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Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast division of Watch. What happens live with me? Andy Cohen give your pump teniente star. Because it's like we're hanging out in the virtual back alley of Sir. It's watch what happens. Live at home with Tom. And Arianna and Jamison Raquel. Now welcome to watch what happens. Live at home. I'm Andy Cohen to vander pump. Rules couples joining me from their homes. Only one of which may have furniture say hi to Tom and Arianna Matic's High Tomonori Games Kennedy and Raquel and this. Hi guys great to see you. I'm wearing my Tom. Tom sweatshirts of all of you. Look well thank you first of all. How are you all doing everybody? Everybody Okay and yeah I mean we're okay we're safe. I definitely feel like I almost always look like I just woke up. So we're GONNA we're staying busy working in some Legos and also working nice. How about you James Raquel? I'm envious of. Everyone has a pool right now. Risk cooped up in our little apartment. I'm envious of everyone. Who has a pool right now to James? How is your sobriety journey going? It's going really good actually. I'm coming onto eleven months and I just feel strong and in good just really happy here at. That's huge Tom. Your relationship with Jack's took a hit this season while jets continues to channel his into three to twenty gym a day. I want to give you the chance to talk it out. It's time for Jack's friendship I'M GONNA put forty five seconds on the clock. I just want you to freestyle. Share your side of the saga. Tell me where you're coming from. Your time starts now. Well after knowing him for twenty years I feel like I definitely been more of a giver in this friendship and I mean really after two years of a wedding where he really sort of flex his power held me much stricter like to find no sense like you know we got along. We made up before the wedding and after the wedding and I had a part of the same day the one and so you know now the rest of the sister guests right while he made it under tight. You still had time left Yeah I mean the Pool Party. That was a little pet petty. Right on your heart. You GotTa give what you get there. You Go Rick how you stood by James as he promised to change in these days in quarantine. There's really nowhere else to stand so I want to see if you've seen him transform and your cocoon with rock. Tell the truth Racquel. I'M GONNA ask you questions about James. He will confirm or deny okay. Cal Has James Talk Crap about Katie after they made no not as negative thing about Katie. You that's true James. That's sure that's okay. Has James set you any sober rage tax out? He hasn't that's true. Okay Raquel. Does James Ever bring up missing. Kristen no not at all. I don't even need to check in with James. That has james ever been irritated by Lisa's frequent check INS. I don't think he's ever irritated by always like he perks up when she calls him. That's Nice What is the most annoyed? You've been with James during the quarantine. He just spend hours in his office in a studio era literally going insane with nothing to do in my apartment so yeah that and playing call of duty. He doesn't let me have enough turns. What's The cockiest thing? James is guilty of saying in the past week I mean. He calls himself white gone yet. So I mean it's a focus thing like this way Need he's the best. Jeff ever happened cooking a lot from a lot. Really doesn't cook so I'm cooking cleaning. I'm doing it. Wow Are you making pasta? Ready all right okay. We'll tell me I wanNA move onto. You've made some bold moves throughout the years may not understand the motivation behind a few. Like I still don't totally understand why you were at Bravo Konin drag although I enjoyed it but I'm of you've second-guessed any choices. In retrospect I'm GonNa read off past behaviors. Tell us you regret it. All right. Arianna you regret criticizing the way Lisa handled business with the Times. No I don't because that rough passionately that I went through brought us to a really close and honest place in relationship for both of you. Do you regret purchasing a home. So close to Jack's no because we bought our house and then they bought houses by ours. You regret not purchasing furniture for your home sooner now. Do you have furniture now? Yes is it binds you and I can hear the family room and then there's the kitchen furniture here tonight. Our guys more plants three. Do you regret running away from Miami girl. When Kristen brought her to confront you at work. Now I don't know Tom. You regret shaving your four on camera now. I ask make you do it all the time. Arianna you regret allowing you and Tom. Delivered Kristen's and his old apartment for so long now because that allowed us to be able to afford a really Tom. Do you regret pulling out all the stops while being Jackson's best man. No no I enjoyed doing nice to get just added moment. I enjoy those things so both of you. Do you regret giving James Multiple second chances when the rest of the group wanted to be done with them. Now look at him an absolutely not last up. Do you regret dipping in the lady. Pond with La La and then her telling everyone about the encounter. Now actually Thomas Zone. Everybody everybody I regret through and now okay wait one more Tom. Do you regret the years you spent. Dating Krista No 'cause motivated me to. I feel like it made me. Ymca and it motivated me to make positive change and we're both better off because of the good. Okay guys. It is time to vander pump you for Info for all of us chantilly Espinosa on twitter said why do they think Jackson's insecure about Tomonori on his relationship? Do they feel it's because it's not a traditional relationship or just because he has a beef with Tom and he likes to take it out on. That was like a