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most serial killers. Don't make any effort to involve media or best Gators. They're very secretive. They don't want attention. They almost want their crimes to go unnoticed, but the idea of committing a crime, and then calling up the police and bragging about it. That's a whole 'nother level of terror. A man who wore a mediaeval style executioner's hood who has a police and baffled the media. He seems to crave publicity. He's sent letters and cryptograms newspapers and beliefs subject stated how ought to report a murder. No, a double murder. I did it. Here. We are fifty years to the first sodium killing in today's world, forensics old cases are being solved who doesn't wanna know. How it turns out? From the creators of Atlanta monster come season two. This is monster vizo yet killer. Listen as subscribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app. Thanks for listening to the best of heard podcast. Be sure to catch us live every weekday from twelve to three eastern nine to noon Pacific on Fox Sports radio and f s one find your local station for the hurt at Fox Sports radio dot com or stream it live every day on the iheartradio app by searching heard. Is the best of the herd with Colin cowherd on Fox Sports radio. Here we go. It is a Wednesday. This is the heard live in Los Angeles. Wherever you may be in. However, you may be listening. We're on iheartradio Fox Sports radio Sirius XM channel eighty three today. We're an F s to flip over good to have you in today. Joy Taylor is joining me joy. How are you this morning time gray running able to laugh L news joy, we'll hit on this morning about thirty minutes. Her line news little story today in the NFL. Joe? Flacco won a Super Bowl is an MVP sign a fat contract. Never quite the same is going to the Denver Broncos who have case keenum? That's never been John Elway guy. John L Y. I think is getting tired of drafting quarterback. He hasn't been great at that. He whiffed on Paxton Lynch. So John Elway said I'm gonna hire a old defensive guy to be my head coach, we can run the football. Very well, Denver always runs the football. While doesn't matter who the back is. And we just got a veteran strong armed quarterback. This is this is what John Elway wants his team to be an Elway hadn't had a lot of success in the draft draft. Quarterbacks. And so he's like listen, I'm going to get a veteran quarterback who's had success against good teams a winning playoff record Super Bowl MVP, not the most accurate thrower today. Not you know, he's got a little Cam Newton. I don't I don't trust flacco and Cam delivering the ball too tight windows, but a huge arm and they're going to run the ball because Dan rose does what Denver does and they're going to play their butts off defensively with Vic Fangio at defensive guy. And it'll be kinda boring football Fangio to have a big personality flag. Oh to no big personality. It's just going to be Denver Bronco football. This is what Denver played for years and years and years in the rocky mountains going back to Craig Morton, any frankly, even going back to John Elway. They ran the ball. That's what they wanted. We're bowls and they played the vents. And that's what they're going to be. And they're going to be better. How much better I don't know. But they're better today. Denver Broncos are a better football team today. I think with Vic Fangio coaching and Joe flacco quarterbacking and Baltimore is gonna get you know, they didn't have to give up anything. To get him. I mean, they're going to give up it says here amid round pick. If you're better at quarterback and all you have to give up a fourth round pick. That's good. That's a good day for Denver new coach new quarterback cannon arm. One on the road winning playoff record. Always went toe to toe with Brady and Foxborough flat. Goes not great not top twelve guy. But you're going to get my running game. And a defense you going games with Joe flacco, he's a much better armed talent than case keenum. And by the way, the ravens create clarity ravens are like, you know, what we're doing the Lamar Jackson thing. Let's not have flacco hovering around us it, by the way might might gut feeling on this is Baltimore goes out and acquires in bell. If you ask me today, we're lazy and bells gonna end up. My gut feeling I don't have any sourcing on this. This is just my gut lady and bells going to Baltimore and Baltimore's all in. They're going to be a sixty five to sixty percent run team play. Great defense veteran coach Lamar Jackson asked him to throw eighteen to twenty two times. He can make those throat and. A great thrower, but can make them. So I think Baltimore is going to go after lady and bell. And they just said today, here's our future inch Lamar Jackson. That's good for them. And then Denver's like we're gonna go defense veteran big on quarterback run the ball. Good for them. And that's where I think we are today. So I think I didn't Denver's better. I don't know if Baltimore's better, I know Baltimore created clarity in the locker room. It's Lamar Jackson's team. So Baltimore created that makes teams better. Usually, here's what we are. Even if you're limited Detroit Pistons we play defense. Remember, the bad, boys? We don't shoot as