Not Even a Penguin From Scheana Shay Can Change Adam Spotts Mind (with Lala Kent, Cameron Eubanks)


Hi, I'm Megan, Sarah. And I'm Eric day, man. This is the daily dish Bravo's official podcast. So there's a lot to talk about today. Just going through the notes, it's it's like a book. Yeah. Are you ready? I think I'm ready. We're gonna be talking about the finale Vander pump rules. Also, we got the premiere of Porsches having a baby special J. Yes. And then I wanted to talk about real housewives of Beverly Hills and real housewives of New York City. Plus, we have interviews with LA Kent and an interview with Cameron banks from southern charm. But we also have some news that we wanted to talk about. Yes, Vicky Gumbel send has announced her engagement to Steve lodge. Did we see that coming? Yes. Absolutely. I mean, the key wants a husband, and I'm not saying she would settle for just anyone but Steve came into her life at the right time. I think the ring is a five point five carat I think that's what we covered on look book. I mean, it's Vicky gumbleton Joe up with just like a spec. Right. She was posing ready for that picture. Will you have to prep into the engagement ring photo? Right. Can't just willy nilly post. Something you need a manicure. Right. Well, congratulations. Vicki and Steve. Okay. So Vander pump rules. The enchanted forest engagement. I don't know what you wanted to like if I could just get into something that's been weighing on my heart lease because as soon as it happened in the episode, I gasped I took off my headphones, and I turned to everyone in our area and was like Sheena just revealed. Adam doesn't go down on her. Oh, right. Because it's quote, unquote, not his thing. I'm just not as. What the I mean, I have many theories really just one theory as to why he might not want to do that. Which I think you all understand what I'm saying. Right. It just goes to show how much he does not appreciate shayna or any woman or any woman. True DJ Khallid came out. And was like, yeah. I don't do that. That's true. And everyone was like why his reasoning DJ Cal not Adams? But DJ Halad's reasoning was so very misogynous dangle. But I that is what I immediately think if there's a guy who is like that's not my thing. Oh, so you're not willing to give. But if there are any men out there listening that are straight. That's not okay. Be a giver not just to take her of -solutely, and you know, Adam he really flipped out on her in such a like overreactive way. Trying stuff stuff stuff. Let me go. Rush. You're trying to. Especially if you are not in a committed relationship, someone there are no rules. She's allowed to do whatever. She wants and shame on Sheena for taking. It is true. I mean, we had peak Sheena to when she was in her interview. And she goes even though we're not in a relationship. I feel like we just broke up like that. So peak Sheena will that in her adopting a Pingan for him the port penguin? He's liked to still get the money for. The thing he loves more than anything in the world are penguins. And so I looked into it, and you can adopt a pain Quinn. Doc to this and other. The name. Yeah. I mean, it's also just so typical you know, that like Sheena had to turn it that whole celebration was for Jackson Britney, and it just ended up being about Cina an atom. What was like, I don't know. An extra layer to that. For me is a remember how mad jacks was at Sheena last reunion because he was like you make everything about you like my father died, and then we still want to your event, and like you could care less like all you cared about was taking photos and data. And then it's like he has an engagement party in. She's a corner crying not just like a little sad. You know, sobbing to britney's grandmother gave me mom. I know. I have a me. Ma you do. Yeah. Is she has precious. Britney's me mom. She's dead. Okay. Well, anyway, you know, what I also wanted to bring up to you, which you guys will hear this later on in the interview with LA LA is in this episode Britney purposely takes her aside. And it's like, LA LA, I'm so sorry. I didn't ask you to be a bridesmaid like I don't want you to feel like upset about that. I mean, I think she's seen how easily LaLa gets angry these days in her grief and everything. So she kind of sets aside, and then law presents this whole like amazing trip that she and Randall wanna take Brittany Jackson, and it sort of like oh God. But LA LA tells us later on in the interview that Britney did ask her to be a bridesmaid. So my question is what happened did somebody drop out Britain kick someone out did she just add on another one? And the thing about it. I will say LA LA never seemed to be upset about it. She was really flattered when Britney ashtray. I mean, you'll hear her tell the whole story. It's it's really sweet actually so all is well between the two of them, but it was just interest. To know that that was kind of not a traditional order of events that she was asked to be a bridesmaid. So well as much as I loved the finale all I want now is the reunion. Oh, yeah. And the super tease for the reunion dropped, and you Andy Cohen had described it as a bloodbath. And I think we saw it's pretty much going to be a bloodbath. There's a lot of screaming so much screaming and crying and frilly dresses looking to Iraq Cal. I mean, everyone seemed mad at everyone. But particularly Jack's going after James and Andy Cohen having intervene and then James going after Britney calling her a hillbilly like come on. That's extreme of all things that you can say to Britney, that's probably the one that's gonna get her the most because like people are insecure about those kind of things, especially if you're from a certain place or but also at that point you're coming for Meemaw. And not come for me rebels dress first impressions, oh, come on. I can't we don't have enough time in this five cats. One. Then we also see Lisa gets really upset. I, you know, Andy brings up her brother and the grief that she's going through. So we've seen sort of one kind of side of lease. I think during Beverly Hills this season a different side of her during vendor pump rule. So I think we're gonna see maybe like a culmination of all of that at the reunion just knowing everything she's gone through. So another thing I wanted to talk about was the fifty cent and Randall drama that unfolded last weekend. So are you up to date on everything that happened? I am. And even if I wasn't I did get a message from a listener over the weekend on Instagram. That was like you is gonna talk about this. Right. And you're like, yes, yes. We have to. I mean, it was everywhere. It started to unfold Friday and then over the weekend. I saw a lot of memes about it. I mean, it just totally snowballed into this crazy situation. So we actually covered it on Bravo, TV dot com. So I wanted to just read you guys exactly what we wrote about right because we can safely say it's over. Over now. Right. Fifty cent confirmed I got my money. So I have no problem with Randall Emmett. In fact, I'm wishing him and his family a very blessed day, positive vibes. Now, guys L O L A love the capital LOL like just to think of fifty cent typing that is just great so rand and fifty cent have been longtime associates and colleagues, but things got really heated up because he kind threw some shade at LA LA while he was watching an episode of Andhra pump