EP. 38 Braken Fern Manor Lockdown with OC Ghosts & Legends | Interview & Ghost Investigation


Be Silent in that solitude which is not loneliness for them. The spirits of the dead who stood in life before the Argon in-depth around the in there will shall overshadow the be still Edgar Allan Poe in spirits of the dead. There's a dirt winding road and San Bernardino County that can take you back in time. It's it's a road that takes you back to the bracken firm manner and Tudor House Bracken for manner and Tudor House was built in nineteen twenty six and was originally known as the crib while the Tudor House formerly known as club Arrowhead of the Pines became a social hideaway for Hollywood's elite. The Manor is ten room ten bathroom house that was said to have been used as a brothel during the prohibition while the Tudor House was used to help illegal gambling liquor and other illegal pastimes infamous mobster Benjamin Bugsy Siegel was set to funded the construction and built the locations as a sanctuary of escape for Hollywood's bigwigs aches and mob members which also left the manner to host a few deaths and suicides on the property what secrets lie within the walls and the prohibition tunnels of the manner do the spirits of the mob mobs still linger around the property and who is the negative entity bed habits the jasmine room in is it true that there's a demon that lurks within the Prohibition Tunnels Grab Your Voice Recorder as We Join O._C.. Golsen legends for a memorable lockdown at the infamous Bradford manner sit down with us as we interview the rest of the Oh seacoast and legends crew. Let's talk about crystals protection grounding and Charles Manson's ghost with dixie tendered Dini who is the psychic and medium of O._C.. Ghosts in legends definitely don't WanNa miss it on the creepy E._D._p.'s one on one shots with the patrons that experience experience something other worldly at the Bracken fern manner. Let's get holly weird as we locked down with. Oh See Ghost and legends side note. The following interview was recorded on me eighteen two thousand nineteen during a lockdown event at the bracken fern manner that was thrown and hosted by O._C.. Goes and legends. Please pardon any background noises that you might here during the interviews that were being conducted now. Let's get Holly Weird Nestled in San Bernardino national forest surrounded by Pine Cedar and Dogwood an altitude a fifty one hundred feet is Lake Arrowhead California an area described as the Alps of southern California in eighteen twenty six around that time about forty Pie Indians a very warlike tribe used the mountains for their hunting grounds. They lived in the high desert area. Many were killed in a fight with the white men of Little Bear Valley of course at the same in time a more peaceful tribe of Indians. The Serrano's lived very near Little Bear Valley in an area now known as rottkamp on the north side of the mountain they would take their old and sick to arrowhead hot springs for rejuvenation and healing they hunted in the Beautiful Foreign Bountiful Valley and live relatively peaceful somewhat nomadic lives descend into the desert highlands and warmer inland valley's during the winter months beneath historic Arrowhead sits the equally unique arrowhead springs the arrowhead springs as a place is deeply rooted in legend with the most ancient one possibly being passed down from native Americans. The legend goes the great spirit had an aero which was to guide the native Americans to the spot where they were to make their home the great spirit having selected the place fixed the Arrow it to market forever. It is believed that the native inhabitants of the San Bernardino Mountains thought the Arrowhead directed the way to the hot springs with healing properties and therefore considered it holy ground now we fast forward to the Nineteen Twenties and prohibition we touch on this subject in episode thirty on famous haunted Hollywood bars. Police were cracking down on the mob in the city so the mob moved their operations to less discreet areas one famous mobster who was rumored to lead this move was the notorious mobster Benjamin Benjamin Bugsy Seagal rumor hands it that bugsy talked the Chicago mob into backing his new venture which is now known as Bracken fern manner this alpine-style in opened as club Arrowhead in the Pines on July Fourth Worth Nineteen Twenty six the in had state of the art amenities such as electricity more importantly it catered to the rich and famous offering gambling illegal liquor and working girls other amenities included an Olympic emphasized swimming pool skiing tennis courts a bath house and more the brothel continued operations through World War Two although gambling was maintained in the speakeasy across the street up until nineteen fifty five today bracken friend manner is a certified historic landmark in the state of California across from the Bracken. FERN manner is where the gambling took place at the club now known as the Tudor House. The story has that when cops were on their way up the mountain from San Bernardino the administrators were alerted and gambling tables were actually turned over to appear as regular tables bracken firm manner claims to be haunted by a former working girl named violet. She killed herself after the mob killed her lover. You can still smell her. Violet Senate perfume wafting through the halls. Another is the ghost of a little boy who's also been seen at this historic in he is thought to be the son of a former prostitute and was trampled on by a team of horses today eight his tiny footsteps are often seen in the snow will so it is told after the end became successful bugsy convinced the bosses in Chicago to front him the dough for another little gambling adventure known as Las Vegas however bugs these lavish tastes caused him to go way over his one million dollar budget and ultimately cost him his credibility with Chicago and his life while he was having dinner one evening with his lover Virginia Hill L. at their Hollywood home bugsy was shot dead. Thanks girl for the little historical tip it on Lake Arrowhead and the historical Bracken fern manner. We just kept it a little Disney for you right there so you won't have a you know just a nervous breakdown even though some of our listeners were anticipating that so guys just a little side note if you do make your way to bracket fern manner it is a pretty interesting drive hype but once you hit the mountains I could see why the mobsters Hollywood elite really wanted to you know venture to this part. It is truly a sequestered area within the mountains and the roads once you hit the mountains or pretty winding and very narrow narrow so <hes> tread lightly around that area but the views are definitely worth it I make my way to the manner and I'm greeted by Oh seacoast and legends and I of course made a b line to their <unk> psychic and medium Dixie her Dini and I grabbed her immediately for the first interview with Dixie. It was always a pleasure to talk with her. We talked about grounding protection crystals and her little trip to Zach Zac Pagans haunted museum where she actually was hired to do a cleansing of his museum and you're not GonNa believe the things and the t that she had to share with me in regards the museum we go over what she felt and what she picked up on the land of Lake Arrowhead and guys it was a very very interesting interview and it's always a pleasure to speak with medium Dixie Tanto Dini and here's our interview so guys <hes> we're trying to follow up on our last interview and Dixie had reminded me that electronics just do no work in her presence so I'm hoping that we fingers crossed yet. They work this time. This will work nothing thing will fall from the sky or from the ceiling like last time David's house. He'll be okay so dixie. Give us a full name what she do for O._C.. Ghosts and legends and just you know talk about yourself and what you plan on doing tonight during the lockdown here at the reconfirmed manner yes so my name is dixie Tanner Dini. I am a psychic medium spiritual healer. I've pretty much had abilities my entire life and I started working professionally a few years ago. Oh and then now I am working with the team and doing <hes> psychic mediums deaf with them investigations and then I'm also going to be doing a workshop on Spertzel protection in an hour and just kind of helping people learn how to protect themselves when they go into environments like this. That's really good because you see a lot of shows in youtube channels of these you know green goes hunters and they just go in with a camera and no knowledge of their surroundings or whatever or presence is lurking in the dark and that's very important. Do you usually do these workshops like outside of course legends or just mainly just within you know they're walk-throughs or their hunts or lockdowns so I do assist in some psychic development classes in Santa Ana <hes> so I do stuff like that and then I also do educate people like through the investigations that we do the lockdowns just to Kinda. Give people a little heads up like hey if you're going to be doing this. This is the right way to protect yourself. So you don't have anything follow you home. I remember that from the David Omen House when I was sitting down with <hes> in the third floor with you and the guest the first group and you had this amazing table set out with Sarah night and candles and sage and then you had amazingly pendulums and like maps with Lake you know where the pendulum can you know you know swing right and left towards and I mean that was such a great opportunity for people to learn to learn how to do these things right <hes>. What what did you gather from that night at Diva Omens House? It was fun because that had actually been my first time there so it was a whole different energy but I made sure I protected the lower level and made sure that everyone was feeling comfortable and everybody was. I didn't want anyone to be afraid. I didn't want anyone to feel fearful or you know native or anything like that because I want the energy I want you to feel the energy yes but I don't want it to be a scary scary negative things for people. I want them to be able to know how to do certain things so that they can protect themselves and they are not afraid so then nothing is feeding off of that that's true yeah now. They were talking about the paranormal. Walk us through your beginnings with your relationship in the paranormal and your site so <hes> like I said we'll life I mean since I was a baby will ever since I can remember talking into spirits like they were just like regular people <hes> I actually grew up in a house that the previous owner had died in and he was you know as a spirit still living there so you know Lanman Hickenlooper was his name and I talked to him all the time and I didn't see it as anything bad and then through my teenagers you know after my mom telling me. Don't tell anyone you're gonNA. You're crazy. Just keep that in yeah and then I you know destructive behavior because I couldn't express who I really wanted to be and then finally one day it was like okay. I just want to be myself. I just want everyone to know like this is why do I don't WanNa be afraid of myself. I don't want other people to be afraid of me and this is the best this way for me to show people that psychics don't have to be all woo woo in some times creepy and read your palm. They worship fine. You know like I don't wear US hurbon. I don't I don't have a one eight hundred number none of that so I want people to see like psychics are just like you and me. It's not a costume. It's not a fad. It's it's actual human beings and everybody has this ability and anybody can work on in develop. It is just you have to go over the fear right so I want everyone to get over the fierce that they can be their true selves Jessica Way of putting in yeah what messages cheer for people who have your abilities that don't know how to <hes> approach it or how to control it or just go through life with it so psychic development classes. There's if you look online. There's a lot in a lot of returning areas yeah so L._A.. Orange County <hes> even I mean if you're not from California there's other places if you look upon lines like get development classes or workshops. There's so many things out there in the world that you could be educating yourself and not to be afraid of it because it's really as long as you know how to protect yourself. There's really nothing fear and I. I just want people to understand like it's not scary. It's not weird because everybody has it so just get over that fear and that stigma of what you think a psychic is and then I auto whereas outside on the porch guys we're just missing tea and gossip which will soon the Kling Kling uh-huh you feel like like you see a lot of those classes in workshops more so in California than anywhere else or I think there is more in California because more people in California or typically open to it. I'm seeing a lot more people nowadays being being open to the idea of it wanting to do things like this and there's so many things on T._v.. Now in the media it's like Oh look paranormal this and look at Aliens Dad and it's just like really that word is getting out in that acceptance. This is starting to happen. Yes so I feel like along more people are going to psychic development classes even if it's just to see if you have anything right so it's just for for some people's for fun and some people they wanna make a living out of it. Whatever way you're going to do it great so I I encourage everybody to do it? <hes> tell me what do you talk about in development class with individuals that are trying to. I guess like manage their gifts so it's a lot of protection obviously is the number one thing thing how to cleanse yourself how to clear yourself how to manage your abilities whether it'd be clairvoyance which is like clear seeing through your third. I clear audience you know hearing things feeling things clear sunshine like others so many different like Clair's <hes> subjects and there's other things like how to work a pendulum. I love that yeah loved that in <hes> that when we were downstairs that