well as everybody we're not as artistic everybody. But we do what we do. Well, that's usually in sports. Good thing to do to Baltimore's lie. Here's organ do. We'll play defense and run the football even or quarterback runs. So I think it was good for both teams so crucial to designate mess college. You can do the flip flop thing you can't pros. I mean for us to like, thankfully, we don't have to go into the season's talking about a quarterback controversy. Right. If you have more than one quarterback. You have no quarter. The thing. I like about this. I gotta be honest about this. Here's what I like about. This is that I'm a fan of football. I just don't like teams that don't have a guy at quarterback. So Baltimore's said Lamar Jackson. I think Lamar's fascinating to watch. I've said this about Baker Mayfield is not one of the top ten quarterbacks. He's easily one of the top five most interesting to watch. Because there's first Nellie Baltimore now has a guy. And now Denver has a guy that I think they'll keep for years to three or four year. They got a guy football's better that way, you know, nothing's worse than when you have a guy like Ryan tannehill. And you know, Miami didn't truly believe in him. You know, they don't, you know, Denver doesn't truly believe in case keenum, you know, they don't. So I like teams to have a guide. I really believe. John Elway believes this morning. We go in we can win big games. We can go into Kansas City with a run game in a defense and a veteran code. We can beat moms. It'd be close, but we can never felt that with case keenum. You don't feel like Denver really has a shot to get into a shootout. So that makes me happy. For football. I think in general that's better we got clarity with the ravens. We got a big strong armed guy with Denver. It's good for the league is a good thing is a good thing. And that's what happens when all these young quarterbacks come from college to the prone compla-, you move out guys. Joe flacco about by the way used to be you gotta Joe flacco fifteen years. He never left now veteran quarterbacks are moving. It's fun. And it's a rare thing for a quarterback of Joe flacco 's county on the market the hasn't been playing great to be on the market. Yes. Right. Let me shift to this. I don't know if you watched last night the Lakers allow the Atlanta Hawks hawks are nineteen games under five hundred. They almost scored seventy points on the Lakers in the first half. What wait it mean that I was reading the newspaper a couple of days ago that win over Boston? It was going to save the season. And that's what all the NBA media guys told me think proclaimed Rondo shot against the Celtics guy at changes every day. Like Jada Jappie. Now, they got beat by the crappy hawks and blown up the Sixers folks, but the ball bombs down report not support media members. Once every Laker was mentioned as trade bait you poison the locker room, they're not going to recover, and Luke Walton is toast. That's what we said. That's what I believe. And now three games in post trade deadline. This is what you have the Lakers have eight days off. And you're going to see a big push now to get rid of Luke Walton? Lebron and Luke Walton have no relationship. Magic Johnson didn't hire him. I don't think he's a great coach. I don't think he's terrible. I think is substitution patterns border on random at best inconsistent at worse bizarre in random, but I will just remind you football is the coaching sport. Basketball is the player sport is Brad Stevens a good coach. Yes, he's currently a fifth seed in the east is Gregg Popovich a good coach. Yeah. Seven seed is Erik Spoelstra. Good coach. Yes. He is ninth. Seed is Rick Carlisle good, coach coaches think he's brilliant. He's an eleven seed. Okay. This is a players league. You wanna know Dwane Casey one coach of the year in the NBA. Do you know where he picked up his award an applebees across the street because they fired him. They couldn't get the award in the building. He was across the street have lunch because they kicked him out of the building that's doing Casey coach of the year. So if you're asking me. Who the most talented teams in the NBA? Are I was thinking about this this morning? If you said who are the one of the most talented racers in the NBA, I'd say Golden State number one. Let's not even argue about that. Then you can argue about stuff I'd say Houston second if Chris Paul's healthy and James harden and Clint Capelle, and Eric Gordon, I take Houston's the second best roster. Not as quite as good as last year. But number two, Oklahoma City. I've got Westbrook. I got the MVP Paul George. I got Stephen Adams. And I would give them a narrow narrow edge over Philadelphia because Jimmy Butler Symington Embiid. I'm not sure I don't know about the chemistry. I like the players. I put Philadelphia four Tobias Harris. That's a really good roster. I just don't think yet they're chemistry's quite as good as a Houston. I'd put Boston five Toronto with Marc Gasol. I may be underselling him at six Milwaukee Middleton Jaanus. I put him at seven good. That's the that's the seven rosters. I don't have the Lakers. Eight. I think you can start arguing on the Lakers behalf from eight to about sixteen and I'm not so sure they're not closer to sixteen