LYOF Podcast: Diet changes for Ironman Performance with Darren, a LYOF Gold Client.


In Boca cost hosts Jacobs today. And I am interviewing Darren Toy. One of my coaching clients With these interview in Darren we cover a lot about how he's being low cost of several years. He was still carrying excess weight and experiencing bloating which had about the changes. We've made that helped him lose. The white feel the best in decades and love the food that he is aiding as well as the experiences of cooking the. Food Darren Rice Busselton Twenty. Nineteen it was. He's rice several on man's previously. But that rice he felt fantastic to spot. Traveling AWAKES WORK. Which had about how he managed. That travel accepted what he couldn't couldn't get done and still had an enjoyable rice to spot far from ideal preparation. His trigger phase is process that he used during the rice. Forgive forget and focus. We chat about that throughout. Darren begins by telling about himself his job and he's trough loan past experiences both the good and the funny after the Chat. I analyze what we talked about and give you some practical recommendations for you to take away and ideas. That might help you so. Don't miss that at the end. You enjoy this chat with Darrin towing charge. Autism General Manager of our company in the morning rental And pretty much muscle life of being involved in morning Then that's pretty much our got started on cab. White backing bet. Two dozen Livan Africa in Kenya and Tanzania Quite a number of African guys on saw that I was working And introduced me to some of the readings and podcasts accenture from t Knox So I got my hands on the real revolution which is my first real book that I read and Hope Davis seats from that point on Dos Since two dozen eleven you've done a few on man's yes ten limiting titles Sort of a a bit of an addiction sodded off the sport nine enjoy the jeered side of it and the like how things which very very well full endurance sport. Yes I am. One of those races you took in chase sticks and green tea in Melvin on men A few years back was a elwin backing to doesn't sustain very much doing banting visiting mark stuff at the time Trialing Chase seeks mine. Jill sauce for the fat and for the majority of Tom was great because fat. He didn't require anything else. A little bit of green safer fluent makes the Thais dot probably more than anything then just drinking water over on And successfully completed in sort of hi. Tina arms several. You contacted me. You told me the story about that but said it wasn't necessarily the best approach and I'm on the I would you know help. You refine your approach with nutrition in the rice. Oat Wasn't having Hot Soggy chased after that was two thousand and I aim new-zealand and knowing candidate very died. And that's exactly what I got and hall of Sunny Is Comfort as she seeks. The WHO've been sitting down old I am I bet. Yeah and I think we came up with a fairly good plan but in between Then which was three or four months ago now You've you do a lot of traveling for work so the demands on you physically And fatiguing obviously aelon travel is fatiguing itself but being I'm not being able to fit in the training then you kind of set yourself back doubly so have you sort of manage that you've got a personality that really likes to you know you really get the training. Don If you've got if you're not falling asleep at the wheel basically you you get the training in So have you sort of managed that travel and demands to get sessions in on a case to plan in advance pitches wear ongoing can done research with his. Olo Now. I can go wrong all busy. Gene were jump on a skin boy once I used to always travel with my by some of the remote like high school or go to now. That's not as easy so I can't take my walk anywhere and it's typically running swimming when I travel or the odd Spin Bark. You fucking get online. I mean you were just like it was only two weeks out from on. Busselton they see when you go home from nearly two weeks away in North America So it ended up being a bit of a run run blocking in freezing cold conditions. A lot of a lot of it was just game so lot of sort of detrimental imports bang. You know no warmth Nice on in the gym and didn't have your total you sort of the that and what we made the mice. We did some really good long runs on the treadmill and and just try to fit. It inbetween. Always traveled is. It was tough Because was doing is technically the driving little meetings all day and then typically at the end of the jump tent lots twelve diets so it wasn't a lot of time in the evening or during the day to do any training literally jumping on a treadmill in the mowing because because majority of the trip it was anywhere between ten and on his twenty th focus. Nice I you your running yet. So is And then I got one weekends. Were really good gym. That had twenty Matoco was I had two days of swimming clown but outside of that it was just treat remotely in and then occasionally if I had an evening where I wasn't on applying another station near as well. Yeah Pretty Pretty Amazing. In two weeks that was just two weeks out from Vessels on when you go home and couple of couple of rods for Waco so and then travel either to Busselton which is a is a fairly big day of traveling itself to Subject