WeWatchWrestling Issue #302


This is a head gum podcast. Do you watch wrestling? Really as well. Welcome friends, foes heels, baby, vases, all of you. You're all come on. They're all in your all out. Tripled the. Yeah. Readings friends. This is the we watch wrestling podcast. We hear each and every Wednesday. Preach, three six AM. I am one of darling redbeard host wrestling mat McCarthy with me, professional wrestling, encyclopedia Mr. Vince, April. Yeah. Yes. Yes, correct. We watch wrestling, podcast dot com dot com. Get some tickets to the live shows you Kogyo midnight following AA, w all out, right? August thirtieth. Sounds right. Yes. Friday. August. Thirtieth midnights at the kitchen in Chicago. We are going to run from AWS over and have a fucking. Rockin good-time, Matt's has promised me that I don't have to drink anymore this year. You've got a Garin damn t-. You don't have to drink any of that rat poison. It took an hour and a half off. My hang last time it was. And that wasn't even a midnight show, the hit the stomach, and it was over baby. It was terrible. It hit it hit the tongue and it was. And it was the tongue get it off the tug. I was like swishing beer and my mouth trying to eliminate the it had coded it, it's back in the hotel room drinking, candles trying to do something. The roasts madea Matej patriots dot com. Progressive dot com. We got stuff all those place, shit man, live show, Chicago coming, very soon. We'll be we'll head back to New York. At some point, we're just we're just they're gonna. Yeah. April, and we're going gonna have an anniversary show out here, hopefully right announcement eminent. And then where else people were asking us to cho-. I know they wanted us to do one in Dallas, but it just wasn't going to work out. Unfortunately, we ain't got to not for not for lack of wants to go to Dallas kids, we love you. You know, I I don't know. We hear from you, and we want to be there, and we're trying to make them all work, people want us to come up to, to suffer slam in, in the great. Yes, Toronto, the great white north Casey, Corbin, the welcoming committee core beanie. And. I got a text from Casey Corbin late last night. I would be getting my ears on talk and wrestling this week do because I know he had a table at a convention up there. Really? And he hung out with Jimmy Hart for awhile, and then he had himself a good time. So I think this week that's going to be when you're gonna not gonna wanna miss. He texted me, add so funny. I thought it was late last night. I I've been sick. So I was asleep most yesterday. So I woke up and I saw the text from a nap. He texted me at three thirty in the afternoon. He honestly, like you know, which would be six thirty core. Anytime still. Still not late last night. Now. Yeah. I won't point honestly yesterday. I'm walking around the house. I through some stuff in the garbage, and I look up. And I go God is into this whole time. One of those damn one of those days. So this is what he wrote me when I was listening to the show, you met Brett, and said, you wish you had my CD to give him. Thanks for the idea. I saw him Saturday. And I gave it to him. He said he's going to listen to it when he got back home. So who knows? Seems genuine, yes. Halls school. Keep cranking out the hit. Yes. Did you know he went home? He put on one of his shirts. On the stairs next to his this is one of my shirts. This is of Julie shirts. Put. Can we want to this was kind of FAM FAM, what he says it's like he I don't think he's his fan but he says, it's, it's like, yeah he he's, he means that whatever sale he does. He's going to have an on the spot got speakers. Well, he does lapses pool. He's going to have corbin's voice on the on the speakers over the pool. I bet get a hope. You gotta think shoutout out to Elliott's who sent us some cool stuff sent a book of the old book postcards, some foam fingers subj- sheets. This is the unique package cheats, bedsheets bedsheets, some of the like the nineteen ninety, you know, complete with the pillowcase and the sheet feels like something, I'd see on one of these sites on Instagram for like twelve hundred bucks. Right. Right, right. Who those guys that used to cut them up and put him on t shirts? We we saw that wrestle con. Oh, right. Right. Was that the guys who to the underwear the wrestle ruse or no? I don't know number remember, but. Yeah. That was Super Bowl super super cool. And oh. Our friends just Detroit. Crag. Sunesson a Blu, Ray of pro wrestlers vs. Yes, crag, and the sweets. Roddy piper Cup sign rather man. Is that what they used to say, on broad city? Yes, crag. Yeah. They used to say, yes, crag Matt. Do you think that the super j Cup taking place exclusively in the United States? All three dates are in the United States. Means that pinkie Sanchez is, is going to win it this year. He's super. I guess it's not the super junior super jakup's J stance were. Right. I think you know, they may be. They padded drinks. Cops. They got they're going to have this pinkies year I or driver's car around the building. Vince, you know, every January first as soon as the clock strokes midnight, I turn to you were together every New Year's. Yes. After we've kiss after guess I look, you deepen the is. And I say to its pinkie Sanchez year every year, I say that to you. That's another guy. That's another guy I wanna see in suburban fight man. Which reminds me there's a suburban fight July fourteenth. I'm going to be back east very. But who's going to be out west ultra mantis black? This is doubly upset. I haven't seen this motherfucker in a hot minute. And I don't think I mean, I certainly have never seen him on the west coast, personally, that is going to be red hot. And I think you can still get tickets for fifteen bucks before they announced the rest of the card. So I would do that. But love to see pinkie someday in suburban fight Tyler Bateman, of course, is a guy would fit right in there. I'm just going off talking about who I wanna see. But anyway, get your tickets for July fourteenth tremendous black and the rest of the card, which I'm not privy to yet. But I'm sure it'll be fucking hot. Very right baby would fit in great. They're picky would fit in great. They're all tremendous black. They should do gimmick where they Madison bring back the bans. Yeah. And maybe because it's the night after sound and fury the festival, they'll be abandoned, when, that's when they had negative approach last year. So maybe they'll be a band. Well, they should do ultra mantis is banned and cross control. Perfect. This is perfect and cross control. I was gonna say, Brody kings bad, and then have them fight. Oh, well are then leave me out of that one. Well, no Carlos says split. Somebody's head out with that bass guitar Carlos isn't sure if he's in a tough guy band is trust me, cross control or plugged, our promotion. I wish let people who think that we're somehow even remotely volved in suburban fight. We just show up because we're asked, and we let it, that's it. We were invited. And it's nice to talk about things you like Nevertheless, I do the show. Our truth is another guy who'd fit in perfect suburban fight. Anywhere really anywhere. You know, it was interesting is finding out what was broadcast and what wasn't from raw, but was live crowd, right. That same account Han promo wasn't for wasn't for air. I don't blame Callahan. Saint KOMO Joe. Raleigh. Sammy zane. Sammy's ain't that's right. Yes. That danza particularly love that promo, he love that he loves Corbin at one point picked up the mic. There was so much downtime on raw. We went to raw Staples. Yeah. We sure did. I mean at one point I bust got laughing when at one point they were like, you know, after after Sa's RO and Lashley and Stroman get eliminated from that five man when they announced to, to, to the world's the restless, I've been formed, the wrestlers will not the restless. I've been form that the participants will now get a brief break, and then they went to commercial and it just went black. They started running ads on the titan Trump for the nap was of all my years of going to shows, I have never a break. The participants will now receive a short break, what is it? What is this is Texas death match from nineteen eighty five please five minute rest period? But old Glen he preferred any any he. He'll talk and shit on the mic was Glenn. Daniel. Stand for anything. No. Even though he couldn't. I know he couldn't see sometimes you didn't care yet. A sunglasses on and he was fucking one thirty eight and over their way everybody. See the stack of phone books. He was sitting on he was with a he was with a woman who was as scantily clad is. I think you can legally be in public, especially at a family event. There's nothing PG about her here or lack there. She's wearing a bikini top, which I was like I was like that's weird. What was weird is then like she goes to the concession yourself? I guess these. You know, are these people big stars? Don't they somebody bring them now? Now, when you don't sell the top a if you curtain off the entire three hundred level, then they're like, this is a podunk event. We're not providing any special servants, I guess, maybe that was the idea she wanted to walk around, because then when she walked back down. It was like, oh, I didn't realize you wearing see through pants thong. This was a very. Unexpected turn of events. Our