79: Tuesday, May 7th, 2019


Get good morning. Happy tuesday. Happy presell launch day for the dirty jeans tour final leg extravaganza DJ t also it's the day after met Monday. So I'm feeling hung over even though it wasn't like technically invited, you know, per se totally feel hung over from the four our lives that we asked him where on rancid was hung over. She was literally asleep. Elbows were on the table. Actinium mother to turning right? It was it was a weird stream. It was none of them wanted to be there. It's like they were all individually offended that they weren't actually at the gala totally and that they have to comment on the Mekel each competing with the other about how much insider information. They have information like either came because like brag resi styled, some people or like, they get presi emails, which I get to you know. I mean, honestly, I do think Brad Gretzky like in some universe could have been invited. So I think like truly like weird for him to be. They're also Elaine von Elta worth like, she's a judge on project way. She's like the former editor of teen vogue like she could. I've been there too. So I understand Roberts Rousey toilet thought. You should Zada Roberts. Rasi looked nuts with blue shadow under blue dress. She looked like the crashing into Okeyo. But did she look Cam? Oh, yes. Actually, you know, as I was watching the livestream involved. I was starting to understand a little bit more. But what was really understanding was that? Nobody was understanding, and I really feel like at the end of the day after seeing all the looks. I have a good sand sense of what they meant as camp to me Campbell always be like, you know, was whistles clipboards concert cinch, but met Gallus understanding of camp. Like, I feel like I get it. Now, it's so funny later in the night when people were starting to walk the red carpet on the news livestream. They would like zoom in on people shoes and stuff, and you could see on the floor. The carpet was covered in people's like feathers beads ruffles like people were literally unraveling on the carpet the carpet started out pink. But it ended up by the end of the night being multicolored. I mean that's pretty Cam merry Cam. Okay. So we're gonna talk about it a little bit. We're gonna get into the nitty gritty on the patriot. Because we don't want to inundate this whole episode with. Macau covering because there's so much else going on like pre-sale, which started at ten o'clock for all the eastern standard time shows, which is Pittsburgh. It's Philly Toronto. It's Richmond Virginia beach Charleston, a bunch of others New York is going on at noon because I'm feeling like making it special in twenty minutes. That's the central time. Time zones are so confusing going until at noon yet. We'll presale presell. Okay. So confused, you're like Morgan Stewart trying to do the nightly pop time. Let me tell you. We're on ten thirty on some nights and eleven o'clock, another it's very confusing. Okay. So shows in some cities, it's live and some cities. It's not if you wanna be eligible for presale. All you have to do is become a patriot member nine dollars, WWW dot patron dot com for eight does seller. So the shows that already went on sale at ten this morning. We're Pittsburgh villi Lexington. Charleston, Toronto Richmond, Virginia beach. So those have you don't sell for forty minutes. I do hear that some of the shows flying off the shelves AK Toronto. In twenty minutes, which will be central time at ten pm ten AM Minneapolis Ossining cog on the walking New Orleans. Are we feeling other yet yet then at noon in New York, the beacon is going on sale? And I would just remind you I will be like Larry putting a picture of job on Instagram like just for tension. You know, right because that's an important moment. For me tease. You're jinan. Interim takes and see the whole thing at the beacon, TicketMaster dot com slash beacon. Yeah. Then at one o'clock my time, which is ten AM Pacific time the rest, we got Los Angeles India. Go Seattle Vancouver, Portland. Vegas suffered Cisco. That's it. So hopefully, trying to make that less confusing forever run. But when I was on the phone with everyone, they were telling me about presell, the managers run they were like ten AM local time like, okay? So all the shows are going on ten on it. I know local look into New York. So it's just think the world revolves around eastern time eight does sometimes when things are live like game of thrones is on. Yes. Because trunk west coast, which is so interesting so weird, but like it should revolve around central or mountain time. It's so weird. And then ABC family's always like eight seven central, you know, which is because his kids, which is helpful. I just I can't chant and they went so head over to peach dot com slash more than to get your tastes to grow with no job show, dirty jeans store. I'm so excited me to got into. I think I'll go to begin. But I think can use it as an opportunity to see a little bit more of the new the trip to as berry Park, New jersey a trip to New Orleans. I've never been okay. You take your advice on this? Because I was thinking for the final leg of dropping the pajamas. That'll stick pajamas and slippers. Okay. I could understand that. But then it opens up a whole can of worms of what do I wear for this tour? Right. So I would have to have unofficial outfit like for for the shows, which is difficult as well. Yeah. I technically should be wearing dirty jeans to there's always been this like big hiccup like this huge controversy conflicting myself. It's your store to tour and I'm wearing clean pajamas. Right. The lease what I'm wearing now is actually. Was the inspiration behind that read? Like, these are the genes, I have literally not not taking these genes off in a period, but it was the ripped jeans. Oh, yeah. Ripped ones anymore. You realize everyone you black sheets every day and technically could say they're different every day. The same rips the same places you're wearing the jeans every day and their genes five days. That's interesting point. I think you should stick to the slip to the page. So you don't get going. Well, so far despite the hypocrisy, and like you don't want to add a layer of discomfort on each at least. That's one thing that you like that you can rely on no matter. How treacherous this road gets at least I'll comfortable in the will of reunion would need out there super late eulogise strolled into Harry makeup in this read. It was like exactly what I wear onstage long, sleeve pajamas read all sequence. And it was so cute. And I wanted to find it in black from her sore. I couldn't find it. I could go for doing the pajamas in different colors. I don't need sequence. Personally that adds another layer jeans. Wins. It's like, you're adding a third element totally. But I could go for red PG's Red's, not really Michael Lou switching based on the city sitting rolling block. Then there you go. Yeah. So solved. So you answered your question say people are so funny when I release the big poster they're like people get really angry in this like, and I didn't really respond to anyone with literature responses, and you're not coming to Louisiana. My god. What did we did to you? And I'm like girl look at the poster Louisiana's right there. Right. Like like, how could you not Boston bitch? Where were you? When I did two shows at the Wilbur, please Atlanta, killing you hate seven girl. I was in Atlanta shed shucking for tickets left and right swipe out about so I didn't respond, but this girl was like are there any cities that you're not going to that? You never went to that really feel maligned. Okay. Like, there has been some sure there's some there's a bit of outcry for. Kansas city. Okay. It's just like I think that's such a small city like it was on the list. I was just like that Boise and Omaha. I was just like I don't think anyone will show up in like, it'll be a waste of money and time to just trek there, the UN to Boise I would have gotten with you. Along the places I wanna see Boise. And then you tell me not to hear Boise's beautiful this time. Wherever like, listen. I need you in