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thanks for listening to the atom and Dr Drew Show on podcast one. Everybody this show. We're going to get into the life cereal. That's something we figure we'd be talking. Mike's here this week for appreciate him spending time with us and he brought his buddy rudy long as well sure did get that minute. But first off lifelock everybody. Ransomware attacks were the encrypted data on a computer then demand payment exchange for the decryption key. This is craziness in. It's on the rise and these attackers can find this stuff on the dark web. So they don't even have to be answered Branson experts they just pick it up on the dark web and bow the eight your direction all of a sudden. They're demanding money for your data support and understand how cybercrime is affecting our lives. That's why it's a good thing. There's lifelock identity. Theft is another serious issue. Someone's identity is stolen every two seconds and you could miss identity threats. 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But did you feed the dog calendar? So you'll never forget to not starve your dog a pack of bells chocolate chip cookies for custom. Delta food shot glasses so you can make the most of your day wasted and of course a bottle of your choice. The sixty dollar value is yours for only twenty five blocks sign up a one one for keep the shipments coming so prep your mailbox and get ready for Adams. Monthly nut. Hurry we will sell out recorded. Live at Corolla one studios with Adam Corolla in and board certified physician and addiction medicine specialist. Dr Drew Pinski. You're listening to the atom and Dr Drew Show Dog. I get it on no choice but to get mandate get it on. I Am Not Adam. Karol. I'm Dr drew next to me. Is the Great Mike. Catherwood here buddy pleasure. Mike and I did love line for years and he very kindly came in here with Mr Corolla previously been unavailable and again we here. We are now and so people love hearing from you and thank you for doing that. I get lots of requests for you and Mike back or do you like I missed you blow. It makes me feel good man. It's always like It's an honor but it's a bit intimidating to step into the ace man shoes because you know that's a big standard meat but It's nice to know that people enjoy. You'll be enjoy my my feeling. Thanks today. Sponsor as lifelock DOT COM Promo Code. Adam Tommy John Dot com slash. Ads Underwear ever and eight sleep dot com slash love aright. So everything good in your world. Yeah yeah I would say so. How's the unit? Mike and I had a health and fitness pod for a minute is that is there anything hot right now going on because people are always saying hold on before we continue you and I had a health and fitness podcast for some time yes. It's no longer I know now I have one get myself. A nice plug was going there. Do so go ahead give it. Mikey likes you the best health and fitness podcast in the world. Excellent and at Mikey Lights. You one on instagram and twitter So yes K. E. Y. M. I. K. E. Y. Likes you the number one? Oh you not the letter U Yes. Why just like you know? It's a play on my headed. I Mike he likes likes it. You get it. Do you notice how they have a new life. Zero commercial with a gender nonspecific. Mikey what is she is achieved or she. Mikey I think it was Mike. You helped me out with that guys. Have you seen that life? Syria maybe find it. Gary Alive Sierra it out there a new one with a kid liking life cereal and it's questionably it's like oh it's A. It's a girl this time same name. Hey gender is socially constructed. How you doing that with your daughter how you. How your wife's a Hippie so yeah so my wife's not a hippie about that stuff that I can't hear you first of all meaning like Like my wife is actually really really into gender roles. Oh she yeah she's she's you know it's weird. My wife's a weird case because she's definitely a real hippie and she loves fucking treating a truly cheering illness with flower blossom and ECHINACEA and shit like that and But my wife's dad was a Czechoslovakian Dr anesthesiologist so he was at the WHO hunted and fished and did not suffer fools so in even though my wife often the clouds many times she also really likes traditional masculine roles. And you do that and I do the female stuff and there is a difference and we embrace that you know. Just the the and are the Europeans are with all the gender stuff the depends on it. Depends on what you're talking about European because I believe in this. I'm not by any means. I'm not a sociologist. But from the from the reading I've done Places like Scandinavia. They're they're kind of on course with America and Canada were there there really pitching this new territory. Places like Scotland and Germany. Not so much they don't they. Don't give a fuck what you know. What's interesting the less rigid the more open? The more they go. Yeah that's very interesting and yet and yet. Minder standing is in Scandinavian