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On this episode of the playbook I have Daniel Blake the VP of US value brands. Anheuser Busch and we're gonNA talk about giving cheers to the compassionate capitalist can drink beer to get kids out of debt for college. That's right join me for all of this and more on the playbook this is entrepreneurs the play each week. I bring you some of the greatest athletes celebrities and entrepreneurs to talk about their personal and professional playbook to success in what made them champions on the field and in the boardroom. I'm your host David. Meltzer all right Dave Meltzer with entrepreneurs the playbook and I am so excited I have Daniel Blake. He is the BP of US value brands. Now I mean not mean a lot to a lot of you but when I say igniter Bush natural light and Bush Beer. Everybody will light up because now we're talking about true. Entrepreneurial Spirit great marking advertising to specific spectrum. Thank you for joining me. Thanks for having me really excited to hear awesome. Will you know everybody dreams about working in sports? I dream about working for an alcohol distributor or manufacturer. So you have my job. I have to tell you it is a dream job. I the stuff we get to work on a lot of fun so I think a lot of people are jealous and I'm excited to tell you about some of the things we got going on anal about learning to love what you do and the people that are able to learn slower. They do and find what they love. Seemed to end up in positions that fulfil. You know that dream and I find anheuser busch value brands. You guys are really good at being open to dreams of entrepreneurs in providing you know great service with a lot of fun. Yeah I mean I think at the end of the day beers social product In it's all about bring people together rain so we don't? We want to overthink what? Our role is Know in the world in what? Our role is in We want to bring some fun. Some levity joy And where we can you know. Do good try to make the world a better place as well and all. Those things are so important today with compressed than certainty and accelerate gauge. But it's really important. I mean obviously alcohol. Sales are going up People WANNA be social. They want to relax in. You know we have this kind of new. My daughter turned twenty one for example during this period of time And so we had to have a virtual party and that's great that's right. It was really fun and we had some many products. They're just so you know but I think the Nice thing about it is that you can bring peace and joy to difficult situations Because of the energy that the brand carries always has historically. Yeah I mean. It's an interesting time right now too because like I said your social product. It's all about bringing people together but right now Most of our messages about staying home staying apart but bring people together You know through whether it's skyping zooming whatever. It is so was actually a prequel project. We just launched on Bush a few weeks ago where it's a trivia nights or Bush guy. Our spokesman is Holding Tribune a Thursday night at seven PM Eastern People can win prizes. They can comment in gauge And we're also giving people a chance to donate to the US bartenders guild. It's a organization that helps a lot of these people that can't work during this time. And we're matching dollar for dollar the contributions during this distributor It's just a cool way to bring people together while still encouraging them stay at home. You're responsible be safe So you know having shift how we think about bringing people together. It's been a really interesting challenge for us over the last month or so. You know it's awesome and then also on the natty side of things. You guys have some really fun things going on. I think three dollars or teenagers to are in college at one. That's Closer to graduating. Obviously commencement is one is losses Yeah raining graduating. We saw Tun of articles. A lot of comments about people just really being upset that they lost their in person. Commencement deregulation ceremony. It's kind of the the capstone For their career and so for for Nazarene renounced last week that were holding a worldwide virtual. Commencement We actually doing this. Partially live. Hosted by Amanda Syrian Great Speakers leauge talked about mark. Cuban Jane Lange Eric Nardini. We have a number of more people that were going announced in the coming weeks but this is a way for people to tune in with a beer tally acceptable And enjoy some great Speeches from people want to hear about that. How Rural World Experience We're going to have some fun. During the process as well so loud deal missing out on their commencement. But we're trying to give it back to him in a unique way. That's awesome and Eric because a good friend of mine and I'm having Jake through the ring because it's something I want to get involved with the natty and Bush toast challenge so the meltzer where I wanNA have. Everyone send in videos of their toes for their family members that are graduating They ought to be holding obviously a beer when they get that. Yeah social distancing jeers But please my name into the ring because I have the Vatican. Do Commencement speech. And that's the one I want to do and I with mark and my friends are. There cannot imagine something better you got. I idea we we might take that from you awesome. You can take all yours. Just allow me to give some little presidents in the commencement of fulfilling dreams of people. So that's awesome. You got it with a filling. Know it is you know working with your brand for so many years as Iran Lee Steinberg and Warren Moon and Petr Marketing Media Company. For years. You'll there is a certain mandates of level you're a marketing person in the end raided by president and I love the idea of creativity and allowing demonitization sight to occur through just being creative. You know it's a you really. The brand allows things to happen. You your organic and authentic about what you're providing and then you disallow. It'll in the brands that you work with allow