the nine or eight and LeBron twists his ankle. There are sixteenth. So congrats on fire in Luke Walton? That's not the issue. Lebron does create this is not a criticism. It is a reality. If I if I yelled at my son forgetting dean math that is not a criticism that is a reality. If he gets it. Lebron does create an urgency in a stress and at times an unrealistic expectation on a franchise that you have to win now and people have to leave and draft picks have to go to win. Now. That's the stress that LeBron creates I'm not it's not a criticism. It's a reality. I've seen it multiple times. But I will just say this did Luke Walton hurt LeBron's growing because they were the four seed before that did Luke Walton hurt Lonzo ball who got her to get. Oh, he didn't. He didn't do those two. Did he leak all the stories that? In the locker room. No, Luke, Walton didn't do that either. Okay. So never forget pre LeBron's injury. Lakers were the fourth seed in the west the chemistry was getting better there. Only two and a half games out of the playoffs. Now. But go ahead. Take a wrecking ball to blow up the coaching staff. Go for it. That's not the answer. Lebron creates an expectation that puts stress on a franchise now, he is probably the first second third best basketball player I've seen, but that's a reality with LeBron. And so let's blow out Luke Walton is not the problem. Let's trade a bunch of players and get AD. I'm not sure that's going to be great. I think it'd be good. I don't think it would be great. I've seen LeBron with Biggs before. So it looks like eight days off loss to Atlanta almost gave up seventy in the first half to a bad NBA team that I'm not even sure is trying to win. I think they're on the sign Williamson interest sweepstakes as well. But that's the world we live in. I never bought into that ridiculous notion that the win over the Celtics meant anything. I I told you I last Friday off I opened up the internet, and they're all these stories about they can play with anybody say the unbelievable biblical proportions. We just wanted to feel good about the Lakers. Couple seconds long. First half of the. Range so much this winter people need sunshine. We just we just wanted to smile. Little bit one more heard the herd. Streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio app. Search her to listen live or on demand. Whenever you lie don't confuse this is this is a good rule. Sometimes in parenting. I make this mistake. Sometimes don't confuse an opportunity for a problem. Sometimes as a parent. I get upset. I see something and I want to lecture and instead, I think. Now, let's not particularly be this teaching moment. This is a teaching moment. People used to call my radio show. And I'd take calls. What am I going to tell my kids? And I always said, I don't know that your kids you had them. That's your responsibility to teaching moment people whenever there was a controversy in sports. My kids are watching these games. What what am I going to tell my kids? I don't know. I don't even know their names. They're your kids. Okay. It's a teaching moment don't confuse Antonio Brown. Wanting to be traded for a problem. It is not particularly this is a moment for an opportunity. First of all, Pittsburgh standards are really high the Cleveland Browns last year went seven eight and one and they're throwing a parade. The Steelers went nine six and one and they're pissed because the standards are much higher. Players. After five or six years. You got a ton out of an Tonio Brown now at thirty one flippin for a pick opportunity you bought low six round sell. Hi, this is not a problem lady in bell getting nothing for him that I don't like that stings. But in Tonio Brown thing, what this way say it out loud. If I said to you. Hey, there's this NFL team that foulness player in the six round. They paint him nothing for like three years. Nothing. He ended up getting eleven thousand yards and seventy four touchdowns. They pay them. Nothing. Hey fire to pay him a little now, he's thirty one wide receivers post thirty generally start to fade. And we were able to then flip him and get a really good pick. Oh, but what do you do it receiver? Oh, we already got one. We do the receiver thing really well juju Smith Schuster. We do the receiver thing. Really? Well, folks, here's what I know. St- life real estate sports, Wall Street Bilo, sell high winds everywhere you buy the property low fix it up sell at high six round eleven thousand yards seventy four TD's sold all sorts of jerseys. And now you're gonna flip him at thirty one. Because you've got another receiver. You don't have to pay as much. That's a problem. That's an opportunity. All these wide receivers for the Steelers seem to leave Mike Wallace left Plaxico left. Emmanuel sanders. Left's Antonio homes left Martavis Bryant left they all leave and they all get replaced when it comes to the Chicago Bears in linebackers. They do it. Right. When it comes to the Denver Broncos running backs. They do it. Right. The Broncos have had ten different running backs run for thousand yards when it comes to the New England Patriots in offensive lineman. They just find him David Andrews in all pro center. He didn't get drafted. Did you ever watch shack? Mason of college. They take other