Boise. You knew I would be there problem is needed you anywhere. You would be there. Of course. The problem is not only not say that you say, please don't come you. I really don't like like when we were all planning on like getting a tour bus in going to Boston. And then you're like, I don't want people. It's just like it's so much pressure. Like, even in Huntington, Long Island, Ben came, and I was a nightmare before throwing things in the dressing room. I was truly Mariah Carey. And it's because of bad like he just makes me over so Ben's, I'm going to come to LA show. And I'm like, no. And Ben let's come because it's going to be like celeb- Bill. You know, it's too important of show. Like, there's a point of people coming. Sorry. No, he's Awsat outside. No, he can buy a ticket and like Sydney audio he out telling you know, he is in Los Angeles. No, he can figure out a way to get interest without telling you and sneak into this location on my phone though in find my friends like he would not be able to get past me. I'm shit. I'm a true snoop. That for anyone and like sometimes I really need it. I have to say like what I started sharing it with people. I'm like there'd been nowhere. And then now I have a bunch of people's locations and never look at it unless they're like five minutes went and just like to see how really close and has been so helpful. I have a little bit. I have Margot have been a couple of friends. You don't have meat, and I don't do you want it. I like to do. I don't need it, dude. Always standing, right. We've both went home from the airport. Like, I just wanted to see where you were getting home faster. But other than that. I guess I could use it on my husband. But you know, what we give each other our privacy. We don't have each other's passwords for stuff. Like, I don't know. If that's weird or warble. No. I have been passwords I've been using them less and less, and I really love having been location because Ben is that guy who's like, oh come here. And then I'm standing outside like a Hooker for an hour of my husband's like that to show. It's nice to be like he says, I'm here, and he's really six blocks. And I will come down when you're one block away. Yeah. That's true. That's why it's the most helpful. We haven't got into a situation yet where it's like okay now, give your location. I've asked a few times, but it's never been necessary. Well, I feel as if maybe would answer relationship take it to the next level. You think it probably would? But like it's kind of nice having like he doesn't mind like I could be anywhere in the world. That's exciting going go to Los Angeles. No, that's true. That's an exciting thing to think about agreed. You know marriage is big commitment that you're committed to sometimes you just need your space. That's the thing about seven or go to Los Angeles. That's the thing about being committed. It requires a lot of commitment yet. We heard that on the livestream is just like talking to nonsense every time they saw some it was a new person. This was the the comer India. Veggies in. It was pretty well. I should have been it would have been like anyone anyone Jenner. Just like screaming. And don't bother a lot of can't be. But you know, what else they realize all know bras? Not one percent on the McCallum pink. Carpet was wearing a bra. And that's why I feel I will never be invited. 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Fifteen percent off your first order, go to third love dot com. Mm slash morning toast now to find your perfect fitting bra and get fifteen percent off your first purchase. That's third. Love dot com slash morning. Toast for fifteen percent off today. Exciting truly. Okay. Are you ready to talk mcallen? Are you ready to get into? I don't know the fast stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast. I am I okay. Who am I just guess guys wanna touch my third level chess twins? We just got way too excited. I actually started like, wow. Oh, who shutting my Pence was so funny? Okay. Before we get into the stories that we're like a little newsy about McCallum. I want to just get your pulse on like best dress in worst-dress like some of your favorites. Some of your favorites. Because I have I have mine when I think of best dressed, I always like have a hard time me like who I loved the most. But like I mean, I really am not like her number one fan. I don't know a lot about her work. But Gino Mona was my best dress like the blinking. I was at I started to move into my own. No, the ice falling that pays itself. Back up genius. The hats the hair hearts like that. I mean, I don't know what campus, but I have to think that that's it. So for me, so for the person that I love and like, I just like, maybe she wasn't best-dressed. But like, I just love her the most he's of course. And by the way, she was up there with best. Josh she was totally on theme for me. I have to stress one person who was in theme and the best for him. And then just like look beat a foe. But what the fuck was. They who your I won. I won best. Just for the SIEM is KENDALL. Yes, I believe. And also go see the kennel highly like them showing up together them like looking like a bottle of Fonda Chris notes. So Cam that's so camp. No, they were so Cam they were so beautiful. I felt like highly really felt like herself it was like this was made for this is what she wears under housing pictures in like she looks like just a purple. She got to wear her way. And I'm so happy for KENDALL. Just look all of that. And then beyond show yet like Carly's was like borderline trashy with the Timberline. But she if anyone could do it, it's hurt she was herself. And she looks. She looks incredible. Her body was snacks. Like, she was wonderful KENDALL was she she encompassed the theme and the moment and the met Gallet feathers like she really looked tastic. She looks fantastic. I loved everything about her look, including some of her. New facial features which I can relate to because I just got Rushbo talks yesterday, and I got fresh look, and I'm so swollen like usually I put on. And you know, you rub it all around your lips. I can't even like Ma. Hurts. So so they're gonna go down a little bit. Like, I thought I wanted huge lips. And now that I'm crazy. So I'm ready for them to go back to normal. Okay. I guess they could go down a little bit. But you just loving. I'm like inject him. All I'm like, denarius Burnham on all who's the other person. And then my best dress, regardless of the theme. Just like you to outfit was Haley Baldwin Bieber. You're gonna say Seinfeld. And I was like oh, man. She looked like no. But she was camp that was campy, but she was kept for matron. She was camphor Instagram like when the that whole collection came out, and it rose, I mean, yeah. Like, she was like, I'm aware met bomb. Right. And like, I expect more from her. You know, what's so funny is I think part of the reason why the news, I don't even know what to call it. It wasn't even a show because everyone was the retired rage. Coverage was so boring because they have been so like since the days of Joan they have taken so many steps towards like being nice, and like the making fun of someone's Alfred is now considered bullying, which is. So crazy like that's just not the case. Like, you aren't what you wear like. It's so stupid. But they really every every even the bad people were. Or if they didn't like, I don't think anyone was really crazy about the healthy Steinfeld, the, but they were just talking about the context behind the mean and the runway it was just like they would say anything just not to say anything even slightly negative, which is so stupid because that's funny. No. And it's also fashioned like people make mistakes, and it's it's not that serious. So like in the beginning of their coverage. They weren't saying anything about anyone. But no one really showed up looking crazy at and then towards the end, you know, everyone comes in full. Metal jacket, and they didn't say one cross thing about anyone. So you're telling me, they loved every single look is that what you're telling, you know, it's so unrealistic, and it's so