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Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host, Jenny Taft. This podcast is the full show. From today's episode of undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate. So skip Shannon. Let's get to it. Welcome to undisputed live from Los Angeles. I'm Jamie Madge, oh here with Greg Jennings. Crisper sard and rob Parker gentlemen. We made. It's a Friday. You guys have enough gas tank for one more show. No, no, ready. No. And best part is they didn't cancel the show was still. We're concerned. Well, let's get started with your favorite topic. Lebron James as first season in LA hasn't gone as planned now. He's getting called out by a hall of Famer Scottie Pippen said yesterday that LeBron made quote little or no effort to go after the ball when the game was on the line and the Lakers lost to the hawks this week, then he compared him to his former teammate, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant hip and said, quote when I look at LeBron. He's not what Michael was as a player. He's not even with Kobe. Bryant was as a player. So when you talk about trying to compare Michael's instinct, his ability to take over games his ability to want to have the last shot. Lumbra n- doesn't have that, gene. That's not in him. Kobe has that, gene. It's that clutch. Gene. I'm not taking it away that he doesn't know how to win and he's not willing to have the ball in his hands. But the players that have that clutch, gene, they're going to go get that ball. All right Scottie Pippen way in shots. Fire fired. Chris what do you think is LeBron lackey mcclatch, gene? Cosc- the smile row Parker's faces. You were reading those words he was just waiting chomping this. But let me set, you and Scottie Pippen straight. If he wasn't talking about a killer instinct that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have versus LeBron. I'll give him that LeBron. It's a spectrum and LeBron isn't quite as high on the killer instinct spectrum I would say as Jordan and Coby when Jordan Coby played you off said this on this show before they wanted to crush you. And LeBron I said LeBron's ideal game. Probably if he's going against the friend Dwayne way to Cairo Irving somebody like that is for you to get yours me to get mine. But we win, you know, we both have really good games, but we win. Whereas I think Jordan Kobe. It was like I wanna shut you out. I want you scoring six points while I'll get my forty and we win. So I'll give Scott. Eddie that. But clutch, gene. No, I'm sorry. Like there's been this narrative about LeBron really throughout his career. They need isn't clutch. And you're going to sit here and talk about feelings and talked about what you see and talk about perception and psychoanalyze LeBron if you know exactly what he's thinking he's afraid he's this or that. We really don't know what's in his head. All we can go by objectively are the facts. And here are the facts in all potential go ahead shots in the final five seconds of fourth title or or fourth quarter or overtime for their career. All right potential. Go ahead shots in the final five seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime in the playoffs. That's the biggest moment the play offs. Michael Jordan, five four eleven. That's forty five percent. He hit three buzzer-beaters. That's. Pretty good. Lebron James six four thirteen forty six percent hit four buzzer-beaters, and you're gonna pooh-poohed last year's against Indiana. The game was tied. The game was tied. There was no pressure. Okay. Three of LeBron six game winning shots four were buzzer-beaters. But there were two more with like two three seconds left three of the six they were down. So they were there was pressure to three and the gays. We're tied. You miss you. Going overtime three of the games, you're down. You miss you lose. So LeBron James has not only hit a higher percentage was was the different six percents or forty five. Okay. Not only hit a higher percentage. He's hit more and he's taken more. So if he was scared why is he taking more now Koby? We don't have all the more games than. Yeah. But it's close so solely. Void. And he's hit more asking. Okay. Okay. That's your best. You can do. Okay. Start you go start. Anyway, these are facts. Go ahead. Coby Coby the last such shot. Koby hit of that kind was two thousand six two thousand six his last six attempts. Those situations he missed now. Give it Kobe. We'll take it every time, but he missed most of them. And when we think about the Kobe Shak era that we, you know, we think about who say in the last shot and we kill the Brian. If he doesn't take the last shot with think of the Derek Fisher point four we think Robert ory, Sacramento what shot by Coby? Do you think of in great baskets? Great shots. All that. We even think maybe run our test the three pointer in the corner against Boston. And I'm not saying that to take anything away from coal issue saying if you put LeBron in that same exact situation, and it was Ori Fisher are test doing it. We would be killing me scared. He doesn't want to go to the free throw line. He came. He'll do the pressure one last thing before you try to combat this the last two minutes of fourth quarter overtime games regular season and the playoffs all shots. Lebron shoots. Forty four percent Koby forty percent. Michael Jordan, who we all think is clutch. Thirty eight percent free throw line where Laver's struggles he shoot. Seventy five percent Koby eighty four percent, Mike. All play not play Jordan seventy seven percent the other play offs. Okay. Three point shooting. I won't even Cal Jordan because that wouldn't be then he shot sixteen percent. In those situations from three Kobe twenty six percent, LeBron twenty seven percent. So this notion that he's not clutch. Okay. If you wanna look at his facial expression. And I know you study psychology and all that he scared. You can see his body like go head. But these are the facts got you. But the only problem with at and I see all your stats not like he's running away with it. I'll give you that the clothes. He winning. That's all. But when you talk about an and last year was the perfect example. This is what people have watched about LeBron and white is an issue and why people react to him. And you notice Chris 'cause you've talked to many NBA players always even wanna know. Kobe forget, I I'm more about Jordan. But they'll nudge Koby a head because even though you you gave. Me the numbers. It's still about does guy really one of make that shot and have the bonus hits last year. He won game one game one that you was does he wanna take it take it came one last year, Golden State? Lebron was having the most unbelievable playoff game. We'd see fifty one points. He nobody could stop them. A gig come down to the end of the game. And he has Steph curry in front of a mismatch. Right. The broad James could not be stopped at night that could altered the entire series will abroad steals that game game one in Golden State. He passes to George hill, who of course, mrS one of the two free throws. And they wind up lose Georgia for layup. Right. Well, no, Georgia. What he didn't get a Lael? He you say it was open. He got blocked fouled. So wasn't an open layup as you like to say, if it wasn't open layup, he would've made the layup. My point is to been way too many of those moments where he wants up passing the ball in those spots. That's what people it's not only about making it. It's about taking. And when you look at a guy like that, you go he can't be stopped at the basket the rim. If you wanted if you wanna take it in. But then if he's fouled he's gotta make free throws. I would love to see what your free throw you. Gave me regular season off. I would love to see what is the place because we've seen LaBant of brick free. Trolls in big moments in games. And then that's why a lot of people always feel like he doesn't want it or he doesn't want to give fouled because he doesn't want to step up there and make those shots. That's why Scottie Pippen will push back on LeBron other NBA players former players, look, LeBron say he's unstoppable. The only person who can stop him is LeBron James, and I don't wanna hear like he's the greatest player on the planet. But he's always. Well, he made the right basketball play, even if it doesn't work out. It's always he made the right basketball decision or basketball play. No, sometimes I want my best gotta take that shot. Even if he doesn't make it. I rather the ball be in his hands and the game either a win or loss and LeBron James is going to dictate it not George hill. Trying to make a free. While he's eighty percent free throw shooter. None of play also to finals when the game is on the line. I'd rather have LeBron they're making that shot making that play. And that is why lebrons doesn't get the respect. And the perception. I'm I'm talking about the respect of when people say he's not a killer or have that instinct, I had the privilege of been covered the BA since nineteen eighty seven. I was there watched Michael Jordan D'Amato's entire career set courtside was there in Cleveland when he made that game series winning shot at the end. He wasn't look in the past of all anybody else. He was going to win or lose on his own. So when people see you make those kinda shots, those guys that they're always going to gravitate to and think best that was one of Jordan's three. Lebron James definitely has the clutch gene in when we talk about the clergy, it just looks different. Chris you alluded to it. I'm totally on board with what you said in all the facts. But it looks different ROY. When we say killer instinct, Chris Ardy made that point. Yes, Jordan Kobe the way they went after it the Tonette city the way they just wanted to devour their opponent. Do we see that in LeBron? No, we don't see it. But does he wanna do that? I'm sure he does. But the era of which LeBron has grown up in versus those two specifically MJ he played ball with all of these guys their friends, they go they basically brothers. He'd the Wayne, wait. Kevin durant? We see them together all the time and off season. So they have a report in a respect for one another does he wanna win, of course in has. He done it. Yes. It just looks different. It doesn't look like Mike because Mike will do whatever it takes. And he wants that last shot in for for Scotty Pippin to say, this it I mean because he's spoken about LeBron James pretty much being close to the go and be better than than Kobe. Now, all of a sudden, he's putting Koby, and I'm just I'm lost because yes, you had the best seat in the house to defer to Michael Jordan, and you could say how he was in the locker room all these things. None of us can speak to what LeBron is saying you made this point. We don't know what's going on in his mind. He I'm sure if he had a wide open shot he would take it every time. But LeBron the way he's built we've sought from day one. He's going to facilitate he's going to take the best option. And we say LeBron he's physically dominating on opponents. He should just take it to the rim. He should make the layup. That's not always the case when you've played forty four plus minutes every single night, and you're not here. But put the only problem Greg is that if he wasn't three and six in the finals and there was situations. I'm telling you that if it was different if you told me that LeBron was eight and one, and he was facilitating and given it's all the people. They won all the time. People would look at it differently. But that's not the case because he has it one even that one. Well, you know, what I mean at the clip that people think if he's the greatest of all time he hasn't won at that clip. What was the other one where you pass the ball to the tweet count com? Korver that was a situation where they're up by two. Lebron has the ball. Who's stray my joy, joy has five thousand front of him. And he passed the ball for three pointers taken into joy mon-. Right. Maybe following monitor game. You didn't need it three. So he passes it. Call Corbin misses the shot, and then they don't score another point in the game, and they lose. So that's another one of those game. Would you just look and go? Alright either going gonna foul them always gonna make the basket. Why won't you go to at Draymond give out get him out of the game? And try to win it all that. But I I'm I'm gonna go back because everybody makes it seem like, Michael Jordan. I'm not knocking Mike MJ the goat. And he's the clutches of all clutch in my opinion with clenched, gene or killer instinct, but he didn't face the warriors. Like, LeBron James. We keep saying you keep saying three and six he didn't face the warriors. He didn't face a three and four headed monster. That are little. Right now as we look at it top ten fifteen players, you got three of them who are top ten. You can't use that as. It's not an excuse to put together. Right. The big three down in Miami. So when they went to four straight NBA finals daily one to he didn't even fulfill what he had going, and you know, what lebrons star that said this. Lebron started my space with that. And the warriors said, okay, we got you. We'll start Facebook. They won up to him. And now you gonna look and go, oh, this isn't fair. They got four headed monster Loughran with together three headed monster. And he had to deal and the other league guys in the league at the deal with that. Let me get back back to what we were talking about with the clutch. Okay. 