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Welcome to the Bravo. Clubhouse for the podcast division of watch. What happens live with me? Andy cohen. Meet me at the corner of mickan OSE and Paramus on Russia Evans, I with Lindsay Lohan Danielle style now. I am your host. Andy Cohen live in the rubble clubhouse, treating myself to a glass of Rosa because on Wednesdays. We drink pink. Speaking all of szeswith, my first guest in films like mean girls and the parent trap just to name a few in her latest role of boss bitch. She is building a mic empire while still finding time to break the internet with their dance moves from Lindsey, though, ends beach club on MTV. It's the one the only Lindsey Lowe. And after eight shot, we say tense lead up to her wedding day. And some of her friends seemed eager to catch the bouquet. Just so they could Wacker with it. Welcome from the real size of New Jersey, Danielle style. I'm very excited about this. Come combination. Excited. I have to say I'm confused about the wedding bouquet. Oh well. You're behind on jersey. I know you're buying your night. Well, her she got married over the last couple of weeks. I missed the wedding bouquet moment. Although there was no became moment that they will all Oliver bridesmaids, we're giving. Yes, it can be different things. Jersey jersey. It's really means different. The bar. Lindsey was kind enough to bring two of her own bartenders to mix cocktails until we're all a little Hansie also from Lindsey Lowe hands beach club on MTV. It's billion and see you fell. I want to get started in yell you and Lynn and Dina. Lohan were photographed at a New York City launch party in twenty ten also in the picture is Angelina from jersey shore, how well do you know on Lindsey's, mama think boss like fifteen years? I've known her. Wow. I didn't know that. She just invited me to your home and Dubai, so. Okay. And. Bedrooms for everybody Lindsay. We'll see if they're open. All right. Let's see. No, no. Yes. There was someone. I will be looking for somebody there. That's oh. Yeah. It'd be looking for a guy in Dubai. I can't keep them. But I well. Other. So we'll get into that. While we win your questions for Lindsay Lohan, Danielle Staub, here's what three things I'm obsessed with tonight. I'm obsessed with a lot more than three things tonight. I'll tell you this. I Lindsay is not only an iconic actress and singer she's now reached new heights as the choreographed for choreographer choreographer behind the lead low of making those dance craze, the captured the world's attention. Now. I know you you say that you don't know that answer. And you can't do it. We you. Let me addition jam screw. And I do my best. Been practicing. Okay. I'm let's go. Okay. So. What? The bar in front of the bar. Oh, I know you, okay. I'll do it in front of the. Wow. I'm exhausted for that. The fact that had is amazing surprised that that went so viral. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't know because I'd flown back to buy at the time. Yes. Of course, you did. Of course. No that's going on. Right. I've been there for five months before even started the show. Yeah. When everything was finished with everything. So I was really excited to go home. And I didn't know that that was going to be filming them TV. It was awesome. I've watched thousands of times seconds on the real jersey. Danielle looked flawless on her wedding day. But some of the ladies daughter behavior leading up to the event was prostitution horrible. Take a look into texted me in the morning and take countdown now fries base. Lash servant. Do I feel like? Do I feel like the bright? Eighty pitch. Tell me your hair is not completely what it's completely wet. Your hair's. I thought it was supposed to be about me. I'm the one getting married today. I'm going to be. You talk to me like on the worst. I can't do within the trust you support. You will love you for the rest of my days. I don't think this marriage is gonna last yell. So you accept Martin as your wedded husband. It's just a matter of time. Ooh. Okay. Here's what go to WWAFL dot TV tell us on a sliding scale. How much of a bridezilla was Danielle Danielle do you think you were bridezilla or do you think? You're miss miss one hundred percent. And I apologize on my God. So. Ladies had every right to be. I think to be honest with you. They were actually going easy on the eye. Five on the scale, this what is going on with you, and Marty I mean this point in time in the juncture, we are trying to remove