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Everybody's down in Miami. I'm stuck in New York. Yeah I'm pretty jealous. Honestly I saw people go in the pool and I take and that just seems like a bad idea for everybody involved but I mean everybody. He'll show the public pool. That's a good idea. We'll start today with Kobe Bryant because last night on inside the NBA Shack remembered. Kobe like this will appear. We work a lot of times. We we we take stuff grant. I talk to you guys much. The fact that we're not going to be Joe Hall of fame ceremony demonic going to be able to say how I got five you got four the fact that we're not going to be able to influence stay together we kinda got tint. Don't care get back. Feel watching one thing that happened after this checks So so the reported their base each opinion hardaway after this so much shacks career is marked by these pairings that eventually came with some level of falling out and seeing him reflect. Don't WanNa those with the time that was lost between those two guys and that just the time they have and they were actually together but the time after they were separate. We're all this could have probably been alleviated in a different sort of way and so to see see that big old giant man with tears way more than me dripping down his face. I feel like that's spelled out for a lot of people again. What eight largely hugely impactful moment all? But this has been for people that probably wouldn't have expected it with a hit them that way it hit me man and we are so good so many of us are so good at building mental walls also that emotionally protect us from contemplating how unstoppably temporary everything. We're doing on this planet is. That's what we do right. You build a wall and so oh title earthquake. Thousands of people wore all that stuff. It doesn't get us but it turns out. There is a flaw in that kind of defense that we build in. The flaw is that we actually let people in behind the wall and so obviously our friends and family are there but the discovery for me with shack last night with Kobe. This week is that they're they're there are two and I didn't necessarily consciously bring them in there but I gave them we many of us gave them this sort of real estate in our head and so when I watch shack contemplate onto plate mortality. I'm doing the exact same thing I mean I think last night and especially the really good and I think that's show deserves a unique. I love the credit for whenever something like this happens we have anything that's been on the scale but somebody around the NBA dies. It kinda puts you in a place where you recognize. How close all those cats are Suribachi? Around the League knows each other in a way that is not really the case with these guys play ball against each other from fourteen years old on right in because the numbers of people that player so small there are more exposed and everything else like we see who those guys are and they come together when it comes to like this and they talk about the NBA as a fraternity. Then feel like a cliche. It feels like an actual swale real live fraternity when these things happen in person who of their fraternity who was also affected. Was Rick Fox and Rick Fox on there last night talking about what it was for him to have people think that he was dead why to get a phone call like oh you're alike. Why are you crying on the other line because the internet said that you were dead like there was so much chaos? Hey how's that went on a date that point I think we'll go back and revisit and realize just how much was going on at one time on Sunday and that one the Rick Fox one felt like such a modern phenomenon because I know there have been missed reportings and misleading headlines before around tragedies but when you have people processing not just Greece wreath but rumor simultaneously. It's possible for a guy to be grieving. His friend it also to not realize that people were also grieving him. Now take him hill. Quite possibly the saints quarterback of the future my floor. Your pro football talks reporting there. Drew Brees is seriously considering retirement. And that the saints would like breeze to play play one more season before handing Job Hill for the twenty twenty one season. He'll be US more in two thousand twenty under this plan. Pablo what do you think of this idea for succession it. It is intriguing because drew brees is not finished yet. Drew brees seems to be sending flares. If you believe Mike Florio that he is seriously considering leaving this game but to do that at this point just seems strange to me because he after week ten when he came back with that thumb ligament thing was top three in Qbr behind mahomes the Mark Jackson he led the League in completion percentage for the second straight year career high passer rating and so to say that. Hey tastes them hill. Replace this listen some fashion that just seems premature to be any like forty years old. I wonder we talk anyway. Forty years old Katie. Get the ball down the field. No you haven't seen that is limited. You got the option man. You can stay one year too long and get out of here one year early. Most people choose to stay one year too long so the idea that it's premature seems to ignore history the NFL stuff right. If I'm the saints if he's not drew brees and he told me so much to them. This is the time that you probably bail. What does it make sense to me under? This scenario is your quarterback of the future which is gonNA be thirty years old next year. Your quarterback of the future is it undrafted free agent. Who like great athlete can run all this stuff? You're telling me that at all this this through all this time that tastes infielders become an NFL quarterback at this point. I find this to be absurd. Baby Sean Payton is cooked up some great offense this possible well. He's got some plan in mind for this unique set of talent. I just have to say though good for a you. Taste them hill. Everybody that comes out of college looking like a running back and not a quarterback where people will hang around for six seven years until you get ready at age