'cause you you're half of your argument was LeBron's passed the ball. Okay. Let's go back to nine hundred ninety three game six of the NBA finals. Visit Phoenix Suns. Nowhere. All. But when the fire passes, he he he does he has that my one that made to deprive, and we might have video of fourteen seconds left. Michael Jordan's inbounding the ball inbounds gets it back in the back court. And that's the end of the play Jordan before that happened, Jordan. Do you see Jordan in the scream he's not even in the play? He got the ball in the back court with six foot two which four inches shorter. To him fright Johnson on you, Jordan takes dribbler two and passes the Scottie Pippen at the three point line Pippen, drives kicks the horse grant, Horace Grant, drives kicks it out to Paxton Paxton his the game. He's one Jews. This is Jordan. Why point rob the point is this Michael Jordan was not involved in the play? And I'm fine with it. That doesn't mean Jordan wasn't clutch. That doesn't mean Jordan didn't have the stomach for the moment. It means they made a smart basketball play, and they won and Mike was still if LeBron does that we know. For fact, he's the Brian that today and JR Smith in one last ball hits it and the bras not even in the play three players touch it by the after LeBron. Oh, he'd be getting crushed. What's the what's the difference? His jaw to know. Legrand. Rian sing for. About sort of because Little Brown has lost war people looking why are you going? I'm telling you what it is that the only difference is John Paxson hit the shot and Kyle Korver mystic. No. Lebron had a better shot at the real. That's that's the here's the cave. Okay. Okay. He just said Mike wasn't even in the play. Well, have had the. On had to notice not the case when Mike. He was saying is it's all the second thing. Let me I got more facts that were in fact, you just bring a feelings. All right. I don't have any. Nineteen ninety seven Steve Kerr. Okay. They're playing Utah. They're sitting on the bench. Phil Jackson's getting ready for the plate. Okay. Mic. We're going to you. Now, two games earlier. They had gone to my late in the game. And he does a spin move and John taxes still John Stockton steals. The ball they lose. Then Jordan misses a shot on the next possession. And they lose the game. Steve Kerr say they're on the bench. And Michael says, they doubled me last time if they do it this time, I'm going to be ready and sure enough Gordon dribble. Gordon goes in the traffic twelve thirteen foot or he could've taken over who six foot two inch one inch. John Stockton is steady passes to Steve Kerr who hits the fifteen footer now, again, let's put LeBron that situation if LeBron is sitting on the bench and says to Lonzo ball last time this happy. I'm coming to you. If they double me, we're going to sit there and say, oh, but LeBron is the best way in the world. I don't care that. You're double team you have shot the basketball. All take the game with his and we're going to say why LeBron make Josh heart whoever. Why LeBron why did LeBron Saito Josh heart? I'm coming you. Because he was scared because he had failed a couple of days earlier. See what on saying we're holding LeBron to a standard that is not only not what we've held Jordan Kobe too. But it's out on not when you leave. None of the stand out when you look at his free throws late in big gay. All you us because because percentage is to me. See it in the playoffs and big moments. We've seen him as a figuring imagining. We says you haven't brought any that we have it are you answering? The question is LeBron does he lacked the clutch genes? Yeah. In the big moments in big games. Absolutely. He would rather defer to somebody else into put himself. It's always about not learning to miss. No. I'm not I'm talking about the bidding making. To Jordan played in more games. A few. I like to see how playoff 'cause this game. Wait not way. We're play all their rounds. Way with have we seen him defer more than the shot? No. We just we highlight the fact that he's deferred or he's passed the ball off. And he hasn't taken the shot. He takes the shot more often than he does not. But we wanna look at all the things this is what Christmas saying we want to look at everything that he does win. He doesn't take the shot. And if he does say he got a make it would be a game is tied. That mean when I wanna do take a shot, and you notice Greg come on. Now, there's a different feel to it too. And it doesn't mean that I gave you. Is time to make if you make it, but there's a difference between shooting Paul with the clock one in down knowing even if I miss overtime. Whereas when Michael Jordan may DeShaun in Cleveland, and I'll go back to it. The series is over it ain't no overtime the series. Not the game is over. He didn't look for anybody else. When LeBron you keep bringing up a first round jump shot. And it was great the shot wanting to grind started oversaw out because it was in the first round. Let's stop why. Because it was. Hundreds of shots that were bigger than he's a Gracia. It was a great way. The one that a grace ever. The play offs fifteen footer. But you mentioned about instinct killer instinct, LeBron is lack of that. Well, that I I think it's related though. Yes, I do. I think killer instinct in the clutch, gene because the killer instinct, you want to go in there, and you want to you want the ball in your hands in the final seconds. You wanna take that shot? And that is something that, and I don't know of Absheron his way from I don't know that he's run away from it. But maybe he's just lacking it. Maybe it's not built in his. Lacks shot. Right. We take in more slash Michael Jordan in the playoffs. We're smart leading that that he doesn't have this mentality because it looks different for him. It's just flat out looks different in look different for Michael. And it looks different for any other superstar Tim Duncan in looks different for some dies. It's not that. He's going to bring the ball up in this. He's going to isolate we can say, Kyrie Irving. Kyri Irvine has that killer instinct that clutch. He he wants to ball give it to me. I'll take the biggest shot from wherever I can't on the court. But also, let's not let's not act like LeBron has the best shooting percentages in jump shot. Then these guys because he does not he's not a better suited in kyri. He's not a better shoot in Jordan. He's not a better shooter than Coby. So obviously he's going to try to do something different because his game. Is different than theirs. That's what we always forget about. And he he he's clutch. He in our in our in vision of him being clutch. And because he's so physically dominating his questions looks different. Because his a lot of his game winners has come on layups because he understands my jump shot isn't where it probably needs to be doesn't believe doesn't mean. He doesn't believe in his jump shot. He just understands his game. And so it looks different. It will always look different. And we just have to embrace that and take that for what nonetheless, I enjoyed your little time capsules a little trip down memory lane. NBA memory aiding vagus, he brings feeling. What his feelings. Making the do is just Cobra both players and watched him closely. And I would take Michael Jordan any day with the ball at the right? Any? All right guys does Anthony. Dick, miss deserve criticism for leaving the arena in the middle of game last night. Don't forget you can check us out every day on the Fox Sports channel on Sirius XM. Isn't just about one super sized football game on Spotify. There's thousands of free sports podcasts. That agonize over the pre-seasons off seasons and plain old regular seasons of nearly every sport, imaginable, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, curling, and even hurling. Yeah. That's a real sport. Look it up. Now. It's so easy to stay updated with the latest trade. Rumors predictions and scorching hot takes from some of your favorite games. Biggest names so take it one episode at a time and give one hundred ten percent of your attention to the thousands of free sports podcasts on Spotify. Because the best offense is a good podcast. We are officially in the Lamar Jackson era in Baltimore after news of Joe flacco trade to the Broncos their offense coordinator, even said this week that the offense will be quote tailored towards Lamar the marble and immediate sensation. After he finished six two as a starter for the ravens and leading them to a division title as rookie. But he also only through over two hundred yards once in those starts and struggled mightily in the playoff loss to the chargers. Greg. Let's begin with you here. Are you convinced that lavar is the future in Baltimore? Lamar. No, I guess, you know, he is the future. Obviously with what they decide to do with. Joe flacco move on from him. I think they were going to move forward with Lamar regardless of Joe flacco was in the picture or not in this the right thing to do. He has the locker room your offense. Looks better with him on the field. Obviously they are heavy run team. So he implant he kind of implements his running style to what they already currently have the one thing about the Marge action that he has to get better with is his accuracy and throwing the ball in the passing game. Obviously Cheech accuracy always wanted to know you can work on it. Okay. You can definitely work on. It's something that you work on is slight shooting percentages in basketball. Can you teach shooting in making shots? You can't teach making shot, but you can work on making shots. And so he can work on his accuracy. But he has to be confident in it. I think when we look at what's what's going on in Baltimore. And they saying we're going to tailor our offense around the Jackson. It does not just solely mean that is going to look like they're going to run the ball. And then a lot of RPO's in a lot of read option. No, they're saying we're going to make sure that our offense is complimentary of his style of play that doesn't mean we're going to not we're not going to throw the ball down the field. We're not going to ask him to be a NFL prolific quarterback and sit in the pocket and make throws at times. No offense coordinator likes to see their quarterback take hits. He's going to have to understand that. There's a time in the place to get the extra yard into potentially have to take a need to take that hit. That's a part of maturing and they're going to put that on the Marge accent. But I think when you talk about tailoring the offense around him, you know, that the work he puts. In is going to be throwing the football. We're not concerned about can he run can he'd spark a make game breaking place. We need all of that. But now we're going to tailor our offense around you. We're going to make sure that you're comfortable with the game plans every single week moving forward. We're gonna also stretch you we're going to actually do things that you haven't done as well in college, and that's complete percentage better than what you had because he's his highest passing. Completion percentage has been seventy percent. And that's only throwing the ball of nineteen times. We're going to need more out of that more consistency. Obviously is average of completion percentage last year was around fifty eight fifty nine percent in this league today. You gotta be in the sixty four in above to be really competitive offense passing the ball. We know what they are running the ball. I like this move. It's what they had to do. Anyway. Of course, it's smart to Bill offense around him. That's what you have to do. But my biggest concern why I I really am skeptical about him being the future in Baltimore is health. That's number one. I know is the different NFL. You can't t- off on quarterbacks like you used to. But obviously when they start running the body or more like a running back. He ran the ball eighteen times a game. That's what Todd Gurley averaged eighteen carries a game. We've never seen a quarterback run even close to this much. Cam Newton runs about half as much. He's twice as big as Lamar and he's broken up. I don't think he can survive in the NFL now, I know they're going to drop the, but what does it dropped who twelve maybe it might even be hired in twelve adult. Think is arrive with twelve I think one of the things they need to do. 