particularly the more. Open the opportunity for women the more they gravitate to more traditionally feminine roles. It's true I mean I. I always thought at least from what I know of particularly Sweden. Yeah I always thought like the feminist super progressive people can use that. Moore's an example of when women are provided this ultimate level of terrorism. They resort back to oftentimes being mothers more. This the data is they go more in the direction of what we would call traditionally Feminine Race Right. They seem more interested. In that more relational kinds of career paths resumes. I'm sure in the studio and at Corolla digital there's a lot of bemoaning about like the modern feminist movement and I certainly have my problems with Some of the ways it's been handled but I do think that particular child rearing and how we handle it in this country. That's like one of the main areas where we can get better like the way we treat women around having giving birth and then how we take care of them after. I don't think it's right. I think we need to give them of wider berth. You'll permit me to say that word do their job and do this. And then pursue their career. Yeah part of his is Fertility technologies get letting them control fertility. Sure big faith in that. But Oh shoot I was gonna ask you something My brain this morning Having the worst time it took Melatonin last night was telling Mike. And it's making me sort of groggy. Yeah very weird. Melatonin IS IS A. I'm a big Fan but I've noticed this is all anecdotal just from seeing how different people deal with it. Yeah it varies greatly in terms of how out of nothing to wipe out your and to me it. It puts me to sleep better than an Ambien Literally doesn't keep me asleep as well. Well it it only can promise you about forty five exactly and then I wake up during. I'm ready to go and I can't get back to sleep. Oftentimes or I get about seven hours. And then I'm groggy. Yeah sometimes what I'll do because it's four or five math. A RETAKE. No retake the myth Melatonin. And then I'm F- during the day so today is one of those days so so tell me more about what you're covering it health and fitness. What's going on in my collection? Well there's a mill that's a saturated market preoccupation changes. Yes I mean. It's so crazy. What people worry about ended up SAS about it's almost exports generally in a worrying about data and stuff like that is a similar kind of feel to it. Honestly my biggest motivation for doing it was that I'm a guy through trial and error through experience and being an absolute geek about it. I've gotten to a place where I really feel like. I do know the answers. And there's so much insane. I'm just an unbelievable amount of Rone's information that people are saturated with and you see people and women just getting into the gym or just undertaking a diet protocol and obsessing about Shit. That absolutely doesn't fucking matter. You know and and and I see all the and I get emails and I get. Dm's and I get fucking tweets all day long of Peop- of a nineteen year old boy. Who WHO's maximum dead? Lift is one hundred ninety pounds. And he's asked me about working in dynamic movements into his strength training to make sure that he should be doing a third day of pause squats bench presses to help get myself out of the whole. I was like dude. You're not strong strong person. Honestly I I see a lot of people who are worrying about interior decorating before. They've even built their house right and and and bothers me and by the way some people are going to build a house that it's a mini house not gonna be a lot of interior design. No and it's not. It's not going to be music. Just lend your genetics. But at the same time I do think real real fitness real health and those are two separate issues they are but I don't think they should be because I know you and I both know. Many people men and women young and old who embody physique that you would look at and say is healthy or not for sure but but just just thirty years ago. The two were one and the same the same throw bodybuilders in the early eighties. They were healthy people but pro bodybuilders in the early nineties were disgusting. Messes still doing plenty of series word? But you're asking me for it at the gym. They didn't trust me guys who are stepping onstage. Mr Olympia Nineteen eighty-three. They're still alive. And they look all right. You know what I'm saying guys. You're stepping onstage in nineteen ninety-three overwhelming majority of them are dead yes and that's pharmacology. Yeah so let me get my own personal example myself as it pertains to health versus fitness. I'm pretty fed yet. Maintain a pretty much my whole life. Prostate cancer yeah has nothing to do with whole story nothing whatsoever. I Have Lynch Syndrome. I I'm prone to polyps and colon cancer. Nothing I can do about that except screen. And here's the here's where the really rubber hits the road and crosses over with fitness lately because added