No. Now. Too Much I will quit. Air. Dog. Eat, dog, he. Yeah he doggy. Doggy. Ed. Welcome back to star cast marks the only ours. Finland August. This is Ryan and we have Chris again tonight say, Hey. And tonight we started. The finals. Done done robots. Amazing. That was sick. My intro or the fact that we're in the the fact that we're in the Stanley Cup finals interests sucked. Hey, come on. That much. How rude. We. All gathered here today continue. What are we talking about? We are gathered here today to speak of Gameboy wine. And Goodness? Gracious. I feel like we're talking about the same things every single podcast now it's almost like we're talking about the same team. I. Know, right. But at least with the Colorado series and with the Gold Knights series. The way we one was a little bit different. Right. Wasn't interesting enough for you stars dominating the game was shown in. At the end of the day, the stars dominated that game for the most part. I. I wish we had played a little bit stronger in the third period. You know. But I understand that's not how we play. We play are very defensive style and I think in the third period they out shot us like. Some insane number lake will they. To something like that they did what Vegas Colorado data whenever they got in trouble against us they just took every shot they got, and we're we're willing to give up those long range chances because we gotta get goaltender behind us. So there everything at the nets. So they got like two or three great scoring chances. I'd say the third period right where they had twenty two shots. So, not all twenty two of those shots were great shots. Right, but they were peppering and Mcginn Ainhoa. Any stood tall I know nets. The man that is Dobie but I mean. He he continues. This wouldn't you think he might falter a little bit. You know a couple of days off and he doesn't have all that momentum anymore any we get a little bit of a break. because. We are series early we didn't miss a step just made it better. What was your overall feeling? This whole game I feel. I love the stars dominated for whistle whistle honestly I know the third period was very lopsided but I actually enjoy watching a team locked down the third period. Now, that was a little more loosey Goosey than we've seen other stars, third period lockdowns but. Overall I. Still felt like the stars are in control of that game even while Tampa was pressing just because of how good our defenses and how Great Dhabi played so. I was a little worried in the second period. Remember I'd say. That I felt like we needed one more goal for the end of the second because we were playing so much better than them. In the second period the were outstanding in the second period and we needed to capitalize on it, which is what Colorado didn't do whenever they had their their good periods and we did we score two goals in the second period take a two-goal lead into the third period under the stars do that they don't lose the game and they didn't lose it again. So they played a great stars hockey game scored big goals big goals from young guys. This game especially to is the story. Well. Any know. You say young guys, but they're not really all that young, the other one that. Gave you on whatever rookies y'all know what I mean by young. Joe Hanley I actually had to look this up by a Siri. He's twenty nine and bonus referred to him as a kid. That kid has given us some great minutes I'm like. Young Guy. He's not young nucle-. I mean, I guess according to bonuses bonus has been around for forever but ordering Hawk Kills Young Yeah and then Alexia I didn't realize this but he's twenty-seven. I didn't really. I know. Not Old but. y'All it's not it's in the prime of your rookie. Right, right? Right. Right right. Well. So key Ronda does keep your onto things in every goal he has scored in this playoffs has been a huge goal just like you mentioned the three goals in game seven against Colorado the game tying goal. Against a the Golden Knights in game five, and then he does it here again at another clutch goal by Yoel Cave your. It is there something that he's doing that's causing him to be that clutch will he's winning a ton of puck battles and he's going to the right places in the offensive zone, and that's really what it comes down to you. That's what he was put on the power play right? He's finding open ice whatever he's in the high slot he's moving just slight adjustments to get away from the defense and get a chance to get his stick on the puck into put it on. So he he's been really great on the board, he's been really great without the puck finding ways to get open. And maybe he's that all around player that we've been looking for for so long. You know we have Jamie Ben, he's our big bruiser. We have tyler say again he's kind of our dangling playmaker who can still score goals and then we have are psychotic Russian elegant off and maybe keep your aunts as that two way forward and even he went undrafted. In thank you. For. Letting. Jim Noel. Know about him. Maybe he's GonNa turn into like a Mark Stone Kinda? Guy. He's looking like right now if you can keep going the way, he has been in these playoffs that he could be the guy with Jerry on often hints that becomes the core of this team for the first line. So he's looking