truth was dressed, as George Washington. I think that was the deal and then Charlie Chaplin was with him. Carmello Carmel Chaplin. She was hilarious. Jearl jap. They I mean. I love that team. And Archer was he included in Valentine's list of people who have made the most delicious chicken food out of chicken, excrement, because if not he, he missed a, he missed a big one because our truth all he does is take what he's given and fucking roll with it. He's gotta hold onto that championship for. Well, I think I've already seen that drink maverick has finally boy, has finally got his hands on it. I saw something I didn't spend too much time looking at it, but it appeared that Drake had maybe procured it. But, you know, these things are so fleeting he, he may be lost it. She, he's Archer. There's going to break RIC flair's record probably later today. Now that was not for broad are. Here's to fill it in for the kid will it in math, please. They're, they're on the edge of their seats, things that occurred at raw that did not get broadcast on TV included. Barron Corbin grabbing the Mike in the middle of their tag match and calling everybody dummies Glendening loved Sammy's AIn coming out during their entrance and cutting a talking about how he used to like to come to Lhasa love Los Angeles. We cut our teeth in Los Angeles, and you people have may be halos Angeles people. Maybe hate pro wrestling, I hate doing this now. And I'm like, instead of people, do you think he means Vince? Mike cut, so maybe all hero. Now cut his, Mike he's breaking the rules, make the kids think that he's dropping a pipe Bob. So then. So weird. They said, Sarah Logan out during one of the commercial break, she's a Viking, and you know, it, it's just it's just a weird cold. Go out and get yourself over promo. That was hot off. That was cut off alien thing with Mojo. Mojo came out to do the same thing with that ridiculous shit on his face. So, so the but for whatever reason they just seemed like they were told to stop mid promo. Yeah. I mean, at least when Drake maverick came, they did a gimmick where some lady, she, obviously, I think she's been doing some backstage stuff. But now, she's like the person who's out in the crowd at any breaks or being like you know, get people it's like when you're at, like a sports game in their dancing, or they're asking people fucking trivial, throwing t shirts in the crowd. The person with the buzzer house party was throwing candy. I believe out of their Pena. Oh boy, raw where entertaining you're having a party. Lucia house party. Well, so this lady choose blonde and Chile click Rene Young's, mom, and she was at. Mussa fastball. I've just I was just watching the fast ball. She look like Renee young. All right, fine. Not saying I'm not. Yeah. This is not a critique of anyone. Yeah. That's right. It sounds like a critique let's keep moving. I just I don't so I don't want any heat with anybody. Brian, we love everyone. I love everybody. I don't give everyone's beautiful. Everybody say she was. I said she looked at either. She was doing a trivia competition with a couple of this is more a comment on youngsters on her hair and her outfit perfect. I'm not I feel like I'm not saying in these flames. I know. There's no flames. Not trying to be a jerk jerk stop. Maybe it's not a matter of trying. Maybe I'm just comeback natty. Hardly touched your coffee. I think this is what the problem is. Maybe right. And you'd have some glitter drink I've been, I've been sick to hear it, too, was it raw. When did it start? I was already sick before I went to raw raw made it worse, and Danny didn't wanna share z pack with you, as I recall. You really can get half of that. We can't do up there. See allowed to be up there. Oh, you know, he's looking for something he's fine. Elvis is fine. We watch wrestling is fine. The club is fine. We turn the AC on are you cold, cold? I have a cold, but sometimes that caused you to get cold vamp. So she's out there. She's got two kids from the crowd, and they're doing trivia for free t shirt, right? And the trivia was she would read some as nickname. And then the kids would have to. Guess who the wrestler was who the superstar was and the phenomenal the phenomenal, the, the, the, the beast, slayer the beast and carnet? She checks viper said. She started say she goes Seth. I mean, yes, she was having troubles. What wouldn't you being sent out to the wolves like that? Probably probably the first you heard of it was five minutes before she was sent out there. You can't read off the card. Don't it off the cards. It's week. So then. So then one of the one of the one of the clues was the best in the world and the whole place started simultaneously, laughing and chanting. See 'em punk. So the kid wins a shirt, Drake maverick comes out. This was not on the TV. So then Drake maverick is, of course, has to make a comment that he is, you know, small small, but he's taller than these kids. Yeah. I mean, if it hadn't then, you know, it would almost be like when I believe this was on the TV, but when he Slater as WWE, superstar isn't able to make ends meet can barely pay his bills. Yeah. So it's, it's one of those things you know. So some of these superstars are they're tiny little people who are poor just depends is just so insane. Because what why why is he poor? Is it because of the kids is being WBZ per star. You know, but is it a minimum wage job for real? And even if it is should we acknowledge that on TV now? We know big show got himself in some trouble while back started bawling his eyes out. But at least the big show thing they explained. Although as preposterous as it was they explained he made bad investments. Yeah. He it was Bernie Madoff. I believe that got him. But I mean there is a there, always has been this overriding thing like, if we fire, you you'll be destitute. Well, what would anyone be without a spot at WWE? I mean. The only thing of it is with with Slater's. They're just like he's got kids. So it's like is he cleanest from can't make enough money when you got that many kids, maybe I that's the only explanation that I get wonder. Now what about like a guy like Shawn Kemp? You know, Shawn Kemp an old NBA guy who has like, well, this is what I was gonna say, why. How many kiss to see how he has a lot with a lot of different moms, which would also probably make it more expensive that does. A specific alimony for each rights, not like just coming home and being like, okay, how much for dinner. I mean, they're one thing would be if it was a situation, which is, which very well could be the case for a WWE superstar in real life much, like with anyone from NBA NFL wherever where you're just you spend all the fucking money. Or maybe it's a comment on the size of the roster. And some of the guys just aren't getting used and the downside for them is not that much. And so if you can't work, you can't eat, and he Slater as fallen victim. So he thought maybe he could side with Shane McMahon, and get a little more run. Maybe get a new T shirt even or something out of it, and he was unceremoniously asked to leave and then beat down by his former band member. Yeah. Bandmate. Bandmate. Where where was fucking gender and all this. I can look it for our truth. They're just doing a run down. Aw, I don't watch raw. Now it's all our talk about Hokkien. What was that HOGAN video they threw up? But was that for? He was like predicting stomping grounds. Now. He was like pushing like the female soccer results. Yes. A love the World Cup brother. What the head stall tude? It's just so at what the irony is compared to the last few months of Arctic. He's naming. Greg valentine. My brother. Greg Valentine used to wear one of those shin guards dude. Hey, what's going on to while you got the shooting guard on what he turn backwards when you really wanna fuck up one of the other players on the team? Red arts wrestling, brother. That was almost the neck beard HOGAN, I crisscrossed them. It wasn't that. It was it wasn't a pad raw. That was the other thing it was all over the place. It was all over the place, but it was and, you know, I think it is being there it's just it's inherently more fun just being there while it's funny as I was going to say like it feels like it goes by quicker when you're there. And then. That I didn't feel that way. But no. That's that was before. I realized I looked at my clock and I was like, oh, fuck and thought we had twenty more minutes. I was doing the old in line and receipted dealer. I'd be like oh yeah. News. It's, it's already five twenty six. The show was already going on. And there was a, a feeling in the air of like when do we get out of here? It was fine. It was fine. But I mean it's bullet club's fine. Monday night Ross fine. So then Drake was Drake. Maverick is handing out wanted posters of our truth because he needs to get at twenty four seven title because it's the Jay Brown title, if you see him let Drik now if you see our truth say, our truth so then what outs. So then Sarah Logan comes out and cut the promo on the stage and it's she's explaining how she's no longer member of the riot squad while it's while as as riot squad on the screen for her. Yeah. Her tightened tried entrance of so weird, and she's like, I am Viking, if you don't know what that means because at first I was like, oh, cool. They're finally paired her up with the Viking