people's bad offensive lineman overrated, guys moving to left tackle and their great. And when it comes to the Steelers in wide receiver. They do that position. Really? Well, like the Broncos do running back in the bears. Do linebacker in the patriots offense line. Maybe it's a coach. Maybe it's a scout. I don't know. But you know, Antonio Brown leaving is not a dilemma, it'd be a dilemma for Cleveland. It'd be a dilemma for Jacksonville. It's not a dilemma for Pittsburgh. It's an opportunity. It's an opportunity you gotta receiver. You got a quarterback. You gotta get online. You got an emerging linebacking core. And you're gonna flip him and get a really good pick, which you've proven you draft. Really really well last year once again, you appear to have had a really good draft don't confuse what you perceive as a massive roadblock to simply be parenting or football at opportunity be sure to catch live additions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern, nine AM Pacific on Fox Sports radio affects one and the iheartradio app. Everyone. I'm Dr ause. I love getting to talk with you on my show every single day when the cameras stopped rolling the conversation isn't over where decided to start a podcast in order to dive deeper into the issues, and ideas that I love sharing with you. It's health, unfiltered, my wife, Lisa will be joining me together. We're taking wellness to the next level and having a little fun along the way, listen and subscribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts. Gonna be a hall of Famer thirteen years eleven time all star best high school player in Texas than he was a great college player. Then he was an all star dominant player in Toronto. Then he went to Miami and won a bunch of rings. Good, dude. Chris Bosh joining us in the her today. Great to crush who. Now picks up a basketball only with his kids. Listen, you dealt with those blood clot issues that are serious. And in the good news is you or establish yourself as a hall of flame lie. This wasn't like year six where you would have left dreams on the table. How did L how'd you reconcile all of it? You had basketball left. But dude you'd given the game at ton. And you high-school college pro rings? You did a lot looking back on it. Do a lot at. I'm very blessed to be able to have those opportunities and then deliver. But yeah, I mean it didn't make an easy decision. Still had to consult with my family. I had to be a front and honest about myself, just you know, remember that his heart the decision to make. And I I wanted to play more basketball as, you know, quite frankly as what I wanted to do. Yeah. I've given my life to it. And there were still things, you know, being selfish that I wanted to accomplish in the league, you know? Yeah. But it should be noted it when you were nine years old if somebody would have said, you're going to be the best high school player in Texas. You gonna be a final four guy you're going to be two rings if they had a snag final four. You didn't get today went to the final four after I left. So they got better without me. Always joke about. Had a hell of a career and your widely respected in the league. Let me ask you about this. And this is not a criticism of LeBron. But LeBron comes into a team. Everybody's got this thing that Antonio Anthony. Davis gonna come as all going to be good. And I keep saying this. Lebron has always been good plan was shooters. But I saw you. I saw Kevin love it is tougher with LeBron. He doesn't want you hanging around the rim because he wants clearly open. He wants it open. Right. So, hey, Chris go stand over there. Now. Good news is you're a great shooter. Hey, Kevin go stand over there. Anthony davis. Isn't you as a shooter? I don't I don't know. Chris if that's a home run is it. Well, I mean, it's a home run because Anthony Davis is Anthony Davis. He's pretty good. Yeah. And I tell people this all the time. He was the first player that I knew I couldn't guard him. I don't know if he knew that. So I said, okay. Let me let me get whatever. I cannot this leave before this guy figures it out. He's a great player. He's a phenomenal talent with talent. Like that. You figure it out. And that's kind of always been I guess my philosophy and moving in the things you can worry about it later. We, you know, Disney shooters does he not new shooters? Does he need to change his game as he gets older? I don't know. But he's pretty good. And he's pretty good. If they're on the team, no figure it out. Well, d- Wade in LeBron. If you look at their games were never a perfect fit. Yeah. They were almost LeBron was a bigger D Wade, which is attack the basket they worked to a large degree delayed probably plays bigger than any six four guy ever one hundred Braun can be a point guard at six nine and a half. So he can shrink if he wants to. So to your point talents talent could I could I offer this though that and this is the way it is. If I had a great singing voice, I'm the late Whitney. Houston. Yeah. You're my singing coach. There are times. I'm actually tougher to coach under percent. Of course, the more tat. Lebron is so gifted the Swiss army knife does everything well that he is harder to coach he was hard for Eric. He's hard for Luke. He was hard for black that there's