map in the pendulum it was so safely ah felt safe. I felt like good. This is how you do it not some like little teenage kid messing around with a Huiji board he bought on Ebay and the poor stigma that goes with that to g bore it depends on who's using it and how they're using it so we aren't bad. It's just you have to learn how to use these tools properly right so a lot of that psychic development to is learning how to use the tools properly only talking to things that are from the light sites. You don't WanNa talk to anything else because it's really not going to give you the right information anyway so it's doing the right things with the tools and learning how to discern what's negative. What's positive what I can talk to the different for feelings with that so there's there's a whole thing there's so many themes and so many subjects with it that I mean I mean I can go on for days and days and days tile? I know yeah remember last interview. We could man we had some amazing things there were brought up during that interview and things that happened say we cannot explain well you can. You're like all those them so tell me I'm a green goes hunter and I'm taking a workshop from you or to classroom you on how to on on protection water lake your top three <hes> you know items things for protection. That's awesome you already know so. There are three things plus. We Have E._S._P._N.. I'll sort central but yet you're there is three things so with protection. It's asking for guidance and that's the number one thing is you gotta ask because if you don't ask by the accordance of free will. They can't really do a whole lot because they don't want A. There's such a thing as divine intervention but it's better to ask and have that security so it's asking your guides it's asking your angels asking God source spirit sure it whatever you want to call it to come in and support you and just to protect you during that time of your uncertainty or if you're anxious or whatever's going on the number one thing is asking for it. Number two is shielding yourself so oh is asking your guys again to shield you in a protective field so when you go into an area nothing's going to get attached to you so energies can get attached to you. You don't want that suck you dry. You don't want it so it's either surrounding yourself in a white light like a cocoon of light light or gold laid. You know that's a really high vibrational color or any color you know that's going to like green is for healing purples for psychic development and blue as for communication so you can and I have a handout so I'm gonNA give everybody a hey yeah so it's there's a whole lot of things do shielding and then the strongest one is led so if you actually surround yourself in a cocoon of lead no thing toxic can get through. That's where you're in a really really negative environment where you think there's something going on here or if you're with a person that's extremely violent or something like that. Surrounding yourself in lead is really going to help okay <hes> so that's the number one like if you're in a bad situation kind of deal yeah but all the shields help the asking for help all those kinds of things and then number three is using some kind of object so crystals or a religious icon or talisman or something something. That's GonNa make you feel powerful. <hes> I'm going to go over crystals too so what protective crystals US black term lean hepatix. There's all kinds of crystals that will help you feel protected and they have an aura. I'll be talking about Auras rose and what they are and how you can protect it and things like that so those protective objects are GonNa help you feel more powerful along with the shield along with asking for help so those are the three number one things asked shield object. Ask Shield Object Okay S._A._A._O.. Guys Essay. Oh there you go we. We got the acronym for that now. <hes> had you ever had anyone approach you out of the blue and say you know Dixie. I have a problem I went goes hunting being I didn't protect myself and now something attached itself to me. Can you help yes so I am also a reiki master and a Karuna reiki master so what we can do as an energy healer is help detached those things from your aura <hes> and there there's also a woman. Her name is Margaret McCormick and I have her information. She does all kinds of removals and she doesn't from a distance so you never see her. You never have to do anything because there's distant healing. That's really what it is healing so she clears aura and she's surrounds your or afterwards with a protective shield. That's good for this lifetime so nothing will ever get attached to you ever again. I am in the process of learning that so I still I am still in the process but I am getting to a point where I'm going to be doing things like that so for her. She's like the top gun so Margaret McCormick it's W._W._w.. Dot Margaret McCormick Dot Com just look her up <hes> I think she goes by healing hands and you can. She has like she does does what's it called House clearings all by distance and <hes> she does animal clearings and planned clear everything she does everything so skies and I can do that too but she he does the lifetime protection. I don't know the triple a. of Psychic literally had her drew on me and I feel like after she did all my life has changed and my life was more positive and so many good things have happened from that so definitely recommend. If you feel like you have some kind of attachment to you go to a rookie master or some kind of spiritual healer even Shamans they can detach things from your aura as well or Margaret McCormack Ormoc so anybody I mean just do some kind of spiritual go to a healer because if we try to do it on ourselves it's Kinda hard yeah so if you're trained in how to do it like a rain astor is then it's a lot easier for us to go in and go okay you're done. You're clear whatever get out here. Don't get anything protect yourself but <hes> yeah so that's what I would recommend for anyone who feels like they have attachments. You can always ways surround yourself and those lie the white light and gold light and things like that but wants something is attached to your aura. You can't really get it out so you have to go to someone who can actually detach that for you does that work with axes that I actually so different thing so when we are attached to somebody and have a an invisible cord that is attached to them so when we become wow intimate with someone or when we were in a relationship and even with family so we can have cords attached family. When's your in a negative relationship and you have a court attached to that person and you don't know how to cut that cord then that's where you know you're still attached to that person in a sense so you can actually cut on your own so cutting cores is just imagining <hes> I what I like to tell? People and different psychics have different ways of doing it but you can do this on your own astor guys to help you cut your cords. Imagine agent a giant gold scissor. That's cutting that cord. That's attached to your navels his naval or whoever it is cut that cord don't let it reattach again right to stay away from guys. You've got your first lesson right here. Actually your second you. You can do on your own yeah so you don't need to go to anybody or anything like that and that will help you detach from that person so you can move on with your life and this doesn't happen just instantly this takes time right is part of the cut cords and or just a process of <hes> <hes> of healing and ray he work a lot of people are so used to supply an immediate demand. It's like they think it's Amazon. Prime like I'll get in a day. We'll go away you know within several hours right and I from what I heard Erdan. Some of these things Kinda take time is that right it depends on what it is so if you had a really severe attachment to someone it's really you being able to let it go so if you're not able to let it go but you still want that court cut yeah it is still there or you're not able to let it go. It's you have to realize that it's a negative relationship or whatever the case may be. Let it go you're done. You have to be done so if you're not done that. Court is still attached so once you have made that decision. You know what I want this Goan for my life. I WANNA move forward. I WanNa let it go. I WANNA cut the cord so it's just really going into a meditation asking your guides for help seeing that court cut and you have to stay true to that. You can't go but all the way back I wanna go because then they're not gonNA. You can't cry wolf with that stuff right because then it's going to be laying. Do you really want this or not. It's going to be a constant issue in your life so once you really make the final decision <hes> I don't want this anymore. Then that's when the court can be cut God when you're ready to Lego. That's like me embrace with iced coffee and chocolate man and cheese pizza. I don't want to cut them yet. She pizza or not done yet never thirty nine so let's go into brackenfield manner <hes>. What have you felt so far setting foot onto this property? There is a lot of different things to swirling around here <hes> the funniest. I know this probably shouldn't be funny. I actually I actually <hes> in one of the rooms when I stepped in to <hes> I can't even remember what room is. I'm going to have to go up and see I actually fell a drunk man stumble well and full-face burst into the wall and I I'm sorry but it was the residual things like that imprint Polish. I was probably most likely that man Eddie Murphy's crony. I'm like wow okay. I'm GonNa leave him alone and this is the spirit guys. This is not a returns here moaning. It's a drunk man. It's already he's drunk. He's going to be sleep it off. Just let him sleep it off. He'll be fine fine. That was pretty funny. <hes> but I have felt you know other entities here across the way at the what is it the bath house or the I'm here. I don't even know what these things are called. <hes> I think it was like the clubhouse clubhouse or the Pool House. They call it so I felt a twelve thirteen year old boy in there was just like a paper boy back in the twenties at a cigarette behind his ear. The mob did run this place for a period of time and I feel like he was the errand earned boy and so I was kind of feeling him out a little bit and then inside <hes> right before I walked up the stairs there was a woman that stopped me and was like don't go up here. He's up here and I'm like well. I'm GonNa Gull Anyway Anyway. So I you know and I told her Mike. It's okay like I I know how to talk to him and try to calmer down a little bit violet because I know that harder presents pretty strongly felt here. I'm not sure if it was her at the name I go from her was blanche or or blank or something with a b. l. but she didn't she was kind of freaked out and anxious a whisker. It's can be really nervous too right so is trying to calm her down and then after calm now and she didn't really want to talk yeah so he should take some of that who drunk spirit. I know it just take the new shine in jail pass on the four. You'll be girl yeah and then there's certain places where in the seller I think there's a vortex in there and I think it's brand new like I think somebody went in there and did something so. I'm going to have to investigate that a little bit more because that I feel like that was just a recent thing that happened so I'm going to have to try to close that before. Anything else comes through <hes> and then and let's see what else did I feel. I mean there's spots in the house where I was just feeling like really heavy of the chest and really dizzy Oh and the the top floor where the suppose a man was thrown out the window. I saw that whole scene Ernie Ernie writer ernest row for Ralph from right sorry. I don't think he cares what the fuck do whatever remember when my name in life let alone the afterlife I could feel three men that were in the room with him and they were telling me because it was mob related so they're like you know shut up. Don't talk about this and I saw them. beat the crap out of throwing them out the window and I think he was dead before he came out the window so I saw that whole scene so yeah that's the part was psychic work. That's like okay legit separate urban legend Miss Miss with what actually happened that could lead me into the booed ventures you you know Zach Pagans you know the back ends and you I we have to talk about this because you discuss this in our last interview that I couldn't find but you worked on clearing his haunted museum. You came across a lot of interesting dead people there. There was a lot of spirit had not crossed the light the you know I helped crossing the lie <hes> but once it was clear he keeps adding stuff so adding things it just brings new energy in there and because he's got some negative stuff attached to him. They're telling him hey bring those lying whole bring those laying home and then because he's influenced by that he's causing fear and other people and of course they live on their negatives live on fear so yes they're like hey. This is the best guy to be around because he's GonNa keep bringing fear into this one area where people are paying to be afraid and it's just a cycle. That's never gonNA stop until like I think I'm going to have Margaret Clear him at some point in time because needs to put up a really good point because you mentioned that he had not one not too but he had four residences that he collected while being on the show right Yep from going to these places and not protecting himself because once you open yourself up to it and Eh Okay Daemon. I want you to attack a hey guess what they're gonNA frigging attack you and they're going to attached to you and go okay dum dum yeah. Let's do this party time. Now I WANNA bring all my friends with me too and so everywhere he goes. It's it's just collecting more stuff collecting more because he keeps opening himself up to it and you brought up a good point in lake within the like this the last seasons of the show you can notice like how is is always dark. Get Dr Peter Europe there darker skin <music> gets orange