Steelers Q&A, Part 2: Are the Steelers prepping for life without JuJu, Bud and James Conner?


And we're back for Tony Name. Is Brian Anthony Davis welcome back to part two of the steelers QNA and today on this when this is being recorded on a Monday, it is a rainy. Monday Monday in Maryland I. Hope it's Shining Sun wherever you are at this point, and this is a part of the QA where we like to ask you all questions and find out what's on your mind and see if we can throw some insight. But before we go ahead and do that Tony we were talking earlier about the loss over the weekend of at age forty, three of Chadwick Bozeman. You'll very a very tough to hear very sorry about that loss and something that just happened today that. I just I saw something right when I was preparing to go on talking about. Another basketball coach remembering. John Thompson but I did not get a chance to look at it and we lost the sports world lost another legend today and I'm going to bring up as. I mentioned it our Ip John Thompson, my favorite college basketball coach now. Not only. Did. We lose John Thompson we lost one of my favorite players college basketball players from Pitt. Dmitri. Score passed away of a heart attack yesterday and so in hearing all this when I think about. How ironic it is is John Thompson in Dimitrius Gore were probably the two guys that I think of when I first started getting into college basketball I'd not start getting into college basketball until I was about. In eighth grade. And I will never ever forget. That game against Villanova. When Georgetown lost that game to Villanova I cried. I was probably twelve years old I remember crying I was so into John Thompson and Patrick Ewing and that that's town team and that's the team that made me want to watch college basketball 'cause I just thought it was something that. was on a Saturday afternoon. When I was when I was young and there was nothing to watch and I would start watching it then I became enamored with. With John Thompson and also the Georgetown Hoyas, but I remember. When I was working towards Washington, DC, I used to listen to. The locker room show with John Thompson on the radio for a number of years used to listen to him after the fact and he was really. Watch to listen to as well. So we lost a great one in John, Thomson, but then I remember in. Tenth Grade. When Shawn Miller came to. Head. Out of a Black Hawk in I started I remember them they made the second round of the finals and. The finals, excuse me of the NCAA tournament and I was there were four guys that really caught my attention. It was Jerome Lane. Dmitri score. And of course. Really. The legend. And when you believe Tony. That it just I was just reading about him today and it's a guy that I always think of he was my favorite college basketball player and I just lost them. So help me out. trello Smith Charles Smith. Kept. Top Five pick. Yeah. Of the clippers and I can't believe I just lost at that was the team that I just remember watching and I really that got me into college basketball and I was a big fan of pit and I. I will continue to. Be a big Fan of the Pitt Panthers Basketball Team but they're that's the team that all started. So with the loss of Dmitry, score over the weekend loss of John Thompson today and then hearing about Chadwick Bozeman. Please make it stop. That's all day. You just hate to hear that. So, let's go ahead. And let's go ahead open up the live chat to all of you. and. If I've missed some of the. The live chat anything that any questions that you have please go ahead and Have them start filing filing in right now and? That's what we'll do. Rhino tool says Ben redoing his contract next season somehow we'll be huge next season Man I I just don't know how you still have all of that money. You're kicking down the road like you said, Tony I I don't even know how you still do that. But what are your thoughts on that? Yeah I mean it's how much money would that really free up I mean you might be able to free up enough to keep one of those players but. What if the steelers don't WanNa do that something we never really considered what they don't want to. have been around beyond I know it seems crazy to say but he'll be forty years old and he's still gonNA. WanNa big. A big time contract like guys like breeze and Brady are getting in their forty. So. Maybe, two years from now maybe they want to move on and just say look we WANNA start over. We've we've especially if they haven't won a super bowl another super bowl by then they might say look we've. It's time it's time to move on the coast there with peyton manning. I realized I was into related, not age related necessarily but. They might just say look we can't we want to know replenish our roster. We just have so many guys who you know you're gonNA. TJ What you're GONNA WANNA keep Minka, you're gonNA keep de Devin Bush by then they're all all those guys are GonNa want paid by then so they might just decide to move on from a couple years. That's something I've thought about recently. Yeah I've a you know tough for me. I'm not ready. I'm just not ready to cut ties with big I. Hear You. There me either, but it's just It could be it could be the reality and a couple of years. You just never know what what's your thought processes But here's here's really. What I'm looking at here. Is. The big question I keep asking myself. Is the window now? Is it close in the closing even further. Does the window extend past twenty with all of these guys that we talk about all of those guys that West's listed here. Is it closing whole lot quicker is. Is. It twenty twenty or bust for championship with his team with all these guys on the way out the window. Now, I want to preface with the fact Dave Scofield always says that it's not went when now. It's it's not. 