a stress that LeBron creates in the coaching staff. What do you do if you have a biblical talent all best? That's if you can answer that I think they'll give you a coaching job tomorrow. You know, that's just one of the things. I mean, my Jordan Kobe Bryant Shaquille O'Neal these were once in a generational talents. And what was the verdict on their coach ability throughout a career? You know, they're always going to be, you know. Rumblings that they're difficult as just you know, what it takes to be a great player. And being a great player. You have to push yourself. You've got to push people and to be quite Frank. Nobody likes to be pushed all the time. You know what I mean? So if you're not agreeing with something, and there's some sort attention is going to be tension. Sometimes you know, what I mean? That's just a part of things I've said before I think the Miami teams are the smartest teams in league history incredibly high functioning, you donnas, hassle them Batty. Wade you LeBron Ray Allen. It's the smartest team ever assembled. I don't think it's the most gifted you didn't have a ton of size the bench was inconsistent. Mario chalmers. Drove me crazy. But but it's the highest functioning team surreally in my life. And I do believe that LeBron works better with veterans because he's talented people don't want to be mentors. They want you to figure it out. So he loved you guys. Is it fair to say that Los Angeles with some quirky one year deals and kids? Do it may not be a perfect DNA fit for him. Look is the first year, you know. Even me looking at it. I knew that they weren't going to be a super really good team. They have a chance to be good. But looking at the makeup the guys have to develop they don't know that there's a whole other level to the NBA when you bring a superstar into L A out of all places. I mean, those going to be an atomic bomb that goes off, and they haven't been able to really keep up with it. You can't you know, they're pretty much learning their job on the fly. So with the young guys there's going to be tremendous swings and ups and downs. You just have to learn about being consistent. And that's what it is about the NBA and you have to deal with the spotlight. You know, you're in the limelight. Now, this is what happens in the limelight is kinda wack when you find out, but it all comes down to the basketball court at the end of the day. So they have to do their job does Lonzo LeBron fit to you? They're they need the ball. Yeah. I mean, but you know, Alonzo so unselfish, you know, he's. You can tell just getting on the court. He'll he's like the classic point guard where if you pass to him he just kicks it up up to court. I mean, you have to tell him to be a little bit more selfish. So I think he still has more surfaces of his game that he hasn't even thought of exposed yet when you played with LeBron it was four years you were a rock tour. You were you to in their prime. I mean, you you are the stones. Yeah. Is it emotionally daunting being on a LeBron team? What what is it is it different? I mean, you no that's what I mean by that is differences spotlight. And I think when did you first notice it in Miami the minute I signed. The day the day same day and in member of the next day the decision happened. And so then it just really went in the next day. We you did that a nice parade. I tell people all the time. Like, we didn't people didn't like like, well, you didn't plan that it wasn't like an I mean, it was awesome come on. They had smoke and pyrotechnics and everybody we it was twenty thousand people with no basketball game going on. It was like the play offs. It was crazy. I had a great time. Everybody had a great time. You know, everybody. Oh now, Sal looking in not so much. Listen. Listen, join I Joyce spent time in Miami. I love Miami. And I can remember going to games there. And I've always felt sports is better with good stories. It was a fascinating story. In fact, if you remember the first couple years you guys were villains. I think by then I think kind of people joined in when you won and everybody saw the joy of LeBron. But it's like, it's kind of fun. But it's kind of fun. But the first year you were a villain. I mean, it's kind of like the warriors twos. Like, you know when Katie goes. You look at it with like men that looks fun K D dishes to Steph like, oh that was a great pass is right on the number. Steph makes it they're just so unselfish moving the ball. Eventually when you see someone just out there expressing themselves in and having fun and planted team sport, you can't help. But but be a part of it, by the way to Miami Heat are appropriately going to retire your jersey on March twenty six that's home game against Atlanta. You know, we were talking about, you know, by is the aqua water, Pat Riley, D Wade, then all the sudden here comes Chris Bosh, Shane Batty. Lebron James, and it all came together. Tell me something about the NBA that fans listening. You know, I I say this all the time. Chris is that everybody wants to say, you guys make a bunch of money, and I say canoe imagine if tomorrow, my company traded me to the Bravo network, right? And. Move my family, right? Like, take my audience a little insight. I know everybody looks at NBA players as rich. But this