role. So we also know that fifty cent watches van rolls. Andy Cohen, even addressed the drama on Sundays watch what happens live, and he recapped everything that went down across social media. He concluded the watch what happens live recap of the feud and he shared I can't say how this will end. But I can't say that I've learned something in the lesson is to never ever take money from fifty cent wise words that that's all there is the say about that. Eric you used to live in LA that I did when you lived there. Did you ever dream of working at sir every day? I just want to be friends with Lisa Vander pump. Well, now, you can series your story universe is a new storytelling mobile app from NBC universal it feature stories like saved by the bell bridesmaids lot in order. But now, they're adding Vander pump rules to their stories. So in the game. Lisa Vander pump asks you to become a server after rescuing her beloved dog puffy, you can customize avatar and you'll be on your way to reliving classic moments from the show. You can also create new story lines as you interact with Jax Taylor Brinton Cartwright. Tom Sandoval, Arianna. Matic's LaLa tent? She a shea, Katie Maloney Schwartz. Tom Schwartz James Kennedy, saucy Schroeder and Kristen Doty and the ads for the game are absolutely hilarious. You guys can check them out. Bravo, TV dot com. Download series your story universe from your IRS or Android app. Store today. Day. Remember, you're the one who's really making the rules. We talked to Lalla can't and she gave us a rundown of what we can expect it the reunion, and she explained exactly why she picked address that she could get ratchet in. She also like I mentioned earlier talks about Brittany's bachelorette party, the wedding talks about how Britney asked her to be a bridesmaid. And she shares an update on her own up chewables. So here's that interview. Guys. We are here with LA LA can't from Vanderbilt rolled. Hey. Oh, hey, Bill. I'm so good. How are you? I'm good. So we recently had Jackson the podcast, and he mentioned how insane. The reunion was Andy Cohen called a bloodbath on watch what happens live. So can you tell us what happened that day within twenty minutes? People were squaring off. It was the craziest thing you guys in Andy like gets in the middle of Jackson, James. And I say this to people I'm like Andy sit that gorgeous face like back in your chair. Like, what are you going to do this father? Down. It was crazy. Why do you think tensions were so high? I think because it wasn't petty things that happened this season. I think it was like real life things we were dealing with. You know, Billy who was insinuating that there were transphobic people being employed by Lisa Vander, pomp. I was dealing with the death of my dad. It was just there. The things were not like miniscule, they were very much life changing things it seemed like you were kind of prepared for this event because you chose address that you could get ratchet. And that's how I always. So you choose yours. So tell us a little bit about the dress. What was it that inspired that? I loved it because it was very much LaLa, but still had like that elegance to it. It was addressed by undis-. So I I love all of their looks. And I loved it had like the lace, but still had some like cammo beating because you know, let bitches now I'm ready for war. Did you get ratchet in that dress? I always get a little Rochester. Because I don't let very many things just like slide. You know, right. I have an opinion about pretty much everything which I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. But hey, them, LA LA. I it was crazy because everyone after the reunion was like, I'm so done. I need like shower. I feel so dirty from this reunion. I was like I could go another thirteen hours. I'm solid. Did you guys go out for drinks? After don't. Usually I'll go out. Everyone else went out. I went straight home to my man and two little girls. I was like you bring on some like normal life stability, you know, totally will we know that Jackson Brittany's wedding is coming up. So can you give us a little t about Brittany's bachelorette party? The tea. I know we're doing Miami for her bachelorettes. She asked me to be a bridesmaid, which was like the most epic day ever off camera. She asked me over New Year's Eve, my mom, cried, you guys 'cause my mom was there when she asked me, and I was like mom, are you crying about this? She was like, do you know, what an honor it is to be. So as bridesmaid I'm like, oh my God. Okay. Calm down. But it made me really happy there an elaborate way that she asked. Or was it just as you know, we just had dinner, and she she told my mom that she wanted to ask me to be a bridesmaid, and my mom was like, then she started getting weird. And getting I was like my mom's like really excited about her buzz that she's getting now that's what I thought it was about. And then she just pulled me aside. But then everyone was filming. So I don't know it was like it was pretty chic. It was in Miami. At at swan this like new new chic eating place. So yeah, I mean, it's really cute that she asked your mom permission. First. Of course, it was like New Year's Eve. But I like to think that the fireworks went off because I was asked to be a bridesmaid. Oh, yeah. Definitely. It was totally. Well, speaking of bridesmaids, you are also in the process of planning a wedding. How is echoing not well. We'll we'll have a date by the end of this month. But that's as far as I've gotten is planning to plan the date. Right. I mean, what's the hold on? Are you just kind of like I don't wanna get into this yet? Like there's so much else going on. I just think we've been enjoying our time is like fiancee's. You know, I've my parents had a long engagement my parents were together for seven years and engaged for a year. So for me, I was like I've always known that like you date, and then you get engaged and everything's like kind of process, but Randall is ready. So now, I'm starting to get like the fire under my, but yeah. Yeah. So you're gonna be picking a date within the next month. You said we'll pick a date by the end of this month, but it won't happen until twenty twenty. Okay. Can you give us a hint of the season? You're looking at I've always wanted a Virgo wedding. So I've only want September. But we'll see. I don't know. I'm Virgo mind. Gauge might ring is Virgo. Yeah. I just love that. Time of year Virgo season. But we'll stay tuned for that announcement date soon recently you shared on Instagram a photo of you performing Amar monologue for Al Pacino. Yes. What was that? Like incredible life changing experience. Randall told me he was producing a film without Pacino. And I said I want to addition give me the sides. He was like, well, the problem is it's opposite. I'll Pacino I was like without maybe a problem for you. But that's like everything like, let me addition for this. Yeah. So I got an acting coach, and they approved me as taking the role, and it was a small role. But I had I went toes with Al. And then I delivered a monologue. And the fact that he gave me props at the end of it. And you told me like what a great actress, I am the just, you know, 'cause I'm do reality TV, and my fiance's a producer. You know? I have a lot of things against me. But I've been training as an actress since the age of twelve I grew up in the arts. So that moment