thirty one. And the day of franchise from drew brees. It does feel likes Sean. Payton must have that in mind though some sort of plan it must be that Sean Payton is jealous of looking around and seeing all the other stuff. People can do with their newfangled quarterbacks because I disagree with you on drew brees being finished get out. I didn't say he was that you would move on from him. Now that to me feels early. What where I agree with you completely is that we have not seen enough from tastes hill outside of the limited circumstances working you so radically different from to make me think that guy instead of Teddy Bridgewater look? He's throwing the ball thirteen times. His It'd be clear about this breeze is the one who was talking about walking away so like would it be premature for him to walk away. Not If you WANNA make sure you don't look Mike Fool on the way out and a Lotta guys look like fools on the way out up next job sanders because he first ballot hall of Famer. Had this to say about said the hall of fame to Dan Patrick once the whole affair with somebody who changed the dern game who who made you want to provoke you to reach in your repugnant paper admission to go see that guy play. Forget the rest of the team. You wanted to see hall of fame anymore. Everybody Tom Digging Area Your Hall of Famer. You're a hall of Famer everybody in this thing. It's not a is not exclusive any more. And so are you with Dionne on the hall of fame exclusivity problems that is ridiculous now. What seems the motivating factor for this discussion? Was Eli Manning. Manning is going to be his own unique individual case ace but gold look year after year after year. About how backlogged. It's about to be guys trying to get into the hall of fame right and it's a maximum class of eight right. Only guys get in at one time. Let's go see how this goes down. Like a guy. Like Patrick Willis. Are you sure Patrick Willis is GonNa make the hall of fame. Because I'm not sure Calvin Johnson. I'm not sure he's going to wind up making taking the hall of fame and as much as we talked about getting again and I think it will happen eventually. This ain't GonNa be no I balanced situation when that balance tax by the time he gets there you're going to realize how many great players there were in. NFL history and how many of them ultimately go look like Drew Pearson. Thirty years down the line. That was the name that came to mind. When I heard about this story was that video video of Drew Pearson sitting at home around by cameras and his loved ones crying because he was not good enough to make to make the club Sanders? Says everybody can get into these days and to your point about Patrick Wilson Company. Yeah Lou keithly right. He seems like a first ballot guy based on the numbers but we're going to have generation of dudes both who play fewer and fewer years. Just because maybe that's the strategy and the medical wisdom of all of this and so what are we have. We have a conversation around. What does the hall of fame here to be because some people wanted to be a museum and I was was thinking about this too okay but no one really cares about what goes in museums? We care about this stuff. So what is it. Is it a memorial site now. We don't really visit these sites physically so much so it's kind of an award awards show it's kind of an awards show with a historical Gravitas and on that level. I don't see the problem being. We have too many people that were celebrate because the honor has to mean something based on the idea the exclusivity like the whole the whole point of being exclusive is to be exclusive. So what's the problem with everybody in here with the big deal of it. If you let everybody nobody in here what for me. It's not letting everybody in here. It's simply that the problem with the hall of fame as it is is not about how easy it is to get into it. It's simply that maybe WanNa err on the side of. Let's celebrate all of these figures. We really love watching our own. That's not what this is. Let's err on the side of only the best of the best. I'm with Dion on at that point. I just think he's crying wolf about problems coming up next coach K.. Fig May that's always fun ever been knocked down you. You know suffered a setback fired left out it happens. It happens a Mike. Bloomberg middle class kid worked his way through college. Got A job started a family boom home fired at thirty nine would it Mike do for a lot of us. Do we got backup dove back in. He idea designing computer able to quench data And Process Information in a unique way he built it. He sold it. He built more. He sold more. He built a team. Built a company created twenty thousand jobs. Bloomberg is a doer. This is Michael. Douglas I played a president and movies. This is real world. This is our World Mike Bloomberg has it takes to win in the country. Find some common ground between Democrats Republicans and then lead the way a leadership. Mike will get it die. Hi I'm Mike. Bloomberg candidate for president and I approve this message paid for by Mike Bloomberg. Twenty twenty coming to you from the seaport district appears. Here's seventeen brought to you by chase. Give it to Ma. I always won- jobs looked up yet. I co K says. He's going to Cava Avid Grazie last night after they'd directed at Pittsburgh coach. Jeff cable former Duke Player and assistant coach. Let's watch the paper. Come sit over here. There's a man here stories. Say well she thought I was done. Donna forget bills right. You don't even sure you've had us like that Brazzi Razzi. He's big home. Your Coach K.. Having a reason to be upset no I am not in on any sort of rationale for this does feel like a hilarious real life. Inverse inverse of that Simpson's joke. They were actually saying Bourne. They were kind of celebrating. Jeff capable here but for me. It's just like watching. The faces of those kids. have any of US been yelled at by a human being quite like recede yell at them when they get blue paint on my shirt while they lean and overall breast road. That's why I wish he did a dead but all jokes aside. This is an interesting time for coach K.. Decides