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Florida Man of the North, Hot Deuce City & Police Assistance Programs We Like


The following program is brought to you by podcast one sports net. Don't forget to download our new podcast one out. Your yard takes a real beating from the constant, wear and tear and overcrowding of weeds leading to week thin grass. Achieved the lawn of your dreams by starting the Scotts turf builder program keep it simple with four simple feedings throughout the year. Your grass will be thicker, greener and more resilient a greener, stronger lawn fights against common problems like weeds and bugs it also stands up versus heat drought, and wear and tear. And with Scott's no quibble money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, you'll get your money back, so take control and give your lawn. The boost it deserves start your Scots builder program today. This is a Scots yard. Yeah. Lady Gaga wrote that last part. Jerry lewis. Got chemistry. Hi, friends. Welcome back. Wriggles picks. I'm rob Riggle. I'm guest star Bennett Weber. There you go and with us as always Chandler. No. Yeah. Jenny Chan Chan Chan are you gave us an update on the wriggles picks crew? When the when the max swearing on. Do you want to share with people? Yeah. Sure. Are you allowed to share this information? Okay. So what let's do it in the order. You told us ready? What did you say Gary is having a baby? Oh my God. Like right now. Like right now. No like in like three or four months. Oh, well, you made it sound. So like. Like like, we need to rush by booties. And like you completely deflated like you could've said I'm having a baby win when I find someone. It's not a cool story yet. It's just an update on a pregnancy. We knew about but he is. Yeah. He's here. He is our good friend and show mate. And we are stoked for him. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. And we're stoked for for you Bennett. Because you're the baby is going to be named after me somewhere in the next. I'm guessing three years. You're going to have a kid. Yeah. How about that? And when you do if it's a boy, Robert, I can only assume Robert. Yeah, we'll be the name Roberta. And if it's a girl Roberta again, correct share? Now, I leave the middle names to share. Made me do this hyphenated. Are you going to do is is your fiancee who I won't mention her name? But is she going? Associated with this. Yeah. She is not going to be hyphenated. But she'll keep her last name and put it in the middle. That's my wife. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, school OG style. Yeah. That's the way to do it. That's international player. Stan. That's right. She didn't want to sound like a law firm whenever she got credited for seven, and what is a marriage. It's it's a merger to union. Yeah. Things happen. Okay. So well, that's fantastic. So everybody here is if I heard correctly is going to have a baby. Yeah. Exactly. Now, it's just the timing issue. Where did you get the one you're holding this one don't know, I found it? Okay. Morning share. But again, I was in someone's house got a tiny price tag around its neck looks like a price. It all got it is price. It is it is. I don't want you to think I bought this baby. No, I would have. Well, yeah. That American sniper doll baby. Just depends on where you put the decimal. I guess. By the way, that's all your negotiations in the industry. Yes. Like, scoot it over no further to the right further to the right. Hey, friends, wriggles pig is back kung FU style of get ready feet. I share and that's how we roll. And Chan apparently has got just we were inundated with mail, which we are very grateful for thin because otherwise we have to think for ourselves. But I love the nightmares. You guys are taking the time to ride in. Sincerely, appreciate that. So Chantelle tell us what the vibe is on the street. DC November said who would win in a fight Jesus or superman Jesus. Because he's powered not only by the yellow sun. But by the whole universe and has supernatural powers for it. Last time I checked he came back from the dead. So it's kind of a no brainer. But what do you think I might be crazy? But I think someone has that the last time I was here. But no, I I remember that question. I remember that. Okay. It might have been a superman. Okay. I think that Jesus would be to humble, and he knows that. If he loses the fight he's going to heaven. Anyway, he'll probably his job done. His philosophy was turning on the. Yeah. Yeah. And superman if he's got to do what he's got though. I don't know. What threat Jesus will be posing that this fight at this though, they made up a lot of bullshit to make Batman and superman fights. So that'd be honest. I think it's just in LA over a parking spot. Oh, yeah. But then they find out that both their mother's name is Martha. And then the fight ends. Yeah. Then both can say face that one. Yeah. That's right. That's all it really is about guys if you ever in a fight and you're about to throw down to find a seat of face saving measure, and that's how you diffuse real blood. Sure. All right, both peoples to save a little face than they both can walk away. If you can't they're going to spill each other's blood. So Chandler's about to hit rob right now. Let's see what he does. See I didn't know you had to come to the fight