calcium screen lightly. Lo and behold my calcium score zero point zero and my vascular health is good but I've delegation myopic route from all the vowel Salva from weightlifting. Oh so maybe maybe it might just be genetic but here the sense It's right so now. The situation with all the user of heavy lifting. I'm like Fitness has caused a health problem. You see how how crosses over and it's not that I've been that excessive either. I'm not taking steroids or anything to to do this. I've just liked it now. I've got a really pay attention to how heavy I'm going to make sure I don't put an excessive trains threatened pressure on my my my Arctic Arch right but advanced advanced practices oftentimes compromise your health. And that's the point. You need to know that but that goes in many directions if you run marathons save your compromising your health if you are a professional powerlifter you're compromising your health. But that doesn't mean that John Neither jogging and be I'm pretty. I'm not sure a guy who sixty two. Yeah Okay One. Sixty one with thirty eight years of weightlifting started fourteen. Okay so so you can say I'm not a professional powerlifter and you're not a professional bodybuilder. Yes little but what you've done to. Your body is above invest. It's excessive but not really excessive but it's again where this thing crosses over and people understand same thing on wellness and mental health. That bothers me too. Yeah you pay attention to wellness and you pay attention to your mental health. Absolutely different thing. That's another big another big thing. I wanted to a little box. I wanted to check off with this. Podcast is that don't even take into consideration the fact that they're like all right. It's January first twenty twenty. I'm going to get a new. I'M GONNA lose twenty pounds and I'm going to gain some muscle. I'm GONNA look great. All of that is meaningless. If your anxiety radio depress all you know I it really and also another big factor that I didn't even necessarily anticipate becoming such a thing on alert. Tommy John Tommy John Tommy. John doesn't give an if not they don't get you have three F.'s. Fabric fit and function proprietary fabrics. That form like nothing. You've ever worn before. Yes Mike. 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Mikey likes you. but addiction and recovery has become an an an essential component to it. And I didn't realize I did with love line. You got so many calls in and it started. You started to see the kind of the sea change what you. But that's the thing about loveland you'd have a real time assessment of what's going on out there and guess what's going on drugs and alcohol so okay but people need to. I mean essentially everybody whether it's directly or it's a loved one is affected by addiction in twenty and so that to to not assume death rate is out of effing control if the corona virus were killing and flu or killing as many people as opiates people would be running in the streets screaming. It's true Well A and that the the point I always make is granted gun. Violence is serious and anyone getting shot and killed is a terrible thing but let's be realistic. The overwhelming majority of us are never ever ever going to be affected by gun violence. It's just not realistic. It's not science. It's not true but the media every single day. We are covering gun violence. We are all every single person listening to this. You and I both are going to be affected by addiction greatly. That is a guarantee yet. We don't talk about it as if it is that big of a problem you know so. The press is a distorted Cesspool about that. Well I I gotTa cut the press some slack. I won't because you're right. They are definitely exploitive. At times capital they are vay. Our opportunity stick more so than they are. They're not doing measure but but but at the same time drew it is. It is a business. I understand. And they cl- then abandoned the professional status of abandoned. The idea that journalist is the fifth arm of the government abandoned the idea of having done they always claim when people come back at them. We have journalistic integrity to abandon that then. Okay to caveat it your business go. I think to say like the New York. Times is still under that. We'll look back on. Listen listen what's happening at the listen. Listen One's happy New York Times is here's an article in the New York Times this morning. Is that New York Times becoming a monopoly because they are become because they are the last batch of something like journalism and they are have more digital digital subscribers than the Wall Street Journal The Washington Post in two hundred fifty local Gannett papers combined. Jesus yeah and all their former competitors are now working for them which is good and of course like any business cycle that will mean opportunity for other journalists or other newspapers later. But for now it's GonNa be a bit of an opponent an animal cool with that. They have standards