league does wear you out. I watched LeBron sometimes, and I can sense through body language. He's been doing this Chris for sixteen years for sure do you use? Do you? Do you sense? Where is LeBron? Do you think? Now is it somewhat business? Is it the mogul stage? Yeah. I mean, I think we've been in the mogul stage for a while. And those are thoughts that the modern athlete now is thinking about you know, and he's definitely one of the pioneers of that. You know after seeing Michael Jordan be a successful business person. And in Mike Magic Johnson amongst other NBA greats. You know, them moving on with their lives. You know? Now, we're understanding the position that we're in and you have to do both at the same time you have to do that. And try to deliver on the core. Because if you don't deliver on the court the product is no good. I try you know, what I mean? That's just how it is. So it's it's it's a delicate balance that you have to figure out, but if you have opportunities to play in the NBA and use your platform for great things, then you know, by all means do it. I don't think it's all the way business, but businesses definitely way more into it. Like, you say Gaza get traded like Tyler Johnson, great friend of mine. You know, it is the business. He's on the road. You know, they're already on the west coast trip. He gets traded. My wife asked me what does he do as well? He has he has forty eight hours to report to Phoenix. You know, point client. Delta Airlines it them. Get the semi bags. Hopefully, they packed everything. And you know, I'll get the rest of my stuff in the summer as how it is. Yeah. You don't miss that part of it. No. I don't miss it. Man. I mean is is is road life. And that's one of the things that kinda helped me in my decision. My kids, you know, they is everything is cool now because you know, Mabel, you know to work, but I come right back. You know on on on those trips men, they just you know, especially being Miami. You're going up during the cold weather, and you know, it's Arctic blast going on in his five below. You got aqua water. Yeah. You know what? I mean, you get out the pool, and then, you know, next thing, you know, you're freezing. So it's just it's a tough dynamic to handle when you're living on the road. Then you had a great career, you you're you're a man with options you could get into broadcasting. You could go into the front office. You could do a lot of stuff. That's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to keep those things in mind as I Bill for the future. But you know, I've got some things coming. You know, I definitely want to be involved with basketball continue, you know, to do media stuff is fun. This. This is fun, man. This I've worked at other places. This place is good. Yeah. I'm just telling you. I'm not gonna get into particular names. You know, the LeBron is recruiting this. That's. Magic magic magic almost gun -tro- for tampering. I'm tampering right now. Talent. Like, of course, as Tampere Tampere to we've trying to win a championship. We need players. Did you wanna come come on when a championship? That's the only way things get done. Be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern, nine AM Pacific. One of the smartest guys I've ever worked with in my life. He would talk. I would listen he was a six time NFL executive of the year Colt panther Bill GM. I mean, just built everywhere he went he just built up. Football rosters won a Super Bowl, obviously with the colts. And he's one of the co founders of the American lions football, the af which I watched this past weekend on CBS, and I said on the air, I think one or both of these new leagues are going to work. I think it's a new time. I think there's a lot of different reasons from legalize sports gambling to these are not adversarial relationship with the NFL. I think there's a lot of football town America. And I, and I frankly think you're going to have big marketing brands CBS is going to be behind this league at a big company. And again, I don't think the NFL they're not there to spring football league. There's there's three three sports networks. We're all looking for content, folks. We're all dying. The only thing that works on television anymore. Live is live sports and some politics. So I think this stuff's going to work do they both work. I don't know. But af got a year head start and Bill Polian. His joining me first of all Bill. I love talking to you. I love that you now are able to come on my show. What what was the Genesis the beginning when you said to your? Itself. Listen, I'm gonna give this a run. I think this can work. What were the what were the reasons behind your move into this? Well, as you know, Colin I've been talking about this for some time because I'm hearing from my friends in the NFL we need a developmental league. We needed developmental league. We need a place develop coaches and players and scouts and referees. And so on we need a place to train minorities. So they can get on the offensive side of the ball and become offensive coordinators and quarterback coaches and and get on a career path that leads to a head coaching job. So that's been out there for a long long time. And when I met with Charlie ever solo, and he laid the plan out for me, you