I Hate the Fins 27: A Look Ahead at Next Year's Draft Prospects and a Look Back at the Ridiculously Silly 2009 NFL Draft


This is I hate the Finns Episode Number Twenty Seven. I can't believe they still pay us to do this. But here we are my name is Keith with my co-host sack or still going through. Unfortunately the offseason doldrums uh-huh with the good news is July's the last month before we have anything resembling official football so as Nice. We're almost there. It's going to be an interesting season. We mentioned this last show actual quarterback quarterback battle on if you're interested in a lot of the players available next year who aren't at the quarterback position obviously you're hoping for Josh Rosen to beat out Ryan Fitzpatrick. Take the job run with a <hes> establish himself as the franchise guy in Miami. That's what we're all hoping for the team as well except for for everyone though Zach because the to a fan club and to a lesser extent your fan club the Justin Herbert Fan Club. Why are you doing this to me so late at night trying to give me an aneurysm at eleven forty at night? You'RE GONNA kill me forty here central time so <hes> stranger things now. I barely made editor season to to be honest. I elect stranger things. I like the aesthetic of stranger things but I'm not fully sure I understand what's going on and I don't know if I have the willpower to go back and figure out what is going on truthfully. It's interesting. I think it appeals to some people appeals people my age because this is obviously non sequitur by the way the whole eighties and soldier since I am actually an eighties. He's not an eighty s child per se was born in the eighties nineties kid obviously because that's when I was actually growing up but I think it appeals to some people who weren't alive in the eighties. You are obviously the outlier outlier there because <hes> it doesn't really appeal as much to you anyway. That was a total tangent but I'm just kidding Zack's not a big Justin Herbert Fan <hes> we've talked about this a little bit usually usually off the grid but a lot of the reviews coming in claim that he's going to be this mammoth quarterback prospect and look at the tape last year and it's like. I guess you see what you we WANNA see. I don't know I mean like I. I see a I guess more modern feels like a weird phrase to put like everything that he showed so far is the same thing that blamed Gabar showed up at Missouri already. How did you understand what the differences right like but but like it's the same thing like I just I don't know I guess just because Josh Allen has gone so I he's done at Belykh? He was essentially Isaiah running back last year so he was more running backs in Lamar Jackson was which is pretty bad. Have you ever seen clerks or clerks to. I always thought that nine years but blink blink Everett looks just like Randall Yeah especially like me on the sideline with the backward hat and be like man. You're killing it right now. So blatant Blaine Gabbert was such a lax Bro. I don't know how he ended up in the N._F._l.. He on him he wasn't even like a day one day two prospect and then I wanna say they played Iowa in a bowl game his last year Mizzou and he threw for something like four hundred yards or whatever they look what Missouri Law Second I think they were in a they had a chance to win it. They blew Iowa wins. I think it was against Iowa. I'm going off memory by were watching that game live in thinking that this is pregnant pump. Oh this dude draft stock a ton and you know like when you're watching a game in the you can almost see a draft prospect going up through the levels of like oh now. He's a third round well. That'll probably put them in the second round. That's how it got N.. Gabar and I'm I knew it was a quarterback starved draft just because they're hyping up jake locker was in that draft. We are a Christian ponder and I'm gene everyone outside of Cam Newton by the way at the top so in the thing is I liked Christian ponder but he was never healthy any of that elbow issue at Ford State was never the same but before that Christian ponder lay I was a big fan of that dude as a prospect but he had some. I forget the elbow issue exactly but after that he was never the same that was that was a really bad quarterback class but at the same time it gave us guys like Andy Dalton Caper Nick Cave next at the second round that you're yeah who else thought there was one more that was like like a later guy. That's just kind of stuck God. I can't remember off the top of my head eleven yeah. I thought there was a random later guy. That's Kinda just hung around. Oh I'm thinking of that Short a little run that T._J.. That's where I'm thinking bless his little heart yeah in Andy Dalton's one of the more successful guys in that draft and the funny thing is Cincinnati. Fans spent a lot of their time arguing about