experience because she dresses like them. She's married to one of them. Yeah. Why don't we just roll with it right? Gosh, the last thing we'll do. So then she's cutting a weird promo, and then gets cut off. Because at least with Drake maverick when he was cutting a promo is why brought him up. Yeah. You could see a guy behind the camera man counting down five four and I and he hit it. He hit the post, he's spud the pros, but I don't know if Sarah was getting thrown to the wolves, or if she Mr. Q or couldn't wrap it up at the same thing, happened with Mojo, right salient? But the thing with Mojo too, though, is once he gets hype, you know what's going to happen? It's with macho this was our start and stop of like him look in the mirror talk when when did that promo air when that first time could have been three months ago could have into weeks ago. I don't know. But it was years ago. Was like I don't years as it was definitely. I don't think it was this year, I think it was in two thousand eighteen. Because after mania was when they aired the one where he finally punched the mirror. And that, that's why it's face shattered, like that with those. Yes, because he's he is the man in the mirror, and he does it believe me, this is all me. Explaining it to myself. Okay. Couldn't even explain it. He's out there. It's like they gave him thirty seconds to talk. And it's like the question on everybody's mind. Mo Jo is what is that? Should I face with this amazing of this was a Charlie Caruso the back? I'm here with Mojo rawley. Bo. Joe the question on everyone's fight is what is that shit on your face? And why and why? But he's out there cutting appropriate goes, I've been staring at the mirror for months. And it's like this is the promo. I said that it took them that long to get it all on their may like this promo is two months too late, because it was like. He did that after mania because he's asking him. Oh, fun at mania. Oh there you are. I hate that. He said it with his face still because they gotta lineup the sound like Peter Brady. Now not in my estimation. If checked of art form to change. What those g one brackets? Let's go back to the raw the raw the raw, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, henry. No, no, no. All the way back to. Oh, yeah, Henry inning of. And relax Kaz. We cashed in our chips, at the yard house that dude has over over a couple of different occasions had given us yard house gift cards. So we went in and we fucking I think we got one for our anniversary. And then we got one for Christmas. We went hard. We had daddy kunia there. He eats a lot. Did you see me slap his hand a couple of times? He's coming over to I kept saying to him I- rings at hurt me more than her him. I grabbed him my grabbed him by his collar and I was Danny stop eating all my food. Stop eating and all my friends food, comas hair over the table. He looked good. The always looks good. It was funny. He was he's like, I'm going to get the lamb burger. And he's he took one. He's like this is frozen. It's, it's the it's the pushers plight. Right. You can't e can't you can't you know, be involved in the industry, and then appreciate people cutting corners. Fuck my. We went to a funeral with my buddy. Mike is dad ran a fucking funeral homes icon. That's a really cheap cough. It's like Danny Danny now has a it's a cornets drive through. But it's, it's Danny and he's just talking about put your stuff out of the I would listen to that. I would listen to that. And then this stupid motherfucker gets a whole lamb shake. And thinks he's going to. To fucking funny. That is funny. Dana Brooke broker face. Oh, yeah. I look down for a split second. I heard the crack and you said, did you see that because she? My memory, the best my memory was that Sarah. Logan was in the corner and data Brooke this was this was the opening match for main event. I doubt this will ever see the light of day this footage tune and find out how do you watch main event? Is it on the network? What are you crazy? Well, fuck may dude data Brooke those charging into the corner, I think, to do like a spear, and just ran her face into the fuck and post. Yeah. Po you know, went into to, to get posted basically post herself but she instead, just yeah, eight it. And the sound that it made I my first thought was, she's not good enough to of done that convincingly. I'm like, I think she actually really did hit the post and it made fucking. I mean, the noise was significant because I had my head down. Yeah. And I was like it was like Wham because I was like Wham. It was like it was like way him. 'cause they don't have the regular posts anymore, like any other wrestling place. They have like the cover around. So like she hit that movies. We make movies. That's what we do eating peanut butter sandwich. That's why. Swish. Woller arouse my yearly peanut butter says, cheat you're much too. Yeah. Did you ever? I don't even think I heard it from Wade Keller. Somebody said that Wade Keller, like was at titan tower was there to interview Vincent. He walked in the office vis was in the middle of eating pizza. And he's just like how'd you get in here literally, he's like, why do you can't print this? That's funny. It's my yearly pizza. Pasta carry just gets mad at fuck. Something like that. There wasn't any fucking pineapple on that thing. Pineapple pizza. I love eating a whole pineapple while I'm eating pizza. I don't put it on the fucking pie. I'm not an anti and into a bowl apple chunks. It with my head. I only had food I can eat with scooper protein powder slice of pizza. Take the stuff for my. I don't know using waters week. I choke it all choke it out like a goose it in goose food. He's like some people like to feel. They still that whole thing from the sopranos for me. I used to go the backyard and my pool Greenwich, and I would see these talks. I would take on a gun and try to shoot them to finally the ducks what away, then I got sad when the ducks went away. So I talked Lorraine Bracco about it anyway. I like to feel like I'm choking when I eat. Anyway, we're not gonna jump to a fucking powder. So she hits the fuck and post and it makes godawful noise because it really was like. Those early years of seeing to Jerry. Kick somebody. Yeah. And he's the first guy that I that I'm aware of that would slap Bethesda by, like he would kick somebody make an awful slapping, noise. And I assume that did a very good job of it for sure. I mean, used to say guys I'm like he must have something in the cuff of his pants to make that I'm like it's incredible. Yeah. So she does that, and it makes a very convincing noise. So the point where I'm like, I don't think it was. I don't think this was a brilliantly well-worked spot. She goes down of the ground, and then immediately Saratoga doesn't know what the fuck to do. Because the referees like hold it. Yeah. He's like data perks kinda ri- Ryland around. And at one point she flipped over. I thought I saw a bruise immediately form on her face. Well, there's blood there, then when she came up, it was gushing blood, and I was like, if she doesn't have a broken orbital bone. She's the lucky son of a bitch in the world scenario, he'll be able to tell you, I Texas, the back may said, she's, she's okay. In fact, if I'm KOTA bushy, I'm going to be careful that, that can. Doesn't break my orbital bone on that GTS. Hank, you moving, but yeah, that was it right? Then Bing bang. Boom. Goes the bell. Get him out of there. Then we get Robert rude versus Cedric Alexander. Helluva match right match. Yeah. Hell of a match, and then it was just like kind of three hours of bullshit. And then we finally get to Seth and, and Brian. Yep. Which as you pointed out at the time. Right. It's like everyone's all fired up. Then they do that whole fucking deal with everybody for no reason. Then they go to break and it's just like let's baseline them and make them work back to where they didn't make the announcement this time. But it was the wrestlers are going to take a five minute break while we just stand here where nothing is going on. They came back as competition in the crowd. I don't remember they came at least Dan O'Brien can tell me I'm an asshole for recycling. Right. I mean, the place was dead. They came. It's like this is a this is a main event anywhere. They come back from break. They start the match up. Nobody. It's like we're fucking cold. You've been hyping his match all night before before you even got to the arena. They had been posting about it right on the ever loving social media. And this is unfortunate, given their track record the fact that, that match didn't turn into an eight-man tag. I was like relieved. Yes. Yes. Then the match finally starts at it's like, okay well instead of this, twenty minute killer main event. And then it but it was like it's still again to make another pizza. Now. It's still pizza. It was still great. But it's like, why why did you turn? Why did you pour cold water on me in the middle of the shower like I'm still going to enjoy my shower, but it's just like what the fuck toward what purpose? This is the thing. They try to get an EMMY nothing trying to get an EMMY here gonna take him for a ride there was some ounce during the show that it was like, oh, the fact that they for some reason, the, the new Dave versus Corbin and company was a two out of three falls match. That was when I was I