or get pinger has like a p. a. that hold flake. I Dunno like his like lipstick or maybe his powder cuts in the middle of take and it's like wait. I need to be like fixed probably does he's a drunk. I can see him do easy diva. You came across a very famous infamous entity at his museum. You came came across Charles Manson and you WanNa talk about that yeah well. He's in non in a good place and then of course because Zach now has his ashes grew charge per you were you so because he has his ashes and some other items of his were at the last moments of his life and with the other items that he already had attached to Charles Manson and now which I'm pretty upset about I know he's had it for awhile is the wedding wedding dress of Sharon tate. I am so disgusted that he would have two of those things in the same place considering but his demons are telling him to do that to do that so love people responsibly. It's an different room celebrity in the same ground doc. It's like it's just disrespectful. I totally disrespectful but <hes> yeah so he is not in the light. Obviously is very scared of judgement which you know <hes> find signed whatever I won't he's living in his own personal hell right now any kind of needs to go through that for a while good though learn from that and he needs to see all the pain he's caused and he does it and he's afraid so no it's not and there's so many other things with that too that I I've been coming across and I don't want to. There's some secrets that I feel like are going to be opened up here pretty soon about that whole case so I I really do believe that <hes> someone ordered him to kill her. Oh my God yeah and I I know who that is. Oh my God. I don't want to say anything in time something you saw definitely yeah. It's it's really bad. We had a listener. Ask Us. What did you collect that David Omen towels late? What did you see with your mind's eye? Well surprisingly enough. I mean there really wasn't any negative energy there. I I reloaded negative. Energy Baggins said there was an idiot. He's got demons. I don't know I did not feel anything. Negative there. There was definitely some strong energy there. I definitely energy from the land because there's a whole bunch of crazy stuff going on with the land but I didn't feel any you know the murder things that happen that whole situation. I didn't feel that <hes> it's just I really feel it's a land energy that is so strong yeah and it just makes people either sake or dizzy or you know I'll make it can be overwhelming a little bit. You don't know how to handle that type of energy but it's it's strong. There's but I I didn't feel anything negative per se but I don't know if anybody else did when center I felt all those things the house next door yet some negative stuff in it but not the Omen I don. I didn't feel that was the positive space in my next door was just who I walked in there. I five minutes. I'm like baby out. Get me out like I just felt so head downstairs and yet it and it's so funny that you mentioned downstairs because when I was sitting by the fireplace on the first level it just felt like. Likes it like arms or hands like dragging me down like they wanted me to come down there with you. <hes> of the <hes> the investigators that were like I really want to go down there might no you don't know no you don't know Nope Nope Nope nope though I had had palpitations going out and a lot of people did it was fun. Now we had an interesting discussion in Bryce wants me to bring this up heaven and how we talked about a real quick. We have five more minutes. Walk us through your belief in heaven and how so there's no such places Hell Hell is where we are here on this earth. This is our learning ground. <hes> heaven is more of a teaching plays where it's really our souls are meant to grow and you start off as a kindergartner you know in being a soul and then every life that you have your growing and you're learning to be that spiritual Russell. Being you know ultimately some people WANNA get to ascended master status and some people they don't and they wanNA graduate high school. They're fine with that so it just depends on where you are spiritually growing <hes> but there's a there's no why would God create someone just to send them the hell that doesn't make any sense and I've asked how many people and my own research and my own meditations and they're like yeah. There's no such thing hell is what you make of Earth. This is the toughest office learning ground there is so and we're just like living the lives you know as ourself from past lives because we're here trying to learn something that we didn't learn in another yeah so so definitely there is Karma involved so the people old keep showing up in your life pay attention to that because that might be someone that you had a pass life with that. Karma needs to be balanced so that person won't go away until you figure that out so yeah so that person that keeps showing up that you don't WanNa see anymore. There's a reason for that so try to figure out what that comment. Even if it's just you know forgiving them or accepting their forgive or whatever it is. It's you know we need to work out our Karma so we can move on right as spiritual beings correct. I need to work on a lot of things cutting my cheese pizza intake. We're here. We're here to learn. You're not only do healing within like human beings this. y'All do animal healing you I do I do animal healings and communication and I absolutely love it because I mean they're just the purest little amazing creatures I mean all animals are they're just they're so blunt about everything and they're not GonNA light it. They don't lie to you about anything and I just love working with them. I mean they're just little blessings and they make me so happy loved. You get a lot of individuals. I bring you animals like I adopted her him woman. I just wanted to where he came from. Yes I actually I actually do get people that either they find animals or they get them from a shelter and they wanNA know like what they're back. Story was because as human beings we want to know the story. We want to know where you came from and what happened to you you know but in some cases it's like it's better not to know because I don't want them to put that negative like Oh. You poor saying Oh you had this is like 'cause they live in the present. They want to be happy now. You don't want to think about the stuff that happened and some of them they unfortunately if they were severely abused like that they have to work on but for the most part a lot of clients want to know where they came from the other stories of the they can have a story amazing reading of my of my mea. I was like nobody no because it's so true I just felt needed to be my life as you all of our animals really I believe that I believe one hundred percent definitely come into our lives. Furry dogs journey right there are little guardian angels while thank you so much Dixie for sitting with me and when I'm keeping this I on this recorder and everything's great everything. I'm checking it man making sure that it's still recording also where can people find you so you can go on my website W._w._w.. You died Dixie Tanto Cardini DOT COM <hes> I can spell the last name T. A. N. T. A. R. D.. I N. I.. So I'm on facebook I'm on instagram. Check my website out. If you have any questions for me an email you can find it on my website so yeah. That's pretty much where you can find me. Thank you so much. I can't wait tonight. I can't wait for your workshop. I know it's GonNa come up right now. Secrets set Dixie Cantini came across that night a David Omens House in regards to the Sharon Tate and Charles Manson case is quite astounding and it's definitely something that might come up or might not who knows but it's definitely something very interesting but a secret is a secret and I promised wouldn't tell so now we make our way to another O._C.. Coast and legends member Larry and our interview was quite interesting gene since we touched on the subject of the Latino community in the paranormal so let's talk with Larry Larry Zamora and I do utility a little but attack and I believe junior investigator and I've been with the group for at least three years for years. Also I remember Req- from David Owens House. I have captured a photo of you with an ORB on your shoulder. Yeah I have to show it <hes> so what dri to the paranormal and what got you investigating in and why well what Jimmy to the paranormal first of all it's actually and like the Latino community taxi something most of us believe in but at one point or another. I was actually very scared me for a while <hes> because it was just something I didn't understand I actually come from a scientific background so for me. <hes> although there was no proof just idea that there is something out there that doesn't have any proof and we still believe in it <hes> for some reason we just terrifying <hes> so what actually did was <hes> at one point. I believe it was a couple years ago. I decided anything that scares me. I'M GONNA go ahead and essentially face my fears. So one point I was scared <hes> Heights so actually did at some work as a Roofer so that the care of that <hes> and then I guess the paranormal was the next one so I decided <hes> Hey I'm gonna go ahead and join a group. I mean ultimately I do WanNa believe in it. I I WANNA WANNA have that open mind so if I get to go ahead and notice anything perfect if not there's no issue with that so I <hes> reached out the Chris. <hes> I went ahead. They did the interview process and everything and <hes> actually on the big first night I found out that although we are in San Juan Capistrano nobody at that time in the group next able to still nobody actually can speak in Spanish now so the first investigation I did. That's where I found out. Hey <hes> like a pretty pretty useful for it. So I started asking I do questions in Spanish every now and then I do a couple of other languages <hes> but stick mostly to Spanish and <hes> as far as I know from what I've actually heard there are I haven't heard any actually any actual response back just yet but from the areas we're bringing in southern California more than sure. We're going to get something nice. That's a goal but that being said ultimately <hes> three years I've noticed a couple of things that are out of the ordinary but nothing with conclusive evidence essentially tell me about your first paranormal experience or did. Did you have one actually my first paranormal experience or I believe it's paranormal was the very first investigation I did with the O._C.. Ghost and legends and we were out in San Juan Capistrano and <hes> we had actually just finished investigation and after that investigation <hes> we were essentially putting Oliver equipment away and at that point <hes>. I heard someone say many so I got like hey you. Did anybody call me and everybody's like no called so I I talked it up. I'm like okay probably probably something along those lines but <hes> I WANNA get Outta here because I want to get out of here and catch an episode of friends but Yeah Oh wow that's pretty that's pretty intense. I noticed that poster on the outside where we guys in investigating in San Juan Capistrano in San Juan Capistrano. We were actually investigating off of Los Rio Street really what what a story on on that street will actually. It's the oldest street in California that still i. I didn't know that that's amazing. Yes so the that's definitely one of our. I guess you could say our our home grounds. Wow what are the tales from that location tales from that location <hes> they vary anything from the lady and white which is everywhere but also <hes> there a couple of other stories along those lines most of them have to do with the railroad because at that point when it was initially actually put in that spot it was there was a lot of lash back because they essentially put it in front of People's houses and said you can't do anything about it so <hes> but there is there are a couple of stories based off of that and <hes> actually we've done <hes> we're still experimenting with it but we do believe that if for example a train does pass by that gives or stirs up energy to go ahead and <hes> <hes> maybe 'cause something to go ahead and try to communicate and we've actually we've gotten some results based off that amazing yeah. That's what I'm Anthony was mentioning to your investigation since Antwon that they were very successful. Oh yes I you mentioned like the Latin community in the paranormal. <hes> I WANNA really touch on that subject with you. Because I mean that is a good thing to bring up especially here in California with Hispanic Population <hes> what was your point of view on like the Latin community and the paranormal actually I mean usually we do go ahead and I believe very much with any society. It's it's not I don't understand it so I'm scared of it <hes> but at the same time there's also an understanding that <hes> for example when I started with those ghosts and legends it was actually we started talking about residual and then intelligence <hes> <hes> intelligent haunting and one of the couple of things regarding an intelligent haunting is essentially saying goodbye to a loved one and <hes> at that point I had remembered my mother had told me a story of the yeah when you were still still we're when you were still essentially and my belly your grandfather had passed away your grandfather. My father had passed away and I had the windows closed and I was close to some blinds in the blinds just went like as if somebody passed by them and <hes> at that point that eventually they shortly after she found out that he had passed away so <hes> she she obviously she told me that without any without any of that fear obviously we do have that fear based off of some of the folklore such as my. You're not let things like that so I mean at the same time. It's just most of the stories are I've seen something in Iran away. Yeah that sounds right or I've seen something in my mom told me to say like the eight hail. Marys that is my mom. Is Your meal thumbing his looks crystal. You GotTa say trade now Mary's at the same time. It's just something