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On aware they lacked breaking down. He's happy half-price on a an with co-host of using the body around town You guys thank you for coming out in the middle of this insurrection to do this show. You took a break from scaling walls. He only riding. We're going to do here is right. It's laughter tonight's as we start everything off. We start off with music. We loved music throughout these shows. And the gentleman who we have on tonight. I'm so excited jane. I did a show with him at largo at largo and we were backstage and just blown away by. This guy is just one of the best singer songwriters out there musicians. He looks like johnny depp. Sounds like sam elliott. When he talks yes but the voice is just so zodda and so good so buttery And we've since done his show before and you know he had a great charity show that we did with him and who is on their kalicki. Oh tom kalicki. It was on there and Rose cash i believe show guy is deep into the music. We're gonna lose newest size. He's going to do what i would consider what he's already said is the saddest version of the dumb people original. I would you please welcome. Saw mute yourselves. Your your microphones right. Now he's portion and you can bring it back up afterwards as we bring in. We want you to hear the crystal clear sound of our friend. John paul ally john. Paul white a common there. You go give clinton chew and salmon. Sure you fed you a some one big name. Thank you need a think you a so cute jews. You saw Good but walk in and so on and so on me do soup a to meet me. Would soon you all so on a took the future. Cooley new. Maisy man and it's so good so beautiful right. Do you want to do your version of the dump people town theme song. I'm so excited. And i when i send it to you like a month ago. You're like all right. I'll whip something up so here. We go john paul white his version. So remember you guys again and then you can bring it back on and give him the applause. He deserves for the people tout theme song gulf war. Dad nj she. Full so a grayson. Some shoe choose a nanny. Each exhale throwing have prize a burden. Me so listen. Pack jan co-host on dame dome news quiz fun. I'm with owned dan people That was harm to before. But now i believe our theme song could have been included in the magnolia soundtrack. Light john. you could win a grammy for that. But i think we ought to do. It's the beginning of the show. Say hey townies. Welcome to a live episode of people. That's right. August is one of the wardrobe pieces from perry mason many by. I just want to know that this is. This is the new half radio. I'm going to tell you this even after that was made. It's never been a new in the immortal words of david caruso meet the new same as the old hat. Meanwhile grew so. Didn't say that i know. Alex roger daltry every song to us randy. You look like a guy who feeds raccoons cheerios on his poor. Hey our they going to get fat. Somebody who doesn't understand. What business classes i. I'm not indiana jones. I'm iowa joan so there's a little airplane on the side of your hat on the root for this is about. I imagine a nine year old to own. This hat flew for the first time to see his estranged father brought him up to the cockpit. They gave him a little airplane. You give a kid when you're like your grandfather's gonna raise you. Actually here's what. I this is my new prediction my. Let's hear it. You bought an airplane ten. The hat was free You own for almanacs with this hat and this is what this had gives me. Southwest airlines level. See for life for guarantees really nice. How'd you get this. My wife get my way of reddy's wife. I texted me the picture of the hat and she said is this different enough to make it a new hold on ryobi. Yes are you birthday hat given your seat. So she sent me a picture hat and and i said if you're asking me can i make fun of randy in this at the answer is yes. You're is what happened to the velveteen rabbit soon soon. I mean if you're asking the velveteen rabbit is the what kept canley alive on season nine of alone. Sure sure to check your snares. As always check years randy telling people to check their grabby. That hat knows the shortcut. Those a shortcut in this that also watches out for the blind side. A movie in the movie that love sandy bullets only call search. Bad hat was third building. Hope floats didn't understand bird box it. Now you're pro union. Your your hat is the only thing that made the cut or didn't make the cut in the irish. My hats supports the war. The truce okay is getting fired up. We're getting before. We bring in and talk to john paul white and bringing her other gas dan. We always ever tradition on the show. It's almost like a stretching out and getting word for the show. Sure we do a little thing that like to call this. These are just headlines. I will say who sent them in. There wasn't enough meat on the bone to be a full story but as we learned yesterday on instagram enough there to have fun to sentence is giving someone instructions on how this show works at. They're gonna talk hill talk. He'll give joke bill. May andy's weird jason. We'll tug at his shirt nine times. Would you hear me if i it sunburned on. His chestnuts worrying scarf linda. Okay i line. Is this writing. Yes sent in by law outside the town bouncer today. Here we go ready. I've been new surfed headline number. One man leads three year campaign to take the hell out of hello and replace it with heaven. Heaven. oh heaven. Oh heaven the worst motel in oklahoma. Having avenue is a serial that is always stale heaven. Oh who's the guy. How retired are you then. This becomes your costs. This is a guy that got kicked out of his neighborhood. Watch for asking too. Many questions started neighborhood. Watch of the neighborhood watching you gotta keep an eye on the watchdogs. You've lost a lot of relationships in those well. I'll tell you one thing that people people aren't saying hello to him. A lot of people are saying goodbye. Yeah sure you took the good out of goodbye. You son of a bitch per second headline second headline is sending by jake. Rony jamie ground here. We go headline number. Two man caught rollerblading naked on ohio highway while wearing panda had which is to look at this. How do we know that's not an actual panda just skirt. I can't tell you. The last time i rollerblade apollo. That is bizarre anton. Ohno you looking at. He's he's gotta clean lane. He's hugging the lie. This guy's gonna make the olympic team if he falls down he's going get a bamboo. What happens when you go too far with your fantasy football loser. Hold on someone's with bamboo. I make the joke fell down and broke his ling ling. He's he was just like go around. I'll definitely makes a left turn signal with this. Yeah i think. Peter would like would get behind someone shooting this guy like pull out we will. This does not come without a manifesto. He's going with traffic. That's true you don't have to. How bad are the right now. We just say to yourself. At least he's nowhere. Near capital. things are so bad right now. You see this good news. And he's just on route nine. Get those days gets back to his family. Okay as we go get started headlines all right. Let's bring john. Paul white back on. Have him is he. Is papa back in there. You are more time for this cat credible funding to a show in front of people right like i forgot what it was like. This does stays were great days. Well we're so excited to have you on the show and You know you're coming to us from down in alabama which how is life down in alabama right now are you. Are you doing okay getting out. What's happening assume it's the same as it has been for the past hundred years we but we don't leave our house to your own corentin ever since you've been down there because of the pandemic mind your own business very. Don't tell them you're a musician. Got it. well we're so excited you hear gonna play songs throughout. You're gonna join us throughout for shall we bring in. Okay we're bringing in our guest this one of