stupid. And it's like you trust them WW J D. I want people who will put their neck on the line and say crossing about a celebrity who's not dress. Well, because they're giving the people the truth mortem each celebrity. Thank you. Maybe somebody's not going like them. Maybe just be oriented Granda. You're gonna tweet about you. But you gave us the truth. And we will never forget what it actually really liked was the interview Jimmy Fallon really quickly. And he was like, I literally don't understand what's going on here. I'm just like, no, I'm going to be quiet and make fun of everything tomorrow. That's what a normal person should say. Yeah. A comedian us comics. So who was here worst-dress, then I didn't think anyone actually looked like a glee. I really was just so disappointed in the hills time, they'll the special because on this show, we said a she's been on mcallen every single time. She turns out in a look she got stylist offer twenty first birthday. And then she showed up like just really not looking well, but I wouldn't necessarily say she's my stress. Not wishing theme shoes on the this person was on too. But I just I'm really sad to say. I think lily Reinhart was my worst dressed. That's a really good one coal looked. So like weird and good and campy, and he looked taught still like he can look like I was just really feeling it and them together the outfits were not cohesive like he was more like fun camp. She was more like serious marie-antoinette camp. And just I she doesn't have a lot of saying what she worked. She was just like excited to be there and the designer just dresses you, but I really wasn't into it, especially when she came off the most epic moment last year with him. Yeah. That's a very good one. I want to say one thing in defense of hailee Steinfeld one thing. We were robbed of her look because when I'm looking at pictures, it's cute. It's campion. She looks young and fun. But we saw her for the first time in the corner of the news coverage from like a terrible angle. And we were like, oh my God. That's Heli Seinfeld. And it ruin whatever was coming next ruined it for us. Yes. So like, maybe if I'd seen a photo, I have appreciated the look more. Also just want to say that Judith Lieber was the big winner of the night every single person was carrying him. She's unbelieveably camp. And like I'm obsessed with their instrument. I always comment as if it's my best friend like. Like your best Judah ELO. And like Emily did not does is in their new can be like. Like, that's my other friend. I'm like, yeah. Emily Ratu cow sqi. Oh my God. That butterfly had that was beautiful like just true beauty. Yes. I don't know I struggle with her because it's like she looks like a beautiful angel. But like so much nudity. That's her. And that's camp. Is it? I guess at the end of the night. You're always get naked. I can't you know, we're an we're talking to you like are you so crazy? That's okay. I don't know it just like to me. I don't know she in a way she always played like even though that was dairy. He's a way she always plays itself because she just like relies on her body time. They how can you dislike it want to take your temperature on two things. One is the riverdell cast like last year it was justly Reinhardt and calls browse. And it was like a really big deal that they were there. And I think they were there more because of him and her but now commitment as in Melton went and so did meddling Petra. That was really shocking which I thought was really shocking. If Cami Mendez and just and Melton had gone. I would've been like, okay. Finally, like trusses per the fact that madly was there like Anna Wintour, stands Riverdale cool for her. I hope you're enjoying the season. And I'm here for it there. The next gen agreed one hundred percent, and that is a move of her being in tune and speaking of an action the second thing I wanted to ask you about was Jim Charles. So I. And mature. Kind of clear my throat, James Charles and Emma Chamberlain. We're supposed to be there. Emma Chamberlain lifted. A partnership with batons I thought she was going to be there. But she wasn't there. Just James was he was Alexander Wang. I should say I'm time after time like really like uninspired by Alexander Wang when he broke highly. And she just that those weird sunglasses lock dress like I'm just like so uninspired by him too. But he did Hayley Baldwin stress. Oh, she looked and she looks great. And I want to say the thong of made the dress. Agreed. It made like otherwise she's a beautiful on a pink dress and look in thin with her back arched in a way that she definitely practice. The reason arching her back like that. So was that. So in one photo, you could see the front and the back which was so important for the looks. Otherwise, you have to post to photos every time. So the the thong said weighing saved it for me who did he say you were just saying James roles. I mean, people were jokingly looks like it's gonna cello, right? It was hardly joke. The issue with the mecca, and like all this coverage is like you wanna blame like you're like, oh, how could lily Reinhart wear that. But it's like she had zero say in what of war horse. So the blame is really on the designers. But then it's the celebrities who take the brunt of in so many celebs like really feel so uncomfortable what they're wearing. And that's a story that I want to talk about was Kim's Instagram story talking about all of her years at the galley and Kim is now in a place where Felix she can you know, give elaborate Seattle. There are few celebrities who are at that level. But if you're lucky enough to be invited by fucking like Stella McCartney, you just shut up and fitted, right? So a blessing but also occurs. So like someone it was someone else's idea for Lili right here to look like EFI trinket. She looked just like EFI. Also, it really was the hunger games, capital fashion. Yes. And I feel like fucking but Justice for those things knighted and Jucci. Jucci totally. There was a few people that were missing. And also like this is really controversial statement. But I'm not really one of the worst dressed like it is such a disappointing way is Giselle agreed. Apparently, she's never on team. And she doesn't care about the great. So she can wear any dress in the world and shows that like she does. No, it was a sustainable friendly. Like all the dress was made from the tears of orphans. That's cool. Good. Like, it was a fine dress like she could wear it to a party to the beach. She could wear to the beach for the McCallum. You're not gonna care about the theme. And you're just gonna wear whatever, you know, jewelry and your Giselle. Yeah. Agree step. It up. Agreed. Also, another one of my best dress Campbell. Oh my God. Love relooked, beautiful every minute agree. And I got to see a great shot of the feet because someone who works at e tentage so weird. They must have hired edge tonight, or which was just joked is unemployed right now and all all the whole feet. It's like they got no good celebrities interview. They got no good celebrities on the street. And then what they did. They were just showing. Fucking feet. Totally was you think about Kim? You know, what I'm and I said this before we watch any of the lodge. I'm consistently jams of the mecca like a little underwhelmed by the crashing because they really care more about like looking pretty and having their glam snatched than they do about like being in theme. And maybe looking like a little off, which I totally get much rather look pretty, but so Kim this time like went for the theme and not only did not really get it. Her body looked like so weird. And I just I don't know. I wasn't living for it as much as I was looking for KENDALL and Kylie and honesty like, Chris. Yeah. And I was living for kennel highly Kim, the more pictures that I see in more pictures that she posts it's like the way that she wants us to see us some more. I like it. But my first initial reaction was like what? And also it's like like a knee length dress at the met gal. Right. Yes. She like never can really get it for the mecca last year. She did she just plain white dress