whether he sucks or not you know who else was in that class now that I'm thinking about it <hes> tyrod Taylor was yeah yeah mcelroy good old goal Bama quarterbacks how man the he'd gotten the announcing booth almost immediately. Oh yeah that that's where he was meant to be though yeah that was the weird thing about that draft though is that it was so good in some respects as long as you weren't drafting a quarterback. Rex you think some of the guys came out like von Miller draft J. J. J. Watt is in there and for a while there. We were convinced that Alden Smith was in that league to white label all in the N._F._l.. And not suspended he was yeah mandate he started off with a bang and San Francisco and I mean I I blame all the the Dion Jordan parallels and projections actions and everything on Alden Smits early production in San Francisco because I mean I think you and I I know you and I have talked about this before but similar prospects in build but I mean the only difference is I actually now that I think about there wasn't much of a difference outside of Deandra and could just had a head of a small window there were it looked like you starting to put it together and then it went away in all Smith I think San Francisco new it's do with them and put them in a position to succeed in early on in that defense I mean honestly he could just pin his ear back because you came out in like he was just a rail for a three four edge guy so just you know tall tall and skinny any but our early on man he was awesome. I mean the I granted. He wasn't even the focal point in San Francisco defense because that's when they adjusted Smith and never really just built around that like that ultra penetrating like five tack sized player so many think like if you're on Smith you're playing a linebacker core with Navarro Bowman Patrick Willis Patrico as I it's late and so my my brain's not okay okay and I think the other guy was a mob brooks subway at that point. I forgot about a mob brooks. He was a solid player. He was there Calvin pace yet. He's there yeah exactly I mean like you're playing across from old. Smith WHO's out of his mind on the field field at that point not in terms of his <hes> his personal life and the funny thing is that front seven was so stupid good that they were sending guys like <hes> Carlos Rogers to the pro bowl. I WANNA say they didn't go to the proble there. Were there a bunch of Rando corners that went from those forty nine or teams just because her front seven was so so good yeah in the thing like guys who just could not get you know get going elsewhere the employees when that that front seven is absolutely just eating people alive and suddenly things are allowed easier. I couldn't believe it couldn't remember hamlet couldn't remember Patrick Wilson's last name that's when he knows Mel Long Week and it has been Super Dad Edward Right now and I just come home. I think of dad things all the time. The only downside to that is eventually you hit a wall and you're like what have I done but I think Patrick Willis. How long has he been out of the League? He's got it becoming coming up on four or five years right once as like three or four years so much longer ago he's he's still in it when they went to. I WanNa say you retired after twenty fifteen fifteen because I know that I'm just going based off memory and like I said he retired in twenty obviously okay I knew in that range because it's shocked me yeah and he was <unk>. I he was the dude I wanted to take in that two thousand seven draft and the shame in all of that is if the dolphins had known what to do at Ted Ginn that would have been a pretty pretty good pick yeah. He had a long career in the league. I mean he still viable. I mean it sounds like he got absolutely in a live in that that million dollar racing that they did maybe he's well into his thirties at this point so yeah. He's a year younger than me so he's thirty four. I think his birthday is the day before and I don't know why I remember that. I think he's April twelve because you are trauma is when they took him over Brady Quinn just like may I was just yeah I guess so I it's been so long now or I think like I didn't really want Brady Quinn but if you think about it and you're a dolphins fan and like especially at that point you're coming out of a a season when you were starting Dante culpepper and then he got hurt because he wasn't ready then you're starting Joey Harrington. I think <hes> CLEO LEMON GOTTA start that you're too. Yes I think he started against Indianapolis late in the year but all that to say that at that point it didn't take much of a quarterback prospect in the first round for dolphins fan salivate and honestly what's change yeah yeah or the same spot yeah and I mean that's why with Josh Rosen I mean I was a big fan of them. Last year I yeah I mean they're awards in his game. He's not perfect but