things to happen. Where does that culture come from because right now cultures so important in a company we see it throughout the company to be honest thank all of our brands are taking this mentality of putting people first or consumer I and what that means is trying to understand the role that we play in their lives How we can bring together and how we can make it better so You know for next It's all about helping people kind of go. That next stage in life become adult whether it's through graduation during the commencement a we've taken a stand on college dead. It's one of the big social issues facing young people today. Forty five million Americans have college dead. It's one point five trillion dollars a day in the US And so we just launched this program Helping people pay down their college dead three years ago. Meet a tenure ten million dollar commitment so we're giving away million dollars every year Tell just ease the burden. We want them to look back on college for all the Fun Times the Fond Memories. They have not look back on it college with all the burden of debt that sometimes swallows Still you know just playing a role in people's lives trying to give back a little bit. I think a big thing. For for our brand specially Natural naturally Bush. It's being consistent brands kind of jumping from one thing to the next and people question. Why a brand is talking about the things that I think knowing again who your consumer is and then just being totally comfortable in a talking about in new ways but consistently so you're three college debt on the Bush side. We supported organizations like the national correspondent. Ducks unlimited these wildlife conservation organizations in just being consistent with that. Bring New News but been consistent with who you are and what you stand for it. I think it's really important with that consistency. To you have to keep yourself in the forefront of especially your demographic the minds of the consumer and so you know I always say quality content consistently and that's the distinction that I give not just your two brands but a lot of the Bush brands in general It's not that you know they've had just consistency with their content. It's Coie it's like Disney. There's a reason Disney as started with a blackened mouth black and white mouse a steamboat. Willie but if you look on Youtube which even Disney couldn't even imagined four hundred seventy million views on the Mickey Mouse Club I feel your brands are the exact same way that is. I look back in my sports career. My College career as sports executive career the consistent quality content has come from your company. And I still talk about you know certain campaigns as if they were you know a mold but like a TV show like reminiscing about mass and a lot of your brands. I reminisce about the actually marketing campaigns. I use them as examples. You know being a leader in the entrepreneur base marketing space of what you should do to gay if you on a personal brand. You have a very strong signal. You know your spectrum that you're trying to reach but a very clear quality message pressure for sure and I think that we pride ourselves on if you look at some of the commercials the content on Bush that were out in the seventies and eighties. You know kind of outdoor rugged Mentality and then you look at the content. We have a today. You can see where comes from. Its thirty forty years later. You can kind of see that consistency in. Yeah we try to bring a new news refreshing it up but For someone who is abandoned the brand yoke three decades ago? It should still resonate with them today. just trying to bring new news to it and also with the programs that we do you know being comfortable praying the back. Neil last year. Bush We actually got her Bush. A spokesman legally ordained as minister We had people apply to have can actually married them in married. A when lucky couple in Wisconsin last year we knew he wanted to bring the program back because the response was so positive But obviously times are different than we WANNA make. Sure it's still relevant. So we just launched it earlier today actually with her for any couple whose wedding plans had been impacted by everything going on in the world. We WanNa hear their story. We WanNA know how they're still celebrating and they have a chance to win Bush year as a early wedding gift Still know similar but way to bring news it and obviously irrelevant in today's time period. I'm just surprised that people Wisconsin drink beer. Nobody Goes Madison. A lot of fans in Wisconsin. Two point you know. Sometimes it's difficult when things are challenging to market with humor You know have certain things. That are are fun I've seen several different brands that I work with Tippy toe through that Although I think you'll leaning in and sticking to the consistent nature while you're doing good right in there always seems to be a corporate Tie into 'cause philanthropic effort that is synergistic to what the real issues are because you have like a real a real brand rated as a real American brand and you know if you're dealing in the philanthropic side with like Oh you know something so far out there You still feel dropping. I'm not downplaying it. But a lot of people go to line their philanthropy with their brand as well and you guys have been consistent in aligning that in knowing the customer and probably attracting more customers for life From the philanthropic side even just the commercial side of the clever. Yeah Yeah I mean it's been. It's been an interesting challenge because to your point young. There's a lot of brands doing good in the world right now. Bush's is no different but again the roller product plays is about fund. Enjoying bring people together and You know I feel like I'm fortunate. Position in our team is fortunate position where we can do. Both we can have fun. Bring people together and still do good in the world The others number Redoing another one on Bush. We launched a few weeks ago. is around Making sure supporting Animal shelters we saw a lot of feedback. Day Animal Shelters were