'cause RG three was on a one year deal. They need to get RG three is the backup because he plays somewhat similar. Maybe the closest thing you can get to a Lamar Jackson. He could work in a similar offense. I would always have RG three there as the backup to Lamar Jackson in Casey goes down. The other thing is this. We talked about accuracy you said fifty eight percent last year. He was only fifty seven percent for his career in college. I don't know how many quarterbacks we've seen improve their accuracy, you know, usually guys that are under sixty percent in college. Don't get better in terms of accuracy in the pros. Obviously you work on it. And I'm sure he will. But I am very skeptical about him improving it to the necessary level, he'll improve it. But I don't know about to the necessary level and the thing too is we saw with RG three we saw to a lesser degree with capper Nick teams. Now have some film on him. And the one team that saw him twice the LA charges. The second time they first time. He ate him up. Second time they shut him down. They were up twenty three two three day made him throw the ball. And obviously at the end of the game here too. Downs against the prevent defense when it was over. But I am very skeptical on Lamar Jackson being a successful quarterback going forward. I think that there's a chance only from the standpoint that. If they work on the passing part because he is dynamic. He can make those those plays broken plays game. Breaking plays. He can do all that. Now. Here's what I think is is this may be a reincarnation of Jim Harbaugh haven't capper, Nick. And when he decided and now John Hough having somebody very similar. I just wonder if they're looking at it saying okay with capper nicking. And remember he ran the ball. He was a much on no doubt about it. But I'm just saying that style of play got them. What to what we NFC championship games and got him Super Bowl, and they didn't win it got them to where they wanted. So I think that there is a chance Kris. Yes. Does he have to get better at his completions? Does he have to be able to throw the ball downfield to at least make the defense honest? They don't have to have to always make them. But you got at least make them feel like if we don't. Play up on. You know, what I mean, you might beat us downfield or or call something? So. Putting the offense and making it to fit his skill set. Only make sense to other things he have to he has to work on. But I do believe there's an opening for him. And that if they set them what with the white players in the right situation that he can be successful because we've seen other gods. How long Chris I don't know how long you can sustain it. But can it work? Absolutely. Well when you look at him last year in. When you're dealing with offenses, everyone thinks that you have two different packages. You have small packages for quarterbacks if you're intertwined quarterbacks they're going in and out in. That's what the Baltimore Ravens were dealing with. So for them to say we're going to tailor offense around Lamar Jackson. He understand. He was running an office that was tailored around. Joe flacco, this is what they knew offense of line the checks the style of play that they played in not only affected him in it affected. The offense of line there protection their schemes. We're the what what are they doing? Even the tight ends and receivers. Now, we have to understand we got we got to put this guy in a better position to be successful. What does that mean? Let's come in motion. Let's make things simpler for him. Let's not necessarily dummy it down because we I believe he's a smart quarterback in advance in that area. But now we have to put him. In position where we're shifting tight ends allowing him to seek coverages right away. And then putting him in packages. And throwing schemes that worked for him. When we look at his past breakdown in where he throws the ball. They did not even try to throw the ball down the field in. And when they did they were pretty unsuccessful his during ball down the field on the right side was a lot higher, but they only through it for times on that site deep in. So when you look at a guy like this accuracy, isn't an issue. Absolutely. But you put in plays, and you put the personnel around him that guys can get open create separation. We saw with deck. Preska indecorous Koch the better thrower in has better. Accuracy his first year. They really kept the clamps on them. You know what I mean they did? And they will allow him not to make mistakes, and what made life easier for him is having a running game to where you can play action pass and opens up the passing game right in front you because it sucks those linebackers in right away. Which gives quarterback clear vision in a line of I'm with playing to your strengths. I mean, we see it in bat in basketball. Don't try to be Golden State if you don't have choice. Right. So this is what they have. I agree with trying to maximize it. But I think one Willie stay healthy. I think it can be successful to some degree running the ball. You look at it. How healthy. At an unbelievable rookie year. And then no-doubt couldn't stay healthy. But the second thing is I think is gonna make you incredibly predictable. Like, I don't think he's going to if he doesn't get significantly better throwing the ball. Yeah. I mean, he's gonna complete some passes here and there, but we know basically you have to run it. And I think that will make their offense really predictable and be Harvard. Ken Kenny, Kenny, Kenny run it to say eighteen times. No, no. There's no way that you can no he can't convey can't continue to do that. I don't think they want him to do that. Cabrera mine now he was on the sideline a lot of times. He always had RG three to walk back to into look, man. I did that that did not work. This is why I'm over here because I took those hits those unnecessary hits trying to get that extra yard that. I did not need necessarily need to get out of bones get down, and I think when we look at Cam Newton guys who we automatically put in this running category or the style of play a similar look at north Turner. And what his his number one focus was we wanna make sure that Cam Newton doesn't take extra hits. So what do we do? They know nor turn it into this. But they draft a McAfee Christian McCaffrey something that now I don't have to really run. I don't have to use my legs. Let me just Dink and don't in check. Chatting let you do that. With you to get a guy layer like ravens right now or do they need to get? At one the I think you can you can upgrade in that area. But you have to have some outlet or level of comfort or safety net to where he can just release the ball in not have to put the pressure on him taking those extra hits that you're talking about. But I don't think he's going to even run the ball on an average over ten times a game per game you I'll bet that's the game plan. But you know, he's gonna there's gonna be times he's going to be this going to be time instinct, and we saw designed reiver's in the playoff game, you know, like fans quickly turned because of his style. And because he doesn't throw the ball of people going to be patient enough. Because as soon as they didn't didn't score nature. Ogle would tabu birds came out they wanted flacco your member it turned really quickly because he had gotten him into the playoffs off fans going to be willing to go with these and pains and take time for him to develop it's tremendous load of confidence from the organization. To be tailoring the offense around the mar- Jackson skill set. I think. Next up is going from bad to worse for Anthony Davis in New Orleans. He injured his shoulder near the end of the second quarter last night and had to leave the game. But he didn't only leave the game. He left the arena with his agent. Rich, Paul ESPN reports he left to get an MRI, and it showed him muscle contusion ADD very public trade demand over a week ago. But no deal was made to move him before last week's trade deadline. The pelicans did upset the funder. But Alvin gentry was in no mood to talk about anything involving Davis after the game. Take a listen dumpster fire in this this hard, you know, for guys, you know, we will to be professional. We wanna do. This is hard guys to go through they've been through and. To be able to come out beat a team of that quality. I'm happy fall guys. I thought that they did a great job. Don't know if he left the building or not I have no idea. I have. No, that's. And then he left the building. How does I'm happy for the guys play the game? And we want guys going to talk about the guys that play. They did a great job. We found a way to win the game. That's what's important. Alvin gentry using the term dumpster fire that upset me. Nice guy. He's a great, man. I really enjoy being able to work with him. But rob, what do you think about the way that Anthony Davis is going about all of this total mess Alvin gentry's one hundred percent light even for him? He was the coach who says I don't even know if he left to build it like really like the guy just did on his own. Here's the thing. I get it. He wants a trade people have a right? Ask for trade. That's that's that's not even in the conversation you ever, right? As though, but I'm saying would you have a right to ask for trait? But the wait it is gone on. I don't know what what. Rich, Paul him. AD actually thought was going to happen that the pelicans will going to just be like what our star player. Here we go. You wanna go to play the, and we're just gonna turn you over. And this is not going to be ugly break up, and you have a year and a half on your contract. You don't have this is not your final year and you won out. Also, you're the pelicans you're saying wait a minute last year, you Anthony Davis played great. They swept the first round playoff series against Portland and one again against the warriors in the second round. So so wait a minute. What happened from what we did last year to now you can't be here and two years almost a year and a half prior to your contract being up you want out and then when it's all public and whatnot. So yes, oughta fans going to be mad and boo. Yes. Did you just do a hand grenade on a pellet? Could season and their franchise. Yes. What are you expect the reaction to be and the way it's been so public now on the flip side just look at what happened with porzingas? Right. He wanted out of New York. Nobody really knew and then other than he didn't go to that exit interview with Phil. Bill jackson. Remember that? So that kind of gave you a little inkling that maybe something was going on there. But you didn't hear anything. It went from one day. Pausing on the Knicks to boom, he's traded. It's all done. He didn't want to be here. So we moved on. And I just didn't see that. Because it was the Rich Paul and LeBron and seemed like there was a plan or scheme or that was already being hatched that the reaction from New Orleans not to make him feel good makes total sense to me. I don't blame the pelicans for not wanting to just say, oh, yeah. You're walking out on this. And I'm gonna make all your dreams come true. And we're left with nothing. I look I'm without blame. The pelicans at all. I think all these people running around talking about the pelicans have messed this up. No, the pelicans did exactly what they should do which is wait until we can get all of the best offers this summer, then will make a move. It's not our responsibility to give a player that wants to leave us. Us his dreams. Okay. That said to your point a player has a right to make to make a trade demand even midway through his contract. If a team has a right to trade him. They don't think you're living up to the deal. We don't think you're playing as well as we thought they will move him in the dark of the night and nobody bat an eye. Okay. So he has every right to do that just like anybody else. Does we could do that? If we wanted Kevin gar net. One of the most loyal players in the history of the league. He's come out and say it to eighty AD to his face you need to get out of New Orleans. You need to go somewhere where you can compete for championships. K D didn't wanna go to Boston. But when he finally got there and they begin compete for championships. He loved it. He wishes he earlier, and that's what he's saying. AD don't waste ninety five percent of your prime playing for France. Is that really can't win it get to someplace you can win on fine with ADD? Doing it. The problem has been this it had to get ugly. There was no other way to do it. Now at do think. And I thought they would just wait to the summer and wait to they make the max offer turn it down. And they only have to request a trade New Orleans just says he doesn't. Trade him, and I'm not gonna sit here and act like Anthony Davis and Rich Paul are prioritizing. What's good for the pelicans? I'm not gonna make that argument. However, you can the one thing you can say about it is they are making sure New Orleans does not get blindsided. We've seen guys get blinds. If released Boston is going to be somewhat of a blindside, and you're gonna get nothing in return for so they at least they're telling them, look, we're not staying, and they gave them they have given them three opportunities to trade Anthony, which in theory should maximize your chance of getting a great deal one. You had this past trade deadline to you've got the draft and the summer of twenty nineteen three you've got the twenty twenty trade deadline. So it's it's ugly. But at the same time New Orleans does have opera it's better than just getting left at the altar. Oh my gosh. They might get cya Williamson out of this. They might get some decent Laker players or some really good. Boston's players, you know. So I I look at it that way, I know it's ugly. I don't think he should've left the game early. But at this point, that's just one little addition to what's what it has to use Alvin gentry's year doesn't look good. And I don't think he's handled it the correct way. But when I look at andt, and I'm going to kind of defend AD here. He's looking at a team that last year we made a step in the right direction. But look at our roster look in the personnel. We had we let regime Rondo big that was a huge release for for guy. Who felt like you know, he runs are offense. Drew holidays was better because of him. I was better because of him. They're the pieces they just looked