Runner, Interrupted Beta Test


Anchor really is the easiest way to make podcast. Let me tell you why we use it for the morning mantra. It's free it comes with built in creation in tools that allow us to record an editor podcast right from the palm of our hand in our tablets earn. Our computers anchor distributes the podcast for us so that it can be heard on spotify why apple podcasts stitcher and many more. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. No fancy studios are training required. Just you're unique voice voice. Did I mention it's free because it is download the free anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. It's showtime mm-hmm the really big idea that kept me up at night for the past two years is finally ready for Beta testing runner interrupted as a comprehensive multi prong support support system that is right for you if you're running journey is currently interrupted for any reason from injury to pregnancy life circumstances that are beyond your control but but are still your responsibility to manage runner interrupted is included in our basic sweet products that you'll be able to access with your subscription to be clear thirty dollars dollars per month grant you access to maintain rebuild and runner interrupted and you can move back and forth between the programs easily life does not always sink neatly with the calendar under and you deserve a program. That can meet you wherever you are whenever you show up and trust when you're injured. You're not tapping out of work. You are showing up for different. Work are guided. Diy Approach gives you everything you need to succeed throughout every phase of your running journey especially those times when your journey has been interrupted and you are doing the hardest work a runner will ever do the fun and make no mistake. Yell is my company getting down me now so this will be fun. One begins on October the first click the link in the show notes and edge or email to the list and you will receive further instructions immediately or you can email info at fitness business protection dot com and we will take it from there spoiler alert. If you have an account on our website already make sure your email address and phone number are up-to-date in in there before your emails. If you or someone you know could use a little coach k. Shining a light into their darkness or you think a program like runner interrupted could be cool be sure to tell them about us. It's taken a lot to bring this to life and we cannot wait to share runner interrupted with the world but we're gonNA half to that's what a Beta is four sue. Don't wait get on the list before the Beta closes. We honestly have no idea how long it will be before. This program is finalized and open to the general public.

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