that we don't understand so. I believe that that that doesn't impact that alone right. What do you plan on collecting tonight's investigation well tonight's investigation although we are going to be collecting is actually more for any guests investigators we you wanna go ahead and help them at more or less? We want them to have the experts. That's amazing. Although we're definitely keeping out for things it's definitely for our guests as a paranormal investigator. What are your <hes> tools of choice? What this your what are your paranormal investigation tools of choice? My Okay my very first tool I believe in I believe most of us believe in is our intuition our intuition. There's that feeling where you feel <hes> something happening in raises the hairs on your back or raises the hair on the back of your neck and you feel hey. Something's not right here or something different year actually here here. I did have an experience where <hes> I had gone up to the third floor and the here my am. The back of my neck just stood up. Is that the Jasmine Room <music>. I'm actually really excited to set foot in that room. Definitely I mean the experience I had as I got up. There was in the middle of the day the hair in the back of my next stood up and I just <hes>. I guess it was a primal thing where you're you're just you're fighter. Flight came in wow so <hes> for me. It's always fight and not flight <hes> so for me. Let's go but ultimately there wasn't anything in there I walked in I checked and after that the feeling one away and then we had guests that night and I believe it was in that area that we had a guest draw <hes> I guess it was the easiest way I could say was <hes> female figure figure with a whole bunch of hair standing up and <hes> with a black background and it was definitely menacing so I was okay. I'm rethinking going up there now. Now I WANNA go. I mean definitely you should go ahead. Try Out. I mean ultimately everybody's expenses their own and that's definitely something that we like to go ahead and say at the beginning of every investigation. I mean feel free to go ahead and tell us hey this is what I feel because you might actually go ahead and be explained something. That's something else assist feeling and actually validating them so I mean what experiences their own. Everybody's built a different way. I mean some people are able to pick up on certain things while others people aren't so <hes> we never go ahead and say hey no. That's alone right. That's definitely something that can happen. That's true <hes> any last words or words of advice for individuals kind of venturing into the paranormal or wanting to investigate it <hes> definitely go ahead. I know most of them <hes> do here all of their recordings but <hes> definitely interesting to hear your recording several times because at the first time you may not go ahead and catch something and then second or third time or just having somebody else listen to it at that point here like I miss this so not only that but <hes> definite the if you wanna go ahead and investigate it make sure that you're prepared for everything in anything I agree. We thank you so much Larry. I wish you happy goes hunting. The Jasmine Room of the manor is one of the most highly active rooms I I I thought it was the violet room but jasmine from what I I was told definitely takes the cake. Legend has it that it's inhabited by the spirit of a gentleman by the name of Ralph Ralph was a groundskeeper that worked on the property back in the twenties there two stories the first one one was that he was a little rough with the girls and they didn't take too kindly to it so they complained to the mob and the mob handled him second story was he was in love with one of the prostitutes and the mob members found out and they took care of it the only way they knew how by beating him up to death throwing his body out of the third floor window where was soon ran over by car and then his remains were thrown into the woods where they are consumed by bears but it is legend and however route definitely makes himself very known and Chris August. WHO'S THE LEAD Director of O._C.? Costa Legends has had a very very personal experience with Ralph in that room and you can actually find that video on their Youtube Channel O._C.. Jose goes a legends on Youtube but later that night Ralph definitely made his presence known to one of our investigative members in our group will listen to her story later but we make our way to another investigator by the name of Anthony Me and Anthony is one Helluva guy and here's our interview with Anthony. I'm Anthony Holter. I am Ben With O._C.. Gross allegience for a year and I'm an investigator in Tech Guy. How long have you been investigating the paranormal in general since I was seventeen years old oh my gosh how that like <hes> withdrew E._t.? Paranormal and what was your first paranormal experience so kind of goes hand in hand with drew me and my first experience really goes hand in hand together. I'm from Minnesota and my sister-in-law owned property called The mail would stone barn which if you're familiar with the Mayo Clinic at all your hospital the mayor would brothers lived on that property opportunity and there's that theory that limestone attracts energy will the whole property was lying limestone but mailer brothers had killed themselves on their property. They committed suicide. My Gosh isn't love silly little places so they how you see three. Are you buildings here. Brackenfield there's little houses on the mail and properties huge and my sister-in-law was going through time at that time and just kind of just bad energy all around so I decided to step in and helped my brother who take care of my nieces and nephews and that same night I just had this feeling that I had to look out the window behind me and I saw this full black figure clears. I'm seeing you're walking guy and I'm like there shouldn't be anyone walking around thirty in morning. Now it's proper use locked off you know there isn't anyone on there be call the please because he knows family owned by my sister-in-law and her parents right. We don't want any strangers on the property at all and as a SEC okay and I turned to look back you know in the couch just Kinda really confused and turn around again and it was gone disappeared like that. I was like no human can walk that fast right and I didn't really know what it was a hand seen any of these shows then and and then the second thing that really terrified me on loss because then understand it was this black mashes coming through into the house in going up the stairs. Remember Nephews Risley. No No. I'm a protective Uncle Saris the first thing I did. I bolted up the stairs my brothers sleeping next to my nephews man like Brain Nubian in call him brothers name. He's <hes> he's like what what what's going on is it. What do you mean what's going on? I was like some something up here with the someone's up here. What are you talking about? I'm like I saw this big. Black mass like go into this room where God and he was kind of like laughed at me. Where are you laughing? It's not it's like I'm scared to death right and so he comes down and he pats the couch next music. Come sit down. It was like okay he's like you just had a paranormal experience what does that he is really been into two years. Well Heathen investigated the property later <hes> <hes> we came up with all kinds of evidence turns out on that property <hes> that he had acquired and he told me about it and I was super fascinated. It just caught me right there and I was like now that I understand that and I was just like okay cool you know my research research on the computer and just started from there and did solo investigating for a long time Iran my own team back in Minnesota <hes> so it was crazy to be able to my big thing is educating. I like educating everybody the paranormal and letting them know other ten. It's not going to be something bad the theory. Is You know if you're miserable life. You're probably going to be missed because of course so that's really how I got into started in writing experience really locked me and then I wanted to figure out and find the truth. Can you agree with me that the Midwest is more haunted and any other place in the blades something of with them for our mid Westerners. 'cause I mean I go story that I've heard from stranger. People let you know just I just had this conversation like yourself about the normal. It's like well. There's this place in you know Illinois or you know Indiana you know Bryce can vouch for Ohio as well well. I mean yeah I mean it's a very common thing and I didn't realize how come here until I started going to research myself. I figure out all these locations right and it's funny because a lot of them in the mid West cemeteries old cemeteries just being there for a long time some of them being desecrated or bulldozed Marais parking lots or whatever so yeah the Midwest says a chock full of history there that though I like a lot so is this your first time at Brechin fern because I know Oh. This is your second time because I know <hes> they you guys are the reason why ghost adventures pretty much investigated here. That's very true they had asked permission from us. Nice investigate the location. That's the story goes from Chris. He's mets acts Nice Guy. I haven't had the pleasure meeting him yet. I hope to one day I I help locations as well so sometimes I kinda run into locations. They have investigated yeah. Just Kinda got a coordinate. Everything one team has like solely in you know singlehandedly yeah like like investigated a property. I didn't know like I guess it's just like you know. It's courtesy to ask teen courtesy calling on this thing to do okay we. We are team. We try to be the best team that we can be <hes> we take a lot of pride in being intimate with our guests giving them that one on one counter as you know from the House and being with us there. That's that's what our joy is that interaction with the gas and I'm actually really excited because Chris is leading me lead my first group that is exciting. I remember when I had been asked to at the Harris House. I'm like what it's it's an exciting and like you know like Oh my God flattering you know experience you have a hierarchy and so we have love requirements hours that we had to meet before we get promoted of course and that's fair. You know I'm totally down with it but your little short staffed this time. I was supposed to be paired up with the GAL who couldn't be here. Unfortunately who's been here a few times before more than my have so Alabi like my support guide basically helped me out Chris. Do you still want to do for groups or do you want to do three. We'll do a forward and talking to Andrew who did logistics. You know they're having me lead a group tonight so I'm really excited. That's amazing congratulations. No matter the hierarchy or sonority were always there helping each other. I noticed goodbye from your group like you guys are really great and you're so welcoming met met other groups that you know there are really great and others that were just very intimidating and very closed off and I didn't have a good experience with them but you guys really take the time and like you literally like hold people by the hand and guide them through this whole process process and I appreciate that that's amazing is socially for me. I've always been that socially awkward person. I was also really shy and you know now. Being part of the team has really made me come out on Michelle. We saw great never expect from you. I'm proud of myself like to be able to do that and how this experience opens up more doors and opportunity is really get out there and just try. It's not a matter of succeeding in their failures. Try Try it. Try It. You see how you do what is your advice for people that <hes> WANNA get into the paranormal or even start their own paranormal investigation team. Those are good question. <hes> just just I'm going to go with Nike slogan. Say just do it. You Know GonNa take a lot of the research. You'RE GONNA have to research especially if you want to a team. That was the hardest thing for me trying to get back in Minnesota. Thankfully all my coworkers were really into the paranormal. So my team was right there. They work and I worked there <hes> but you know my biggest thing that I try to tell people is respect. The spirits respect the entity. That's my biggest pieces of ice. Anyone you know it's I. Hey these people try to provoke and deal and then of course they're gonNA cause problems for them. You know whereas if you're being nice or you ask a question and they acknowledge it say thank you thank you for being here. Thank you for acknowledging and making the sound or or something you know just be respectful. There's no on off switch so they're gonNA come out whenever they want to and we've had bland investigations were these come out and that's fine in their territory. So you know just like whoa that's true now. You're right absolutely so tell me about this group that you're leading. Is it on a certain level or you're doing just a second third rotation of a certain facility here it's going to be we hit <hes> there's three buildings on the property where she other its way dot says the Pool House right okay so that's why I love brackets going. There's a lot of righty here along with all the holidays history and stories and just the era of times. Just it's really cool <hes> so we have a whole schedule of rotations stations rotations will be thirty forty five minutes long depending <hes> sober all in four groups <hes> we'll just lead rotate every time someone says you know all these places it'll be up and down all around the Tudor House over here all here in Bragman firm and some of the rooms to be put in <hes> are there. Are you know your room may be subject to investigation like are you okay with that especially here. In the Bracken for coming out is that the are really the great story. I loved put that on the website on your website 'cause <hes> this is so cool about this investigations that you get to spend the night here and I love how you guys rated like the activity like highly active or if you