what quarterback prospect is perfect a and if you think about these guys like Andrew Luck Yeah as a guy who came out and rolled out number one and it looks like he's getting back to his old self which even though I hate the colts and I'm a little bit horrified that <hes> Jimmer is as the one who bought up all David Gilmour's guitars at the same time his money goes right to climate change charities. Anyway says money's just as good as anyone else's <hes>. It looks like you're getting back to what you think about all these guys who have come out and there's always some kind of were in their game when it's like yeah. We don't know nobody was sold on Cam Newton. When he came out I mean he was even viewed as the normal and picking that draft? I'll emmy at one point it was coming down to a lot of people thought it was a Nick Fairley was going to be the number one pick an draft which is ridiculous. I think he went what bur teen overall Marcel Darius. I think is in that draft the I mean it's I. I still think it's just crazy thinking about the Josh Rosen Trade for what the dolphins. This gave up to get him like it. Essentially they leased a second rounder and they gave up a fifth rounder which is crazy like they didn't even truly give up a second round pick like they leased it for year. That's insane. I think it's weird for Dolphin Sand because usually the these fans are more than used to seeing this team on the short end of that deal just getting ripped off all the time yeah giving you much or going after a player. That's not gonNA solve what you're looking for. I'm thinking about the Brandon Marshall Deal right now. Everyone thought that that was it. It was not turn just turned into another problem and then we we traded Tutus for I think it and then we get in then we got to threes in return. I think Chicago Yep yeah letting the grand scheme of things like for the way his he wanted out and like it was blatantly no light Brandon Marshall not playing for the Miami Dolphins texture losing one around doesn't feel so horrible. It's still not good but doesn't feel terrible. Yeah no I I agree. At least you're able to get something from it. Yeah <hes> that was also I think Chicago in the mistaken that deal I think that's when they also parted ways with Greg Olsen that hurt hunk yeah premature move my dad hates cradles and so so much narrower said why he despite I don't know I don't know what it is. I think it's sour grapes. I think it's a little bit of the fact that I mean Greg had had a little bit of the the fumbles he is something costly fumbles early in his career and then he goes to Carolina. He's just a world beater so I mean it's just classic Chicago Sports Fan Stuff where you're just like. What the Hell I can you do that here? I mean you could hang onto the ball if your life depended on it now you're now you're Cam Newton's most reliable red zone target by a mile which is easy to do when you play in a very under sized <hes> really pass catching group outside of when they had Kelvin Benjamin but <hes>. I don't know I mean I'm stoked talked about Josh Rosen honestly. I've had so much going on that. I've forgotten about back that we have that guy. He's in camp right now with a chance to win the job and if he doesn't win the job you know it's not take much to get him in there. Yeah I mean it'd be nice to see him. Play all sixteen games <hes>. I don't think he needs to play all sixteen games because people people seem to be really set on Mike if he doesn't play all sixteen games it was a waste what they even do that for like again. He got them for next to nothing essentially for leasing a second round pick and a fifth round pick this year not even last year. You've got the tenth and Eleventh Pick in Twenty nineteen draft like which is crazy but if he starts hey even if they split half and half of the season you can get a pretty good idea of what you got. Josh Rosen in eight games and and like I just I don't no no I just don't see them going after a quarterback in the first round next year I think they're they're looking to build long-term at doesn't make sense unless they guy is going to be like a franchise is life changing guy which I don't necessarily know if any of those guys are at the moment to is probably the closest but I I just don't see it next year. WHO's your favorite prospect in next year's class regardless of position assertion just a guy where you're like man not only even if the dolphins don't get him? I'm stoked to watch him play <hes> Hi. I'm every woman and I'm the host of Nice. 