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GSMC Women's MMA Podcast Episode 28: Story of an Evil Princess


Need Your daily fix of women's mixed martial arts from the UFC INVICTA. Delatour one championship be in the loop has golden state media concepts. Got You covered? Get your fit. Some women semi. We've got you covered on golden state media, concepts, women they podcast. Thank you for tuning into the GSM see. ANIME podcast brought to you by the EMC podcast network and your host bill. And, hopefully you're doing well for yourself whether you live in states or nationally, I wish you your friends, your family, your all healthy. You're safe, especially, because currently in the states, things are getting incredibly complicated. Things are getting very controversial stable. I'm sounding Sarli. Do hope that all my viewers are honestly doing well for themselves through news major time of uncertainty. But one thing that is certain is the fact that we're getting sports coming back to America to an extent so currently right now in Orlando Florida we're going to have basketball happening in Disneyworld. We're going to then be season's going to be returning back. They're going to go straight to the playoffs. They're having their basketball. Vince happening in the Orlando, Florida area and Las Vegas. It is reported that the Nevada state athletic. Commission is GONNA. Allow comment sports to be legal and be considered essential business to happen in Las Vegas area, which means boxing is making a comeback. Mixed martial arts is back. So recently, the last major. Your event was UFC fight night, Gilbert, Burns's time Woodley and in that car to. We had an opening main card bout here between Hannah ciphers Mackenzie dern. This woman's right belt was special because Mackenzie dern became the first ever and only woman in women's history to win their fight via single like he lock so congratulations because it was able to successfully tap out Tennessee I was a single, a key lock in the first round, two minutes and twenty four seconds in, and it was a very close spouts Mackenzie during was the only woman among all the contenders here on all the favorites in this card we had Gusto success by. We Got Blake. Warranty Low Russell Roberts. A Chi- and Mackenzie during they were the four or fighters, who were the favorites coming in into their fights, the only underdog in the entire card to go in was given burns, but among all the favorites who won they want? Pray decisively. They really did. A Guy came into the fight as a favorite, he obviously defeated Ivanov. Quarantine although that was the fight of the night in my personal opinion between spark. Carlisle Warranty Cortijo that fight was obviously in favour for quarantine low especially into the second round. Roseville Roberts pretty much squashed. Brock Weaver, and so Mackenzie Hannah Cypress despite really got out of the way it really could've because others. Fight ended two minutes and twenty four seconds in into the fights. For about over half the fight for about two minutes, Hannah suffers was winning these fights. It's annoying that that in two in. Two and a half minutes is to happen to fight other two and a half minutes. Two minutes involve Hannah Cyprus pretty much being the heck out of Mackenzie during in this fight because the bell rings. Hannah, ciphers lunches in Mackenzie or no fear goes in source, grappling with her gets her with a clinch, as just unloading hooks or loading and unloading hooks and dirty boxing and uppercuts. From the clinched position. Most of the spice of really was based, Hannah Cypress trying to clinch or Clinton with McKenzie. dern and Hannah Cypress pretty much being down because he were striking, and even when the fighters were broken up from the clinch. When it into the boxing has ever as lunged in pull her left arm out and started clinching with Mackenzie earned. So. When I look at this fight. Yes, Hannaford came into the fight with the right strategy I think I. Didn't see it coming, and she was overwhelmed in about the first and half of the fights. But. Here's the problem with Hannah Cypris L. for an early thought. Had despite in the bag that she really should've could've won this fight. The only issue here was the fact that Dan Cormie Michael Baseman talked about. There's when pertains to other fights, also it kind of goes along with this one, and that's fighters who are willing to take risks and whore wanted to take, and are able to accumulate certain hits or purchase of. Bill learn what is safe and what isn't safe and when they understand what is safe and what isn't safe, they'll be able to go. Take more risks and. They can go and open themselves up for position to go in. And Hannah suffers. She took the risk. And because he she bid. It's she bit the risk. She got unloaded several of the face butts. Data criminal about this that you really don't know how safe you are in terms of the distance between you and other fighter until you punching the base, a lot and hard. Izumi's and why Gilbert Burghley Woodley or when? o'malley's animals findings. You want to check them always pressing action the fights. They got hit in the face acutally more. But the the press the fight because they knew they could handle. Strikes were being given onto them Gilbert Burns went towards time Willie with the risk with note with the knowledge. That tally has knockout. And he has to door that knockout power, and asked endore enhanced like find a way to persevere through punching power in some way took can open himself up for for a good counterpunch, and the same thing applies towards while he's saying. Like you WANNA teach all the her face looked a lot worse than Zang. Willy Zhang. She was always she was always aggressive and she was putting herself in a bad predicament. In theory, she was putting a back in order to get yourself a good opportunity to find her opening antique. Eventually fights in this scenario has kept clinching Mackenzie dern. And Mackenzie she took all the cards she took. The clinching took the hooks, and she took all the dirty boxing. She was losing out in the STANDUP for the most part. Mackenzie Don. T recognize okay. I was given the very worst service can give me in terms of pulling power in terms of strikes. I know what I can take. And so then she moved forward. If how does ciphers punches were really staggering or rule that painful or Balsams, mcgivney, dern, Mackenzie, during would've been fighting for the most part as a counterfeiter, but she knew that Hannah Harris became aggressive towards Mackenzie dern Mackenzie. dern retaliated by being like. Okay you what? I can handle the punches. Let me press forward because I know I can take the punches now. And I understand I kept clinching Mackenzie. And to be honest with you, I don't like the question was doing because it was kind of lazy done. And when you, when clinching happening and usually involves both arms, bring over your your, you're under under hooking your points, or you're bringing your arms, or to the back of the neck of your points and your bring your bring him closer chess, and that's where you can go lay the most. Most damage wooded uppercuts hooks instead Panos I i. She's Doing Clinton with only one arm, and then she's kind lazily with their right arms waving it around, and then she's punching Mackenzie. Learn I felt like she could have had more control on Mackenzie. Dern, if you the controller and clinch with both arms instead of one. I understand why she was. She was one arm the second arm to go and. Strikes. But these strikes just didn't have stopping power former Kenny during to respect her power and arrange enter clinching. This leads kitchen. It'd be like okay. I can take your punches I'm fine clinching with her because her clinches, her close striking. Is it doing those damage to me and I can take it. And Guess What Hannah's clinched with