was. Connick for me. Can you tell us a little bit more about the movie itself? Yeah. It's called axis. Sally. It's about a woman who is an American she moved to Germany, and she basically is accused of treason becoming Hitler's girlfriend in all sorts of propaganda. So she's on trial to be hung. And I yeah. Right. Wow. And I'm with the district attorney's office who is trying to get her hung. Yeah. And the chino plays. Her lawyer, very cool who else is in the movie, we have metal Williams who is a great actress, she she's the one that plays axis Sally, all of the people that we had they they possess. A lot of talent which I'm all about that. When you can put me in a room full of people who all want the same thing, which is to make a great movie, I'm home, I feel like it's a great opportunity as an actor to learn from the greats and just continue growing. Yourself course, people have been in the industry for years. And so it it was crazy for me to be watching Alpa chino, even when I wasn't actually having dialogue. It was like this is like the best acting. It's like acting class on crack, you know, it doesn't get any better than that. I wanted to ask you to about tonight's episode you perform the song about your dad. And you kinda give a dedication to Jackson Arianna as well. So what was that moment like to be able to perform that for everyone? That song. I wrote two weeks before my dad had passed away. So it kind of had a whole new meaning behind it. I mean, I wrote it after my dad had had his stroke, but was still very much alive. And well, and then when Arianna told me that my performance was on the day of her dad's. You know, the death of his it's five years. He had been gone. Not just was like, oh my gosh. I need this can't just be about my struggle. We have to recognize that there's two other people on the show that that have lost their dads, and that's real life. Like, I can't imagine not being like five years of never senior Dodds face or hearing his voice in that long. It just like struck something in me. Yeah. Will you in REO shared, a really nice moment in Mexico, where she kind of took you aside and talk to about, you know, your reactions, and how your coping and everything and sort of offered herself up to be like somewhere there to someone to support you. How is that relationship changed and developed in last year or so Arianna has always been so kind to me I always just look at her as someone as you know, we're always going to be good on. And I've obviously learned how to cope in different ways. You know? I I had lost my dad three weeks before we started shooting. So I basically dove into it and watching back. It was like, okay, I maybe should have taken some more time before throwing myself back onto TV, but filming Vander like saved me. 'cause I couldn't just sit in wallow in everything that I was feeling so Arianna has has definitely been there. But at the end of the day everyone. Has a different relationship with their parent. You know, even though there are people that have lost a dad. It's like it's always going to be different. Depending on who you are. If that makes up Susan. Yeah. Yeah. You've also been very vocal this season this season about your relationship with alcohol and sort of the new journey that you're going through a sober lifestyle. So how is that Ben for you? We'll this this summer when we were filming I took a break from drinking. I just felt like I was consuming it far too often in waking up like what the FOX. And then you see I I have my first drink in Mexico, which sent me over the edge. And it wasn't until October until I before I realized like this is a problem, and I'm I'm going to identify as an alcoholic, and I'm going to reach out and get help. So I I haven't really let anyone see my journey on the show as far as being a sober person. And I'm excited for people to see that. Because it's it's a problem. You know, that not many people my age are spreading that there's a problem with addiction, and everyone that is an old timer in AA has a tremendous problem with anyone who mentions it because it's an honest, and I totally get that. But for someone like me, it's important for me to share what's helping me because that program has saved my life absoulutely who knows how many other people that will help in the long run. Right completely. And that's why I I've had people come up to me in a in asked. You know, why are you sharing? It's like, well, I'm not sharing who's in my program with me. But I am going to let people know if you're struggling this exists, and we we see a on on TV and in movies, and it's not like that at all. So I just when I feel that that burning inside of me where I feel like I need to express something or share what I'm going through. I can't deny it. Yeah. Well, let's end on a positive note. Oh way. What else? Are we going to see this season? We're approaching sort of the end, what do we have to look forward to before the reunion? You have the finale episode, which is Jackson Brittany's engagement party. And it is all the lives because she Sheena always brings it in the fourth quarter. You know, I like watching the scene that I'm going to let you guys just like get excited for like it's Christmas. It is the best. I can't wait. It's so it has a special place in my heart. She. I always tell her never change because you are just a bag of great energy and love, and so fun to watch them before you go, can you give us a little tea on Adam? What's their situation weird? Is that it's very weird. Is there that is the winning question? I mean for her to be like for him to say, oh, I'm single we're not together. But then to go to the puppy shower with her like that's a commitment. That's like dedication. But he goes everywhere with her like, if if this is what you get from treating someone like I'm gonna treat people like especially Sheena because so far this guy has gotten out of her trip to Iceland, and I rode Drake concert, right? Like if I need to be an until the Sheena to get that stuff. I will do now. I know what I have to. 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She was laid out on a chair with a robe, and like frilly, whatever so Porsche was giving me more vibes in her interviews. But she does say like she's like, why did you guys make me do this at nine months? I can't move like she's burping like totally like in peak pregnancy mode, which I absolutely love. This is doing come true. Excuse me. Is. Y'all wanted to special at nine hell. Honey, love that. They put a camera in the refrigerator. I wrote that down to fun. It was so good. I mean, you have to the pregnant woman just got like the HoneyBaked ham waiting. Remember when Porsche came into the office a couple of two years ago or last year, and she was like talking about being vegan. Right. That's out the window HoneyBaked ham weight at all times. Jay wants meet. Well, I also speaking of mate loved when they did the maternity shoe, and she snuck in the hotdog almost fell off the bed delivering. Oh. Did I get up on his bad at first this three one two? Thrifts gate those hotdogs bringing them into the maternity shoot. But I really thought that that was really cute. It's funny too. Because Porsche was like I can't wait to one day like show, baby. PJ these pictures of like us, and how you know she came from such a beautiful like relationship, but about love and like that child's not gonna wanna look