many parted question. I think that whatever issue as cousin get. Gosh I'd itself for it. I think I think Jackson's looks for dirt in order to throw it around because he gets bored or whatever. I mean honestly it's I mean I don't really tell them things anyways because he's never really been a safe place. I mean it's always leverage against you. Bring it up even if the board conversation so well Speaking of Racquel and James Alice Entex to them said both Jacks and Kristen have spoken out saying they don't think the two of you are in love what gives them reason to think this. And what's your reaction to that? I ran the only reason why people think we're not in love because I'm a pageant girl and I want the limelight which is like partially true but like I love James with all of my heart and he knows and I don't think I would have stuck it out this long if I didn't love him and it's really paid off and we aren't left an so with for cows while I. I can't believe that our relationship is grew so much stronger due to my sobriety. And it's because of scale right here and I think every day for I don't take for granted anymore. I'm just signed off with very sweet. Okay Arianna we got this a lot. Lauren from New Jersey wants to know why you got annoyed. Why you get annoyed when people comment about the lack of furniture you invite people over and see and then. You seem annoyed that anyone is in your house. I'm actually nowhere near northern my house. I over because I really enjoy having people over and I cooked for them and we make for them and so I don't know where she is making that but the annoyance about the comments about the furniture is because all of those people met in new about the designers that we were working with and we also filmed scenes where like going over fabric samples and things like that so people were very well aware of what our process was in what we were doing and so. I just found it like okay. We're just Kinda like GONNA make up this other thing and not talk about getting a lot of customs of made so it takes a lot of time takes like twelve weeks. I'm like the entirety of James and anyone who's been writing their fridge nonstop in quarantine knows that. It's always about the Pasta Jason Recall. I'm going to turn up the heat with some relationship questions. If you choose not to answer take a big bite of noodles now. Did you make that foster that you're off Sylviane from home simple dish? That looks good. Oh my God wreck held is James. Prefer dirty talk or baby talk in the bedroom James. What's one personality? Trait Lala demonstrates that you wish Raquel had. When do I eat the Pasta? You eat it if you don't want to answer the question. What's one personality trait. That la La demonstrates that you wish raquel hat. Yeah I thought so Raquel. What's one thing? James could be better at as a DJ. He's a great DJ crossfire. James Rain Rock Kells. Waitressing ability is on a scale of one to ten. I'm GONNA go off. Okay that's not bad cal what's the worst thing that James had said to you via rage taxed that we don't know about this whole of K. Have you ever made out with a girl who wasn't raquel? While the two of you were dating you said no and then you ate pasta. Well eating the K. Read cal beyond a certain scale of one to ten. Is the food at Sir. Start as attempts love the girl Pasta James. What is the furthest that you and Logan ever gotten anything ever? He wishes I and he used to say nothing ever happened. I don't I'm completely stripe. Thank you and you can keep eating your pasta because it looked so good. I don't want it to get cold. I won't say who's one of tonight's head-to-head pool parties was clearly more boring. I want to challenge my Gusta select between some neck in next with what's more boring Brown. Shoes GonNa read off Pairs of scenarios from your group. Pick which one would make you not off. This is a game for everybody. Wants more boring rage. Tax from Jackson rage tax from Tequila Radio Shacks. From Jack's what's more boring attending Stasi's book reading or attending Kristen's James made t? Shirt pop up. I may up because the up had like fortune tellers. And David Wayne's which is like a lot of things going on it's harmless more boring decorating scooters crocheting with Katie same. What's more boring? Witches of we hold wine lunch event or a roller disco party the Mayan. What's more boring? A murder mystery rehearsal. Dinner or an Improv. Do Sheena shape performance at our own engagement party. I'll say this only because I've seen she number forms so many times. I've never been murdered history. What's more boring volunteering at? Vander pump dogs or tracking to SCHINAS APARTMENT FOR ENCHILADAS. No tricking has a permanent. Our thanks for playing her boring. Okay more viewers. Tom Wendy texted. Is it true you were rude? Discusses Mama Jackson Britney's wedding is because Stasi read you for filth at Tom Tom. I Guess Stasi's Mom Dana wrote about it on instagram. Heard about that because I didn't know. Give her an umbrella or something. I grabbed every umbro. I've brought umbrellas myself. I grabbed every member like castle rock fans and stop and I was trying to hand them out to people. Like I'm not going to have an umbrella in a fan out. The same person was trying to space now but no I was just walking around out. No I if she took it that way. There was not any. I didn't planned it that way now. Through shining date racale. Rj Oregon wants to know how you were able to stay so calm when la La to you on girls night. I'm visit calm. Person and honest lay lalas. Attacks aren't not surprising anymore. So let's see Tom. Tracy 'em said looking back now. Do you see that you acted like a toddler having a temper. Tantrum Tantrum with regard to stop sees book signing event. I really. I don't see that I had so much as temper tantrum. I just freaked