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Welcome to speak for yourself presented by Hyundai Marcellus Wiley in the house would Emmanuel Acho dog we usually have swag wars on the Internet. Who Wins the day in terms of our cloven west? Banker Soup today I, left I know you've got money but are you reading thinker? Happy, Cabrera. Are we here for the next two hours guys so. Wow. The weekend in the NFL. Let's get it started with Dak Prescott who do for at least four hundred and fifty yards for the second straight game stack at three touchdown passes as well. But he also threw two interceptions aloft fumble deck was picked off near end of the first half. Then on the cowboys potential game tying drive to picked off the in end zone Dallas is now wanted to start the season. Wacho. Do you blame that Prescott for the cowboys seahawks Man Marcellus? I taken such a deep dive into this and I'm about to give the fans something they might not like but it will actually like medicine. It'll be good for him in a long run. Okay. I don't blame Dak Prescott for the cowboys there you go way to go back home to Dallas blamed Prescott, for the cowboys not winning. I don't blame them for the cowboys. Laws are blamed that press conference cowboys. We live in a NFL air right now where you count the quarterback, that's all the praise and the quarterback, all the Blaine right or wrong is what it is last week the cowboys come back and beat the Falcons we didn't give Kudos to the cowboys special teams coach. Hell Dak. Prescott, we didn't give Kudos to the cowboys kickoff on team recovering play and fantastic fashion. Oh Hell Dak Prescott. So now when the cowboys lose I'm not going to blame. Dak Prescott. For their loss. But I will blame Dak Prescott for their lack of winning. If you're running four by one hundred and you say the fastest man to ever live if he gets the baton and third place, it's not his fault they're in third place more. Blame. You saying bolt nephew finishes in third place not say what you're doing now. But as you saints fault if he doesn't take them to win the game because you've seen this. Great what I've learned now in NFL football is quarterbacks Kenna tone. For the thins of everyone else. I don't care about turnovers right now Marcellus I don't care about time of possession and I'm a defensive guy but look statistically the best quarterbacks win the Games fourteen games were played yesterday. We can throw them out the window only in two games. Tell me this cause because you'll get one point. Holy. In two games did the quarter the worst quarterback win by what metric is worse. So the metric of eyeballs whatever we're all. GonNa. No. Consensus of what we say here's here's what I mean the offbeat the cowboys Russia's better than that. The bills beat the rams dared down better off right now. Josh Allen is better than off right now the browns they beat the Washington football team Baker Mayfield right now is better than. On. Go down the list don't take time. Go Down to hold this team with the better quarterbacks win the game. So it's not DAX fault. Mama I lap and I got lapsed attitude. Is Not that Prescott that the cowboys loss, but in an era where your quarterback can atone for the sins of everybody else is that Prescott fault the cowboys didn't win, we'll look I can put it on deck and put it on deck in the moment they sound like what a one eighty from me but it actually will serve a greater point that I wanna make about the cowboys and Dak Prescott. So yeah can blame deck deck despite Avocado -secutive career games. We saw a guy who didn't play a clean game and Mike McCarthy pointed that out Dak Prescott with the two. Turnovers, and then one at the end of the game we're going to say it's three but really that one that's Hail Mary almost situation but the one going into the half and then a strip sack actually does land on the resume of Jack Prescott now we're in a pickle of deck is the reason why they're in these games but deck is the reason they don't win a game yesterday l.. Let's talk about that game yesterday because that game yesterday saw office ally a mash unit that went through three different lineup switches during the game they had the sitter go play guard. Go play tackle. He was like excuse me you don't play since. K whatever and you saw them not having Tyron Smith out there as well. That was just the start the game. How did the game and? A fifth round from Seattle getting the sack we're Taiwan Smith would've been interesting how about Ezekiel Elliott My guys seeking. Off to his worse start in his young career in terms of a three game stretch in terms of not giving a balanced to this office that Dak Prescott is now walking around looking at saying, where's my help now receiving cores dependent on Dak Prescott. So I keep them together in tandem. But when you talk about the office salon and all the issues they had and how poor they are no balance in running game. That Prescott is going to do too much as we use this excuse for Carson. Winston others who struggle when you're trying to do too much. You may make a turnover to you may have an issue. That's the only thing that I could poke a hole that were deck yesterday going on a row against the front running mvp you are in a last possession last second game once again, only because debt Chris was on the field even though deck and play his perfect game here's what I will say to that and and I don't think that I'm not gonNA provide injuries as an excuse, injuries can be an explanation I got I. Don't want to hear about the cowboys offense. Eagles are maligned the dying malign, the rescue, the Washington football team excuse me they have a head coach who's going to one of the toughest battles right now and battling cancer and everybody is going through some things. So we can't even talk about injuries but let's nitpick because that's what you have to do in the game of football right? If Russell Wilson were the quarterback for the cowboys when the cowboys were down twenty eight to thirty. Remember fourth quarter cowboys down eight to thirty. Russell Wilson more than likely would have gone down then scored a touchdown, not a field goal, but we have to nitpick. Big. Time money. So you're going to have to get big time critique. Three seconds left in the game and I'M GONNA show. You ought to clip because Troy Aikman said it's a good thing. He didn't catch this ball yet, Prescott? Wilson Twenty seconds left in the game. If the ball is on target without ahead of them, who knows what would have happened we don't know because it wasn't now because the ball was high troy Aikman is going to say good thing you didn't catch you have to burn a timeout but the not see Alvin Kamara yesterday catch a ball break four tackles get into the end zone. You don't even have to look at Alvin Kamara let me. So you're cedrick Wilson again earlier on in the game. On target. What he does with it now it's early on in the game that Prescott puts US ball on target onto money. Well, no this is another play with a four minute Mark Levin. That Prescott Mrs Tight end just hit the head hit the and maybe you get a touchdown that drive instead of settling for field goal. My issue here is very simple. That Prescott has to be great enough to overcome the the other opticals in the game that Prescott he only got sacked twice. Four Times don't talk to me about the fact that the cowboys offensive line couldn't hold hitter. No Album Smith you know the cowboys defensive end leads the NFL in sack. said. So Russell Wilson was also running for his life. Now on that last possession third three Russell Wilson does a touchdown pass sure he had time but Russell, Wilson's also running for his life. So the fact of the matter is that Prescott is very good. Very. Good quarterback that Prescott is not an elite quarterback Oh, and if you want to win super bowls, you have to be elite. That's what we see even more sellers and this is my second lap as where I'm. Even even a super bowls. The team with the better quarterback wins the game outside of the seahawks beating the broncos twenty thirteen year and outside of the panthers beating the Bronco. Outside of the panthers losing to the broncos. Black, your brow. I'll put Hito you and I didn't even. I'm not even into my personality, which is my struggling I'm in my Dallas's lane, which is your lane. Ready you wit. It's amazing that I asked my God my co-host. What's the metric to tell me that the better quarterbacks one yesterday? He says the eyeball test that's a metric Okay University of Texas. They didn't comes out and says, that's not elite that's not elite, but he had no office line K. You came out to win this Zeke Elliott have fourteen cares for thirty four yard. Dad goes out there and they say, forget the Game Plan Mike McCarthy the hiatus this decided to I'm just GonNa be passed. Happy. They have fifty seven pass a tips they go out there and still Russell Wilson. The front running elite MVP is on all fours praying to the sports gods that he can win another nail biter and if deck is not illegal or whatever you WanNa Call Russell Wilson if he's now bottom Tier Russell Wilson got get it Wilson play out of his mouth core. Deck is not in the neighborhood how the hell does the teen hanging there to the last possession I'll talk about it was six seconds left in a game before you finally realized who was GonNa win that