completely different. And now, it's all solely on AMC. Anthony Davis and now too. Everybody's point with him wanting to go where he wants to go. Chris porzingis. You brought him up. He's just flat out one at out. Right. He he didn't have a specific destination that he wanted to go. And I think he's done similar what I think it may keep big difference between when a when a franchise thinks that you're in cahoots with somebody and somebody who just wanted out of the of the Nick just wanted out because he didn't say I'm only going here or I'm going to the Lakers putting them in a situation where the pelicans are going to hell he did all team. But I'm just saying, but it was the Lakers that he really wanted to know too. And that's what they will were pushing. So automatically you push back and go I'm not now he would've said I just want outta here. If you wanna work out a deal or or or give you a handful of teams, I don't think that that's what he what he wanted to go to the Lakers. Yeah. But I don't have a problem with him saying where he wants to go. This is we're talking about Greg limit. What the pelicans can is. When I requested the trade. They did not give him a list then in they eventually gave them four teams. So they never narrowed it down to just the Lakers they gave him fourteen, but he's the type of player that he can say where he wants. He has that type of right? And that's type of game to let it be known this the rest of the Lee, this is where I wanna be in. If I want to be there, you know, I only have a certain amount of time table if I'm not there next year. So he's letting it be on notice with across the league. But what he's doing leaving the game. I get back to this leaving the game at halftime. Because he's going to get 'em are less clear that up he went to go. Get 'em are on the shoulder. I don't have a problem that he's going to get MRI. But for those other guys in that locker room that we've practiced together you've committed to us, and you came out and said, you know, what I'm not going to ask for a trait that this is where I start to have a problem with it when it comes to the way Anthony Davis is being perceived within the locker room with the guys because when it's one thing to make business decisions and impact in changed your mind on what you wanna do from organizational standpoint, because they'll pull the trigger on you any given moment. But now when you tell these guys I'm in it. And then you tell them I'm not I'm out. I have a problem with that in to quit. I'm not gonna say he quit to move off. Because that's not technically what he did. But he went on them. This is something that can happen. Been in practice tweak guys. Do it all the time. I tweak my ankle tweak my hamstring. Just don't don't even play. Because you're you're sending the wrong message across the league. Now, it's like everybody has an ability to chime in and say what you're not doing in. How it's looking and it's directly affecting you and your image. Now, he's going to be looked at from a different lens now. Because now he was mister nice guy. He was the guy that does everything right? The superstar. Everybody loves in the doors in is in a small market. That's doing it the right way. Now, that's all out the window. Now, you're going to be looked at as the guy. That's the villain. You're trader we're going to boo they had bags over their heads during the game. Nothing. He does is going to be right in anyone's is going to have to he's going to have to deal with that for the rest of his career. Now you saying that he, you know, obviously, the white to ask for whatever you want. But the team I remember when Brett Farr wanted to be traded, right? Given his hall of fame. Quarterback and all this. What did they do? He wanna go to Minnesota Vikings to Packers. Like, we're not sending you there. You can go there and get there eventually. And I think that's what happened with the pelicans. Basically, we we will win not going to accommodate you just even know Green Bay was ready to move onto breadth Bill gonna but they went they had anyone back. He had retired. But he had but they had the quarterback who taught what was better than him. And they didn't think that was that was that God what they still said. No, we'll send you to the AFC and the jets, and if you wanna get to Minnesota, which he wind up doing you'll do it on your own, but we're not going to enable you what should happen now is what I felt should have happened from the get-go. If I if I was New Orleans is easy for me to say this. But I I would have been like go ahead. Go back to Chicago, workout, whatever we'll let you know where you're trading now. I know the players association with a fought back. There's the league rule you can't do that. But now, I think that's what will happen. And you see why that's. Best. Now, you've got an injury that I don't know how long you can stretch it out too. But let him sit out the fans of their Buni Matt home, he risks injury again, which could decline his trae value AM for New Orleans. It's better if we lose because then we get a better lottery pick most likely, so I just think honestly, we really shouldn't the Anthony Davis plan the rest of the year as gentry said dumpster fire. Speaking of this game. Russell Westbrook continued as amazing triple double streak last night. But is okay. See the biggest threat to the warriors in the west Jason McIntyre answers to fly. Now. Hey, guys, Jenny Taft here. With a quick word about Robin Hood, Robin Hood is an investing app that lets you buy and sell stocks ATF's options and cryptos all commission free. While other brokerages charge up to ten dollars for every trade, Robin Hood doesn't charge any commission fees. 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Russell Westbrook had his eleventh straight game with a triple double. And most believe he's not even the MVP of his own team. As Paul George has been on an even bigger tear. Okay. See is one eleven out of their last thirteen games there. The third seed in the west four games behind the warriors. So we are joined now in the studio by Jason McIntyre. Oh. Good to be back with Jason Kidd to having here. Who do you think that the warriors should fear in the Western Conference? I think the funder of the popular answer, right? Everybody remembers what they last saw Crispus arts. Now loving Paul George for the MVP. Russell westbrook. Triple doubles. It's gotta be the thunder. No, jamie. I'm gonna go with the team currently not in the playoffs. But with a superstar who's been there a couple times Dame, LeBron James, and I believe right now. The Lakers are the biggest threat to the warriors. It's easy to say. Nobody's touching the warriors. But the Lakers, Jamie. I keep coming back to this. Okay. Christmas night, fully healthy, Rondo Lonzo, LeBron and they smoke the warriors by belief twenty six points. Speaking of smoking. Yeah. I. No smoking this morning one regular season. Hey, listen, who knows the Golden State Warriors best in the west? There's one guy. Lebron james. He's faced them in the finals multiple times took down the seventy three win warriors. Rob you may recall that congress not if this team is healthy Jamie come the play offs lonzo's back. Remember, Reggie Bullock is starting for them. He's living out of a suitcase. He just got traded to the Lakers. I believe with what twenty five gains leading into the playoffs. I think the Lakers will be healthy and ready to be the only team that could possibly take down the warriors. It's a long shot. But I think the warriors should fear. The lakers. This is not a visual fear of any head west. Gotta be the Lakers. Lebron James because this is this is your fantasy or for this is where you become the fan that you are and something that you wish you would see, but it's not based on anything. It can't be based on a Christmas day game a granite they played. Well, and they won that Gail. A we're talking about. Four seven and we're talking about LeBron James better players in the last two finals only won one game against the warriors. And now they have boogie cousins when you add into that. So I just this whole notion. I I like, okay, see better. And granted I expect the Golden State to win again because they have all the ammo. But I would look at Paul George's haven't his greatest season. I mean, he decided to stay. It's worked out. Everybody said that Russell was work while rand Kevin Durant off and what he's also adapted to to make Georgia Paul George feel better and and fit in better. So I like them. I also liked the way that they've played they're seventeen thirteen on the road. All all the boxes against teams over five hundred fifteen and ten to twenty one and fifteen against the west when I look at the opponents and not just much ING on bad teams and piling up wins beating. A good teams. And then when you look in the west to just don't believe in Houston. Because of what harden has to do Chris Paul where he is in injuries. I don't think they're going to be able to beat that team. They were year ago and Denver for all the good that they've done this year. I just there's not enough body of work for me to believe that they're going to make that run atom. So I would go for okay? See for those reasons for me. I got the rockets you wrong. It's. Yeah. You laugh. What would what would the rockets up on the warriors last year in the playoff? They were up three two and any game seven they were leading by ten at halftime at home. And then they joked they have experienced with with the warriors. They are seven and five against the war is in the last two years including the playoffs in and we have to keep in mind. Chris Paul got injured in those playoff. Now. They have different team no reason anymore in impacts them. But they have acquired Iman Shumpert who fits well with what they're trying to get done PJ Tucker guys who can shoot heir, Gordon, you gotta have firepower with when you're going up against the warriors. You have to be able to go blow for blow in when I look at their their roster and how it's configured they can go blow for blow. We all know what James harden his capable of doing? We all know, Chris, Paul. These guys are guys who haven't won who still have that hunger in that design that. Burning it's to win. And they understand we they believe that we can beat this team because we were closer doing it last year. We didn't get it done. But we can get this team because we can go blow for blow. They you talk about good wins. The rockets beat the warriors this year without clink appello without Chris Paul in the Lakers. They had one great win against the warriors into four-game winning series. Like you have to win four times can the Lakers do that for times. I don't think they can I I don't think anybody can. But I think the Lakers much better suited in the rockets. Bussard at your turn come on. I haven't heard. One. Brought over furious. James harden? Are you waiting for him to choke again in the play? No, I'm not waiting for this show spent I'm not waiting just six hundred times so much more only he has more than he has more help. None of these guys in my opinion. Fear the warriors because they feel like we matchup. Great against these read. You're right. Yeah. I do I do. And so when I look at this, and how you have to be able to match up with the warriors. You gotta be able to go blow for blow the rockets had they tailed off from on the defensive side. Yes, they have. But can they clampdown clink Kabila gives back believe they got underway gun Houston? Make some good points. I mean like you said they had him beat last year. Those guys are hungry. The problems I have with using our the defensively last year. They were six best defense in the league this year. They're really low Chris Paul. I just can't can't count on him being healthy. He may not even be healthy at the start of the playoffs and to be on. Since he's gotten back they fallen off a little bit. I think part of that's because they have a challenge now in that. Are we going to keep playing this completely James harden Centric offense or start working C P three in? And I think there's this whole since they was so successful winning doing that. So why would you go away for them? Now, they're losing. So I know we'll see but in hard might be fatigued. And and not to mention the struggles. He's had in the playoffs to you're not look at Oklahoma City. I like what they have. But I look at them too. And I look at their two stars. And both of them have had major struggles at the clutch moments. I mean last year game six against Utah deciding game Paul George goes to for sixteen. I know he's playing much better this year. But still five points was I. Playoff shots. Well, not really that. In the last two games five at sixty two total of eighty two. And then you go back you back to twenty sixteen in the last three games that they lost to Golden State Westbrook shot thirty seven percent. So both Paul and Russell have got approve at the only one. And I'm not saying there's a great shot. I'm just saying the only one that knows he can be or has beaten Golden State is LeBron James now if they get the AC, which is most likely they're going to go out and four quick game. Five would probably be a miracle. But that'd be the max. But just because if they get to the play offs, they're probably playing fairly. Well, they wanna switch everything. And if they're healthy they've got personnel that can do that if they're healthy. And they