want a good night's sleep you could sleep in and like the firm room or something coming here last year for my first year. I got you spend the night here in sleep in two other rooms which one where they so jasmine issue I read about the Ivy Room a bra raw. Ivy Is my favorite because it's a little boy. That's there and we brought Toya's he likes toys and we set him up. You know a certain way we woke up the next morning and they were all changed. It was so cool and I was like thanks Ryan. That's alleged name that we figured out now thanks Brian we appreciate you messing with the tires and playing with them like enjoyed them and believe in there for the day or whatever <hes> Jasmine is the most notorious room. Oh the manner <hes> where you know this was the whole prohibition period right <hes> so you have the mob coming in and some not less so nice things happen to gentlemen name Ralph. He got tossed out of the window the Jasmine Rim dixie. He's telling me over multiple times for good measure so we've done a variety of experiments in that room. <hes> I happen to be caught. It was kind of wrong place wrong time caught with our investigator Mike in Program last year sort of the crosshairs a lot of energy. It was going on in that room really really crazy so brachman good or it's just like it was just off for me. Everything I've experienced is pretty neutral. Okay so it's not which way but I'm also like autumn all land half the time the healthy skeptic that's trained disparate. Everything's paranormal exact most likely someone's phone ooh. Maybe it's just the piece of equipment giving off too much enough and then that's why I'm experiencing. Some crazy has lake from the last group. Did everyone come out with an inexperienced or story pretty much everyone. Oh I'm excited to hear why really excited that you're here is a lot of our guests are return guests. I met a few of them from David Towels and they remembered me and I was so happy to meet them again. There are such great people good energy. Good good folks that energy kind of determines night to yes gene. You're really excited in your the activity. It won't be disappointed has not let me down as far as hasn't let anyone else down. I've had some crazy experiences here. That's just give me we'll give all of us your that one experience that just like it repeats over and over like a residual haunting in your mind much Oh man so last year here I was a solitary attendant then because we are awesome solitary thing kind of like are fun perk comes so we escorted guest down here location and they're they're in the dark completely with the radio themselves. That's right you guys. You're going to do that dry it tonight and tonight's actually different redoing it with blindfolds based on what a lot of our listeners has seen on the ghost adventures show is there Damon is there Earth <unk> a negative presence or energy in the basement know their ego guys. No I and that's where I did my solitary wearing a score my guess was in that same location reject said that you know there is kind of negative entity. There is nothing there now for the show <hes> likely probably I get a discrediting anything but you know it's just doesn't match up sometimes so yeah now now what is oops. There's a car that very sneaky car. That looks like it's not even put together right. <hes> what is the most active room is at the Jasmine or is just the jasmine not the basement okay every location and building on the property have their different spots right early active so the Tudor House has been the stage. You can imagine back then there's a lot of performances dining dining area restaurant right so there's so much energy and a lot of people there <hes> the bath house <hes> just the downstairs bath house. I haven't really been up there in the upstairs area on rotation which I get to tonight so it's really cool. <hes> just downstairs ensues Amino hearing things here noises very common thing like that's the most common thing you'd probably get here is hearing voices or you get tapped touch as far as the manner. It's definitely the jasmine room that's kind of the the gold nugget if you spending the night there Nolan is wow for the investigative spot in it's also one of the solitary locations for tonight on my guy after tonight we will have to not jasmine room. <hes> I was supposed to buy for personal reasons I had to leave early in the morning right so andrew will be staying overnight and Jasmine. He has a had an experience in there. Yet is kind of phone that you know that goes back to on off switch again some of us. Do we all do during an investigation. How some kind of experience in the magazine Oh it's like okay thirty had their fun with us taking us alone? There like you guys took a lot of energy all of us yeah well. That excites me. I can't wait to even venture through the room. Just let you know my co-host prices waiting comfortably in a car in front of in-n-out Burger in L._A.. Eh You wanted to show up but no honestly he had a a lot of work to do <hes> with a show that he's in so he is here technically in spirit. No Pun intended spirit so <hes> I I wanted to ask one last question. What is your devices have choice? When you go into an investigation I've asked all the other investigators like what are their three top devices of choice so of course because of you the same as allow some <hes>? The digital recorder is the number one thing that you can bring that you're almost guaranteed some kind of evidence at almost every location. I've been to on team on my own team Minnesota. I've had some. Some audio come through and that's the gold there and just audio evidences amazing laughter children voices <hes> my second device that I like is what Mike has has is the portable device so playing the word bank backwards in Latin and saw a spirit comes theory. It's GonNa say an English so you can understand it. <hes> we've had a lot of success with advice. Actually I've seen that device is really it's really yeah. It's it's like probably my top favorite piece cool yeah every time. It looks really serious every time with Mike you know let's let's do the portal and then thirdly something that I brought onto this investigation that no one else has at the moment a compass interesting this explain why <hes> so I gather from a gentleman named Harry price he is a very well-known investigator <hes> back in the fifties nineteen fifties eighteen hundreds that kind of thing so there wasn't all that technology back then so what are you going to us right actually goes you know and compass you won't get interfered with by the electromagnetic field mhm and it's so light that's true simple. You don't have to worry about having its batteries drain exactly it's so late and simple so you know it won't be a lot of energy trade spin around yes so don't use the compass on your phone. He's an actual one. Guys can get two bucks five. That's true yeah so I really excited introduce that to my group. They're probably going to learning something to that's a really I mean. You're the first one to mention that probably going to get a kick out of it because as you know we have considerably Retro old-fashioned Yeah. We'll like a pendulum. Just kick it old school with your pendulum and in Corpus now like you could I mean do you Ashley. Whatever's in you know presences in the space with you a hey? Can you turn the dial left you you turn clockwise. Is that how you get to manipulate it. SMART will allow my guess to how the opportunity to hold the compass so they can see like eyesight you know and just watch it and see if it goes out of control. MHM really excited to see if I get hits on that yeah so my gosh. I'm sure I feel I feel like we're going to have a lot of great stories. Yeah it's going to be great. I one hundred percent agree. We'll thank you so much anthony thank you for. We're having Hollywood paranormal here allowing you to talk to you guys. I love like and I mean that from the bottom of my heart like love what you guys do your education everything. It's amazing. I'm very very I'm a big fan of you guys. I think that heavier thank you respect. An education seems to be the fame with O._C.. Ghosts and legends and that's something that I really admire about this group. That's always there whenever the investigate in the location such as Bracken fern manner his level of respect for each other and a level of respect for those that we can't see but the biggest question that I had to ask all the members of the O._C.. Ghosts and legends crew was this and it was something that I did see on the bag. Show is really a demon in the basement because that's what I noticed on episode three and season twelve of ghost adventures according to Zach Baggins or the BAGGINS. There's supposedly a bad presence a demon in the basement. The left scratches on certain individuals and according to O._C.. Goes Selections Pancer is no. There's nothing nothing mayor that's negative but there is something that makes his presence known as we make our way to the Tudor House we are prepared with an orientation by Chris August to give us a good background in history on Bradford manner along along with a great grounding ceremony that was given by Dixie Tanto Dini because protection is key as we learned earlier in this episode and then I made my way to a gentleman by the name of Roger Another member of the Oh Seco so much unscrew and here is his interview names Roger Woodcock and how long have you been with O._C.. Golsen legend over four years for years and I and tell me what got us the paranormal and then what got you into being a paranormal investigator. My mother was a sensitive she was on American Indian descent and and very much naturalist spiritual person and voice had my own beliefs systems and I've had a lot of personal experiences on my own before I joined the team. I'm I'm also. Will we call it believer skeptic. I don't believe everything's a ghost I believe sometimes life you generate what you WANNA believe and may not be factual may not be what actually happens on one of my job with the team is to debunk as much as I possibly can. I'll spend hours trying to disprove something. There's lots of things again disprove but about personal experiences and all these experiences their own so you don't want to take that away from them but if I can explain that weird sound you heard I'm GonNa give you these what I think it is. This is what I think it could have been. Take with you want with that so this team is very open. We try just about anything out there science. It's wise not science wise. I mean we've had I've had something like this is really kind of stupid from technical perspective and then had my eyes opened up by something tap and I give you experience such as we have seen call a boo bear <music> and people that are in the paranormal world what boo bear is it's basically a rimbaud inside of a Teddy Bear essentially and we're here last year with it and I had a group I was with I was just going to tag along with the group and they're up there where the cycle before the matter of the blueberries and free placed there and they go. It's moving and I'm like I'm like five yards away from whatever yes sure it is very very skeptical about it and I'm I walk up to it and that son of a what looks like Sony's is actually slowly squeezing it kind of bins over just just enough that that it's visually detective kind of bends over and stands about kind of like somebody's squeeze in the middle in the middle of breathing GonNa Freak me out because I hear I am. There's four or five. I people who are also seeing Emeka was one of the team members well. They're all sing. It and I'm saying okay now that that kind of freaked me a little bit was like what's making this person's. NEKO's this bitch open and see what the Hell's making it move because why Nielsen Nelson and then it repeated later on it wasn't as one event so things like that you think you get your free notions of what's real and what's not real and then the under is open by a group group experience right. You can't just discount like I think I was seeing things every Saad so those valuable that's short of getting it on video with two different video cameras Jhansi. That's probably the most valuable thing in the paranormal evidence is when you have a group that all one pair of is accreditation all walks of life so that's that's next to the holy. Grail is two different video cameras catching something. That's a holy grail that second told you were you part part of the group when they first investigated Breckenridge. Tell me about that experience <hes> the first inaugural back in front we come up. You're not knowing more than just the history on it on the fun part was as I actually came up here with my girlfriend at the time I'm a couple of weeks prior incognito because at that the owners there was really pushing the paranormal and we WANNA make sure they're not just pushing the paranormal actually something so we actually Congo and had some very powerful experiences. I was up most back with things being thrown. It sounded like a wooden shoe being thrown against the bedroom wall on the hallway. We were another couple checked in shortly after we did and we were still allowed him and they did so we thought they were doing something you know whatever and the matter at that time was kind of weird because nobody from the staff's neither man. I left a ten so we didn't know that either until the next morning so we were up a lot of the night with things not actually I actually brought him E._D._p.. Oh I'm sorry this recording with me and had a recording so we got all that on track but we can written office something going on so we go to check out in the morning and we decided we're we're going to say anything to the staff because we want to tip our hand about lesbian. It's been caramel team is how is your night. We're was good. If I'm issues. I didn't appear in the morning couple checked out shortly after they checked in because they're scared so we're actually in the manner by ourselves the whole night not knowing that allow and later on after talking to some of the staff and the property manager at the time building of the time right across rooms where one of the legends about person who doesn't