at those pictures, these are for you. Slightly sexual slightly. What did you think of the baby shower? I thought it was like so Porsche it was like very over the top. You know, like, I thought it was beautiful like the decor and everything, but I just have to know have you ever been to a baby shower of that magnitude? Yeah, I know like the ones I've been to or like ten people maths, right? It's very small and intimate. Interestingly I went to one with Danny last year, and it was his friend who like she. I think her family is a lot like Porsches family where like it was a party. Like, we got there at eight o'clock. Nobody else showed up until like nine or ten and people were still rolling in after that this PM. Oh, yeah. There was a DJ. There was like this huge section. It was wild. Like, I I'd never been to. So I guess I happen to a baby shower of that magazine. It was in Brooklyn. I mean, it was like this loft space. It was it was over the top was the mom to be drinking. No. But she looked like fierce address on. And she was just like she was so exhausted. You know, like just being like, oh my God. I can't believe like she was very far along in her pregnancy too. But compared to other baby showers like normally it is like in the daytime there's like a couple balloons and like a diaper tower, and that's like it. Yeah. He's sandwiches that sort of thing never Porsche. But all my God. Dennis wanting to do stand up comedy tonight. Just tell you first of all I hate stand up comedy and less. You're like the top of the top like an ailing sister. It's too hard for me to watch. I don't like watching people struggle. No. And he was definitely on the struggle bus. And it's not even like he had good jokes, but bad delivery. It was just like not good jokes. Not good delivery. Like all of it wasn't coming. Together that it was like just painfully unfunny when he was talking Porsche's sister Lauren and was like Lauren always has the best advice, but she doesn't have a man. Whereas my sister, Lauren Lauren is always been like voice of reason. Right, but born a single person always done the good advice of single lonely. Hav wants Laura what's up baby in your link pointing out that she's now having to do it alone. That's like, okay. Leave Lauren Atta this. Okay. She's been around a lot longer than you have Dennis. Okay. I did want to talk a little bit about how you know. I think by the end of the season of real housewives of Atlanta. We all kind of came around to Dennis. And by the end of it. We were like, okay. Yes. We're happy for Porsche. She's having this baby with this man, and he loves her. But we're seeing a lot more of like what was kind of probably happening behind the scenes with this special whereas sort of like he's living in the basement. He's like he still has his house. Yeah. Okay. To clarify. I don't these living in the basement. I think all this stuff is storing things not keeping him down. I love the Porsche also had not been in her basement. Like she had not been down there since he moved all that stuff in which had clearly been there for a while. She was like let me go down. And check this out like what? Yeah. The stuff with the houses weird to me that. Like, he didn't sell his place. When a study would. And like he said he was going to be happy living in Duluth and now he's not. But like, I don't blame. I don't blame him. But I also recognized for Porsche and given what she's been through in the past. Like, I think these things are triggering her. And I think because their relationship has moved so quickly like so fast. Like all of a sudden, they're already having a baby. And it hasn't really been that long. They haven't really had the time to unpack all of their baggage. And like they haven't had the opportunity to like be like, well, what is it that like, you know, upsets you what's happened in your past. So maybe Dennis is just he hasn't been caught up properly. And we kinda see that when she sort of has her meltdown with everybody, and she talks to Lauren about you know, what she's feeling so hopefully, she can convey that to Dennis also trigger or not not cool for him to buy or put an offer on a home without telling her and was it that home that we saw think because that truly is not a home for a child. But also it's just like in real housewives of Dallas Stephanie Holmes husband. He saw a house with a pool in the living room. And she was like this is not a police for kids bought it anyway. Yeah. I mean, I don't think it was appropriate to put down like, I don't know how buying a home works. But if you're going to put down money like that's serious like that means you're probably moving forward. So that's definitely something. He should have consulted his fiancee and mother of his future child. Real housewives of Beverly Hills. I wanna talk to you. I about Camille lunch or dinner with Denise Richards, where it's like the montage of her just like talking so much so much, you know, miss van fabulous that ego, and that pride she too prideful bomb couldn't believe the stuff that run say Dorri last year. So I had my issues with her feel like somebody's fully by you wanna believe them so badly. I feel like we're seeing old Camille back again. It's almost like a new old Camille, right, right? Because. Old Camille really just had it. Help for Kyle. Yeah. New Camille just across the board has something to say about people. And I think we see a preview for next week teddy kind of calling her out when they're camping about it. Or when they're camping. She she calls her out. But what is what is Camille motivation, especially like saying all of that to Denise is she trying to just frighten her issue trying to prepare her issue. Trying to align herself with her. I don't really know why she or is she just talking. I don't know. I couldn't tell you. It's it's weird. I think we're going to see it play out a lot more this season. I think Camille, honestly is just getting started. Okay. Here's my big takeaway from this episode. Kyle's parenting style, I've always done attachment parenting. We love having the kids sleep with us always have faira and Alexia decided around eight years old that they wanted to sleep on their own Sophia was about ten and Porsche still soups of us at ten years old. Okay. So Porsche still sleeps with their parents, which you know, I'm not a parent. I don't know. What's normal? What's not do you. But Kyle literally carries her down the stairs on her back puts her in bed brings her breakfast on a tray puts her shoes on does her like. That little girl didn't have to do anything before walking out the door. I don't feel like she's grooming. Her for perhaps the independence that the other daughters have and like, you know, a true with the parenting style, the whole like sleeping in bed. Like Porsches ten years old like I don't I feel like that won't be the way I do it. But who's to say, I don't know. I don't know. I think part of me is just envious my mom didn't any of the I got cold cereal. If I was lucky, right? That was like a gourmet breakfast too. There was like a Cup of coffee like an orange juice some milk, like eggs like there was this whole thing. I was like damn I wanna talk about the lunch with PK Doritos, Ken or Kenny as they like to call him and Lisa I kind of have been waiting for that moment. Also since the super tease where you know, deletes like, how can you say you love me, at least