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I'm Jason Kirk and we're the host of the shutdown forecast avengers of college football podcast it says in the script onto riff on what that means and basically what I mean is it's all unspoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn middle school we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coach's where now if you want to college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP. That's tough I'm going to say it's a really close tie for totally different reasons between <hes> grant delpit the safety from L._S._U.. Essentially derwin James Two Point Oh yeah and then <hes> Kenny. anywho keys <hes> the edge player from Michigan State. I love him. He's really good to Michigan say really kicked out a killer edge like that yeah yeah I mean the last one we thought was going to be potentially Jewish elite Calhoun <hes> but he he went to the raiders. Just are I pay <hes> in that was over before I even got. They're they're. They're not my top two prospects but they're deathly might to that. I'm looking four to the most this season favourite questioning yeah. It's not a binding contract your mind now. This is going on the Internet Keith. I can't change my mind the Internet's undefeated and and so my guys judy yes by mile. Oh Yeah I love. I love like that and I think that guy is the ultimate example of the type of receiver Alabama has turned out the past five really all most all their receivers after Julio have been more of like I was struggled for the the ideal player to compare these guys is too because I mean you think about like Amari Cooper and Kelvin Ridley and I got Jerry Judy and I I was calling slashers because they're not big body dudes who are just going to sit there and just house guys in the vertical passing game and just body everyone one night I mean Amari Cooper did do that a little bit at Bama but these dudes are all six one ish. I'm six. I can't imagine going out there. All I think they're all Reggie Wayne copies out how dare you how dare you jumping from that one but are gonna cut him but that was my thought about this today and it hit me that Reggie Wayne is in my opinion where this mold starts. I think is Reggie. Wayne is about six foot a six foot. Maybe maybe a little over six foot in coming out of Miami. It was just kind of player neck not not a guy who houses people in in goes up in high points the football with ease and you know I'm sorry I think the kids now. They call it bossing people. I was called housing in terms of what it's evolved that term anyway but he was he was a slasher. I hate you for saying that before. I rolled it out and I was just say congruent. No that's okay actually makes me feel good that you thought of it too so clearly. I wasn't totally off as because I figured maybe I'd throw it out and you're like no. You're stupid. It's really funny. Come draft time when people just over analyze things too much and there's going to be a few teams few people that are going to be like yeah I have Henry Rugs above Jerry Judy which I think rugs has more burners to Judy's just Chris Judy Judy. Is You know how much I love Calvin. Ridley come on Alabam Hate Alabama's program and even even I was just like a total fan boy for him. I was like man I mean. The dolphins didn't even really need it receiver like that but at the same named him they took Calvin really. I'm not even mad at that. Jerry Judy is like a supercharged Calvin really which is saying is Calvin really was solidiary and explosive playing for those guys so Jerry I think me Jimmy might have a little bit of a bigger body and that so I think like he he he might be able to use that to his advantage. Were but I just watch him play like in terms of a slasher guy he he is the total package <unk> runner ups route running ability the one guy that I wanna see too wide receiver wise this year especially with the non heisman winning quarterback is going to be C._D.. Lamb like if he puts up another big year he's GonNa get Juju cops like I think he's GonNa get us. You cops all over the place I was. I loved him. When obviously it's easy to look good when when Baker Mayfield throwing the ball yeah because he was I thought late in the year in Oklahoma's twenty seventeen season like he was a he was another guy where he was just an absolute matchup problem and explosive and against slippery? I use you slippery as a term to describe a lot of these guys but that's him because Marquees Brown was the guy who is just like the stupid speedster on that team but cd Lan thought was a home run guy in his own right yeah but but he's a little bit more physical too which is nice like and that's the thing they had a nice Combo there of Hollywood Brown who you know you gotTa have the safeties fourteen to sixteen yards often given that double help just in case so so C._D.. Lambs just body and dudes up working that sideline into be dudes up left and right but when he wants to a needs to like he can turn it on <hes>. He reminds me his his that I've been giving him outside of the easy. Jujuy one is <hes> Michael Crabtree. That's who he reminds me a lot of same same conference there man Michael crabtree calms way faster than crabtree. Though what do you