to that two months ago the so you're about eighty six kilos or something And you go to. You've been high fat low carb for for many many years but was still carrying like a bit of excess weight. That wasn't shifting really Even though training was starting to get a bit more consistent in that period And then you actually go to stomach bug and At that point I sorta. You're still trying to get in coconut cream and protein pat. I'm just trying to get calories backing and I just sort of said just donate unless you're really hungry white until the guts. Happy to eight and when you do eight go full a bind broth or even better. Maybe just a steak because buying broth could be histamine if it's not fresh Which could be an issue inflammation as well so you go back into steak first off and left everything else behind and never looked back on it. It's been an amazing Roy that jumped on the scales this morning. Just as a checking the city out travel at since man and I'll be back in seventy one Feeling the Best I've ever felt and this was the first automated ten plus the dog down that I've never had any issues or the naked cowboy the night before the morning and worry that when I was going to get one x cavs them. The bar in Iran was really good. Yeah so we'll just through training so you basically you became carnival. So you log COBB ANYWAY. But now you're just you know you know having a green smoothie you know having a coconut cream looking extra calories you would just aiding what was available And basically that was just the mate that you could find in the supermarket at the cafeteria or special slow cooked. Brisket Heim Will you ever found that you were wanting the energy oil hunger or any of that? I got because those calculations on him I needed to satisfy what do need you know because I was one of the unknown things. Much like the quantity on that three grand person bony white would really well and it was actually quite satisfying. Initially anything. I had a bit of fatigue was probably just tired but once I got three. It was the opposite. I was more alert slash actually slips better than a sykes and everything dispelling price. That's too easy And then a part of that though was at some of the fact that you were consuming as we said coconut cream Olive oil. I mean it's it's so cold people think it's healthy but at the end of the day still can be processed. It's still a very high mount of fat. Shurmur a location. That's a long way from where we live. The olive oil can oxidizer beat. So we we get all these other factors that are not local. Fresh foods that you know would be found in abundance for from our ancestors so you got into the May and then it was sort of like well. What are you gonNA have leading into the rice and Sir Toga sorry that you mindset you. You went came to change anything really. Before the rice-eating introduce eggs official said pre-race tell us what you had. Basically the day before so ninety four probably had one hundred brands of meets meets over rapists Had spent a two hundred and fifty grand stike launch an probably had about four hundred brands of anonymous type. That you know Just trying to be very simple on southbound head and I guess we are staying as well. I didn't have the coaching facilities in the slow cooker in the hearing any any better than that. But that's not bad because like you said it's what you knew. It's what you've been having every day and you knew it wasn't going to be any issue And then in training to the to get away from chase sticks and green tea we would trialing a bit of everything in in training as we said it was somewhat limited in some of the sessions. Because you were away for two weeks without a bike but we managed to do enough sessions where you're able to trial walk. It was that helped you feel at gauge alertness. Which is energy is just the Brian you know. The the central governor theory is if you brines happy then you're going to be happy hints when you mentioned the Green Tea from years ago so that changing slaves. Oh I mean that's just keeping the Brian Happy And so that's what we were coming for. What what's GonNa give you alertness but also tastes and satisfy and so we tested quite a few things and you found that. The Kato Salts that you were using which has A bit of a maino acids potassium. It's got the Kedar Salts in chloride as well. They had a good mixture of salts and minerals and amino acids and had a bit of a flavor as well which would have given a key to just your taste buds so in training you found that that was the thing that really pumps you up on the block you found that. Kathleen didn't do much training And we made a plan was pretty much along that a bottle of water and salt and then a bottle of the Cato salts and you did put in some dextrose in that one as well on so that was about to ended up with a two percent mixture of carbohydrates from the dextrose. So that just worked at was feeling great in in training and the plan was that was sort of last two one bottle if that would last week basically almost two hours one of the start and with a bottle of water switching out. That's two bottles for the first half of the bike and then more ESPECI- same at special needs but as it was it was a really cold really really hot dry and you'd frozen drinks when you go to special needs