game plays explained to me how? In the neighborhood run less Marcellus, you think here coincidence that Russell Wilson is eleven and two in the last two years and Games cited by eleven and by seven. Go back to. To. A winning percentage. What are we not? GonNa talk about I'm not gonNA talk about Tom. Brady back in two thousand and you're going to a Wilson legacy most recent. Let me. Let me get to my point. Last week even this just did it last? Okay can still wanted to win games decided by seven or less what what. Has Helped you create Russell Wilson ask Laki Russell Wilson ask Tyler Lockett a five eight, hundred, eighty pound receive already told you to the Russel Wilson has became metcalf who sacrificed points yesterday and you're going to tell me that that Prescott who has Michael Gallup Amari cooper CD lamb Ezekiel Elliott has no help yoga and now you're gonNa tell me that Prescott has no offensive line talking about the giants they're super freakazoids star running back has gone. Equals, they have no offensive line don't care about. Right now. Are Jumping around first of all, stop giving me names I need game Ezekiel Elliott have fourteen carries thirty four yards slipping in the end zone to give up safeties. Yeah. I need to do better you need to do better take. So how about the fact that the Dallas? Cowboys, on Defense Twenty fifth ranked now thirtieth and giving up points hold on so they don't have a defense as overrated. Zeke. The first three weeks of this season overrated. Deck making this work with a passing game and to the point of the passing game. What's amazing is when debt I got in the League any rookie you throw them out there to the fire thirteen and three. You know what? The percentage of passes word that year fifty, one percent they are like, oh, we got a good quarterback here next year fifty, two percent. Oh, we got a really good fifty, six percent last year fifty, eight percent and he has a pr year turned the his numbers this year. Sixty five, point, seven percent hold on. What is going on right now in terms of the play calling you know what's happening? Whatever Ezekiel Elliott in this running game is going through is not supporting. Dak. Prescott Debt Prescott is putting his team owners Beck they're lucky they're wanted to because they got deck if. You don't be with these numbers probably. Probably one. Yard rushing attack and a thirtieth rate points allow defense. You know what the adds up to all those sorry teams you talk to act as if the seahawks were grounded pounded yesterday, the seahawks only average what the Russell Wilson was the second leading rusher also, just like Douglas is just like that. You're talking about the defense. The Dallas Defense made up. there. is nothing of. Thirty one points thirty, five points I twenty million point. You just said the MVP is still having nail biters and it why is he having a nail biter? Your last week. Told me how amazing Cam Newton looked how great the patriots when they took them to them. But then when that comes in here and just the same exact thing what any help Aggregate No. No. Credit lease but. Look at things differently here's what I mean by that. We'll talk about this more later Joe Borough my God, he's playing Zeke play will. Played well for a rookie. If don't if. Homes. Put Up Job earls numbers. We wouldn't say, oh, man patch behold played great. Everything is in context, Cam? Newton he didn't play great but Cam Newton played great for a guy who's only and his last eight starch prior to the season the game. Yes I can't play great three, hundred, Ninety, seven knocked dot Cam did play great. But everything is looked at in context that Prescott is playing great but the difference between. What, the asset that. The difference between winning and losing you know this the Blade of grass twenty, four percent a Games decided by three points or less fifty-three percent games decided by seven points or less. Russell Wilson Eleven into in his last seven games in last two years decided by seven points or less. The game is decided by inches and what I'm saying is the difference between extraordinary ordinary of way that little bit extra and I love all that. Thank you for the clays. Here's about. This is their third game together with a new head coach like this is the guy that is out there without any support. And this is the same thing als-. Later he actually plays better and a week later, not a clean game then a Cam Newton and you give them all the credit in the world. Here's the thing I want to push back on you say this I want the numbers I want to push back on you in this respect and we go move on transition. You're a real typical I spent some time in. Dallas right now and I know I know your history you grew up in Dallas right? Absolutely and since your time in Dallas, you've shown tremendous success I can say that big great. You've been amazed person. But instead of coming back to your roots coming back to Dallas you one of those cats that I don't know goes to Austin. Off more go to La and you know it's so funny when I was a Dallas, they talked about guys like you going to lose their way they lose their perspective and you last week sold me on how Great Cam Newton. Was In that game and then we'll. Do the same thing if not more with less and also he gots to get killed him no, no, no, no no. You tell me that Cam Newton has less than that Prescott Cam Newton as Julie. It had more than that Prescott Cam Newton Has Julian. Ataman Gary. I'm not gonNA tell you that. told me he goes. Next to. Dallas to place, you never go back to. With turnovers and bad deepest that told the story in their loss to the seahawks Dak Prescott had two picks fumble but Dallas is deep pits didn't fare any better. They SACRA was four times but also gave up five touchdown passes to the MVP for probably six happened on the other. Two parties the same old cowboys they are and and they are because this for the last fifteen years since I was in Dallas was. The. Last fifteen years fifteen years going back fifteen years. Go. When I was even in Dallas cowboys will what Marcellus had a good quarterback really good quarterback in Tony Romo really good quarterback half stars Oh my God Dez Bryant. You had DeMarco Murray Jason witnessed prime store. You have sizzle but you'd have no substance. So much fizzle but you didn't have any substance. Cowboys have all the stars in the world right now says the. CD Lamb more recuperate. Two first round receivers you gotTa Third Round Receiver. You got a first round running back. You have one of the greatest steals in recent era of quarterback Prescott, but you don't have any substance furthermore. Here's the real issue with the cowboys. Nepotism Strikes Again Cronyism Strikes Again Jerry Jones start hiring the most qualified and stop hiring your homeboys and stop letting your home or higher your homeboys who is the cowboys defensive coordinator I believe it's a man by the name of Mike Nolan not mistaken Mike Nolan. How does he know cowboys that coach Mike McCarthy Mike, Nolan hired Mike McCarthy to be as OC when Mike? Nolan's what the forty niners backing. No sticks the last time. I was a d C. he finished twenty fourth twenty, six, twenty, seven of the defensive coordinator so more and that was in two thousand, twelve, two, thousand, thirteen, Marcellus Halloween God's name does a man who hasn't been a defensive coordinator since twenty twelve and when he wasn't even coordinator in two, thousand, twelve was godawful. Now the defensive coordinator for the cowboys, the same cowboys who have the third. Worst Defense in the National Football League Jerry Jones has built this whole cowboys or not done yet. Cowboys Organization of Nepotism Growth Jason Garrett. Last cowboys head coach soon, longtime scout former cowboy's quarterback Kellen Moore offense coordinator, former cowboy's quarterback start. People that actually should be there instead of sitting here, playing all these favorites Oh. Wow. Who? Already the same old cowboys. Hail Naw for good batteries. Let's go through that. Well, let's first talk about this when you say nepotism. Their Damn. Last time I checked Bill Belichick son is on absolutely is mobile check the greatest coach all time. Oh. Wonder. If you really trying to make a correlation who's on your staff based on relationship success of your franchise, you can't do. Have Electric. Talk. Team in his. Shanahan I. Wonder if that sounds familiar wonder how We've. Never. Let's get into this linebacker beat you because these facts is just going to destroy. Debt Prescott is now being put in a position because of his contract demands even though he already has thirty five million on the table he's like not enough, which is true. You know why? Because when I came to this cowboys team, he was sixty three percent of the office rookie year thirteen and three. That went up to seventy three percent last year in a career year you know what? It is right now because of the lack of support Oh, my God support Sisu. Substance lack of support eighty, three percent by comparison mahomes is seventy percent era rogers degrade is that sixty five percent they are ass conduct as desire. To, throw the ball and kissed a ball and Giselle to say this, go out there and block for yourself to. Help out in a run a game as well. That's what's happening right now because I have nothing else to say about Dak. Prescott. In