'cause they're always looking to win and I know that but will there be even more of a rebuild. Coming after two, thousand and twenty one because this might be. This might be really hard to overcome in less those guys they're grooming for these spots. Don't. Put your thoughts on the window. Tony. Well you know as I always say as Cliche to say but as long as. They they always have a chance to contend and like you said it's going to depend on on what guys like you know. Johnson this is a superstar starting this year. You know certainly next year when you has gone presume presumably. Then that that helps and if case Klay Pool Develops into something of course James Washington. Looks like he can be a solid receiver. And you know if they saw the running back problem after James Connor leaves in Alex Smith. Become something in replaced Bud depre- then yeah, you could still contend next year as long as you have been and the replacements are adequate I don't think it's A. I don't think you're GONNA go into total rebuild mode starting next year. If ben on on on the team if even if they lose all these guys are still going to want to try to win because they have him on the roster. So I don't think it's it's super bowl or bus this year but I think this year on paper looks like a better shot than next year. steelers Pittsburgh says gloom and doom sounds like a Michael Beck on Friday. You know what? You know what? I'm going to recognize it and I'm going to say you know what? I don't WanNa be gloom and doom. So thanks for calling me out on that steelers. Pittsburgh I appreciate that it's a it's the reality that we're looking at and it looks like they're prepping for the future and they really are excited about some of the guys that they have coming in. So maybe it's not twenty twenty or bust. Dante Harris who it is his birthday today happy birthday to Dante Harris Many. Many more my friend from your friends at bt TSE twenty twenty or bus not bust. But the urgency is however now due to Ben's clock more than anything else. So he's saying maybe it's been maybe Ben is the. The really the benchmark for this whole thing. So I really think that that it's it's something that we're looking at right now west says this. Yeah you're right when Ben goes. So does the oh L. which we have maybe two replacements for szucs, Datsun. So. You know that's something to look at as well. Support for this podcast comes from CDW and Dell Technologies. CDW We get migrating your agency to a hyper converged infrastructure is challenging. GotTa it to want to do it slowdown friend CDW experts can help simplify your transition from legacy to hyper converged infrastructure with technology solutions that offer speed and agility. Is it done yet? Why isn't it done yet? It orchestration by CDW G people who get it find out more at CDW DOT com slash deltec. Tony Porta Cuenca. Is in the house. Ape. Boorda. who were the top former steelers most likely to return that's a great question I'd go. To Bj. Finney inch Joshua. Dobbs. Kinda, WanNa, you take Jesse James I and I don't think that'd be this season. Wes that list included both Vance McDonald and and Eric Apron as possible guys that they lose next year due to the salary cap ramifications. Ebro has a two year deal though I know I, I I I thought I saw that on there. I maybe he meant that they would just have to cut them but. If you do one of those guys than Jesse, James obviously a very solid number two. We saw him do his thing here for a number of years. He's a really good number two tight end so. I could see him coming back to you know Allah. What's the guy's name they they brought back. The Big Guy, who was just a blocker, but I think just games the better player than him. But yeah, I could see I could see them a bring him back at a at a he's already made a lot of guaranteed money in Detroit early at least he will have by the time his contract is over. So yeah, Jesse James would definitely be somebody I could see them bringing back. I. Would think he would be back to the number two receiver that would not be a bad deal. I don't think Joshua. Dobbs would be back. I really don't see them going in that direction. But bj Fini's really interesting one. It's already been said that. He might be cut in Seattle. He might not make the squad and Seattle gave him some very nice money. For the season and this would be a situation where the steelers. If they. If he does