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Formula E Santiago and Monte Carlo Rally review


Let's say you just bought a house. Bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents, you'll probably mold along and see if anybody noticed you mow the lawn. Tell people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance. Which of course, we'll go right into the lawn. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers discount not available in all stages situations. It's also spoke podcast. We review the Santiago AB formula each round and a dramatic WC opening Monte Carlo rally. Third round of the formula each ship in Santiago Chile, but you said another dramatic race incidents and accidents plenty stands as to the general battery and high temperatures and a great victory for virgin Sam bird on your host. Sure later in the podcast will hear from the world rally championship open to the Monte Carlo rally. But let's I had to Chile joining me. I from Santiago is also sports formula. Correspondent Alex Cohen orcas. Sounds like it's been anything chilly. It's it's been absolutely boiling. We one hundred grease found on Jay picture in the rights without save up seven point nine degrees. How many said it makes it ever race? The previous record was five to grease. So yeah, he's really wasn't. I mean, fortunately, it wasn't humid. I don't I was just it was just drawing eight send you out that he was more of that's fine. But yet very very exit. Also joining me is and you know, you're real formerly veterans. So where the Santiago stand among your favorite places to go. Oh, he's definitely in the top five. I think he's very nice relaxed five pair, an obviously you got great food and drink, but I would say thirty seven nudging thirty degrees. A little bit too hot for me, and my translucent white skin South, America's always always a decent place to go. Let's let's crack, Alex. This is somber eighth victories. The Detroit of so far to win a race in all five seasons of the championships foot, one voice way through I think he was on the first lap. So take us through how he did it. Yeah. So you calling amongst in the early stages and follow race leaders question. But women who led I the first two thirds of the race. What his way uses a type modes by web when he went quite early. Visit hot married in bed. Stuy Lobi later then. Me at a crash. She crashed heavily at seven in epi warm. It was a similar incident in the rice. We're gonna get on later. But there was some white considerable trap. Breaking up old around the of the toll might have been laid around two does track. I'm. Was that by Betsy inherited the lead? He had to defend massively from the quantity. Impressive PASCAL violence side, second Pozniak pages and that was placed between them for the whole race. What did us bikes the team afterwards that basically because it was so hot everyone was managing temperatures than us going to be critical. That was a a threshold of seventy two degrees. They the battery hit that fresh owed thousand dollars guy over you would be losing ten twenty seconds lot very quickly. And of course to reality. We just got to touch zero not say your exton, and we saw that happening up and down the greeting the coaching psyches as as things out that didn't happen to two, but they were very close and Wadham was burn on this being life birdies attack that might very well strategy drive. A brilliant rice. He was so cool off a little bit by the major team. And eventually was like why temperatures great school back off back by the breathing space and tactic budging tactic was was make linear rice just control the temperatures steadily. Drives sensitive also view on attack. You need something about tree. That's what did he was able to himself in the eighties, but not like out necessitate just because he could. And he went on strike psycho. Pretty win is briefly vice imperil by by the message flashing Impala firmly saying you being investigated for being under white Nike, slam dunk penalty. It was that the accord is neither action site. Heaves his win. He's now in the in this in the signings leaders well because previously joined number Jerry was one of many many drivers heist penalty side bag now leads it and out the virgin the Audi customers head by chip. So brilliant on them. It was interesting to see how it's mode influence the rice offensively. This was the pulse of the leap place and second place in Saugus bird runs tight mode. I and use jumper long very line deployed his I sat mode after but was able to reclaim the position. So that that seems to be interesting reflections of the most significant impact perhaps attack mode has had on the race victory. Absolutely. Because beverage I was capitalize on Val. Op things do what's been this tradition? Traditional won't what Africans sunny three races our. But he seems everyone was taking later later in the rights for women go very very early go enough of a gap. I didn't even hat might sign. I get it and sheets, and then very similar thing. I think perhaps it the topic was right? What we call battery temperatures under control used this sensitively, I've been a reflection on that. But it was crucial. And then when on when he's time items on these light wrong when it was the temperature hotel owes many costume, but it's a great weekend from fairlon, Android phone, one refugee second phone Mary rice, 'cause he missed the