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This is the ready for take-off podcast episode four twenty-five. My name is George Nali and today I'm going to talk about. Being spurned but first, let me tell you about our sponsor, the Hanff novel series. If you like aviation combat action inspired by real events in Vietnam I know you're really going to enjoy the ham ham-fisted novel series and you can get the first audio book in this series totally free go to free ham fist dot com, and you'll see how you can get that book for free when you sign up for an account with audible. But right now fasten your seat belts and get ready for takeoff. In ready for take-off podcast episode for twenty-three. It. Probably, sounded like every time I go to an interview I'm highly successful because I talked about how how friends Had helped me get interviews jobs and I got hired. So I need to set the record straight because I am not that impressive an interview and I've had a lot of times when I was not successful so I'd like to share those with you. When I was a standards captain. Airlines on the Boeing seven twenty seven I, worked for the guy who is in charge of that program called the fleet manager, the fleet captain. And he was going to go back to flying the line. So his position was going to be vacant and I interviewed for the job. So I went I met with with his boss and with someone from the HR Department I wore my best interview suit. Were were shirt with cufflinks. Dressed to the nines and I thought I had a very successful interview. But, you know what? I didn't get the job and and I ended up. Still being a standard captaining working for the guy who did get the job but now this gets better. Oh six months. Later, they created two new positions working for that fleet captain called Assistant, Flea countenance and I applied for that job, and of course, you know each of these higher positions who have more pay to I applied for one of those two positions interviewed with the new fleet captain and with someone from the HR department and. Again I was rejected. So two guys to other standards captains got the job but I didn't. So, I was starting to see a trend here. Shortly before I retired from United I was on a flight to Japan. I was on a layover at Narita airport at the hotel. And I went down to breakfast and I recognized. Another united pilots sitting at a table with two to round ice to American guys and I went over and they called me over to the table and I went over and and met these two guys and they were pilot for a major car company a Japanese company they were based in the United States and flew of Gulfstream five. In fact, they showed me a picture of the cockpit. It was as good as or better than the triple seven I was flying and they were telling me about their lifestyle basically. They would be living near the base in California where they operated from and every time they had to fly, they will get paid a thousand dollars a day from and remember this is almost twenty years ago they were being paid a thousand dollars a day to go to work and that work could be. Commuting to a flight like for example, they had flown an passengers on my flight, the night before or flying trip they were having breakfast in Rita, and then they were going to catch a flight to Osaka and fly one of the company executives to Rome. Then they were going to lay over and dead head back on another airline while some of their other company pilots were already in Rome getting ready to fly that company executive back to Asaka. So He's a neat deal they worked about seventeen eighteen days a month. And every day they're at work they get a thousand dollars plus they get expenses that sound like a really neat job. I asked what the age limit is. They said there's no age limit. And they gave me the website where you could look to see if there were any job openings. So I was getting close to retirement i. Started looking at that website fairly frequently, and one day I saw a job opening at that company where it could have been my photograph in that job description. There were looking for someone who is a highly qualified pilot who also had experience as a safety officer. Now in my time at the air force especially, my last time at the Air Force I was this grinder and safety offshore. I had been trained as a safety officer and this seemed like a really good fit. So I. Worked on. A resume I emailed an and. The very next day. I got a phone call from the human from the HR department at this particular operation saying they wanted me to come in for an interview the next day. Well I was supposed to go out on a on a flight to China The next night so I I went out to California. Early in the morning, got a Rented a car and drove to their flight operations department, and I was wearing an interview suit and I went in and had an interview, and then after the interview I went to. Chicago took another flight to Chicago where I picked up my trip and flew to China. Well at that interview I met with the chief pilot and a guy from the HR department it was a beautiful facility they had and they were telling me about. What their mission is like, and they told me that they really didn't have a safety someone in charge of the safety department and they needed to develop a safety program and they wanted somebody who can do that and I told them how I could do that. I also told him that I had extensive experience. Carrying people around in the executive jet. Arena since that's what I was doing when I was at your CODA carry generals and congressman around all over the Pacific. They seem very impressed after the interview the chief pilot took me around to show me around the facility. He said now here, here's our dispatch section your your desk will be over here. And Let, me introduce you to the lady in charge of the flight attendants was Japanese lady. I went over and I chatted with her in Japanese she was impressed. He was impressed. He showed me around the rest of the facility introduced me to some the schedulers. I felt like I already had the job. He said you're a finalist. There are only three people that that have applied so far, and you're one of the finalists I'll let you know within a week or two what decision is. I went home and I started. Looking for places to rent in California because I knew I had the job and my wife said you know you need to look for other jobs now if you're getting ready to retire I said no, I need to look for an apartment in the city in California so Time went by and I didn't hear anything about three or four weeks went by and I didn't hear anything. So I finally called the HR department I said. Captain said that he notifying me about this job opening for the safety officer and that safety off show was going to be flying also And The lady the HR Department said Oh I'm sorry he didn't tell you. We already selected someone. I said well, I guess it wasn't me then so I got turned down did not do well at that interview either. Well a couple years ago I was still looking for work. I was working at Metro as an instructor, but I was looking for something more. Something in addition to teaching. So I had lunch with another battalion pilot who was working for a a major aerospace company in Denver, and he said that they were looking for people. So I sent him my resume and he said he'd hand carried in and nothing nothing ever happened with that. And then Two years ago I applied for a management position United Airlines and they contacted me told me I was a finalist and they would like me to answer these several interview questions. Via via video so they said, use your iphone and take take a video of yourself answering these questions. So I put on put on a suit at least I put on shoot shirt and jacket I, was in my shorts but nobody could tell and I answered the interview questions I thought I did a bang-up job. And I didn't get the job. And then. For the past. Fifteen years I have been applying for jobs at the United States, Air Force, Academy and just Oh, I'll say four months ago. There was an opening that was perfect for me they were looking for. A retired officer someone with air. Force flying experience who would be a simulator instructor now I remember when I was a kid at at the Air Force Academy I was really motivated. By seeing these world. War Two. Veterans who are instructors who could be mentors and set an example for for me as a kid at. And I thought as a Vietnam vet especially, a highly decorated Vietnam vet. I would really be very competitive for that role and it would probably be good to have someone like myself at the academy instructing kits in flying in the simulator and also it the job also. Entailed classroom instruction. So, I applied for the job and I received an email, the chat I am competitive for the job and I'll he'll? Hear more information shortly. So I was waiting for an interview invitation and I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to be interviewed by. Video or I'm going to have to take special precautions you can go in person because of Covid of for an interview and. Then, I got an email. That's Ed starry. You're a not selected so I didn't even get an interview. So those things happen and. So I didn't want WanNa paint a picture as though I only interviewed and Got Hired Everybody is going to get rejection at some point or other, and those of you who are going to be in the job market shortly or who are in the job market now need to be aware of that rejection is. Part and parcel of what goes with this with with looking for work. So. That's my story and I just wanted to share it. Thanks again for listening subscribe now to the ready for take-off podcast on itunes or stitcher radio and please rate US poster review on the item store for show notes, resources and more head over to ready for takeoff podcasts dot. com.

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