terms of how he's helping his team and carrying it on his back but let's talk about the cowboys of old because you want to do you want to go like my oh squeeze. Tony Romo Mouse to is they want three out of four championships when you were like. Oh. And then if you WANNA go like a recent school, you have to look at the names to say, are they live up to the billing only Dak? Prescott of all those names Tyron Smith you could say you could say, Zeki Elliott and. History right now on this season who is playing up to their name contract value there's No D. Michael Gallup for sure CD lamb for sure our wait. Really Rolling out the Dallas cowboys when we see that montage of faces and seeing Michael Gallup in the top three, you just ask. Dick and WHO's making him. Making him he is. He is hoping the yesterday we'll beat the receiver yesterday you keep trying to go to the receiving core and which is making my twenty stronger deck is doing it all with his receiving core without the support of the protection without the support of the run game and certainly without to support a dizzying. Okay. I got producers the y'all have. Bring up my graphic from the next block I might have to bring it up that is. The rooks y'All let me know in my ear but I'm GONNA keep talking now Marcella stop with this twisted convoluted narrative me the cowboys have. A top two offense in the NFC by skill position got the office and in a meal offense in the. NFC. But I'm talking about support. I'm GONNA completely undressed support argument for the cowboys have three receivers, three of them, better better than any other receiver in the rest of the NFC, east three of them writing any metric you want to use. It, let's go first round picks. Then let let's do you. Want to tell me some. Of Your emotional opinion that takes me into. Any metric that school metric. One, hundred thirty yards yesterday now because of Dak Prescott because Michael Galvin beating DVD's. He's playing great CD lamb, he evolved in. Say saying name. Before. This ball in right now. Okay I wonder where? We. Because I can. Click, please run these cedrick Wilson Clip not the Dalton Scholz clip run the CEDRICK Wilson I wanna see Cedrick Wilson and what he did not that got what Cedrick Wilson did because that Prescott. Marcellus Marcellus. Washes. I wonder where? Credit. Credit. Pixabay. Thank you. Thank you that press got Marcel appoint no my point is the one. that. Prescott have four, hundred, seventy, two yards yesterday wonder who helped him do that? Forty percent of those yards yards after catch just what they all do. They all do. The Wilson, he had three hundred fifteen yards yesterday twenty, three percent of those yards after catch. Perfect don't tell me that has no help forty percent of decks George. Help Russell Wilson Twenty percent storage guests came from help Dak out to Russell Wilson one, hundred, fifty yards. But after without the AC by forty yards, all that has right now don't discredit cedrick Wilson Amari Cooper Michael Gallup. Forty percent of his yards came from help like that can't be glued to your notes. I know you talked about no. Eagles. Even, look into no sounds like you are talking about the eagles or something. Else. Not Dallas and deck deck is the quarterback deck is going to make receivers. Look great deck is hoping that his ally makes him look greater deck is needing his running game to support him, and that is hoping that his defense and give them more opportunity. So they could go on the field. All I'm saying is you keep giving me Russell Wilson. And then comparable stats from deck and there's some metrics Dak is doing better knowing. No mention winners and no keep glowing over Russell Wilson. You can't keep slide deck especially where Russell Wilson is nail biting at the end of the game to beat same quarterback Glenn no help as still took. Every game is a nail biter. Smart your. Initially because you acting. Like like you play ten years lead you went to Columbia and you acting like a fan every game is a nail biter every freaking one of the. Seven Point Oh. Really. English herbal. Two Percent Marcellus I'm sorry. Games or seven points or less the differentiator that you have to respect and all I'm saying if you give them the proper support clues, the chemistry, I'm not saying that name Ezekiel is amazing as it. You'll be an amazing. This year can we stop? He hasn't Has the old bet anything this year of whether injuries or just. But how long will you make excuses? The forty niners they are nobody this the third game brother I'm not going off a forty niners last year success. I'm not even making excuses I'm talking about a chemistry gelling process that I'll patient enough to watch and observe sales like you're not. You'RE GONNA win indictments before you have all the as not. I'm coming with indictments coming with this I have seen this story before I you lifted because you played for the cowboys. I was in the stands for so I watched it. I have seen this story before Tony. Romo has what to playoff wins Three playoff wins the cowboys with Romo were very, very good. They would win the division at times they will lose it at Times Dak Prescott. He has what to playoff wins the cowboys would that. Could I'm not saying that but good is the enemy of great. All I'm saying is deck as the quarterback of the cowboys has never had a losing season down as the quarterback of the cowboys as one division twice came as second other two times. Deck is now looking at his future next five games. Guess what they have the NFC least three of them, the Cleveland Browse and Arizona Cardinals, they should be able to make some. Hey, Gordon Tours stop slightness. Problem though this is my point. Here's what the cowboys are going to do cowboys WANNA whoop the browns. They don't look the giants that Prescott, his thirteen and three against the giants and the Redskins. He's twenty eight and twenty three now versus everybody else going GonNa work the browns. Likely going to lose to cardinals then they're going to walk the Washington football team. The cowboys are going to look up and they're going to four and three Oh. Yeah. Cowboys a four, three, four first placement of vision. They would beat everybody they're supposed to be, and they would have lost to the teams are supposed to lose two or problems. Marcellus. If you only beat the teams are supposed to be and lose to the team supposed to lose to you will perennially. Be. Eight. To ten and six. He'll go into the playoffs depending how sorry you're division and you'll either win the wild card game or you'll lose a wildcard game. That's what the cowboys have done. The last two decades not even making this up look at the data. It also supports it I just WANNA. Make sure that you understand your a little too far in force to see these trees I think that Dallas connection how you grew up and it was miserable for you. I don't know what the hell happened but when I tell you a team that is one and two has five games that are winnable going in front of them. That is eight. You told me they go four and three I, there's eight games right now this team is GonNa be six and to mark my words when we go to the halfway stretch and we're GONNA have this. Going to be six in two and four coming up at the top of our that was difficult. We're not done talking about deck. Oh, here we go. Again we'll tell you if we prove anything in Sunday's loss but I. winced eagles and NACHOS are still willing to season. We'll tell you if the eagles should bitch their quarterback mix be for yourself presented by Hyundai. Things may have changed around us, but our inner drive to be there for the people we care about runs deeper than ever. When we come together as a community, we empower ourselves to make meaningful change. Our normal has changed and we're all finding new ways to connect and continue supporting one another. So what we need more than ever is an easy way to support each other from afar with the paper at sending and receiving money is faster or easier stay connected with the people you love quickly insecurity send money to friends. and. Family just about anywhere in the world starting money pool to split the bill go in on a Gif, or fundraise for good cost support the places in causes you care about most make touch free. You are co payments at your favorite local restaurant or farmers market donate to a local nonprofit or support a calls from across the country pay POWs making it easy to pay safely quickly and easily download the pay pal. APP Today terms and conditions apply welcome back to speak for yourself presented by Hyundai. Let's talk about Carson went. Turnover problems continued against the bengals went through multiple interception for the third straight game quarterback fifth score gametime cuts down the Senate game. In overtime the eagles had to settle for a tie and still known wave's big GOOP FAG. Win Column on the season. So Marcel. Let's get to and keep doing these blows should the Eagles Bench Carson. Wentz you know they should. They should have they this be past tense he should have been benched. Take, my right now for getting in front of this, because I use my own career, my own my own experience to give me expertise on this subject Carson, Wentz will continue to struggle because Carson Wentz is now in the mindset that if he tries harder. That he can fix this but that's the that's the exact