our oldest friends. He's he was at call them at the purple onion maybe at the purple onion. I'm just gonna list the credit that you guys probably know him from the most apartment two f and and he is known as dennis. Dublin's good friend. Would you please welcome the great zach elephant one. Hi zack how are you. I'm doing really well randy i like. You're hat that's the best joke about the hat all night. A problem with your hat randy. Is you have a hat on it. Looks like a guy that has something always important to say something. It's always worth. You guys understand. Yeah not eating enough corn gravy. Always wants to know what the allotted time is. Yeah he's going to show you where all the exits are. I'm here i'm here with. He's the guy he's the guy in the market. The only guy that it'd be wear that had asked for cantaloupe in the winter. Excuse me where are the samples people. Well we love to as we get started. Dan his Research your guys birthdays. Little game called. What's your florida man. How it's your birthday and then the news that happened on that day. We're getting a little bit of echo. Thank you for being with us. I promise we'll figure it it out. Okay we're gonna go. So we have the florida man birthday jack. You're going to go first. According to the internet which is never wrong or leads people astray. Your birthday is october. I is that correct. All right here. We go headline for your florida. Man is florida man arrested. For throwing bible at deputies. That's looking at him this guy just to throng he wearing bike shorts or is that underwear. I can't tell what he's wearing he's back. I mean i definitely wouldn't expect this guy to wear shirt and is that the biggest bible you've ever seen yes also look at it. He just look at the dog. The dog is like i'm ready to leave. If you're ready my new phone. I mean i. I've never seen a bible printed on just loose leaf paper. Well here's isn't real Here's the blurb. According to the marion county sheriff's office. Robert bob hoskins hoskins guy believe it confronted deputies and yelled i commend you for throwing a bible towards the deputies. This was like gotta love and enjoying it. That's right whatever projection hoskins thought. He had was quickly proven false as he was immediately. Taste dairy go immediately. So he was to be friends with the cops and i guess what would jesus do. Jesus just taste em. Yeah by the way. If someone is not beyond we can hear it so Oh turn it up. Get that fucking bills came on. This is why we want you guys as bikes out so we can hear sportscenter while we do show fired guy. Tear it down. okay here. We go ready for birthday happy. Belated birthday to you by the much thing what did you. What did you do for your birthday this year. But i do every year. I just looked at my sizzle. Reel of it. Okay you guys ready for. John paul white. Are you ready for your florida man. Most certainly okay here. We go ready you. According to the internet your birthday is august. Fourth is true is the fourth my daughter's the fourth and the fifth. Yeah and roy. Scoville there for six here. We go john. Paul white august fourth. Here's your florida florida. Man clings to semi truck speeding down highway. Yeah and we will cut over to that. It is wonderful there is gonna be video of it. Yeah okay. here's a guy you just look at this guy this juncture white. This is your guy. That's my god that's also. There was a guy on a truck. I love how much of this person's radio we got in the shot. Yeah that's up to add bad filming from that person. now i have to say being from alabama. It's we don't really look down on anybody so fax you're so close you can smell the panhandle but to be fair. There are people in virginia. That can also do that too. Yeah i need to know what happened ten minutes earlier right. He definitely was not finished saying what he needed to say. What by over a caffeine free pepsi in a truck stop parking lot of these two guys get any need to know right so we go to the first story first story here. We go ready now as a refresher or if it's your first greenlee i will be reading an article with random over explanations about commonly known things. The game is for you to guess who wrote the completely useless non-sequitur reveal the correct answer. You'll either see a picture of will greenlee which we will show right now. He's journalist sane journalists love will he's always just chiming in from the audience does pretty crazy. Okay here we go or if it's me who wrote the over explanation you will see this photo so the i know i love it dance about ready to play that game. You put the knife on the table from someone. Photoshop mini like in the ocean. While kate winslet is on the table. And i'm trying to describe and you look you look like you're you're spalding. Hostages like if you want to not be thrown in the river you'd have to smile and look straightforward and did it and you did it. You did a good boy picture is. You're buying a very good book. We already so for zach. I don't know if you guys. I think had one in. Did you have a green lascaux did it. Lar- largo awesome. We'll do you remember that there was okay. If you don't remember at greenlee is okay. So he's a journalist to has basically what we like to think is he's written every story and he's written seven hundred words he needs to get to twelve hundred words so he over explains things and things that we know what they are and i know the real story. What is deal is and i'll never tell. Okay here we go. Here's the headline reading. Yes man jailed after snoring loudly at mcdonald's okay anti-massacre. Is it too much to say that. He was a nuisance mac. You don't like that that like j. I think he's giving you mc nothing. Okay this was sending by rich mccabe at rich. Tse thank you rich mckay here. We go ready. I read this story. You're gonna tell me who said something you didn't need to hear. A man was arrested for snoring loudly and apparently sleeping. How you what would he. How would you be sleeping. Okay behind the wheel in a mcdonald's drive through lane and affidavit states a drive through through if you're reading out loud that makes no difference z. And then he says s insatiable spelling of the word through a type of takeout service provided by a business that allows customers to purchase products without leaving their cars. Who wanted you know what a drive through is with that being me or will greenlee your our guest zach. What do you think take your time already times. I can read it. actually you know what. Let's go all the way back to one. So john paul white. Have you do the opening song one. More time command. Serving loudini apparently sleeping behind the wheel at mcdonald's drive-thru greenlee okay. I think it's yeah i do. Okay jobs do you think. Dan wrote that or do you think the quote unquote journalists. I think it's i think it's greenlee guy. Said it was such confidence. And i'm going to say greenlee to talk about that. Feels greenlee asked. But i don't know what i'm doing and i've played this game eight million times all right. Get your answers in and the chats up your left hand if you want to do it. Visually think it's me. Hold up your right hand. If you think will greenlee. I will tell you that the person who wants you to know that a drive through or drive thru sensational spelling of the word through is a type of takeout service provided by a business that allows customers to purchase products without leaving their cars. The person who wrote that is me and my friends. No one wrongs nobody. I say it all the time michael j. He went through a couple of figured it out. I got it we were like. Don't have it actually. He got wrong. Okay ready this is gonna make you question everything in your life. The case of the dozing dude began at three forty seven. Am on december twentieth when an indian river county sheriff. It always feels problematic to say that. Deputy went to mcdonald's in the seven hundred block of south. Us one for a suspicious vehicle. A deputy man in a ford pickup parked outside the drive through lane snoring loudly like snoring