got some tough physical guys that can try to get defensive with the warriors and stuff like that. I'm not saying they would have a chance to beat him. I'm just saying none. Of these teams like against the warriors. But the fact that LeBron is a proven playoff player and okay, see Houston their stars on lightly. As far as if I had a gun to my head. If I had to pick one team to be that would beat Golden State. I go back to it would be the Lakers warriors in the first round. The Lakers would get swept you probably. I think that like, okay. So Houston, take some six. I mean, nobody can be. If you ask me what team I like better against the warriors. I'm gonna say to like, let me go to this is what I don't understand though, you're saying you like the Lakers better. But if they face them in the first run sweat. They could beat him. No. What you? Makes sense cross. You don't think they'll even begin again? Houston beetle. The question. I fear fear. I'm not going. Stay shouldn't fear. Lebron and LeBron they there. Why? They have the five. I'm not saying okay CBA, Houston has the firepower to Tatum right now too. Bring me. Don't look like right now right now, that's the thing. Not how would you say right now, we're projecting own plans. Out of one man show. Yeah, that's a one man show last year. At least they were two man show. So on his West Point, you guys need to remember the Westbrook Durant party was ugly. Every time they play Westbrook's pointing chirping Durant. It's not totally personal. But in a playoff series, Westbrook's going to try to get his, and that's where it recalls a way because. Have you still got dumped by her boyfriend still scorned and angry? He's mad at Kevin Durant. How how much experience does a coups MMA having the playoffs? None never spears is Lonzo ball having to play LeBron on their entire team combines they'll be ready to go down. Hold on. He's playoff Rondo. Layoff lay them. So. I know and I'm saying Rondo is going to be playing a lot. I understood L Madonna. Two different. He may with New Orleans last year. Of course, Rondo be. I was with Anthony Dave don't. No. But he doubted the New England Patriots throughout borough season. Patriots made you look bad. Don't do it again image. What do you mean? Don't fall for the same trap with LeBron. The Lakers don't count them out. Okay. Rob don't do it. You counted out the patriots. You got your Email then? The not just. Or mine. New York Giants to move on from Odell Beckham junior. We'll discuss it next. Back to the NFL. Foxsports insider Jake laser predicted this week that Odell Beckham junior would get treated this off season. But according to s and why that would be a mistake Brown fushing on says the giants would be much worse if they trade Beckham calling OB Jay not only a top five receiver in the game. But maybe five player period in the NFL. The giants went one and three in the final games of the season. When Beckham was with an injury. So we're joined again here in the studio by Jason McIntyre, don't say anything crazy about my. I'm almost close to call. The Jason Whakatane. Nice. Receivers right now. Do you think the giants should move on from Odell? I do. I do Jay the so I know you're big giants fan. You know? It's funny before the playoffs. Everybody looked and said, you know, the five highest paid quarterbacks none of the made the postseason, and nobody looked at the wide receivers of the top five wide receivers highest paid guys. One of them made the playoffs. Okay. I know Jennings. I'm about to tell you Greg Jennings. A great wide receiver. We were watching his Super Bowl highlights together. One time in the dressing room. Guys, a superstar I love wide receivers. They're important. Juliet OMON fifty third highest paid wise lower in the league. He was the end now super. Here's he can't carry. They'll Beckham sneakers. So del Bevin new is too expensive. And there's a reason that nobody in the giants organization. Jamie has come out and said not true, we're keeping Odell because they're looking to ship around town. This is a guy phenomenal player. His teammates love him. They do not need to spend eleven percent of their salary cap on Odell Beckham, it's just not attainable. And Greg I believe that the forty Niners will be in play several teams you do not need to pay del Beckham. They can build around saquon Barkley, which is what the GM Dave Gettleman. Does he did it and Carolina when he ship Steve Smith outta town two years later behind ground game. They were in the Super Bowl they went. They did not they also Super Bowl to the Broncos. I think they should trail Beckham if you're saying solely because he makes so much money. That's a different that's different situation. He's earned that money. So I mean, and they decided to pay him that he earns that that's what he gets. But they are not better without Odell Beckham. They. Need Odell Beckham on the field specifically offense? Let's just keep it on one side of the ball. And I'm used one wanna Chris I'm gonna give you some facts with Odal Beckham on the field, the twenty one and twenty six still not a great team without him there. Six and fifteen they're terrible team. When you look at ally manning and his numbers and his with Odell in with without deal. Like, let's let's look at this before OBI j fifty eight percent completion percentage with OB. Jay. He's sixty seven percent without without him in passing only average about two hundred and thirty yards with him. He's thirty yards better to sixty touchdowns. It's ridiculous to forty one one seventy nine touchdown interception ratio without a with. That's without. Oh Bill with Odell one thirty two to sixty nine. Like these numbers. Don't. Oh, del Beckham makes ally manning and that offense a lot better. There is no way around it. There's I don't care. What are you you pose just because he's his numbers have allowed him to earn the money that he's making you want to say, oh, we're they pay him too much money. Ship him out. That's a whole nother conversation. If you're saying, you know, because they're spending too much money, and he's thinking of too much of the cat. Then you should look to move him. But to say that they don't they don't need him there better without him. That is absolutely false just to recap there under five hundred with him. And without yes. Because it's still a team right team game. I'm not saying that he changes the game, and he can do everything because you still need oftens of line. You still need to defense to stop somebody either still need a quarterback and get you. I'm sorry, Jamie. You studying the quarterback and get him the ball. It's so that he need stuff. So get him out. Get get guys. In their pay him twenty right on the money. Just stop it. Look like, you said if they want to trade him for financial reasons, that's one thing. They signed him right knew everything you said they knew when they signed into that big deal and Dave Gallo minutes come out time and time again here. He doesn't sign him to trade. Yes. I knew the situation. He's the only thing keeping Eli manning on serviceable, and you gave the numbers which was great. We saw the difference that a great receiver can make in Dallas without Amari Cooper. Dak prescott. Hello. Lori Cooper, great when they what the giants need to be focused on is getting another quarterback and its allies starts to your fine. But you gotta get the guy for two years from now at least if not this year, and that guy whether the way Haskins Cuyler Murray or somebody else he will be much better. If he's got OB J there and have a back a running back like saquon Barkley if you get a really good quarterback in there. Now, you've got something on the offense side of the ball. Don't blame their poor record or OB Jay because no receiver no matter. How good can totally turn the team around the Cowboys examples. Perfect because you said they have an offense of line, and they have a defense defenseless top ten. The giants have neither of those Chris rating. Jay is what he's saying. Cap room to go after a mouse. Basically what you're saying? He basically not hang is. If you're a great player, you just don't take. No, not saying. That is. Think Kamara Cooper's going to say taking up eleven percent of the Cowboys cap, Greg. Not yet. A we'll see what how is only thing. They knew when they sat down and made the contract what it wants to be able to hold onto a play of his caliber, Greg is right. He's earned that money to give it to because they liked him nine because they looked at everything. And the other thing I hit for he keeps getting her. Really? He is he is a great move out about and you need to stop this whole money thing that you always wanna tach the people. So when things go bad, you look and go well because he makes too much money. And if they do well nobody ever brings up right? It's a knee jerk reaction just because things are not looking at the entire giants roster and saying he lies bad the defense is this other things, but. Jane, that's not the reason taking up a low of their salary cap. He's making twenty million dollars. I. Well. They couldn't pay. Couldn't do this make the playoffs. They'll just started making this money. Yes, they couldn't. They couldn't make moves before. Then if you remember last year, Adam Schefter had a report Odell Beckham will be traded before the draft. They toyed with this idea last year, then they didn't trade him. Now. Here we are again, Jay Glazer with the rumors time to trade Odell. I'm telling you look at Gettleman the GM look at his history. Okay. He goes to Carolina after one year ship Steve Smith outta town the great receiver. Okay. See Smith was angry two years later with a ground game. They were second in the league in rushing. They go to in next year word. Well, they were tentatively whatever I mean come on seventy win like a roller coaster. Different NFL to even since then, you know, it's a little bit different sixty seven years old cattlemans old school. He turns sixty eight later this month he is old school. He's defense and running. That's what he wants to do. Okay. That's the giant the giants better without Bill Beckham. I gotta see what they do with the money. Science without deal Beckham. I think they can be. Yes. Better. I'm Faldo died line rather build around saquon Barkley the no three nine answer. So. That's safe Barkley. I'll plays this contract. And he's taking. How about this point is taking up a drafted a young quarterback acid? Acid back wouldn't be taking what have done that. I agree with you. I don't think he li-, man. Let's put it on OB. Jay, I'm not putting it on him. Twenty million. Would you don't have defense and offense of line? Go. Let's think about where del might fit in because there's been some rumors out there already of different teams. What do you think for him? Gotta look at the Cleveland Browns. Okay. They've got a quarterback on the rookie deal. His best, buddy. Jarvis Landry from LSU is on Cleveland. This is a team that has I think the second most third most salary cap room after the Colton jets. They can afford Odell you got Dell Nick Chubb Kareem hunt. Jarvis Landry Baker Mayfield that's an offense all under twenty eight years ago. Give giant draft picks. They got a ton of draft picks give offense of lineman. Maybe the giants bite Cleveland thirty three to one to win the Super Bowl. Now just saying if they could get Beckham that team could do some damage. I mean, I don't. Almost is that why is that why you weren't aborted orange? Invasion clemmie. Honestly, I think he would fit in anywhere, they need a receipt. Some like the dude is fantastic. I get the color colorful personality. But like you say yesterday he didn't have that many off the court field issues this season. No. And it's about his talent just think people get caught up on money. And so every time something goes wrong. They just go straight to that. Oh, he's the prom. 'cause he takes up so much. Somebody's gonna make people making money. Nobody would say what he lies makes a ton of money. He probably should have been one out of do. You know, why? Because you still need a quarterback better. Giants again smoke it. What did you do before you giving here this morning, you know, in football when these when these general managers have these players on this contract, they they know that guys can potentially get hurt in not play. So they offer them, right? Is that unbelievable stopping buying breaking hearts and just I hate to do this Jennings. Is a great human being. Wack obama. Jason. Thanks. Mhm by con capper. Nick reportedly was offered a chance to play football again. We'll discuss that one next. The athlete reports. The alliance of American football reached out to Colin Kaepernick to join their new league. But according to the Associated Press cabinet ask for at least twenty million dollars to play. The problem is af players only get three year two hundred fifty thousand dollar non guaranteed contracts. Capper Nick hasn't played an NFL game since two thousand sixteen rub begin here. What's your reaction to this? I don't blame them. I would ask for twenty or twenty five million two. They need him more than he needs of this minor league upstart football league. And that's what they were trying to cash in on you know, like to use him because he had he saw with that league. First of all everybody in America. Would know what that league will was and was about number two. His first game back would probably have rating studio roof for CBS and put this thing on the map. So I don't care what they were. Paying the other guys. And maybe he really. Never really considered playing there. 