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New York City wants you to fall in love again (once it is safe to do so)


Weeks after the distinction as the epicenter of the Corona virus outbreak. New York City is taking steps to get visitors back. Wcbs reporter Marla diamond takes a look the coalition for NYC hospitality and Tourism Recovery will be led by five bold faced names appointed by NYC and company. The city's official Marketing Organization for tourism. Fred Dixon is president and CEO. Elon from the Museum of Natural History Film Golden From the Studio Museum in Harlem. They're cured chief curator director. He's just spectacular. Peter Ward from the the Hotel Trades Council Lin Manuel Miranda himself Scanty Meyer. Who has been a member of our board and the leader in our in our community for such a long time and such an inspiration to so many of terrorism is a seventy billion dollar industry. Employing four hundred thousand New Yorkers Dixon says the committee will oversee messaging marketing and promoting the city with social distancing in mind enemy very hyper local tourism in the beginning and then hopefully regionally and then beyond but but we are literally making the playbook because we go MARLA diamond. Wcbs newsradio eighty.

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