is the horse or harsh sound that occurs when air flows past relaxed tissues in your throat causing the tissues to vibrate as you breathe. Snoring can be caused by a number of factors such as the anatomy of your mouth and sinuses. Alcohol consumption allergies a cold and your weight. Who wanted you to know what snoring is young ended up in a newspaper and also what causes so by the way that means that. If for some reason if we'll really wrote this he was like you know what i think people are going to be like. Something happened at this drive-thru shirt. It called snoring. I wish i could have an excellent more or he also would be saying that he thinks there's people who wake up fifteen times a night and don't know why just general all right so zach. Do you think. Dan wrote that or will greenlee. I think that dan wrote it so john. You're so confident. I'm gonna stick with greenlee at j. c. a wrinkle. Yeah a wrinkle. Uh-huh ominous say. A wrinkle in greenlee was one of my kids. It was it's cheaper movie not now I'm gonna say it was Really it was greenlee. I think it was dan. I'm going to stay. I'm gonna go with zach. Okay ka person. Who wanted you to know what snoring is. And what it's caused by like allergies cold your weight consumption. The person who wrote that is will be dubs. This was ending article That was written by a journalist. Editor said great. Why not ready yeah. It's mcdonald's does not have sleep through lane. I'm just going to tell you greenlee wrote that. That is wild. And i don't know there's another level of person. He thinks he's helping with that sentence so he gets a bit. He thinks someone was reading and was like well. He was probably in the sleep through lane right right. That's right here. there isn't a sleep through. But according to the police the man seemed to be sleeping in the drive thru as opposed to sleeping with the enemy. A nine hundred ninety. One movie starring julia roberts. Who wanted you to know that. This was not the same as the one thousand nine hundred ninety one classic sleeping with the enemy starring julia roberts joining rob platinum sleep. Never ate that low. Julia roberts was in sleeping with the enemy. She was the anti. I mean she was the enemy in that movie i think that's dan carey. John agree. I'm going to i because it is so crazy because it is so absurd because that has nothing to do with this article and it does not belong in this article and i one hundred percent believe that it was written by will greenland. I agree we'll okay. Get your answers in and the cia. Y'all left hand. it's right hand if you get screened. The left hand is found on the left side. I'm joking all right here. We go person who wanted you to know about sleeping with the enemy. In one thousand nine hundred movie star julia roberts that was written by will greenlee. Yes zach so far you are owed for three. Wow you're supposed the win. you are supposed win. you are supposed to win. Meanwhile the man woke while the man woke and the deputy asked for his license. I don't have one. He is quoted. As saying i'm gonna lay out for officer. Don't have it like a mamat. Play his truck smelled of booze and his speech was slurred. The man fort pierce resident participated in field sobriety exercises and what was arrested on charges of dui and knowingly driving with a suspended license he told investigators he imbibed six to eight beers at a bonfire. A bonfire is a large open. Air fire used as part of a celebration for burning trash or as a distress signal locally beach. Fire permits are only available during non turtle nesting season from november through february in designated fire locations at jensen beach. Stuart beach crew. Wanted you to know what. Ben a bonfire was. And then where where you get your permi- senses zack. Turtle part is pretty legitimate and seems pretty Journalistic referring to the turtles yeah So what's the guy's name. That's not dan greenlee zach. I thought you were going to be like. I think the turtle part is pretty journalistic. So i'm going to say dan. I thought i regard that john. What are you. i'm gonna go greenlee just because he names specific pages but health. You never know. Dan could have done a wiki. Search jag would. He added greenlee to the person who wanted to do. What a bonfire is used as part of a celebration burning trash distress signal and it locally. Fire permits are only available during non turtle nesting season. The person wrote that me. And all the guys i will i will find out the county that the treasure coast. Paul says okay. This reveals the sickness of dan. I have a problem now. Going turtle ordinances. It would be really if he would have referenced. The movie bonfire of the vanities to god. I thought of it. But i thought with the sleeping with the enemy. I couldn't hit it twice. And i know i'm completely wrong here. But is bonfire the vanities and barbarians at the gate. The exact same move also say. Movie is the fabulous baker. They're all saying guys. I've gone so deep with greenlee. Text his wife as him and she can tell that yeah spouse. I'm sorry. Go after further questioning. The man admitted that he also had rum runners a cocktail involving rum. Who wanted you to know better rum. Runner is a cocktail involving rum involving Not necessarily doesn't have it all rope to the rummy. Yeah zach what do you think. I think greenlee because dan seems upset more upset a thousands back and i love your sweater. I love your sweater all right john. john thanks. this is what i've been working on during the pandemic. it's only up to here. You can't even lower it's progress right now you gotta halter and it's great and you did that tonight entirely out of your beard hair as as john. What do you think. Oh this is just a game of chance roulette say greenlee at this. So that's that's the thing about this game you think it's a shell game. You think you have an eye on the on the balls it's going on that's not it at all. It's an illusion he. Dan is an illusionist. And this is a trick on our sole I'm gonna say that that is will greenlee. I my heart is saying it's will greenlee. My head is saying. Don't listen to your heart. I think it's dan this into your heart. Okay here. We go after further questioning. He admitted that he also had rum runners a cocktail involving rum. Get your answers in on the chat. You townie friends love having you all here left hand of you think it's me right. Hand gets greenlee pedro. I see what you're holding up their here. We go the person they want you to know that there's rum. Interim runner is will greenland. Oh yeah it did. Muzak tapped into the anger. The very real anger that dan was experienced here on this. I will ask you all. How old do you think the man is in the sleep. Through in the sleep through he does not have a license. It's three thirty in the morning. He sleeping how old if you had to guess based off the limited knowledge you have. Would you say the man in the sleep through the man is asleep through a very scary children's book goosebumps. Goosebumps and sleep through is a goosebumps. That's like a real life. Lemony snick. It Zach zach hall. Big is what. What age in florida are you considered a man nine years old. Well usually do your walkabout. I mean kick out of your parents home at nine. So now i can. I say i saw the florida project. My wife and i were watching wonderful. We're watching the florida project. And it's like a three hour movie and if you've seen the movie it's about these kids that want good and we were like watching it while our kids were downstairs and we didn't know what they were doing and there was a point in the movie where i was like. Why the fuck my watching these kids hang out with my kids like i've now watch like the movie made me watch their kin more than the parents and i don't wanna watch. You could see those kids in that movie definitely going through a sleep through all right. So how old is this guy's accurate if you had to guess Forty two forty two. All right old i was. I was doing that kind of thing. I thought you guessed that. An honor of jackie robinson. John