it's like, actually, I don't. But it's really hard to break down because it really is fundamentally Torri believes that Lisa leaked the story. How can they really be friends? Do you think they could actually move on from that? I don't know. But I did find that I had an immense amount of respect for jury because most people in that situation would say, you're not it's fine. I believe you just to sort of get over it endure. It's like, no, I'm not gonna say that. I hope we can still be friends, but I don't actually believe that. Right. But the other thing is too is what evidence does to really have at this point other than just like what everyone else has been kind of telling her and just like her gut feeling, okay? This is where I'm going to tell everyone that they should watch the real housewives of Beverly Hills after show on Bravo, TV dot com. Will put links in the description because there is a clip where the ladies all sort of go through why they think that because the big thing is Lisa's like, I swear on my children's lives, and that's not good enough. But for Doritos and some of the other houses what they say is like, yeah. Maybe she didn't physically Email an editor and give them at story. But you know, who else would have done it is basically their thing and Camille talks about you know, how? Lisa Vanna pump inner drew introduced her to a writer from radar online years ago. So all these little things add up like we're not seeing at all. I guess, but I do think it is too. Lisa Vander pumps point. Why would you want to be friends with her? 'cause then delete does try to sort of move past. Like, I think we can have our differences. I think we can, you know, believe different things, but so move forward and least like no, I don't think we can and PK sort of puts up the white flag. And it's like, I will leave it at least had nothing to do with this. She doesn't know who had anything to do with it. And he's ready to move forward. But like you said I mean to read there's something to be said about her sticking to her guns and really like standing firm in her beliefs. But it's sort of like, I don't know if you really want to move forward. I think you do have to trust. Lisa Lisa's, telling the truth true. And maybe at the end of the day. Lisa really has no idea who did it. But to say, it's probably not. Someone from her camp who did it or someone that she knows? But she just doesn't know who it is. Or that? They did it. I don't know. It's very very tricky. And then it just got strange. I felt like at the end of the episode at that pre camping dinner and trust me. I understand the other ladies when Erica said Tariq street says I'm not good with Lisa, but PK is good with Lisa in Ken in erica's. Like, how does that work because if you're against Tom Eric has going to be at your door, right, which I totally agree with? So I do wonder what those conversations at juries home were like, I don't know. I mean, I feel like she has always sort of accepted PK exactly how he is. And that's part of life. She loves him. So maybe she is able to just be like, all right? You want to be friends with them? I'm not going to be friends with them. And then this is like a compromise. We're gonna have in our relationship. And so it is what it is. Like, I feel. Like Doritos not gonna have a falling out with her own husband over it. Because then that would just be way too, much and taking on way too much of it. But what I also wanted to ask you about that. I thought was kind of interesting was the way that Kyle and a few of the other ladies sort of turned on dorito being like, well, we didn't even know who you were until a couple years ago. Just like I'm so Erica and the situation or I'm just like who cares? Who cares? I mean, your there's no way you're gonna always know everyone that your friends are associated with. And what I actually thought of when Kyle kept saying that to read was sure you've been friends with Lisa Vander pump for ten years, whatever it's been. But you didn't know who nanny cay was when she brought up. Nanny Kaye at true and Lisa has literally talked about nanny cay like every single season like that. She's been on the show. So maybe that was just a moment where like, you know, Kyle had a brain fart. And she didn't think it's just I thought it was character from a movie, you know, like, maybe she really did know who nanny cay was. But it also just goes to show that like, you may not always know what's happening with someone. You're super close or Wellstone fronts wet. That's a good point. Sorry. Very good friends. You all my friends. I ordered not all your friends. Someone like me. I never mix my friend groups like right people have met with this group. They stayed there. These people have met through this. They stay over there. And at this point to how long have Duri MP K Ben living in Beverly Hills. Has it been for the last ten years? Like, I don't really remember what their timeline is PK new them back in London. Right. Right. Yeah. So there you go there. Yeah. Sorry, kyle. Do you think that Erica choosing to not attend that event? Even though Lisa texted her about it was sort of her aligning herself with the rest of the women put. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. And also, which sounds more fun think the party Lisa through. I mean, still go camping the next day. But like that dinner seemed to unfold very dramatically, you know, take it back. We hear a lot about self care these days, and whether that means for you getting a massage or binging your favorite reality TV show. 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Best of all, it is truly an affordable option. Bravo. Tv's daily dish listeners. Get ten percent off your first month with discount code dish. So why not get started today? Go to better help dot com slash dish. Simply fill out a questionnaire to help them assess your needs and get matched with the counselor. You'll love that's better. Help dot com slash dish. Let's go to the circus. Real housewives of New York City chills. Aaron is back feel like we never lost her. I really feel like we never lost her. You know, what I really loved about the episode, especially specifically her moment with Luan is. I felt like Jill was asking a lot of the questions that I wondered when land went to rehab, which is, but like why did you go to rehab because sometimes people will go as a way of making a sort of mea culpa when they've broken the law, right? So was it that or do you really have a problem with alcohol, and and sort of, you know, lane at all out there where she's like, no, I'm not someone who hit alcohol, bottles everywhere. But yeah, once I started, I couldn't stop him a different kind of alcohol IQ, and it's funny because that whole conversation did also for me remind me of what we've talked about with LA LA the season vendor. Pump rules and Shomari on real housewives of Atlanta, and sort of this conversation of like people's relationship with alcohol is so different. And it's not so black and white as like, you are a clinical alcoholic or you are not, you know, it's sort of like everyone's relationship with alcohol is different. And we're seeing more and learning more about like Halloween feels about it. And she sort of like, I'm not your traditional alcohol, but I really thought it was so interesting what she said about her doctor being like, you're not pretty when you