know, he said to me, you think this can work. I said yes it can. None of it's going to be perfect right out of the box. But the idea is sound the approaches. Sound and the key to the approach was that a we're not in competition with the NFL. In fact, we're trying to augment the NFL, and we're trying to reach football fans who really wanna watch football and don't wanna go dark after the Super Bowl. And Secondly, we're going to run a league that is all football, the slogan, we've used it's a a mantra really that we're living by is real football for real football fans by real football people. We've got all NFL people doing this. We've got people with tons and tons of experience, we've got coaches who have and it fell experience extensive NFL experience. And and so we're putting the game on the field that looks and feels and sounds like the NFL minus, of course, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and people like that. Let's give so Bill would the NFL because I think this league will be elevated more quickly if the quarterback play solid if I one of the games, I watched I'm like, oh, these guys are slinging it around their spinning around this is real football. So obviously good quarterback. Plays more fun to watch. It looks like real football. Is there a possibility at some point? You could go to the NFL and say listen you gotta third quarterback. Once you let us play in our league, you can watch him. It's like being on an L. It's it's it's certainly as good as your scout teams. What about the idea of using occasional third quarterbacks on NFL teams? Would they consider that? Do you think? Well, we've talked about it in general. They can't consider it because it's tied up with the union and the CBA because you can't send players down as you can in major league baseball in D league. Is that an objective? Of course. It is. Absolutely. Yeah. And and there are many players, by the way who did not sign futures contracts at the end of the year on the practice squad and chose to come and play with us number one because it pays a little bit better in number two because they'll be finished with us. But by the time, it's time to go back to OTA's but back to the quarterback issue. Absolutely. We'd love to have that. And that's a goal, but it's not achievable. Just yet. Meanwhile, we're developing our own guys who are throwing it around pretty. Sure. No, no question. You know? It's funny about you know, I was talking yesterday. I said as a parent Bill my life in my my mom parenting. The same values and principles today that one hundred years ago love your kid be their forum. Don't worry about being cool. Do your homework. I always tell my kids when you get home from school go to bed early get up early little exercise little travel, blah, blah, blah, all the basic principles. But over time that gets more complicated with social media. All these technologies will the same thing in football. Is that football? It was still Tom Brady and Jared Goff who could not run a barstool in the Super Bowl. And I'm seeing all Mitch Trubisky running around Lamarque and run around and Cuyler Murray's five eight and a half. In part of me Bill is like time out time out. What am I supposed to make a Keiler Murray now in your league home run, but the NFL are billion dollar franchises? What do I make? What is the standard five eight and a half five nine? Is there a line? You would not be comfortable if you're in an NFL team with a quarterback size. Sure. Yeah. Anytime you're below six feet. It's it's worrisome anytime, you're below nine and three quarters enhanced size. It's worrisome. So that person has to be an exception. So you sit there and you say to yourself, okay? Is this guy and exception? Does he have the arm strength? Does he have the athletic ability? Does he have the strength the girth in his body to withstand the kinds of blows? He's gonna take in the NFL all of that adds up to is a drew Brees. You know is he the guy in Seattle? That's the question that everyone ask because they're the exceptions Bill Parcells. I'm sure told you, and and I know told me if you if you start building with exceptions you'll end up with a team full of exceptions. He's exactly right. But but there are exceptions. And as the game goes to three and a third yards wide, which is brand new. This is something that's new in in this century, really. And and almost since two thousand ten you you there's more room for smaller people. That's well, put the dimensions of change. So the dimensions of quarterbacks on the need. There has changed. One more NFL question Antonio Brown. Great talent Bill. You're one of the people that taught me that there you had to look at age you had to look at hand size. You had to look at the length of tackles arms compared to a guards are everything matters. And I look at the Pittsburgh Steelers. And people think Antonio Brown's a problem, and I see it as an opportunity Bill six round player ends up giving them eleven thousand yards. He's now thirty one him for a pick by low sell high got a ton out of him. Steelers drafted position very well. Bill to have for twenty years. They got juju Smith Schuster. I don't see it as a massive problem with an Tonio Brown you graft in the six get a ton of production. He's thirty one move him you