'cause it's almost a lose lose. If he goes there and balls out. Everybody say you play against has been never was is. So that doesn't mean anything. And if he and if he doesn't play well, see, we told you he can't play no war. So there was nothing there for him. Really? It's all about the alliance. They're the ones who were trying to make a name off of him and use him. It's the same reason why they reached out to Tim Tibo. They noted that guy moves the needle and fans are going to be like, oh Tim team. Oh, I finally get to see him play football again, or whatever. So I'm not surprised aquarium out of money. I would have done the same exactly because they're run by social Justice warriors. No. That's not the reason. No. Yeah. This was I have no problem with this in with capper Nick denying playing in the league because there is no win for him. Him if he plays. Well is he guaranteed that? Now, he's going to get another opportunity in the National Football League. No in. That's awesome. It what he would be playing four. It's not just about the money with Colin Kaepernick he wants to prove that I didn't deserve to be just pushed out of the National Football League. And now you want to downgrade me to playing in this league that nobody knows about. But if I play everybody will watch just to. Yes, literally depict any and everything that I do know. I'm not going to give you that. Right. I'm not gonna put myself in that situation. I could get injured, and then it's like up he was out of shape. He wasn't ready to play or everything looks negative. If he's everything will be negative for him. And there's no pros. There's no added incentive for him to play in this league unless they were to give him the money that he's requesting because he understands what he's going to provide. For that. Because he even if he plays. Well, if he is the best thing that we've seen in a long time. I still don't think he gets a shot at playing an NFL. He will have a greater case. But he has to go through this process where he feels like look, I I shouldn't have to do this. Anyway, I was in this league. And if I'm not good enough to play in this league. Then let me prove it capper. Nick, did what you do when you're free when you're free of what people think about you and people's perception, and then financially you're free to do. What you wanna do? He wielded his leverage, okay. Eve making thirty million dollars from Nike. So guess what? I'm not desperate. I don't need the NFL or certainly not the af. And that's what he did. Now, if he was really thinking made like if it was about value, and I don't know you might be right. Maybe never considered it. Or maybe you know, he would do it for twenty million. If it's about the value. I bring to that league which he would bring a ton. I have no idea what their financial situation is. You told us with average player makes about seventy five grand. I think for the average player, but they gotta CBS deal. So you know, that's a pretty good deal. They're not on like, some remote cable channel that. Nobody knows about. I could've seen him maybe asking for five or ten million up front, and then a percentage of the jersey sales percentage of the bump that you get on television from my presence. I seen all that. But I'm fine with him going twenty million. I just have no idea if that's feasible for this league or whatever when I don't wanna hear is. Oh, see he does his proves. He doesn't wanna play. He is a of the freaking af I'm sorry. It's a minor league. Carmelo Anthony is dying to play basketball dying to get on a team. But he's going to go to the G league. No, he's above that, Colin cabinet above. And you were right on the money. He could go dance. Six touchdowns again. It would. NFL? It's not about his talent. No, he's not not in the NFL. Because people think he can't play their signing. Nathan peterman. All these dudes with the Redskins. They has nothing to do with his ability. This is all about the stance. He is taken and the feeling on the part of these owners that he started because you've got Eric Reed and other players that have knealt, but they feel like he started. They're trying to punish him and he's not going along with it. So I'm fine with what he did. He did the right thing and not just like people would want. Well, go ahead and play show approved Couva to us. He doesn't have to do. This guy went to the Super Bowl. We've seen record. We've seen his play. He deserves a spot in the NFL. Everybody knows that. So this is Greg to your point if it's not going to alter anything. So that's why you ask for something. So ridiculous because they give it they give it to you might consider it like, wait a minute. I asked. Twenty million said, okay, right? A minute. Maybe I will play a couple of games. You know what I mean? But what you you wouldn't do what he's a smart, man. And it is about where he belongs which is the NFL not some off-shoot minor league plan against guys. We don't even know what if they call now saying he's bluffing. But let's say, okay, we're gonna give you twenty million to take his own him that that's decision. He's going to have to a lot of if he's if he's gonna do it for the reasons of you know, what I'll take that money and I'll play and I'll do that then. Okay. But if he's doing it because he feels like it. It's gonna advance his opportunity or chances to get in the National Football League. He's smarter than that. He knows that. That's not the case in for me. When for fans out there that think that will call capper Nick shouldn't be in the National Football League. Or he is not one of the top thirty two not even saying he doesn't have to be one of the best the top thirty two quarterbacks in the league. But there's thirty two. Backups and. Who hold a clipboard nearly back in? So there's this opportunity that he knows he doesn't even have like he just get taken away from him. And I'm not saying that what he did. I agree with it. All but what he did it. Did it wasn't deserving of this? It wasn't deserving of this for him to now say, you know, what I'll plan this af like I'll settle. That's no, no. And again, the good thing is he doesn't have to because at some point everybody needs money, but he's got money because of the Nike deal and obviously made money before. So that's a great position to be in. So he can make it is Beijing know that you know, that league's not dumb. They know. No, he going. He's a lightning rod, and there's no doubt among mind, if he played a game on CBS or one of those on built it up and everybody knew the numbers would be through the roof because people wanna peek in to see Colin capper, Nick what it meant what the crowd was like, do, you know, what I'm wearing cap Nic jerseys too. So I think they understand that and still I'm not always short at the NFL really has understood like what they've done that spurred people the other way, you know, what I mean by not letting capture Nick eight look, I agree with capper, Nick, I'm on his side. But look the NFL there's some people that our guest them the NFL for it. But some people that are form. So it's just everybody's not against them. Because a cabernet they do I don't know not everybody. But I'm saying there are people not watching and whether or not people want to believe and if he were. Entertain this. Let's just hypothetical. He entertains this the rules of this league is different like didn't up. Right. There have protecting the quarterback. Like, they do go ball in this. You're you have a greater risk of sustaining injury a lot quicker than you do play in the National Football League, in my opinion. And he might be a target to somebody. Let me make a name off a Colin cavern all ailing him. So that's smart. You. You know, what if they offer me seventy five million? Real is their price if they offered a certain amount. No, I'm done with. There's always right. I don't have that number in my head. But if they came high, right? All right, guys. Coming up boxing hall of Famer Ray, boom, boom in Sienese here to break down the big fight tomorrow night on FOX. We'll be right back. And here to promote the big fight is hall of Famer Ray, boom, boom Manzini. Welcome to undisputed. Yeah. Budget right in my mind. But thank you. Appreciate Kip shit. So we are looking forward to a big night of boxing on FOX tomorrow night. What should we be looking out for in the main event with Rivera and Santa Cruz? First of all, the minutes is a grief has my one of my favorite if not my fear. Leo Santa Cruz a love this kid. He gets it. He understands you have to the fans to the best possible. He's always prepared comes in one hundred percent fan-friendly punches in bunches. He gets it. But to fight that may overtake and Rivera. Let me go back Rivera's a kid come in doing loss to in very close fights taking on short notice. He took this on three weeks notice. So he's always in the gym. So is prepared for something like this and this kid fight too. So would not be upset so to speak if he came out victorious, but the fight for me is Omar Figueroa, and John John Molina the semifinal that could be a fight of the year candidate right there. So that may overtake that after that fight this fight here to that would be hard to overcome that. Now, Thana crews he's been out what he's. Once in like a year and a half is that was the risk of rust, and how does a guy stayed, you know, no ready during that time Chris style, he has a style similar to. I'm not saying like me. Better meeting a lot of punches when it goes tell myself or Leo, you gotta be active. You gotta keep because you got to be on everything is timing which approaches and stuff, you know, if you're like a religious type, and you can just move moving you three or four runs get acclimated. Forgot like me or Leo. You gotta jump right from the jump. You know, you gotta be tough guy. So I understand you guys are getting paid well, but they're fighting. I haven't fight average six year, and when I was outdated thing. So it's important to active, especially with his style. I would love to see more of him too. And before the fight tomorrow. You're also going to be covering the press conference for the first pay per view fight on FOX that's gonna be between aerospace junior and Mikey Garcia at cowboy stadium. March sixteenth how excited are you? For that one. I'm very excited. First of all the top four pound for pound to two top four pump Peng in game. Everyone was talking about one time spent fighting Crawford, Mikey fighting Loma. Now, the Mike is I wanna fight the best. I wanna challenge greatness. Would you gotta love I want to. I'm gonna fight Spence. When nobody wants to fight, Spence. He's the most of where the guy and Mikey said, that's the guy one. He says I see something that I can I can bring out I capitalize on I could exploit. How can you not love guy wants to challenge greatness? Nobody's doing that. And this guy is doing and and I talked to missing in his Kim's going great. And you know. I just love what I hear now way. And that fight to spent score see both of those guys have had a lot of knockouts. So is it inevitable that someone's going to get knocked out? You would think so because it was spins heavy hand in both hands. But Mike is not going to go straight for strengthen can't he's gonna give movement. He's gotta use his angles. I call boxes that game of inches in angles. You've gotta use angles on them in and out him combination. Punches in move stay in the pocket, but move. Maki could typified I think might go to distance. But spent over wellness is this too much. Knockout somewhere? This'll be the fourth fight at Jerry's world at Cowboys stadium that do you guys. Expect for this to be the largest crowd in how aerospace being from Texas. Do you expect that big draw? Oh, absolutely. That's why they went there because spent from Texas adults area, and of course, Mikey being Mexican heritage. How could you not as a hero there? But, you know, take Cannella needed fifty fifty K there in fifty thousand screaming fans there make this come close. But if you can get over twenty thousand twenty thirty that's spectacular. There's no Reenen country. You don't even t mobile Vegas that has that, you know, twelve fifteen the garden thing is twenty twenty two, you know. So I think it would be spectacular can do over twenty thousand. It'd be really. And I think they will. I don't think that you mentioned greatness earlier, most millennials would I think would tell you Floyd Mayweather is like the greatest fighter their on off. Five whatever where do you rank him when you were coming up? Now, you weren't quite. Go to set up. I mean, you were in the air you were below the visions below them. But you add Sugar Ray, Leonard, Tommy hers. Roberto Durant Vate how do you rank Floyd with Dole's guys? Let me clarify this special talent, there's no dispute special talent to greatest of the twelve Ron era. Twas the twelve run here all time top thirty forty look. I can only go by my era. Let's okay. Top four Ray. Tommy Roberto Benitez, not Marvin Benitez. Okay. And even charting up beneath ahead of Marvin minute. Wait name. Name up guys that he ain't. So let's go this Tommy to stretch them this dole. Just be shoulder. Roy at taught me Tommy's getting knock the wall down with that right hand. He's stretching. Dren? We're roughed