same reason he got into this position in the first place Carson wentz mechanically is eroding Carson Winston terms of Rome going away talk Carson Wentz in terms of being in the togetherness of a teen mindset is on island. By himself. Carson, wishes is now being looked at as less than the parts around him and that's no way no place a leader of your team of franchise quarterback guy'd make a thirty, two, million dollars third-most cast this year in the NFL. Should be looked at by his peers. So yeah, you should a bitch him why? Because we got a quarterback going out there. Throwing the ball forty seven times. For, only two hundred, twenty, five yards for everything. We said about Russell Wilson bitterly and Dak be great to elite what the Hell can we say about Carson Wentz. Right now getting out played by Joe Borough in his third NFL gain. There's no way that you can look at this and say anything else but it's time for you get a TV time out if your car wentz Carson Wentz is playing bad football right now. tweeted it I'll say it again I'll say when my chest Carson Winston play in bad football right in I'm not gonNA give you an excuse but I am going to give you an explanation bagels are Carson Wentz no favours at all whatsoever same on Doug Peterson who say on how we Roseman people both people I think very highly of but Marcellus you spent the last twenty minutes telling me about how that Prescott has no help. Let me show you what no help looks like. Broken Wings full screen. Please last segment. I gave re Asterix now just going to give you a little bit of logic a little bit of reasons Oh. Let's Talk About Eagles receiving core alshon Jeffery hurt inactive Jalen Reagan's first round pick inactive mark is good when he's a speedster they traded for during the draft he opted out Dallas got or got hurt in the first quarter he played six plays. Tucson's asking got hurt in the second quarter he played twenty eight plays thirty one percent of the snaps take away the full screen. The Eagles leading receivers yesterday. We're Greg Ward High School quarterback, I'm just college quarterback play quarterback converses Houston. The Anti Burnett, they activated him from practice squad on Saturday night the game was played on Sunday Ladies and Gentlemen John Hightower a fifth round pick and JJ. Are Sega whiteside a young man who has ten career catches and his two year career. Okay. So if you WANNA talk about no help, that's what no help looks like. Carson Wentz playing bad football I'm. Not. Making. An excuse Carson wentz on providing an explanation. If you WANNA talk about this question though you WanNa Bench you WanNa Bench Carson Wentz for jalen hurts and Jalen hurts to do what? What this? What to expect I think I'm not trying to further further hurt Jalen. Hurts or how does he get her? Okay. Let's talk about how Carson which I'm not. Talking about physically what is Jalen hurts known for Again College College Football I'm not GonNa Disregard Your College football but I covered it as well. Jalen hurts is known for two things mental toughness. Okay. He transferred from he got beat out then he came back and he saved just team in. Alabama. Then he transfers to takes his team to the College Football playoff. Well, heisman finalist he's known for mental toughness what Else, does he known for his elusive ability? His running ability? That is what Jalen hurts is known for they want hurts isn't known right now is being a proficient quarterback ask anybody you ask Alabama fans when I was Oklahoma sooner fan he's not no for that. So you want Jalen hurts in a game with John Hightower Greg Ward deontay Burnett Jr Sega Wild side, and you think there's GonNa be a different. US You against you to tell the difference because you've been telling me Raven over how last year he guys that came off to three guys they were quarterbacks here here Carson Wentz. undefeated in December and took the team on his back and without a bad player over an illegal hit of course, I would've roll off into the sunset. Maybe how did that play out? You told me now the same guys or lack of Same guys is now an issue win last year you gave him praise for that. Make some sense of dot show. Now here's the thing when you're a franchise quarterback, we have because you are we winning in spite of you or are we not winning at all because of you and that's what Carson Wentz has to deal with do not keep trying to play Wacko all the issue. Well, don't put daily Hersi because he offers. Oh. My God no receivers 'cause you're not going to make condense sits of this. There is evaluation every position no matter what we come into in the locker room we can win we can lose. We have individual meetings we have position meetings and then those position meetings what can you say that's positive to Carson wentz right now I don't see it. So we see now is a quarterback and his confidence at all time low therefore, his performance is that an all time low carson wentz outside of maybe kirk cousins this year has been the most underachieving quarterback and buy some metrics. Thank you. This year I salute you have to stop the bleeding. This is a situation where if you want to stop the hiccups you've got to scare you gotta wake him up. You gotTa shock them. You can't just let them continue breathing as normal and expect them to stop making this. Here's why I disagree I disagree because regardless of how ugly it looks it looks bad. I've seen every eagle played in the first several eagles getting back in two thousand thirteen. But I've seen every eagles game for the last seven years all all because I was in some and then I've been watching the rest. This is as bad as Carson Wentz his vote including his rookie year, which was bad. But here's the thing in point. If if the eagles were half a game back and we're and we're to win one, would we be tripping know? So my thing is Marcellus the Eagles Tiller, only a half game back in the NFC. You'RE GONNA bench. Carson Wentz who is bad. I will continue to iterating. He is playing bad the but if you're going to bench Carson Wentz though you're a half game back as not very wise mu, the eagles made their bed. Here's why and I'm a I'm a preacher on your point four second. y'All chose to pay Carson wentz thirty two and a half million dollars annually y'all chose those still to not give him any help. Josh Allen is bald and right now Baldwin who he acquire in the off season two phone Stefan dig kind of is ball and right now here in the off season. The Andrei Hopkins Andre. But you got Carson Wentz who paid you will pay didn't pay. Marcellus. You Pay Carson Wentz and yet. UK back into the season with Alshon with an older aging Sean Jackson you and you didn't even do anything to help him. He's still playing bad. Yes. But y'all quit yourselves. In this position, you draft eight her second round when this is the best receiving draft class, we've seen the last two decades. To Bench Carson Wentz right now is dumped for two reasons number one. Is Not tailing hurts got any help out there. So what's GonNa Happen You put Jalen Hers Air. He sucks now, what's your move Marcellus here? Here's my move is the fact that I'm not gonNA look at the GM and say what number do you wear? You don't wear number eleven I'm not going to look at the moves or the lack thereof of move this say. Its own you I'm looking at Carson Winston. I don't give a damn what I put you in in terms of situations and circumstances play yourself out of them. If you're going to be a franchise quarterback if you're not, you're not a franchise quarterback, you just came up here the Dallas cowboys which tied for first offenders. Issue and on top of that, that press guy was having another career year backing up career last year in his own evaluation. But then it's going to be like mercy rule when it comes to. It makes no sale I've said and I will say it again Carson Wentz playing bad. That is not mercy. I said that Prescott is playing great put everything in context but here's my thing you look at the Shawn. Watson their own three right now you're actually their record is worse than eagles. So awesome about a bad quarterback Carson wentz right now is playing back but what sean he ain't got no help. You look a Matthew Stafford, the course of his career I'm don't Love Matthew Stafford I know does love him I. I'm not a Matthew Stafford crush kind of guy. But as the Mash Matthew Stafford defendants, he hasn't have any help around him. He's only had one thousand yard rusher in his career. I think it might have been Reggie Bush back in like, I, don't know twenty thirteen or something like that but that being said. The Eagles y'all major. I'll bet. y'All. Know we gotTA Laze spider is having nightmares and there's only one of them on his team and you're the reason for Carson. wentz. If you can't, you can't one day say oh, I could play in spite of was around me and the next they say I can't play because it was Don't take that. Let me ask you this. Marcella. Samantha's if you are a runner if you're a marathon runner and you go out there and you break the world record, I'm not going to be mad at you. If you don't break the world record again or if you fall short carson, Wentz last year was the only quarterback in NFL history if I'm not mistaken on top of the dome. Four thousand dollars with no five hundred yard receivers he broke a figurative speaking record I'm not gonNA. Be