standards now. They're they're biased but their standards. Remember promise you that that life magazine spot life Here here it right now. You do tell me how you react to it. It's kind of interesting. It's not as gender nonspecific as I was as it registered in my head. Here it is Mike expectable right. Mikey Mikey low again. My sheet anything. How thanks for your little. So they're playing with the topic right I. It looks like a little boy then boom. It's a girl. Yeah I mean Mike is a is i. I know some little girls named Mikey. I'm not saying look for our entire my entire adolescent young adult years. Mikey was the kid. The boy on the with the freckles on the life cereal commercials and they're playing with that I get it. It's good yeah but Just you know interesting. That Shit For the most part is very meaningless. And where like I'm a big believer that we should push to get equality for for african-americans for black African American women for more of homosexuals for lesbians for transportation. I'm a big believer in it. I really do think that. If you're talking to the segment of this country that is still reticent to kind of get onboard. The worst thing you can do is make a big deal out of manholes being named manholes the worst thing you can do is make a big deal out of Latino and Latina and calling it Latin X and making an because that stuff is it fucking meaningless making sure that horse is out of the making sure that you say latine Latin x instead of Latino or Latina Literally Zero Hispanic. People are affected by that pot. Zero bar are positively affected by that making sure that that some city calls their manholes people holes literally zero women are having their lives benefited by that but but it fatigues the people who you want to kind of get on board with Adam always says it's about controlling the narrative control and air to control the politics and that sort of what's been happening but it's there is a bit of a pushback on it. Seems like either. I mean my daughter. I reading a book on consent right now and we were looking at Gender I'm a big fan of tinder consent. Hey Good I'm glad I Rueda's to. He's learning he's learning. Yeah at least from what we understand before the show. I'll make maybe we'll bring them in and bringing them at some point maybe tomorrow But we start looking at gender identity. Titles yeah got about fifty of them. Yeah that's dumb and got confusing and I couldn't keep track of them and it's real and it's and it's all about control and it has nothing to do and same thing with sexual identity to got a bunch of them there that's dumb and it was really strict. Remli straight you're gay. You're by o-man. If the end goes way way beyond that into you know people only attracted to gender fluid by non binary types or sometimes only attracted but also off row in a fourth category Preferred not to comment. That's all there should be seen with sexual identity with gender identity male-female prefer not to say and you know what is America. We should respect prefer not to say. Well how about preferred to say. I'll let you know but you know I'd rather not comment right now that that should be the cover all religion. I do believe that there is a place beyond men and women and this is America and you should be free to do whatever to be in that space. But to say that they're seventy different terms to get their fuck you and all that does again is alienate fatigue and anger the people that you're trying to get on board with you. Well let me first tell you about eight sleep. Everybody research shows are how important sleep is on Energie. Physical performance overall health sleep is fitness. We grew that if you toss and turn your to Hollick roller to cold like me sleeping. Adr Ideal temperature helps you sleep longer. I slept on the eight sleep pod. It automatically adjust temperature for the deepest most comfortable sleep. It's extraordinary even as thermal alarm to heat or cool the bed so you wake up naturally of a noisy auditory alarm you wake up nicely with the change in temperature ninety and by the way you get to read the whole thing on your phone you get to see your sleep is affected by the eight sleep pod. Ninety four percent of people who sleep on pod sleep better and right now we have a hundred and fifty dollars off and free shipping at eight sleep. It's E. G. H. T. Eight sleep dot com slash L. O. V. E. pay attention to that code. It's different than all other ones. It is eight sleep DOT COM slash L. O. V. E. AGAIN THE POD. Sleep BETTER. Sleep is fitness eight sleep dot com slash L. O. V. E. IT's I did a breakdown of the four factors that really affect fat loss and One is environment your environment. If you're going to the office every day and the guy sitting next to you or the Gal sitting next to you has a different box of chocolates or donuts every day or you have kids that you feed them nothing but sugar and macaroni and cheese. Your environment really affects your number. Two is stress. People