it from the public persona and more quietly dot it. Okay. Very good. Good. I saw online tonight. Did you sell your wedding ring? I did you sold your. Attorney. Did you get a good price for good? Tender for Aden. Oh, did she help you sell? It did very good finally Lindsey. And I have a lot in common. We both love a beach club. We both know Joel's Aaron and we've both been confused for Jamie Lee Curtis. But does that mean that the two of us can pass as twins? Here's what let's find out with a rendition of clubhouse playhouse, we are going to be doing a scene from one of my favorite Lindsay Lohan films the parrot trap. Let's. My favorite. Favorite movie? I've Howley and I will naturally be playing your British twin Anne. Standing I think. Okay. Okay. Here we go. Goes lindsey. The words. There you go. Okay. So here you go here. Okay. Go ahead. How old are you? I'll be twelve on October eleven so ally. Halley? What's your mother like one never really met her? But I know she was really really beautiful. How do you know that well because my data this old picture of her hidden in her sock drawer? You have one old picture of your mum. And I have one old picture of my dad. This is so freaky. Okay. On the count of three. We'll show them to each other one too. Holly. Mister, we're doing. That was really good wig right now. But I've long hair and how the point. No, they do. These are my real parents, by the way to. So funny. I was great job the English accent. That accent though. I know okay. Let's go to chilling from Boston. Joe? What's your question? Hi lindsay. Oh my God. I love you this. Every gay boys dream. I just wanted to ask you when was the last time, you talked to Paris Hilton. And what is your relationship like today or maybe in the future? I don't know the last time I spoke to her. I'm sorry. That's a really bad answer. But it's the truth. Yeah. I know. All right Alicia watches TV wants to Lindsey do you see yourself having kids someday? Yes. Of course, of course, something Mattie ice wants to know on Twitter. Danielle what happened to your friend Danny from season to do you ever see him? He wasn't my friend. Okay. There you go Lindsey king of hot topics when snow if you have any of the vendor pump rules kids work at the beach club. Who would you choose? Oh god. I have a field. Doc- stock guy. Lease lisa. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely isn't working for you. Tunes wants to know if you have you have anything to do with Tiffany Trump's new boyfriend, they met at your beach club. Right. They did. But I wasn't there that you weren't there at that time. Because it also. No, okay. All right. Where we started filming as well and yell brio or wants to know how your tongue is. Oh, yeah. I been a whole Ray. I was so long agree. Yeah. Actually Margaret's husband Greg to wash cloth. He's a plumber. So he just hugged it right up so plumbers can fix I guess so incredible Jonathan see Facebook does on our walkabout wants to Lindsay. What do you think of the rumors that your mom is joining celebrity big, brother? I wish I she told me something. Okay. Daniel, Janice, e said, I read you might be hooking up with Albie shirk, can you confirm or deny? I can say is yet to be determined. It's yet to be determined. Wow. We're very good friends for over twenty years. Really? So maybe everyone's pushing us together someone's only in here. Sure. Jay, consider you. Choose. Sneaks wholeheartedly feels she's been stout in the back. Here's a sneak peek. I don't change a story. I don't wish words I made a blanket statement twisting things, and that's why I can't assess with you. Religion. Something to hang see by Peter to Melissa Theresa. That's what happened to me last year. I don't know why. She does this. This is what I've been telling everybody. Thanks for. No one believe in me live. Everyone believes. Over. I love Melissa. You love Melissa. Yes. What what do you think of the disintegration of Margaret, and Daniels friendship? We weren't isn't that very worse. We really weren't. We were very very good about a friend. That was your very, yeah. No. We were it just, you know, signed invested in this. Wrong with you woman. No much. We can't get into it here by. Let's go to Evan from New York Evan. What's your question? Hey, Andy, congratulations on your baby. Boy. Thank you. Really quick. You have any baby names picked out yet. I'm working on it. Okay. My questions for Lindsey Halen Ozzy. Yes. Hi, how you wanted to know fi? I wanted to know with all the recent success