that he is going to lecture them. These are not the cameron crazies. Twenty five thirty years ago right. They're not nearly as savages ages. They were back then but all of a sudden the way they talk is a problem because they're doing it to one of your friends and it was in a classic Duke. He's one of us. You know what is it okay to do a lot of the stuff they've done over the years maybe not just came but now this is it all right buddy. I see next topic bucks. Owner mark. Lazarus says that when Michael Jordan orden suggested he focused on a title not beating the Bulls Seventy two and ten record the owner in Milwaukee responded quote. Wow that's great. Thank you for that just so you know. We're going to focus on beating record record and winning a championship quilt. Abo- you win on mark. Lazarus confidence means This is what they got no not seen as Joe Laker the story about him if somebody said to Michael Jordan one of these board of governors me these billionaires sure opportunity to talk to Jordan. I can't imagine how theory is Mike is that he can't really really do anything about it. By the way the regular seventy-three yeah. That's the thing about this to me like to talk about Michael Jordan in this context is to be a historical. It's forget what actually happened. which was the Golden State Warriors? One seventy three games. They broke Michael Jordan's record and they did not win the championship. which basically negated the import of the record in the first first-place Michael Jordan on this note is Kinda rights? That's where you sit though. He said he will record and win a championship. Right the ninety six bulls still matter sixteen warriors. Warriors never happened and now Butts Milwaukee dropped one hundred fifty one points his last night including eighty eight in the first. Have you win on the bugs having the most impressive game of the season last night. So I'm gonNA confess something. I didn't watch this game and so when I immediately woke up and I was like well. What happened Oh well Janas must've I have gone off? Your honest. Didn't play. Janas did not play in this game. and Chris Middleton Fifty one points on twenty six shots for me. Obviously no defense was played here at all Bradley illegal had like forty with the fact that Chris Middleton has this in them that to me is meaningful. I mean I think the Chris Middleton score fifty points in an empty Jim because that's what it is playing it against them. I think every player in the NBA has fifty points against them. Playing against the wizards they might be the worst defensive team we've ever seen. They might be on the level of what was that. The one thousand nine hundred ninety one ninety ninety two nuggets too Paul westhead teams. They might be like that like I. I would love to give Chris Bilton credit for this fifty. I think he needs to send flowers to the worst. Now Alf the chiefs and was asked whether it feels like he and Padma homes are in the early stages of a Belichick Brady like Ron and read said quote. It's about the only thing I'm young at right now. Now so you went on this. Being the beginning of in fact he bella check Radi Run for these chiefs. I mean we'll see right like that that I think is a lot to as part of becomes bill. Belichick eljay being the man running personnel and his unique ability to put together teams on the cheat. What we've got here though is the right now right and I think that beholds at least it's going to be one of the best report backs we have ever seen? I think we've got that part. Is that necessarily translate to you. Basically in the best team in the League for twenty years that I don't know the similarities here aren't quite so parallel. Because Andy Reid offensive. Mind Bill Belichick very gifted on all levels and football but the defensive guy. That's what he does. And so you have in the Patriots Right quarterback plus the defense basically ensured year after year. The chiefs don't have that but if you ask me hey for the Kansas City chiefs with these two guys going to be really good atop the a division in like ten years probably say yes real problem with this is. How old is Andy Reid? Like I don't WanNa be that guy. But how old is he old and finally Frank Frank Clark. She's top Edge Paz's Russia's said Tuesday that he's quote not really too fond of the player he replaced in that role de Fort is here. What else Clark Ed? I'd say I just knew that lined up offsides in that Anybody who line the boss is in the time that I feel like. That's a dumb Penalty at the day I'm sure he feels the same way. You Clark Calling Florida I am because Frank Clark turns out is one of these pre game interview allstars. He was the guy who taunted effectively Derrick Henry before they lay the titans and that seemed like a fit too much off and now he is mostly here's is pointing and laughing at deflore. He's doing Nelson months thing. Ha Ha because yeah. That was horrific mistake he made last year. But like why are you thinking so much about de Ford Right A- and and they play the same position they trade Ford all things that if you want to say this. That's fine about Frank Clark. I don't even. I didn't play with this dude. They do all the chiefs from this. Mistakes were made has something to say about it. That would be one thing. I don't even know if he's ever met the guy coming up for you. All right coming up next. The titans gave Bill O'Brien more power. They weren't that game the playoffs. All right Sierra air can in highschool where companies daughters attended. There is Kobe. Bryant and other big helicopter crash broaden your press this time yeah I gotta Say I am way more breast here then end. The donkey did now. What feels like one hundred years ago when he was just fourteen years old yes when he was just fourteen years old? You're at this high standard for ducks. I'm glad that finally drew into what you I need. Absolutely I could've used more like herald footage though that guy some three Chinese you somewhere around there. He supposedly good S- teammates heralds. I you quote all of the texts seriously. Only the Texans Brian Brian Teeth Richard the Houston Chronicle