as a GM, do you worry about the blowback that you lose his star? How will it work in the locker room? He how do you give me both sides the GM losing? Star and perhaps acquiring one. That's hard to deal with. Well, I'll give you three three scenarios. One is keep him and deal with him. And and work with him because he is such a great player, and he probably has since he's absolutely elite. You know few more good seasons in them. That's number one. Number two. I if you deal him you deal and number three, what is the blowback? Well, the blowback is in the media in the fans, but if you make a wise choice, then you'll you'll be okay in the long run. In the short run, you'll you'll have indigestion and the headaches as the GM, but in the long run it'll prove to be successful. If you've made the right choice. Did you ever struggle with moving a player if you ever worry about blowback every your three stops? No, not really not your personality. It's not my personality. That's exactly right. I wanna go back. I wanna go back to the af. So there's going to be another league in the year. The XFL is that competition is it friendly. How do you view that? Because I think one of these leagues is gonna work. I think it's possible both work, frankly, I think the appetites fairly insatiable in America football. But how are you going to look because you're not competing with the NFL? But do you see the XFL as one of your lives? One of you dies. How do you view a new league? Well, number one, we're in business. The XFL is is talking, you know. You know, there's no football players on the field. There are no football players signed. So there's nothing that we can look at and say, this is the X, or why was he more importantly the thing? We have to do is get the best product we can on the field week to week in the stadium on television. And let the chips fall where they may the best thing we can do to help our brand is to grow it as quickly and as as aesthetically pleasing Lee as we can that's that's the answer in the end don't worry about as Tony gender used to say do what we do. Don't worry about anybody else. Finally, Bill Polian. Joining us former cult panther Bill GM, the af the American lions football. What do you make of what you watched in that Super Bowl? What do you make of this dynasty? It doesn't even make sense right Bill. It's just doesn't work that way. You don't have twenty years of greatness. What are you just make? If I if I if nobody ever if a novice came up and said Bill Polian. Explain what we're seeing with the patriots. How do you explain it? Well, there's two parts to it the first getting there, and that you know, you have to be a little bit lucky. You have to play in a division that's down which they do. You know, you have to be in a situation where the the ball bounces your way, which it has in the last two championship games. That's one thing. Now when you get there if I picked one coach, and I've been around coach Shula and coach Levy and coach Walsh. And you know, co all of the great ones if I had to pick one coach. Who had two weeks to prepare? It ain't close. It's Bill Belichick by a wide margin. Yeah. So when you get there forget about it. Is he has two weeks to prepare? It's over man, you you you better have four weeks to prepare. There is nobody better at dissecting and opponent's weaknesses negating, their their straights. Disguising his weaknesses and managing a game. In a way that puts you at a disadvantage than Bill Belichick no-one no-one in the game today and probably less than a handful in history. So that's your answer. It's really it really is amazing. It is fascinating. You know? He had a unique childhood experiences. Dad was on the forefront of scouting. So he was around football and his mom spoke seven languages. So there's an academic intensity to bills life. And I'd Sean McVeigh's got some of that as well. If you look at his childhood, he does, of course. Yeah. So I think sometimes it's like the Malcolm glad well ten thousand hour rule. You know, Wayne Gretzky was just better early and more committed early and. Sometimes it's a break from the parenting to the environment. But I I agree with you. I bel- check. I'm I'm fascinated by his intellect by how he sees the world. And you know, the underrated part of that stuff Bill. He's had the same running back. Coach Dante, scar Nekia mcdaniels there in a more mobile society. We're all these coaches are moving around. He's got about four guys he can lean on. And I think that's a big factor. And all this that is a huge factor. That is a huge factor. That's exactly right. He can lose any number of guys on defense the guys on offense. But you mentioned they're hard to replace Bill Polian. Af congrats good luck. I think it's gonna work and we'll talk soon. Okay, buddy. Thank you. It's the Ron burgundy podcast. It's the Ron burgundy podcast. Guess what? I got up, and you don't guess what? I got up podcast, and you don't Ron burgundy. Puck cast. This is Ron burgundy reminding you to tune into my new podcast brought to you by Sharman toilet paper, the best in the biz. It's made by some good guys for some good trips to Duesseldorf, if you know what I mean, go to the store and pick up a role, you can't mess. 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