with literally last year. I thought she. Okay, actually. Yes. She did get into a heavenly body. The play. White like that was met. And then the, you know. Yeah. Mrs Doubtfire couch. Yeah. Okay. We'll get into it more and more. But so now, it is time to with stories that you need to know that wasn't a story. Taking wasn't a ease it, and we have three McAllister's first, Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes. Make it met gala fischel posing a couple on the first major event red carpet big deal. I didn't even know that. Because I was watching news, obviously, they didn't show us anything important. Oh up. Sorry while they didn't hit the red carpet. The couple posed for photos inside the event in front of the flower wall. And in the main met hall looking cozy with their hands around one another as they stop for photographers, which they've never done before. They're always photograph editor sitting next to me like with an iphone. She doesn't want to poke the bear Scientology. Maybe she's out of her contract feel so bad for like, I think about her all the time. I know, but I feel as though they've been together for really longtime her Jamie Foxx, make feeling really happy. I think so because they don't like seek like this. Slime light. You know, when I just wanna say another very disappointing person. Outfit jaylo. Just like so thirsty thirsty. So been there done that riana and khloe Kardashian get like she could have warned that dress and even the headpiece like an award show wasn't special. No, it wasn't special obvious thirsty choice, and it was like almost two safe, but her safety like it was actually risk who who chilling. I need to clear my throat, so. Told his season hot nice. Okay. Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx. Do you ship? I do actually really happy for them. I feel Jamie Foxx needs a stable woman in his life. She's a mom. She's a business woman. I think they're both really good for each other. She needs a little excitement in her life. I feel like she's been Kimmy Schmidt. The mo- woman for years like she just needs to leave the house and go to parties, and like he can offer her that they both fit each other's needs. Really? Well, yeah, I'm glad that they have the competence or whatever the contract ending grump. And they have started to step out a little while ago, actually, like a good amount of time ago. And then like something happened with the contract, you know, she got a cease and desist or some shit, and they really took a step back. And I thought they had broken up. But no, they're here at Mukalla. I'm here for any them like being required to keep it keep it back like behind the curtain was probably really good for their relationship. Like when you're just being thirsty in the spotlight like that can be good and thrust into. To the public. I if they're seeing the spotlight nickel. But ten yell Jonas. And Kevin Jonas as predicted were unfortunately, not invited. Which is just like, it's devastating. It's seating. So FIA Joe were there. Did you see what Nick tweeted? Yes. He should avoid his camp rock. No. He put a side by side of him a little finger. So we must protect the Val. Oh, I saw them with a little mustache like little finger. He also tweeted that he should have just weren't his camp t shirt that is so funny. I wish he should've worn it like under his pleaser that would have been so cool, and he just wanted to give an honorable mention to L fanning who actually was the only person who looked camper. Oh, she'll all the necklaces the camp bracelets, her hair and a high pony like she really took. Our interpretation of camp interrupt you to let her know that it is now eleven AM eastern time. Ten AM central time. So many applesauce in Chicago, Milwaukee New Orleans, patriotic presale has begun gun go to the after dark or the patriarch page to get the code and the link that is once again, Minneapolis all sin, Chicago. But walking New Orleans them's just a. A word from our sponsors. Yes. Who we talking about Priyanka Priyanka Scott ago? Yeah. So she was a Cutie. She's these all these other looks are coming back to me. Now, I get confused between Elizabeth Olsen because she's like assist. The younger sister is arguably more famous and beautiful. I dunno yet youngest usually sister is like the weenie like says Ademi to say like, you know, it's like the youngest shadow the Ashley Simpson. Yeah. And it's like the like. But like when the younger sister just comes out stunning. It's interesting, and I get them confused. Oh, yeah. Also, someone mentioned Miley. What we thought? Okay. So really interesting. I don't know if it was the same designer, but it was the same sex structure as LIZA Koshi stress. It was just weird because like a kind of lies a coach she looked better. I completely agree. But I just love if someone's wearing green green like, right? I will never take advantage of my looking normal because you never might be a fleeting thing. So she just had straight hair, and you know, she wore pretty dress and actually tights. So you know, what I sh- Miley gets her own scale, you know, for sure like on the scale of my lease. It was a good look for mine lead. But I feel like she is someone who would so embrace this theme machines to do all those crafts and not even camp counselor right pets yet. Let's not sous in the Susan Santiago way, I feel like she would really embraced like all of this Kraft cheese to do when she used to work with mosquito all the time like I felt like she could've just farted out a better dress yet. No, it was just very laid back. A theme that was really made for her. But like I said, I will never ever take advantage of Miley or be ungrateful of mileage is looking normal and pretty because that was such you know, a distant thing for me for. I mean, the short beings were the risk Schorr, whatever I'm just I'm really happy for Neilly normal. And also, she also looks happy highly highly love highly what shields finally Fudd Miley. Totally some of the Masino experts of the best looks just want Casey, mice craves, Tracy Ellis. Ross loved the picture frame. Who is there? One was Cardi B. No. I don't know. I don't know looks a little sue bed beyond like, oats shoes. Mosquito show was the chandelier Katy Perry Myskina. Yes. And also the hamburger. Yes. That was a little stupid. But it was Cam. I said before the show even started that she was going to really embrace the same because she is like Cam and noxious just you know, I love she was looking here from you be right. So I'm glad that she lived up agreed lady Gaga. I'm sorry. I guess she walked Harvey four hours before I now perfection. Early sheets so much now in somebody early for that we were watching the life do lip at her big ballgown was knocking out. Jalen a-rod, like even most respected people couldn't get at square inch on the carpet because if you're invited that means you're procedures, Belinda Gaza was shouli the first person there. There was not a single person on the carpet. That's why she had so much space for profit changes. I wonder what you were inside when he was on Saint she was in her naked outfit. God, I think that's what she wore. She's looked. I mean, if I looked like that I would fucking less than that. But that is camp by the end of the night. You're just naked skinny dip in the lake totally. So I love I loved it. It was like there's no need to comment on it. Because she knows she was the theme and she was the host. So like every like, that's it done extras, hell and her shows facial expressions. We're just so cute. Yeah. Okay. Next story. Shockingly Georgina Chapman attends the twenty nineteen met gala after Harvey Weinstein scandal, actually, not so shockingly because voted very piece on her. If he months ago, I was friends with them, and they're trying to bring her back into the fold and she dressed constants. Woo hoo. Looked incredible. I mean, that's always been the big struggle of his Trajan Chapman like, you know, compliance complicit whatever the end of the day murky makes the most beautiful dresses, and I would Constance will maybe not wise, but just like in my list of whoever looked the most beautiful