was having a sabbatical at that point. Well, it was so because they did week Bernie's with e c three right? Yeah, where he gets knocked out, and then but it's so funny because like Kofi set the match then who added that weird stipulation that was two or three falls will because also it started when. The only way that could have the matches if they found an official right? And then they found an official who is unconscious they found a wrestler wearing striped shirt, sometimes it falls to the athlete to find an official if they wanna have a contest. And so, in this situation, it with Seth Rollins run around is slap and everybody which hairs which to the point where he basically turned heel in my head, where I'm like, he's because it's like I understand that they were trying to go for by the invents because Billy any of this stuff. If you pitch us events he's going to, like he's going to pick it apart, just like, we would whereas then once it becomes Vincent idea. He's like. Signed sealed delivered perfect goddamn, it's perfect. I was in the room once where triple, h God bless him. He raises his hand. He's just like he's like, Vince. This is really makes sense because of this that and the other the this was kind of the reason that, you know, you were taken out of power, because this is back in the, you know, he's referencing the whole thing with where Vince cried and, you know, he said the board of directors. There's no confidence. But whatever I remember that thing. Remember, pretty good bowl hell. But, but triple h is, you know laying it all out. He's like, don't think we should do this, because, you know, this sound reason BCD an e an effigy. Yeah. Vince is like it's true. All those things are true. It's very good. Logic. We're never going to get. We're never going to let logic out of the way of what my pitches. What he said now get me another bottle catch up now. Get me another animal to eat. I actually bring it to me. Well, it's alive or what a market. So then. I understand they were trying to go for, like a Steve Austin because everybody was, you know, here the glass it's your ass. Stone cold could attack. Anyone anywhere that here, the chair, and it's your derriere here, the chair, and it's just not fair because so-called never attacked anybody from behind very Ren deserve it. He didn't when he was a he'll he would waffle somebody from behind you. Hip poor. Little Brian pill from behind and broke his fucking, you know, but even like the Brooklyn brawler. You know he attacked him face for like he acted like he was gonna walk away. Then he punched them roller. Do you remember that backstage, where stone calls looking for a tag partner, I would be perfect for what you and for some reason, Sogo was in the middle of talking to Harvey whip woman. Do you remember this so? Give me a pack of smokes. I Steve dip about I would be perfect for, which you don't get into those fucking band. It's this time I want the real shit. I, I know Stu vital. Don't make those anymore. But like Seth. Yes. Little like toward eggs. Yeah. I haven't been in, in these you're out of the Dipa game. I haven't been in the tobacco. I've never tipped. I remember as a quick side note. My brother started dipping and remember going your brothers using snuff. Like what the fuck is snuff? He was. He was mistook. My brother was using dip but. Anyway snuff. I'm glad I'm glad I hope to production for that. Let's go. Snuff, like it's like finally CENA shits, but just like, really fine. Because he's like over is. Yeah. Powdered tobacco. Yeah. Yeah. Couch men its problems too comfortable. I keep sliding down and fall asleep, but Seth was attacking people from behind, and for no, good reason. Because when it started e tax allies, it was, like, okay, this is hot. This is war. Oh. Then he attacks EC three and it's like a poor EC three. What he did anybody Stevie. Never heard nobody. What's he been allowed to do to anybody Steve? He never heard nobody. Then then when he attacked Eric young. It was like this is too much because a feel bad for young because he's never on any show. He's shaved. So I don't even know it's him till he starts talking with his fucking, you know, drinking drain voice. Right. And then he's any look sad, and he's like he's just told a maybe. One of my Eric young voices might Brooklyn brawler voice. And then Steph is like, hey, we're friends we go back a long way. Don't even worry about fucking bottles of autism. Why is set? So scared of a fucking referee. There's gonna be a referee in the Matt, no matter how many people you assault from behind. Is he concerned that someone is going to interfere with him trying to burn it down? What, what, what is he? So because like how am I supposed to root for baby face who's fucking scared who so scared that he's attacking friends from behind? Yeah. And then, by the end of the show when baron Corbin beats of the chair. I'm like you deserve it. Like, I'm where how am I supposed to be who said, yeah. It's like what the fuck is Vince doing. What? Like they pick up a an unconscious man and say, yeah, it's going to be match who's going to start right now. Then they come back from break, and it's like two or three falls. It's like when dean Ambrose said that Vince Vinci's a guy like me and he's I put a hat on you. I'm like, that is stop the tape. No more explanation needs to be given for Vincent, man. This is where this is what it is. He has to just do. He's got to put a hat on a hat. He's got a fuck. And like he's viz McMahon is the lady, who the mother, Mary thing, I was just thinking who repaid to that, that Jesus picture fixture. Yes. That's Vince, let me it's a little kitty right here in the quarter. Now. It's art. That's fucking Vince. That's why people like, oh, it's the writers, the writers, the writers, like now the writers are fine if the writers could, you know, work with the talent that'd be one thing. Because it's the writers come up with stuff in the vincis. I but we gotta put hats on everybody. That's what it is. Yeah. I mean. The Pretoria Bruce Prichard has had a huge effect. Everything has changed completely changed. Everything. Yeah. Conrad, it was not a rare. I wanna talk about the one brand. It was a steak. I wanna talk about table for three with the riot squad. Get outta here. This is where we Butthead stop. I watched the whole how man what are you watching that? Four took notes on it. You did not. Why? Because I was interested. Right. That's cool. No. Oh, talk about the. Oh, no. And then Steve Austin took his ball went home. We're already in your house fits. In your house where the dog by ball, big wall, that's like a weight balanced ball. It's like it's like a Pilates ball. You sit on at your desk when you don't wanna use an actual chair. You read one of those interviews comes out or the article comes out every couple years as sitting is the worst thing you could possibly do the why do I like it so much? I don't know. We've been sent for a long time. I feel I feel good. I gotta walk to get to where I'm sitting down. What do you want from me? Oh, cancer Joey, who, who had a standard. Joyce styles had a standing desk at WWE. Did he get any kudos for that? Week sitting as weak but so Joey styles but punching out JBL, that's strong. Give Joey his stupid little desk. I think he just had pack pro. What did they were? They had an Italian place, sort of the have Greek. What were the no man from the looks of the fucking taco truck, now from the looks of the liking meet? I'm sorry. Trying to think of a word in consomme the breakfast potatoes. They had they were having breakfast. Not like those ones that the fuck and I was like, there, the Jimmy Hart hotel bucket naggus a Mike. This was garbage fucking food, Tuscany suites, or whatever they started off thrice squad. So what you got live. You got ruby. Got Sarah, the riots quad was there. It was table, three the riot squad table with three featured the riot squad perfect, first of all, eating a plate of breakfast potatoes. Sarah logan. She'll like she's fourteen. Yeah. It's it's mind boggling it's, it's, it's. She's a baby. Yeah. Eating a shake. She's just she's, but she's got so much like was it part of a promo? I'm Viking and what that means is we eat meat wasn't that the first thing she said, I really don't remember that sounds right. I thought that's what I heard her say. So that's, that's the only reason I thought that maybe she was, you know, at brought a bag of meat from homes on Sarah before you go out there mentioned that eat meat. I don't want people to think that you're one of these vegetarian Vikings, we don't have to turn you heal because you don't eat me. Vegans? That's eight he don't eat meat. Brian words, the best story where Vince McMahon, he's giving his dissertations on what he thinks of the world. He's like. What did he say? Something like cats are cats on trustworthy drafts a full of shit. And somebody was like, I think it was Brian was like, what what but your ass some that big doesn't eat meat? I don't buy it right about that. That's funny. So the fucking so it starts off the table with three starts off with them like Sarah Logan throw in a potatoes across the table into live Morgan's mouth is the riot squad. Which, and it would have been irritating. But it was it was actually charming. Well, I mean I just wish it would have been like DP and, you know, Eric, Bischoff or something. But yeah, I