26 - Round 2 Blazers v Denver


All right, everybody. Thanks for joining me again for another episode of the lumpy show this week. We're going to continue the blazer post-game reactions. I didn't get to do one for game. One had some other prior priorities that need to take care of. And there was just no time to get it done. So I'm gonna hit on that just a little bit today. And then just jump into. What was the not the most exciting game too? But I guess close thrilling game too. So thanks for listening and stay tuned. All right. So quick recap of game on between Denver and Portland. You know as a fun game to watch exciting scoring the not. I mean there was defense played. But it didn't seem like it at times both team shot over fifty percents. Almost a right around the forty percent for the three point line. The the key to the game was Yokich. The blazers did not have an answer for Yokich and game on. Was like thirty seven and nine in six assists. And they play that pick and roll game with the Murray and between the two of them add sixty points out of the one hundred twenty one points scored that night with Millsap coming in for a little bit more and the blazers just couldn't. The game plan for for for game on was not to attack the pick and roll and double Yokich whenever he got the ball. The did that much better than game to which we'll get into here. More in just a second. But they just cancer was point. So far off a Yokich on that the pick and roll that either Murray would split it drive down the lane one foot runner or Yokich was doing that. With what runner, you know, the only took five three pointers. Had twelve free throws because he kept getting all the calls, but he easy shots essentially drive down the lane or picking it passing it to one of the guys for shooting the three year pick and roll. So they they played good game. And they didn't miss a shot and the blazers didn't really get anything catcher. Correct myself cancer had twenty six points. He played really well from an offensive point Dame had one of the quieter thirty nine point games you'll ever see the just couldn't get over the hump of of scoring after the third quarter. It was always a close game. But you just didn't get that feel for the boys is we're gonna come back and take it from the nuggets much like the reverse of tonight's game. For game two. The blazers. The gotta get you know, a little bit more out of some people. Rodney hood had a really good game in game one dropped in seventeen points. But it's like it was four people scoring and a lot of times, I guess that can work the blazers don't get anything other than the litter and McCollum for the most part not every game. But a lot of the games and that workload blazers aren't gonna win a series. If they can't get some some play from the other guys off the bench. They weren't playing bad, but they just weren't giving enough in that game. And then Denver just miss forty one percent from three point and fifty fifty percent from from the field. And it was just one of those games. Lot of it was changed game too. So that's not much much more to say about game on other than the the blazers just needed a little bit more defense. There was not much defense. Played by anyone. And especially from the blazers where they Yokich and Murray can just do whatever was needed. So we'll skip ahead to game to here. All right. So in game two the blazers pulled it off ninety seven to ninety and they got contributions from everyone off the bench played a much better defensive game. Except for rebounding. I think they neutralized Yokich. I'll bet for a couple of minutes in the fourth quarter from an offensive standpoint they were going they were attacking him as soon as the ball went on the grounds and sending a double and playing different players than cancer on Yokich. A lot of the time not all the time that 'cause it real job on the defensive end. I thought as far as trying to slow him down a bit. Cancer do bad. He's just not a good defensive player for the most part maple just a little bit here and there, but he is he's an office of player. So you get what you get on the defense, especially with nurture out. But they they neutralize that Murray. Pick and roll with Yokich that they could not stop for nothing in game two or game on. I'm sorry. So that was cool seeing you can see it right away. Blazers were up by seventeen at one point. I think either it was in the second quarter late or early in the third quarter, and it kind of hung out for the most part around that fifteen to ten point land for minute. They're down to six but other than completely destroying Portland from an offensive rebound point of view. Just as I stated earlier in the podcast game. One blazers were always hanging there. But he didn't feel like they're going to come back and win in this case. You didn't feel Denver was gonna come back around because they can shoot for nothing. They were thirty four point seven percent that made Oklahoma City, look good. Look like, they tried to fashion the game after Westbrook will just the brick show that was going on twenty percent from three. But the reason they stayed in the game is twenty Twenty-three offensive rebounds, two seven against the blazers and he would say with twenty three rebounds. Probably weren't a ton of rebounds for the buzzer to be had. But they still outreach about them forty defensive rebounds to thirty five that tells you how many how bad Denver was on the offensive end tonight. And from the free throw line. Denver was awful sixty one percent. What kept them in the line is the players could not get a defensive rebound. Like, I said they had forty but they can get the offense of rebound or defensive rebound story in the fourth quarter. End of the third into the fourth every bounce off the rim. Ended up in Denver player hand there were just attacking rebounds. A because once again, they knew they were missing everything, but Portland was just not imposition to get the rebounds. It wasn't that they weren't trying to get to just weren't as fast to react and go grab that ball. But you know, the held on for seven point, and and I'm thankful