sniper because you still on the contractor his previous employer societies and he could have won things out differently. But he's he certainly seems to come to terms with formerly really really quickly say it was the second rates. We didn't didn't very many laps in the first one. So really it was the first opportunity for him to share what he could do in the car. He looked. Impressive right. From the word guy. I mean, he was attacking to track with I'm in Alex. We're talking about one of the better, formerly trite layouts. It was nice wide retaliation mix of corners. And unusually for formerly St. try quit wasn't really strikes primitive Rosena park has some flowing corners, which you don't know me galaxy letter left to right angles. But he he took to the track instantly would always look competitive to the brilliant job in qualifying to get into superpower of just missed on game hope position. And like I was right in hundred win right at the end when the team told him look equally massive captor third-place, which was Alex seems before he goes post race penalty. Just by off keep those path retentions unto control. I think is interested in high formerly is progress in terms it's professionalism to previous hottest race was Pooja giant in season two and that rate a whole host of cast contract as the batteries reached critical temperature and had to be re sad. They carry all going. We had Robin frightens coming third crabbing along in a car with effectively three whales nine all teams are so much better. Prepared runs a much higher standard that they Rabl to manage those temperatures, and we didn't really see any other cars sort of stopping on tritely back off towards the end the mater. They brought a homeland problem where who says you step hang credits in Clarin. Madam year with the batteries because early have massively increase the temperature fresh odor movies about fifty five degrees analysis than seventeen about who's doing twice the length of the previous matches only half the rice doubled the ability in highs fades and made it I made you grow site. Site onto them. We should say. This talked about as a problem. It's quite easy to to. Afra portion in terms of the second. So this was very very extreme conditions for the batteries. And even though if you had a backup United letters times Johnson for the last couple of apps, she that was for that for that RAV and some other problem, you may be correct me on that. But this is positive for the technology rather than there's a there's a temperature control problem because this was extreme conditions. Wasn't that community? And I think. Yeah. Having because I I like to combs exciting. You know, why this is going to be insured this rights and to the I went back to the the rice temperatures every single woman realize and we got nowhere near. He drives study study degrees, the ones belied thirty three thirty goes online cable, this extreme he again, you can never out in New York City at the end of the Hong level capable forties grade degree on show, but he's a very unlikely begin this again, so well, that's that's the irony though from lease because this ninth out on the sustainable propaganda messaging again or whatever, but we'll see these extreme temperatures places literally melted. Australia the moment, these freak weather occurrences are threat result of global woman, which is consequences of fossil fuel being in transportation's. I also plays into what formula is trying to do. But I will try to work out. This was the hottest day in recorded history. Santiago, I think it certainly is for the day of the of the year. It was. And right. We we may not speak serious X temperatures, again, unseasonally her hair. I what was what I'm saying. Is he said like old car stops on not would have been a disaster performing the rebate, you know, the vast majority of the rights go he's didn't finish marched of them were brick that the contracts and the heating the heating. On the tomor. Right hitting each other. They were extraordinary amount of reasons was the highest quality of rights. Yes. I thought someone to drive in quite amateur Shen and quite dirty occasion. I if you're lottery at he suspected in the media off the rights that he he had a hot in verte. But sounds thank and the ad that the team the team one hundred censure, but that's what he thought Robb. Then it being the battery again giving swallows onto his indicates to related, but different different power. Well, eventually trap breaking up at this early down so temperature combined with stress the cars were putting on how happy does the problem because watching on see you could say it was you could say it was pretty bad. I it looks a little bit like it was just just tire models. Remember we had an Formula one in the early parole years places. Just off-line was was cover. It does seem to track surface was being was being torn up. Yeah. I mean, obviously, we will never know how it would survive temperatures. But certainly the surface was laid months ago. It wasn't like he was something just gone. Dine wasn't fixed properly that we've seen this kindness times in various Champa street races in the past three. Now, this this mass hot settled, whatever. An I E I suspect it's probably due to the extreme heat. But we we can't say for sure, but it was really by Basie anywhere when there was any form of lateral GBM hood, I'm by the car. The the race in line