don't factor that in if you're fucking wife's on her case and you're angry and your boss is really giving you shit that makes your choices in the food that you eat so much different. It's it's weird because it's it's you know Freud. You always talk about the fact that we had a we had a limited amount of psychic energy and some of that psychic energy has to get put towards suppressing dominant impulse. I want a donut. And then making a different choice. If your frontal lobe is tied up upset and and you know releasing energy towards your boss and your co workers it's not available to suppress that donut. You're going for the DONUT. Also you want the gratification to another big factor in that that was getting into this spot here than a huge factor. That people don't fucking consider is sleep. You get eight solid our sleep for three days in a row. Your adherence to a diet is way better than if you're sleeping four five hours a night. It's a tremendously different. It's a people can't you? Can't underestimate how big a deal sleep is and we're all even people like myself who are really committed to help. Yeah I'm the guy who still looking at my phone at fucking eleven o'clock at night and it's like it's such a dumb thing to do. It's so dumb that I would eat broccoli and lean sterling all day and then not sleep well right. So here's my version of that when I was a resident that a medical student profoundly sleep-deprived all the time and I would eat graham crackers apple juice and ensure all sounds. Great is ridiculous. Sounds real ridiculous? But that's what I would pass in the back rooms and stuff and grabbing put my mouth. I feel better. I was in my grabbing my mouth. I didn't know speaking of which I feel like. I should talk to rudy about this. What he has experience in jail and Oakland and Let me Hi Rudy. Hey Man. Hey thanks come. Full honor dog. Looks good on a you know I love you. I love dogs to even be here with all his crazy. Land flaws in like. It's good to bring you in all this and it's good weed it'll instagram. People can look for that later. Here's thing Mike and I were talking about sexual identity and all these different names for it now and tell people that story what happened to you in prison. Locked up in two thousand and three in or like I was not being the person I should be doing life. You know and I'm not like a murder took stolen cars. You know and then I got into drugs and like I started robbing to feed my hobby so I got my third offense and I was locked up for eleven years so like I went in thinking like I'm not into Pete though I'm not into Dick you know like next thing I know like on. My soulmate is veteran include. He started to to blast my asshole like like real good morning you'll put my face down. He was a big big bull. He'd been in jail for Longtime Susan Jack. Big Buffet put my face Z. Rapier you'll blah. Yeah I asked my asshole. Yeah I learned to love the Oakland like I got almost Stockholm bullet hole. Yeah you got to talk on Butthole and so my question is what would you call your sexual identity as a sexual identity? Monica name for everything now and I thought. Wow what is rudy sexually? What I thought about this is my sexual identity. It's all good. You're all good all good dog like put on. Good philly placide butthole. We need to know mad women. I don't think it'll pass the progressive Bar I don't give a fuck. I don't saying passes East Los Bar a No I get that and I'm just wondering if there's we can come up with a good name for Any port in a storm. It's I think it's something specific to trout. Which is the translation of true check? Chow which means out phillies ladies put like if a guy's got a nice. Vani PIZZA FOR ME. I'm down okay. You're still that way yom down like that. You know what I'm saying like for the most part my wife doesn't like it because it's still a major in the back of my head you know. I'm like you know I'm open to it okay. How was that girl by the way? She's good though. She recently started getting some of that way back home but she's no like healthy weight for no. I understand but it scares me what you might do to help her with that. You get when she gets depressed with her way. You kind of go to extreme. I know but I kept telling her like. Oh look at the instagram models. None of them are skinny meaningful. You know La guys like the the the beefy legs and ask you know like we like a little bit of you know and I'm I'm like into natural cheese. I don't like big cheese. Good because she's she's real happy. She feels real comfortable and complicating started doing the squats and the hippo. Wow good for getting kind of jealous working Jama juice. Nah Don fool but noise. It's a better life. I work at enterprise rent a car. Oh you're your own salesman. I know like people. They trust me. They need me full. You know what I'm saying you. If you're in the market for rent a car come outer enterprise in bellflower and hoc you up dog. You know give you coward. Thanks for stopping by very