for that. It was on a night where Dame just couldn't get going. They put they switched a little bit. That is which up Cray got her broke his nose. It was cut a bit because he'd been kind of the guy put on Dame, which is funny because he tortured for thirty nine. He was hampering them a little bit today and Dame kinda get going. He finished with fourteen points five or seventeen miserable from the three point line. Just get going. You know, he's a lot of you know, potential fouls that weren't being called on Dame strives some of them he was just trying to get to call the wraps a little bit. But you have to do especially if you're star player, but he just see he was out of rhythm to that on the shooting. And you know, that's the first time this playoff series this platform. I think he's been that bad from the from the line. He played so solid game. Saw defense everything else leading the team. Of course, even. Jay was the leading score only at twenty with the the low scoring game. He. He was all right. You know, nothing spectacular. Get some big points from amino Collins Rodney had played another good game. He's he's looking like the player the blazers needed when they traded form in this series. A lot more than what was coming out of the o'casey series. Even J J Lehman got in and played a few minutes with heartless wrenching his ankle. Pre rough looking spill Yod Avent heard anything new about game game three on Friday, but Lehman command because I instead of playing someone else or switching it up start usually likes to keep the rotation going for the second team. And so he put Lehman in their first action the plops in one of the blowouts. He was. It was a minus five for the six minutes. He was there. He was up in Murray's face and point tough divas on them. So I actually thought that was pretty good of so for my money. It was a good all around game by the blazers. Nothing spectacular solid. Very good defense can get a rebound on the defensive end and that third into the fourth quarter for nothing. And that's what kept kept Denver close. And some some question, you know, not the best shooting tonight for both teams was really bad. But not the best. We'll see what comes up and game. Three. See how Denver counters the way Portland played defense on their picking role game. Like, you said earlier, I was really impressed with how they attack that changing it up and throwing something different. Look like Jim Murray has got a wicked Charlie horsey. You know, he he kept going hung in there. But you could. See in that fourth quarter. He could not move. So I'm curious to see how that goes for the next next game. Yokich joke each I liked that players gave. But he's now that we're in the playoffs and you see play back to back games. He's he's kind of getting on my nerves. He should've fouled out refs. Let them get out of it not on purpose. I think that just missed it. But it was it was a clear foul on the Collins. I believe when it came across his arms that guy's pretty funny. He. Looks out of shape. He looks like he goes to the the Felton Rafe Elton. School of conditioning for basketball, but he gets you can see all winded as out of shape as far as most NBA players, but he can barely jump over a piece of paper. But he's he can pass. He's his badge ical on the passing. You reminds me a lot of for big guy the way he passes lot like our visa bonus. Especially when the bonus was before he came to the NBA in his Europe days. He could just see the court and make those passes that in those days, like Magic Johnson was the only one was making those days shows, you how old I but. Could just read the court make those passes to the guys in and Yokich do that. And you can see why they didn't need Nurkic anymore and with that trade department and Portland's better off for for that trae too. But yoke edge Yokich had just a so-so gave I mean damn near triple double Bill, only sixteen fourteen seven and gotten foul trouble. And because of the boys defense can get get rolling like the kid, and they don't get a lot. I mean, they're Bence plays. Good. But they don't get a lot from them. Offensively. Beasley Morris Plumlee in Barton. Are the only ones I play. They just don't get a ton. I mean, I don't know why they don't play as as Thomas. That's an interesting one. I don't know if he just can't play with the hip. I almost forget it was on the team and the box score. Do think that that guy kid come off and light up some offense a little bit thing. Post up all day down the defensive end. But you would think. He could come in and give you some offense for little bit. But they don't get a ton of from anyone else from what I've seen this. I e games. Besides paul. You know, the starters, Paul Millsap, and Yokich and marine and Harris, it's been a fun. Little it's been a fun star to serious lot less. Contentious except for the end of the game. Who in Yokich actually, shoved cancer and stumbled and then ran into Craig broken his nose early in the game. And then some of his teammates studied Kanter did something palm purpose for something. And so they came to Kane kinda came to his defense. There are some John a couple of tech and close. Nothing crazy today was not evidence of it. But these guys are gonna be playing more of a free flowing ofensive type series. And I think it's gonna go six I think the boys IRS, hopefully, come back and take the next two at home. He's been playing really well there and then go back, you know, finish it out here in game six in Portland. Get to the Western Conference final for. I think for the first time since two thousand I think that's a legit reality. So we'll see how it goes a long ways long ways to play some players definitely got to step up for both teams blazers need that third score besides cancer, in my opinion. They need Rodney hood to keep playing the way is and and play that defense. And it'll be exciting. I think they'll take it. So I appreciate you guys listening to him as always we keep growing this thing. So share if you like it share it, and it won't always be blazer Centric. So thanks for listening piece.

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