was being chunked up. We will back over the track. And it was probably centimeter may be more the group that just been churned an AUSSIE all the loose bits of time. I could come up from just been thrown over these serious pets like size of firm gaming die. So that just everywhere oversleep when blame me you may display mistake when of Lima once you onto those marbles, there's there's no controlling the car tires not going to be touching the racer fish. So something definitely definitely need to look into fixed season because it's very very almost one hundred percent certain it will. Be back here again, and they have to look tracks. Because if it does not the normal temperatures, it'd be serious problems. Is amazing causing called that white three time. I get inside physically change that much retry just our women. He said those software problem contributed to that crash. He did look up in the first instance, but we have to. I'm the same. You said was to the of the F B one. He was also lots of pressure from bird was was all every Muslim. We should actually at that Sambaed on the slow down that when he's interview interviewed and its coverage mentioned that he had his moment. Almost ended up in the wall. He said, it's well, so it was it was one of those really on the races where just about anyone could be could find themselves in the world without with tiny moment of inattention in days. What a great track evening qualifying the 'cause we're really Amir peaking coming in fats, really fighting is there. Getting the barrier on the exit. So it was it was very tricky. Right. So all of Ryan's Meri's. Then that's what he ended up in the getting gang. Could you lots route eight landowners, these these these good calling drivers in court mentioning Alvarado coin George his moment with repayments? Which I think didn't enjoy great deal. Indeed, actually fully pay. It was more annoyed that Mexico. Fuck that was there that was a federal been finding the three of them. And he said that it was gone for this moving across on in the force more at anyway, randomness, employees, we're nice to him. He was. He hates me on my car's that when when you think I was going to go, and I didn't look like shelter because he was so far ahead us shit masters of just annoying generally at the what happened there wasn't was to retire. But it was it was a combination of his rather than just thing. I wonder if physicality of family racing and that sort of whale to whale bumping things a little bit by surprise because their longtime since Formula one race very much not that part of the track. Very congested repeatedly certainly a recipe for for some some concept. Now, Alex Chilton previous podcasts about the works. I'll team struggles. Lucas aggressee seem to have studied the he took pole position. But he was then put to the back. He described it as the most stupid rule motorsports ever created that he fell fakes him. Now. It's something to do with the break. Use on the slowdown laps. It. Can you? Explain what exactly he did row in this stage. I'm still very unclear what will actually nation because it's not been publicly published anywhere. No, no one's to together. Give out people being very cagey about is raising suspects that perhaps the rhythm of untoward going on that compete me being to together. So the rule is that you have to you have to break on your on your in exactly the same way as you push up. Now, degrassi that I might see it was it was true inveterate. Gabby hide off second. It was truly spectacular. When you go out guide out of your back. White unionized is going gonna run away from winning otherwise. But it got thrown out because he's exact explanation is the the rule is taking on brake pressure. So he said he actually had less energy energy in terms of deciding factor on his push up. But the pressure was different. So that pins it's black and white rollers. It's Nimit coming at requested spot. The supply side team size in decision likes to safety grounds. We could see Tocqueville winning cash coming back from his. Not wanting to back of Robin fines in this bird, the whole whole mix of things going on here on it's very unclear and it's not good before, you know, is is strictly rule on the case of it won't wind warrants. Should they have to break in the same way on their slowdown? If they're trying to do something with time pressures because going to report your brakes. Okay. That's fine. That they explain that people. Don't like, you know, if you if you were to watch that qualifying session, while classic impressive. Then you come four hours for the right thing. Why t- Las he's the most problem is it's it's it's just confusing people, and I talked. Formerly space. We take him to a new generation of people if three most experts kind understand what the rule actually is highly someone who may just call to the BBC red button for the first time. And so I like electric cars watch this is my turn four. And and I don't know I. Things you're not allowed to say because this amendment that was made on the grinds of safety, therefore absolutely untouched role cannot be questioned. I mean today was professional racing. Drivers unable to control the breaking of that car. What next regulated speedy likes these absolute notes? Eighty husband, then go to say, the one thing we always this was because we can't but needs to be explained. We don't we sit in understanding the grassy