paul white. What do you think. Because you're asking wanna be ridiculous. So i'm gone to say he was not being nine hundred. Nineteen years old time on the road. I pulled up to a taco bell. Not not well not ashamed or proud to admit it and and no one would come to the window and i finally like got look and there was a person just laying on the floor asleep inside taco bell. Two in the morning it was a twenty four hour talking about i. I was like live your life. I don't need a definitely didn't need that. Dan need three of them for sure I'm gonna say twenty eight okay. He's saturn is returning. I'm gonna say sixty three sixty three. Just think this guy does say something about okay. Get your answers into the chat friends. Everybody get your answers and start timing. I'm in what number. How old do you think this guy the sleep through. Bandit i will tell All of us one of you is exactly right. Oh so now we get to play who you think is exactly right zach. You can stay with yourself or you can change your answer. You get stay at forty two One that's forty to you. john. I'm gonna i'm gonna hold hold jay. What do you think. jeez. I'll stay at twenty eight sixty three. Okay all right. The sleep through bandit closing out a wonderful will where we learn about sleeping with the enemy. And what's runner. That's right who knew who is twenty eight years very good. Oh i feel better than i should about that. No you don't feel good enough of are iota ran around the room. I would run around or rubbing. Interim runners running involves running. That is our first story. We're gonna take a quick break but to play us into the break. John paul white. Let's hear second song from you but you were so beautiful. Everyone knew yourself now. And then when he's done we can to give him the applause. Take it away Food no snow some gi l. a. A four joe underneath more on. Are i want to talk to you guys about your comfort it is. I'm talking about sleeping. I'm talking about showering holy smokes my brooklyn. My brooklyn and sheets are my brooklyn's house. I'm so i'm all my tough. Not load you know where he lives ideal. But that's all. I got for my mom as a present the Brooklyn kashmir sheets have soft beautiful sheets in her home and it was such a great gift that she was like. I would have never spent this myself. And i'm so grateful and i'm in my bed every night and it's a gift that i love. You should spend the money anderson because it's really not want to tell her. I wanted her to think that. 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You will thank us guys. Think about everything you've ever learned about getting healthy. And i hope to god you guys are getting healthy right now. It is a good time to try. There is a lot of contradictory information though out there and things like old fashioned food pyramid. That's jets not it not help. I like eating just lemons for four days right or like. Oh just do this. This diet specific diet well. You can't do that forever right. So the a little more long for and more psychological enter new. It's not about what you just eight but about how you. E in general noon teaches you about eating your cravings and how to build new habits. So you can ditch your misconceptions and get smart about food and the choices that you may. And i'm at this point right now and i know dan dan you i also we struggle with this a lot because you know i feel like i'm most creative when i'm stuffing my face and i snack a lot in this that i need to come up with a long term plan where i can figure out how i eat the right foods and do it in the right way and taylor a diet or because we all wanna feel better. We wanna fit into our clothes. Wanna feel healthy. I've less stress me feel better when i'm eating better in in numerous helps out with that. I love noon. It's fantastic you can log in. It's really easy to log into. I've already set up an account. They ask you tons and tons of questions seats. They start to understand why psychology. Why do the things that i love. How supportive they are. They're forgiving and support of those are two things that i feel. I don't get factored into the weight loss sort of world and they don't ask for your time. They they just asked like that's right. Everyone's busy neum dozen demand that ten minutes a day. that's all. They got over eighty percent of numerous finished. The program over sixty percent have stuck with their goals for at least one year. This is a way to really change guys. that's right. there's a science to getting healthier. it's called neum. Sign up for your trout today at noon. Dot com slash. Dpd that's an no dot com slash dpd. The do it with us and reach your goals and we'll all do it together. All feel good to get a towel. We want you our audience. We love you guys. Who want you to be healthy. Neum dot com slash dpd. I wish i wish there was just some sensitivity in your music. And sometimes i was like what are we. What are we listen to system of a down here. jesus christ. That's so good. There are people put on this earth to cheer. Y'all i ain't one of them. So know i love it so much and i'll say this for all of you guys check out all of john stuff online i mean all the solo stuff and stuff in the band. The civil wars his album from last year. Two thousand two years ago The hurting kind is just absolutely a beautiful album. And so just check him out. Start there start there. Start their move on from there and I'm just so happy that we're getting a chance to do this with you. And and beautiful sad version of the dump down theme when we sent it to you where you like. How long did it take for you to say. Okay i'm gonna whip this up or did it come right away just like that okay. That is my horrible superpower to make getting sad i. I grew up loving though songs. My my dad loved those songs and like when we listen to the radio in his car he would always point out certain songs attention to this one and it was always it was long black veil or santia coming down or it was always a heartbreaker and got what he meant because they made me feel something that happy songs. Just you know no offense to what you do for a living. Yeah thanks a lot. I appreciate that. But i don't know i feel like you know times in your life like that. Mark you scar you a little bit deeper and i feel like you kinda when you're talking about your life like oh. Yeah that was right before that car wreck after my divorce it just seems like or at least a malla. You're talking about tiger woods right okay. But you're right you're so right and what's funny though. Is i think a lot of comedy comes from pain as well like people like. What do i do with this really hard thing. I twist it into something else so sure that's true i. i'm friends with a fair amount of comedians. But i read a ton and a and a lot of biographies and i've noticed that comedians. We have so much in common. And even the way that you go about constructing joker right especially. If you're you know y'all y'all riff and ad-lib very well but when you're actually going a bit it's so lock what we do and and and you're also just you have just as little self esteem. That's very true. very tall. My like imagine if you were like verse one into a song and the crowd was letting you know how much they hated it. That's what it is a comedy. No that didn't happen. Never that. But i mean same thing. We're right next to each other on the cul de sac. That's i think every comedian wants to be a rock star and every singer wants to be comedian. I think they're kind of one. John mayer we. All we judge our shows how much people laugh between songs that is your patterns. Gotta be good. You can nail every song and you walk up. I don't know just the opposite will be true is because i do a lot of singing between my bits and that's how i judge shows come on. Yeah they like my show tunes and the end. Dan really basically just things instrumental song. Yeah that's i'm good at it. Let's bring zack. Back in zach are you there. Are you needed knitting the rest of your sweater fully. Hope lord only we zach. How are you zach. Are you