think a low four four guy remember. I don't the Michael Crabtree ran the forty. I think dodged I what didn't he have the foot issue that sees the front and then it just something we're I don't. I don't know the knee ever officially ran that rookie oh he did very much that that pre-draft process to be honest correctly because that was a draft where he was expected to be a high pick and like giving some of the guys who were high picks in that draft ep he should have been. Yeah that was decent Smith when number two overall that was the tackle out of Baylor. That was an absolute disaster on an now. I gotTA think here <hes> wait here like Kansas City Tyson the defense no good lord known as the East from towel yeah he went the cow. That was the shocker pick of that draft that was in two thousand ten. That was the next year you're talking on the guy from L._S._U.. Yeah what is his name Tyson Laden's rough so and then a fourth was on Kurri Kurri and that guy was thought is like the Kansas player in that draft Yup Yeah Tyson Jackson Jackson there we go <hes>. Let me think of the other guys in there because I think crabtree filled a full ten yeah. He went to ten for San Francisco. Who who are the bill's sake right after him? Oh Aaron Maven Yeah. It was a that was another one where man when that came out of Penn state you just here. Let's we'll just play a game with this just like name the team picking after four and let's see if I can remember who they took <hes> okay so we just hit eleven with Buffalo <hes> who who'd Sandiego taken that one that was on northern Larry English Illinois which is where I go so that was the guy that I was actually interested in the in the dolphins offense getting obviously it's it worked out for them. Let's see here Michael Our net draft and right after Michael or my my big draft with on rage everybody Yeah I love yeah. A man who let's see so fifth pick was Sanchez. I think I think that's traded up for him. And then the six was at Cincinnati the Cincinnati Yeah Yep Andre Smith YEP NEXT HOAGLUND MEMPHIS Darius Hayward Bay Yep Jacksonville. That's row YEP <hes> <hes> Green Bay Green Bay that was <hes> B._J.. Raji it was okay and then we said it's crabtree and then Air Maven and then twelve who had the toll ver Denver to come out man I remember this being it was it was the same year as Matthew Stafford Gio. This is a mcdaniels. Oh No Sean Marino there. It is Georgia. I loved him. At Georgia. I think Denver traded traded back into the second round to get off Alfonso Smith that your fossils Colorado guy no the five eight Corrado wake I always I was mixed him up with some Colorado. Jimmy Smith was it. Jimmy Smith was yeah in twenty eleven unless Denver traded up for Affonso Smith with a Seattle I think is who ripped him off in that draft yup and then I who's the quarter that I am thinking <hes> who knows nothing of Alphonso Denard out of Nebraska now. I don't know who will take of all right so twelfth. Pick was demer so who the thirteen thirteen was Washington. They took Brian Iraq Iraq though I was just like seeing him in those Geico commercials I was like man was that guy's name New Orleans New Orleans took <hes> man this place place for the eagles he on he <hes> yeah he <hes> out of <hes> Ohio state jam there we go YEP now. I was just like man. This is a problem. It's like give me a break. Hughes Houston took one of my favorite linebackers yeah they did Jersey Guy Tampa Bay took a quarterback yet took Josh Freeman yeah they did Broncos took <hes> Robert Ayers Yeah Tennessee and then from there nineteen through twenty two who was solid macklin headed grew Alex Mack Okay Oregon Alex Max in their Percy Harbin and Michael. Our think is in there because I think the Patriots traded out of that spot. If I recall correctly they did dead or Jerry and then the vaunted Davis pick was there yeah and the two guys I like the most in that draft were Vantera Davis and Clay Matthews and they ride their back to back. Oh Man and the thing is Dante Davis. That was the first I am. I saw E._S._p._N.. Had their scouting rankings and I saw it in October of two thousand eight and I think but von Davis was number two just behind effort it was like that pretty much for and then his his stocks are the slide because you know you had a lot of questions about his character and everything it's not like they knew he was going to retire at halftime at the end of his career or anything but yeah yeah I mean and then it Kinda rounds out. how donald bren for their would wall which thurman merman by the way if you seen bad bad santa one of my favorite players in recent memory though is <hes> coming up here and that's hockey mix akeem knicks and then ken kenny britt who tracked meaning high school i got trucked by britain highschool yeah we used to scrimmage baone every year am i a freshman year i was the contained aimed guy for kickoff and so we