into the start of the bikes won't special needs it was called and just was so delicious having something called you you just nicked it within ten fifteen minutes. The backs is it Atas. We'd claimed because I'm in training obviously along my training or on the train which lean saw it and was very controlled barn where special needs in the cessation of heck hold on what's going on with right. It just felt so good. I just kept pushing down the released to sort of their way to. Because of the finale raising wasn't required the energy was just the the real calmness drink might such a difference too. Yep which is why we froze because we knew that that was going to be a k factor of just staying cool. Any opportunity was gonNA give you more energy. I guess in a way towards the end because you're not gonNA have as much fatigue on the nervous system if you can cape hot right down a couple of bates because it's cooling more efficiently But at the same time there's a there's a lot of funny things that have not proven. There's no evidence either one way or the other really but bang on a really low carb. Diet your your body just seems to do more with less so the fact that you will obviously with carbohydrates it can do more with less. That's proven if you adapted but I'm talking about like salts fluid and those sorts of factors that even though you'd necked everything can it went down quickly You felt fun at no point. Did you cramp you didn't Fatigue Muscular Wise. And you more than you had more than enough salt. Even though it was a really stinking died and the body felt good. Is that how you perceive the body seems? Obviously you consult Lord. There's some evidence to salt loading But yeah you're requirements of everything on the day of a less absolutely? I mean on wasn't anything on that day was cold. Fluid gunned down. What's right for this inside Shen Not to fuel mean any otherwise. Like I wasn't feeling hungry yielded deprived of food or energy in your name. You have respect It was just a really really dying. I guess if you look at any of the fight over salt actually came out of me That was the cash needed anything that was required and then unlucky in training. You found on rice. Die That when you had one hundred milligrams of caffeine was that at whereabouts was that but you really felt a kick took a hundred milligrams of caffeine in one hundred and forty on the box in. I took that more because I was having some back specimen Krantz on which are attributed to different positioning or wetsuit. Swim with the reason not In those is harvey it was GonNa help alleviate paying more than anything else but actually at that Pony Tommy g give me affair. King just turned on systems in a lot more payloads that lost forty case to finish very strong. Yeah Yeah there's a Lotta effect as you the the back spasms as we said potentially from the wetsuit but then there's also the You know all that travel that you did for two weeks. I'm in your different times on. You're getting different input from food. You're getting different information from lot. Temperature seating along travel so much stress on the body that he's producing different information. and import It could have just been as well as that. Just that the the cells would just still stress from all of that travel that you've done And even as we said the Florida of Busselton now easy flaw headed over there on the Thursday run. The race was on Sunday Sunday yet. So travel all day Thursday. You've only got sort of two days one day to loosen up a bit. One data rack the block and rest in its game on So yeah those sort of things is is what will be trying to just mitigate a little bit 'cause you're next goals on men cans so It'll be it'll be good to build on what was done here. And what you've learned and take it into cans with so much more knowledge and now as as we said just where we started recording yet. You've had now that you've rice is not imminent you've reintroduced eggs and we're GONNA Rangers fishes will because all mussels oysters. Whatever it that. You want some seafood. 'cause WE REALLY WANNA make sure that we're bumping up the CAYENNE. I mean unless you aiding lamb's brains every couple of every few days off and on and on I probably have them maybe once a fortnight but the day I giant fish yet seems to be crucial as well to the function of the cells so I think range reduction of some things could potentially make you even even more powerful and healthy but a big thing for you was always sleep as well which is obviously a huge motto quadrille stress. If you don't get debate early So what have you learned about the the impact of sleep and getting home light from work and trying to try and light? I mean that's probably one of the learnings throughout the whole process when I mean sometimes as you know Coming home from work and literally falling asleep thing trying to catch a train and just eating a whole for myself. Become more sleekness Where what are alleged to be stressed much about that. You know they won't stations. You can hear them promptly and make sure that you get your sleep trial guilty doing decisions to attain eleven o'clock embiid naught some phones justification in. What would happen is the sessions following? That in the next couple of days would suffer as a result. Because I didn't sleep very