wish it would have been DP with Jimmy Hart. Dp can ask is bullshit questions. Jimmy Hart can give his bullshit answers. I'll who's the third one. You mentioned Bischoff Bischoff while he's sitting there drinking scotch at breakfast. Yeah. Right now to check to the Trump campaign anyway. So then the potatoes are being tossed. Well, it's, it's just crazy because it's like I just can't get over this thing of like Saratoga. She's just sitting there just like no makeup. No tan. And then the other two are like, you know, you so much Tanner. It was just it was, it was just a parent stark contrast. Here's the thing. I finally get the answer to my question that's been bothering me. Since day one. They were they were instructed. Don't change your gear because you're only going to be the riot squad for like six weeks. They're like six week because you're still going to do your own thing, where you're geared at dinner, you're saying that they have their gear on at dinner, not while I mean ruby riot always feels like she's in her. Yeah. Her gimmick. But Sarah Logan's got like the fucking the dreads. Yeah, but she's not wearing like I don't know for whatever she didn't have. Yeah. She didn't put her battle-axe down and lean it against the table. No, she was she was cutting her eggs with fucking with giant Battleaxe. By georgia. Get out of here. I meant that in a playful. Enjoy yourself watch wrestling anymore. Even ask her don't even pose the question. Georgia championship wrestling, she's over. Gladys watch wrestling. Hey, man. It's all right. What who Vince doesn't watch murder show? I don't I can't. It's not for me. My feeble mind can't handle it. No. I, I would I got I got the covers up over my knows what was that? What was that? That, that's what I listen to you. And Karen while I was walking the dog. And then I would like it freaked out that there was something in the Bush of jump out at me. I'm like I can't. She said, welcome my life. Get outta here. So the riot squad is in their gear. They're sitting down to supper, they're wearing their gear so that at least makes sense, the somebody said to like, don't dress like each other. Right. Then of this. And it's so this is so fucking WWE, because of course they were extracted. You're going to be broken up at six weeks. Yeah, no one's going to know what the riot squad was and six weeks. Yeah. Don't get. So then, of course, let's keep them together for a year or two, you know, of course. So they spend the whole show bitching about that. They spent the whole they, they are. They were so great together. And they I mean it's, it's like once again, this is my point. It's, it's just it's outrageous, how like great. They are together how much they complement one another. And you get none of that on the actual fucking TV show. We'll right. And that, that goes back to Vince McMahon need and put. A hat on something because when they when they just do something like that, or you hear someone on a podcast, or they do one of those, like nice videos on the network. That's just about the person, right? He immediately your way more invested than when they come out and they do a fucking dance number. Thank you. You know, I mean, geez it's like I you know, I'm yeah, it's, it's the same thing it's just overcomplicating something that does not require and a hat on a hat. Why, why are you gotta do that? Oh, we'll have them there and explain that. I'm entertaining. You your entertained. All my favorite TV shows constantly telling me are getting defensive. Yeah. All of your favorite TV shows are defensive. Yeah. About what they are. And what they're doing. Now. They want an EMMY come funny, that they are campaigning for an EMMY for a fucking show, that is almost utter nonsense, and the ratings are way down. I know it's an art thing you know, maybe you don't have to have the best ratings to win. An EMMY, maybe it's just a very well written and produced program. But not Monday night. Where did I put the g one here where you're gonna put it in a second here? What success in me? God. So you're, you're excited about, we'll Asprey versus Lance Archer. That's that's, that's the reason I'm going to Dallas. Now I was on the fence. I'm like, I don't wanna book show, you know, let's not even go to Dallas, maybe, and then I see Archer's on the card. See see this is where we disagree. I'm all about bad luck followers is evil. That's going to be fun. The big where the big boys play look at the adjective, evil. Did. But can we talk about the entire? Roster of G one combatants, both AM block. So it feels like new Japan. This is another little tweak of modernisation, because they have some people in the term in who are not heavyweights shingles in there. Taichi taichi. See. See Osprey has not been considered every, I don't believe. No. But it's just it's just interesting that, you know. It's another because new Japan has sort of made little tweaks in recent years, if they feel like they need to do it to continue to break into places, other than Japan or if it's just now, they're going like, well, this guy's just he's more. He's over more or he's, you know, he's a bigger star. So let's just have him in. But it was it is sort of interesting to think about who's in and who's out. And I as I've said to you, and I'll say to you now for the world, I'm so happy, the Tana ashes wrestling on that night, one, because I don't think I loved on Ashi, maybe as much as anyone I don't think that he can make it through this tournament legit. And so I'm glad we're going to see him on night one especially against Okada. I can't even can you even like I can't even comprehend. Like we're going to be at night, one of the G one. No. It's, it's, it's madness. Yeah. You know, it's like. It's one of those things like when we go to stuff like this, and in the lead up to be like, are you excited, you know, I was like, yeah, I'm excited whatever it's going to be cool. Yeah. And this is one where I don't know. It's like I'm not I'm not sure there's a way to explain the significance to me. Yeah. Of being at the night, one of the G one, you know, even if it's not in Japan which would be optimal will then we would have to be in Japan. But I also think, you know, based on the amount of shit that some of these guys, especially Tana Ashi has talked about the shows they've had in America, and how the Japanese guys have not been feature prominently XYZ, the fact that him and Okada are going to go at it. Yeah, he like he may this may be as only match that g one because this motherfucker is gonna lay it out. He's going to have to I wouldn't be surprised. Bucci versus Kenta that will be a very interesting match to see, you know, where whereas Kenta. Coming off of that hiatus from wrestling. He has got to be you gotta think has there ever been. I mean talk about people leaving WWE feeling like they have something to prove. Yeah. This fucking guy. Yeah. He's got to be like, I, I can't think of anyone ever. In, in the history of that company who that has been mined fucked more. Yeah, it was a day. Oh, tommy. Is there anybody that's not in that you feel like? Zouqi wasn't that's, that's the big one, I suppose, but I also usually there's a surprise. Well, well they throw actually pretty big surprise. They throw in air, quote old guy, you know, like there would be like a well, I'm sorry to tell you that's kind of Tom Ohashi is now. I hate to break it to you. I just meet. Well, yes, yes, you're right. You are right. Yeah, you're right plucking, right. Yeah. We we're at that point. Now. I mean Shingo I mean more like a tens on or they throwing I wrote. Those they're there. There's no COGEMA's doco James here is no flares here. There's no, Nick God is here. I mean it's, it's we there is a it's kabuki wasn't available. It's Dallas after all, like all good, publicity, if he dies he dies, he's going to see. Like legit. That'd be wild if they did a run with kabuki. It's Dallas is like. Like running running underwater, very slow motion. Yeah. Running underwater the, the, the myth starts to leak out because he's had in his mouth for too long. I was watching a keep it up on my world class. Yeah there's one where he's wrestling in tag with. It's just so funny. Like the people who are on the roster that just. 