drink, right? And how your face just sort of changes? Dr. That's very close to me. He said, you know, what you're not. See when you and I went he said, yeah. Your face changes in. You're not pretty, and you know, what I started looking at pictures of myself, and I saw a face that. I didn't like it is interesting because you can everyone does get that look in there. I when they hit a certain point of drunk, you know, and it does a little bit change. How you look. So I feel like that was a very interesting way for her to sort of receive that information and be like, oh my God. You're right. Like, I I'm not as pretty but like Mitchell made a joke, and she's like that will do it. And it made me laugh because it's true. Like if you said to someone you're killing your liver right now. It's like, okay. You are aging yourself. Oh, I'm giving it right? It says a lot about how vain our culture for. Sure. But either way, however, you deal with it. However, it changes you, you know, like, it's good to see that luanne is making progress that she still has the attitude of like it's one day at a time. Like, I go to these cabarets and these performances where there. Or is Oklahoma? But she's like, but when I'm on stage. I don't think about that. And when I'm doing all of these other things like it's keeping me busy. So it's good to see that she is still working towards her sobriety. Every single day. Yes. Okay. I wanted to mention Ramona's shopping trip with Barbara. Oh my God. Because it was the most Ramona thing ever, so she doesn't like Barbara's style. Fine. Barbara goes with her a stylist gives her some things Barbara comes out in. She is wearing almost identically what Ramona is wearing in that moment. She's wearing this white satin top in black tight pants. And Ramona's like oh my God. I love it. Oh, oh, I love it so much you look so good not realising why she likes. I don't know. I just thought that was so run it was as soon as she stepped out. I thought the same thing it was this is an outfit Ramona would wear and I feel like there was like the way that Barbara was like pitching herself as like Led Zeppelin. You know, like that was not the look that was reflected when she emerged from the closet. So I feel like there was still another opportunity to make it more Barbara. But you're right Ramona just saw her own reflection. In barbara. This is amazing. I do have to say though, with Ramona in the scene where Barbara kind of mentioned to her like, you know, I think Barbara's my mom is very much like no filter. She says something and she just like doesn't think of the repercussions and how someone might receive that. But my mother has no filter, and she can make you feel horrible. Okay. But at the end of the day, she always had the best intentions, which he never delivered. And so I have to learn to maybe appreciate you know, how you deliver. Your message to soften my mouth to see Ramona also self reflect and be like, oh, yeah. You know, my dad did the same thing. Like, maybe I should be a little bit nicer. With my words, like those moments are so rare with Ramona, I know. Like, yes, I'm glad you had that moment of clarity. But it also was like Ramona were in what season now every season. This comes up that you say, whatever's on your mind, and in she acted like, it was the first time someone said to her you really have no filter, and she's like, oh, that's that's interesting. Yeah. She never takes it into do. You don't watch the show. Yeah. I mean, I appreciate those moments. But I think there's still some work to be done Ramona on actually incorporating that into daily life. Okay. So we have talked about tens lay. To begin. I mean, if I were Tinsley I would fire my publicist for hooking me up with this because she literally went onstage for five seconds. And then was done. Gentlemen. I'm Tinsley Mortimer your guest ringmaster for this evening. Welcome to the Big Apple circus. Now, all with the she was so nervous about the five seconds. But even like, Dale sort of lake, you know, giving her mom shade. Which is that she doesn't mean to, but is kind of saying the harshest thing where our view she's like sewn his part was bigger than tens lays Sony. It was so good Sonya. I wrote down in my notes that Sonia gets an A for class participation because she's always like showing up to like lands cabaret. And then she's like stealing the show at the Big Apple circus. So I love Sonya. And I love that. She does that. But it definitely in. That moment was like an overshadow to what was supposed to be tens lease. Exactly. Meanwhile, I also found it interesting Sony's taking a random little girl from behind her putting her and her laugh, right which was nice because you want the little girl to maybe have a front row seat. But then they're like drinking heavily the whole time. And the dad kind of keeping his eye on. I spilled my wi-. Can we get some more? Elephants. Yeah. I mean that whole thing and then Ramona just like walking out. I gotta go. Okay. So what did you think of tens as breakdown at the end while you know, obviously, she had had a lot to drink. And I don't think that in the previews to that. I realized maybe how drunk she was. And that's why she was so upset, but I feel like when you're that drunk, your emotions are always heightened. Yeah. And like the stress of like what she had to do that night. You know, her nerves were already up there. But I mean, it does they say like in wine there is truth. You know? So I feel like she just really was expressing things that she just like has not been able to get out. And it just like I felt bad. I mean, I feel like there's a huge huge insecurity with her. And I just want her to get past that. Yeah. I'm. Miserable. Don't curse joke. It's like. Oh, man. Day'll come on. I've been through there such like upper east side, you know, parenting that, you know, it's just so like, oh, also just I'm sure Dale didn't, you know, participate in the wine may be as much as other ladies in. So she's probably aware that you're making a spectacle of yourself right now. Right. Let's rain it in Tinsley. Couldn't do you think that the break up with Scott is good for her or bad for her? Good for her. Okay. I think you need to find someone who's right away. Like, I'm gonna change my life to be with you or doesn't need to change their life because they're already in New York and ready to have kids. Right. Absolutely. I mean, I think what Tinsley needs is someone who is in her world who's in her lifestyle who's okay with her going to events and being on television and isn't like in a completely different city. You know, a thousand miles away. May. So hopefully, you know game set now she needs her match. Boy, I hope she finds it. Also talk to Cameron Eubanks from southern charm wanted to know all about the new season. And she talked about what it's like to be a mother to a one year old now and an update on that dog Elvis if you watch her Instagram stories, plus she reviews, her fellow southern charmers relationships and namedrop someone Whitney may be dating. I'm here with Cameron. We are about to start season six of southern charm is it seasons season six season fit. I was thinking it was season five. Oh my God at season six we just double checked before you came in. 