well at night. And it's slowly caught up with me. And yet the impact of community yet impacts could be wakes of that Losing Circadian Rhythm. With one light not that could potentially be really bad. I mean unless you're unless you're in the unless you down there in the dock with just a red globe and you know no no other blue light which you know potentially as an option Superior that really want to buy a hack the slate that get the training in That's one one option so we kinda came up with this new role for the new new training. Which you've you've bounced you. You've recovered silo from Boston. You running back a few days later Ten or eleven case just three or four days lighter and and now you know brought into the training so the new rule we kinda came up with basically if it's not a commute home from work the running a rotting that you're not going to bother training it once you get home at seven thirty at not and you wrecked this. No point trying to feeding DNA food. Prep maybe for the next day and a session You better off getting good circadian rhythm getting to bed on time and making sure that you now the next morning session and potentially then you can fit in lunch and evening the next day As best you can. Because you'll feel good because I think that's a big big concept is energy and a lot of the people that I'm listening to and learning it it's the motto Conrail Energy and so if the monarch Andrea healthy with Katie and rhythm with information from food and information from our emotions. That's where our energy production is those batteries in our body so it's crucial that were looking after the battery and not worrying about just trying to exhaust the battery with trying to get fit but Yeah it's it's been it's been really cool All that wavelength in the last few months and everything would trial has basically worked. We've got to and yet. We're not saying everyone that they need to be comparable but just going how you felt to this point. What a what a things that if you were to look at. Let's say besides eggs and fish or let's say seafood any seafood. Other things that you've you feel you want to introduce you still having you're still having some coffee and I still have coffee a day. Use that as a pre workout. If I'm doing a top session especially starting very early. Because he pointed bikes me off a little bit as well. Sit An average sensation. Murad I made that Roy seventy morning of an and that's an Oslo blacks very before mom and an accrediting more again. It's a great city. I probably because I had so much more than typically. It's all just for different flight up than anything for the top spots two weeks down a little bit like a cell phone of the side-stream Sparkling water counted again. Just purely lemon juice to just makes up tight Assess for more than enough yet. And you did you kept up Supplementation WITH MAGNESIUM. Yes Sir taking data. You May Zimbabwe through An evening meal mom and that's pretty much everything over a little bit was tiny with a slight down. The timing of that and everything else would have died as well. So anything else you want to add about And your monster. Obviously you've done you've done ten on man's so you had a pretty good mindset but anything that you've implemented in the last few months that you know I I might have passed on as Dana K. That has that has stock in. Your mind is a phrase or something particularly you've worked with This free that also come to the realization of I. Guess that you'd have you'd have a post post on ends well to fall on an inch. It was just a relaxed on an interracial. You know if I got yes Because you know it wasn't my first name on your nuisance wasn't the initiator overweight inside that if any tension or stress in Chilean gray said in in like what you've mentioned in a lot of y'all podcasts city doesn't throw rice where you start in straight-sets into this war stretch whatever gets Mahjong. These tenants he's coach Says the May Have the protocol? Three S say Netflix. You had a bad points or something you can give yourself you forget about it and then you fight us on the next point and Mary similar. That's good and then you just in mind is clear in your seats. Added to that pice. Doing the rice is just trust. Trust now you done the training and again Nutricia was Kafer me. Fossil's was when experimentally trout. And mentally telling yourself that you die where walking stressed even. If you've already said that you didn't they two don't deny that you've done it you try and done it. Just trust your instincts that you can vote as we said trusting. The body will do what it needs to do to produce energy. If you've got the Monde Stimulation like the alertness to to get the body to trigger And that's just such a big thing that happens when you do do a lot more lacob you just you trust your body to Cape going because the energy is always going to run out of fat. It's all just coming from the MON and we didn't. We're very quickly touch on the run. Because he did similar on the runway you had the call bottles and basically drank them at the Stott halfway and the rest of the time. You just need to sips of Simpson. Brinson spits of coke and that was about to him in water trying to save our or anything else. Did Everything -plicitly. You'd mentioned to me something that you've