having Mitch. Shut down. Because of the social distancing in they were concerned about where the animals or go they didn't have anywhere to go under calls action had people apply to adopt or foster dogs. We saw this week. Partnered was a great organization called Mid West Animal Rescue in Minnesota and encouraged people to apply to foster dogs adopt dogs and return a little incentive for anyone whose application was accepted. We're going to give them three months. Free BUSH SWEETS. We ended the pot and the response has been amazing that people midwest animal rescue you said they got ten times more applications when we made the announcement than they are getting previously and now they have homes for all of their animals. So there's a way to have flown Bring people together and still do good. Which I think is really the role that that we wanNA play right now and it's important that brands are that in today's time going back to your place success. A lot of people you know always look at people in your position. Jose Yeah I wonder how he got that job. And what wasn't overnight right you billing upscale you acquire knowledge you ask for help and you know. I can tell already you hold that one meltzer threat which I call. You must be what you can be In mostly old you just. You can't make to position that you're having fun and making money and helping people unless you have that desire What did you study in school in in what you actually think you were going to do coming out compared to where you are today? It's a great question so I Undergrad I studied up Political Science International Affairs. I went to school in Washington. Dc At thought. I was going to go into government or politics and very very quickly realized. Do not want to go into government or politics And so worked for for a little bit Went to went to business. School at University of Virginia. Darden loved It's a great school in Charlotte was a beautiful town An found in as Bush Through that through that program and I've been truly incredibly fortunate to work for a company like Bush and you'll the opportunities that they give people to grow challenge themselves to try new things it's really unique And so you have just been incredibly lucky to to be Ryan today now you you're educated in graduate school degree. One of the things I asked about. Entrepreneurship is are is there. A certain level of investment or debt You think as advice you know that an education whether you're a doctor a lawyer I took a hundred thousand dollars of loans and I always give my advice amen. I wouldn't borrow more than a hundred thousand dollars to go to school. 'cause I wouldn't want that pressure in it But is is there for you? You deal in financial literacy you deal and helping with student that For those kids that have to borrow to go Is there is there to you. A certain range that is safety. Think TO PUT THAT INVESTMENT. Any the cool. Yeah it's it's a great question I think everyone's situation's different one size fits all so. I think everyone needs to think about what they're hoping to get out of out of their education what their dream job is and how education helps up. Set them up to Jeeva Everyone is different. Everyone has different Plans for for their life. So it's a tough question. Tanner I think the one being bit. The we as a company and has naturally and me personally you know fuel is that Young we want people look back on that time you know whether it's it's Undergrad or graduate. School proudly in fondly is. Could you know it's some of the best time best memories best friends you're gonNA you're GonNa make we want you back on positivity not feel that Shrek burden that that comes with that debt so whatever we can do As a brand we feel like it's important To to do so again this is why we feel so importantly about the college debt program. Your three ten year commitment. It's something that we want to talk about it for a really long time because we feel strongly about it. Yeah I think Guinea investment when you look at school it is investment in yourself and it's time risk tolerance are the two things. Look at. Make sure you know how long have and what your risk tolerances for what you're going to be Last question I believe in all industries in our preneurs within the work for big companies like you or a Solo preneurs freelancer which is becoming more and more popular and common Life is about lessons and these lessons. Look keep coming until you learn. They result in pain. If you haven't learned a mental physical spiritual even financial pain Through your career. Which you've done so well and you landed in a position that you love. What's the number one lesson that you've learned so far man? What's a great question? The first thing that comes to mind is is approaching every every day every project Arena reaction as both an opportunity and as a learning lesson. I think if you go into those projects in those interactions of wanting and willing to learn you're always going to be better than next time around the next day the next project in win you approach those this projects or interactions. They feel like work they become work and they're yes less useful and you'RE GONNA develop yourself less so just having that mindset where you want to learn and challenge yourself I think is super important in that allows you to be successful as you progress in your career. That's that's the most important lesson that I've really taking heart in my career. That's awesome well. I'm going to finish up with the Dave Meltzer. Natty light and Bush out toes for you be kind your feed yourself and do good deeds is absolutely a pleasure having you on here. Blake. I appreciate your time. This is Dave Meltzer. Be Kind of future. Yourself and Bush is entrepreneurs the playbook by hope you enjoy this week's episode of the playbook as much as me on a personal note. I just wanted to thank everyone for making the playbook such a success. Don't forget to continue it by sharing subscribing and listening to your favorite episodes. Is Dave Meltzer with the playbook?

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