and who's ever who's ever dressed the most objectively stunning? So regardless of how you feel. I'm glad she was there because the dresses that she make deserve to be like this like each and every day. I agree. Yeah. And as consumers we need Marquette, and they learned that lesson when it was looking for just a nice dress once and there was nothing there except for murky. So I supported and I will continue to cause. I support talent doesn't matter. Like now going forward. She standing under two feet, and she's making sure ses for people to stand in. On their own two feet. You know, like, regardless of how you feel. I think she deserved to be there. And you know, what it's like she has been through a shit storm and back let her go to that gala. Okay. Yeah. So that she was there. Now, I want to talk about people who were there shockingly, you weren't there. Because I did not see very Ana me. Neither didn't tell us. What I did not see both previous host like they're on the committee. Right. The friends with Anna. And it's surprising because I feel like we on no matter where she's at in. Like, she always goes. Because like she loves a good theme and everyone loves her and she's always going to carnival looking like campus. Hell so this would have really been a moment for her. Right. And then Taylor swift like is in the press junket right now. Like, why would she miss out on the biggest press our -tunities Taylor swift? What did you think of close very under seated like dress? I mean, I liked the dress in general, and I love what dapper Dan is doing for. So I don't wanna hate on the drive. It was just like it didn't scream met gallatin it certainly scream camp. And it certainly didn't scream Carly costs. Right. And like Gucci is so cool. And this might be mean, but has enough going for that I can say it. Carla classes, not cool enough for Gucci. She doesn't have of course, he's a lot of things. But she's not cool. She's very like she does express. She does Michael Kors. She's she's elegant. She's refined. She not like egg CI like g print everywhere. Right. That's true. So I didn't work for me. I thought the dress was cute. I think she's cute. But together was it's going to be a no for me. I really missed Taylor swift. I feel like in this new era of hers like bright colors, happy like pretty vibes. Like, she could have went with something. Just stunning really little like out of her comfort zone. Also where was our Anna yet? Well, she's on tour. I know. But like, it's the first one they may get the gear like she went last year when it was even her year like this really was her ear and she could've she is camp. Like both senses. Really? Yes. Because she whether soapy shorts and she wore wear like a big tool on card drag. She's all of it. She's flamboyant like she would have crushed it. So I missed her presence who else was or wasn't there? That was surprising. I thought. We talked about this a little bit. But not on the show Maggie Rogers was there see her. But I saw picture on Twitter. I saw her stories, and you know, what I was. Well, yeah. Maybe even under she went with coach along with Michael, Jordan. I love Michael, Jordan, totally. Yeah. I didn't like love look. It was surprising that she was there considering she really is like a new artist. And I don't know. I guess you know, what I imagine Anna Wintour of her music because she is kind of like indie like, you know, it was an interesting choices special because the person would compare to Moses Casey Musk's this. I MC L she just one of the four hundred he's like she should have been invited. She so fashion Rogers, mom, jeans, right and Magyar was just put out her first album the like. Only go downhill from here for Maggie Rogers. Right. And like an Wentworth clearly does not respect the hell out of country music whatsoever. Because there were so many other females in countries you like she invited you upcoming marris. He's really fashion totally. So it's like I feel like she feels compelled to make one because Casey is so fashion. Yeah. But also be his she's like an undeniable force in the music, not even just in country. I just think like. I mean, that's a great picture Maggie Rogers on the stream actually I should. I just you know, every time there's something that I don't agree with just leave out a win tour. You know, and I just can't help. But just think of the moment where she's sitting around the table like getting approved guests, I wonder who was invited by designer and didn't get approved. That's what I wanna know me too. That's what that documentary should have been not that bore gas corporate grade music thing that they made for the first Monday in may, barring sucessive Elsie. Well, the point I couldn't I didn't watch it. I started it. And I was like, Nope. Not that board. Okay. So anything next Meko story before we get into some other news pregnant, Kim Kardashian, cried after her first MAC out in twenty thirteen Kim Kardashian may seem confident no matter what she's wearing, but she does have some fashion regrets the beauty mogul took to Twitter on the first Monday and made a look back at her pass mecca looks before last night's event card is he said she was so nervous to attend. The Anna Wintour hosted set for the first time plus one, quote, I didn't know anyone and I'm sure no one wanted me there LL she captioned photos of herself at the event, which she attended while pregnant with her first. Town north while it was rumored that when torture south previously bancard action from attending the annual party Vokes editor in chief cold shoulder paled in comparison to the public reaction to the stars for gown with matching gloves and shoes who Ricardo t she designs von shayla quickly became a mean and was compared to grandmothers couch and social Media Plus crashing reveal that she did her own lipstick for the evening. And she admitted the color was so off, quote, I went home and cried after insecurity, but this is one of my fate looks now honestly looking at it in hindsight like she looks so beautiful over to the wet for pregnant woman. Yeah, she's like so pregnant like her face is like to the guards lipstick is fine. Like, she looks really not that bad. It's a wonderful pregnant leg. This is such a sad story yet. I like Kim feel responsible because supposing memes about him, of course. Because then it's like, I feel both ways. Now. Now, it's like we need to be meaner. We need to not we don't use meter evidence to stop being so sensitive, but it's also these peoples real feelings, we made Kim Kardashian cry. Yeah. And she looks great. And like, and that's what I did. I did not know that enjoy such a little bitch. And honestly like good on Kim for being like the bigger person. But the fact that at one point in time, Kim Kardashian was banned from the mall is so crazy. And the only way she could have gotten by Zach Hania demanded that she come. Yeah. That's bullshit. Such a loser. Now, every person follower is what she is every person on that carpet is wearing something that is slightly inspired by something Kim as worn regardless of whether you wanted to or not everyone's wearing puffy jacket in biker shorts and Kim's wearing two years ago. When I was like what the hell's is betraying. Yeah. And she comes only wearing like, we're tight spandex. You went a year. That's what everyone's gonna be wearing. Yeah. Or even when she was pregnant she only wore tight to the knee with the KOMO. That's all. Bitch is where you know, the the fact that just like the better, obviously, Kim. So once I go to the mcallen, be part of the fashion world. But like I hope when I went to our like eventually like lease job. She should have done years ago. Like Kim gives good slop the ass bitch Elam because she's just like a class act. That makes me really mad that. So then she talked about some of the looks of other years, which I honestly didn't even remember she felt better certain issues pregnant with say when she were this full share dress. I was just like so Kim K, but remember the year where they were bleed Chaib rows and Connie contacts, she said, she felt horrible that your shadow Mosser baby weight, and like