great. So I'm hoping he continued that even after these series but for now I, hope you keep scoring goals for. In the in the current series. Yeah. In clutch goals on top of that does, but you know we mentioned the clutch goal in the second period, but he was also responsible for the hand legal. That was totally him. He pressured I think it I don't think it was headman I. Think it might have been circuit chef. Down in the far corner to the right of Celeski, and he was the reason why the goal was scored yeah. That's displaying both of the skills. I mentioned he. He's hard on the boards gets on the floor check. He finds open ice, which is what he did on his goal. So. Now I'm seeing a couple of people on twitter saying that hits Oh. No, it wasn't an I remember who it was. Now it was brayden point it wasn't a circuit Averni defenseman but the a lot of people were saying that hit looked kind of dirty. Give you onto on points and that's why big ocean went after him, and that's why that Hanley was wide open in the high slot. Was Key was because the golden went after. Give. Your onto after that hit. Do you think that hit was Kinda dirty at all? I don't think it was dirty at all I think the guy turn it into the last. I don't even think can be Raunchy didn't even really hit them that hard in my opinion he kinda tried to pin him to the boards to get the puck and the puck is Kinda came out but I think that leads to point throughout this whole game. The stars were way more physical than Tampa Bay like. By Times to like it felt like cannot match the physicality that was brought. I think I will agree with you in the first and second period they I mean it was no. No doubt I agree with you in the first and second period I think John Cooper made an adjustment in the second intermission. Instead guys were getting their butts creamed out there. We need to be a little bit more physical and they showed up in the third period I thought that is what happened to like in regular season games whenever you're down and you can't find a way to get the puck in the net you start hitting more. So that's it. Kind of felt like that's what happened during the second intermission they're like we gotta get something going. So let's start throwing the ball around and obviously didn't work out they didn't get a goal so. I think the stars are. Have the great advantage in physicality department in this series. We just talked about TV Orontes and how great he's been. Let's talk about Dobie for a second. We kinda hit him and then we kinda left him for a second but that gloves save. The Win Mail I was like. My hands over my face I'm like Oh. That's just now he's his teasing him. Yeah. You showed a little more leather there was actually necessary. I don't think that was his biggest safe I think his biggest save was. So say that toyopet that's a good. That's a good way to put it the toe pick safe and I mean that was literally on this gate blade if he had been just a tad bit smaller if he had been five ten into five eleven, I don't think he would have made that safe probably. But goodness man I mean and both of those were in the third period, right? I believe. So I believe so too. So that just goes back to what we've been saying about. Dobie is that he may not be super spectacular all the time. I mean unlike today he has huge savings the third period. Those two that we talked about the the windmill and then the the topic. But during the first two periods, he was pretty bored. That's great for the stars right. You don't want to rely in your goaltender until you need to in the third period he answered like he'd he did his job stars team in general did their job everyone the game handily so That's what we're looking for for at least three more wins. Or. We won the Game Hanley. Ha Dad Jokes. Okay. So anyways, he just got to. I mean you're you're right. We're three wins away from the Stanley Cup final and what I love what they did today is that they took advantage of the opportunity. Because of how the schedule has been because of COVID Cup in they're trying to get this done as quick possible and everything. I. Mean Tampa Bay played Thursday. They played Thursday and then came right back Saturday to play the Stanley Cup final and then we got Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday off. So we've got four days off. That's the longest we've had since the two days off when. The NATO shut down for the protests but. I was honestly really scared. Just, because I thought that we would get be too relaxed and then we would make that push in game one and I was thinking about the series that Tampa Bay had against the islanders and they did their game one was absolutely perfect. The islanders went to a game seven they had. The same thing like Tampa Bay in this round, they had to completely flip around and immediately go back and play hockey again two days later. And they took game one. And I was afraid. We weren't gonNA do that to Tampa Bay today. But thank goodness we actually did and we I mean we kept our. We pushing on him. Yeah. I was thinking the same thing as they get. The first period would be dominated by Tampa Bay in I. Wasn't really the stars were the better team in that period as well not by as much of a margin as they were in the second but there were definitely better and