writing comedy at all through. The pandemic have written any jokes. Some could say that. Maybe you've never written comedy. But i would disagree with those people you know i live. I live in trump tower. It's been rough. go of it recently. Really come up with a right now. What's the time to just a hard time to be in the building awkward elevator conversation. So yeah it's just not a good guys are weird more and more car rough lathering up. Oh every time people leave. There's so many leather. Futons in the alley. You can tell you're losing people But zaki you got kiddos. How's it being apparent during this time right now. Well my children leaving the middle of the woods so my children have gone completely feral. And you let them at this point. My mackenzie mike. My four year old had a bird in one hand and a snake in the other hand. Well that's what they say. A bird of the hand is worth a stake in the other thought and thought that. Go along with it. But i couldn't think of it had the expression and then you thought maybe there's a better expression for meeting and you drop that way and you should have just stayed with it because he in a hand is hand. Snake child's old is It's interesting because i think he saw some nazi propaganda stuff in a movie. Like i think he saw indiana jones. Yeah and um i was talking and man the other night. And i don't know if he knows what i do for a living but he said to me he goes if he has a weird accent he goes. Hey have you ever met hitler movie. He seems like a pretty mean guy. And you're like let's not judge him yet. Okay i know guys on all sides fans of his. But i don't really get along with those people. Listen he's not he's number one. I'm sorry i'm sorry. He's he's nine number nine on the call shoot good. That's what did you. What did your son say about your to your wife. The you were telling me this great story. you're talking to him in and he's he's hilarious. He's kind of. He's kind of in Don rickles funny which is weird for four year old and My wife my son. And i laying in bed. My wife comes in he goes. Hey mama leave us alone. It's just me and dad daddy. And i want to cuddle. She goes okay around and he goes. I like the back of your head. The fact that your son is doing a word for word. Dean martin lounge acts pretty pie to move along. You gotta be a gilady one in here. It's one hundred six degrees you got stolen. I'll say this. Just about the don rickles of it all because it is specialized you remember zach when we first came to l. a. And you're out in santa monica and jay and you and i. We drove you back from some party that we were all hanging out at and we drove and we parked right in front of your house and then this is after an evening hanging out you me and jay sat nar and listen to all of hello dummy which was don rickles album which was only like thirty three minutes long because they cut it out together. It's just hard for him. We were like literally screaming with laughter. Edges was a great moment. That i'll never forget but i just wouldn't do those. That are listening to it when when randy say we were at some party look. I'm sure we were lobby of a bowling alley trying to get a standup show going. Yes that's not a cool party when i say park zach. I don't know if you're cool party. The first time we met was the old era of studios. And i had to walk. I didn't have a car. I had to walk to use and you go. I'll give you a ride. And i go. Thanks so much we get in your car. And you're driving me to ucsb franklin and you go so you're you're getting to theater pretty early and i go. I'm interning there and taking classes and you. That's that's good. That's a good place for you to be a thanks. But see you know if we lose all these bs. None of that shit's going to matter. Really really do you like it's all the bee's man we need these beasts then it would just be. Uc okay all right. I shall we get into the second story. Okay story thank you my friends. This was sent in first of all. It is an annual tradition. I will just tell you the headline. What did we get stuck in ourselves last year and it was a big year. It was a lot of people had a lot of time in their houses to make mistakes. Listen clear and stuff out. Do we need this. Do we need that. Put the things we need over there in the garage. Trying to decide if something brings you joy anymore. Stick it in your asshole and find out here Or any of your orifices. John zach. I will tell you a same for you. Randy and jason. We're gonna have a lot to go through but if anything jumps out at you and you would like to hold on a minute while we explore what i just said free. Everyone has a steering wheel. This was sent in by the person that does this. Great service and compiles this list every year. That's who sent it to me. His name is barry peci. You can follow him at bury the deputy editor and co owner of defector which is like deadspin type. Sports site ski. Like sounds like a guy who makes his own pickles. I know in fact. I'm going to go this far people townie and you love this service. That he does every he puts this whole thing together himself goat him at berry and just right. Thank you dump people town. I think it would be hilarious if he got so many. Okay this is what he writes. Look i get it i do. You're stuck inside. It's cold and dark outside your board. That vaguely cylindrical. Object is calling to you but resist. There are many things out there that are specifically designed for you to self insert. There are many many more that are not yet still end up inside. America's holes this annual post honors. The ladder consider it a psa and reconsider that object. Art are doctors and nurses busy enough. These days came into that and then he says all reports are taken from the us consumer product safety commission's database of emergency room visits all descriptions are verbatim. And hey don't put that in there. You might lose it anyway as always objects sorted by orifice working south but before we start. We have a cook announcement to make. Yes we're gonna announce who our guest is going to be before we start our guest on february twenty cent ready to get these tickets before the general admission's now telling you right now. We have to anybody our guests on i twenty seventh. The musical guest is open. Mike eagle holy shit. Scott good enough ready. People and our guests in south will be jack black. We're going to be hanging out with jack black on february twenty seven thirty two as well. Let's here we go ready. Yes that links should be in the starting from the top my south. Here's what people coffee grounds Why what did you lose. You wonder ear needs to wake up here. We go rubber bands. Sure several hair bands. How does that work will you get. Seven isn't enough. You get one in. There is a great place to keep it right in the rest like poison like boy cinderella rat all the hair bands that totally tracks. This isn't quote throw always fun. When they're in quotes patient siblings put a piece of paper in patients ear trying to show him a magic trick that some brothers and sisters let me put it in this year and then i'll make it a part of that is here is what one's sister told a brother some of these. We have images for. They might be accurate. They might be what. I hope the person tried to do. The next one is lollipop. Oh that's not accurate. What if why not okay. Ready moving on toy sort. Of course how say that. Say that seven times fast. We're sort yup. You can't do it twice already to know okay. Quote take shower with earplugs in years in attempt to prevent water from going in and now earplug is stuck in left ear. That's how you that's on you bobby. Pin hair yes. Bobby pin hairpin. I don't know the difference between a bobby pin on. Where my bobby. And what's the difference between a bobby pin and hairpin. A hair might be biggers. The shape the shape. I think sometimes a hairpin is bigger. Okay you guys are both gentlemen. Who had long hair. Did you ever wear your hair in a bun. Great question great question. I have it pulled back right now. It's long right now. This is this is part