done previously try but in the end always just doing took a capital border of campus water into the US. What was left in the account of tonight? Oh myself at the beginning of the the ice station a drink. The water has been through. The I'd station and then go to the end of the ice station reminding are putting it on my head and hit it off again Religiously every single night station and that was it and got through forty two K. Comfortably on a very hot day and way you backwards really spasms But that since then you've pulled out well and everything's good and back into training wants food that's unreal and busy at work. So is it any other points. You'd like to add Thirty one or otherwise. I'll let you can let you get back to work now. I think Was was on. Your eliminating old is over thirds that you know The fact that zoning and really fighting on probably got too paranoid on being fat as you mentioned you know. Praise and NC tea oil is adding to that as well And on the Vinson faces. But you really get enough natural fats. When you proper healthy clean food you don't need to talk about all these And as I get more and more into the soya level and it's it's some pretty far out stuff. I guess it's about the energy but I mean the energy of processed oil like mcat and all of these things. It's going to give too much positive charge. Which is the reverse of what we get when my grounding to the earth or when we're doing a meditation or something like that we're getting the negative charge seems to have body In clean fresh air and local food. That's fresh So he's one of those things trying to balance the charges and potentially those processed foods coming to our body with a lot of closets charge and That just makes out sells really out of balances will also the green smoothies. You were having you having them daily. You actually failing breakfast. Every single dying cows Phoenix that you actually felt pretty bloated off though it's anyway As always we often cited everyone those raw spinach and Kales can be just so haunt oxalates and Lipton's and sign much fiber and all these things. It's just a big sort of toxic heat for a guy that It's a lot to handle in a rule fall. So yeah cutting that add some been great and it's been awesome to discuss progress and will vote a making you even stronger. Strongest very foods stronger through of the energy balance techniques and food and slave and things that we can incorporate and Get get some more hacking and on the way to Kansas. Absolutely there's just so much low hanging fruit that you just have a look. I mean I think we've done anything that's crazy. It's not impo very women. The anything that probably fan the highest prices is just planning a little bit more with the third because out of orange or money down the rate meet up until the end was just planning during pre cooking food for the next dying or but especially for lunch because to go and get ready for launch as accessible as -Tino or override which artfully. Now you know as back in lazy of it. That was probably the only thing that was very hard to be structured into. We're always gotTA GET Murphy Brown. But it's worth because. Thais side good slowly it's been like a little keeping started. It really has preceding right rate every night to And you don't have dairy now. I mean occasionally what have I mean very occasionally like once every couple of weeks small piece at cheese family of cutting a block of cheese crackers or something just steal a block of cheese off? Get at sort of that. Now whether you're an old yeah unreal. Very interesting that's awesome. I'm sure everyone's going to get out of this and I hate to questions. Thank you very much for sharing your loss or your whole life with this. Look forward to chatting more and hopefully have a good station this off tonight. June I look forward to continuing. Thanks so much for taking the time down really appreciate it. Moore's paid thinking. Kate catch that. She's so just wanted to recap some of the Kate. Tyco is from this. And that is that Dan was experiencing blurting. He's gotten close by aiding a lot of role grains which aren't recommended of Kale and spinach in high quantities. Then he went carnival which can really help hill papers guts and give it a really good cleanse. You're basically getting rid of all those inflammatory toxins from the plants and going back to really nutrient dense real food so good quality fats. Good Quality Proteins. And from that he's got was then able to handle comfortably the dextrose that we used on race day another point to take note of is that even though. Darin was aiding everybody most would concede I a healthy dot. He was still fifteen kilos heavier than he would like to be. And he didn't feel amazing he wasn't even sleeping. Well and sleep is such a good indicator of your cells happy with what your the input that you're giving them whether it be through lot and circadian rhythm whether it be for the Food and the inflammation whether it be through other factors of combining stress or just maybe it's macro nutrient levels as well. Maybe it's too much fat. Not Enough Protein. What your body wants is easy to find when you go back to completely natural foods so whatever that may bay if you just cut out the processed foods and that includes you know to some degree