to understand why the park is losing so much snow in is every day today in Glacier Bay is about five degrees warmer Stephan Kaufman in Glacier Bay Alaska Westwood One Daily News for October Seventh Twenty nineteen. I'm John Trough Photograph twenty-one Mile Long Margerie Glacier the glacier that I've seen received in the last three years I've been here and also has lost about fifty and it was in the one thousand nine hundred fifty s average is predicted to be about another eight to ten degrees warmer by twenty one hundred he says the glacier is dr every living

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