'cause I wasn't sure. Yeah. I am. I have been there since the beginning kind of crazy. Does it feel like it's when I started. I was in my twenties, and I'm now thirty five and a mother and a mom a wife. Whoa. Whoa. Is right. So I've gotten to watch a little bit of the new season. And it is banana, I'm jealous. I have not. So you're ahead of me. Okay. Well, it seems like a lot happens between the time that we leave you guys at the reunion. Yes. And when the new season starts like right away. We find out that Katherine has been sleeping with Whitney. She. That's what that's the rumor that sure as we'll find out if it happened or not, I know. And also we get a new face. We kinda matter last year. But Elisa, yes, tell us about Elisa, I have known Elisa forever. My husband actually taught her how to swim when she was like five years old believe it or not she is super sweet a bit younger than the rest of us. She's in her early twenties. But she's a fresh face. She's funny. She super smart, I think yours are really going to like her. Yeah. It seems like she makes a splash with her first onset into the season. Yes. She makes a bit of a splash definitely brings a little bit of drama. You know, one thing that's really interesting about elisas family. They have a beautiful plantation that y'all are going to get to see on on the show, which is very quintessentially southern charm. That'll be awesome. Yeah. Okay. So will we see in the? Few episodes sort of the fallout of this video that's gets posted of Austin. Yeah. And Mattis video and I feel like you are such a voice of the viewers at home. What was your reaction when that video first surfaced thought? Oh my God. This is why you don't like cook up with groupie girls because you're going to end up on the internet bad choice. Bad taste, not good. Embarrassing. Like your group gets on a little bit of trouble. I feel like on with the social media at times and just the media in general, how do you stay so clean? I think you know, like with social media now in debt nowadays, you have to watch your back, and you got to be careful about who you associate with and what you do at all times. And you know, especially at our age. I don't know. I mean, I'm thirty five years autumn in my thirties. Like the way I was raised like you get all of that out of your system in your twenties. And you know, when you're in your thirties, you're an adult and you act like an adult so not good this season. Who do you think is gonna leave the most mature, Mark? Is it going to be Shep? Is it going to be Craig it's gonna be offering question? It's definitely not going to be any of the guys. Okay. I think this season you're going to see the guys kind of take a step back. And it's kind of the resurgence of the women, and I would say that definitely Catherine has probably done the most mature. During believe it or not in you know, I would not believe myself if I said that three years ago, but that's where we are now. And she really has come a long way the gonna get to follow that and see it. So that'll be really interesting, even though it was probably really hard at the time having Ashley be part of sort of the group last season. I mean, it really did leave a Mark on fans mind. Yes. And everyone was wondering are we gonna see her again, this that is she leaves a Mark? How does that feel from your perspective? I was shocked just as everybody else to see her back. I figured the matures in the smart thing for her to have done after last year. What have been to get on a plane and go back home to California? So when I saw her roll up at that party. You know, my mouth was hanging wet open, and I won't give away too much, but she definitely tries to make amends. And I think the viewers we'll have to wait and watch to see how we all react to that. So she wants in. She wants in the group, really bad. Do you think she'll ever ever make it in? Hey, never say never, right. Right. Right. Right. So I wanna know how Palmeiras I wanted to hire husband is. But most importantly, I wonder how Elvis is. Yes, Elvis, well, Palmer's great. She is almost a year and a half. She's a full-fledged toddler. She slaps me in the face now. And knows knows how to say. No. So I'm preparing myself for the terrible twos. They're coming. Jason is great. I think he would like to have another baby, but you know, on the one that has to carry it. So not gonna be for me any anytime soon. And then Elvis. Hell this is just pissing on my floor as usual every day almost. Our neighbors are actually put it. They put their house on the market, and they have had a serious conversation with us that when their house cells, they are considering gifting us Elvis permanently because he has formed such a bond with Jason they feel bad. They're moving North Carolina. They feel bad taking him away from his best friend. So. My husband has pretty much officially officially stolen the neighbor stub parliamentary. What was your reaction? Really? No, no, take it. I don't have a say, I would feel so bad. So and he's old, you know, he doesn't have that many days left. He's sixteen. So. Let them is. It is life. Yes. Yes. Well, so I wanna get your read on some current relationships that are hiding in the group. So I know that Katherine sort of dating a politician this season. Yes thoughts. Bad idea. I would say that Catherine needs to stay away from politicians. I think she needs to get just more of a a normal. You know? Normal guy out of the spotlight. I think two people in the spotlight's hard. Yeah. Naomi and her new anesthesiologist, I have a major crush on metal. He is the cutest thing I've ever met in his personality is just as cute adore him. Love him. Okay. So you don't think she secretly holding onto love for Craig? No. 'cause I think Craig kind of thinks that new. Yes, he does a little. We talked about them a little bit. But how are you feeling about Madison and Austin aust- Austin Mattis, Madison, I've known forever. She's done my hair forever. I think the world of her. I think the world of Austin. I think you know, they're going to go through some bumps this season, y'all see, but I think they genuinely do love and care for each other. So I'm hoping that they work everything what about Chelsea and her long distance relationship. Chelsea she still in it. I think she's actually she's always jet-setting. I'm very jealous of her life with her hot, man. I think now they're in Panama together, he's a professional he races sailboats professionally. They're great. Yeah. Yeah. And then shop and Craig's still single. Stills. Well, Craig, you know, Craig has a house in the Bahamas now. So we've we've kinda lost Craig recently. He's in the Bahamas. It seems like since we wrapped filming he has kind of this new life down there. And if you follow his Instagram, there's all what there's there's always a new girl with really big and small bikini. Craig's doing alright himself Shep. I think chefs just George Clooney, I think it'll happen when it's he's probably in his fifties. He realizes he's gonna need someone to wipe his ass someday. That's when I think he'll finally settled tell what about Whitney Whitney. I FaceTime Whitney's in LA right now. And we FaceTime a good bit and FaceTime to last week and LaRussa. If y'all remember LaRussa Larisa was standing there in his kitchen. So I think there I I don't know. I think she's the love of his life. Oh, so I think I think if he's going to end up with anybody it'll be Larisa and Patricia really wants a grandchild, really bad. She deserves one deserves it. I mean, can you imagine