Mackenzie dern and because he's only Clinton with one arm outs. Mackenzie learned was go hook up on her left arm. Grab grab onto a headlock and influence over a slam. She footer over a slam rotor way down for a single, a key lock and TAP grouts. For the most part Hannah fibers was winning this fights, but she came in. She she? She came in with the right strategy. It has surely didn't fulfill that strategy. I felt like she was what we would sloppier clinching. She should have little bit more smarter. I think she pretty much, you know. She threw an older cards up in front. She wanted early. Knock get as quick as possible within the first two minutes, and yet it was a huge risk, and it could've went well for her. It really could have, but because she went very aggressive, she threw everything out onto Mackenzie, during was able to recognize the openings, and from openings able to go with the slam and this solution victory, so I'm happy for. Mackenzie joined frigging. Victory Their Guitar ciphers. was really tough. I read. This wasn't an easy victory. Mackenzie during out of any fighter in this card here had the big struggle and bigs annoyances with her point with her opponents because bitcoin -til. Yes, like SPEC Carla took advantage of him in the first round, the second and third was obviously billy cortijo Rosen Roberts. He took advantage. Weaver Sokai obviously A. he was wing from the stars from round one Mekerin. She sees Hannah ciphers. Warrior come rider trying to knock her out as facet can. You can tell by her face that she was easily overwhelmed, and for a brief couple sevens there. It really looked like that. She could've been knocked out by Hannah CIPHERS. But you know what Mackenzie and was able to bounce back. She got the victory on Cyprus I congratulate book. Women because. Apparently, there are medical suspensions are given to all the fighters, but every fighter in the main Carter Mackenzie. dern enhance efforts with the only two fighters in the main card to walk away with no medical spends so they're not suspended. They can find early on if they want and make some money so relations. You're listening to the MC women's MMA podcast coming back after this short break here. Check out the show that's built on the from UFC. Extreme cage fighting. They got the fights. Check out the GSM GMC MMA podcast get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join us as we talk to, and about some of the biggest names in the past president future. When it's the fight game, there's just one show checkout. See PODCASTS DOT COM backslash Mame, DASH PODCAST! Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. GS MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. And we are back and so let's talk about the woman strike division, because in fact it is the most deepest division in all women's mixed martial arts right now and we just talked about Mackenzie. Hannah is what's next for Mackenzie. DERN, so I'm looking right now then and when I look up on the division the rankings here. In my personal opinion, I think it'd be a great match up for her to face somebody in the room. Or Marcos or yeah, so the four possum matchups former consider that make match booker here would be Renna. Marcos. Read. Bus Bus has defeated McKenzie dern because they're really good enough performance against Hata ciphers, so we could see a rematch happening there. We Got Carolina Wallich's who's are going off three losing streak right now and we have TC Torres America was set to face against page Vance if I were to defeat page, Benzon rebuttal, go up ahead in the ranking so I don't expect Reebok's -Sego face up against Mackenzie an effort to defeat Peterman since and is up in that matchup. Carolina has no metric coming right now. TC tours. She's matched up against Brian van burn which is coming up on it which coming up in two weeks of this month in June twentieth TC tourists, here's a three fight losing streak if you were to go defeat against Branam I. Think win or lose. Torres would be a good matchup for Mackenzie dern. Carolina. Man Ribas and ran. Marco's those four people I think during should face continue considering her way into making way up the woman's right divisions. The other woman's by the nights was at initial Chanko versus inch Kagan and this fight was really for me personally this because we really saw the complete game of education. Such kick in for the most part, Grapple Anthony, which was the right choice. She fought very smart. She fought safe, and she fought the right way when Mash up against a striker anti-national. Kinko and everybody understood why Antonina was matched up against giving Kagan Alad in fact Antena is outside of the top ten rankings right now and the woman's fight division killing. The divisions very weird right now, because val teacher checkout since cleared out for the most part the entire division. Valentina defeated. Defeated Kagan, and then she kinch not matched up with her sister, who's outside the top ten, and then the number second number two ranked fighter is who also lost value Janko is now fighting against Cynthia Cavale who is outside the top ten in? Division. Some really unsure. What's happening in our? I personally believe that the UFC are trying to find their next big start to go challenge against Janko and that could be potentially somebody from out of the women's Bantamweight Division or they're GonNa Start Division. That's how I'm seeing things on right now because. She's against civic avail outside the top ten of women's rankings killed UK gin also outside the top ten, the number, two and number three hundred fighters are fighting fighters outside the rankings, and the only reason why they're being fed them is because if anti network to win, or it's covered in their fights, then they could dislike their way into the top five of the fight division. Because right now the ones flyweight division. Anyone's other divisions are not really. Really clear what's going on with our those divisions as fighters, moving up and down the way classes. We have Jennifer Jennifer. My Everson Vivian Rl Raho, who is outside the top ten rocks, Modafferi. Who's got her? Who got herself into the top rankings? which I am really happy about that fight right now is the only one that makes sense, and that is Roxanne McCaffrey Ras Lauren Murphy the number and number seven hundred fighter being matched up with each other. Some right now. Unsure of what's up the rankings here, wiser release. It's a mix a mix match a what is going on here with fighters and match ups here but if I look at the rankings here, Antisocial Janko. She's nowhere near the top ten. She's ranked number seventeen. She the number seventeenth fighter in the woman's fight divisions and I understand why. There's a lot of hype behind when she first came to the whole lot of hype, the prediction was Anthony Chan. Os valujet Jayco the current woman's fly. Champion was going to go see our way through all the matches she came into all over fights as the favourite show Roxanne metairie. Put a little vase. Favorites even though she came in as the underdog against education, there are Wabi expectations over Anti Nasser takeovers, and it was a complete one-sided fights, but if you look at the betting odds betting odds for Kagan, an initial Janko were really close to each other for some strangers, some strange reason, because when I look at the match up I was like okay. Killing Kagan as an annex artists is superior than Anti Meister Janko, and I think she is smart enough as a fighter as a grabber to go, take down like Antonino. Who is ground game is nearly non existence. Now I WANNA say. It's there. She hasn't fought anybody in within the AFC, who's of grappling is high as education and so i. knew that you to take down. Take away the best. Of Tina's game, which is striking the boxing kickboxing been killed. You could always gonNA. Win The