from low hand beach club. Do you have any fans to open up here in the states anytime some ways for Miami? That's the first place. I would go. It's a great. I mean, put Nikki beach out out of business. Boring indivi- too. So it's it's boring and Dubai. Yes. Yes. Nikki beaches. Yes. But Dubai's not boring. No, debris. Yes. Lindsey often. Yes. Yes. No, it'd be but I'm saying specifically on it doesn't Ford art Email Danielle since you've come toe to toe with Theresa past. What was your opinion of the way Jackie stepped up to her about controlling juicy? Joe I think Jackie should step away. Okay. As a spokeswoman for lawyer dot com. I have no doubt. That Lindsay Lohan, Spence, all our free time pouring over the US constitution. So I hope she's brushed up on the fifth amended amendment because Lindsay Lohan the time has come for you to plead the fifth. To only one verse question comes from Lisa Vander pump watch right here. Jack Taylor revealed on watch. What happens live that he wants hooked up with you. How would you describe jacks as a lover? In three words. I love you. But I've never even met him. Really? Really? Really? Yes. Yes. Okay. Really? Maybe he meant like an you're Holly. You're you're calling Jack's Taylor Aligarh. Yes. Would it be the first, okay? In December of last year, you commented on a photo of Kim Kardashian west I'm confused. She was showing off for new braids, Kim Robak, you know, what's confusing your sudden for an accent? How would you describe your relationship with Kim K, and what was your immediate reaction to her clapping back at your accent? I love Ken. So I just I. Because the baby I don't know. I just it was we're friends and your. Yeah. With all the family. Yes. What do you think has been? The worst mistake you've made in your career. Drinking and driving a great answer. Boot's truce. Yes. Thank you very much. She did. By Dell mooning the plead the fifth after the Serrano to see, you know, there was so much chatter based on random videos of you where people couldn't figure out what your accent was what's your response to people questioning what what that was is it because you've been hopscotching around the blue the globe so much. Also, also when you're an actress you have to pick up different dialects, and I'm I can pick up very quickly. Yeah. And so it confused people when I'd say like in Enrico you guys on like gonna. Right. Which is a cuss word, but at them. Okay. But it you just adapt to the cultures that you're in. Okay. There you go. Danielle Lexi age texted wants to know the last time, you spoke to Carolina Jacqueline, and do you ever think you'll reconcile with them like you did with Theresa? I haven't spoken to them since I left in season two. I highly doubt it you highly down Melissa Gorgas. Tweeden said tell Lynsey though, and I love her too. Danielle nicer Genio. Thank you, Jerry. No now that you're back on the market. Can you describe your dream, man? I can't you know, very bad picker, very very young for you. For you know, how about you. She of the the best. That's all the matters. Lena now deal. Emily texted Lindsey. When was the last time, you talked to Oprah Winfrey. Four weeks a month ago? Really, what do you talk about asked her? She wanted to come to me. What did she set next summer, which she said, yes, let's talk. Guess what? It's a month. You haven't had time this year. I know you've been working your took us off. Yes. Well, we're doing the jersey reunion tomorrow two years in a row the night before the reunion list. Yeah. It is time for my mazal of the day goes today's biggest news story, which is that Jeff Bezos the CEO Amazon it as wife of twenty five years have announced that they're divorcing. Now. The thing is it gets my mazal because the richest man in the world is single there. We go. I mean is your mom end. It's a good thing is is going to get a lot of money because she's about to start. She's about to have to start paying for shipping. Tonight's shackle goes to Jillian Michaels. It was bad. I mean, tonight's shackle goes this meaner tonight's shackle goes to Jillian Michaels, his slam the Kito diet as an awful diet. Don't feel bad Kito diet. A lot of people think Jillian Michaels is a bad idea. I wanna take Lindsay. Lindsay Lohan from Lindsey though ends clubs. Premier? You can catch a right now on demand yell style. You can see her. On Bravo billion. Mike from Lindsay. Lohan entry. Linzie like as boss wants to answer that in front of our ball. I would say, I'm unpredictable unpredictable. What she knows