get caught they would not be in line for a another a draft pick. Because of that. So that's That's one of those things that That you would look at their that I would think that he would be a kind of guy with his experience that the May possibly invite back. Yeah, he's interesting because obviously they have Stephan with new ski is as their primary backup. In the middle there you know garden in center, and of course, Kevin Dotson this. Presumably. Guy For the future left guard. But. Maybe, somebody like Finney could be your future center if you decide to move on from from Markey's pouch in a couple of years. So yeah, he's. It's an intriguing thought right there. That's because he was. On a two year deal as well. Rhino tool I jus- convictions we're talking Jesse James I feel compelled to say, Jesse, as everybody agrees with you. Everybody that knows physics and you know gravity knows that he caught that ball how do you want to get into it? I'm GONNA laugh the. I would laugh a Dallas Quinlan here. Wait a week. The jags will drop another player. Sure. They will I mean they've got. Trevor. Lawrence. On their mind I will tell you that. Dante leads. Dante leave how much of a pay cut do you think Ben will take in order to keep everyone. I don't know if he's if he's a pay cut kind of guy. Honestly. I. Think he's I. Think he's made more money than any any quarterback. Ever on like on his contract so I don't I don't think. It's interesting to question. Would he be willing to take a? Re. A significant Paik because these guys are making thirty, thirty, five, million a year now. I don't I. Don't think he's taken it. Neither goes West Zero Miller, pay cut in the problem is. You can't? Pay Cut forty million dollars forty one million dollars that have been kicked down the road. The right that is owed to him, and that's something that I mean they could cut him today and they still have to pay that and that still goes against the salary cap With that, let's take one more question here. As A. After going on in the first round of the draft, which possess positions should be our second pick in two thousand, twenty, one middle linebacker outside linebacker safety. Ray Now I would probably think I mean it's way too early as but. Right now I would think that they would be looking at an offensive lineman with with them getting really long in the tooth and the tooth there. Tony your thoughts. I. Those other positions cover them depend on on. Inside Linebacker, you have Ulysses Gilbert I mean he's he's a lower round pick if develops into a decent backup than maybe you don't you're not so worried about that as far as outside. Alex Smith is currently in line to be that guy and safety I mean. You know they. Edmonds is he's still young and he's a former first round pick and of course, you have Minka so I don't know. If there's a real urgency there either. Snowman says if the if the steelers win number seven, this year does big. Ben Retire. I say no. The reason I say no is if he gets to three And he thinks that. He possibly thinks that he could tie bradshaw he's coming back I. I would not think that he would retire. What do you think thanks for the five dollars Snowman thank you. Yeah. Thanks minutes. Awesome. I think if he wins, he wins a third one this year he's playing with house money at that point you know and he's definitely GonNa come back Allah John Elway in the late nineties and try to go for another one. What does he have to lose at that point? How many quarterbacks? One three if he falls short, he falls short of four so. He would if he if he wins this year, he's definitely coming back next year. So this is a really funny thing here. And I just lost it well here porting US says this. What happens I bad gets a haircut or Tony Shaves will I can tell you that. Probably bad gets a haircut. You've already shaved because shaver shave every Monday as soon as this show is over, I am getting haircut. Somebody's coming to my house in cutting my hair and. My I I'm getting some personal service today and my wife said, Hey, what's GonNa be over 'cause? Christie's to cut your hair. So there you go So. There was another thing that I saw here and I did lose it. But there was a really quite but I do see this here Mark Davidson Mark Davidson excuse me says, Hey, mates, and as you know, mark is one of the newest members of the beat Ese podcast family along with several if you have not had a chance to check out steelers down under their new show that debuted on Saturday audio only and they were also on with me on tales from two am you could go back and check in see those guys on there too. It's a really good show. It's it's steelers. It's going to be everything steelers but with. A Perspective of. Somebody from Australia two fellows from two mates from Australia or two blokes whatever. They WANNA call it. So. then. Donald. says. This shave every money Monday man is structured like crazy. I haven't shaved at least two months. Every every every Monday I shea before right before the show and I let it go all the way through to the following Monday. I'm a Taurus and. We're really setting