fights, but coming into the fight, but what a lot of oddsmakers like okay and. Killed Kill Kagan. This could be a close fights. I think those negative twenty and like plus one sixty the builder, the betting odds author going on by illustrated really close here. And it's now about. Go. We don't know what's going on with her next. She just got up an injury and she's making a film right now with Halle Berry. Rumored it was going to be value for Janko versus you want Calderwood. Things Brokaw from that fight. With an interview with Bert, Okamoto was the white. The White said that he is still pushing forward. Would Chanko versus you want Calderwood if that doesn't happen that? We could potentially values SHANECO fighting. It's another champion in under division. If you know on ESPN, other youtube channel, they're posting up interviews and highly packages for the upcoming. Yes, even happening. This Saturday enters the interview between Air Hawaii and Spencer. And in the interview, everyone in the comments section on the comments are as Kasey, bringing value, Janko there are more people talking about validates Chanko and Amanda Nunez Destroying Flew Spencer than providing any positive input about fluids, Spencer. Really, because the actual interview that. AOL. Hoani was mostly positive. It was a Hawaii, talking talking, please Spencer giving her praise at for for being a math teacher virtual math teacher. It Sarah now. How knowing that? She quit her job as a math teacher. Which is so ironic, considering the fact that currently has a right now. All schools are implementing virtual teaching right now. I myself to virtual virtual teaching classes, because for for those who don't know. I have a side Gig as working as an English teacher. And so I respect Fisher sponsor for having alternate job, I've talked extensively about how their fighters should be pushing towards alternate ways into making money, since if you're not veto person in the AFC and you're not participating in oriental participating in two fights a year. The money you're making as a mixed martial arts fighter really isn't there, but according to sponsor. She says she left her job as a virtual teacher in order to pursue bigger goals as a fighter as a fighter and says there's a lot of momentum right now. Going towards Spencer her amazing performance against Chris Board and her, going to the biggest fight of our entire career August the all time great news. Spencer she's going all in for this fights now. Just having the countdown show the AFC. countdowns are sometimes good and bad. They sometimes present one fighter as villain and another fighter as the obvious face, good guy and this scenario. It was A. Thirty to forty minutes. Yes. He can't dock where it was highlighting. A new has. The majority of this was focused around for Spencer and the reason. Why is because she's had? She's had countdowns many many times. and. They never really presented menace Menounos. In the positive lights in terms of likability. She's being presented like Ronda Rousey. That's a strange part about it. She's being presented as Ronda Rousey as the grace of all time. She's always. Always a gym. She's rookie everybody. She hitting the bags hard. She's not doing anything else in life except living in the gym and let me. Spencer and other than the fact that she's working out in the gym goes into her life as a teacher. It goes into her going to going to Florida she she went to a zoo and she had to deal with alligators or the bulk constrictor. Going around is one time or holding spiders translates. It was very weird. It present man Nunez, as it's like cold, blooded killer and Spencer. Spencer as ordinary normal girl like spending time with her family with her husband was coaching staff, going to the zoo, interacting with alligators, spiders giant snakes. He talking about you know like her dining groceries. It's it's so mind boggling how they present the narrative here because right now more a lot of the majority of people are predicting men. Nunez knocking out Fleece Spencer in the first round and. Spencer, she expects a grind fights and she'll try to adjust and if. In per around basis, so even push herself. She doesn't predict knocking at Man. Yeah as I. Don't predict yourself can't remember known as footage. Suspend Strategy into fighting as is to grind her out through five rounds because we've never really seen manion as go out there for five rounds in multiple fights, so it'd be very interesting. What brings the fights early is? You're listening to the GMC woman's MMA podcast back after this short break here. Are you looking for the very best NFL and college football podcast, then check out the GMC football podcast. Get the latest football news, both on and off the field from the NFL draft to treats to the rumor mill to the NFL combines. They got you covered. That's GSM. See podcast dot com slash football dash podcasts get updates. I'm college. Rivalries kindy insights, and much much more. It's football. Talk the way you want. This show sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Yes, MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. What combat though I'm discussing Amanda Nunez Averse Spencer for the Women's title coming this Saturday June six at the UFC APEC sell building in Las Vegas, so this metro pure. Bedding on NITA's destroying. Spencer if you look at the comments section for every video as it pertains to Spencer, majority of people are saying Menounos go knocked her out for a strong without a doubt guarantee. Can we just have? Valentina Chango versus abandon as there are more news being thrown out there, then foot Spencer herself any positive input about food dispenser, and so W MMA. Rankings are hyping. Hyping the fight between spent servers. Menounos I'm GONNA, shake for Free Spencer. Because my my tuition is saying this might be a close fight here. This might be a close shocker. Fight to which Spencer to slowly grinds out. Man Unit is like Nunez Spencer all that seriously, and because you're in the fact that we've seen some cracks in Nunez game interface against remainder anime. Full Spencer. This becomes a better fighter in perfect basis for past three five. She's improved significantly aloft aspects. She was initially primarily grappler, then she she was seen mostly as a grappler, and then when she went against cliff. cyborg is going to be grappled restrictor fight. It became a striker. Restart about, and it was Chris. Who that utilize her grappling ability to stop against which Spencer. And then afterwards she then Tko to her following opponent, so if we spencer does have a strong around game, it is whether or not she can grind out factor. That I. Really believe is the only she can do the. Flick Spencer. Herself says she expects to defeat a man as through grind out championship, five round fights I don't see her submitting or beating her in the first round, but you know what I can expect this being a very doubt. I can expect this to be a complete war off I rounds, and so w may rankings are hyping up the fight here. Title being which is mentioned gears up the women's. The title in times of Quarantine. The jungle closed their public classes. Contender Flay Shafi and I'm Spencer prepared for a title shot behind closed doors as she takes on man Nunez at UFC. Two fifty I have to trading partners that I picked in the beginning of all this we are able to go and privately to the gym. Special said the owner luckily has been very supportive of the camp, letting us being able to train they're. They'RE ALLOWED TO BASE JIM didn't have more than six people. During Spencer's time in hair transitions. She and her husband had taught carpenter practice social distancing wall, hitting MITTS and taking walks at the park. I was uncertain the first couple of weeks when things to change as far as quarantine and shutdowns I didn't know what I was going