with with with. Be the one helping us save face. Oh, I was just so curious what heart is job stepping guys guys. Hold on. Let me by both the pitcher beer by fold. I'm the guy who you know with that of worked. All day. I would see there you go. Now. I know that's how. Kinney web. Yeah. Exactly you allow them to save face. That's good. All right. When you put them in the center of a circle and surround him and start chanting fight fight. Yeah. That's animal instinct. Well, a lot of people seem to want me to do this. There's really no way to walk away. Exactly. It's really hard. Let's see here. Okay. So body by end says if you guys were in a boy band together, what would your name be? Are like my stage name or the name of the group. Let's go let's do both. But let's start with individual names. And what was your what would your name be individually? Within the band. My name would probably be Cowboys Quanta just to confuse people. But also bring them together those seem incongruous name duality. Yeah. And plus there's a lot of outfit options, which I think is important it brings back like that nineteen seventies. Let's put on an outfit apple. Yeah. The Indian headdress, and you can have still have chaps and and carry pistols. Yeah. So I think that Cowboys Quanta I'd probably go with. I would probably go with. Turbo just turbo. Just turbo. And you look like the snail, and I would no I would look like a some sort of futuristic douche nozzle share with weird sunglasses and spiked forge or like cyclops classes, are you know, what I look like I would look like nineteen seventy seven Star Trek version of what a cool alien looks like sure sure. Back in a silver back before options and all aliens were invented by. What was in the back closet of the studio? There's always one other was one thing different. Yeah. So they put them in a silver suit in silver boots. But then they said, you have eyebrows that go straight up one thing. Green eyes or silver teeth one thing. Now get in the bed with Shatner. That's it. Yeah. That's that would be bigger look at boat, man. He's just like a space alien. Yeah. And we would be turbo in the other guys. That's what you wanna do if possible. I mean, it's pretty good. I would the name of the band would be and I'm open to all kinds of Justice on this. But. broS or newer kids on the block that way where even fresher while like that. Yeah. But something butter shellac butter shellac has that's also not a bad just name. Yeah. Yeah. Butter. She'll I also could be the individual's. Yeah. That's what I say. Yeah. Butter she'll acts pretty good. It's a pretty intense logo. I think. That sticks it in ya from still panther. What it meant. It's pretty clear right there in the name because he's the drummer so sticks. TI ex- ex-. Okay. Like like, see, FOX and stuff. And everyone was like are you stupid? Also, I saw kiss front row two weeks ago. Oh nights in a row front row. Two nights in a row to the rock. That was like you talked about like I saw fucking thunder called down from heaven. Then we asked you about it. And now they pretty much use your dad's sing along to the radio. It's fine. Paul Stanley still has the moves does God bless them. He flew over in the the forum. Jetpack police was a jetpack jetpack jetpack. Please dipak. Feddie? And I was like this can't be good for this. Oh, it's their fires in wires tour. I want to enter with our band. Yeah. On in a jetpack. Yeah. I and I swear to God half the time. It works half the time it does. And I and I want I want I want every show to be preceded with Chandler explaining. He has no idea how to operate this device. Sometimes it works. Sometimes you press the right button. There aren't that many buttons? I walk out of my trailer. Dress like we talked about a walk out of my trailer. Just like that. Yeah. Exactly. And I get I get I it's because it's on a on a some sort of harness. Yeah. I walk in just put strapping a backpack, and then I start pushing buttons and people like not not that one. Not that one. And it launches sometimes smashed into walls. Sometimes I get out over the arena, just nosedive it. And then so when if you ever like land at my feet as Cowboys Cuanto pan up and single tear rolls down my face. Shows. Do you think on a on a two hundred show tour? Sure, how many shows do I miss because I crashed the jetpack before I made it averages would say one hundred ninety eight. So you bake it. If you are in the Santa Fe that night when we're actually make or receiving. You are going to see. Oh what show? Yeah. Witter blows up. I'm you would get out of a body cast though from it. You would do it again. There's like, rob. I don't know. I know what I'm doing evil knievel just constantly in a body cast. Yeah. The only reason people talked about that Spiderman musical was this what you're talking about. So you could get more people to come. 