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The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by capital. One capital. One is reimagining banking offering account with no fees or minimums that can be opened in only five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet, Capital One and a? Cried passion than patterns re of college. Football leaves Keer is the Paul finebaum show. Best of podcast. Meant to Friday. Glad you're here. And what a weekend is in store, especially if you're a college basketball fan, lots to talk about on our program today. Welcome to Friday. It is March. You know, it is let me double yet Marsh. I can you believe it we've made it to March already and the madness of March well underway this weekend lie going on. Let's get right to the headlines before we get to your phone calls SEC showdown between Tennessee and Kentucky. Last couple of weekends. We've seen get battles. Like this. Tennessee at Kentucky. Tennessee had LSU and Kentucky returns the favor heading into Knoxville. They won the first one last year. They lost both regular season games at one in the tournament. Yeah. That's that was last year. The what happened the last time these two minute that was about two weeks ago were up. Annecy and Kentucky their first of two regular season two meetings. The balls are on the longest winning streak in school history. So simple to get the ball inside the BJ Washington. And he is looking like an NBA post player Travis with a hustle rebound. And. This is giving away from Tennessee have been manhandled rejected by Travis numbers for Kentucky. What performance by? Here tonight. Take it out number one. Cats did it and when teams meet twice as an ape as AP top ten opponents look at what has happened in recent years. Tap in a couple of times, it will happen again as that is the headliner there. Couple of other important games in the SEC. And we will talk about all of that. As we roll through this program big show on tap, lots to talk about with John Adams. We'll talk about the the lady vol situation in just a moment as we welcome John to the program. But but I the men can Tennessee's basketball home court help the vol's makeup seventeen against Kentucky John Adams joining us. John thanks for for the time. Let's start with the game tomorrow night since that is upbeat, and we are cheery network here. So let's talk about what's at stake for Rick Barnes team number one in the country for six weeks. And lately, it's just seems like everything is a struggle. Yes. It is. I mean, it's tough game that helped me, sir. But omits a pretty good team food tough loss against LSU right at that. Lily, the focus now kind of make those points against Kentucky Kentucky, really manhandled Tennessee in Lexington. And I thought the crowd I've been a lot of games at refereeing grid years. And I've never heard a louder more passionate crowd than that one. And I'd be interested to see Tennessee, stay can match that Saturday. John lot of theories on what's going on here. What is yours in relation to the the slide? And and as I say that I realized Tennessee has lost on the road to two of the better teams around but still. Well, I Paul the team his lip so good and almost flawless for port of the season stood any loss. I think can can create concern. But. Yeah. Early in the season when you look at the schedule you need that could be a problem. I think the first thing that comes to mind for me that Tennessee staff is okay when you're playing mediocre but list team when you're playing the really elite teams like Kentucky or like what LSU has become. I don't think Tennessee backups can measure up and that becomes a problem. And so you have your your starters and your main guys pointing in a lot of minutes and so in could have wearing data. That's that's the thing. I would I'll look at the same. I wonder if maybe it's running out of steam a little bit well that will be determined tomorrow afternoon. And then Tennessee two more games to go before. Or heading to Nashville, John let me switch gears to what happened last night. I was watching the game right here on the SEC network. And I guess I shouldn't have been surprised because this has been a program in turmoil for some time we've talked to you about it. And you had some pretty strong comments recently. But this was the low point of the season, and maybe of lady vol's history, which prompted you to write a column that was just published on the Knoxville news sentinel website, and obviously a newspaper tomorrow why it's time for Tennessee lady vol's basketball to fire Holly Warlick, you don't doesn't need much explanation. But I'll ask you to explain anyway. You said it a you said he shouldn't have been surprised that for all of Tennessee struggles this year only games in which is under teeth. Honestly didn't think it was hot. I know anything specially possible in supporting them. But I just didn't see it. How the possible for Tennessee on its home court to lose van Ville, which is lost twenty one games. It went one game in the conference could loss. Stay games in a row in what you so challenged athletically and in quickness so that that just struck me. I just thought it was a low thought the twenty one point lost Alabama was a was alot previously. But that's their past. And I guess not only you look back, and can you lose to a team with that little talent compared to Tennessee, and you have a pattern here over not not just games. But over keys, we're Tennessee. Repeatedly under chase at always a handful of all Americans at least, and it just doesn't measure up to that recruiting billing, and you wonder you you get to play players change. And we had diamond seal for Sadi's Russell came yard and that team under chief. Now, you have a whole new group really and mainly sophomore freshman team, but it's under achieving even more. So and and the common denominator there is coach. And I just think at some point you just go to your fans to the program's history. You need to make a change. And it's not just about wind and losses. It's about how this team performs on the court. It just looks like it sometimes it it's never played together. It'll so poorly coached the players don't have much basketball savviness at all. It's just a really bad luck. And I just think Tennessee fast. Better than that. John when you were here, I don't know three or four weeks ago. And this was a hot button item. You made some comments about in the administration at Tennessee, not really demanding a an elite program. I understood what you were saying, but there's a difference between competing for championships in losing to team like Vanderbilt last night. Do you think anything has changed? I don't know call, but it should have that. That's exactly what I'm looking at. I mean thing. Okay. You're not living up to pass standards of a really story procam. You're not going to file for all that stuff dot competing for championships. But even if you're not willing to go out and get a coach with the final four national championship as in pay that kind of money at least get a coach who bring out the best in the players who will seemingly motivate them, and who will demand