cooling much cheaper much mcgrady's down a little bit. He's still here. That's the thing though, is twenty one of the drivers were able to do it. Then there was one guy that did not that doesn't mean that rule is firing and adopt one. But there were twenty one drivers or able to drive within it included his teammate loyalist for from that at least it's rule as possible to it's not not all you have to stop obviously as there's a band of of desire bar in which he have to use the same pressure not precise or things don't trying to catch people out. But it sounds to me like that they need to explain the bit. These this is what this is full. Let's move on the team at school technical cheetah. Enjoy see last year. Andre lots rear end. John Ernest teammate got away with it this year things didn't work out quite so well, so what was the full out for Matt. And what do we make of overall? What's been a slight appointing start to the to the season with happened in the last couple of events that. I think they may live to regret the number of points. They've sort of thrown away this early in the season when they con- certainly in the first erases that was clearly quicker than the rest. They didn't ever pay to demonstrate that level of performance here. Although I'm not sure that we ever really sold that tree performance the way from Leeds changed the qualifying system, the shares effectively made it impossible if you're in the group is leading the championship to qualify Paul because they always I to go on track, and despite very nature, the the track improves such a degree that if you're in a later group, you'll almost be quicker than matter. What your car performance differences are not going to be started in the mid field when the frontal, and of course, that's where we action and never to be happens. Not what we saw here. When lottery nerve the back of the custody went into the back of Jovan spongy Mariah effectively ruin Jeff's race. And then lot hotter in vertu. He issued towards the end of the race than ever take. It was tricky if. If you didn't have a significant performance advantage through tack mode. If he would just on the same problem is everyone else you had to get your elbows and of does not necessarily easy specialness slightly damaged car from an earlier incident. So I buy the car still an enormous later performance in there. But I think thrown away all of these points really gonna come back to bite them nature on especially when you hand in points to people like Mahindra and virgin who you know, that good solid Raeside fits and Jen returns capitalize when the opportunity comes away. So yeah, not good. We can for them at all and really need to step game in Mexican couple of weeks. And I think this group on qualifying things Canadian is gonna start out as he regains too because and Verma's very cool in hand a million to saying how can we justify amount of how much money what returning again, if we qualified by down, and that's about it. But he. Goes on east haven. Making fun and. This is kind complain. It's not like if they do qualify midfield never poll race dime. Scripts for the next one day. Letting move Cup is a bit like the doing the dance of success by the see in a one ratio loads by race comes off and start winning again. You know, it's it's going to be a little bit lineup is gonna run demise the grid in an interesting. I think and made the restoration better rates tutors anything about would is nothing. Yes is out front with BMW out. He Ryan the nice as well. And was thing caused before for the order on the savings lot. Where was up there? You're going into the top five sites in price. Pacing. Unless you're Alex say Neo still flying. Yeah. Yep. Strongly intesting butts testing testing. I'd like to read the prepared statement. I never declared him this paper. Presented data and Jesse Fossey's. But. All subsequent data's premiums. Anything other than that? They they they die know integrate planks to be not that car is just sly with doesn't look tick Lisi to drive and that doesn't appear to be a great deal and pace in fat late eternity by couple of points. And I think that's so the classic term. He drive under the radar just to get some points on the board. But that's the law hard work for those guys. I think. Well, no, you've got Ted often and catch a flight. So we should probably wrap it up as anything any other business. Anybody urgently wants to raise eventful. Eventful lead it weapon to him. He was nowhere teammate with seconded. He was there to about during Ambrosio. Hey, whether unbelievable we can anarchy was wrong qualifying group. But he was at the back of the pot and didn't really make numerous progressive LX nine to any Ingraham. He was he was dominant. Join the EMC night with his lap to win. This hope as she if you are if that great numbers started, Grady, it was a real struggle for him things might months for us to and at. Line has to easy. He's really coming coming in. He could have been in amongst Marrakesh. The raise the numbers did win. I'm just very quickly. Another thing disliked point on the same as finished third on riot. But was giving a post race penalty after instant with Edward, I more taller than Sherry driver. Now, they were fighting closely. They can clean the chicane Mohtar spun around from from behind. That's what caused it seems absolutely adamant they didn't touch him. And he was just it was just an instant. He