to do, but we figured out day by day Spencer, said it became the new normal, and it's worked, and it's kind of Nice to have a little bit of flexibilty spending a lot of time in recovery, and also some extra downtime. Cup Anger has the company of his daughter. Addie Illinois at his mother want her to stay with her father since she works out of prison and feared that their daughter might get sick. She does her homework in the gym and I get my morning within and when we're done, we all had home and have lunch. Commoner said I'm very blessed and lucky. Asked for flee and Addie to be in the situation that we are in I. Love just seeing fee every day, I. Wake Up, Gosh! How cool is this? My wife is going to be a world champion. Though ADDIE has been to a couple of specialty, victor, FC, fights schlumpy and attendance at UFC, two fifty instead she will watch it from her aunt's couch. Conquer coupling girl will be inspectors quarter. He's always in a corner ever since I've been the SE, it's nice to keep the same consistency keeping things like hearted specter said we all go around and joke and stuff. It would be nice to keep some of that lightheartedness in the backroom signing with the AFC Spencer. New fight with the best in the division was around the corner. It's division. That's still growing developing. She added I do feel. Feel like it's a huge opportunity for me to step in and become the face of division to take the ball from Amanda and my legacy in the Specter said I don't think gold status were transferred to me, but this would be star to submits my legacy and I. Agree with that even if we were to mend Nunez. Who would be considered the best pound for pound fighter of all time? Easily it's a man Nunez. I've always said this in the past, but I felt like I am not a fan of double champions I. Really Am not and the reason I have not found champions of champions is the fact that most of these spiders get to the highest level compete only once a year. There's a reason why they're a Lotta. There's reason why challenders could be twice a year because they gotta go and fight three up in the rankings, because if they don't fight twice a year, then somebody might leapfrog over them and get a towel fights. But once the champion there really is no extra incentive with the exception of money of course for you to continue on fighting twice a year. There really isn't and here's the thing. If you are a former world champion, you end up the money you make become significantly mush less. When you lose the belts, so you might as well keep the as long as you can and pick and choose which fighter you want seeking to maximize as much money as possible when you do become the champion. When he could tyron Woodley. These last fight was two hundred K. he made two hundred thousand dollars, fighting good burns, but during his time as champion fighting, it's wonderboy Stephen Thompson Darren till he's speaking half a million. So about half of this fight personnel gone ever since the belt. Fighter in the division. For Man of Nunez, hurting double champion means that she will only competes because she's the top right, so he'll only compete in one division per year once a year. There's no extra incentive for men Nunez to compete in two divisions and fight four times a year. There really is not there's no reason literally like I would like to live in a world where men who will defend both the revolt was adults once a year, and even then like. The divisions pace accelerating development is very slow. The woman's Father Division has to be without a doubt, the most weakest division in all of UFC's weight divisions purely because man news has the belt, and she's not even really active in that division, and because a champion isn't all that active. Internet vision there really is no extra incentive for any other fighters to go fight in that division. Are Better you have see women's divisions out there yet ruled stride division, which is deep division of all the women's divisions, other woman's Fight Division led by SHANECO discount I can in Jennifer my Rox without for you on Calderwood Laura Murphy, and then we look at the ones. Bats Division, which is a division that is came from. You got fighters like Amanda. Nunez tremendous randomly. Holly, home opinion. Aspen Lab Raquel Pennington are mellow Dina Killing Vieira. Your your your sky. You've got a lot of good fighters in the women's Bantamweight Division and it's incredibly tough and competitive from two through six. There's a Lotta stuff. Is Raquel Pennington Aspirin a Hollywood. And you lose. Fighters can beat one another now. The question is can is fighters. Be Man Nunez. We're unsure, but it's not like a man. Newness has run out of title title contenders here. She can fight Germane to randomly again. She really can holly home versus matters, even though Amanda stomped Holly Home. The polycom still has a brand recognition as name value to her, considering the fact that she does, she is one of the more popular fighters in all the women's divisions, and so when you look at the ones further rankings while who's really active in the division Amena Nunez She's not all that active in in that division. She really isn't. She she was, she fought her last two fights were against. Bantamweight and those Bantams were remainder, enemy and holly home, and then she fought a Christiaan. Justino Chris Cyborg I. Borg. Who was the only fighter that was of name value? Rankings the time, so she's never really fought against any talk competitor. In the middle class or lower class within the. Other rankings blitz her way up the rankings and now she's a champion for the division. Problem though, is that the also? They put the JETPACK ON CRE Sabra to be the face of the division. And other news is the face of two divisions. She can't prioritize herself towards anyone division. She's more focused on the band's May division. And that how contenders Darren the challengers in that division, then the featherweights because WHO's available featherweights. We Got Megan Anderson and for Spencer. That's about it. You've got A. Does number two months, but really for the most part. It's only two people, Meka Anderson and Spencer. And so you hear interviews from frigid sponsor talking about how she feels like she can go some in her own legacy, and she could really help build a division as the face of that division. A man in his words, no longer champion. If I could be blatantly on blatantly honest you if amendment worth to defeat flukes Spencer. I don't expect another woman featherweight title outs for another year two years. I, really don't because other than Megan Anderson. There's nobody else in the other division that makes sense to me. Prioritize over the other fighters in the ones. Bantamweight Division to go fight against a man Nunez and a major pay per view I don't and considering them in the UNICEF fights about only once a year. I don't really I'm I. Really Am unsure. I'm not sure what the future is for the that division. If a man news to win Spencer where to win I don't know things get better, and things could improve, and we could see a much more deeper division. That is a lot more competitive. So. You're listening to MC women's MMA podcasts coming back right after this short break years you. