"A Choice to Destroy Lives"


He everyone welcome back. I am your host Saadia and we are kicking off with her new season of recurrently. I am so excited You probably noticed. We took a small hiatus in recognition. That so much is happening around us and like you be needed. Time to adjust and grappled with what this nation and the globe is experiencing think. Everybody is feeling a mixed bag of emotions. Some people are anxious even fearful others like me are physically and mentally exhausted and then there are those who are hopeful hopeful that this is a reset button sort of forced acknowledgement of what has escaped gratitude. I know it's a weird time but the only silver lining in basis fat right. Now all of us are in a week contradicting the robotic. Hectic schedule that we have normalized as productivity. At least. That's how I see it. Do All the New Yorkers who are still in the city? I just want to let you know I am with you. I am learning how to be present with myself and as I am staying. In my house and letting health professionals lead the charge against this pandemic. I'm also thinking about other stories that needs some attention. Covert nineteen isn't the only news percolating and we can't let these other stories go unnoticed. So today's episode off immigrants will be on backup and the agent deals surrounding it. Supreme Court case now we will explore together the programs recent past its current status and its future prognosis and as we explore this topic alongside the historical context. It's extremely important that we include primary sources and we've done that in this episode so basically scattered in this episode are audio snippets of brave daca students who that sharing data expedients will garner awareness and mobilize communities into action. This species sound completely unrelated. But I want to start by talking about numbers and you may be thinking. Why are we doing that? But there is a reason and the connection will soon be clear. I think begin all somewhat agree that people process things in numbers because numbers are short and simple. I do that for one. Numbers help US Chart History. This shed light on phenomenons. That a couple of words are honest. Even sentences cannot do justice to while they are not the entire story. I must say that numbers. Indicate his off systematic change or reasons for systematic change. Now I would like to share some of my findings on Daca from sources including news outlets and research centers. So that when be implored. It's because the facts do so you know. The thing that we are creatures of habit could also be said about logic. I would at least like to think that we do feel more confident. When any of our arguments are backed not only by whatever like social economic cultural and political opinions we give but also by empirical facts and here are some startling so priests yourself. Some of you may already know what there are around. Seven hundred thousand DACA recipients living in the country. These are your friends. Your neighbors your children's friends or co-workers if DACA gets Wolverton the projected job loss for New York City. Only in two years would be over twenty five thousand two huge number. California one hundred sixty thousand and for those born and troop packers fans the at least six thousand in the state of Wisconsin. I know some of you may be rationalizing jobs. Lost means jobs available right Actually not quite. These numbers were calculated in December. Two Thousand Nineteen when the employment rate would add low of three percent. Losing these dreamers would mean a pronounced disruption to a host of businesses and industries retail restaurants health care and education to name a few nine thousand qualified. Teachers would lose their jobs and seventy five percent of the top twenty five fortune. Five hundred companies would be safely before St- to replace qualified employees and the physicians. And the trainees at risk with serve an estimated five point one million people in the course of their career. I would like to think these numbers honestly to even the most pathetic listeners. Now to be honest what matters to me is not just these numbers as an immigrant. I really believe that we are the country of multiple origins. We are a country of collective narratives. Now some of those narratives may be more trouble than others. Some of US may be documented others undocumented but all of us have one thing in common. And that's our dreams take listen to what these dreamers have to say hi. My Name is Christopher Ponce Medical Student the Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine and I'm also a student so since the DACA program was established actually had a pretty phenomenal experience with it. The DACA program only allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. Set alight and advocate for immigrant. Students like myself at my university but also some of the work that I've done in DC. It also allowed me to pursue a career medicine because without the DACA program of would now be medical school right now. My name is Amanda. I am twenty four years old and a docker scipion. I migrated from Peru when I was six years old. I grew up in Orange County. California DACA law school graduate from California State University. Fullerton DACA has really opened up pathway. That I never imagined were available to me. Thank Sadaqa I was able to find an internship in Congress working with Congressman bielsas in the nineteen back for fellowship at forty. Us and I have stayed on ever since as a fulltime staff member. Not only has Jaakko allowed me to pursue my career goals but has provided me the piece of nine that I am safe for at least two years. The thing to do is the Daca is not just about employment and citizenship. The way I see it it's basically a referendum on our sense of existence as a nation and do we want to be a nation of discrimination and violence or do we have to be a nation of Amnesty and growth his Daniella. Hi My name is Daniele Vieira and I'm a doctor recipient. Daca has been extremely important to me. I've had it since two thousand twelve and need empowered me to go to college. It allowed me to work through school to help me pay for to get internships throughout school. And then now at enables me to work in my field of corporate finance. Don't even know what it would mean. If I were to lose it. I think I would no longer be able to work and I would no longer be able to provide for myself and my family and I would say that no matter what the Supreme Court decides we are still a community of emigrants and we're still going to continue to support and protect each other and fight for each other. So we are more than our immigration. Status is say that we are. And that's that's what matters the most so far we have talked about what will happen if DACA is resented. But let's look at the historical context of Dhaka now DACA was enacted in two thousand twelve. As one of Obama's executive actions on immigration shot for deferred action for childhood arrivals. It's basically an initiative available certain undocumented individuals who by the way game to the US before they were sixteen so they were basically children when they came and