like people in throws shoes the sound like somebody storing. Somebody hit the wall and fall at the wall in Paul right very very very you know like okay. That's a weird coincidence that that was what we thought we heard and we just thought maybe they're having a bad night or something and turns out really the only ones in the armed building and we had that sound so that was very eye opening for when we come back and that's we had a lot of mix energies and this is nothing dangerous or ugly but just all sudden very powerful energy and that's what we I experience here. I investigation here. Some very eye-opening experiences below the team members. Do you think it has something to do with the land or just the energy of the building or just what people brought into that investigation. I I think generally speaking not just led to this building. I think it's all the above I think I think jogger fee has something to do with us to sort of energy lines laylines. That's one of the theories out there. I think the history people people always saying oh something with the building well. This was also native American plan for a long time. We don't know what power that has. I find that areas that are known to be properties or land that was in had inherited are in habit by why do people seem to have a lot of energy my we just because that's what I want being native American background but always seemed like every place I've we've done. That's partly San. Juan blacks are canyons regular ones lots of powerful experiences Sir lots of mid American background of course because of American you know heritage a lot of it is spirituality like they were big spiritualists. They paid homage to God's and stuff well. There's no doubt in their mind and their believes there's there's no like Oh. That's you know pseudoscience with. That's that's what they believe so. There's no question their mind. It's just a matter of life for that <hes> so I always find that and this has this property has some native American background the land before it was developed was was tribal <hes> and then obviously all the energy back with d how these buildings being utilized why they were built on. We also have a natural underground spring run so here. That's why this was a speak easier at the Tudor House because part of the part of the moon shining is water supply while you know your law enforcement look look for pipes and they knew that was a moonshine operation no pipes here. Here's your not bring water. There's there's some theories about water bringing energy so there's a lot of possibilities focus into one area here tom now you've been investing for four years with Zico some legends as a whole. How long have you been investigating in general? I wasn't an investigator as far as with other teams I was a hobbyist had an interest in it. I had some on belief system. I actually got thrusted in dozy Gel purely by coincidence on they came to my my my second job so to speak my job is technical director for Community Theater in San Juan Capistrano and they had booked an event there and the owner and I was like I was only with six months whatever at the time and said Hey can just be there that nine support and whatever they need you know they're doing all the presentation lights Augusta and that's how I got involved with Posey. Jail was kind of interesting. I like what they're saying as far as being opened a lot of different things and months later two months later on the team race just like that just a little window of opportunity. They're doing went along with the team. I go most somebody whose background I rarely I come to these events but most I'm on the guy behind the camera doing that. GonNa Stop It. Just that's my my niche now. You talked about photography. <hes> have you caught any any credible evidence. Insist on photograph were on digital photograph on photos with as a team before a few things I think are most impactful photograph is probably here not a photograph actually a nighttime infrared video allow here <hes> the manner of a light anomaly anomaly now people see the the balls and all that stuff you know ninety nine point nine percent of time that's dust particles and it's very easily but we had add one particle that was tracking <hes> not like the other particles you could see there was not for dust particle show up on the camera. It's right in front of the land. You might look like it's it's actually writing from the lens this when you could see interact Iraq out there with objects go behind object to come back around and it was tracking you frame Hafren and I did all my usual Iran different color filters against it. I tried all the time trying to debunk what was could not come up with solution. I zoomed it in a digitally enhanced Hanson still run it in an almost like a donut a circle hormone love it and it was just very powerful Evans now. I'm we're never going to say it's a ghost. We don't know what if the says it was ought so let's team number says that's it goes because we don't know these ghosts. We don't know what this is. That's why the stool pseudoscience. That's why we we still just put it on the paranormal because we don't know what this right so. We just call goes because that's what we can grasp so what is was. I have no idea but I could not be bunket. I seen that video. It's on your Youtube Channel. Those goes and legend Youtube guys if you go on O._C.. Goes and legend. You'll see their videos. I think it's something like <hes> I think it was like Ralph's room or something or done hall sandwich. It's very very very interesting. There's an I created video. I want to show people what tools we used to debunk this what we did so that again holy grails two different cameras didn't get that when we had one camera running there but I wanNA show people steps we took to try to debunk it and good. That's amazing. I saw video and I'm going to have to find a guys to put it on our instagram program but it's so interesting like you can't explain it at all. It's like it's it. You could tell like that's not dust doesn't globally Brighton and focus pinpointed as Riyadh. Wow do you have okay how about this. <hes> what are your pieces of advice for any individuals hobbyists or future ghost hunters like what is your advice for them. Coming into this field be open minded be guarded the people. There's a lot of people out there that <hes> think everything's a ghost and that's kind of for me. That's the other side of the specter. Not Everything's goes be careful of psychics. We dixies great Mosa also her stuff I I I I can grab onto but we've had other psychics pass that you can tell within thirty seconds of this so getting you gotta be careful that stuff and then just be open minded to <hes> the technology beginning and we don't know what we're looking for here. This is all speculation on what this could be. Your couldn't be so even though even though it might seem really far fetched that you know this is happening are weak. You know the spirits able to manifest a word at an espionage Lebanon Spirit box and say we answer ask a question. We don't know what this very intelligence behind. We'd over just random energy. We don't know of it's you know get Ueli really out there you know parallel universes and all we just don't know so will be open minded to it intelligent about it and take a step back at the emotions out of it and try not to experience to debunk or not to debunk that is the question whether it does not learn mind to suffer the slings Banaras of our misinterpretations on what is dust in what is actually an orb or maybe if you blink a little bit you might just see bigfoot and background. I mean it is part of being a paranormal investigator investigator. You have to step into a logical standpoint and you have to take deeper dives. Not Everything is panned out to be a ghost. Now we move forward with the grounding ceremony and this is where I find it very very interesting important for ghost investigations especially for green investigators that just wander into a location without really protecting and grounding themselves because when you walk into the unknown you have to let whatever's out there known but you need business but at the same time you're protected now. Here's a crowning ceremony that is given by dixie Tanto Cardini before we split off into our groups and I was very fortunate fortunate be placed in her group with the lead investigator and Director of O._C.. Go some legends Chris August so here's Dixie Tanto Dini leading us into a grounding ceremony and for all you future in Green Ghost hunters out there. I really take notes because this is a very important ceremony to take whenever you set foot into the unknown. Everybody and you can participate if you don't want to. You don't have have to just ignore me as you don't want to ground. That's totally fine so this is going to help. You feel more secure more safe. Okay so what we're going to do. We're just gonNA take a really good deep breath that AL relax ourselves one more deep bread now what we're going to do as we're going to imagine a route. That's coming from your tailbone says their base route Shaqra so you're you're going to imagine a route. That's going down deep into the earth and then it's branching out and clasping onto mother earth. Some people might feel some vibrations coming from this. It's just mother earth supporting you nurturing you and keeping you save and then we're also going to do next is from the souls of your feet. You're going to imagine these routes and they're going to be going down even to the earth and grounding you and nurturing you and keeping your safe Apprai- all right take another deep breath and you're grounded so at any point in time. If anybody wants to do this you can. I I do it every single morning just to help me stay focused and calm so you can do at any point in time in any of you. It was a dark in stormy night. Seriously it was Tarkhan stormy night. When we left the Tudor House in meter way to the manner with Chris August and Dixie pandered or Dini and our group the fog was really thick so thick that you couldn't even see the road ahead of you but you can still make the road out due to the light of the moon? It was a full moon out we made our way across the street's the manner at night to little intimidating we make our way to the first floor as we started our first session with around of questions we heard a couple of Knox in the kitchen and finally made our way up the back staircase to the second level which was quite interesting according to Dixie when she did a walk-through of the manner one of the presences that made themselves known to her was an older woman that was telling telling her not to go up the stairs. Don't go upstairs why because he's there and we believe that he was Ralph and Ralph was ready for us. We made our way through the second floor. Where we felt some activity? We had the RIM pod setup along with the cameras and our boo bear. We finally make our way to third floor straight to the jasmine room already. I could feel my heart palpitation eating. I feel the sense of anxiety maybe it's because I already know what to expect in the jasmine room but I had this feeling that something was there and it didn't want us there. Soon we will realize lies that Ralph was going to make himself known to one of the members of our group and here's a recording of that session now keep in mind that the noisy you'll hear in the background is a spirit box that Chris August is using to delete an investigation in this room for some of you out there that don't know what a spirit boxes is. A tool that goes hunters use an attempt to make communication with paranormal entities it eases radiofrequency sweeps to generate white noise his which theory suggests give some entities the energy they need to be heard and when this occurs you'll hear something like voices or sounds coming through the static in an attempt to communicate. I we don't collect anything. We do here something in the background but we can't make it out but then it's followed by Knox and I think I collected something of an e._d._p.. During the session listen closely it sounds like someone saying take a baby baby step but then it's followed with an eerie presence that makes a self known to one of our guest members selene <hes> keeping the widow was a wasn't you guys moving. No it was a Bayard to ninety five in the window visits me again. What's your problem? Did you ever problem with me. You actually need me. Walk out of this place before your problem with this being here you'll get to someone just laugh cohasset your it and I think the where next to love to ray here can't be kency aware what did you see the of crystal city yes scrabble valet show. Who is that you feel an adult a child? You give me problems being here. What's your problem? I WanNa know what your promise. If you want to leave this room let us know do something because statement pal. She wants it here coming here. Were combing. We're going. Here's the audio again. Guys I could be wrong could be someone in the group but I don't remember anyone whispering. During this time here it is again. Could this be Ralph warning us to take baby steps absurd to tread lightly when we're in his room who knows but he definitely made his presence known to Selene. We make our way down to the second floor and then finally we get to the seller now. That's where things really picked up for us. It was pretty active. I've a recording of what happened. After we heard what we thought was buber in the room. We heard what sounded like the BOO bear going off or laughing and there was no one around round with the BOOB air. The buber was currently in the second floor and Chris August had notified Andrew to see if the buber was on nothing and then it happened. I saw my first apparition and I had someone sitting behind me validate. I don't know what it was but I was feeling so drained from being in the jasmine room that I felt like I was Kinda. Falling Asleep you see the seller is pretty dark and cold and I think <hes> for me. The energy was all sucked worked out and maybe whatever was trying to make its presence. No was trying to tell me to wake up and it surely woke me up. It just looked like a white cream like