completely disgruntled I will say with real quick with Carson Wentz if he can't do it again but also mind you he's also down three offensive linemen plus autos receivers, and that is del Vicky Eliana what the hell happened. You weren't training you getting tattoos I don't know what the hell happened to you. I'm looking at it like but deck still putting up career numbers stack is still puts on his back. Carson Wentz is stepping on his own team's fingers. Here's the thing. You keep saying it's like this three three-game sample size TJ came on here. To let me say it again the last two years. Since Carson Wentz was VP candidate under five hundred course West right now is under the Mendoza Line it's hers a completion percentage has that fifty nine percent. You know who is hovering around Trubisky who got bitch? I told you about her cousins and to Wayne Haskins and you can't thirty two and a half million dollars. Can you stop playing game with ally? We're in overtime Carson Wentz led them to three drives that ended in a punt. Carson Wis.. It all matters, context matters and Matters guess what Carson Winston underachiever to them. If you want to do that unless lead if you WANNA, do that. Let's do this. Carson Wentz his last two years to the full season. He's fifteen sixteen in one. Fifteen who? One. That Prescott last year. Nine and eleven. So if you want to go there, let's Day is now. Just last year. To. Ask the same amount number. Eight last year last year he has one win this year. Nine and then he lost nine ten at the. Theft teams sixteen in one respect. The same thing well, which one is in career games and keeping his team in it and plans toe to toe with. And what's one is losing to Jober who just got picked a couple months ago ourselves we stopped that they both lost to the rams. They both lost to the Ram. Sir they both like what what are we? What are we talking about here is? You losing his how you're performing in the wins and losses I. Don't understand what you missed in NFL evaluation process but they grab you. They don't always grab. Let's talk about the fact that they didn't lose because Peterson decided to play for a tie with under twenty seconds left in overtime Doug Peterson decided to punt rather than try a sixty four yard few war or have Carson wentz attempt to get the first down to the Game Peterson said he didn't want to give the Bangla sort field but earlier today changes to and a little bit playing listening. In that situation now you go from fourth and seven to four and twelve. It's a tough thing. I mean again, looking back, you probably put it in your quarterbacks hands to to win the game. You Know Zach was having a decent second half and some of the guys and you know you look back on it and you go. Okay let's let's trust. Let's trust those guys and put it in their hands before twelve is not only to overcome that you know they've gotTa Take Eleven guys doing the right thing. Marcellus I know how I feel but are you okay Doug Peterson playing four tie. Play. Hello of not comfortable with my coach going out there say, Hey, if nothing happened today nothing happened today roll the dice but you know what this is is. A greater story is being told and not enough people are paying attention to the erosion of confidence is contagious. People have to remember that when confidence starts to go it other stay in your body it affects all those around you trying to pull in the same direction look at now Doug Peterson confidence that went it starts to enroll with his quarterback which affected in a row with his kicker, and then now it's a in him. It's here's how he goes about his business. Today one that Super Bowl you know at the two thousand Seventeen Doug Peterson did he wrote a book? The name of that book talk to me fearless. Talking about how I'm fearless in crunch situations. Critical moments are roll the dice, and that's why he went home last night woke up this morning and realized I have lost my way but I'm not even blaming Peterson. You know why? Because he lost his way because he was directed to lose his way by his quarterback by continue it to invest in by. That is a depreciating asset at the moment I just say cut. I'd say trait Carson West I think it up well hell of a time out and just scare the hiccups out of him. Because right now we are teetering on the border of the hits like a dude who just doesn't know is way it's affected everything. Now you in a situation where you have a kicker, whose may a sixty one yard or game winner against giant three years ago who made a? Fifty four yard or in this same game, you don't even give him a stroke at why because you don't believe in your quarterback which makes you believe your kicker which makes you not believe in yourself. The more I've gotten out of football the longer I've been out of football. The more I. Realize this phrase I'm about to utter a this here players are a reflection of their coach if you're coaches scared. Scared. Are the same person who ran the phillies special. Biggest stage of the biggest game of the biggest moment of your career Doug Peterson, you had a tight end and Trey Burton catch flip pass from your running back and flip the ball to Nick foles Indians Oh the same Doug Peterson who ran the phillies special against the Bonte New England patriots. As. Too scared to play to win against the Bengals a Bengals team that won two games last year and no because all. Of course, kick the field goal you said Jake. Kelly. It hit a sixty one yard against the I was at that game coronary end zone. I was watching it with the team mates old team mate at the time. He kicked a sixty one yard Jay. Kelley it's done net. Let him take the swing sixty four yarder yes. He misses the bengals get the ball at the forty seven yard line. They got about twenty seconds and change to get twenty yards. But at least you go down swinging Marcellus what do I tell us? You play to win a gain you don't play the tie well, not tied a bengals. The. pushback on that when you say that that's not absolute if your team is doing well, if your team is on a win streak, if your team has a quarterback, you believe in there's opportunity where you want to play for tie because you don't WanNa loss. So what what a tires? Accentuate. Whatever you're going to if you're winning a ties, not go kill you. If you're losing a tie is going to kill you because you still don't have a winning formula. You have not reversed course you had not changed the flow. So this situation know who you're dealing with North that Carson Wentz is starting to lose confidence and team around you is starting to lose confidence. That's the perfect prime opportunity to roll the dice through some you say. Carson. Wish you WanNa talk about that but I'm here to tell you what you learn about the game of football is mind over matter brother I don't care how big fastest growing you are. If it's not working up here between the ears, you have an issue and right now he had the perfect moment to say, let me inject some confidence in his team. Let me get that good feeling going. That's when you're supposed to do it and Doug Peterson lay flat. I don't WanNa talk about it. This is how mandate. Peterson this fourth twelve. Don't Roll Carson Wentz out there. He already been bad fourth and twelve. He could take a sack he pick and he could throw an incompletion there's not on Carson Winston Peters New the head coach of course wants has been terrible. PUT IT in the hands of somebody who's been great hurts historically great. No. The Kicker Take Kelly you. Put it in his leg. Let them take off kicked a sixty four yard because to Marcella, says point if you make that and you're wanting to your now tied for first or again half game back in the division depending on how you look at it. Now sure Dope Peterson you're only a half game back sitting ghetto to in one but the same Doug Peterson and had the guts to run the phillies special against the New England patriots in the Super Bowl is the same doug? Peterson. For Tie against the Bengals and the Eagles Fan I can't it used to believe in this quarterback. That's why he did coming up. Lebron is headed to the Ted NBA finals. We'll find out why king actually has more to lose than win against the heat next week for yourself. Back to speak for yourself, let's move on to the NBA where Lebron James Lead the Lakers to the finals for the first time in the decade finishing with a triple double including sixteen point four quarter. Making his trip to the finals where he is three and six or. So it makes sense that ahead of his match up with the heat, he said quote right now it don't mean. Unless I get it done joined now by Fox NBA analysts, slick of euchre but I. I is abroad have more to win or lose in the finals. Shout out to the king first and foremost for ten NBA finals month on rapper over. Out to the home, let's let's keep it real man Lebron has more to lose than win right now, and again as Lebron Fan I had to go back all weekend and I was thinking about it. I said Oh hold on now he made it but boy he better winning let's look at the Braun in the finals Oh, seven first time in the finals only been a League for few years at that point you lose to the spurs what does I got three MVP three future hall of Famers in Hall of fame coach Okay have the Mavericks I'm a comeback to that would come back to that. Again as far as four future hall of