'cause I'm pretty sure he's gonna fucking bus this again back on a die. Robbery jetpack academy. First things first. Oh, yeah. Trademark rubber? We are doing that. We're doing jetpack 'cause farmer Ted. That was one of our questions. He said when are you getting back on the jet ski, buddy? Well, that is a fair question right now friends, it appears that the platform our show was released on Sony, crackle, maybe headed for some new management. I don't know. But it could be and so while we're waiting for them to make their decision on their leadership situation. We can't make a our second season until that gets cleared up. So, but don't worry we have taken a lot of time that if the minute they hand us back the keys to the academy. There's there's some fun stuff in store and if not we'll put him somewhere else. That's right. We do have a lot of magic lined up season two. And plus we had the best cast, and they all wanna do it again. So yes, Sean wants to know if you're going to spring training this year that sport. Well, as as my friends on the show. No, I went to fantasy baseball camp earlier this year with the royals and managed to tear both quadriceps and muscle, just above my elbow. Don't know what it is share and a small muscle in my, but oh cool. And so I'm in a just now. So what you're saying is you're muscular like what your because I think we're all of them. Yeah. And now the question though, is am I going to spring training, and friend the answer is if I can make it happen. I will I don't know win though. My just got I got family coming in for visits. I got all these things, but everybody's kinda messing with my program right now. Yeah. So if I can get there, you better believe I will. Yeah. And you're trying out. No, they they they apparently don't want me now, which is horrible. Different team babies new season. That's right. Fresh. Telling you, I I like like our team a lot. I I hope Starling gets his shot excited. Yeah. It's gonna be baseball coming back. Yeah. Baseball is really I know for the modern the millennial generation they tend to not have the patience for baseball. But if they if they could just learn to enjoy the afternoon, it's all about manage your expectations. If you go I'm in it for four hours, then it's fine. Yeah. It's really actually enjoy ABI sit there you have a couple of beers. You get that day buzz going. He kind of you know, you're so so you get to you get the socialize with your friends and check in when the actions going on. It's just fun. Don't start watching it. If you have something else to do. Right. Because you have no idea how long they're going to keep you there. That's right. And it can be stressful. If you got other stuff to do and you're sitting at a game, you tend to get fidgety. I gotta get outta. Yeah. And you just have to carve out the time and manage expectations and baseball is one of the most enjoyable sports out there. Yeah. It's great. Tim dog twenty four says where Sarah, well, she's out onto or friend. Yeah. She's out there with dolph not Lundgren dolph Ziglar who is a beautiful wrestler with a dynamite body. Yeah. Glut glorious pictorial muscles. And Dell's tries seem to be his travel adding it to die for gotta Blake's that people dream about. He's got just a six pack. Wait, you're holding up a pencil sketch pack. Yeah. How long did take you to draw that hot in here? I just want to sit down for a second. Yeah. This is pretty much. How Sarah show goes? Heavens to Betsy probably saying yourself waiting doll Ziglar. He's all-star wrestler. What the hell is Sarah doing on tour with him is she all star wrestler now and the answer is. Yes, yes. Lady Medusa, lady Medusa, and we're already working on the the movie a ring of ring of their own. Yup. About the lady. Wait glow exists never mind. Twelve snakes already to put honor hair just to pick one. She has a snake wig. And apparently real snakes, real snakes. And apparently they were supposed to be garden snakes that she didn't get bit or whatever. But apparently, they put a water moccasins. Yeah. In there who attacked her face. Yeah. And then so she got she's suffered a lot on this tour. And when she looks at people like they said, I could do a freeze and like a freeze in place. No, she dumps cement on all of them. So they can become immediately life size statues, which is really committed to the Greek authenticity of a wrestling character. Also, a problem though, because return on investment is clearly not they're spending more than they're making. That's true. And so many so many deaths so and they're going to be held accountable. I would think anyway, she's on a comedy jet. You pitch jetpack. And then you said, no, I'm keeping that idea for myself. She's on tour, and I think she's up in the north north central quadrant. We're talking Minnesota and Canada. Oh, she's in Minnesota. Well, but tonight tonight, so she's Minnesota tonight. Friends we love Minnesota. We went through a Super Bowl in Minnesota did and our good friend Nick worsens from Minnesota. Yeah. It's time and they robot himself. Yes. And there's so get if they're in check her out because the end off it'll be a great show and also warm if any locals are listening and they're freezing they can go in and like just get the hot sweat off dolph PECS. Yup. And like just steamy vibe that Sarah's given often it'll keep you warm, it's half sweat half. Baby oil, and it's sizzling. Yeah. Like a Gallagher show. Yeah. There you have to bring a trash bag to put over yourself. Oh, my. Yes. What else what's Gallagher up to? Matty, said do you have any advice on someone who wants to start a podcast? Boy, that's a good question. Microphones microphones help. Microphones are a great start. Yep. Actually, Chan Chandler became our overnight duty expert someone who really started started at zero just last year, and