there was just luck that we didn't have the. The lead in that period in that period. So. But yeah. They're stars answer. Did they say no, we're not going to relax. We're GONNA go. Take. These games and the Cup as quickly as we can. So was good to see that awesome game from the stars. So after the hand legal. Yanni Gord had. He didn't even shoot the PUCK. If found stuff his skate ambassador opera behind. That mean that is the fluky EST goal. I mean we we keep talking about flu goals and everything, but that was a really fluky goal. And that's GonNa be the only. Way. That that's the only way they're gonNA Dhabi and this game is. By by a fluky goal like that, and nobody knew where win three feet wide it. Makes perfect kick. Save in. The corner. Completely. Unfortunate. It's like my goodness. That that I've seen that was blue kier that that was resells goal. The first time we played the blues and zero. Over the net hit the goalie in the back of the head and went in. But other than that. That goal was crazy fluky especially for such a great play by the goalie to like he does the exact right thing it gets off like what else are you GonNa do? Well, so we talked about your woke. Talked about Dobie. How about the continued. Emergence of Jamie Alexi AC. He. Did it again yeah. He's just been great throughout the playoffs. He's solidifying himself as number four, and that was kind of question if John Comes back does John's become number four number five while Alexi actors answered that questioning like No. Even if draws here, Alexia back is the number four guy he's the he's at least the third best defense have been on the team. And recently, he's been the second best with zero being first. So He's been outstanding throughout the playoffs. In the thing about our top four is the all do different things. So Miro is more of a speed. Sir He's more of the guy gets down into the zone John. Clean is the puck mover. He. I mean he's GonNa does a lot of that too. But he cleaned Berg has a special gift of getting the Puck from the point on net. He just really good at that and that's what you need especially on the power play. That's how goals go in seeing shots right exactly and then you've got Linda who's that stay at home defenceman who blocked shots, and he doesn't get any of the credit that he deserves and then you've got Jamie Alexi, who's kind of a mix of the three in. US More of a of the guy that you knocked the other big guy out of the same thing. So like. We're also talking about the battle of the big rig, the non story but I think it is like when we played Saint Louis, we couldn't. Last last season right or to the game seven. We were talking about we could. We couldn't match the intensity we couldn't match their size. In. Now we have Alexi. act. League he can. He's huge. He can do it every watts so It it's really just like showing kind of house. The stars evolved from that quick move the puck around score more goals than them style that. They got stopped by the Blues to this playoff team that is going to impose their will on the other. Right Then and again, Jim? No. Learned from that series in. Picked all of these guys up. Now. I I. Think a lot of it is also lucky in the fact that there's a lot of players that are playing extremely well I mean. Well. It's a new guy every night to right. That's what I'm talking about. That's talking about the last game Jamie was outstanding. This game he he's all right. He's making some decent plays a buck battles, but he wasn't great but this game. He was all over the is he had the puck like all the time which was crazy. hits played a great game. He had a lot of block shots. He had a great assist on the Hanley goal. So there's just new guys that are stepping up every game that are finding ways to contribute like who would have thought Joel Hanley would be the guy to scored the first goal in the Stanley. Cup finals like nobody who's Hanley not new guy is. And his that's his first goal. Ever it has first NHL goal is a game one game when. I mean. How cool is that going to be to be able to tell his grandchildren or even his children when when they get older? Hey. I scored my first NHL Goal and a playoff game there all the playoff games game one in the Stanley. Cup final during. During November it'll be way cooler if you can tell him, he won the series later to yes I agree. All right. Well, we also got A. Some of them wanted to talk about. Pat Maroon. I hate that jerk I'd use some other words for him but I can't. He's. That I mean first off. There's no point for him to do that at the end of the second period. What he did and then second, that's just flat out dangerous. Absolutely flat out dangerous and it was in the and honestly I really thought that that deserved more than just a ten minute misconduct. I mean on. I have to play like that, but it was it. Was Pretty. See, that's what I hate. About play like that. I I don't agree with you. I think was completely intentional and. Ashley might have been I'm just saying I'm not sure right now. I know I know for a hundred percent in fact that. I mean you if you watch the replay, if you watch the replay from the back corner from from Vassilev Skis, right. There's a camera over by the Zamboni doors and there's looking straight at him and he turns his head looks at the bench