Bertha von Suttner born - June 9, 1843


Creed an obsession lie at the heart of the feather thief, a page turning account of a museum, heist, that reads like a classic crime thriller, the feather thief dramatically recounts, theft of rare bird, feathers coveted on the black market. The man determined to possess them at any cost and the surprising history of commodity once worth more than gold declared absorbing by NPR and fascinating by the New York Times the feather thief is now in paperback wherever books are sold. This day in history class is production of iheartradio. Hi again. Welcome to this day in history class. We're history waits for no one. Today is June ninth twenty nineteen. The day was June ninth eighteen forty three. Baroness Berretta, Faleasiu, zofia von was born Countess Kinsky launched Janine to Dow in Prague Bohemia sooner wrote many novels and was a leader in the Austrian peace movement, and her work earned her a Nobel peace prize the first ever awarded to a woman, Bertos, father, count, Franz, Josef, Kinski died, just before she was born, he was a retired high ranking officer in the army her mother was named Sophie villa Meena von corner. She was about fifty years younger than her deceased husband and she did not get married, again, after her husband died and used the family's inheritance to raise. Beer to and her brother Verita was a member of the stock recy-, but he was also shunned by the high restock rec- because of her parents mixed social status in her younger years. She studied music and she read a bunch of. Books through her governess is tutors and travels throughout Europe, bear tub became fluent in French and English. In addition to German in eighteen seventy three, she became a governess for the baron von suit in her family in Lower Austria, while there, she fell in love with the youngest son of the family, Barron, are tour, Guna, car von sooner in eighteen seventy six bear till went to Paris to apply for a job as Alfred Nobel's, the secretary Alfred Nobel was a Swedish chemist an engineer who invented dynamite and founded the Nobel prizes. But she soon returns to Austria, and eloped with sooner acquiring the title of bear net though, she left within weeks of arriving in Paris. Mayor kindled friendship with no Bill that lasted until his death in eighteen ninety six the suitors were not too happy with our tour and Bertos marriage. So the couple went off to the Caucasus to live for now. Nine years. They earned a living there by teaching language and music, as well as writing Berretta wrote for literary papers using a pseudonym, and she wrote several books during this time including inventory of soul in which the argued for peace through technological progress, and advocated for disarmament never having lost her love for reading. She studied Charles Darwin. Herbert Spencer, Henry Thomas buckle, and Immanuel Kant in eighteen eighty five. The couple went back to Austria where they kept writing, but having already been close to the Russell. Turkish war of eighteen seventy seven eight hundred seventy eight she was familiar with how devastating war could be two years after they returned home. Bear tub began working with the international arbitration and peace association after learning about pacifism and employing peace arbitration rather than armed force. She began, including her ideals of peace. In her writing her book, the machine age, originally published in eighteen eighty nine under the pseudonym, your mind, meaning someone she wrote about how technological and economic progress would invoice for lay down your arms another book. She published in eighteen eighty nine was more successful than the first Russian author, Leo, Tolstoy, even compared it to Harriet Beecher, stowe's, uncle, Tom's cabin and anti slavery, novel, that is known for inspiring abolitionist them. And it's stereotypes of black people. The book garnered her considerable attention in the peace movement. Berretta started an Austrian branch of the international. Peace movement called the Austrian peace society in eighteen ninety one around this time she went to her first international peace congress. The universal peace conference in Rome, and started a fun to establish the burn peace bureau. She wanted to encourage a unified Europe in warrant a give. The ills of nationalism to also edited, and published diva thin Nita a piece journal with Alfred hair freed her husband co founded an organization that fought against anti semitism in Austria bear to continued on this same path for the rest of her life. She wrote articles, denouncing war and warmongering after her husband died in nineteen. Oh, two she carried on their work of social activism in nineteen zero five berto became the first woman to receive the Nobel peace prize. She had played a part in convincing. Alfred Nobel of the peace movement, and he wrote her a letter in eighteen ninety three three years before his death saying he hopes to establish a peace prize. She lectured on the progress necessary to achieve peace, and she attended the first and second international Hague peace conference in eighteen ninety nine in nineteen o seven. She also made a couple of trips to the United. States. Her nineteen twelve trip was a six month lecture tour Berretta faced ridicule from people who supported war, or anti semitism, anti was often perceived, as naive for her goals of peace, but she was prominent among pacifists circles, which mainly consisted, a men, and she became known as the generalissimo of the peace movement. She died on June twenty first nineteen fourteen of suspected cancer. Vienna's first hosting of the universal peace, congress to be held in September was cancelled because of the July crisis, a conflict that began with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo. I'm eve coat in hopefully, you know, a little more about history today than you did yesterday. You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at t the I h c podcast, and if you haven't already, you can listen to a new podcast that I host. Called unpopular unpopular is a show about people in history who towns the status quo and were sometimes persecuted for it. 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