she was back to being insecure. But let's go there, then we're likes it herself. It. Yeah. It helps when people like you're not supposed care about what people think, but it helps you'll good even if you don't feel good. But I think last year she felt her best. I mean, she looked best. Yes. She also she looks great this year. And I think for her it's all about her weight. Like, she got like if I feel that I look converter day. So I feel like she felt great last year. Like, she feels great this year like she's really been working out wishes shooting here photos. I know, but like as long as Emily Radic hausky is still face tuning him cab. It's crazy. It's crazy. When you look at that base, the models at base themselves like the tiniest girls, and it's like there. Insecure too. Like make their belly button. Vigors there's no hope for the rest of us know, they make their neck longer longer. And then like tighter. It's so crazy just crazy. Like, what people who really shouldn't be insecure about anything like what they're insecure about. You know? Yes, I'm scared about the obvious things like huge bellies and double chins, be arm. What do people without arms chins in bellies? What are they insecure? What keeps them of their insecure about their next, then I guess crazy. Okay. Next door. Another Kim K news, no Kim Kardashian. And Kanye west fourth child has not arrived yet though, this was so yester- there yesterday. There was a bunch of fake news that that they kind of started yet that Kim and kinda had had therefore child because Kim shared a screen shot of tech that west had sent her early Monday about her great light and one run married with four kids was married with four kids getting people out of jail cover a vogue cover of. Oh. He was just listening all the things being should be grateful. It was and then it was like dreams. Do come true. Really? And it was like four kids. Jackie Zach had to write something like that to you the things say would be like mom THEO right sold out tour. Hopefully, God willing tickets available on Friday. And you know, big lips. Okay. What would you say? This is so hard because it's like what do I valley, it's your whole life enforce sentences? Oh my gosh. Like. I need a minute. Because it's like, I'm not going to like, I don't know. I feel like for me. It's like the things that makes business like great handbag collection. No, not that like seen vibes. The scenes have never been senior. Never the morning toes. Like in the face of all the ad never been toaster. The member on podcast in Massachusetts. And New Jersey. Very new apartment is just what my one of my greatest joys as it should be. And. Choice. Okay. We've full lives over. I could always be fuller. But it could always feel like people who are always just looking for next thing. If you enjoy what you have right now. So yeah, I could say, you know, what I could do more. I also do not GRA shit right now, give me a motivational speech. Totally basically everyone always think of greatest showman. When they're like you wanted to be so much more than you are and all this time. I'm reading stories about people who are just like not happy with what they have. And then they go and seek more. And then it all crumbles. I definitely feel as if this is a personal, no. No don't know. What it's like, I'm not one of those people who's not happy with what I have. I just want more. But I still appreciate what I have. You know, I'm not I wasn't referencing you at all. But I feel like are always much like American greed, and it's like you're only signed before. And you know, have wanting to be so much more than you are. Agreed. So but also you also should be ambitious. Right. That's where do we draw the line between being someone else? CNN dishes. Right. We don't okay fifth and final story. I guess people in the American great weird story. Spooky step. Multiple guests allegedly drugged at Jake pulse. House party. What YouTube star Jake Paul through massive rage. His LA mansion and the authorities are now investigating reports that partygoers had their drinks spiked. The LA county sheriff's department said at least one person filed a complaint after the twenty two year old threw a bash at his Calabasas home Saturday night for the robber designer quote. We had a person who came forward. She indicated. She was drugged at this party on Saturday. The drugging allegation came as a concern. Mom, took took to a private Facebook group Sunday night claiming under HR and a group of house had something slipped in their drinks. My daughter was was at a party in Calabasas last night for YouTube, Jake, Paul the house was mentioned filled with young people she in the moms of Kaneko Bali page. She ended up in the hospital with eight other girls with integral and ended up at west hills hospital in go here in the post, the mom claims the girls were half naked and unable to offered talk. This is a horrible story. The sheriff's office said they're aware of the peace proposing to reach out to the investigate further we called hospital, so far we have not received information from local hospitals. The young girls were drugged. That's really fucked up. Holy shit. I mean, here's I mean, do I think Jake Paul was running around putting drinks? Drugs and girls' rings. No, it just like automatically. He's going to be associated with because it's Jake Paul says he's with people who couldn't showed about his house like a bunch of girls. Like just to the party. But this is so crazy, I guess I never realized that like drugging someone just because it happens so frequently and like random bars, and like you wake up the next morning, and you never get Justice. Like, it's legal. Yeah. The police. Yes, anytime I've ever heard of anyone getting didn't realize all the next day. They don't know who didn't they couldn't originate from the same house party? You know? Yeah. So I I never really realized like it's a crime. It's a major crime. I hope Justice is served on. I mean on shady because it only happened to girls, right? But it's when these girls where if it would happen to girls, and they were all together with Snapchat and everything they might be able to trace back where it happens together. That's true. Just a huge lesson. You could never it's an expensive thing. But if you're down, you gotta know one. Yeah. Yeah. But it also could have been something in the in the punch in the punch, then it would have been more than eight people. And then also like first of all being like a party girl was never drink the punch. Yeah. It would have happened to the whole party would have just been like a group of unless it was just like punch for for girls yet. Don't drink the punch girl. Don't drink the P for Jake. Okay. That's all we have for you today. But did you watch? I watch it this morning thing. I told you it's like watching in the morning, we're suppose productive it motivates me to get out of bed because if I don't get ready I won't have enough time to watch a forty five minutes without commercials. And the that I have like if I went to Chile win remember, but I remember, okay. And it was good. It was good. It was juicy. I don't even know where to begin. But you know, what I take away the first thing I want to say is like Tom of all shut the fuck up neutral Tomonori on like really enjoying that. They're making an interesting because they are really teetering the line between James and everyone else. And if it was just everyone against teams like that would be boring from television that consumer perspective, I'm joined the fights that their ambivalence is creating but they're being so unreasonable and something weird is happening where Lisa like wants to publicly like James women that way, but she is doing everything she can't keep James a part of the show Kelly. Now a waitress that gives them another season or two. Right. I think it's the business woman in her understanding that James is good for the show. The show is good for her. If James Marquel away, a group of people all getting along. And that's not interesting. So she wants to keep them on the show for her own personal gain. Yep. Until like, really the problem. Everyone