'cause I I'm I'm trying to catalog all the DVD's VHS tapes. All right. I'll put on world class. And then when it's, you know, almadraba versus you know, stink, boy, rotten, or whatever these other one of my favorites anybody's not von Erich. Right. I'm just I'm von. Come on, stop everything. You know, everybody else you checked out. Completely. But I mean it's it is, you know, like I can't even think of the guy's name, but it is like stink by run stick. Boy, Rotten's feels like write that one down. And if anybody makes it on their two K nineteen please. Let Matt no, please. If you make a stink, make sigma rotten on fire pro send us a screen grab at minimum. I'm in. But, you know, like I can't even think of like. Is it? Bugsy McGraw buzz Sawyer, which one is in there at that. I think it's Bugsy McGraw. Sounds right. Oh, watch it from 'cause I I'll glance Rick McGraw or Bugsy. Mcgraw Bugsy Bugsy, Sean Donnelly. Oh, okay. Sure. Like I mean. Yeah, I get like similar, you know, ethos ethos. But it was a tag. I don't know who was tagging with kabuki but kabuki was going against the raging bull. Manny fernandez. No, he was. He was up. Join him on the new mid Atlantic's really, I would watch him if, if it came to that, but, like Jose Leth area. I'm like. It was old back that but he goes against. I don't even think I wrote it down. Bogu guy Hulu, but they was, like Google. It was like, Bogu Smith. Third boo. Glue. Whatever. Are they even really watching this off? So you're doing other things you're supposed to be watching wrestling show called, we've got dot around the house while we watched wrestling. But the the play by play guy. He's, he's just so dry. It's great. Because he's just like he's like, was a Bill, Mercer. No. It's before boomer serve those early. This is this is early. Eighty two okay. I'm still in early. Eighty two Bundy is just turned heel. He sided with Gary Hart. Luscious had hair like a tremendous head of hair. Yeah. Gary Hart is insisting people. Call him. King Kong Bundy, not big daddy Bundy again, it's touching on the he Slater thing. It's like you know, he's sick of dressing, like a farmer and hanging out on the farm and wearing, you know, the clothes that he like moved here in Alaska. He's like he's interested in money. I speak the language of money. I'm going to get this guy paid some money. So it's also interesting thing if like the he'll managers you got a it's this unspoken thing kind of booking. It myself, but it makes sense of like knowing show business, or especially like with rock bands. You get all these big advances, and then all of a sudden you realize, oh I am in debt to this person. Right. You know. So that's the thing that they don't go overboard, explaining or even intimating, but it's like the logic in my head of like, the, he'll managers if this were really real. That's what it is. They dole out all this cash, and then all of a sudden you get stuck with the Bill and it's like well now you're my fucking thug. Now you're my hired killer, you know, or you wind up going to jail. I can patera you're cutting promos workout going, you set me up the river, Bobby all I want. He's he's like fucking John Rambo. I just wanted something to eat. I just wanted. On the tried. You watch that clip. I put up of Gino killings the night started innocently enough. He along a hamburger cheeseburger, a long grueling match than he was told him in a co-defendant. We're told that the restaurant was closed, a melee ensued, and very quickly and as day of rapists, kidnappers and murderers, how many cops man have to beat up before. He's, I mean it's like many cabs, Mr Mann, the before you can come in, and I did my time, I accept full responsibility for what I did. I should've never listened to people like Bobby Heenan, and it's like it sounds like you're blaming Bobby for everything to happen. You have been found guilty of listening to Bobby Heenan, you will be doing going Attica. But I mean it's that's one of the most I come apart every time I see that can patera lectures like blast in his biceps with those fucking dumbbells and he's just like the river Bobby, what if? It was a rib that had gone wrong like Bobby Heenan was like I'll buy the restaurant out just be closed when they get there. And it just went horribly wrong. Could you see because also cite os, their, this seems like something like food? He would have done like food you would have been like I will give you all one hundred bucks. Tell them the restaurants. Not open the door. No matter what, how big the rock is. I never thought of that before. I bet you right. I bet you're one hundred percent right. If anybody's hunger that McDonald's up, there's definitely gonna be opened guarantee, Fuji or some like Mr. perfect food, you would have been he would have been like here serve them, these patties. That's more of a Fuji repel them. The mcrib is back. Give them this. They'll never know the difference. Boy, you sent me up the river Bobby like suddenly, we've, we've jumped the jumped to Bobby Heenan like testified against Ken patera. So I'm watching the world class thing and the and the announce it was the guy is the ring announcer. Normally the guy who did the ring announcing like Marc Lawrence, or something like that. He's doing play by play because the other guy is not there, an almost feel like that other guy's not gonna come back, right? And it's going to be Bill Mercer, but it's just it was so funny because he's so fucking dry and he's like boobs Smith is fighting out of, you know, Tacoma, Washington and great kabuki, obviously, is the one with green slide driven chest. Let's set the record straight. This is what I love, but anytime they talked to carry or Kevin, they did the whole gimmick where our one where Rick flair comes out and fights, Richard blood nine title match and before the match even get started like Carey's inserting himself into the fucking deal. And he's like, he's like, hey man, I pinned Harley race people. There's a lot of people say on the uncrowned champion, you know, this is bullshit. So many people been saying that so many people, including his dad, and his brother. Yeah. And somehow they get into a pushing match and carry just fucking waffles flare, just lays them the fuck out before the match even starts. And then I guess, to prove I feel like carries a lot to prove. Yeah. He knocks out flair and then pins him and then counted himself. So now he's going to go around saying, like, I you know, then flare fucking flare, such a man. He comes to. Two. And then wrestles Richard blood fucking beats him his dumb ass another night at the office for tricky, Rick, but I mean it was great like flare cut his promo beforehand. He's just like those plaid suits. Oh my God. Forget about it. They I can I can listen to flare up romo's on Memphis all day long. You rolls into Memphis. I was watching one of those Florida tapes, where flares get into it with putsch read, and he's got some random broad with them. And he's, he's Jack in Jack and just jaw jacking butchery, and it's and it's that gimmick where they're like, it's the, you know evening news. So they're standing behind the table and push rita's on the, you know, hard, Cam side of the table, fleshes, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then he's whacked like slaps the shit out which read which goes lunch at outta and flare. Just pulls the girl in front of fucking wonderful to wind up with any balls. Yeah. We got a gum ball, serious research, bro. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, vents. Oh man guys are terrible. Take care of their health. Do you hear my voice I been sick all week and go to the doctor, I didn't go to the doctor? I mean, whether it's a knee injury of bad. Back something worse. Guys are usually more comfortable rub. Some dirt on it than seeing the doctor, I woke up with a cough. I started rubbing dirt on my throat was, I this will fix it. Where do you find that my backyard, there's no grass anywheres dirt? It's a mistake, we got tomatoes grown. I don't know what to do with those, I'm going to rub some dirt on those of makes the difference. You say those new throw some wrestlers into like, I'm guilty of it myself. Guilty of it. We're all guilty of it fell is the same is true for rectal. 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Visit just to get started. Get Roman dot com slash watch handle it. Go handle it kids. Gee. Son. What time do we lay in Dallas? Let's go to the tape. It's a it's a quick hitter. Man. We're in, we're out. Wherein will around wherein. Okay. Let's see, there's got to be at least one yard sale one thrift store, one one estate sale one flea market. What somebody has to have something. Yeah. Even if it's do you have the time to listen to? Hey, it's one of those other cat. Thank you me. Zamin Dadis me has used the bathroom. She's looking over some food. She's a very scared cat. So I'm proud of her for facing your fears and coming out here despite us yelling into these name. He's got no problem with me. Let's see here. I know after have this information. You know what I have it here? What am I wear? Do you want a pound while we are stomping ground? The stomping ground is stomping, stomping ground. We land. Don't know. This is the Chicago info. Why care about Chicago, the promise? That's an million years. Why was forced to get a new phone? And so every every app has to reload when I use it the first time. So I'm unable to access the app. I promise we're going, I swear, I definitely got us tickets. All right, good. So we get in the morning of, and then the show is at, like four or five o'clock. Okay. So here's the two things I wanted to okay. No look, I contact trying to find the time look at me. Yes, looking we wanna talk to yes. Yes. If, if, if possible like a flea market state sale or thrift stores. I feel like it's gotta be what do you think like a flea market because otherwise it's going to be a little too. Trusting one person there collection whatever's is not the way to go here. Are we going to? We gotta we gotta go by where the storm used to be. We gotta we gotta okay, we do we have to rent a car. I didn't read a car. I don't think I think we rent a car. I think we're going to have to do. They still do those zipcars. No, nothing. Are see what see what see what our business can handle? Right. I gotta look at that. Let's see. Now I feel like we have to because it's just it's like. It's like we're going somewhere where, you know, like it's like we're going to be in Memphis. We gotta go to the mid south