the process fats that Batas the coconut crabs the olive oils. If you find that you're relying on those things a lot in your dot then. It's probably time that you just try to cut them out and find those sources for more naturally occurring sources balanced with the proteins where they come so meat fish eggs and see how you feel because that is how we evolve millions of years in that sense that we didn't have high production of these fatty products so I cut processed food. That's easy but next off. If you're still not where you want to be really focus on your slate patents. That's a really big ones so the stress of blue light at not will really throw out your hormones and that could just be in itself. It might have nothing to do with thought. It might just be that you hormones out of whack. Because you're not getting good indications from a strong Circadian Rhythm and the other case for that is to get morning sun line so going to bed without blue light is great but if you then stain bed never go or just never leave you. Try and in the basement. You never say the sunlight. Your body's not getting the opposite of this Sake Haidian Rhythm signal that morning on than daytime. Then it's offering time so the UVA spectrum changes throughout the day so and the color spectrum so you really can tell your body. What Thomas Diabetes boss saying the Sun so think about that so it may be food might not be the issue it might be much more around the your circadian rhythm of your hormones so think about that otherwise. Try those things that we've mentioned about food and Darren's very good at having the right mindset to nor that energy is not coming from food he doesn't get any cravings he's not wanting for dopamine hit so I mean he's incredibly unique to that point where he doesn't want for that door from Maine heat from anything really like nanny of The Times. That were spiking all he wants. Is that coffee for something different? And that slot bit of stimulation of his brain at some point. But he's not craving any certainly can go without a he's not living for that drive main hit from food he definitely enjoys food. He he's smokes. He's mate you know every week And he's got these huge smoker and it is delicious trod some of it and he's got a real passion for food and cooking but it's not something that he craves for that energy hit 'cause he understands that energy doesn't come from eating more food or having a sugary main hit so that model. So it's it's easy if is unable to cut down on the carbohydrates quicker than it is for other people other people. You want to go that route then you might need to slowly change your aiding habits and you're eating stalls Darren's Bain Low carb for many many years for several years so Fahim his body was well fat adapted but it wasn't producing the energy. He still had a few things. Just add a wack. That wasn't Balancing his his hormonal system. Where wanted today? So there's so many factors and so many layers that we just don't WanNa pick one thing inside. This is the one thing that works these person. Then it's GonNa work for these person and everybody else. There's so many factors we just wanted to talk about. What works for Darren and it potentially could work for somebody out there. So hopefully you've gotten something out of this or food for thought or something to go. Investigate yourself further. That's always trying to do so. We're really looking forward to more stories for more of our clients along the lines of Darren's Because you know it's such an interesting way learn so much from talking to clients and getting an insight into what makes them tick and as we also heard from the mindset of the United. Forgive forget and focus the three FS. That's an amazing quick little thing that you can do for yourself. And that's what I've done for many years without using those words doing training and that's what I did in a rice when I get to a night station or when in training when I needed to stop for a drink because getting to taints and Mahatma it was getting to haw quick stop for a drink walk the ice station and then that's what I was doing. Mentally just hitting the reset button mentally physically forgetting everything being completely in the moment and starting again fresh. So that's the way that forget starts. Forget everything you've done in the past and start again fresh and focus on one step at a time this moment. Just focus on this moment so brilliant analogy that we can all use the three FS. Forgive yourself forget what happened and focus on what is now the next step so brilliant. Hope you've gotten a lot out of it as well and thanks for listening. Doesn't other desire to live your own podcast. I'm your host pay Jacobs and we're GONNA be back very soon with Jamie. Oh Jacobs and our next episode so look for that one and as always. We love your feedback. We love your question so please tell us what you think of that episode or any other questions that you want us to answer an upcoming episodes and topics you'd like us to cover. We'd love to hear anything because it just makes it easier for us to decide what we're going to talk about next. Thanks for listening. Please hit this. Obstruct Fund Lives Review share with you for getting on with us. Have a great day bye.

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