was having like changed you're saying horrible things. But then they were all being a little bit call you some beauty Queen. But like, I don't know how many languages have to explain it to that's like saying someone shouldn't call themselves a beauty Queen. It's like nowhere near the same as calling someone calling someone a hillbilly clone. Someone trash calling someone a whore. Like, it's just so stupid need just equating everyone with James because he's so not the same right? Also Calva saying like they're not making. She is a beauty Queen. She was Mr. no, more, whatever. I know you think I'm just UD Queen even Justice beauty Queen just wants the limelight like lot. And then they first attack on them saying what they think of her and they're like Queen. We don't think you're right. What do you do? Right. So it wasn't totally out of nowhere. But it was painful to get there. And then certain point. I just wanted to hear what she had to say. Yes, it was a stupid bit. I'm really here for jock. I mean Britney just like defending her man in her family, totally. Shouldn't. Ever back into a corner. Like, I won't Britney there in on my side. And then she was found shut the fuck up Tom Jackson's best man like be a friend, right and hitting to shut up or not say anything. It's like when chains was making fun of Jackson technician. By the way, there were so many jokes about duty on the reunion. It's like if that's what your level of humor has succumb to year. Not funny. Tom Sandoval was like laughing. So Tom Narayan were laughing so hard at these bad jokes about his best friend yet. It was it was really mean. It was really mean they wanted to see Jay they wanted to see James with the argument whether or not they had to contribute or not yet agreed Tomonori on really bothering me. And you know, what else was really bothering me was a conversation about Randall filming. Because when Patrick wasn't filming. I was like that's off air. It's not. But there's something about laws relationship, and she was like, my relationship is different. And I can't explain it. Like, I would not be impressed with them PJ around the world her being this new Beverly Hills. If he was like slumming it on Bravo show part of the allure of relationships that we don't know Randall like that also she she said what she was trying to say so poorly. She insulted everyone else in what she said. But I think the difference is that he is an older man with a career. He has more to lose by being on a show, whereas this show as much as they have what to lose from. They have everything to game all the guys that Sheena Briggs have everything to gain followers. And then someone like Bowe has he has he has just what to gain also because he's only there assessed. He'd he's not only. Yeah. But Randall stepping onto the show automatically opens up his life. He has ex wives. He has children, and it's just a can of worms that it's not even because he's more successful. Because he's older and he has children. And I also know it's just as a TV watcher. I love the mystery of like she's like my dating football player. Then it's this guy. He's married. He's very sports. He's separated. And it's just it's more interesting. I don't need to see how they live like that's like ruins the mystery. It's like gross. You will see their apartment, you know, yet and even glower going on this show and talking about Randall has opened them up to so much criticism fifty cent. If she wasn't able to talk about Randall on the show, he would have never got that clip that he used then so without being and being there, they're subjecting themselves to so much criticism. I think she took a major step this season. And it was kind of bummed that people didn't like have cruciate a day. They're down for all the positives of LA LA dating this Richmond. They're going to Paris on the PJ, and they're enjoying the house in binney. But no when they when when it comes time to like defend that they're fair yet. But like If Reynolds with one step onto the show like he would be annihilated could be really bad for his career. Whereas. Because there is so much contention in their relationship. They started off in like an improper way technically comes on just love him. And we wanna love him. No one's with. I didn't even know. He was in commercial passing. Like, no one's looking into him live there to support saucy. Whereas it would become about Randall because he is so interesting, actually, maybe I would like bread on the show because it would become about something other than, sir. Right. Watching them being Paris right now shopping itchy Tump. What how do you afford that a waitress salary? That's what we're supposed to believe. Right. Also, I wanna watch that Lisa Vanna pump like giving Lalla ship for not having on the show. It's like she should be the last person to one on the show because like he will eclipse her yet, completely, you know, because there like it used to be they went on a trip, and she got them an upgraded room is thank you. Lisa on him. And he gets them and upgraded playing. It's like thank you Randall. Another all just by two million dollar homes with stainless, steel appliances. Like getting ready to make their hellofresh boxes, of course, like as hellofresh. And so do wait so excited about hellofresh. Because you have a new kitchen new kitchen all of my new appliances about to hellofresh. The fuck out of this. Hello, fresh cooked meals made simple. Hellofresh mix. Conquering the kitchen a reality with deliciously simple recipes. Hellofresh does all the meal planning shopping and prepping so you can focus on a healthier you and your family get seasonal simple recipes and premeasured ingredients delivered right to your door. Every week all meals come together in thirty minutes. Max call for less than two pots, and pans, and require minimal cleanup. That's where they really got me was the clean up. I'm not one Ben goes in the kitchen to make like a souffle, and he comes out with like seventy five pounds. It's really fucking. So he eighty nine C cook for dealers off your first month. Hellofresh, go to hellofresh dot com slash toast, eighty and enter the code totes to eighty. That's hellofresh dot com slash toast, eighty and enter the code toast, eighty I feel it goes really joint. I'm so excited for my next. Hellofresh delivery because I'm making enchiladas. Oh, you are. Yeah. Moaning on waffles. I'm gonna have red beans if you don't know that movie, quote, which nobody does movie say on here is like. Because if that that everyone knows, but people don't know. Red beans its head over heels with Freddie Prinze junior and that random girl who never got Avis where she lives in a model apartment, she pretends to be model unless you junior virtually like works at the museum with all the old ladies in the basement and just go at such a it's such a great just like early two thousand it's probably like a really hard to find. I don't know. I watched it recently on the phone on either who Netflix, something digital normal more, Amazon, prime rib beans dinner. Okay. Back to from bro. Because I'm not a nice. I also wanted to talk about lodge will in hand during the reunion. She's a Queen. She's realism looked incredible. And I feel like all the time Instagram, she'll do something and like law looks crazy. And then every time she gets on TV. She looks so good. So and it's so hard to look at on TV. It's easy to get your loan. She looks better team than she does her phone in pictures, all the stuff. So I don't know. It's just like whatever she's doing. It's really it's really working for me. Yeah. But it's not really working for me is the current format of the show, and I really feel like they need to evolve next season. And it looks like they're not going to they're still trying to make that happen at sir with Racquel. And it's really fucking stupid. And I would love to have show they can still call benefit rules that has nothing. She was there. All now moving into new stages of their lives. They all have new homes are all rich like shall we spending money? I wanna see what they bought in in bucking powers at coochie each. And every one of them has got