was I. Hundred failing. Protested. They went to Jared said this evidence. This is all cost says students in another evidence artistic unfortunate drop seems down right down seven fights. Again, another person she gets credit what he's been voted in Marrakesh the cost. But he's been earning instinct party mom by advice, retired site funnel on Venturi at much much more competitive weekend, we'll tire finish fourth. But you know, they were quite strong in qualifying terrible reliability problems. But got the cartoon ended I issue, and I think they made the step. So now, it's good for that. Maybe that will help each BYU who really having a hard time in I for mayor. Yes, don't I w I very tricky app debate. At least chief that primary one driver which was catcher, finishing the rights that guy that might. When I was your primary aim three rice in that tells you in a bit of a bit of a battle. That I go for the factory Audi team. Something's got a little bit more excited about it's difficult to track released post race changes. I've got about results. Yes reasons. Trying to ride away with goal is. I'm going to pause every five minutes from new flash on the screen, suddenly changing dead on parents eighteen match points. Right. I got check yet. Leave all very nice hotel, Santiago and yes in the office is right out freezing. London. Well, thanks for your time. 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Seventh win on this event quite simply at he did it by being the. He I mean, he was kept on stole away through. Tearing village. You said it was very very slender margin in the end that he won by. But all Jay, we know he lives and breathes this Monte Carlo rally. He lives kilometers way from gap weather service pockets, this is his favourite event of the season winning him means more than winning anywhere else. We saw again this time he he's able to dig deeper and find a little bit more speed than than perhaps anybody else on these roads. And he's been born and brought up on these roads. You know, he knows these French ounce. Like, no, I the back of his hand but not far off since had some patchy seasons recently. But the moment it gets an Ajay back. Suddenly it's back to winning. So is this all visual effect? It's certainly it's part of the OJ, you you could definitely say that but equally you know, you should look back to two last year and the final day of Monty last year Christmas quickest by think. Two point eight seconds on the past age in similar conditions. We know that this three WC works in dry consistent tarmac. And that's that's really what we had all day today, and certainly in the past it suited, those roads suited that the Citron. But still as you mentioned. Throttle problem, which was which was pretty significant every time he was coming thrust. The threat was still giving him twenty percent gas essentially, so he had to get to just the throttle pedal between the stages so retarded as ten percent. So he can have the problem very, essentially, the guy was was hammering into a corner and driving with the our in. How many of our listeners will will comprenne? Well, that means that I'm not sure I'm not sure if you even if you have account the chokepoint, that's that was what was happening. And unlike OJ said you go into these corners absolutely on the limit. You leave your breaking as late as possible. On say one in four or five corners. He had no idea when he came off throttle and jumped on the brakes, what was gonna happen would would the Kabi pushing itself on it was it was difficult difficult day for him. And he's he's delivered. Brilliantly. Employ would you say his Hindu given avail couldn't beat shade to spite the citizen having throttled problem? It is a blow for hind. I. I think today as I said today really favored the Citron probably. But. If if hind I pro- known more about the throttle problem. You know, we didn't really know until midway through today's final loop. Maybe they could offend him over here and finis downside know, I think Neville's on the door handles anyway, he'd given everything this. Traditionally this is an event which is favored theory, you know, he's a Belgian east grownup on slippery Tomek. He traditionally does well here, but at the same time. None of the drivers in the past really on that. Well here so it it was no ideal Neville really wanted this win. But equally he's landed second. He's got big points. And of course, it's not such a big blow. Because hindsight does lead that the manufacturers championship, and that you know, some of the. Much of the credit? Some of the credit has to go to to survive loafer for his fourth place, which is more points and help them go through the top of the after one. It was also an epic battle for third place with Teo tapes tonight, recovering from earlier problems to beat Sebastian Logan, Yari Matti Latvala to third lots of stage times enough for him. I want us is that for tax title is Toyota was incredibly strong hair. He I think we can we can talk a lot about what? About what OJ did which was fantastic and Neville's result and an an all of that. And it was all great. But if you sleep the weekend the Toyota was quickest on every stage except for one three Saturday and Sunday once the conditions came to the car little bit, and it was less snow and ice and less inconsistencies hours flu. Again, an is for me. You know, this the Toyota remains the biggest threat and. I