figure that just came around from the bannister and almost gone in my face ace. I can make out a knows a pair of is and as I jumped the gentleman behind me validated that he saw the same thing the thing with the seller is something very interesting. That's the entrance to the Prohibition Tunnels Awards I ask years. Yes very in the world two years. What did he knows? It happened just before that employs are just so it's as inserting something energizing so I don't know as pure coincidence moving energy so late with the wire incidence moving is the car the energy making you talk now as it was. Is it not the heart the braves you energy to do. The are cassie cars more cars session. Fortunately one of the members of the group had the recorder going on and picked up on the laughter which is something that we reviewed as you listen into the audio we could hear clear day what sounded like the boo bear going off almost like if it was laughing then you hear Chris August meeker really really good statement a hypothesis and this is their theory. Whenever there's a moving car that drives past the manner? It seems like it just ignites whatever energies are their energy feeds off of energy and nowadays a lot of these cars are electronic cars so every time time a car passes by the manner. It seems like some sort of activity is heightened by that car passing by the manners right next to a busy street so there's always a constant movement of traffic not only that but there's also the water theory how water is a source of energy for entities to feed off of and there is a spring that runs beneath bracket fern which could be the reason why mm-hmm there's huntings after successful session in the seller we headed towards the Tudor House for a thirty minute coffee break. It was much needed since it was a very very cold night. It was thirty eight degrees in Lake Arrowhead and it was still storming and foggy. I was able to sit down with one of the members of our group and constant O._C.. Ghosts and legends patron Selene and her family and we had a really interesting discussion it turns <music> out that selene and her family attracts a lot of entities and here's our interview with Selene okay guys so I'm sitting here with a family actually so I have <hes> monthly as elite Francisco and this is is your son over here so Terry and this is your sister. Oh so this is really cool that you guys participate pay in a paranormal ghost as a family started. You got them started <hes>. How long have you been participating with O._C.? Golsen legends we met them in what we met them twenty sixteen but we started last year here here at the Brechin firm. Oh Wow now. Did you experience a lot more than what you just experience now. No this is this is definitely in the most now I met you at David Omen Taus and and you felt a lot of things over there that it seems like it's like continuing over here. Are you very sensitive to the paranormal or had I mean have you seen apparitions or things is growing up I did when I was little back in Mexico. I swear I saw Ramona. Oh my God can you tell us about that. <hes> sure <hes> we were at the ranch with my aunt and she was getting water water from the well and <hes> I wondered off you know I think I was like four or five years old. I wondered off to were there used to be river going by so it was a river riverbank and as I was standing there I saw shadow big shadow like walking by and those little shadows behind it. Oh my God so <hes> when I saw it they were like floating like a doc along the river and when I saw them they like stopped and it's like they turn to look at me and I felt like they were calling me to to go with them. Yeah and I couldn't move. I was frozen fear and my aunt kept calling me. Let's go it's time to go and I was like Oh my God completely though so scared and she did she grabbed me you know by arm to get over here she. Somatic meals like hoping she didn't see anything but you did yeah she. She didn't see it but in that same ranch my grandma got slapped by a woman that came out of the uh-huh stole back then because she was crying and she source wow that's an intense earn all story <hes>. Can you walk us through what you experience. You had a very intense. It's experience in the jasmine room in I mean even you recounting the story. I mean I can hear your voice trembling. Can you Okkas what you experience yeah. I feel a little more asleep. So when we we were there I couldn't sit at the bed or just felt like it needed to sit in the floor and I did when I sat there. <hes> I felt like a Mike something next to me like <hes> presence and I feeling to see if it was my son that was there because he was a one closest. He was very far like not even with my arm stinted I could feel him so then all all of a sudden I turn and there's like a man shadow looking right at me like just tracy me scared me so I turned around and then I wanna see it but I could feel it in a could look at it from my <hes> corner is that it was it was still there to stay there looking at you mentioned that it was a sense of of intimidation or you just is looking at me like curious or wanting to go out or but he was holding his ground. How did you feel in that room? Feel like tense but <hes> morning that but have you ever felt like that anywhere else in like your past tours last time we on the Olma House I saw kind of like a phase late flashlight my her as they really relate really fast ball we are in the hallway we going into hallway a turnaround and so that Mike and Disappeared light in the link you had an intense experience there too but not at the Omen House to house next door rate. I initially felt something in the living area of the allman woman houses we were there and I just felt like I have to get out. I I couldn't breathe. We will there. <hes> I think Chris was filling it to is your son going into solitary. Sorry Guys Oh my God so to the Beth you guys have heard before that the are doing rounds of solitary confinement in highly active rooms and yours is one of them will my name up pick offers. It's time that we thought here the first time came here less last year and then this time he got picked. My name got picked again so I I gave it to him. Wins it ends. I just want to get you alone now. Yeah I'm building up to it. We got ruined the feeling the mice you could Masan he wants to go. We got like an ally. Yeah you can pick you know now now. Is your son also sensitive. Does he have the seem three boys when he was a little all of them. They have although speeds when they were little but then when he he was never been afraid since he was little he would always being the dark by himself and not afraid but then he kind of stopped seeing stuff like around six. I think clever six years old an offer forget yeah. Oh my goodness so he's been wanting to have another experience and this is why is he wanted to experiment here. Do you guys have fun on a you know taking these towards throw seacoast and legends always come out wanting to do more with them definitely more we the first time we came here if you didn't know we were saying the haunted hotel he said. When do we get to go to our hotel? How we're here? He was like what did you didn't tell me make well. That's the only way to get you hear. What rooms are? You guys staying in the hotel. What are their stories day see Dalia? <hes> are those highly highly active ones. They're highly active but they're in the second floor where there's a lot of activity <hes> the first time voice eight who was in the what is it the Ivy Room Yeah. We're there's been I guess <hes> something has happened with the little boy name Ryan. Yes and we couldn't sleep their first night no way or are you feeling you're just feeling anxiety or just just sense serve like where the heads could swear that the walls were were vibrating. Oh my gosh yeah so I I do few stuff. You know I've always felt stuff. I can always tell when there's something there like when we moved to a new house Zeno I could feel there's energy and so far we've been something here and I just discussion with Larry earlier about paranormal and the Latino community in in your opinion I mean how those two worlds meet like. I noted <hes> that they more we all Latinos we have more of the spins in Mexico everybody you know but here in America they're like they don't believe it you know. Do you feel that the Hispanic Latino communities are open to the paranormal. That's why you guys experienced so much because there's more more more like stories and legends stuff. That's happened over there and a lot of people go by you know they swear by and they believe in it and I think that's why there's there's more you know there's dwindles switches. There's <hes> your own <hes>. There's two proper to drive. No then what the dog that turns into woman. There's another one <hes> like aware wealth for people become become like an animal is a shape sifters or oh my gosh awhile it's it's it becomes into big black dog with red ice <music> only and that's really they. They really believe that you know we believe it over there. Exists and Wendy's plays with kids I had I had a what time I saw a wendy what that means yeah. It's like a little short person yeah yeah well. We where we lived was a team that is like a little neighborhood where there was only one restroom out like in the back and in the middle there was a wealth go out so I don't know why but I was there at nighttime night came out and it was sitting on the well telling me come hell yeah. He's like come come. I couldn't move. I once again lay KHURANA frozen. I stay there until my sister came and told me we'll be doing inside. Oh my God I think God you know yeah but yet we enjoyed it. <hes> that experience June ahead of the Omen House the next next next door to the Omen House yes yes the that was very <hes> Cypher like those GonNa pass out. Oh and I just felt I couldn't breathe. Yes those choking me me yeah and then <hes> remember walking into room experienced a sharp pain in my stomach and I don't know somebody said that there's I guess people report that stabbing pain uh-huh so that's what I felt yeah. You're not the only one we had a girl a month ago that felt that the pains in her chest and her stomach yeah so you're not the only one that's felt yet validated what I was feeling he. I heard that so I hadn't heard before he who they every house we live in. We had all the time experience would sleep in. You know just moving to this house. We I have liked almost three months. We'll have anything again spins by the House before this one <hes> we howlers funes make one time <hes> a wake-up in the middle of nine. I don't know what time and I guess we you know and trying to get you know to my arm on the premise you know once he's in a few some steps by my foot because these are would put on my mind says is a little boy. You know wow yeah when I sense that I feel a child. In my mind said doesn't shy of when I show they they avoid you can hear right away ghost this to my bed and and do on on the mattress like really fascinated with a hint I can hear nice to meet her on opened my goes so scared right stipe brain and soft and yes and sometimes a few like wake up the happiest when yes we cut you know he's wake up and thank you macos leak here ground like miss through my ear like thought something you know. It was like really scary really scary goodness. Would you consider your family haunted. You know I mean we don't we don't live in fear. We don't think about it. <hes> just I think we you know I know definitely my grandma. <hes> <hes> had experiences. My mom is intuitive so I feel like I got it from them and her four kids on the only one wow so really great yeah and then in it's just like my my moms the only one from their kids and you will learn from my mom's kids so somewhere somebody's GonNa Continue Yeah definitely intuitive. I feel people's energy tooth and you definitely feel a lot a lot of energy here but Lee good or bad interesting interesting energy neutral like I don't know like you know sometimes like I asked him. I can you feel like I literally will put my hand on the the war yeah. It feels like it's Oh wow and that's pretty intense and yeah win. DIXIES did that grounding. I really felt like all the vibration that was very like powerful because I had felt like when they're telling you to do this and freeze and become with earth yeah everybody else is your more sensitive incident yeah frizzy well. Thank you so much for participating in my view and happy goes hunting. It's like when we get awesome sleep. I'm sure you will thank you guys. According to Selene son he went to solitary confinement inside the pole house and came out with nothing he said it was actually pretty quiet as for the other gentlemen that went into solitary confinement in the jasmine room he told all of us afterwards that he couldn't even make a pass the front door it was as though someone or something telling him that he wasn't welcome there and his gut was telling him that it wasn't safe to go in that room at that time now for the best part. We ended up staying in the Tudor House to continue our investigation before entering the basement. I felt that this was the most active part of our investigation besides the Jasmine and also the seller here's where we picked up an M._v._p.. Of A woman laughing in the background of our session you'll hear Chris August talk however in the session we used another device. I was actually really excited. We're using the PO box which which was created by Mr Huff like the call him. It's advice that enhances M._V._p.. On a scale previously unheard of and the Portal Cleans Enhances isolates and in my opinion encourages e._d._p.. In comparison with the spirit box you see the spirit box has that choppy white noise sound that you normally here but with the portable box it eliminates it by running it through the portal and it just leaves the voices themselves so you just get the voices and not the static and it's the only way to get clear good voice box session and we definitely heard something that was not coming from that Puerto box but outside of it and we couldn't explain it here. It is surname we don't see. Can you show yourself around here. MM-HMM UH-HUH <MUSIC> <music> uh-huh