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Number Of Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome Cases Grows To 93 In New York State


Parents are increasingly anxious. More Kids Battle Cove nineteen ABC. Stephanie Ramos reports on the fight involving kids on both coasts including here in Washington. The rare and dangerous illness possibly linked to Kobe. Nineteen infecting more children at least five deaths now under investigation the number of cases more than doubling in New York City. Thirty eight children now falling ill with pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome eighty five cases across the state. I'm deeply concerned as father. I am feeling the concern. I know other parents are doing at least sixty two reporting cases including Washington where thirteen year old Anthony Lawson nearly died. Anthony just was getting worse. Things just didn't seem quite right family thought. He was suffering from allergies but in a matter of days he became critically. Ill cake them to the hospital to get them checkout because it it truly could be the difference between life and death. Anthony tested negative for the virus but positive for antibodies tonight doctors urging parents to be on the lookout for a persistent fever. Rash red eye irritations and stomach. Illness be symptoms similar to Kawasaki Disease Which Causes The inflammation of blood vessels and can lead to heart problems once. I actually started feeling sick like my eye. Swollen lymph snow on my right side and got a headache and it just started going downhill from there. Fourteen Year Old Jack. Morrow just recovered from the mysterious illness. His family tells us it. All started with a fever and a rash. He spent ten days. It was scary. Who is beyond scary? I believe we dire. I reached out to my family and let them know that he may not make it through.

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