has turned herself into a no kidding sought after podcast producer, not only by by me. But by several comedians in the Los Angeles area. So if anybody has advice, I think it's it's Chan the pod whisper over here. My heart though. I would say find a co host to you vibe really well with and have good chemistry. What are you going to do that Rupp? As it is you guys talking, and it's really interesting when you know, exactly what you want your podcast to be about. Because here, it's comedy and sports. And I have a lot of other comic friends who do like your Keeleys hill. Where each episode they talk with comic. And they talk about something that's crippling. And it's funny because it's still comic. But it's interesting and social media's great, you know, we always put tat we always put audio clips of our pod. So you guys can hear it. Now, if you wanna listen to the episode good equipment is always key and being mobile. I think when you have a podcast and you want good guest. It's always, very helpful. If you can be mobile for them because it's convenient, and they love working with you and will want to work with you again. Let's good. That is good scoop. Right. Their friends. So that's that's it have have something that you're passionate about and talk about it. And. Yeah. Just for my have a fifth string guy that you really count on that you can just call in if you're really desperate. Yup. For someone to talk to. I don't want to name names. Oh, I shall she knew. I wouldn't be busy. Yeah. Yeah. House shea house Winnie. Business. I have a story for you guys. That was sent by a listener. Oh snap. Okay. Turn award nominee. It says a woman was filmed throwing chair off a balcony and onto a highway in Toronto. The woman is now wanted as as a part of the mischief for endangering life, or it's endangering. Life's. And apparently, she threw it off a high rise onto an expressway. And obviously it stopped a lot of traffic. It didn't no one was hurt. But there was video evidence of this blonde woman on the balcony, and from the from the video it she threw it from a very high balcony onto this very busy freeway. I guess she was screaming, and it was kind of you couldn't understand it. So police don't know who it is. Yes, that's. The. Well, listen, friends, I'll weigh in on this a little bit. Thank. She is a third share. So I guess we could put her on the big board for this fashion for discussion discussion discussion, she has not microwave p ladies, I I am a fan of throwing things off of tall buildings. Sure. But only in safe conditions, as you know, if you're going to throw something onto a highway you're talking about killing let's worst case scenario, what if you killed a family, just a family trying to come home from school or work, and you kill them because why why you're mad for five seconds or because who knows what the hell her problem was. So that actually sets me greatly. But you know, when Letterman used to drop watermelons and TV's off his building into the parking lot and trolled environment. Sure, I thought that was a lot of fun. Yeah. So so shame on this lady. And I cast shame on you. That's the second mention of watermelon comedy on the episode. That is because we need an episode Gallagher. We talked about Gallagher. Yeah. It's also like not only is horrible. If you if you kill a family or kill somebody like that big. But like it gives them like a really weird obituary. The I like what took him out. An angry Canadian chair throw chair from four hundred they are survived by their eight children. But you know, someone just needed to throw like I said, go to Office Depot, not Staples throw the chair and just like, I, you know, I learned from your show, everyone talks about Florida, man. And because I am a Florida, man. I both know this is true and really offended by it. But you get some bad shit Canadians on like on your story. I'm telling you Canada runs. Hot Canada, Florida in our in our nation, Florida is leading the pack with crazy stupid stuff. You're welcome. Yes. Followed closely by Missouri. Yeah. But well, they're just more even that's right. They're evil mortgages knuckleheads. But Canada as a nation tends to do knucklehead. And your theory is it's just so big. Yup. That people have a lot of people to Roman and go nuts. There's not enough people for the amount of Land Day half. Yeah. So people are just alone with their thoughts in the middle of. And I don't want Canadians to take this throng way because Canadians or the nicest lovely, a lovely people, and they have a lovely nation. But I think in fairness, you should all move to one province, and then leave the rest to up your also like just saying like and that they're crazy runs hot like, they're a fun places to go. And Florida to just like their version of crazy is crazier. Like, I'm not saying everyone's crazy. But the people that are crazy are the craziest. Thank you. That's well, put does very well articulate you so much and this has been wriggles picks. Also, Denver Colorado has decriminalized public defecation in order to make it easier for immigrants and the homeless so you can now urinate and basically take shit on Denver sidewalks, and will not be fined make it easier. What do I don't want it to be ease? I don't want it to be easier for people to shit and street. Well, why is that some that? Why is that a help? We're