would say that. I said to the end of the event, you know, I said, okay, you've lost this rally to to semester. But is it still Toyota is it still tax that you looked as the biggest threat? Absolutely. He said we have to do something. He said tack is dangerous and the speed of that Toyota is very dangerous. Yes. So they absolutely for maitre still favorite Christmas. One the power stage and picks up a solid six after delays earlier in the vents house. He settled in at Soyinka. Yeah. Me because as as you say one the past eight he didn't just win it. You know, he he -absolutely hammered everybody with with an incredible time. We very very rarely Seapower stages won by that sort of three point nine second margin. But that was huge. And Chris said, it was the it was the perfect stage. There was not a wheel wrong. And even by the time, they got back down the road to to Monte, which is probably forty forty five minute drive or something out the mountains survive. Said marshals co-driver jumped out of car and was absolutely buzzing and was still shaking little bit. You know, that was a huge effort, and it was perfect delivery. It was it was an absolutely superb drive from from the boys. You know, he has absolutely settled into that car very quickly and immediately feels very comfortable with the convert comfortable with the team. It's all working well, but like Chris he's back to he's back to square one in Sweden. He hasn't done any testing really in in the snow yet. So he's got a little work to do this week. But the signs were all incredibly positive for him. Chris was different carrying two. He was so relaxed, and he just looked like a guy who'd settled down and come with a different approach didn't have the worries of the world on his shoulders. He just jumped in the car and got on with it and to him to tell me makanin at their the finish. He was over the moon with Chris chiefs. He's. He's he's delighted with him. And his words. He was absolutely brilliant coming back to Jay's victory. He's now to Sebastian seven Monte Carlo victories in the mazing number must mean a lot to him giving these from the area is the greatest of them all in the Monte. I think it's a lot. Can you really Fe OJ the greatest of the Moley? We've had guys vaulter all Tommy MAC, an these these people have of event some serious number wins on the Monte as well, though, I can't really imagine another Dr of that the that this rally means much to them. And you only have to debate around the event on Saturday, the stage went through forest Julianne, which is why westbound from her is born and brought up in this really small village is little hamlet just off the route Napoleon in the middle of the mountains and the whole village turns out to to wave him through and the atmosphere narrates just unbelievable. It's absolutely fantastic. And. The driver's always stopping change at times fronts for raise or whatever. Between the stages an stop downside, his neighbors old house Anina. There was time to say no to his to his next door neighbor and the the kind of human element for for him on. This rally is is a stunning. And he's he's from these parts, and he remains very much a man of the people if you like to see, you know, his old friends family all of them coming out. It's absolutely tremendous. And it really is one of the the absolute highlights of of these events being based in gap. Obviously is a lot of talk this year that perhaps we needed more Monte Carlo in the Monte-Carlo because so's no ceremonial start in casinos ground Thursday night. The start was out of gap. And I would really kind of agree with that. You know, we do we arrived in in Monaco. Late last night. It was dark when the cars came into into the harbor, and then it was Xenos ten past six before dawn when they went down this morning. So you know, there's been very little of Monte Carlo in this one. And I do think we need to bring it back. You know, we have some great stages in the and the meriting we call the Tarini, call the Brown sees a brilliant, brilliant roads. And there are more stages that we can bring it very much felt that we will missing Monte-Carlo this time. So something that told me magnum banging, the drum long allowed logistically makes single complicated and paps it would take a little bit away from from this not having a ceremonial starting in gap in virtually hometown. But for the good of this event, which is remains one of my absolute favorites. And it's a brilliant brilliant rally. But you know, I told me said we need to pull the Monte-Carlo back Monte Carlo. Thanks, very much, David boies. Thank you at police had to come fool the latest. From Monte Carlo from former aid from the world of Formula one and try plus subscribe area for a small fee can read the world's best motorsport journalists on every aspects of the racing and rallying world. And if you pick up also magazine outs on Thursday, we'll so vailable digitally. You'll be able to read David Evans in-depth report, the Monte Carlo rally, and Alex Kalinowka on everything that happened Santiago formula eight please check out sister titles f one racing magazine monthly motorsport dot com and much news out every Wednesday. And if you flutter download the stop betting app, thanks for joining us. We'll be back soon with another sizable podcast. Music is six AM tree. Life written by Marcus Simmons. 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