and shoots it straight up the bench. That is a bunch of bull crap and. The. The its completely intentional to get somebody get somebody hurt. I don't know if he intended to get somebody hurt but that's a situation where you can hurt somebody and no one's expecting something like that to happen at the end of the period that I mean the stars were already standing up starting to walk off. Yeah This is weird. I haven't seen that before it was super. Confusing I didn't know what really happened. will in and everybody missed it it seemed like the ten minute misconduct they thought that it was just said whatever. But honestly I kind wish that we had gotten a play at the beginning of the third period. I felt like deserved one after that frigging play. I mean even a two minute unsportsmanlike conduct. He was just ticked off because you'll okay of your onto did his thing and they were by two going into the third period. That's what it was. I mean, he was pulling frigging Novak Djokovic which. pissed me. Off. Okay So. One of the big things for tonight that I wanted to talk about was the continued penalty kill. So the stars are still continuing to have an outstanding penalty kill and when they do have their little, you know mess up or. A missing coverage or someone's not manning their point. Dhabi is just there just to mop up the mess. And everything I, do wish we had taken advantage of the power play in the first period more and I think that would put the game away a little bit quicker but I am happy with the penalty kill side of the game tonight. Agree one, hundred percent with the pill. The gillick great lighting really look like they had much of a chance on most of the power play maybe one time they set up for a decent amount of time. But I think the stars power play also looked it looked. It looked great. I think it definitely. It's worth the offense in the right direction to go and score the so while it wasn't. Officially productive for game flow standpoint, it definitely was productive. I will agree with you on that. Yeah. So I didn't mention that part. So they did get a lot of momentum offer those two power plants I just wish they had cashed in on those just to. and. Especially, after that fluke especially after that flute goal is the IANA. Gorge flu goal. I was like man we're playing so well in this first period and it looks like it's not even really. You know we're not really out playing them because the scores only one one and that's why it matters. Yeah. So. Yeah, the place definitely GONNA have to cash in eventually in this series, right? I. Mean we're not GonNa shut out the lightning on all of their penalties on all of their power plays and. They can't shut us out on our powerplays. We've got a score of goals there 'cause. We were the Dallas. Stars we're going to find some trouble eventually. Right. So just to throw a couple of stats, you tonight shots on goal stars barely. Twenty. MILLION IN In and I mean, it just goes to show you that you knows sometimes, shots doesn't always reflect the game flow or the momentum of the game because when you look at the first period, the shots on goal per period in the first period was five to four second was thirteen to ten, and then the third was twenty two. In favor of lightning in the third period in favor of the stars in the first in the second. I thought we dominated that first period and I thought for sure we had more more shots than that but apparently, we didn't. But Do you think shots on goal. Win You're looking at like like, say you dislike It's in the second period. The shots are thirty, five, twenty, two. Which team do you think in? It's tied one one which team do you think is? It has been the better team. It's a tie game. I definitely say the team with more shots but right give you typically but that. But see that wasn't that wasn't the case tonight. Yeah the. AMAS behind rights if you look gorgeous tap is behind and they have more shots. what I assume is that they're scrambling. Scoreline like that that's what I. That's what I saw. That's what I thought. When conducts always had all their shots and that's what I saw there vegas is just throwing everything at Pitt at dinner. So. That's what it felt like a period to write. It felt like lightning we've. Got Score got a score got score in there just throwing everything and not really getting great chances I. Mean Chances Weren't really on shots right? They were on scrambled around the front of the net. Other than the two giant safes. Well, those weren't shots. So the toe pick, it's just sliding on the ice guys blocked out. Oh Yeah that's not considered a shot. No it counts is a shot I'm saying it's not like a high skill shot. Out A high quality show. Yeah. Okay. I I. So. So it's a high quality chance, but it's not high quality shot. So it's not like someone snap it it from from the dots or slap at a hundred and ten mile an hour. One timer. So. So they're getting these shots but dowse wants to have the shots and they said that they've said, we're locking down games and especially when we're on the penalty kill, we're going to give them the shots outside of the dots. Dhabi. Is going to save all of any has so. I think the lightning should learn from the past series that the stars played in and that's that peppering the net is going to