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here. Nothing less than a podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered. From News, sports music. Entertainment Fantasy football, and so much more so stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed Ville that podcast is. Whatever it baby visit us at www dot, Jesus MC podcast dot, com follow us on facebook and twitter and download on Itunes, soundcloud and Google play. Looking back to the podcast here this Saturday I am excited because we get to see Spencer first. Amendment as being the first headlining. Woman's an event happening since the whole for dynamic. But from that positive news there I expect to see a lot of fun action here between those two fighters. And then we see two fighters in value Laredo. Crashing Twitter Belt or Flight Valerie Loretta Yahtzee. Bantamweight macy's Jason recently exchanged barbs on twitter over the portrayal of woman's mixed martial arts. And these fighters proceed to name. Call Each Other, and I'm giving fair warning in advance right now, and that's these fighters are using some terminology that I don't really want to agree to say with so whatever they say, it's their. It's their viewpoints, but the the controversy here is Valerie. She posted a video over self dancing. Dancing in the gym. And then the response here is from his. Son Replace shortly after saying I'm not going wait here. L. O. L.. I can't anymore. Is this the message? We want to continue to convey to not only our future leaders, but to the disgusting already misogynistic dudes out near. Are we here to fight and be role models, or are we here for male followers and strip-teasers? macy's talking about the dance of that value. Did personally my opinion, it's it's dancing. I don't really have a problem with that I. Don't have anyone dancing at all. Like. Like my sisters and my friends like may dance, so I don't see where the misogynistic aspects of that is. Your Butts Valerie vitamins. macy, so she says that she can't anymore. This is misogynistic promote. You're appealing to the male demographic year and Valerie respondent here by saying girl putting other women down. You're contracting yourself. WHO said I do anything for male followers I have been fighting since I was two years old and I dislike in I just like you have other interests like that twos Alex dance elemental simple. Major responded with I'm all for women being strong sexy, but it's really. Isn't it a in your mcgeer? Your Gym Club Jim Gloves mouthpiece and Shin Guards on your portraying the wrong message to people who watch sports. You're portray that this is what women's amaze abouts. Valerie responds with now shows you can be a strong, feminine and sexy, and still be a bad blank in a male dominated. Industry Michigan says macy Jason Responds with Butts are you though some of US actually care about the quality? A woman's Ma in women's sports in general, you're selling sex not ma. valorous bonds. Lot, Valerie. Valerie responds with I'm selling sex because I was bored with different body than you and I'm Hispanic low. I fight in a cage. Dislike you do when I am not a cage. I'm extremely feminine and I was born like that. Stop Hating gold media responds. Yes, you fight in a cage, but not like I. Do and don't talk to me I'm like I. Don't know what femininity means. It just goes on with them. Throwing personal insults here just throw the last one out here and Savelli saying awesome. You showed in your way in mind. Good luck in your next bouts. Mesa responsible awesome you to. Maybe we redirect some of this energy into training, and we'll see you in the I'm speaking for all the women who actually try to sell the sports. I am also speaking for women in general so currently right now as I am speaking, there's a lot of negativity going towards macy and my Uhlich on this. Okay, so it's impossible to talk about this without matching to fighters. Page Ben's aunts and Tony Ferguson. and. Michelle Waterson so. There's nothing wrong being an attractive looking fighter. And also being able to dance. That's how I see it because how I perceive it though I perceive as Valerie, being a person who likes fighting LX dancing. So, she's dresses, a mixed martial arts fighter and during her time in the gym. She Decides Hey i. that's right now. That's ice yet. Because Tony Ferguson Brooklyn, he gets all the time and I. Don't see anything wrong with him. Dancing or I. don't see any like him selling sex to fights. I, really don't I just see Tony. Perks as a person who likes the ants, he dances. We have the hospital after his war. Against guilty. That's all I see it and pay a lot of people pick specifically in a lot because of the fact that she looks like a model. A lot of people look at Patriot. Fans mostly as a model. Then she is a fighter, and who's impeach present can fight. Page van sent is legit. She's a real tough fighter won't be one of the tougher fighters I wouldn't call. It won't be best fighters, but she's definitely a true fighter. A warrior killer in the cage. And I can renders nothing wrong for the because I've said it before in the past I. Always Support Fighters who have side gigs who other stuff in order to make money because in the role mix is you don't mind me though it's money and so for patrons and she's talked about our instagram, or she says she's made a lot more money being more instagram model than she does. Make money in her fight for five basis with a contract because he's openly said that she doesn't like her contract right now for the FCC as not making that much money in it provide basis. During his time for the and so I support patrons transient, having an alternate way to go make money. Considering the fact that you don't make money rating in the arts. And now for Valerie and maisy here. I think macy to see this as like Oh Valerie. You're not allowed to. You know, show some femininity at all, because you're mixed martial artists, and you're female, mixed martial artists and act in a certain way I don't agree with me I don't think you have to act in a certain way I. Don't the Sydney I. Don't think every mixed martial artist should act like. Ben Aspirin chill sudden. TRT's or will become in you, don't you don't have to act a certain way. Just be yourself and if Valley says I'm being myself because I enjoy dancing animal, mixed martial artists and I know attractive looking then that's me being me There shouldn't be shouldn't be no person. Especially, no fighter. No fighters should act a certain way because they have to. I enjoyed diversity in my mixed martial arts fighters. We can have the large life superstar in Hollywood Ronda Rousey. We can have the no nonsense at very straightforward fighter in a man Nunez we can have a very simple family person like. We can have the model fighter like a page. That's all like what makes much orange. It's full of characters full of varying different characters and personalities we can have. People? Kill sending a lot. Even though it, it bothers me. That jail sudden is always in character for the most part, and it's hard to tell when he's in catering and when he's on character, but one reason why people lifestyle son in. The character he created, and that he thinks he's amazing. Great fighter. He kind of is, but he thinks he's higher. The Totem Pole any actually is, he's never won the belt, but he says he thinks he wants the one the belt. He called himself the greatest all time comparing of Muha Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson into the truth is he's actually proper journeyman fighter in the world mixed martial arts. He's got artists even if he really, isn't he the great wrestler, but he's not the greatest wrestler, but he tells them something. He's the greatest wrestler. That's the appeal of sudden. And so. You can have different types of fires out there, portraying different aspects of themselves, because I don't like it if if everyone's fighter was the exact same as Rhonda Rousey or the exact same as menus or the exact same spencer. Women's mixed martial arts would be you know as popular as enjoyable as icy today. Like what are the more popular fighters right now league FC. Competed in the past couple of years, Israel's La Munis Rosen Assembly Tennessee one be best fighters in the women's right division, and also to a lot of guys and girls. She's also very attractive looking because of our Tomboy, persona and attitude, so really I don't mind. A I don't I. Don't mind somebody dancing and doing tiktok