giving on first hearing this which is just one second. You're moving to Denver. I was shocked and then two seconds into it. I decided this might be the greatest thing I've ever heard. It sounds like I did just but my husband percents like a hot deuce take. It is a hot deuce city. Hot deuce in the city. And I'll tell you what we're going to have a shit, a Thon a urine and shed a Thon in Denver because they saw okay. Nice. Everybody wear crotch, less fans. Share let it all hang out. Like, you are we're all going to juggle lug beers. And we're going to have grapefruit juice, and we're gonna have tomato juice and hot wings there. We're going to do jumping jacks for forty five minutes. Cool. And then we're going to walk right down main street in Denver, and everybody's welcome to dump Wizz as they see fit because it's the law in den way. It's not the lowest law, okay? I just wanna I wanna point out two things. First of all, this is how diseases spread and second of all it is also in Denver now required for people to dispose of their dogs poop, but they can still they can take it up. Yeah. Like, how does that make sense? So. Don't worry tests Alvin ju gal throw this away. But I'll keep it marked for you. So you as a human individual can drop the deuce anywhere in Denver you want because that's good policy public policy, and you, but you have to clean up your dogs PU? Yeah. Denver's on their game. They're on their game. Okay. All right. That's a hot do stake. That's a hot do stake. Friends put that on the board for just to show wariness. Yeah. And also possible turned contender the whole city is. Oh, congratulations relations. No, it's that's more like a turtle achievement. You know what? I mean. That's like they're doing wonders for the Turk community. They're letting them out there. Different category. But I love it. We might have been a Weber friends might have just created a new category for this year's North American Serta awards. Keeney climber froze to death. So there is a thirty six year old woman who had a very large social media following as a bikini mountain climber. And she would do it all over the world. She fell and injured her leg and was unable to move when she was climbing a mountain and Taiwan. And because the the weather was so bad rescue teams couldn't get to her and time and they had to turn around three different times top rated. So she was out there for twenty eight hours in the bikini and froze to death. Oh, God Lord. But it's also like why are you climbing solo up a mountain in a bikini in the winter? Oh, that's, but that's you're right. There's so many mistakes that were made. And wow, what see this is what I'm talking about unnecessary deaths. Frustrate me. Yeah, they federal ways to avoid everything in that star. So many way and don't be active and don't do stuff. But none of those none of the things on your checklist that day were good. Because clearly she she had a phone or how would anybody know to rescue her? So she she has she not up there. Not Instagram ING. Yeah. Like, that's the whole point for being that exhibition est. That's right. But that happened in Thailand. So she doesn't qualify for North American third. No norwood. I'd nominate someone who died. No, no. That's not what you make your bridesmaids fat. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, are you taking dump on the Florida? Tim Hortons throw at the clerk cars Carl's junior caught fire while making one hundred sixty five burgers for first responders God. So he so in order to serve the firefighters. Yeah. They made so many burgers that they they went to fast, and they actually burned. They started a fire. Wow. Okay. So this dollar burgers because then that's even more. Yeah. Oh my God. The council though, you gotta sit down with the with the Carl's junior crew and say guys, let's keep on the big picture. Yeah. We all know your everyone's fifth favourite. Yeah. We all know, tell tacos closed we go to you. And that's about it. But we need you to be more responsible out there. See when when you starting the fires. It doesn't help us. Yeah. Because now all these fires have to come off the hill. Yeah. And put out the Carl's junior fire. Yeah. So really what have you done for your? It's like we built a prison, but we didn't put locks on the doors like, so what's the point of what you're doing just causing more work for the policeman. I think that you know, what probably Carl's junior was harder on themselves and we'll ever be late. Not Hardee's though Hardee's. So now, I have a story because you love the homeowners association or God to Honda owners were fined by the homeowners association because their car left a suggestive shape in a parking lot. So I'll show you the hill kind of craziness is this a penis, apparently and two balls and peanuts are was head. And so they were fine mushroom. But it's a it's a penis. All right. But that's just an oil stain. It's an oil stain and they're they're blaming the people for the oil. Yeah. Okay. If it was a painting. I get it. Yeah. It's not it's an oil stain. And I'm sorry that that's what you see. I I'm telling you. I'm going to go on record with some that might be controversial. I see that more as a miracle. Like what if it was shaped like Jesus, it's cool. But it shaped like a dick they're in trouble. Like, these are all just miracles, and