Famer. Hall of fame head coach. Then you lose three times to the warriors. They got three future hall of famers how depend on how you want to count it hall of fame head coach all of those losses you can kind of be like, okay you know what? This is excusable. But if the bronze somehow loses today, he led by Jimmy, Butler. Even, top seventy player of all time that is completely indefensible. Now, let me get back to this mavericks clauses. The reason the Mavericks Lost Lebron had was so bad one them because he lost a Mavericks Dirk. A top five. Of all time top fifteen player by my imagination. But I'm from Dallas I know unbiased. The reason is Lebron played terribly. It's not that he lost the Mavericks as the fact that Hell he lost a maverick. So the problem here Marcellus slick is very, very simple. Greats. Have those five, six tips as you look at it whether you want to look at Magic Corinne Jordan Koby but by getting four, that's really not a huge different from three. So I think Lebron doesn't have more to lose any does have to win however I do think he is going. Never. Knew you were out there playing not to lose. That's the which, of course he has more to win if he goes out there and plays and wins the championship with the. Lakers. At the drought, the Lakers, the great though lovely Los Angeles Lakers are back into finals because of the King of course, he has more win. Let's talk about this. First of all. I'll chose protests like Lebron's Ben Great into finals in terms of win loss column in terms of winning percentage you know he's three and six in the final so. It's not like you go upset the apple cart if he loses again, that'd be three and seven. However, if he wins then that you got four and you go into rarefied air wiser rarefied because go from three to four. You take away a lot of guys you start entering this shack category and then you start getting towards that Kobe and that Jordan category. But the reason why it makes so much sense for Lebron go out there and make sure he wins again as being. Lebron is trying to win this fight on the scorecards. He can't win it by knockout and we know he's fighting Michael Jordan the goat I think Lebron is to go but I'm not about to have a barbershop argument what you guys but I know how can silence you in department shop if Lebron James goes out there for his third time would differ franchise three different franchises and not only goes out there and win the championship. But let's win the finals MVP. No one has ever done net Georgia's win to perfection argument six. And finals and no game seven. That's how he wins it. What quitter bow about sentence get out to barbershop Lebron has to go out there affect the scorecards. This is going to be a twelve rounder if it's the Brian James He has to take into deep water and how does he do that by winning another championship? Would a team that we're used to seeing being great but of late has not been great but the king here he has a lot to win in this situation. Now let me explain how the media works because the media is going to determine the narrative on whether he wins or loses. Can we agree on that? I, mean ultimately it's going to be decided by everybody watching the media coming into the season I. Went Back to check because I know that people had really devalued the Lakers in spite of Anthony Davis Lebron James being there but the anticipation was. That, they were not going to win the western conference. final. Western. Conference title much less win the NBA. Championship the Great Sam Smith had them as the fourth seed, The New York, times eight experts. There was only one who had the Lakers. Even playing in the Western Conference finals and that was losing to the clippers. The sporting news had them as the fourth seat ESPN and their one hundred experts. Had them as the fifth seed in the Western Conference so This is how the media works when something extraordinary happens when when the media predicts something and it doesn't happen there proved wrong somebody must have done something extraordinary in order for that to be upset. That's the view. Of Lebron James, simply getting to the finals at this point. So two more sell US point like he's three and six in the fines if he's three and seven in the finals. So what he wasn't coming close to to to Jordan anyway. The last dance put to bed the idea crush. The idea that Lebron James is in the goat conversation. If he goes now four and six, any wins a third title with a thirteen everybody's GonNa look at that and say, well, Kareem abdul-jabbar didn't do that Shaquille O'Neal didn't do that only two teams to championships. Michael Jordan had six out of six. But that was all in one place. He will suddenly have something that no superstar has ever done and that is going to relight that conversation about goat, which is something that as of right now is dead and gone that's what he has to gain if he doesn't win. Okay. He's just where he is now guy who can get to the finals all the time but not necessarily win. Slick. You said things I agree with some things. Me and morsels like peanut, butter, and Jelly. New but I don't even know what the dissect but I'm happy and real quick slit. I look good sandwich make. In, Real Quick Lebron is in the conversation right now. Obviously, this is the last green but stance with a little bit. I mean the last dance was phenomenal. But the last dance had some extra theatrics. Here's what I will say. Well, the has done is utterly impressive I mean. Jordan, did crazy. Obviously, you go six for six but he always there with Phil Jackson, Lebron, Wherever Lebron, goals whatever Lebron touches like might as it turns to gold. Literally how you go to a chip with Tyler Lou then you go with culture then you come back with Vogel, but that's neither here nor there let me say this in a way that everybody can understand. All remember that Game Super Mario Super Mario Brothers. We used used to just be on the. Original, of course, but remember the final stage, the final level you had to beat Bowser you have to that was that was it bows thousand worth tournament right here thousand bows Michael Jordan and Lebron is playing with one life left. If Ron Loses his finals, he will be disqualified from the goat conversation like if you were to lose with one life and. Super Mario that's it. You gotTA turn the game. That's it him too little. Bro Hand the big little sister. Hannah. Takes big sister. But if Lebron beats this level, he's still just closer to beating browser because Lebron gets his fourth. He's just closer to catching Jordan but it's not as though he's going to beat bells or beat Jordan on this level. So. As I, look at it us as very simple Lebron can disqualify himself from the conversation right here, and now sure he's still in the conversation but if Lebron lose to the heat completely inexcusable, you can lose to the Spurs. No seven. That's fine. You can lose to the with Kawai Plus pop plus the big three you can lose to Steph and K. B, you can lose to Steph and clay and dream on. But if you lose the tyler hero these cold but what is he twenty if you lose to Bay Amata Bio Rockwell because he Nigerian but let's be real if you lose Jimi buckets congratulations but jemmy buckets is not as if he's he's a ten fifteen time all star it's inexcusable and indefensible. Till I, know why you're doing this because you don't Wanna use the word asterisk. On An. Ounce network but the reality is you're not taking into account the bubble. The bubble creates a built in excuse for not excuse rationale as to why Lebron James Win win this if Miami Heat wins it with a young team. Well, it's because the bubble it's it's more of an AA atmosphere, tyler hero and Bam Otto Bio and these guys who are closer to playing in a tournaments than they are in playing the NBA finals have an advantage not a disadvantage you have Eric's. Pollster who not only knows Lebron James Up and down but has a huge advantage over Frank Vogel who's never been in these deep waters before by the way Anthony Davis never been in these deep waters before Oh, he's got the oldest team that was supposed to be the fourth or fifth seed in the Western Conference and by the way Lebron James Thirty five. So what should we really expect from him at thirty five? I, just feel that are so many things that we that. Anybody who is Lebron Acolyte can point to and say, well, it's amazing that he got to the Western Conference or the finals with this particular squad and this team we never expected that. You mentioned the finals in two thousand and seven when he lost to the Spurs and yes. Nobody expected them to win, but he also didn't take hit for that. When he was in Miami, he was expected to win because those teams were built and he took a to win championships not just one but not just five to six. and. So when they didn't win in two thousand and eleven, he took a massive hit because he was expected when he won in Cleveland to over the seventy three win warriors not expected not expected to come back from three one was given all sorts of accolades. It's only when he's expected to win is there a price paid for Lebron James and right now in spite of everything? I don't look at this matchup and say Lebron James in the media's is was expected to win a championship maybe as of right now because it's the Miami Heat but in the big picture, he was never expected to even be at this point. The