video. I don't mind them putting that side of themselves out there Elliott downs. A lot of fighters are Weirdos. Let's have you seen team? Alpha male! They're all cringes camps out there in mixed martial arts. A weirdest cringes and the Wigan present. Themselves is kind of Quirky and strange. But that's who they are. There should be no problem for some of attractive. Looking just happens to be a fighter, and they had to act a certain way because they are a fighter same way. If you are a fighter, you have to act a certain way outside of the ring or outside the octagon. No, that's not how things work. No matter who you are. No matter what you do, you should always go and be yourself. That's what I always say I. Personally Think macy is just blown out of proportion and what I see. Is Valerie posting video about herself showing her goofy side and ensuring our interests and dancing? And she also happens to be mixed martial arts fighter who could probably beat me up into fights? Now understand me. She's perspective the same way I understand. Brennan shops issue was a fighter like north, guts, and that look at him or look you're selling them on their looks both patrons and say. Are Wherever this. They are aware that a lot of people make fun of them for their looks and to me I said that is bullying. That's what I see making fun of somebody because of how they look, or how they present themselves to me. That's bullying and I. Don't think that's alright or should be seen as acceptable I believe. His heart is in the right place, but I don't think she should snap as she did. Servicing to GMC women's May podcast coming back right after this short break here. This is your ultimate staffer. Everything Sports, the golden state media, concepts or S- podcast should I say more from the NFL MLB the NBA MMA. It's all in here. The golden state media concepts sports podcast listen. And Welcome back, so I've been talking about how Mixed Martial Arts possessor image about themselves and one fighter. Here was an image is the evil Princess Denisa Brandon? Geneka the evil Prentice Morandin, then train for a few months after last fight versus emily to coat in August about Halloween comb event, at Invicta FC thirty six under the bright lights, though thoughts consume rendon for more than any physical pain, something inside bothered the Invicta FC steroids, and yet nobody inner corner neum. I fell into depression. I felt really deep after losing the fight for the belts, even before the last fights I was already to press Miranda and said Portuguese. Might. Depression wasn't because of defeats, but because I felt I had nothing to fight for I hit it from everyone because I was afraid that they wouldn't let me fights when it wasn't enough to win the title of she needed to reframe her life in a reason for fighting. Run into time off so assessor whole situation and found her safe haven in Louisiana. Her New Vision while treating as elite combat academy. She met a good friend. Brent Mason Dr Kurt Persian and his wife Bobbie Joe Dean President. Ramon classes and notice her impaired vision. After he met. We noticed that she's basically blind. My mother and aunt worked for an is urging miss. Said? We talked to Dr Shelby about helping routes I. Don't know if it was the mother's intuition, but we just hit it off. Fate brought her to be part of our family. They did everything they could to get her back into fight mode. She added I said baby girl. You are going to be able to fight if you can't see. My mother and aunt talk to their surgeon, and they offered to do a smile small incision. Extraction I- crushing for her. Just because she's family, an eye operation was just a surface level of what she needed in root of title, thoughts consumed her mind, and that the outer roles couldn't grip what transpired within. Beneath the surface we hide. It's our mental health. I was one of them that would hide from everyone. We are seen as athletes, superheroes, champions, fighters, and only lastly as human beings Moreno said it. Seems that we are no longer human beings. We are subject to failure. Every time I said I needed some time. It was still because I still don't know if I was going to make it back when Miranda walked through the door Mrs, president immediately saw something on her mind. She asked her she does with her own children. Judaism! What's on your mind? Talk to me? She. Would say I couldn't do this punch. Combo I worked and worked I just kept doing the wrong foot work with the Combo Punch House like that's all right. Sometimes doing too much. Kinder's affect you because you're focusing on everything that you're doing wrong. Just let it go. and Go back to the Jim Tomorrow. The first time random came to the Persians home. She looked around and saw how everything was very open. How there weren't things on the windows there were tall bricks. Walk tall brick walls. Nothing that blocked off anyone. I don't understand why she was kind of tearing up a bit misprint and said. Mr President Mr President says genus. What's wrong? Rhetoric. I've never seen homes like this. Mrs Prisoner Response. What do you mean? That's when she was telling me about her neighborhood how she grew up. You can't walk with a purse Mr Persian said. It is broke. My Heart's I. Have Not imagine growing up that way. and. That was the first impression immediately after she walked out my car. As a mother took her back, envisioning how brandon grew up in Brazil. I wanted to sweep her up and cuddle until going to be okay. That was the very first insight into her life, and how she actually grew up. So title here, growing up Moreno lived in the small city of urge him Rio, `Grande, the sole living toxic home environments of domestic rounds. She moved on her own at the age of sixteen in for Florida pless. That's when she began competing in more time. Moving around became the usual for Brandon while her mother Sola Santos Katina to live in him. Eventually Moreno came back and helped her mother for two years at age eighteen. She made her debut living in Bulgaria combat. The you will princess nine. Oh, inner pro career! Then she moved again this time. She relocated to Critique Abba Parana. Evil Princess trained under killer bees. What Regal Fidel which which she said, it was the best tight training. She's had in Brazil at twenty three. She moved to Florida and continued her training with killer. Bees after Melbourne Jim. American Kilby's. She went to American top team just for fight camp and decided to stay living in a foreign country away from her mother made it difficult in fighting a support system that she needed. All afraid that I would never be able to enter the cage again going back and forth from training crying every day and Brennan said I had exotic tax panic attacks alone in the country under the language, afraid of everything and everyone Irish level where I had nothing, but the fight itself. Our reflection, the pre John's. Family that provided ice surgery, but a family that brought brandon in as their own daughter. She received the support that she longed for. They changed my life. The are my second family who brought me back with love before being them I didn't believe in people anymore. And Brandon said they brought me back when they showed up and gave me love and believe in my dream. Because? They made me feel special again. These something in me that I couldn't see at that stage of my life. I felt defeated I let the feeling of defeat, take takeover. My family because I couldn't talk to anybody I didn't feel good enough to do what I loved the most which is fighting. And they love the person Geneva, not evil princess. They may be see that I was much more than. What was happening? They made me feel like a human being again when Mrs pershing I met Miranda in. She saw broken EST, no self-confidence. The root of all was mental. Physically. She was fights. She was fire ready