I wanna be Patricia? Can you imagine being Patricia grandchild like how spoiled rotten? Oh my gosh. So I'm hoping that Whitney procreates are you spending as much time with Patricia these days. Yes, we actually took Palmer. She loves Palmer. And I take Palmer to see her ever so often, and she's always getting gifts spoiled so far Patricia has gets Patricia gave her Chanel purse. Oh my God. I don't even own a Chanel purse like in my child has Chanel purse. So don't think I didn't hide it. And secretly think about selling it on EBay. But yeah, so yeah, we lose here who do you feel like you're closest with and the group God, I would probably say. I mean, I'm close with a lot of them. Chelsea are very close. We used to be roommates before all this happened. I'm super close shop. We talk you know, every week Whitney. But I mean, the thing about this group of people like we all that's a question. We get a lot like y'all really friends like when the cameras go away. Are you really? Yeah. We are. I mean, we are. We are we genuinely do we like each other? But how do you think 'cause it has having the cameras film? You guys must change the relationship in some aspect. Yeah. I mean, you know, you hear what people say about you on there. You know, like when the cameras are there. There's no hiding that. So yeah, there's that aspect, but it definitely it's it's stresses relationships for sure. I love that. We get to see your mom. Did you have to twist her arm to film with you know, my mom like eats? You know, some people are made for reality television. And some people are not like my husband. He would just clam a camera was on him. He would clam up. He would not know what to say. It would be super awkward, my mom like loves it. She has no problem with it. Yeah. Loves it. How is she liking being a grandmother? My god. It's the best thing ever. She she told me when Palmer was a baby she was holding because Palmer's first grandchild. She was holding Palmer, and she was looking down at her. And she said, you know, all my friends told me that this would just be the best thing ever. And you know, what they're right in. Honestly, I love you. But I think I might love Palmer more. And I was like, okay. Thanks, mom. Does that feel good or not? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yes. She loves it. She's a great grandma. Great grandma. Well, lastly, what can you tell fans to expect for the rest of the season? Oh my gosh. I will say. You're going to be shocked at some of the transformations of people on the cast that you would least likely expect. You're going to see some people that you thought were really close friends really turn on each other, which is kinda crazy. And I don't know. I would say this is. Last year was pretty crazy. But this this might be a little crazier wasn't last year. Yeah. Okay. Buckle up everyone. It's gonna be good. I think I wish I could see what you've seen so far. I just like snuck into someone's. Well, see I've only seen the preview that they show on TV. Thank you so much for having great. Thanks, guys. Let's do Rosen. Thorn? Rose and thorn, what was your rose? My rows was from van or pump roles, and it was shayna crying on me. Mas shoulder because I just thought I love me offers of all as we've discussed, and it was just like so. I'm trying to find the right word for it. It was just one of those things where like, you know, how when you connect with someone else's family member like whether Sheena really connected with me Ma or she just needed some kind of motherly figure to like hold her in that moment. I don't know. But I just thought it was really special. What was your rows? My rose was Barbara saying Led Zeppelin is before no one's time. Guess Barbara Led Zeppelin is Led Zeppelin. Everyone should know like come on. Did you ever get the lead out joke? Outland Led Zeppelin well or my time. So I don't know. Let's one is before. No one's time. Let's upland Jimi Hendrix. Eliza. Not his running down. That's right. Come on. I mean, I assumed that's what she meant by the phrase that she said, which was sort of like, aren't you going to let the let out I was sort of like, I know, but for the sales to be like, oh, I don't know like full, right? You don't have to listen to Led Zeppelin to appreciate that. They are like wildly influential that also listen, but also wasn't him. What was your thorn? Learn was from Porsches baby special. And it was when she was drawing the vagina on. No, Pat, or whatever guide and Dennis sniffed it front of everyone at the table. I was just like, okay. Like. No, not the time or place the month of mothers. I can't that makes me. L? Okay. What was your thorn? Lisa Renos, workout video. Oh my God. It was so bad. There you go. Now. Pop the head in there. And that was like, very cringe-worthy. What was that DNC ING? It wasn't very good, dancing like hip hop. There's actually a YouTube video that like has gone viral a couple times in the past where it's like a very like skinny white woman teaching hip hop. Have you ever seen it to you? When we get to you've seen it. I'm gonna show it to you. When we get back to our desks because it's ridiculous, and it so like she starts talking about like, the style of hip hop, and like doing all these like, she's like, and then you pop it. And then you and doing awkward moves. And it just reminded me exactly of that. So yeah, I feel like the listeners you guys will know what video I'm talking about. If you've seen it because it's while. Next week. We're going to sit down and talk to Porsche Williams and Giselle Bryant from the real housewives of Potomac. Guys, the premiere of southern charm season six is just around the corner. And it may seem like this new season is going to be the most dramatic one yet. But we've also had some wild moments from seasons past remember last season's explosive finale face off between Catherine and Ashley there was nothing held back in that argument, which makes me nervous for when they meet again in this upcoming season, and who can forget shop in Austin's love triangle with Chelsea did. Austin break the broke owed or Landon professing her love to ship and chaplain almost spitting out his wine. What happens in Charleston, definitely does not stay in Charleston. And we are so thankful for that. But if you haven't seen early seasons or simply wanna relive those great moments. Don't fret every episode ever of southern charm is now available to stream on Bravo. TV dot com as well. As on the Bravo app. Reshare to watch all five seasons before the season six premiere on Wednesday may fifteenth at eight seven central 'cause we'll have a lot to discuss. Happy binging. Two. And remember watching Bravo isn't a guilty pleasure itself care. Kayce? Let's keep the conversation going. We wanna talk to you all week long. Not just Thursdays. You can find us on Twitter or Instagram at Bravo TV. Don't forget to use the hashtag. Bravo daily dish or reach out to us. Personally. I'm everywhere at Mexico. An I'm Eric j MAC E R, I K, and if you're on Facebook, join the daily dish Facebook group, you can post about what you're watching your favorite shows who's your favorite housewife ask a question. Start some drama. There's a lot of good stuff in there. So check it out. You could also learn more about the podcast at Bravo. TV dot com. T t y l. Bye. Bye. I gotta go. Get into.

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