Bron James Only Beats Michael Jordan and the goat conversation if he kills them. By a death of a thousand paper cuts you gotta remember he can't not out Jordan because Michael. Jordan was perfect. Even if he took a break in retirement six zero, no game said is not gonNA to one hit a quitter day but a death by thousand paper because if you Lebron, you start to say we have more points and more rebounds Ham more sis my pr was right there if not higher depends on how you finishes his career noble of trips to the finals number of trips to the finals with different organizations, number trips to the. Finals if you piece like, that's how you kill Michael Jordan, you got a BOA constrictor. Round. Start to hold on, we'll see if the goat the king can do that coming up the bears behind more nick foles heroics bring in other Auto Sam. See what he'll say about what the decision to bitch trip bisky look like. Just speak for yourself. Welcome back to speak for yourself. Let's move to the bears who bets struggling mischievous Sunday for Nick foles to start the second half. Tocado was down by sixteen points the Falcons but falls led them on three scoring drive in the fourth quarter I got the win no surprise today head coach Matt Nagy announced. The balls will be the bear started this week against. India. Well. Loving. Better than one out Joe but to. Go had to bring him a big brother former bears linebacker there for four years to weigh in on this conversation Marcella. So you up I agree with Matt Nagy's decision to bench trubisky Nope nope. nope. Don't like this decision at all. This is what players always talk about when they start to say they hate the game because of the business side of the game, the politics and I hate when the politics are on the tip of. Your lip. But you try to hide under performance and that's what I'm seeing right now thinly veiled Oh, I had a gut feeling Matt Nagy said and try to use it on performance when really is just a politics at play don't you dare coats come out there to an undefeated quarterback this season and is having a bad game I give you that and all of a sudden say this is the moment we should transition and play The Nick, foles card, daily plan, the car. So early for understand what Nick foles is there to do push push Mitch Trubisky and obviously be there in case of emergency break glass Nick foles comes out and save the day. But right now you WANNA use this as the moment. So what's going to happen is the sports guys are going to say Karma will come get you matt, Nagy, when you come back in that locker room and You start to tell the guys I guys you know we're going to go forward nick foles right now they're going to look around and say missiles kind of bowling coach. Mix, Mitch was undefeated this year. That's how you treat. You treat a player when he's playing well and hasn't lost a game just yet. Oh, and you'RE GONNA start to lose the belief from your team in you as the head coach be careful if you met nagy right. This one is tough for me I. Got Love for Mitch. I have more love for Nick but let's go with facts over feelings. Matt Nagy made the right decision and it's not because Mitch Trubisky was at fault but ultimately, hindsight is twenty twenty they won the game but I'm not even GonNa go because that's a little bit set in jest here's what I will say Mitch Trubisky was not going to. Lose the Chicago bears the game but nick foles won the Chicago bears the game understand there's a delineation between that Mitch wasn't GonNa be the reason we're fault. He was thirteen for twenty one touchdown on a day like he wasn't playing bad statistically speaking but nick foles came in there and played great falls threw three touchdowns one interception. But if you watch the game that one interception actually was a touchdown both. The receiver and the defensive all possess the ball into the end zone. So you can't even really fault him for that. Here's the thing we have to remember. Mitch has not been playing bad and I also put a lot of blame on Matt Nagy for the struggles of Mitch trubisky since he has entered into the League but uh In Mitchell's last eleven drives again, essentially four quarters of play. The bears have put I believe maybe ten points total nick foles goes into near touchdown touchdown touchdown for whatever reason mit falls came in there and jump start at the team. I don't know what it was. I don't believe defensive players start playing harder when they see a quarterback go in at didn't happen for me. I. Saw Nick Foles replaced Michael Vick. As Mark Sanchez replace Nick foles when foles got hurt I didn't play any harder I don't know what it is, but the bears won the game. The bears are three and no one of six teams in the NFL. This three you know if Mitch would have finished that game off, they'd be sitting in two and one I can't be mad at the decision. You play to win the game you play to win the game what has Mitch Trubisky done. He's won games nick false came back Emmanuel and I love you do I really do but Nick Foles Falls back from sixteen point deficit what a Mitch Trubisky do we. Come, back from a sixteen point. Three three three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. To win the game, what did miss? Do we one through three touchdowns in the fourth quarter to win the game? Do I think they posted Aggie made the right decision I absolutely do not, and here's why similar to Marcella said it's almost like. You're dating somebody. You know you're not really committed to him, but you wanted to bring him out you by taking them out. No I, don't want that man if I'm not the guy, not the guy don't tell me if I'm Mitch Trubisky don't tell me we have a competition winning competition all of a sudden I make a little tiny mistake. I throw an interception right everybody big and I was sitting on bed right? Don't put that veil in front of me. That does two things number one that kills the quarterbacks confidence and like Martha's talked about earlier. This piece of man what two plays and Locker Room really say is Mitch Really Our guy is GonNa throw toothpicks. WE'RE GONNA go back to Mitch who are we what their identity going to be i? Here's my. The. then. So you can't question the coach's decision because they won the game like as ultimately that you can I mean if you leave and Mitch and the setting the two and one today would be like man probably should've went to foles, but we don't have to ask ourselves at because he put in a foles and he made the right decision Mitch shouldn't have been benched based on his performance. But. Ultimately if you were watching the Game Mitch was not about to come back from that game again, let me get more specific because I uttered it a little bit wrong last time. Mitch's had his previous eleven drives Mitch's yielded ten points and three turnovers in four quarters of play. He hasn't been on right now now to my brothers point, the Chicago bears have been looking for the door. How can we get out of here I? Want to mess it let's get out to my brothers point. There's a Kogyo players have been looking at Mitch out the door but ultimately, if the bears leave Mitch in, they don't win Nick foles. If there was a six man of the year ward football, Nick foles would win it. He comes in and he has the greatest relief quarterback of all time. Now I disagree I, don't think they should start nick foles again this week that's where I disagree I would go out and start Mitch because you're starting to close this week and now Nick foles performance bad. Now, you win a world to hurt. But as for yesterday now, with the bear sitting at three hundred, seventy percent chance, you make the playoffs if you know I'm not mad at it all the. Time right there because I know you don't believe a damn word you just said it doesn't matter how we we love. We went what the Hell's a team have to do a winning chemistry. You don't WanNa respect but that is let me give it to you and your world you are up here arguing right now that a bad decision that got good results is something. You. Should support something you should champion never I can tell you ain't got no keys audio. Let me tell you this. You cannot go out there and put Popov's too bad decisions. Even if good results give you an example, you're on your way to work you know you're running late and there's that red light and you're like Oh, this is a bad decision but I'm running. And you get through you get to work on time and everything works out good result but that's still a bad as is keep doing it and see what happens to you Emmanuel Acho. So let's do the real apples to apples comparison of these two quarterbacks because Otto cookbooks I started learning last twenty four starts. Let's talk about Nick Foles who's been eleven thirteen and those last twenty four I seventeen, seven for Mr Bisky interesting. How about let's talk about how they're performing us down interceptions Oh twenty, three, and eighteen for. Nick Foles, but thirty one and eighteen for Mitch Trubisky. Oh, you'd think players don't have google. You players understand that hey, the politics are at play to the point where it's clouding the vision of those upstairs and Nagy was just a pawn in the process really trying to go through with the marching orders that will politically driven to get Mr Bisky out of the situation where they can have leverage to go forward. I've seen happen too many times