in reminds she wasn't ready. It was beating her up. We took a lot of time sitting down breaking that wall, and figuring out what was blocking her Mrs. President said it was self confidence. We did everything that we could do to build. The confidence backed up. Moreno used to be very shy and prejudice thoughts that she needed to break. That's where they're talking to personality. She was started talking to people eventually when normally she wouldn't genucel needed someone to be there to listen and not to fix. Ms said she was able to speak freely to express how she's feeling instead of so much trying to fix her. Subtitle here extended Family Mrs Presidents Three Sons and now have a sister and Brandon May. The family spent a Lotta time with the Middle Child Cayden the wrestler. His coaches would open their mats up for her as she practiced with the team. The INVICTA FC steroid became not only a mentor to Canon. Ball also became one of his biggest supporters. was never able to cheer for someone or a company someone to play because when I decided to fights, I abandon everything. Brennan said it was the fight and me training and me I was able to breathe a little in that time with them without worrying about myself. Watching. His performance was a light on my on my path and also maybe want to do it all over again. He's a very talented wrestler. I Love I love wrestling before, but after spending time with him and the boys at school, my love, wrestling increase and the desire to learn more also. Getting to know wrestling up close was dreamed from random row chips. Alanna for kid has wrestling championships was quality time with family. Is Something Maranan didn't have his gator. The trips arresting championship in Atlanta Georgia for very large for me I remember when I traveled to amateur championships and Brazil, and all the love of it. She said I remembered when I fought for love. Our draft for hours to the championship do several fights during the day and come back home at nights with Amanda with a metal enjoy. Those memories are intact vividly. As a as a as today, and it was the only good thing she had growing up travels with with friends, Karaoke and playing games during the chips, the people I met also opponents I face made me a better athlete to be able to see another world outside my home, she said. There was outside of domestic violence. Practice was escape. Championships, the only thing that many believe in the future. Family relationships. Santos didn't agree with her daughter. Competing and multi at first with domestic violence at home. She thought it would only promote more violence. I thought it'd be more VAUGHN's. We went through difficult times of ready. Santos said on the contrary. It was a sport and a disciplined. She played with her older brother and liked it. I became her number one fan with priority. A decade ago Santos Enter fifteen year old daughter Denisa ran away from home. Just the way they were addressed slippers, and some clouds sitting on a park bench dawn, hunt each other, while other while the other ones looking at the stars one green. They were going to be able to make it back home. I told her that soon. We would laugh at this moment and she'll be rejoicing las. Vegas we dreamed of coming to the US, Andrew said it was an example of overcoming what we went through, and so before I fish story a continuous story after short break, but three people's names came to mind as I was reading this. US take him rose Lama Eunice Time Willie Endeavor until. What does those three fighters have? Similar to Maranan. I feel like those three fighters psychologically mentally physically. They're psychologically. Damaged upon losing their belts or losing their last major big fights. DERN till was a complete different person after he lost to Tyron Woodley terribly after he lost the belt completed for person and same goes for Rose Llamas and I think really healthy fleas fighters to take your to year breaks. Mixed Martial Arts is a very tiring sport for you mentally and physically, and so a fire decides to take a break for a year or two collect Kevin, Kim, Elise doing then I respect it I really do. Are you looking for help for your fantasy football team? Check out the GSM see fantasy football podcast. Get to knees best advice. I pulled start who to sit, even who you should draft from sleeper picks a red hot lineups. They got it all covered for you. That GMC PODCAST DOT COM back slash fantasy dash, football, dash, odd cast. We'll cover traditional dynasty few PR even. When you need fantasy help, there's just one showed up. Don't forget to like him on facebook and follow them on twitter visit gs. MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. Welcome back so I've continuing story here of some Morandin. Continues, with Santos for mom was a teacher during the day and a production supervisor for a clothing company at nights for six months, she worked overnight until Santos manage to open her own clothing store. Many times they found yourself broken and throw on the floor when they return home. Moreno was looking for more support and intensifying her training before parents separated. Santos bought a one hundred twenty five C C motorcycle that give them freedom to move around. They walk around the avenue at dawn until they were sure they would return home safely. On the weekend centers state at her father's house. Run this folder. Stop Drinking and has another beautiful family. It's in quotes, but she doesn't know what she and her mother have suffered. It was me and her against the world. My mother was amazing. Even in the worst moments we defended each other. She said we never stopped believing that one day we'd be able to change that she and I. She and together made the change with our own strength. Santos suffered a lot with a distance away from Ren. She cried a lot with the direction yet. She encouraged her daughter to pursue her career and saying the US. Mrs. pershing communicated with Brandon's mother through what's up, even though there's a language barrier? She saw that a daughter needed that loving family atmosphere that her mother provided back in Brazil. I am very grateful to have found true friend and bobby. Nisa always tells me everything and the support friendship and help from her family, and her second mother sent the said she's growing more as a fighter and as a person. Renegade Quainton with each family member. At first, she would sit down and brilliant Iraq a family of Chitter chatters didn't allow her to give her over one or two answers. She started knows the family was interested in her. New Experiences. There's only one proper way for a Louisiana family to usher in their new daughter a football game. She never saw football game. Until seeing the youngest son Carson played at Evanger Christian Academy. She thought Carson meet a big played because they're afraid was calling him out for facemask. Are Fans were wondering what she was trained for? Ms Spread and said she also opened her eyes to her culture cooking. Powder quayle spread and open a culture for the boys. Brennan wake up early and grab a coffee and have a conversation with Mr President, who's a heart surgeon should cook breakfast each morning. At first, she wouldn't even pull out a pot nor container. The Comfort of home grew on her as she lived with the. And the family found a daughter and a sister that they never had. She fits in the soundly so perfectly. I cried when I had to send her back to Florida. She broke and how it would feel like the Senate to send. My voice is college. said it was only two weeks until I to go and visit her. Florida, which was my first time going forward. Renaissance stayed with the prejudice from mid August until November when she moved back to Florida. The family didn't want her to leave. That's how quickly she became part family. Last thanksgiving and Christmas the president's