kicked off and he started running the other way it's like now i'm gonna come back the other way and like like a five foot six hundred thirty pounds soaking wet zach just completely got run over oh man right on his way to rutgers yeah yeah poor kenny britt and then last two are a beanie wells and ziggy hood beanie wells and he was on a lot of people thought new orleans gonna take him earlier in that draft e._s._p._n. is supposed to be the big bag prospect and then per perc- harbin one of the more <hes> puzzling careers for <hes> that and he never really had a position kind of did everything you could i mean anything coming out of florida zia running bags here receiver is he a guy you just want on returns like what do we do in here because i mean like he was just a he was just a home run threat every time he had the ball james aaron i never made a proble now i don't think so what is this nonsense i was a big fan of his at ohio state which is angle out though because i hate that school what's really funny is like raikov mcmillan is kind of just more modern james laryngitis if we're being honest ourselves here that's that's right on racal mcmillan can play play on third down if you need him to a realistically he's just like hundred fifteen to one hundred thirty tackle james learn itis god blessed her own baker at this point yeah yeah have you seen jerome bakers gained like fifteen twenty pounds fifteen twenty pounds i just hope if he doesn't lose that because he's got that blitzkrieg speed at that second level i love watching that dude run yeah yeah i don't think he will he's he's a pretty crazy athlete like that was what he was coming into ohio state when he was recruited in that that was like the word on the street was like ohio state recruited the stupidest athletic <hes> by backer that we've seen in a while since like zac brown u._n._c. <hes> at he was carrying it up his first couple years as i season he had some big plays and then once he got moved into a fulltime role it's like it was almost too much for him and like they didn't let him kind of roman flow in like do everything that he should do as an athletic guy <hes> <hes> and they started planning amended like overlooks and stuff like that where he just was not big enough because like in college he played at like two ten to fifteen as like so i mean but then like i think the dolphins kinda have a good role for him and i think he's gonna have even better role in the new defense now i think there's timeshare even gonna see them run a i don't wanna say a thirty four front but something that kind of like it <hes> and you may see yeah yeah like like that stand up defensive end with an outside linebacker probably van geico to be honest as the over guy and then you're gonna see drove baker as at running chase slash floater linebacker in the middle man well let's go ahead and continue this conversation <hes> into our next show which i think we're we can record this weekend to people who are all <music> snout where we're down from eight people seven now we have seven listeners we we lost on oh we need to find a way to pay these people like you have no shame we'll make it worth your time so we'll continue that discussion we'll we'll talk about some of the guys who wanna see plant defense you mentioned you mentioned van kinkel i'm excited to watch at dude play very patriots type player like definitely a chesapeake but drome baker is too so view episode we will we will and then we'll waste a bunch of time talking about the twenty or the two thousand nine draft as well so lewis illnesses in the second round i think he was picking the second around who stillness he was awesome he was a good man if you could just stay healthy would have been just yeah i think he would have had a great career outside able to do even bob sanders two-point now but they had the same flaws so it was going to say that's a that's similar all right for everyone listening thank you all seven of you we appreciate you appreciate your time offers acme names keith this is ben i hate the thin summer twenty seven we'll be back for twenty eight record that this weekend maybe we'll do another one two we've got to catch up since we took a couple of weeks off to avoid the daunting task of making it sound like <hes> the football world is buzzing right now because it is not so like i said zach my name's keith thank you you very much we'll talk to you soon hey it's manically host of the eater upsell before you jump to your next podcast i wanna tell you about a new event that's happening later this summer in brooklyn it's called eater youngun summit and it's a one day celebration of up and coming talent in the world of food the eater young summit is a day full of talks workshops and tastings brought to you from fellow vox media publication eater you'll learn from some of

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