much. Look out in bellflower. Good good guy. He's he's a good guy he's like. He's leading an a new life. They don't drug tested at enterprise. So really we'll but I don't think anybody's tested cannabis anymore because it's drivers like ups. I talked to my up. I actually really friendly. With like my. Ups Guy including an enterprise doesn't test though. No no because he. You don't drive there. Will you you driving pick up people's points? Maybe he doesn't do that. Maybe just maybe you're you probably works in some type of physical capacity to Jim Mo. He's not he's not so I don't know I never really talked about. I know that he's really are. He gets really good benefits and stuff so he's happy rudy sauce. There aren't that many rudy's at anymore that's so not true. I seen they're all getting older. When was the last time you went to a dodgers game and didn't sing the national anthem? When was the last time you actually sat in the stands like a normal person? Yeah it's been a war okay. There's fucking over a million rupees in this. They're they're they're like enlighten their millennial. Different note different nineteen year old. Kids aren't Rudy's anymore. Ninety year. Old Kids Aren't chose. That's for sure right. You know what I'm saying. Thirty five and over. Oh Yeah Yeah. I'd say they're getting older. And the new. They're not making new ones. But that's the same thing as saying like in Huntington Beach. There's no like rock and rollers anymore. Because it's all the kids are GonNA fucking DJ's skinny jeans and Shit you know it's true like all the guys who are wearing vans dickey shorts and all that they're they're forty. You know all the guys who are listening to fighters and pretty big distance though between the Nineteen Year Old Hispanic in Los Angeles and the forty year old. Yeah but I will say in the more in the skate world. It's crazy because you start you like I live in Venice so I get to see firsthand like a six year old kid. The Skate Park is dresses. Like I didn't high school like that's the throwback and he's listening to ease listening to fucking black flag and stuff like it's raising nineties throwback. It's time for like bagging. You 'cause like baggy closed so not in for the last fifteen twenty years. I'm about to start like kids now. Have LIKE BAGGY JEANS. Like in like hipsters wearing doc martens and stuff. It's really crazy. It's really crazy to see. Yeah well listen. Thank you for sitting in for another couple of shows with us. We appreciate you coming in here. Remind everyone about lifelock. Ransomware attacks which encrypt data on computer then demand payment exchange for de Como Que decryption keys. Thing about this. It's a ransomware attack. They put your data the encrypted and then demand payment in exchange for the decryption key. This is on the rise. Our BUDDY PERSPECTIVE ATTACKERS. Don't even have to know how to create ransomware. They can simply buy it on the dark web and boom. They're on to you. It's important to understand how cybercrimes affecting our lives identity theft another serious issue. Someone's identity stolen every two seconds. You could miss identity threats. If you're only monitoring your credit good thing there's lifelock could be working online. We'd like to convenience shopping online. But you need something like lifelock to protect you. Detect a wide range of identity. Threats like say your social security number for sale on the dark web right matt no one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses lifelock and see threats that you might miss on your own join now and save up to twenty five percent off your first year call one eight hundred lifelock or head to lifelock DOT COM use. Promo Code. Adam that's Promo Code Adamant Lifelock Dot Com for up to twenty five percent off and we are still three shows a week. We'll be back on Wednesday Mexican Ajami the rest of the week and remind you about. I survived the creators of cold case files and PD stories. Come to the next grade. True crime podcast. Ice Survived every week. I survived presents first person accounts from people who overcame deadly situations allowing the survivors to describe. The events unfolded how they made it out alive. If you love true crime you're GonNa love is survived to subscribe on spotify. Podcast one apple podcasts. Many other podcast APP. So you can get new episodes. Every week Mike were you at where am I? I'm at at Mike Catherwood on instagram and twitter. And then at Mikey likes you. Won The number one on instagram twitter and also the podcast. Mikey likes you and I encourage everyone to listen. Check out Dr drew after dark. We're also doing some regular streaming shows. Dosa doctor to look for that and It's all dot com Dr Drew Dot. Check it out there. We love to have the royal family over the appreciate very much so until next time. This is Dr drew half of Adam. Corolla Catherine sitting in for Adam saying hello this is Corolla digital.

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