had a visiting family of visit family gas for the holidays. When she came back home, she beats up. The boys was hilarious because she's five foot. Nothing and my oldest son is six for three. She can take them down. Mr Putin said when we do family activities. She's able to take a step back and doesn't feel like fighting is year round. That's what she really needs. The final subheading here is why I fight being INVICTA FC started. Give up trusting people until she her family in Louisiana. They gave her a new sense to fight again as your turn to American top team. Today! I don't fight for a title, but the show woman that they can do anything because one day. My mother needed Hook, she said. And it was because of the struggle that I mash. Give it to her. Through her own story and her cooling brandon main objective is to inspire and donate to them victims of domestic violence. I want to show people in my small town in the L. in southern Brazil. Who knows my story? She said that if I got out of those abusive conditions and got where I am today than anyone can do it. We have the power to our own history and mine starting all over. So i. that's a very heartwarming story. My opinion here I really do believe good for her really good for her. There is a lot to be cynical about as it pertains to the fight game concern that the world mixed martial arts and of sports is an individual sports team, which is where it's been, it's an individual sports where up selling and promoting yourself and being kind of selfish. Guess you ahead. That's the weird. As strange reality of how mixed martial arts work. The number one fighter. You're looking out for yourself. You hear it all the time you see all the time from a fight. Analysts by experts fighters themselves at UFC countdowns. You always hear the fighter goes on to say I'm doing what's best for me I'm doing best for my family or I'm doing what's best for my career for the most part. Your your inner circle is very tight and very small. It's a recurring trend happening with the law charts fighters especially back in the ninety s especially back in the nineties. We Hand Frank Shamrock and I'm out their entire life. was that lines then and nothing else really, and once you lose trust and respect within that small community then don't really meeting at all. Because that's your heart and soul and everything that you care about should be within the lines then that kind of mentality also apply at towards team. That that team is based around like a bunch of dudes who have this, it's all about the club. It's all about the team kind of aspect, but their inner circle was very small, and they never tried to expand upon expound that because I was opening the the issue that td dillashaw had with cody garbrandt with a fever, the conflicts within team Alpha. Male are unnecessarily complicated and really. Like a lot more a lot, more fighters were a lot more honest with themselves and with other fighters, and can stop playing a character at times because you don't have to the Princess Caridad character. The notorious Conor McGregor the notorious. Character. Ben Asking Chill. and Kobe Covington and they're always playing a character. And so stories like lease. Appreciate the fighter a lot more and makes me see human side of the character. One of them are deeming aspects to. COVINGTON was when he didn't interview one time. Were he his voice. Always like this is like yeah. I'm the best on the best on the greatest ever met. Everyone's afraid of me. Yeah, and then I heard I saw him one interview where he was very soft spoken. He's very quiet. He was very hurry humble. There's nothing wrong for a fighter to show the human side of themselves this why I was very on the fence as Princeton Mrs Opinion on towards the tiktok video in the last time I had where she was really upset over one fighter like putting up a dancing. Take on the video because I don't mind. That's I don't mind fighters. Showing the other acids ends up there, not just fighters. You're mixed. Martial arts fighter doesn't mean you always have to be disrupt and tough person. You don't have to be that when you look at fires like forrest. Griffin and Stephan. Bader turn willy timely. All these fighters have different aspects themselves in different parts of their lives. Tara will has extensive. We talked about how he doesn't have the passion for mixed martial arts anymore and that he definitely needed. Needed some time off Kevin. Lee is mostly things apple. This Kevin Lee after his fight with Lavar He walked away because a couple years ago. Kevin Lee was this new hot commodity. He's always talking trash. He's try. People try to call them the next the next. CONOR McGregor, wannabe and to be honest with you. He really was conor McGregor wanted to be. He was trying way too hard. You Got Alexander, Hernandez who talked all this big game, but then when after the game, after the over the then bring themselves down, and they're super confident about themselves, and they bring themselves over to a dark place because he lost all the confidence. And when I look at as Kevin Lee Hernandez time with the you know what like retiring if you don't think mixed martial arts is your true passion when you can leave anytime, you want. If you do believe it is your passion and take some time away. Go do something brand new. That's why. Brand in his countdown. Lead up when he's. GonNa fight against. Israel's Cody Garbrandt I always garbrandt when he goes through his fight, he listened to much to his team Alpha male squad. He's surrounded himself with team. Alpha male so much that. Your favorite in the best of coaches out there team Alpha male. They're kind of questionable in terms of coaching at times. And so? He kind of left team is training with another squad in New Jersey. He's he's training with Ricardo Mehta. And, so I'm happy for cody garbrandt putting up in a new position, so we can provide sick and give them some a new outlook and fighting and a new outlook in mixed martial arts, and then it's healthy. It's healthy everything. Every fighter should go through that period of time where they have to like okay. Take a step back do I. Really Want to do this and if I want to do this? What can I do like doing the same thing over and over again? Is it going to help me become a better fighter or a better person? I gotTA keep evolving. I gotTA keep changing. And jainism Brandon I'm happy for her to be able to find that one thing that can go give her the passion, and that thing they'll go. Give her that extra push in order for her to become. A former Falcon tender, and now after this for all we know, she be pushing herself again as motivated again to become a champion, and so I'm happy for her. Family and I wish more fighters were just like her and were honest with themselves. There's nothing wrong putting that wall down and showing that very sensitive side resolve because the truth is, everyone is sensitive, and upon being humble and accepting that you can grow and become a better person. And so that does it for today's podcast. Thank you for listening to the GS. Mc Woman's 'em podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network. All like to Ashley, please remember to subscribe to the show and read. A Nassar viewed. That really helps up also a complete. Follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. Thank you and have good night's. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts. Women's mixed martial arts podcast part of the Golden, state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot Jesus MC podcast dot com download our podcast on Itunes, stitcher, soundcloud and Google play just typing. G. S., GS MC to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from Sports, entertainment, and even beer views. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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