calcium. You know, it's like we're going to be in. Idaho. We gotta eat a potato hallowed grounds. Yeah. Build it. They will come. We're going to be in Dallas. We gotta go. I can't find this fucking flight. I don't care about the flavor more care about you. Yeah, we're going to have to use the like couple hours that we have to source the appropriate location to try to mine out. I'm memorabilia go into the sport. Oriels more important than go go to spoil. Go sports. Ormes. Go to the Torah. You gotta grab grab a little bit of the ground that, that it once stood upon when he thinking here I'm going to pick up some of the third, I'm gonna rub it on my teeth is an w now do even know what what's on the. Sports oriented scorched earth. What don't we just go out to the to fuck in, you know, Fritz's rancher? Whatever wherever the, the old von air compound used to be. Yeah. What's out there, probably fucking double barrel. Shotgun interface. L ever owns it. Help you boys. Look for them. Wrassling. Now, are you? Oh, you we've had all you smart marks combined all day. I've found you not to be smart. You're gonna wash my dog. Well get on back. Get with the dog washing. You rinse you. So you lather you so. The whole time we're just like and then I'll hate doing this silly a couple of eight buttons. We're only doing this because we have to. I wanna wear Fritz's ranch was. This is all information. We can get pretty far because you figure David manning got the phone call three in the morning. Well, I think that's before. And then he drove their doll and they were still living in a trailer. I think subsequent to that he had like an estate living in a trailer. Yeah. When when when data manning drove over there when David died in Japan, they were still living in a trailer home. Like in a trailer park it may have been in a park. I think it was one that could still move around though, you know, it wasn't like a why are they live in a trailer? The town's probably, I don't know. I'm not saying anything disparaging about. I feel like I'm maybe I'm being overly sensitive today. I'm worried I'm gonna hurt. Everybody's feelings. Well, I don't know what the situation was. But I think that, that where he went to was not alternately. Maybe it was on the land. Maybe they had built the crib yet. I don't know. Why did David manning, get the phone call? I understand Joe who was trying to call the office. But it was with calls just he was the he was the Booker at the time. Right. So I guess his whole number was the office number. So he was p probably looked him in Japan. So he's like, here's my contact. Here's the guy that booked David here, here's the guy who's, you know, now, I'm just picturing, David von Erich, just like with a handful of papers and he just throws them at Joe who Gucci and he's just like there's a problem call this fucking guy. I don't care. I'm eddie. I just think you know, if, if Fritz wasn't involved than it would be like, you know, Joe Gucci wasn't gonna call Brazil, his mom. You know what I mean? Like so whoever is involved who's going to get the call. Yeah. What was the latest? The video didn't load was at a video there, another dark side video that they loaded up. Well, have you seen the one about Chris Adams? Right. No. Okay. So. Oh, is this. David manning on the story about super kicking motherfucker. Yeah. That was the last one I saw. But I was the last they may have uploaded new ones. He super kicked a guy in Japan. No, it was in where Israel, or well, yeah, they were in Israel. You're right. And they had to get him the fuck out of the like meal. Jit super kick the guy and like broke his I. Yeah. He he was an angry drunk pantley Azure. It wasn't too much fun to be around sober, buddy. Take that up with stunning Steve, you train them, God. I would love to follow up with everyone, everyone. That's in beyond the mat anyone is still with us. Yes. I where you now what's going on? Yeah. How are you? Like the girl who did the, the running at the Nebraska show. Right. Chris Adams makes me think of that bonus footage. Yeah. She's a big deal in town, her, her dad, like owns a big. Delayed e car dealers lady, who's just enter daughter who are into snakes. I like snakes one day, I wouldn't mind meeting him. All right. We get what you really pushing for this heart. I did she become across dressing lady truck driver. Yeah. As Jake rose very quick, too, to assume what Mike modest gets up to gets up to these days. Yeah. Where is Mike modest? Now andrew. Andrew he's trying not not wrestling. I don't think Tony Tony's still working for AT and T or wherever he was working. Tony's dad is he still with us? I was like Tony's DAT. We gotta get comes home, and he's like, eating the takeout food, Scott and Tony stars watching T. I don't I was reading the the paper. Yeah. How you doing? I'm tired, it's off work and all that is. Love. Tony stat. Forget how much all of the earth. Yeah. Real real man's man. That guy with that. Luscious Hera was just getting a quick pump in the background of who knows. Maybe he's still wrestling. Yeah. He's probably still got gorgeous locks of hair. Yeah. Got him probably never got any weird tattoos on his chest. No. I wonder if that guy with, with the big thick Coca Cola bottle glasses, who was given Tony and modest, some advice, if he still like a friend to two young up and coming wrestlers all come on, you know, he passed away. That's a wrestling celebrity right there. Now, talking role of about cornet. Oh. Rolling Alexander R P. You don't pay. You don't play. We are those saying around here. It's like everybody says that it's not specific API w would fine. It's one of my favorite things like like limps their song my way of the highway. I remember hearing that for the for someone like journalists, how much cooler, the song would be if they actually came up with their own their own thing. You know what about the guy who gets spit on by the fan and then goes up to try to beat his ass at all? That's right. Like that was that guy's name outside bitch thousand bucks as you don't show. Didn't he worked for like an airline or something? Yeah. But the name wrestled under was the name that I sort of knew at the time I feel like terra Reisen. Thousand books is you don't go you don't show pitch. I'm here to tell you man, when I feel like was it is their bonus feeling it was bonus footage. Is it in beyond the mat? Yeah. Because there's like, there's some psycho fan who's like spitting on Fini's Godwin. And like they talked to him afterwards, and he's like, oh, yeah, it was great. You know, last time, we're in town like finished got my face to. And this is like it's these psychos that are like it's like the guy was fallen MVP around the country to debate like Trump. It's like I we're friends, it's like no, we're not friends like now and it's like it's not your sits the person who who hackles at the stand up show, because they think that that's what you do. Or that's right. Like helping helping or it's like you. That's your right as part of the experience, like I if I can get a wrestler to get in my face or borderline wanna jump the rail. Like I've said, this is awesome. It's like people who, like getting blocked on Twitter like they always go to show you the scoop, like got blocked by so and so it's like cool. Finished Godwin Finney is God win. Bailey, verses Alexa, blissful, the women start. Is already nine matches for stomping ground. What are you gonna do about stomping grounds? You know, maybe get a pizza and knockout is it stopping grounds? Oh, yeah. Didn't even know plural. Yeah. I guess there's like, in your house stopping ground ground that they're using. Yeah. Yeah. Well, we're in your house. It's bigger than ground crowns, guys grounded grounds. Faulk a fire, every goddamn, what you so bliss, his back, she's working again. You're ready for this Mark my words, kids, K, this whole NICKY cross. Alexa, bliss thing had to have started with the idea is being manipulated by Alexa, eventually Nikki will fucking wise up to it. Stop being a dip shit. Turn on Alexa, go crazy. Now, we're often run with the program can already tell you. I know Vincent man. He's going to keep them together as a tag team. It's, it's going to start with NAR. Now's not the time to do it. The writers are gonna write up. Okay. Here's what we gritted out. This is the week. Nikki turns on Alexa. She finds that she's a piece of shit. Right. And Vince is not too soon. Then all of a sudden the the following week. Okay. This is the week we're going to do it. Vince, then vista gonna say you're talking about lex, really friends Lexus her friend keep your ear. He's gonna keep them together. Exactly. They are going to be attacked. They're going to be the new team. Hell. No, right. This is somehow going to slow like Alexis just going to be a baby face one day. I'm telling you. Well, she likes coffee. They're going to have coffee, mugs, the tool mon- it says. Where the best friends trae, Martha. What do you mean? Fuck fuck all you by eight w. Shane go by Shane go by lemon all thought it was a piss company with the focus turn on TNT looking for JAMES BOND marathon. I met with pretty cool. Wrestling fuck Ugo, this isn't Steven Seagal. What is this shit? They new drama. What is this? Call Ted Turner. Telling me what do you mean? He's involved. It's on TNT. I must beat Tertre again. What do you mean? A fourteen year old kid doesn't