of a midlife crisis. Where do you categorize the sweater. But you're meeting. This is just my wife sweater. Making i love it. I was going to ask regarding your hair. Where are you practicing martial arts these days and guy's name siegel what's the actor. All even seagal steven seagal steven seagal jan the beau jack horsemen version of steven seagal. I guarantee you know steve. Siegel can steve siegel his off off his friend. Charles norris next thing hair trimmer attachment. Why quote found a bid and placed it in his ear so he wouldn't lose it. Diddy it that's pockets or four x thing toy dinosaur. I know tweezers vibe glass quote. There's a new thing. Fiberglass that gets everywhere does quote car was. Okay here we go. This is a this one has a little story to okay. Good car was rear ended and he hit his head on. The back of the front seat also has headaches since he also put a piece of paper and his right ear one month ago. The car accident he says. So that's the guy who liked the kid who's telling the story and won't get to the real part of until later so we were walking with our friend right then. We went around the park. But instead of going this way around the park and then me and sophie did heroin. You're like whoa no ready for the next three to in your ear to your tooth comb tooth okay. The dog to dog. What type of home medicine are you practicing that. You're putting a god damn dog to get getting spirits way. Yeah man picture this one plastic magic want. That trick did not work ready was. Here's anyone quotes was sleeping when her four year. Old child broke wooden tip of paintbrush and put it in her ear stack. You have a four year old that the in the realm of possibility that is within the realm of possibility with your four year old. Let's just say that we've had some problems. removing dayton's from the eureka cash. We'll get we'll get there. John john i wished your name was franklin so i could have said. We've had some problems with the eureka. She she did the music for under siegler one to respect right pen. Cap marker tip nail quote was there's another one was experiencing pain in ear so rolled up pieces of paper to put inside it. Change them out a few times when the last one became stuck in ear. Yeah yeah so. They tried to get more paper out with paper. I put him in jamie pearl piece of wicker clothes hamper stahnke fiddling around with stuff people what you i mean that's the moment whereas apparent you become like a cop as you see your kid over and that might be an adult kids just trying to rip off a pc what she doing over there. But what's going i. Are we doing right how we doing tonight. The body is not your hiding place. That's what i want people to understand. The point is one and we do have a pick put a kran in each ear. School cran removed from right ear. But not from left's did the best we could man. That's the way she is now necklace. Not port the entire necklace bracelet. We're still in ear receipt. That is not all you do your taxes. Can you just get an email to you. How would you like it like an email or stuffed in your clay clay. Yes another thing. Yes quote had an ear. Buds in ears under his snowmobile helmet hit a water bar and his helmet pushed his earbuds deep into his ear. Roll chief candle wax. That one. i kinda get. It's my favorite. That's my favorite band from the early. Two thousands yeah candle wax blue slime play. Here's a new one placed. dvd's earbuds and forgot they were in there. Stuck the earbuds on now has to bb's lodged in ear. Dvd's are definitely something that like. We played with when we were kids. Yeah you shoot them shot. Bb's soda can tab plastic spoon air can tabby was hanging out with jimmy buffett. Okay fair enough air soft pellet piece of purple cran small rock all same patient. Yeah i know. Terrorists never learned. Okay then this one ready felt something in their burning sensation flushed the ear. And here's your picture. A worm flush feels like alabama. John question i do you get to name the worm fish with it is moving onto the nose here goes oh god earplug course where they go need to learn your shapes. Confetti balloon happy new year candy wrapper. Sure next thing we got a picture. Fake diamond why not. Just say real. No one would've known kit. No one's gonna know he went to jared. No they're not gonna shit have yano stuffed up his nose. Flower is in the nose. Sunflower seed chur. You're not a chia pet toy toy car tire toy lizard tail just the tail. Well now the toy lizard tail now this. I believe was accused on conspiracy thing. This is all the denver. Insurers had lizard tails up their nose deal not sure quite a bit of tissue paper quite a bit medical cancer. Even a little bit is quite a bit. If you can't get it out it's two months right. Can i say something anything randy if you're gonna make cunanan stuff i don't know if i'm sorry i know how you feel about it. It's fair warning. Sign your theories about cunanan conspiracy theories about you. Believe about this jerry back to it. Yes many flashlight. How small is many many many bowling pin. Churn sponge toy carrot. We've got a picture. This one googly eye. That's a kid that as a kid at preschool bread bread pom pom two batteries peanut. And here's the one. We're going to close out the nose with sister's hair which witchcraft is going on in this little. Are the care. The parents paying attention to the kids for that to happen. Yeah agreed okay ready. We're now moving onto the throat then after throat we get into the real funds stuck. Here's things people had stuck in their throat in twenty twenty disposable straw. That's not what they mean. No that's not what you throw metal straw. That'll straw plastic fork plastic cup plastic jail. Wristband what are we gonna do. We get this off. we're going to eat. it will go down. Go down cat toy. Look i know. Everyone wants their cat to like the toy they got him. But you don't need to show the cat that much. Let's do fine here kiss. I know i know you don't love me for real. 'cause you're a cat. Give me an answer bib now. Here the next one. I'm going to say a lot of things across especially when we get to the polls but this one just seems so gross to me peace peace be better if it was a whole socked the peace. What are you doing it you first of all. He's not ridiculous. Nobody can eat a whole sack right. Peace the peace. You save a little microwave up the rest of it go next thing ready date not for sure but it was either quote a bee or wasp being their throats. Saving just zach zach famously said we start losing the bees your internship at. Ucd will not matter but if it's a murder loss that's fine. Yeah murder hornet. Jesus come on small pool ball. I have no idea what that is. It's like a little mini. Buffalo taylor billiards related to early. One honey ready for this tip of a knife. Just good not doing that as a joke. I'm saying what what is not this. Is someone who wants to get into sword swallowing. But they're like let hamas that grain and that is like the guy who and bats incredible catches a bullet in his teeth. He's like hannity practices. Like okay. I started tossing jim. Okay jake this next one is going to become a lot. Faster already metal. Pipe this next one seats. So bad sewing needle. Oh heck k. Brady moving on. We have four more electrical tape. Churn thermometer yup glow stick. And how perfect for twenty twenty. Someone stuck in their throat of tall tiny small amount flag better than a confederate flag. Yeah i agree. Oh look at the reverse throwing up the rehearse for everybody you can now see what we see. Which is all of you lovely. Can you see what we see all right here we go. We are now moving on to penis. Zach this might be traumatic for you. Pick of what i'm about to show you. I will let you figure out how it works. If you kids go to bed or wake up we're learning stuff to that for mentor ideas. I i don't know if you could figure this out it's going to hurt if you can't figure it out stay the way you are never change the first thing. Twenty twenty a cock plug. Okay that is. That's got a lot of girth to