after the Texas gave Bill. O'Brien the title of General Manager. Yesterday problems are the Texas making a mistake. Give O'Brien more power. Yes but this is the bed they've made. This is the bet they had made already now. They're just officially lying in it and it is stunning to see bill. O'Brien get the official title after a postseason in which no one felt good about watching bill. Brian Coach textile. This is bad business for the organization because do not really popular around the city right now especially now the way that he ended and then you come around and say we're going to give him more power like my understanding. This is basically been one dude who has managed to elbow out everybody who oppose them into looked looked at a power vacuum with the ownership situation where the owner is gone. And everything else and now the dude in charge is the dude who needs somebody to be charging him more than anybody else. Because look they're gonNA have to pay deshaun Watson forty million dollars years their quarterback. You're going to have to figure out a way to resign. Laremy Tunsil after I gave up all draft capital for them. And they're gonNA have to figure out a way to put a team around all of those big expenditures. That's something that requires a really good general manager. They just got a general manager. Wayne even really good coach. This loss of Dante Scar. Nekia is just as big as the loss of Rob Gronkowski. Last season said Dan Orlovsky on get up this morning about the Patriots Patriots Offensive Line coach retiring Nekia worked for the Patriots for thirty four of past thirty six seasons. So Bo is a big deal. Oh huge I wish I man Damien Woody. It was here instead of living a good life in Miami. You can tell you what a big deal. It is their offensive line. Billy has been pretty damn consistently good throughout this whole run. That's injuries guys defecting. This would make a draft picks. That didn't necessarily work and the reason for that is Dante scarred Nikki the way that he trains those dudes and gets it ready so we lost our left guard. Well guess what. We're going to switch everything else around rounded you're not gonNA notice the difference my first instinct when I heard that quote though was like Okay Gronk. That's a little bit too much but then you go and Research Dante scar neck and that that is the name. Obviously that I've heard despite doing about zero interviews over the last thirty four years but when it comes to NFL assistance. No one has been one other guy believe as long tenure. Where does him? And then it gets to the teaching of offensive line play which is kind of black box to all sorts of people who don't practice the art but in terms of why they've been so good so consistently it. It has to be back. I also watched them win the super bowl in Zebra ground got her right. Also then eight twenty four. Those are the two numbers Koby Bryant Warrant as NBA career career now many players who wear either number deciding whether to choose another or to keep it both decisions meant to honor Kobe. Bobble you have a problem with a player either keeping or ditching. The numbers numbers Kobe War. No I don't at all and this kind of falls into the realm of like Tattoo preferences for me because how you honor those that you respect and love like cool. Aw I don't know how I would do it. But the fact that people are doing it and seemingly contradictory ways I have no issue at all I would say is when it comes to a league wide policy. Let's see if you talk about changing the logo or banning numbers across the board. Then we might have some complications. Do as you want to do on this when and if the League decided that they wanted to retire twenty four for Kobe Bryant. I would think that maybe that's going a little too far. But if that's the play they wanted to that's fine but I don't think I'm not going to be the person to come out here and say whoever it is. How dare you wear this number? No whatever reason generally speaking that you want to wear a number you go ahead and do that. It's League's top. Who Wore number twenty three? You're like talk. Who in the world the war these cats into very leaser making it clear that they're trying to show some level of honor and I don't think that anyone involved would take any level of disrespect with somebody did or didn't wear one of those doc number fourteen and not because that's what Zion had last night in a win over the cavs? After the game he talked about how the team is loading him up with analytics. Here's the quote a lot to take in. Sometimes he told the athletic a few like people. Forget that I'm nineteen. They come give me all the statistics. And I'm like I just WanNa hoop to be honest and quote. What do you make of that? Oh man if you wanted to be treated like you were nineteen year old. The wrong team should stay. Do Right now you and this is how it goes goes like. They got to figure out the best way to get information to you but once you decide you're going to be a professional you lose the right to say. Hey Man I'm just nineteen these ain't nineteen year olds. Let's welcome to the Big Leagues Buddy. I agree with you on that front. It's just funny that Sloan every single year the conversation inevitably the biggest one around basketball analytics is how do you get buy. Why in for people who don't naturally want all of these numbers because some players are like that Kevin Durant Higher Justin mellow a personal like analytics driven trainer because he wanted all all of the information? Paul George on interviewed him told me he got that same guy. Because Katie did it. I don't know of. Zion is GonNa want that in the future but the point is if you have the numbers maybe maybe consider figuring out why in fact they wanna give them to you or if you're the person that's supposed to figure out how to teach them like I don't think it's on Zion to figure that part out as much as you you make this digestible and maybe it'll work. Yes stop talking like a door. Remember you're talking to people. How questionable coming up next h-have your of doors?

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