him up with a done. Do things that executive. I fight up Rica. Do things deflate was never seen. But nita's what had him talking to himself? Not must have would beat them because I'm not sure through enough volume punches, but he would have talked himself. You couldn't hit them. You know defense. He was one of the Gracie funds fighters, the hardest fighting the closest would been human rate because talent wise, they're so close and talent and height wise. And all that the difference is he could never beat rate because Ray was a closer right Raewyn embarrass. You Ray wanted to knowledge he did once you finish on your feet. He was a closer flood of sloppy round. For toll Ron's including the show, but let me ask you style of being a defensive fighter. It's worked for Floyd. But is it good for the box fan to watch? No. And rub earnings grabs a big fan of Floyd. He was beaten guys he had the ring us going twelve thirteen hundred. He was with. He was in new guys. He had no business being in with because their experience, and he wasn't just beating Nellie embarrassing them. But some point along. Away became that defensive fighter and stop being fan friendly and sticking onto joint, basically. So I knew he had bad hands and things like that we understand that. But you can't you still got an obligation to the fence. It's still entertainment he'll Skuld show business for reason business for the show. And you gotta be you gotta show. So when it comes to boxers in their mentality, obviously, they want to be on that centerstage that main event that, but when you talk about showmanship punches with bunches is that on top of their mind is that top of mind going into about. I don't think what I think you di- did to win. How do you win? You know, floors down volume punch, anyway, you know, his things being sick fight box of pick you apart. That's fine. Too. Many was early in his current still. But he would close the show. That's all you want. Then today. Great. We want to. I wanna see I wanna see an entertaining. Whether it's a knockout or just close to say. But I wanna see guys throwing punches I would like to see going to exit at some point is just moving Abella deer going around each other. It's aesthetically pleasing. But usually when that's special talent. But you've got to throw punches only the one sport. You cannot win a title on defense. You hit bottom line and bussey hit the other morning hits. You that's the bottom line. And that's offense. Let me ask you about pack at like, not the pack. Y'all we see now not the one we saw Floyd. But you know, when he was in his prime oh, seven oh. Eight zero six whatever how does he stack up against the greats of your Aaron that weight? Well, man, he's a special federal guy moved up in weight classes, but the stuff for saying newer to him Floyd back, then it was two thousand nine and I said many was called to Molin down everybody, I wouldn't be flute in his exploits bigger faster stronger. And it's all you got to be in boxing, his big man's fest. Fester and Floyd stroke stronger. Fli wasn't going to beat him then, but they waited five years which really and denim such thing. Feser was it was you know, it was a kid for insomnia. So why would you know about possibly doing it again? Are you kidding me? What's I would walk across the street to see nobody wants to stop talking about it. I don't know restocking. Nobody how good is it that boxing is back on free TV as we move forward. When we were kids. I watch Mohammed Ali highs on ABC. Why rang sports on a Saturday afternoon? And then it went to all pay per view. A lot of kids have grown up not watching box. What PPC what they've done is. So significant significant for boxing because I bring on free network television on man, great Rebecca net. Again, now stars guys down people going to hit my beheaded her for nothing new to faces and got Leo. Santa Cruz is gonna be a start CBS did with with me in guys my era Eighty-one they can he once he biscuits in the game. Do wanna showcasing lightweights? Oh, man. I hit the gender or not. Let me individuals the weights, and that's what made myself Camacho Aaron Pryor Gueo all lightweights Ray, Leonard Tommy, you, even though they were started doing pay per view already. They were still seen on that tells you but CBS NBC comes with tomorrow's champions after nineteen eighty Olympics. When we didn't go to lympics. So they showcase all those guys. So this network television is appeared of to boxing to get boxing back to once was and would PBC on FOX FOX is doing it, man. I can't tell you much is important boxing. Yes. In boxing, overtake, a UFC anything, absolutely boxing. Traditionally has been a sport of the poor tradition from the twenties thirties to now the impoverished. Have basic white suburban boys sport down near the beach towns, you know, horn and an LA. So I mean, great talents grit, special fighters, but boxing, now is back on free network television is going to explode again quick question as all time. Great boxer. Were you bothered by the McGregor Mayweather fight? Just because. Yes, and no, yes. And no, here's what I'm but not the Greg wanted fight him on mired to Sean any any calls up the grease fight over the last twenty years. Oh, now, never to the the fact that the guy never fun lick. And then fought a bucks. Okay. Here's the pro the meta commission Nevada commission. I'm supposed to fight you. But now, I said, I may have something my urine that I took through a supplement that I think would hurt me and do nothing allow me to fight you. But yet go never supposed to be about protecting fighters about the betterman of boxing yet ago, never had one professional fate as whole life. Fighter over the last twenty years. Never happen. Messed up they make the opening along the hypocrites, man. Do you know what they know what everyone knows that? It was a money grab. And by all accounts, they supposed to do with hypocrites. If that's gonna if a guy says, Amen. I didn't know I'm trying I'm training my butt off for this guy. And also get something new. And I don't know what happened. That's not gonna help them into fight. It you could find you. You can take a shot at you canting shot stop box getting a little ridiculous now with the rules men. Tell you ten in for the McGregor may. Another you drink the Kool aid. Oh, did you. Did you my gosh, I'm exhausted over here? All right, guys. Don't forget don't miss. The aero spins junior making a press conference at four thirty eastern on FOX followed by PVC fight night at eight eastern Ray. They. So much. Back. About in the broad next guaranteed hill own NBA team. But will he be any good at it? We'll discuss deck. Lebron has basically done everything you can do in the NBA, including winning MVP awards and three championships. But according to the ethnic he has his sights on one more thing owning a team. Lebron was asked about it recently and said, quote, ain't no maybe about it. I'm going to do that bleep. Lebron would become only the second former NBA player to own a team joining Michael Jordan rub. He think LeBron be good at running a team in ownership role. Lebron has done a lot of things off the court and had a lot of success. I'm not so sure sometimes when you're like a great player, I think everybody automatically assumed you're going to be able to master. The business that you played in. So I'm not positive because you can look at Michael Jordan. Who was a great player? But was he a great evaluator of talent? When he was a GM before you even had ownership, and when he was in Washington. So no, I don't think LeBron. Lebron right now is the worst GM in the NBA because if you go back to Cleveland, you'll look. Come on. Greg look at Shearson tops and JR Smith symbols bad deals that he worked to Cleveland people into. So I'm not convinced lebrons going to beat this. Great owner. I think if he may be get some help because think about this. There's only been four I think it's four Chris former players will want championship as a player and as an executive in GM role in NBA history. So it's very hard. It doesn't happen that often. So I'm not so sure that LeBron will be able to even be better than Michael and the situation of being an owner and maybe winning championship surprising. He said I mean, we've known for years that he wants eventually own NBA team and easy said in the past maybe an NFL team as well. I actually think there's just pure speculation. Not from any by telling me, I think there may be a wink wink deal between him and Dan Gilbert. Donor the Cavaliers when they talked and LeBron agreed to go back to Cleveland. And I really think the Cavs are probably the number one team that I'd rank as far as chances of him owning them as far as whether you'd be good. First of all, I think it'd be great because he's an African America, we need more minority racial minorities. Owning teams we got Michael Jordan in the NBA. I know they always get high ranks for diversity and all that. But as you go up in the front office is not as diverse as it should be the way it used to be used to be more diverse as Lor it's gotten worse with the analytics and people focusing on that and using as an excuse not to hire ex players and stuff. So I think that would be great it shouldn't just take a minority owner to hire more my Noritake who are qualified. However, having another one, I think would be great, look, we LeBron's businesses. He LeBron is obviously a smart guy. But he doesn't know about all. These different businesses has going on. But he's hires the right people to run them and they're doing well. So I think there you can say he would do that. But obviously is a basketball guy. So he may want to be a Medellin owner, and I do tend to agree rob as we know he knows the game. We know he's wanted to smart his players we've seen, but I don't think he's been the best at trying to put together teams or I mean, he he did have a say in. Let's go get some defenders and some grinders and some playmakers, and you know, we can't out shoot Golden State. So it's not really worry about that. You know, what if people go get show three-point shooters at right? It was the first thing people don't, but look is that wrong would be in a meddling owner. That's the benefit of being an owner Mark Cuban's Medellin owner Jerry Jones of meddling owner. So have at worst. If he's one of those guys that's really into it in the face of the franchise. There's no problem with that. I definitely think he would be successful. I think is great. I love. He came out and said, absolutely. There's no question. It's not even a question. And I don't think anyone doubted that this was even the something that it was on his radar with everything else that he's doing. But we talk about him configuring teams the teams that he configured it's because he's owned the team like this wouldn't be him being on the team. So the personnel would look different. You talk about the Tristan Thompson deals and all that Jay that deals. Did he go to the to the table and say this is what he wanted size? Chris you noticed them sign wanted to sign one of them signed that he make their numbers up in the year. Contr did he draw their contracts? You're trying to say under say did he no he didn't think he went to ownership and was like, no, they understood they had the same agent as the Brank you. But I don't think he set out another saying with the numbers, Greg, but some rally. A little about it. Look at some of the team when they made the trade last year. Oh, lebrons. We stock and energize. He got all the players want. When they brought into Wayne way to come in last year for Miami mellow wanted way once mental Dwayne when he was what we now. I understand. He's do this would be him being removed from playing and then making personnel decisions or meddling as you put it. I think he would be good at that. And stop we immediately. The first thing you did was what compare them to Michael Jordan. Well, only say you did because great players oftentimes like trying to be coaches. They don't seem that they can they can be a great coach after being play very few. I'm not saying it's never happened. But very few great players make way coaches and the same thing you can look at Michael Jordan, say wait a minute. Didn't you draft Kwame Brown someone draft choices? This is Michael who's the shooter Adam Morrison more he drafted atom more always going to be the next Larry Bird, these the goose that and bad picks. Michael Jordan is one of the greatest place. Just because you're great doesn't mean I can identify somebody who's great. I understand all that's all today, understand all. Of that. But those were Michael Jordan decisions. Those were is an from looking at one LeBron has done to this point. I'm saying what you mean? You mean, the three titles that he's been able to win notice six that he's law that in even there nine times, I will say this, and I pointed out some of his bad decisions. He had a hand in putting together that Miami team that won two championships that laws is sit down and put an and he went out and got these veterans shooters around him. So they want to championships today have one he said they were gonna hey, not two not three but four. Not five not sixty. Remember that you do remember them moment. I do and they want to out of four and they will one lucky of Ray Allen three away from being one in three eight a one year. They want us automatic the problem because he is LeBron James, and because is territory