let everyone else figure it out next thing. Hoof tongue ring beck checks. Well no in the penis. Though i forgot we have an accident by the way mic on lunar prediction. Yes make a prediction. Cova test passed. They said break the swab off. What everybody's so mad back are you. Are you positive about the breading string string of magnetic beads that will do damage this next one. This is when we start getting into these holes. These are where people feel like. They need to like cover for themselves. A little bit to remind people that are mama's in this. Well you didn't do this. This is like when this is like when jay did curb your enthusiasm and his scene was very clean but the rest of the show was crazy. It was the filthiest. Seen the is killer episode. Where larry gets the pubic hair stuck in his throat. Meanwhile o. j. didn't know anything about the episode so he told our parents and they told our rabbi. So we're watching. Even enjoy beyond the show the show and larry the entire time as i and we're just thinking of our rabbi bernard listening watching that show with the rest of the banana sisterhood. That thanks a lot my dear friend in the man. I love david jacoby watching. I hope keith. Put the kids to bed here. We get this is a quote and an excuse playing with phone and fell asleep. When he woke up his stylus was in his year. Injury occurred four days ago and didn't seek treatment now. He has to get excited just to move things around on the never going to believe what happened. I'd be like you're right. I will not believe what you're about to tell me. Accidentally happens already moving on. He got a boner and opened up for apps. I didn't mean to text you. Pen pencil paintbrush. This is the quote metal. Screw in his urethra to cause an action. That is not how a picture of the next one wire hanger. men's warehouse. You're not gonna like the way you look at you feel ready for the what god damn comic con person going to lanyard. Yes i watch comedy festival low. We don't want to quote has had a marble in his penis and decided he needs it. Removed has been in there. For how long zach. John scars. How long do you think this guy had a marble in his penis and finally decided that it needed to be removed sack was a plain marble or marble off like an old statue playing for keeps marble. The playing like there's a big difference from someone and says i sell marble to i sell marbles. Big difference mike. So your countertops eight of marvel nine days nine days. Okay john john. What do you think i would assume. You wouldn't be able to urinate right. So i'm gonna say twenty four ground twenty four hours three days three days. I'm going to say one year. One year and i could see your mother all right. There's my mom. I'm sorry. Mom i love you in the chats. Y'all because he had a marble on his penis and decided he needed to remove it. It's been in there for the past four years. yes yes. That's what's wrong with our health system in this country and the very last thing telling people he has big last guy not. They're not they're there. I do have one last thing. And this is somebody that i wish. Love themselves more at the got stuck in somebody's penis and twenty twenty glue okay better than rubber cement cement okay moving onto the vagina here. We go shampoo bottle. Sure battery that. Do not insert those things separately. The battery goes in the toy. I that's not what i want rosie perez to be reading the next thing we have a pick of it. I i picked out this picture. It's a pill bottle. What if that's the pill bottle that makes sense into small vibrator large vibrator paperclips patient. Patient was intoxicated. Four months ago paced placed a crumble of tin foil inside vagina. Now no no put it in your vagina or the microwave. Things can start inflammation. Things could start a film canister this this next one might be my favorite one on the entire list inside of a china part of a slinky middle down the stairs. Slinky's go downstairs. This thing just went down stairs not ready for this film canister shirt you remember what. He said that eyebrow pencil screw ten come on. It's dump people town three bags of meth o. I do not. I am so glad. They filed for bankruptcy. Because i imagine that's one of their members. Did this yet a bullet there. You go in our ed. Hey ready rock bath pom. That's not how they work. And i endorse the doors path. Oc paper right. Dwayne johnston no john. I think eagle. Johnston and johnston zach. What is it. i don't know what it is. I don't know. But i know that all of these all these things lead to one condition and that's bieber fever. You called it sir. Because the final thing that got stuck in a vagina and it bothers me on so many levels is a baby shoe. Couldn't find anything else. You couldn't break off the leg of a chair. you couldn't find anything else door or anything babies. You don't know anyone with a fist. You couldn't find a baby's you is symbolic and that's why it hurts okay. Oh you can't put the baby back in the day. That's that's not throw out the vagina with the baby shoe. I believe and finally the rectum. Okay here we go bouncy ball. Sure multiple marbles. They tend to go together yeah. I picked him up. I picked them all house. Same guy from the front is a very intricate game. Jack's here's the first word. I'm going to say we get shows up every year. The second word. I'm going to say new. I believe ready toothbrush holder in the by. I know where my toothbrush is. Just can't put it away cran you've got to keep it between the lines. Simple quote put a pencil up rectum and now not able to sit. No kidding ready for this one. But i can fart out the best letter ever. Oh the next one. We've got to pick christmas lights feel like shooter an sooner every year every like i'm bending over and you're holding me you need to put these in the garage long. I have a solution. We are ready. Nail polish bottle. Shaving gel bottle. Barra saul container quote. Here's another one painting. Patient reports inserting a decoder at spray can inside his rectum last night as he was constipated. One of which one of these the lie on constantly. This is like every diane keaton movies. Something's gotta give. His friend rocked in right after. Because the next thing is quote shampoo bottle in his rectum then placed in there because he thought he was constipated head and shoulders above the other. Guys i be discount this one stick again. What's brown and sticky a stick stick. He's a grand bat after this very brown in very sick folks this one so flatly delivered. It's perfect screwdriver. And amos handle fell off even ask if it was a phillips laver. Flathead here we go. Quote was intoxicated and is uncertain if she used her aides or not. Can't find them at at home. None found in still a mystery behind the cowart. Never mind well i. This again is one of my favorite movies. The sisterhood of the traveling anal and tastic. There on your head bar bright. You've got always the way i'm like. Where am i eight obt type just laying vibrator ring sure vibrator stuck in rectum. Vibrator is still on okay. Well it's eventually it's gonna turn on. Take it out eventually. This is a battery commercial. That's never ready commercial five inch still though six inch dildo seven inch dildo ten inch dildo mike. And as you're saying each of those can see my mom on the okay here. We go apple. Sure that's all it is computer eight. No it keeps the doctor away one way or another. That's one toy shark. And i hope this is what it is. That's in my imagination cute. We're getting closer plastic. Turtle cat toy bell Small foam football baseball. That's a lot of these. Yes signed by. Pete rose newspaper. I hope it was old That baseball was juice credit for the excellent but in my heart of this is what it is the at cologne bottle shirt. It's gotta be that that yes yes colors of benetton or lapidus. Baby oil bottle. You're supposed to take it out of the bottle in hand lotion bottle. Same thing is the thing. I just said. Foam dart love when a person lies about what they did. Quote was squatting in the shower when he got a