our routine. That's why I hate changed so. Just me how to work call and said D you answer my question I lost your question but I will wait until you throw that back up and I will promise to answer that I will not end the show without answering that. Big More of says. Bad is getting all dolled up watch out there now. Just just gotTa look good for for you in the live chat because that's pretty hard to do. It's getting shaggy a I had a mullet go enduring Cova, and then I finally got cut so. I would. You would get. No I said, I would I would I would. Say I'm getting a haircut soon but I know that the response is always going to be what hair but it's been. It's been nine weeks for me too. So it's probably time well, I get to. I have there's not a lot of genetic lotteries that I am ever going to win in this life but the only genetic lottery that I've ever won and I probably ever will is my hair because on forty eight years old, there's not a bald spot and it's really not. I'm in good shape with it. I mean. Not really what's eating either so I I'm lucky in that fact but. When it comes the everything else man ticking time bomb sometimes I really. I really worry about that. So. Here it is. I, think I found. I was watching the video. It looked like he was catching the back of the ball instead of getting in front of it. Should I be concerned? Tonia lets you take that one. Too hard when the answer I don't know I, mean I. Sound, like cliff Harris is still punk. He'd probably be a better better judge Jeffrey Benedict, he's really good with with with XS knows I'm not sure I don't know I I I. Maybe it was he was supposed to be working on something I I'm not sure from everything I've heard he he looks fantastic. So. I wouldn't be too concerned until until you see it in a game if he if he. Has. Trouble. Catching passes, then we have to worry about it but right now, I wouldn't. I wouldn't be concerned about that. Now you know what? I'm not going to get too concerned about that yet either and the reason being is they do have. The do you have a lot of guys working with those players and that's a that's something that though definitely work on but I know there have been a lot of praise coming his way and when Joe Haden makes that praise, the defender does not have to come in. Again on the other side of the ball doesn't have to come in and In Rings Bell like that when I say ring a bell. To Chatham up let's just put it that way. You would expect them to do it but not show Hayden but Joe Haden. Very, big team player Dallas Quinlan Houdini is next year's number one Klay Polar Johnson Tony. L.. Let's take that. I if he keeps going away going. I think John Johnson headed headed for that that. rarified air I think he could be a possible superstar. And that's why I think that they're really a loading this up that if they have to. If, they have to say goodbye to any free agent that these young players are being groomed to step into that spot. So with that, we're going to go ahead and wrap things up. And what we're going to ask you to do is check out all of the shows on the bts's family of podcast. Geoff Hartmann is been throwing in those great camp updates every day that they practice pads. So look out for one of those as well. Today if you didn't have a chance to check it out, let's ride was this morning. The steeler retro show is going to be tomorrow morning. So check that out as it's going to hit around five am on the audio only platform in. Then tomorrow night you're going to get the scarborough show everybody needs some SCO in their life and then keep on chicken out because we're going to morning shows all week. We are revenue up because what's happening? Two Weeks Tony Two weeks will be two weeks we'll be two hours and thirty nine minutes or so away from the steelers versus the giants week one of the twenty twenty regular season. And I gotTa tell you before we check out very generous Donation on the Super Chat and I. Hope I'm pronouncing this right I can both three seven. Or? I John. Three seven but thank you very much. My friend nine, hundred, ninety, nine, he says, next report. Should include gold Mike's that work for the BTS's steelers crew keep up the great talk coming. Thank you so much that that means a lot. Tony One of the reasons we do this is we do it because it's it's passion and we love it. Also. Gets wouldn't be fun to do without everybody here in the live chat. Great I, mean they're. Way better than social media. I mean I, tell you what the men and women in our live chat we were really we really appreciate you Thank you so much for all that you do for us. You inspire us and it's It's really a big deal remember two weeks and we're going to be talking to you everybody from bts's is going to be with you all the way. So thanks so much for. Being our. Family so We're GONNA take it out. But check us out remember and like my good friend the late Rowdy Roddy Piper would say just when you think you've got all the answers, we keep changing the questions. For Tony I'm Brian Anthony Davis will next week. Bye Now.

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