yes I just heard takes just being moved else. What's your name correct? UH The comedy. If you guys are here Tuck turn now here's laughing again and when we're time for good measure both Chris and I heard it clear day. It was a woman in the background laughing. We believe that the laughter was coming from the restroom area but that part of the Tudor House that night was highly highly active. I was even seeing shadow figures on stage and according to Dixie they were there kind of mocking us so a ghost of the Tudor House in Bradford reconfirmed manner have personalities. I guess you can say we continued art. Investigation down in the basement in the basement was actually really creepy. You can actually see the actual prohibition bottles that the US back in that era to move the hooch and just F._y._i.. Wii Guys Know Demon. We didn't see or feel or get any scratches to my knowledge down in the basement. The basement was definitely definitely creepy. I must say but we made our way from the basement to the Pool House and that's where we made what we thought we made communication with the twelve year old boy or the newsy boy that mia been working for the mob back in the day it was a great way to end our investigation that pole house and then we made our way back to the Tudor House did you accu- A to share experiences in a lot of people had a lot of experiences wrapped everything up around to fifteen and then I finally got a chance to sit with Chris August for our postmortem this mortem so here's our interview with Chris August all right guy so we're doing a postmortem with Chris. August who is the head Honcho of O._C.. Goes and legends and it's about two thirty just wrapped up with our final notes in what we all discovered at Bracken fern compared to your first night here late was a very active night <hes> or winning your most never disappoints whenever leave here disappointed. It's never happened some. I mean we were always leaving here with stuff happening but it was it was I would have trying to. I can't really rate it. There was experiences everywhere and even though certain group may not have had the same experiences as another group there were experiences different places none the less and some were somewhere so we're never let down simply true Anthony One of your investigators mentioned that someone always walks out of reconfirmed with the experience agreeance I for myself say that one hundred percent <hes> so what did you feel tonight appeared to other nights. It sounds like for me tonight. I was heavy on disembodied body voices being in the seller. The laughter of with Abu Bear was not in the here in the Tudor House. I I was so excited and maybe not everybody agrees with me but we caught it and you've you caught it on audio and I hope you don't lose that. No I emailed to ice. Did you really are we yeah Clinton. Every I WANNA like enhance this out and everything is this could buy. Yes I mean that was I was pumped for that. I'm seriously exciting you. I don't know you heard my excitement. More excited that we caught it I was there. Are those moments where I know what I heard confident about it. I'm not convinced that came from the portal night. I I mean again. I'm going to analyze it and it's like you're going to dissect it as well. I'm not convinced that came from the portal. I heard it from the opposite side of the room over here on this wall but that's just my opinion <hes> it's okay not everybody has to agree with me and and I'm GonNa take it for what it was. I heard it. It was a child in man I I'm. I'm still kind of high about that. I it's not often that stuff happens in when you hear it in real time and then it translates on the audio that's best case scenario right. We got it and I mean that was something that you can someone try to debunk or now like because we had other people that hurt it do and I mean that's another form of allegation and we're going to be able to once. We dissect it. Sometimes things sound a lot better in the moment and then you listen back when you're kind of more. You're just you're relaxed. You're you've reflected on the night a week later right two weeks later you reflecting you're like well. You know what <hes> maybe that's not or your you validate like Yep I stand by. That's I note that no question about it and I'm hoping that sit. That's GonNa be my reaction when I listened to it. I like to sit on it. Saw All saul still be on a high for me when I get home be pumped about all this new it over and over and and just get really excited again. Relive the moment and then I'll let it sit for weeks. Talk to me about the Jasmine Room. A lot of people had a lot of interesting feels and experiences in that room and I know that you had a very intense experience your first time right. Oh yeah it was it was a pretty I don't Wanna I mean it sounds dramatic by saying it was life altering because but when I say altering meeting it was in my career in this field it was something that really confused me and at the moment it was so foreign of an experienced that I didn't didn't know what to do with it and walking into that room and having just that feeling of anxiety and I needed to get out I've never walked out of an investigation and I haven't since there are things that startled me but I've never left and in video which we have on you to you can view it. Anybody can look at it where we have the actual d._v._R.. Footage of I'm put my foot down. I'm going upstairs and saying hey you can't mess my friends. I was really confident and I didn't feel threatened. I'm like this is silly. Come on see this. Whatever happened made another investigator cry? I as a friend said this is awful. I mean you can't do that. If there was a spare you you're not allowed to do that. So come on you got some say you come through me. Yeah I bolted title. Find that video guys and put it on Instagram I mean but you had a gentleman here who was picked for the solitaire in that room and he couldn't even sit in that room. He had to stand out by the door. Yeah sorry to back was hurting yeah. The <music> are solitary guy he he didn't even walk in the door and that's never I mean we don't really get generally. We have a lot of women can pick up on whatever's going on in Jasmine but this guy was he. I guess he was told to respect that. I'm not wanted to hear right and they whoever was in there. We can call them Ralph but said look POW. You're not coming in here and that's the way it's going to be wow and this guy said I respected and I did not. I didn't walk through that threshold. I did not cross that barrier. Is that the theme of tonight you think was respect. I I can't I. I didn't necessarily experienced anything profound in jasmine tonight but other people did doesn't mean because I didn't experience. It doesn't mean it didn't happen. So what what I think the theme was this at intimidation intimidation. Was the theme Jasmine tonight like they're being not not prevent what I'm looking for now. They were being stared down by bullying. It's you know sense of yeah of superiority like we run this house. We run this. You're going to have to like a by by our roles kind of thing. Your just you know one of our guests had the feeling that they were being something was sitting next to them and disturb him. Yes filiing heard. Her interview reported good. She told that okay I mean you could hear it in her voice when she I was explaining it in that room to us like she had a hard time like communicating what she saw it was very intense like she sat on the bed next to me and then she had to sit down on the floor and boom it happened yeah absolutely and and in the theme with her somebody else that's spoke about it that it was like something was kind of you know sitting right next to him and kind of like what their head tilted. What are you going to do their like looking right? Act You right and do I scare you know it was it was kind of looks there right into your eyes and I'm just going to do I do. I intimidate you so that seemed to be a theme yeah in Jasmine tonight whoever's up there be at Ralph. Be It something else that we cannot identify something's going on in that room and there'd be people who will go and sleep in that room and they're totally fine like I had the great asleep ever understand understand than people who don't know about its activity. We have no knowledge of the manner being haunted just normal people who go and granted the manners not books anymore as individual rooms. I used to be now. It's entirely different book out the whole place but when it was an individual a place where you can rent individual rooms plenty of people did not know about it and people have notified management's to sit there. I don't like that room. I don't know what was it wasn't a matter of the quality of the hotel it was I just didn't like that room and they would leave in the middle of the night now leaving the midnight so insane absolutely oh my God so the legend of Ralph lives on lives on that is something that you can say is like is credible. Is that legend right there and that's assuming it's Ralph Mogollon with Ralph because we don't until we have a better way of identifying who or what it is is what it is I mean we if we could properly identify whoever's in there we would love to write what is the next O._C.. Ghost and legends next lockdown down when is going to happen man. We got some exciting things coming. We will be back at the Omen House. We're coming back for two dates. In July people spoke and they loved did wonderful of course we had a great time so we're looking forward to heading back over there and having another powwow at the moment house and see what else we get. We're hoping if everything goes as we want ought to this year we're going to have another new venue announcement. That top secret top secret right now actually most of over doing is undercover top secret. We can't disclose because we're also when we're out there were investigating instigating in hopes of finding an ideal gem location that we can bring people to and the Bracken verners one of them. We had to keep that under wraps for a little bit and four years later it's our biggest smash venue and people keep coming back and whether they experienced anything or not. There's something about the place that people connect with yes. They don't even have to have anything profound happen to them on a paranormal level. There's just a connection about like there's something about this place and they just love the whole experience that they four years later. It's almost like a family reunion. It is true true and her family back for the second time so that's pretty amazing collecting new memories so do you as a closer. Do you think you had a very successful night. Then I think we did and again I think everyone came out of here. Having experienced something or they learn something right and or even just appreciating the history of the place and we're GONNA keep coming back here as long as you're welcome back here and as long as we office kind to us and you buy as rules you'll be fine. Perhaps some of the ladies of the manner were making their presence known tonight and yeah it was a successful night it was everyone seemed happy and but very sleepy heads tonight everyone rate for all Karol then no pun intended bad fun Chris Style well. Thank you so much Chris for everything in having Hollywood paranormal you're at Brechin fern man or this was an amazing night. Thank you for coming no problem. I can't wait to put this episode together. Excited thank you so we all had a very successful investigation and locked down at the Bracken fern manner we collected that'd a lot of wonderful V._p.'s. We felt a lot of things that we couldn't explain and saw things that we couldn't explain but we all had that validation. We all witnessed it and I highly think that there's something something there at Brock confirmed manner and definitely makes his presence known and it's not just brackenfield manner. It's like Arrowhead the environment the water the Earth the energy everything it is definitely only a unique place rich mysticism mystery. I ended up having to spend the night at Bradford manner because the storm and the fog was so bad. I couldn't see the road ahead of me. There's eighteen miles of mountain road before you hit the interstate to go back to L._A.. And there is no way that I was able to make that commute so fortunately behead an empty room available and thankfully it wasn't the jasmine room it was the fern room or the honeymoon aiming sweet and actually had a good night's rest. Maybe it's because I ground in myself and told whatever was around me to let me sleep and if they understood to please make a tap on window and door sure enough are heard light little tap on the door and I had a good night's rest. We wanted to take the time to say thank you to everyone that's part of O._C.. Ghost and legends especially Chris August. Thank you so much for allowing Hollywood paranormal to lock down with you guys at the Bracken for manner if you want to know more information and future lockdown events with Oh seacoast and legends which I highly recommend head on over to their website at W._w._w.. Dot O._C.. GOLSEN LEGENDS DOT COM you want to summon them or stock them. You can find the on facebook twitter and Instagram at O. Seacoast and legends. If you love Holly Weird Paranormal we love for you to subscribe rate and give us a review on itunes. It really helps us out a lot and it helps us become a little more visible. He get enough of Hollywood paranormal then stock us or someone us on instagram and facebook at Hollywood paranormal and twitter at H.. W. P. Podcast had the story that you're dying to share. No Pun intended than email US asset holly. We're paranormal at G._M.. Dot Com trust me guys. We've been reading your emails. Go stories and I would say just keep an eye out for future listeners tales because there's been a lot of submissions and we really appreciate it it plus. I love seeing bryce scared. Catch up with our past episodes on blueberry apple podcasts Google podcasts stitcher soundcloud Google play cast box player F._M.. And spotify and always remember guys stay Holly Weird.

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