work. So if they want to win a game. From behind they're GONNA have to learn that. will end here. Here's the last question I wanted to ask his seems like a lot of people are upset that the stars are doing so well. Because of the brand of hockey that the stars play. So. They're all about the a lot of people are about the running gun offenses the the Nathan McKinnon's of the world in the stars don't really have somebody like that. I mean you see that on the Tampa Bay lightning you got buried in point you got Nikita Kucherov. You've got both of those victor. Hedman shoot the guy has nine goals this this postseason. While playing hurt. But. Everybody is afraid that. Even even if the stars don't win the Stanley, Cup? That because of how the stars played in how the islanders played that's going to affect what everybody else does in the NHL. In they look at us and they realize, Oh, were if if we go and get players hopeless play, this trap hockey is what I'm hearing a lot of trap hockey that we're GONNA get further in the playoffs. Do you think that the NHL was going to start heading that way in if they do start heading that way is that necessarily a bad thing? I think it's honestly ridiculous argument. You look at the past two franchises that have had the most success recently, the Blackhawks and the penguins. Were those trapped teams. They were great all around hockey teams, but especially, their offense was fantastic. So the idea that because two teams in a row are doing well in the playoffs that happened to be good defensive teams does not mean that the NHL is trending towards defense. It means that there's two viable game plans for how to play the game and I think fans should be excited about that like how stale would it be for? Just two offense of teams did not play defense and throw shots at each other. I'll tell you how steal it is. It's as stale as the NBA that's exactly what's happening scoring a hundred fifty points in basketball game. I can't watch that at all. It's honestly disgusting to watch to me but if you have to good styles of hockey that are fun to watch in their own right, it's obviously easier to watch an offensive team. But if you're watching a good defensive team and you know how hockey worked, it's really awesome to see people battle in the boards and fight for every puck. So I think vans should be excited about the fact that there's two extremely viable ways to play the game in two ways to build a team. So I think people are looking at that completely wrong and I think it's ridiculous how there's a lot of hockey personalities that are calling the stars not the better team like they haven't been the better team in the past three series including the including this one like just because we're playing a defensive style does not make us not a good team just because Kucherov can score budget points and put can store score a bunch of points and we don't have as many scores does not mean they're automatically. Right. So mainly from personalities I heard I saw Steve Dangles preview. So he actually took the stars to win right I know and six that's all star winning six. But like he said, the better team doesn't always win and he thought that that's what was hap-. That's what was going to happen here. But just because the team doesn't have a top guy, that's a great goalscorer doesn't mean that the they're not the better team. If you look at this game, the stars completely control the game. Throughout. Their they were outstanding there obviously better than the first two periods of the third period. If you've watched ours hockey, you know that that's what they're trying to do and they played the game that they wanted maybe a little bit too many shots did they didn't want to give up but many penalties yeah. But for the most part, the stars control the game. So I think to say that the stars are not the better team. Is Honestly ridiculous after watching this game and to complain about a defensive style when an offense style is obviously viable is is just silly. Get Commentary Chris. I'm not gonNA even add anything to that. Thought about it a lot man it's. Now, I know I know. That I wanted to end it so. I love watching the Patriots play in the Bruins especially this year it's exciting but watching the stars plays awesome to watch the grind like I don't understand why fans aren't aren't happy that both of these styles are working like it should be. It feels like we're in a great time in hockey that both styles are working. You can play however you WanNa play hockey and you could win if you're the better team. So. Yeah. That's thought on that. Either way you gotTa have good goaltending. True. Seen that throughout the playoffs no matter which team if they're defensive. Or offensive the. Better Goalie, normally wits. Right. All right well. Let's see two on on. Monday. This has been star cast marks I'm Ryan and along with Chris. We're the only Dallas Stars. Fan live broadcast. Can follow us on twitter star casting are find us on facebook page at the marks, and then you can also subscribe to us on our youtube page as. Maybe you can comment tells why were wrong right? Does trap hockey actually work. Does Asa Stars in the islanders. All right guys we'll We'll see you on the flip side.

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