bought a house now. Yes, she bought a house in Palm Springs. Christian bought a house in Beverly Hills at Tom orient about a house in LA Britney John about a house. It's like not a fucking New York Times bestseller. How Katie how did? Yeah. It's enough. It's enough. They must have really gotten paid the season. That's why or less season. That's why they're all bought a house this time, and they bought houses, they didn't just move. And that's also why they've been living in squalor for so on one for the show in two because they've been saving money and like the. Million dollar houses so excited in here for John blizzard being fucking thir- sponsor on Twitter. Of course. Magazine did some interview with orient. They like just about the conversation. She had on the season finale where she confronted lease. And they definitely took it out of proportion. Like all right is mad at least whatever it was like fake tabloid bullshit. John John blizzard one of them put it on his Twitter. Are how dare you to all the upper -tunities is giving you just bought a two million dollar house. You could have done without Lisa and are like dude, we're friends like the vacuum doing this on Twitter. Who's asking you? Right. Oh, wow. I mean, I firmly believe that the John's are behind puppy gate. I heard a rumor though, teddy that it was teddy who sold the story and that it's going to come to light this week. If it was tending told that story goes, I would have to reevaluate everything my life, like my couch, everything would change because like that makes no fucking sense. You have to switch seats. Because this clearly makes sense. If we thought it makes sense, it makes no it's not possible apparently raider online, it's coming up with an article that's going to really clear the air. Teddy who being the one who really really article I so super in canton chant. Also, I just wanted to talk about the Lisa Vanna pump tom-tom thing because it was everything we've been saying everything except the one thing I didn't agree with them on it. I'm glad that they're finally talking about the fact that she treats him like shit. But the fact that they demanded a salary like that's not how when you invest in something yield results when the restaurant yields results, and they've been open for less than a year restaurants, a lot of time to turn a profit. I didn't agree with that at all. But on the respect thing. I really I understood. And when he was like, how are you feeling overall with partnership? I thought they were going to be like I mean, regardless of bullshit like we're excited to be bar owners. They were just like it's not what we expected, which is so weird. Because like when you just look this unionist film like a month ago. But when you look at like pictures from Tom Hummer like they're there every night like Miley, Selena Gomez. They're lady Gaga to coda fanning was just in Tom's sidecar. And so you think they're like living life Riley, and like everything just turned out like how they hoped it women's like, no, there's all this trauma going on which is so crazy and. I watched the show about that yet. I was thinking about it like more. And the thing is like these dinner pump is like at the end of the day. She gave them a bar in West Hollywood with their name on it. They had to do is pay fifty thousand dollars. And yes, they contribute a lot. And they giving her a lot by allowing her to put their names on it. But let's be real the restaurant would be nothing. If there wasn't the Tom association. Right. It would just be available. And nobody goes to be nothing because it would be another pump pump is good. But Tom, Tom is lady Myers isn't going to pump. Right. So Tom is has made it another level. But if they started to bar on their own with just their cloud. They wouldn't have been able to do that. So it really is. She's given them so much as much as given her. But they also give a fuck ton of respect. And so it's like she doesn't owed them anything. But to be decent human, treat them and a good boss, like not even equals partners. Yeah. Takes nothing though. She was being so unreasonable that she is loves, hey, jingle their hands. Yeah. And the. Reunion union was so real. And I wish the season was half Israel. You know, it's like finally were taken down the curtain. Ed. We're talking about the things that we've been saying here whereas the season was so fake and like such orchestrated bullshit with James in whatever it's this is the stuff I want to say where was this season? But I'm worried like Raquel working at, sir. Lisa telling her she got the job on the reunion like does not bode well for next. No, not at all. It's like they're still trying to make often right Than Tun happening. There is a way to make Ben or parole still where they don't work at, sir. Like, maybe they've all started some sort of business where they work like on the liquor brands. I'm the tom-tom like in a more of a way that is realistic where they're making the money that they're making, you know. Chris mccarter together. Yes. But we knew that. Because from what strap inside when she went on a little bit before this region. She was just like, honestly, I don't wanna talk about. Yeah. But they now say the whole reunion, Katie. Yeah. She so over at man, she's so over he's got her house and she wants to go home. No. And like she is like would laugh or tell James to shut up. Like, I think it's like so frustrating for her like because sometimes when you watch the show, you do take other people other than hers because like they're making a better point or like, they're just saying it in a better way. But like, I think that if we were in this situation, I think the way that she sees things. It's like a normal person. It's like up she gets fucking dragged on Twitter for being a bully. Like, it's so why would she speak up? It's like, right. No one she she had a bad season Jenner wedding. She was just like not in a good place, and she likes herself as the bully, and she can't get rid of that stench. So now anytime she speaks just buying jets. Yeah. I think she had a bad season this season two. So she's just their union. Like, there's no point in me. Speaking on James is going to be here. Like I don't want to contribute to airtime. Good. Right. Exactly. Should when she she started talking to hit forgotten chooser? Yeah. Okay. Well, Beverly Hills is on tonight. So I'm gonna watch. I don't watch last week watch New York like last week's episode halfway through this past week damage our season extremely Barbara's not carrying her weight. Oh, my time. And not at all. I guess the most interesting thing going on as Tinsley and Scott, which is so crazy because it's literally the most boring thing, I just like I need to take him to manage shoulders and shake her we need to be. There's just like she needs to sup living in the past. She is so new she is what they accused of of living in her pass nebulous in trying to be that girl again. So is just like I love her. So and I love she's so present. But then she goes back to the past because it's fucking interesting. She let a very glamorous life. I lived there. Right. And that's part of who. She is. Okay. So here's topping is that it's ten thirty and central time at ten o'clock all the central time shows went on sale. We're having a problem with as berry park and the in New Orleans. I know I'm handling it. Just like hang on and dirt. Thirty minutes. Extra twenty eight minutes the fucking begin. Okay. Everyone. Just relax. Get your family together. Order like seventy five hundred tickets. It's Olympia also just like rocks. If you're patriot number you got the code if you're not there is still time. I have a feeling some of the we'll be sold out by the time that public sale goes on. So I just everyone just become a patriot member and we're doing right up this week about the McCallum recap. So yeah, patriot dot com slash morning toast, twenty seven minutes you guys twenty seven minutes twenty six minutes and fifty five seconds until the beacon goes on sale. Need everyone to show up by the ticket? Please. Much. That's all bag is of.

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