we need to accept what? Going on. Then awebber sure words of never been spending so much. I do believe it's American. Do you believe in miracles Dick's? Yeah. No. It's not it's not. It's not the mother Mary her face in toast, or. Yeah. Or a blueberry Muffin or whatever. But it is just it's a penis with oil winning bronze out by fate. And the winds happened. Honda because I don't want. None. Unless you got buns on yet in my Anaconda, don't and that's true. You know what I'm saying? That's right. All right. It's not an economy. It's a shorter, dick. But still. Yeah, it's you know. That was easy. It was also the the size of the oil stained doesn't matter right. It's the personality. Car link. Yeah. Yeah. Please. You wouldn't wanna get fucked by a Prius sized? I don't wanna get into this. What's he packing a civic? And I love it. Okay. So this is. Yeah. One more because you got you got some good ones today. So I didn't know this was a thing. But I saw it on Facebook police seek volunteers to drink in excess. So to train new officers to be able to give drunk driving tests. They let volunteers come in. And they give them out call they provide it you just have to have a clean criminal history. You have to be win twenty five and forty with no drug abuse issues and be able to drink hard liquor to the point of neighboring nation. Oh, hell, yes. I found our new bar for Friday night. It'd be hard liquor can be Friday night. Yeah. Do they is it hard liquor? They want it to happen quickly. Yeah. They don't want us to get like a solid like Lambda buzz on. Well, listen you, and I are always looking for great drink special. Thanks, and this is one for the age. Also, we're not going to get arrested knows it's on them. Yes. They're there for them the free boots, and that they doubted that we could get drunk as we eventually become that's on them that their fault. Thank you for having us. And then when we get done for the thing is in the afternoon like Chan said instead of you know, Friday night. Say that's the baller move is after the tests ago. Thanks officers. Just getting your car peel and just peel out and leave. Dick shape. Mark in the space and just swerve out onto the highway hit by a Canadian chair all the stories come together tied it together. Wrapped it up in about. It also makes weird sense to me like because you don't want like an actor. You're not going to be able to learn anything from handling that guy for the good thing is if it's two in the afternoon, you figure you go in there, you get your hardcore buzz on and by five o'clock, you're at Barney's beanery. Yeah. Or some other low rent dive bar class Barney's. I just spent a parties your your bar, but I have a question. Do they get different kinds of drugs because I think that's important to the training because like druggy drunks. They're angry drunks. There are drugs that suddenly have a Boston accent, even though they're not from there. They just think that's what drunk sound like there was also the shirtless drunk. Yeah. Which always shows up the rob we call it. He just does karate immediately. Like, I know how to take care of myself. Just does a lot of karate tries to teach them something. Teach them a lesson to about protecting talk a big game karate. And because you're so good at it. Well, self self anointed. Yeah. You're up belt. Yeah. And Sarah's father is a is also a black belt, but he wants to talk about it like for real animals like, you know, doing a bit man. No. He does has he wants to talk with his with his fist in your face. Yeah. Yeah. That's how he wants to have that conversation because I'm I'm not wrapping it, right? Yeah. Joe it's not a karate room. It's a DOJ. Oh crave. Cree realm karate room. Yeah. Enjoy your internet talk about. It's a podcast. Okay. What it is. Culture, you're talking you're talking friend box. You mean my phone? All right friends. Well, listen, this has been wriggles picks. Again, we are so grateful to have been at Weber comedian writer producer winey any foodie. Dog lover general stud. Join us on real picks coming by guys. And we're very grateful to have you friend Chan another great job as usual and to our friend and partner. Sarah who is up in Minnesota. Good luck China to freeze your butt off. Hopefully, you're doing the show inside. I bless everyone. This robbery thought it could be outside. Forever. Tender and rape. I'm Tim Maguire AP newsman that during a Senate hearing on sexual assaults in the military. Arizona Republican Senator Martha mic Sally stunned fellow committee members preyed upon and then raped by a superior. Officer MC Sally at twenty six year. Veteran is the first female air force fighter pilot to fly in combat so many women and men I didn't trust the system at the time. I blame myself. I was shamed. And confused. I thought I was strong but felt powerless. She added when she did speak up. She felt like the system was raping her all over again, a US journalists seized by Venezuelan security forces at his Caracas department earlier today has been freed executives at the ABC affiliate in Miami. Say Cody Weddell was taken in the airport and put on a plane back to the United States, but will worked as a freelancer for that station is Venezuelan assistant who was also taken into custody was also released I'm Tim Maguire.

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