and they use it against undefeated quarterback who actually had a better win percentage. Foes of recent history. So make it make sense to be sought joke but I don't see how you can. I. Love. We're talking about here. We're talking about quarterbacks email you something earlier about quarterbacks being the is success and and understand that we're talking about Mitch Trubisky Biscuit. Falls well, let me tell you what no one is talking about. Nobody's talking about this. I'll, go bears. BACK IN TWO THOUSAND EIGHTEEN I played on the team back in two thousand eighteen. This defense was a top twenty defense of all. They were not been about break defense. Then we're not GONNA banned we're not gonNA break. We are the best defense probably ever argue. Twenty nine in the defense progressed. Now Twenty twenty, the defense has been very much. Let's hope for a good play. Hope for an interception. Hope for drop touchdown, help our when games. So the real issue has nothing to do with the quarterback Matt if Mr Bisky back there on the ball and match your if you're Nicole. Back, they're throwing the ball. This defense needs to step up and be what is advertise. Yes. There Allen across the board Danny Trevathan. Roquan Smith. Akeem. Hit Khalil Mack Robert Quinn Eddie Jackson poplar the list goes on and on. But the fact of the matter is this defense is a plane up to their standards admittedly. So before we start asking blame and. Making Mitch Trubisky, the scapegoat, let's look at the defense that's not living up to par they're not performing as advertised. I don't care about the defense like Marcella said, that's vessels. We're up here to make TV. Popcorn popcorn and desert. And Marcel say let me tell you about this before I have to let you go. Marcellus is the king of cooking books Marcellus Nick Foles is eleven and seven in the last four seasons. Marcellus had to go back to twenty fifteen when Nick foles went four and seven is a starter granted. I gotTA. Grab apples to apples twenty four starts you last twenty four no, no, no. No. I'm the one grabbing the apples because I'm the sous-chef real chef. Okay. You don't want Cook enough here. Coming up in our big story Prescott through for nearly five hundred yards cowboy still lost. We'll tell you if you proved anything Sunday. Next. To Watch be for yourself presented by Hyundai Marcellus Wiley. Manual. Back to Phil Far big story. Dak Prescott. Water around here for nearly five hundred yards against the seahawks Sunday deck had three touchdown passes. Could the same game winning here from last week? Due to? Potential game pass in the end zone. Still Win for the SEAHAWKS. Cowboys are now wanting to start to seize. That couve anything in seahawks. Now he didn't. But but here's why didn't we know this back Prescott that cross costs a good quarterback great a minute. What our from great deficit play the damn game between. Here's what I'm mean. Hitting here's what I mean. I got do last year top five in passing yards top-five and passing touchdowns cowboys, nate. Where's that press right now top two in passing yards. ooh Up there in passing touchdowns. Wanted to here it is. Here's a full screen like don't even listen to my words look at the numbers completion percentage last year thirteen percent this year seventeen percent. Last year passing touchdown four this year he'll get up there don't worry about that twelfth I'm not trying to shave deck but does That Prescott is going to fill up the stats sheet fill up the box score and the cowboys are going to end up seven and nine, eight, nine, seven, ten in six depending on how to coin lands that day that improve anything not this isn't an indictment on debt but to prove something means I need to learn something new seen something I didn't already know that press got lost to another playoff team congratulations last year he beat. One playoff team the Philadelphia Eagles, the eagles made the playoffs again, I will tell you again because the eagles also beat the cowboys this year, the rams are likely going to make the playoffs, the seahawks or clearly gonNa make the player that Prescott lost both of them. The Falcons are not going to make the playoffs two, thousand, zero, one, three just lost the Chicago bears who had to bring in relief cowboys beat them by one point. What did you? Learn. You gotTA, start lying to say you learned anything I just can't wait to hear these live first of all you keep conflicting I didn't say I learned the new deck was great and he proved it when he was great, you can do the same thing and prove that that's actually a reality. You Wear Nice suits every damn day to the point where every day you prove that you weren't. I don't need to see you where we're zoot you gotTA Andre Three thousand. You know what he proved that he could dress I get it. You can do the same thing and it's just so people are late to the Party Otto, you're late to the party. I'm just bored overed income up. Oh, you board of a guy who's wanted division twice came second to other two years. Oh, you're bored of a guy who has the number one office last year number one office issue all your born of a guy who was a one man army because if you wanNA look I can. Issue is all around him. He has a new head coach who still do an integration office. Offense. Then you look at the situation, the running game, Zeke Elliot thirty four yards, and you never started a year with three straight games under one hundred. He's good rushing off on size. Which is Break. And points allow. So the point of it is what I learned this debt I got is that Prescott is a franchise quarterback and a great, and now he's proving for you to see proven as something new that he's a one and want to be an average France. So he is he's a franchise quarterback. Somebody who's not average our guy NFL analyst Bucky Brooks bookie sit out show straight only your data. Lost to the that's GonNa have to quit lining up on the wrong into this argument with me because I feel so bad sometimes when I grow up to those real but. Only got one more. Here's the thing that we have were dead Preska. Anything take out of debt Prescott this year is his absolutely a franchise quarterback because as Marcellus out there outlined like all the things that he doesn't have I'm asking more to it. Yes. Yes. A new coach who for whatever reason is trying to do this analytic thing and try and gopher gambles and do all this aggressive stuff that has putting his team in harm's way. But beyond. That he's playing with a bad defense, the defense can't stop any body balls are flying overhead. So the cowboys are always chase moat, but that's not enough. He's playing with an office of line a look I'm not saying that you can't be an undrafted player but for so long we heard all of this stuff about the cowboys offers a line and they got these first round picks. Up The line yesterday once again, they tried it out to undrafted free agents and office tackle. President I got press Kelly winning around for and his life and low a no show back to back over four hundred, fifty yours and I know we like to bring up that he had three giveaways. One of those last giveaways was a hail Mary Pass. Around like a top. And throw it up because he didn't have a choice. So if anything if I'm Jerry Jones and Steve and. I feel even better about Dak Prescott because he wasn't Joel. With numbers without anything being around him imagine if they start playing the right way and the right way was the way that they played when he first got into the league whereas balance and their big running back that is getting all that money was actually plan like a big money running back. That's when it becomes the Dak. Prescott wins and that's why I think they should feel great about Dak Prescott being a forty million-dollar quarterback. Taste. Good. You're told them up a little barbecue sauce on my finger right here. Let me just highlight one fact that you say first cowboy's quarterback ever to have consecutive four hundred passing yard games and that's the cowboys franchise I one ever Acho you ain't. GonNa. Go words a different game with Marcellus Troy Aikman to over twenty touchdown passes once in his career don't talk to me about. quarterback who's now thrown for four hundred dollars twice as completely different game stop cooking book is what I will say lucky you're right. Marcellus you're right that Prescott is a franchise quarterback. There's a difference between between being a franchise quarterback and an elite quarterback. There's a difference between being a franchise quarterback and a super bowl winning quarterback Dak Prescott, a franchise quarterback for a franchise that we'll hover around eight and eight to ten and six. That's exactly what I got is back Prescott is I have no problem with that. Is Very. Good quarterback. Isn't a good coming up plus a Wilson was on fire again, Sunday were five touchdown passes. Real France. Back out of that, running away with MVP next week by yourself. Welcome back to speak for yourself. Let's talk about that man who been cooking Russell Wilson. He showed once again why he's a front runner for the MVP press added five more passes against the cowboys giving him fourteen on a season, which is the most through with teams I games in NFL history. That wasn't enough. He's only thrown one pick season mall. The marcellus tell me.

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