know who the fuck, Ted Turner is everybody knows who Ted Turner is showing off Roman versus drew, right? Mean if drew can wash the potato salad off of his fucking. I think that was tuna. You thought it was tuna Tunas of so Cal wrestler, on what are you talking about the salad made out of tune you crazy? Beggars lazy just saw that on Monday. And let me tell you it made me wanna see it again. Becky so-called. But I mean it's just like God, they couldn't be cooling, her off, more para-police. Yeah. She's a she's a sassy southern Belle. She's demure. She curries favor. There were see that move the cooler. But cooler, yeah. William, H Macy is like this fucking, oh, due to the casino sends over cool people off when they're like getting hot on a game shut up. Yeah. And he's just like the fuck and the, like just the worst horrible like unlucky like sad sack. And he's so I always picture William, H Macy when they're when they injures Lacey Evans accompanying William H h lacing. Yeah. The cooler that's hilarious. I don't know man who else is on a card man are truth on a car to gotta match. You gotta think he's going to run around somewhere. They got a hope that also was not on the live feed. I won't point during the commercial break. They had truth run through the arena again. Get chased by the fucking. I did. See only thing when he crawled under the ring. There is already a camera under their shot. Because Titus had a raft with him. And he got to count on them as Titus was under there. He was waiting. He got to count on them on camera under the ring. Now that I can't believe that's bonus content cheeses Christ. So I gotta be there live. And I gotta watch the bonus content online to understand everything that's going on. Yeah, man. Talk about too much content. No such thing. Kofi versus doll. Rollins IRS Corbin. Oh, yeah. Samoa Joe verses ricochet. Ooh, did you want someone someone told me that a video leaked ricochet? I don't know what you're talking about a, you know, a dirty video dirty video leaked ricochet fingering his own. Joking. That's what I was told. Not even laughing. Rich. Just. It's just it's a strange thing to film. You know. Expecting? Sorry to I'm sorry to break on you like that. I mean, private video of ricochet leaks. I can't even I don't care what anybody does. I'm just I'm just laughing right at the situation. No, it's, it's a. Yeah. So that does not affect ricochet in any way like they've gotten behind everyone else who's had this happen to them. What else is? Well, it's like didn't it happen to? It's usually age. Of course they didn't like turn on page, those videos leaks. Rollins they didn't fire. Tony storm Charlotte. Yeah. So I just hopefully that will it will it'll be a blip. Maybe I just heard it because I hang out with neck beards, and no one even knows about it. Maybe they need to bring in HOGAN, I didn't see it in the observer HOGAN need. To give another speech. Group b? Hey. Gonna die breeze. My face is wet from laughing. Crying. So it's small. Joe that should be a great match. Will you relax? I'm just I'm just that was a that was really blindsided by that. Okay. Let's both say the craziest thing we've ever filmed. Nothing. Yeah. Like. Sets that I've done. Yeah I took a picture of a poster yesterday because I thought it looked like John Mayer, but it was like a goofy picture of the person, but it kind of looks like John Mayer, and then I walked away, I looked at it, and I said, yeah, I don't think it looks like enough like him to post this people be like, what are you talking about? Then you realize missing dog. Poster. You watched. You watch bathtubs over Broadway. Right. I did. Yeah. Kids. This is my new favorite doc on Netflix. Check it out. It's it's up there with, you know, it's not as good as cat answers or the song poem. Yeah but it did. Of course, it reminded me charts. Right off the charts. Remind me of that, of course, because of the yeah. The looking for rare records aspect but I love jello shows up at it and jello. What's his name from the germs? What if weirdo? Yes, he's like this is my collection of missing dog posters. It's like wow. You are. Some outs. Yeah. Man. Look pretty dope trip. He's got. One room on aid got my hot plate. I'm I'm set. Yeah. Stay on the road, man. You know, your tour in what's point. Woo. New Davis's others more matches. That's what I'm saying. Man. This is new day new Dave versus Kevin. O wtn's, Sammy's. Ain. Oh, yeah. Tony's versus curator's, our versus drew Gulick, Daniel, Bryan. And Eric Rowe and versus heavy machinery, who. Yeah. This is a strange card. Yeah. I I'm gonna try to check it out. Oh, you know, I'm not going to be able to check up. Are you leaving town Sunday? Yeah. Mm enough to. Carve out some time curry favor. Trey man's on the what are we going to do for next week? I think we're gonna turn these microphones off discuss that. Just not Republicans options. Fine. Who's very wrestler. My favorite wrestler is coming off of that ri-. I love what Archer student. He's not even really wrestling. But he's he is a beacon of hope in that program. Entertains entertaining. Entertaining me, I love him and Carmella man, do you think it stopped anything Vincent famous song by Queen is the one referred I let us end to taint you all of the songs. Entertaining me. Yeah. Wow. Letting me know that. He's entertaining me golly wants to do entertain me, he's just trying to entertain me, let it happen. Let me know that you're entertaining me, then that's the only way that how it's supposed to know how it's supposed to that. You're entertaining me. K pal. Don't say, don't say entertainment, never say world wrestling entertainment, but that's what it is. Oh, don't say, we'll wrestling entertainment, because you can't let the people know that they're being entertained, or that it's wrestling also. It's not wrestling WWE. Not the w don't say it should be around where the w s e. Where will sports entertainment? We'll say promo for the XFL really got me fired up to people were fucking cracking up at that, that's going to go over, like a lead balloon, Matt, who is your favorite wrestler, my favorite wrestler of this week. Man, ready? I am are you? Are you sir? Logan, Sarah Logan. She got over that promo Koch. You man, you love liking she got. She is so which potential but it's like looking at. The table for three and she's just she. Really came off like fuck, you know, and that's, that's an might be a good thick that place will do it to you. Well, it's just. They, they should footage of their wedding, you know, and, and, and the other two at the wedding and stuff. And it's just like she's genuinely effortlessly likeable, you know, and they showed some of her footage of from the Indies, because that's the other interesting aspect of the table for three. Is that like they talked about how nervous they were come into the performance center? And. Both ruby and Sarah felt like they hadn't been properly trained to that point, you know. Yeah. Which I thought was kind of cool, Sarah was, like, like I didn't realize how much I didn't fuck it now. Because she's like he's a guy never got trained just started working well, and then all of a sudden I got the call and then she's like, and I was only an exceed for like a minute. What'd you think if your NFC experienced? Is somebody asked her? Do you think you'd be able to make it in today's an exchange? She's like, well, I didn't make it in the NFC. I was in all of a sudden I just got off to the main roster. Yeah. But she was it was interesting because you talking about anytime she had a booking, if there was like a seminar, or something she would always go to that, because she's like I'm still trying to fuck and figure out how to do it, right. But that said, I feel but I mean I don't like the girl from the woods gimmick because it's just kinda nothing. Yeah. And then just having her go out there on the stage and be like I am Viking. I'm no longer in the riot squad while it says riot squad behind her. Listen, you're gonna have to you gotta fight against the current of not getting older shit. There will not will not push you toward the goal. It will only try to prevent, it feels like but left alone. I think she might be able to figure something out. Yeah. We'll see TVD but come back next week, you know up until, you know Dana broker face. I wasn't joined that match that they were having. Yeah. Yeah. Do you read routed bits, working to find you online, everyone Twitter, Vince dot April, and Instagram cross control underscore, L A on Instagram? Things of this nature, this car think urging and following all forms of social media at McCarthy, redhead Twitter, Instagram for sure tonight Wednesday night. If you're here in beautiful sunny, Los Angeles. I am the super serious show at the Virgil, go check that out. And there's still a few more shows of cave, girl, the musical kids, you got to go see that. And then. God damn. Oh, doing a show. I'm doing a show like Sunday afternoon at four thirty. If the at the improv lab while you're missing the fucking stop and grounds, then that's right. Fuck in your house stomping grounds. Thuc. Oh, patriots on. Shutouts to the kids. Jason allot t- Jason, the world's most beautiful human, Mike Cline. I'm inclined to like my climb and thank you to Brad Evans. Brad, we love you each train. That was a hit them podcast.

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