small bottle stuck in. That is not how it happened. So it's really the bottles fall about. Wait wait wait wait wait. How do you pick up. Bluebottle back true. That's i mean. Look back on that when your hands are full. You never know okay ready. This one did not have a picture. But i had to include the greatest picture of this item. We've ever gotten on town so it is canon remote control picture provided by will grier. I hope it wasn't a university. They never say. Every time i sit down. I switched to fox news. I don't getting so they never say which end so. We can always pretend the next fork for water bottle. Here's this one quote three weeks ago. He was drunk and put a lightbulb. Up his rectum really got a good idea. I don't even know what this is. We have a picture of it pooper. route toy. Who's those are little toys. That are meant to be. Put up your button okay. Perfect jackson ready for the next weeble. Wobble there you go weevils wobble. They don't fall out of your up though writing pen and bottle cap. We're going to close us out six magic markers and the last thing we got stuck in our but and twenty twenty. We'll see you all in a year when we get to do this again. Quote put dildo interact Two days ago and was performing daily activities with it in place when riding lawnmower dildo slid inside rectum. Completely i to me this is just someone that needs to get their stuff done. I hate to say everson was a little anal about getting. Imagine though right before the riding lawnmower. I'm gonna tell you i've had it in for two days. I've never gotten more done in my life. I think new me. Why wouldn't ride that more if i were you and how many people said let me finish. Grass probably was even that high is all the grass art. That is it. Oh my god you're stories for this down people even in the new year. It is hard to start a new routine especially in a pandemic monday. If you're one the thirty four percent of americans who made a resolution to be less stressed we got you covered head. Space is here to help. I love head space. There your daily dose of mindfulness in the form of guided meditations in an easy to use app. And it's one of the only meditation apps advancing the field of mindfulness and meditation through clinically evaluated research. So whatever the situation had space really can help you feel better. So what's the thing that blocks people the most when they get into stuff. They're like i don't have time. I don't know how to figure it out. 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I love it For those of you. Who don't know stereo is a free live broadcast social platform that allows us senators to build a more intimate relationship with their favorite podcast by engaging in direct conversations. So we get stories sentence from you guys. We get tweets from headlines. We get all kinds of stuff. You guys did. Question is so beautiful to go onto the stereo up and talk to you. Interact with new directly. You leave us little voice. Memos we listen to them respond to them in real time. It's like the coolest lady radio show like. It's a q in a radio show with our fans and other people are discovering us on there and we get to hear your voices. It's so on the epping notified when we go live you can also check out other shows or get to know new content creators. They have great shows on there. I'm on there all the time. I love jeff. Ross is doing on there. I've i've listened to a lot of shows on. They're also kind of see how other people alliens cool. It's so fast in a say as i. We can't wait to keep connecting with you guys through stereo. You can join us at four. Pm today when this thing drops For the for a live. Show that we're to be doing all you gotta do is what j. Download the free stereo app and select dumb people towns. You can connect with us. We're at whenever we are live. You can also stay tuned for more details on how to engage with us on stereo at the end of this episode. Find us the three of us were all on their follow. All three of us on stereo to get started hit up stereo dot com slash randy sklar or stereo dot com slash. Jason soares stereo dot com slash. Daniel sklar danielle van carrying to get started. We'll see you tuesday listening to this day. Drops tuesday at four o'clock zach. Thank you for joining us. My friend thank you so much. We love seeing you brother. I can't wait to thank you guys. Do i email you about payments. Actually let's let's talk about it. Let's get into it now. If that's okay with you feel if you could just dictate us your no how much you get paid for something like this. But i guess twenty five grand right you schedule athletes to give us your own now dictate your w nine hundred nation and it's a corporation to your corporation is Distortion taco llc. I didn't. I just wanted to tell you be performing Uncle tampons comedy cave in tampa. I heard i heard that places. The club logo tampons. Comedy cave is a real mess in there You guys buddy. I can't wait to give you a hug. Man jack jack is and and take us thank you and take us home jewels before we get him on before you play. We will see you guys. Tickets are available right now. We'll see you on the twenty seventh Almost gone jack. Black this. I don't know for you guys but for dan randy myself is life giving doing the show for you guys. I look forward to weeks. We appreciate you guys supporting it and and this entire and live performing in this time. We'll hopefully figure out a way to keep doing this for for a long time because we just we love seeing all you guys too. That's a really special thing for us as well. So thank you for being here We love you guys. We'll say good. Night and paul white one last song. We love you buddy. Take us home. Mute yourselves while he plays please shut image. Saw Own fan shoot a c a earn missile slow onto spread to shy. Yeah Things on so beautiful best. Thank you for all of your old. Thank you so much. And we'll just stand can't wait till we can give you a big hug man and the thank. You loved it man. Exactly be getting you your money. Twenty five grand is coming coming your way to be on the lookout for that. It's just going to be in a brown bag and we'll leave it right by the door. Cherries the problem. Is you have all the cash inside you. You re threat. I love all you guys so much. We're going to dedicate this comedy and this show tonight to our buddy neil mahoney who passed his past a little over a week ago. Love that guy. He was all about the comedy and all about the goodness in good vibes. And that's exactly what this is all about so We love you guys and os shit. We gotta get back to work dumb dumb. Dum dum dum dum. Dum dum dum stick around town. A podcast network. Hey guys earlier. You heard us talk about the stereo app. Guess what. I got some more info for years. I stare at users because he can engage with the platform to listen in seek out topics and join conversations about issues and ideas that interest them. It is very cool. There is a wide range of conversation topics on stereo comedy. Pop culture lifestyle sports. In anything else you can think of can be downloaded for free on apple and android once you download the app you can set up your profile and create your avatar and our next stereo episode. Is this afternoon tuesday. January twenty six four. pm. Pacific is such a fun time. Get some voice memos railroad. I love we. We usually have a story we get it started but then we derail but in the best way back so many people chiming and sometimes we go back to the story. Sometimes we find a story from the person we just heard from. It's midday party with us. And you guys. Direct interest said great. Hang say it's a great hang so join us today at four. Pm up go to stereo dot com slash sklar or zero dot com slash jason's dot com slash. Daniel van kirk download the app. It's free and it is so much fun or go to dot com and search dumb people town and subscribe to our show to get future alerts and we cannot wait to hang with you guys today at four. Pm we'll see there are times right.

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