When can I prune my sand cherry without losing this year's bloom?


Hi, this is Mark news from plant talk radio. Thanks for subscribing and listening to our podcast your gardening questions from plan. Talk radio to help keep this podcast free for you. We're partnering with stoke seeds preplanned your indoor seeds starting program with the help of the all new Stokes website now mobile and tablet friendly. The new website is a brand new gardening experience. It offers better interactivity and higher quality imagery. But what hasn't changed is the Stokes website is still the complete resource center with valuable information on seed starting planting and harvesting all the gardening accessories and a free catalog, whether you're adding texture a new variety for a splash of color developing an existing garden or starting from scratch stoke seeds has some great resources to help you. Plus all the gardening excessive as you need to make your garden. The envy of the neighborhood get growing with Stokes now. Today's question sand cherry. Okay, it has that beautiful those beautiful purple leaves. And then it has a blooms in the spring. She was saying that hers is. Close to the sidewalk, and it's kind of growing out over the sidewalk a little bit, and she was asking about pruning that plant the timing of pruning. It how hard to prune it and how not to lose the flowers. First of all the timing. So that you don't lose the flowers within almost always in all plants, and I think this one is going to be very much in that situation within thirty days of the last flowers dissipating, you should have pruned it now that is a time interval where there's probably been no bud set for flowers for the following year in that first thirty days thereafter, it's little unsure when it sets flower buds, so flowering, plus thirty days do the pruning at that time. Now, I had a sand cherry first of all it's beautiful little plant, you can treat it as a shrub, you can treat it as a hedge the one I had I let a lie put in for the purpose of making a small tree. And it got to oh ten feet high twelve wide and quite beautiful. It's it's while called a miniature purple Plum, it's in that same family and yet. Just doesn't get quite as big the color is remarkable the flowers in pink are beautiful re usually pretty prolific when you trim it at the right time now as to how hard. If you don't want somebody's I put out on sidewalk you have to clear the sidewalk, which is gonna make pruning a little bit irregular. Unless you have a tree that's now heading toward above six feet in height. You can start cutting back on the bottom stems Li literally removing them that are headed out toward decide while and then train it up as a tree mind became a very untroubled like and went into a three stem tree, I suppose it lasted twenty years. It started to get let's say more and more void in here. And there a branch would die, etc. And I finally just plain took it out. But it it was a quite a nice lasting plan. Never had any loss of flour from the standpoint of having pruned within that first thirty days. Sometimes I even left it alone because it was up over some of the plants on the ground level beautiful little plant. Thanks. Again for listening to the podcast. Remember preplanned your indoor seed starting program with the help of Stokes gardening guide and their online articles on their brand new website now mobile and tablet friendly and request your free catalog while you're online for the best selection of vegetable flower and herb seeds available go to stoke seeds dot com. Cultivating successful growers for generations.

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