the hell out the night before because as we talked about Union Ryan up things uncertainties. I hadn't heard from her. That personally wasn't her fault or a lot of other things going on. But yes what are regrets x? Messages for sure. What did you guys think of the reunion by the way what? What'd you guys? All think of the reunion. I thought it was great. I mean I was sorry. I love the whole setup. I mean I was so impressed. What production did they brought over these cheese? Everything was completely June. Acted the haven Where rules I mean. Sorry sorry everybody Else James. What did you think yeah? I thought it was really good. I thought that it was going to be boring in the beginning but after it was done. I was like this. Is the best reunion yet in asked leave that it was. I just didn't know we were gonNA Archer emotions across the screen. Arianna asking for a friend to twenty four. Wants to know how made you make you feel to have la dossier and Katie trashy on the Vandross pump after show so much I thought it was You wanted to say something James clarifier do baby talk all dirty talk in the bedroom. I don't know what he's talking about. Maybe talk what is baby. Never done that in my life my viewers an feeling Tomonori on. I have a feeling you guys are into full on role play like of address card role. Play I'm always me? Yeah but she's sometimes different person. Well you gotTa tell. Sometimes you don't tell me when I'm in yeah really it's always Arianna but sometimes Arianna like has this job or this patient soon sometimes. I'm just not aware that feeling me in so all right. Well I know we're all keeping a casual in quarantine but that's no reason to slouch on style for tonight's moment of muzzle. I'm throwing it Tom's other half Tom Schwartz for tips on how to style a Mulu. Take it away Tom. Yes I will rock and moon. There are no rules when I'm rocking a moon. I'm not only chilling. I'm I'm recharging my mind my body. So don't let anyone judge you when you're rocking your Momo. I mean how Bundy or Momo's homer Simpson Marlon Brando. You want it to be nice and loose baggy. If you're gonNA wear one just don't smell bad. It just seems Mujtaba. Who Don't be ashamed rocking. Moma where it loud where proud we're in quarantine they'd be. Nobody's judging thank you Tom Schwartz. You've solved I WANNA thank Tom. Arianna James Raquel tomorrow night. Denise Richards and June Diane Repeal at ten. We'll see that everybody thanks guys. Hey everybody it's the after show with Tom and Arianna and James Marquel. Great to see you guys For all of you dumb girl. Nineteen ninety-one wants to know. How do y'all feel about Katie and Stasi's beef with Kristin do you feel closer to either Christian or Katie result? I don't feel like I've gotten closer to either of them as a result of this beef but I I am close with both of them and I think that I can kind of understand where you're coming from the ultimate I do feel like I feel bad. That Christine doesn't have her friends Christmas she's must see you know like why we were friends and I hate to see the seven friends with them for so long and I see things like this happen. It it hurts. I don't like to see it. I wish they make up or Lou Ann from Boston wants to know why no one calls. Sheena out on her behavior with every new guy on the show. She said she's worse than a dog. In Heat. She starts more trouble than Kristen at this point. Arianna your closest friend Here I mean is zero pattern there. There's I would say you know yes. Sheena does get involved with people Pretty deep pretty fast but at the same time. There's a lot of stuff that you're not seeing on a show like things that are going on with you know maybe somebody that doesn't WanNA film And so I think that there's a lot more to that story and I don't WanNa like divulge like all verse alive but I wouldn't just take what you see on the show. Ask her entire life. Also I would like to say that. I thought she did one hell of a job on the season. I would go so fast. Say that she was the MVP of Likud for being willing to put it all out there time and time again great agree. I'd find Gina Ominously. Okay Tom Robin from Northern Kentucky. Wants you still want children on. It's something that I don't know I don't know yes but no but yes I don't know hundreds doesn't like when people speak in absolutes. Exactly he doesn't like to say yes or no to anything KINDA. Yeah I'm more Rock Leon. Ready to have kids but I mean I like the idea of them but I'm not like completely married to their idea but I am totally against the idea of being like you can't have kids. Yeah Sasha Diane said I love cal. She's a breath of fresh air on the show. Does she now know what the Pope on the balcony? I know the pout. Hope on the balcony is I hope has a balcony and he waves from his balcony and normally doesn't drink Rosa on the balcony but to be fair Lisa in riddles. And I figure that one out James. Tom Louis is out on it. You plug it for my birthday. This year Raquel basically made my second bedroom into the in the apartment studio and I pulled it the neon rumble. And I've been in quarantine in that making old. If this is the house music five tracks I made the drums. Everything produced it myself. And it's all fire and I call it the jungle so this EP. Jungle of Lights. And it's it's it's amazing stuff. Check it out on. Spotify is some heavy baselines and is fun shit. I know Tom will really dig it on this that. I love a check it out all right guys. Thanks James For cal. Tom and Arianna always hanging out with you. You make it real easy over here. Thank you so much. Stay healthy okay. I love you. Thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes live Monday through Friday at four? Pm Eastern time make sure you're subscribed great rusty or not.

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