Mark Cuban's 'next-gen' podcasting platform


The latest from daily newsletter at news dot net. Mark cuban co founding. A next gen podcast platform where hosts can talk to fans live and monetize conversations reports. The verge it's sent to be similar to clubhouse but with the ability to record conversations. The app is reportedly to be called fireside which comes as news to the five year old podcast host fireside surprising and more than a bit concerning says damn benjamin from farsight not that one will podcast advertising keep searching twenty twenty one media radar expect to see a ten to fifteen percent increase in ad spend this year by s. Fourteen point five. Allow you to choose your defaults counter. According to be tested in india the podcast producer. Win studio has raised two crores of rupees. Which is two hundred and seventy five thousand dollars. Casey read has joined blue. Wire as head of marketing should be an hulu for almost five years in no way. Podcast company acoss reported two hundred and sixty six percent increase in revenue last year. A thirty nine percent increase in you. Advertisers plan b egion content creator which produces some of norway's biggest. Podcasts has signed with the company transistor has published five free pieces of music for podcast interests. You'll need attribution. The brussels podcast festival is looking for your votes for the public prize. Twenty twenty one. The event itself takes place over three days from february twenty fifth. I have a few thoughts on what clubhouse really means podcasting in short. Not that much can rebel base. Media's mark asquith. Lets me but that's what he's written. And he's suggesting that clubhouse his a solid way getting cheap attention right now but is not likely to push people to listen to your podcasts downloading. This american life costs a typical south african the equivalent of three dollars. Fifty two in data costs writing on my personal blog. I wonder whether the proposed alternative enclosure tag could mean we get another billion podcast listeners. At on that all funny published to listening examples for podcasts in coded at different rates and different codex even some audio posted at six kilobits. A second you're thinking that rubbish but surprisingly here it is so why have we invited. Rin well grin sideboard right. yeah at. We spent like to tell people news. Resonates co-founded jacob bozarth appears on a recent episode of economics to talk about lessons. He's learned about podcasting experience of producing podcast. The story of resonate over the past five years. It was probably some february. The third financial literacy podcast. Earn your leisure which we reported in july two thousand nineteen is now part of the black effects podcast network. It's had more than five million downloads. The alfred daily forty minute daily local podcast shaft spree in dorset has been awarded by the town's a rotary club number of rotarians nominated alfred for the vital role that daily podcasts have played in strengthening community cohesion. During lockdown and the newsworthy erica mandy is profiled in kansas city. Magazine on the podcast is currently hiring. Hotjobs jobs dot net. And that's the latest from on us. And i said subscribe all links at news dot net.

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