what she wants. She knows how she wants it done. And there's no one forever. And if you don't get it done, you gotta watch your back where you're right, right. There you go. Okay. Let's go to Jennifer Cleveland Janna. What's your question? Hi, andy. My question is then yell been you both are such a conic singers. Is there any music in the works in fingers? Everything's sitting yours singers. Yes. Any music in the works. Do you have any more music in the works? My song is bossy. Nobody my sister Leona Hazar new single out just. On radio. Andy this morning. We were playing the Duran Duran song in which you have spoken word cameo. It's it's a it's a great Untung yet. It's what's it called danza? Phobia densify, really? Joanne song, our producer TKO ones wants to know. I have one called walking on talk. But I haven't really sit a really, okay, but my favorite songs. Currently are my sisters. Anymore music from Yuba, very pretty voice. Oh, thank you. Yeah. I am planning on doing more music. Let's go to Carol from Chicago Akihiro. What's your question? Hi, andy. I love you. Then I question for Lindsay. Hi, lindie high. Okay. So here's my question your Lilia Queen. So basically when sites to came out, I was so said you weren't in it. So just wondering why you are in it. And if you've got a chance to see it, why were you in life size to and did you see it because I was filming weakness. And I haven't seen it yet. But I love Tyra, and she's a good friend of mine, and she actually called me in Mykonos. And I was like I really can't come because I'm telling me now. Okay. Let's go to is it care from Chicago. Or do we just talk to CARA, I think we did wick from Georgia. Hey, wake what your question? Hey, Lindsay Levy so much Danielle. It's like a PDF from Instagram. Oh, hi. Girlfriend. You know me anyway. Threw shade. My question is I was wondering which is the ladies were the most deport of you during your situation this past year. Most definitely Theresa one hundred percent she's every day all day and checks on me before go to bed and went to wake up. So we support one another. But I have to say it's Theresa hands for you in contact with Kim Jee at all who. Let's go to Caroline from t- Teco. Sorry carolina. Notre question. My question is for Lindsay. I just wanted to know what did you think of Kris Jenner cameo in Arianna Grendades? Thank you next video. I love Kris Jenner so anything. She does is great for me. And you love video right? Yeah. Of course. I loved it. Yeah. And you still haven't seen mean girls on Broadway. No, I have to see it because the girls were so nice show someone who do my sister. I think Saturday night. Oh, good. I should not. You know, my entire staff is now getting tickets. Wind up going. Let's go to Sara from New York as Sarah. What's your question and the Moslem avenue babies happy for you? My question, it's Virginio. Where you more mad at tree. So right after the table flip or Margaret after all the like wedding drama. Oh, good question. I think the word would be disappointed and probably equally both really you were as mad as at Margaret. I don't think I was shot. Pointed this appointed in both behaviors. But then looking at mine in the wedding wayside about more. I was I was heartbroken. Jeff minutely. No, I really low. I really did. The two new housewives fit into the group. I think they're making their way. Yeah. Yeah. We'll see tomorrow. Let's go to Mark from Orlando last call tonight. Hey, Mark what your question? Hi mcquilken for p. Also, can you say, hi, my friend, Brandon? If you have time. Is. My question is do you ever plan on writing a tell all? Yes. Right through. So I want to write inspirational thoughts that I've had and I wanna relate to younger people's that. They can have a book to guide themselves as well. So doing two books kind of in one it's been a four year process at this. How I remember you talking to Oprah about you doing a book years ago, we discussed I've been writing it. Yeah. So clearly it's been a while. Indivi- can write really? Yeah. More silencer is it easy to meet guys into by. Not really for. You're not. You're not. No, I like, I love I love my home. I love I I'm very grateful and happy right now. On the success of the MTV show. Everybody's. For. Thanks for listening to the podcast everybody. Hope you enjoyed the show. Remember, new episodes? Go live Monday through Friday at four PM eastern time. Make sure you're subscribed to have a great rest of your night.

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