it comes with the territory in our expectation immediately goes completely up if this were. Some random player that was on the bench that didn't get a lot of time. And and he was able to move up the ran on the team, we wouldn't even be putting this pressure on disingenuous from this from this point. Lebron didn't take that Mike and go not to not enough for because he didn't believe it. He believed when he put together at super team that nobody would be able to beat them that there's no doubt about. So when you do that, and you ways expectations three guys all young all in their primes all coming together. Former team there's no way to people think that they have owning a team. All owning a team. He's not that dumb to that. Oh, if I own a team, we're not gonna ever lose put together roster that we're going to be in the finals every year, we're going to be competing competitive every single year is he's going to have growing pains. Like everyone else until he gets it right and put pieces in place that can make those decisions. Nhs to where the personnel is what's needed ineffective? He would be better than many of the owners in the NBA and NFL right away. Because there's a lot of bad owners out there. The interesting thing would be to me does his mentality. How does it change if at all because right now, he's very pro player? He's vice president of the players association. He's all about player movement and players having just as much power in their destiny, as you know, the the owners, and the GM's and all that and getting as much money as you can when you become an owner. This is capitalism that is a whole different thing would your mentality shift more because now you see the other side of as an owner. So if he had a player like himself who wants to get involved and do all these things would he be with that? And it would be really interesting the other bad part. He can't get anybody to come play with them. Now. So imagine once he owns the team you won't be able to get anybody to come play forest. Rob. Cricket. If I'm LeBron I'm going to retire go by vineyard put in a basketball owning it's like stress. It's more work. He's made enough money. Then you'll. He's got a beautiful family like living out my days on the vineyard sipping some while. She put up some shots when I feel like it. No, you can you can be that type of. Yeah. Actually that might be better. Or two right angle chew. He's not going to be type and watch the rings accumulate. All right guys is wrestle. Correct. And saying Paul George is the MVP of the league stuff that next. Back to the NBA. Paul George scored twenty eight points in last night's loss to the pelicans. But he is still having a career year. George is second in the league with nearly twenty nine points a game and oddsmakers have him trailing. Only James harden and the Greek freak in the MVP race. Russell Westbrook endorsed his teammates saying this week quote. He's definitely the front runner for my MVP. All right. Are you buying Paul George as the MVP great? I am. I love everything that Paul George is done even from from the standpoint of him deciding to go back to okay see is started for me, right then. And there that let me know he was going to have to shift his way of thinking in his positioning on that team. In Russell, Westbrook has complied. He has fallen back. It took him a little bit to do it. But he's fallen back and taking the back seat to Paul George specifically on offense in in Paul George has thrive. He's thrive. Not only because Russell Westbrook is allowed him to. But he's more aggressive. He is he's back to that Paul George that we were all talking about when he was with the Pacers. And he was up up and coming and he was challenging LeBron James as being arguably one of the better guys in the east to dethrone him. I like what Paul is from wins. In law standpoint, they won forty eight games last year. They finished fourth in the Western Conference this year. They're already third in the Western Conference. They already one thirty seven games. I think they can get up to fifty wins this year if they can get to that first place spot in the west no-change. I you know, I said if they can get if they can get to that first place. It'll be hard not to say Paul George is an MVP of the NBA. Look, I'll give you that. If okay see overtakes Golden State in. He may very well win. It look if the Lakers get the number one seat. I. I think LeBron. Which which is bigger that one is colossal. What you said about Paul George is. Right. He is tremendous ease better than he was in Indiana as good as he was remember he was battling LeBron James and knows playoff series when the Brown was in Miami. So he was great then, but he is taking it up another level. I have in third right now. And his story. I am an official voter historically out on. We'll just because you know, I've, okay, I'm I just found in opinion. But. It it typically when you are when you don't have another star or superstar with you that helps you and what could hurt Paul George compared to Jaanus. Or James harden is that Chris Paul's definitely a star. He's been out so much that harden is essentially viewed as doing it by himself Jaanus doing it by myself, even though Chris Middleton made the all star team in part because their record. So as a really good player. He's not viewed as a perennial all-star anything second round pick who's right, right? So that will help because look historically LeBron benefited from that when he was in Cleveland early on by himself Derrick rose benefited from that when he won the MVP a lotta guys have Westbrook. When you wanna tripled other double another thing with so Paul, George? I got him third James harden who up until maybe a week or two ago. I had his number one. They have come back to earth. He during that early. In his thirty point game streak, which nap to thirty one which is incredible. He was they were winning in a high clip at one point. I think maybe sixteen and five fifteen six something like that. They've now won eleven of their last twenty. So they're eleven and nine now, they're the fifth seed in the west they're on a forty seven wind pace since nineteen eighty two only one player has won the MVP award without winning fifty games. And that was Russell Westbrook who averaged a triple double. And that's the only reason he got it because he did something historic. Now harden is doing something historic. But it's not like he breaking wilt chamberlain's record. Right. So I don't think that he's going to get that not unless they go on another winning streak. That's what they have to do. So right now right now don't hold me to this. Because there's a lot of basketball left to be played. But right now, I would say Janas who I had earlier in the year. He's averaging twenty seven thirteen board, six assists. They got the best record in the league. Best road record in the league. League. He's a top defenders fifteenth in the league in defensive real plus minus which gives him a huge boost over hard news. Not a good defender. So right now ago go with Johnson in Milwaukee gall, good points, both guys and I love Paul George Alah and what he's doing. And just imagine if magic and them would have backed in and gotten Paul George to come to Los Angeles. What he would be doing. And where they would be that. Ultimately, always say, Chris that's going to be the reason that LeBron didn't win a championship in Los. And that's a great point. Because that would also have been able to keep the young core of and not have to. They were counting on but that's much better than Tom Brady take. But then that's a really really when you look back at it. But I'm gonna go with hard and only from this temple this season was on the brink. And I know that they've cooled off a little bit. But their season was on the brink. And they were like people were looking going. They're not gonna make the playoffs. This is how bad the rockets word. It was so bad and the injuries and Chris Paul and cappella, and they went on that twenty twenty one and nine during that thirty game streak, and I know what is thirty one now. But they went on a streak. Yes. Does he need another streak to finish off and finish up strong? And if he can do that and they position himself in a top four, then I will look at it and go this guy basically did. And now, Chris Paul may be gets healthier and can add more Capella is healthier and adds more. And now they're rubbing as get closer to the end of the season. And ready. To make that move. But with our harden without what he was able to do they wouldn't even be in position to even do that. That's how strong he was when he was a one man band and every team every night new. They only have hard any still be people. That's what lead state. You know what I mean? Right that comeback winter. That was unbelievable that night. They they were going to get berry, and they came back and James harden was here. But Chris point what he's saying about James harden. Their record is starting to slow. I'm saying he has to have a strong finish. And if to able to have that and he's a big part of that. He he's back in he's going to be the main part right right now. It sounds like you don't have him. No, no. He's slipping a little bit. But right now right now, you'll go James hard still right now. What are you slipping? I'm not going to act like not because his play. But just put the team winning. Remember, Chris Bosh was here this week. And he was saying he was honest. He said Yang type, I think he. I just wanted to change the I. Yeah. I think that's. Talk about the he was his the new format saved the NBA. All. Dr. Well, the. Still better debase, all Fiqh wine. Baseball. Breaking news just tweeted the pelicans have parted ways with GM del Dem's in the wake of the Anthony Davis trade saga. Chris will come to you. I it seems the identifier just had some gasoline. And he was probably going to get fired anyways. So I don't put this all on what happened last night. I think didn't help here to know did help. But the feeling around the league is that he was probably on borrowed time. I will say this about dill dips, and he was seven years in New Orleans. If you look at his tenure, it wasn't that they didn't have championship level talent. But they had some pretty good players. He brought him. You had drew holiday who stood there. Eric, gordon? Was there DeMarcus cousins Anthony Davis? Their major problem was guys could not stay healthy. And maybe that's one him for not having a better training staff or medical staff, but they were never healthy. And I'm not saying they would have won a championship. But they could have been a better team. Because the problem wasn't accumulating talent. It was. That that talent never got off the floor. And fortunately had to pay the price. The thing here is just look at last season. And I know where you know, halfway through this NBA season, but a year ago last postseason they win that they sweep Portland. Why didn't they sweep Portland they have something going AD without boogie? Cousins has a great year. They win a game against Golden State which was game three in New Orleans. So we went from that to this star doesn't wanna beat here anymore to whole Laker mess. And then here it is a night after you're just are playing walks out with the agent, and even Alvin gentry goes, I don't even know if he left the building. So when you go on something like that it wants a fallen on you. Yeah. I think last night was the last straw in. The reason why it's not so much that he has control over the team because Alvin gentry he still has that Patine performing. They still went out in one without their. Superstar Anthony Davis. And I think when you look at this situation. It's like okay now this is Dell. This is your issue because you have to deal with this. We can still be productive without them. And we I still have control over the team I being Alvin gentry. But when you lose your all-star player and superstar Anthony Davis, San I want out and then this happens. It just doesn't look good. And again, somebody somebody has to fall may have been doomed. And I I look I'm one that thinks David Stern was a great Commissioner when he ran EBay. But remember that time when stern the league owned the pelicans, which never should have been the case. But they did. And then recently stern came out and said, they'll dense was a terrible GM from that. I I think before there was he's been there seven years. They hadn't really won anything. He may have been gone anyway. But win the former earning them, right? They has publicly your terrible light, which you shouldn't have known that doesn't like I said, he got some talent never said, right? Yeah. It was. But this is your you've said it many times, rob the pelicans. They didn't have to play ball with the Lakers because this this Anthony Davis demanded a tray have serious repercussions. And we just saw we saw the organization a gut a hand grenade thrown on it. And now, they're up, you know, they don't know where to go and what's going to happen. If they're going to get any kind of value for him. It's it's a bad time for the pelicans. So you saying they should have just been with the train? No, not at all. Thank you for listening to speed podcast. I'm Jenny Taft. Keep an eye out for the weekend addition of the podcast tomorrow morning featuring this week's best segments. Have a great week. Everyone. Of of one.

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