they have lived here for more than five years and by the way the requirements for Dhaka are stringent common misconception even among liberals that daca equals citizenship. No it's not a guaranteed to permanent residence. It's only temporary protection hookah guys. Let's pause here. Take deep breaths and recap some of it. I want to emphasize temporary. Now for those born in America. Imagine having to refile your citizenship. Save every two years and I've been through immigration process in America. It's extremely arduous. Along and annoying. Imagine the uncertainty. The headache constant. What if I mean for twenty four months Doug protects the grantee from deportation and yes it makes available work authorization and opens applications to social security but all of this is not greedy forever? Which many of us take for granted? Now my husband and I also went through immigration process from f one to each one to green God's citizenship all but at the end of the day we got our passports we nationalized citizens. Unfortunately Doug does not give that guarantee to me. It seems more like a faulty safety net with a lot of institutional holes his Daniella again. I have renewed my Daca way earlier than I needed to. Because I've been worried about the Supreme Court decision so at the end of November. I submitted my Daca renewal and two weeks ago. I got it in the mail. The experience was stressful. Like it always says because there's a lot weighing on it. I'll let's talk about what happened. After trump administration took over in two thousand seventeen. The trump administration announced that it was ending Daca. Fortunately a band of people organizations and states pushed back thank God for that on June twenty eighth two thousand nineteen two years after trump's initial threat. The Supreme Court decided to review these legal propositions now fast forward to November twelfth. Two Thousand Nineteen on this T-. The Supreme Court held oral arguments. Now the transcript. Arguments is available on their website. And it's basically on cases delivered by Solicitor General Noel Francisco. He challenged Daca on three main fronts and I would really urge you guys to go and check out these transcripts if you are interested. The first objection was based on legality. Basically that the executive branch does not have power to enact such an initiative. The second insisted. Dhaka has no limiting principle that affects the influence of other government divisions like the irony which also deals with immigration. And here's for the third now. This one is real GEICO and I quote because DACA actively facilitates violations of law by providing advanced forebearance on-court. Now I am not ally as most of you already know so I had to do a quick Google search. Here's what I discovered now for parents in its legal context means to not enforce a claim by contract date so in my opinion in Layman's terms and especially in this situation it means to tolerate access to certain benefits like social security without due process by the decision on Daca is expected no later than June. Twenty twenty so basically. It's two months away. Here's how I see it. Keeping Daca not only affirms the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of young Americans but also keeps our nation intact are these young dreamers are Ytl to the economy our health and care and basically the essence of America. And as Judge Sotomayor bluntly and Faye brilliantly summarizes the situation and I quote. This isn't about the law. This is about our choice to destroy. Lives Unquote by descending DACA. I believe the government is literally trying to destroy lives of these dreamers. I know all of this is extremely intense and heavy. And we've been dealing with a pandemic and you must be thinking. What can we do? So here's what we can do together. Stay informed that's the most important thing if you're documented and not immediately connected to people on Daca I would really suggest that. Use Your privilege to support and educate others about Daca knowing the status of Dhaka and it's Supreme Court case is one thing sharing it's important so are the grassroots organizations nonprofits even state legislatures big up news and organized to locally protect. An advocate is far-reaching and extremely necessary now for those whose lives are more directly impacted. I I want to say this. You're not alone in this week and fight and his advice from Christopher. I really do implore Daca students who are listening to this to please please renewed application. I do not see the Supreme Court hearing and ruling as reason to not do it. There are many resources online. I know informed emigrant Dot Com has a website where a map we can find immigration clinics that provide pro bono services but also a lot of organizations that are providing financial assistance for those who cannot afford the application feet. So I really do juice that we should continue to be active negations political environment and showed garment that we're going to keep pushing forward and diversify strategies and in order to do that we have to save by renewing application. So that. Thank you all so I want to share some tools out there for those who are motivated to learn more about and stay informed on. Daca you guys can basically check out forward dot. Us and Pew Research Center for Trustworthy. Research reviews a news not just on Dhaka but other immigration issues and also rises Texas another great organization that immigrants has always supported mean bio informed immigrant as mentioned by Christopher is an online resource in both English and Spanish for immigrants seeking assistance in the renewal process. And this is very important. The website will link you to a local renewal clinic and also contains resources on immigrant rights. The Doug Application Process and to legal council and in the end. I urge you to sit with this story considerate. And all else twenty twenty has propelled us into. Perhaps you will open a tab and check out the sources or perhaps you share about Daca at dinner with your family guys. Whatever you decide. Please keep the conversation going. This is an issue that should matter to everyone. Resenting DOT COM means turning back the clock on progress and giving in to a system that we know by now is plagued with elitism and prejudice. So I'm basically asking you to push back because I believe in growth and I also believe in recipients and qualifiers of this program. I strongly believe that they make our community richer and they make our ideas better and they also informed the vase stories that weave together our communities in the end. I want to thank everyone for listening. You are the best. Thank you for coming back every week. If this was your first time. Welcome to our show. I hope you guys come back for either brilliant stories. I also want to give a shoutout to forward dot. Us for collaborating with us on this particular episode to wall the brilliant daca recipients who shared their perspectives and to our content writer. Ud who did all the research and created this amazing narrative until next time when we have another incredible story take care.

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