that they the least execute the basic fundamental in your tackling. Right. That that was like a drop off there. That's that's way below the competing for championship lines. And I just think Tennessee Philip former the AD he needs to look at that. And and really see what's going on with the program. I heard from some people today in you've heard from far more than I have the that there. There's a hope that Hollywood liquid will take the initiative, and and go to fill up or someone and say, listen, let's figure out a way to get out of this mess, and and I'm going to step down. I mean, I know that sounds great in theory. But this this is a big time peration here. Do you see playing out like that? Or you think when the tournaments over next week or at some time before they go to her. Well, here here's a way to do it. I mean, you can. Yes. It's really semantics you're you're firing coach. But you go to her and say Holly. If you resign here. We'll be the settlement. You'll resign. We'll move on and make it maybe easier for her. I think that would be the way to go about it. Then one thing to remember about Holly Warlick is she really never pursued coaching jobs. She was all time assistant UT in didn't have a lot of ambition about being a head coach she was really content here. And she was an integral part of Pat summitt staff for many years. She was Pat summitt point guard and I live over the last season when Pat was coaching and that was extraordinarily difficult because Pat was not anywhere near one hundred percent the Alzheimer's without an effect. But she was still coaching. And she was on the bitch. And she was head coach at least in title, but Holly was really having to run the team, and she was also having in a way to kind of help manage Pat because of a very vicious disease. And I just thought she did a remarkable job because she's not just dealing with their boss. She's dealing with a very close friend. And I thought it was just an extremely difficult thing to get through. And she did that. And I think I think most fans really like Holly Wardi, they really do. She's a very likable person on the most likeable coaches of been around. But they're just comes at time. When you've got to let the wins and losses and what's going on with the program and make a change. And that's what they'll applaud when these did it John Adams many. Thanks, john. Appreciate it. Look forward to seeing you soon and talking more about this. Another subjects. Thank you for being on. Thanks. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast and really excited to welcome Jordan Davis. So the program a big time country music star he hails from north west, Louisiana. In other words, he's an LSU fan and Jordan first of all thank you very much. What are what a pleasure to welcome you to our program. Good afternoon. Absolutely, thanks for having me on Palm Beach fame. Well, thank you. Let's let's just kind of take the I mean, obviously, a lot of people know, your music, certainly country music fans. No your hits, and and what you've done, but let's let's start with the beginning. I if I understand correctly, you grew up in Shreveport, which is a pretty good music town in and of itself. What were you always interested in in music growing up or did you have other go ahead? No, it was it was kind of. You know, my mom was very valid in church choir. So you know, watching my own play on Sundays and Wednesday nights. And my dad, you know, play guitar around the house, and and actually my uncle was a songwriter Nashville. It has someone's cut by Tracy Lawrence. It had success as a songwriter. So it was definitely music with something on new, you know, from very very young age some. Yeah, it started young and lucky to still be doing today. No doubt. And and I'm sure I mean, I've never done it. But I mean, you've had some some big hits and some big success. But that that is not an easy field to be successful in. What was it like just making making the entries into national? And I'm sure people telling you what you could do and in which you couldn't a whole lot more. What you couldn't? Yeah. You know, right after graduation mood Nashville, you know, with really just planning on writing songs and trying to get someone's cut by other artists, and and get them to the radio, you know, never really had dreams of actually being on stage and singing, but I think, you know, wouldn't played my first show ever ain't now this was after I moved Nashville or and just kind of fell in love with in a mood in two thousand twelve so it took a little while, you know, the first four for almost five years in Nashville pretty tough, and you know, bartended and doing whatever I do pay the bills, and luckily, you know, last couple of years we started having some success. I mean, you always you always see it. And there's you know, you watch. The award show and everybody talks about the breakthrough. And there've been songs written about it to about Colin, dads and moms and and friends from back home. But when when you finally broke through and in, you know, not only got your music recorded. I mean, you've written songs for a number of people when you when you finally got on the charts. What was it like? Kind of. It's almost something that that you know, it's a goal. And it's something you want to have happen. But I think when when it happens, it, it it's almost like it's not real, you know, and it took so long for, you know, after the first one, I it was it was still kinda like man, this this doesn't even feel like this is real life. And and it's still everyone's when you walk in and see, you know, plaque or whatever you're kinda like, and that really happy, and in, you know, it's funny. I just got back last weekend. I was the grand marshal in the mortar girl. Pray Beck and Shreveport, and and to see some friends and just to kind of sit around and talk about nuking I'll believe this is happening well plane so torn with some of the people were torn with. So it is just a lot of pinch me moments. Right back to that. How co is Jordan to either walk in someplace or flip on the radio? And there you are. I mean, there's no better feeling in the world into, you know, especially you know, that's what I moved to town to I wanted to have my sauce heard ready. So it never gets old. But never does. You know, I hope that something that, you know, no matter the the successes, you know, that are that hopefully still are to come. You know, every time you hear something that you love as much as we saw writers making songs, then you get to hear them Brady over here people Lebanon as well as the best in the world talking to Jordan Davis. So I buried the lead you grew up in Shreveport sports fan. You went down to Baton Rouge. So kind of take us through that part of your life. Because as you know, this is a sport show that hears from fans all over the country. So I know fans not only from LA shoe, but everywhere else would like to hear about your loving and devotion to your LSU Tigers down. And I mean I bleed purple goal. You know, it's a those were I say that those are the best half years of my life. I think a victory lap and a half. But it was you know, Baton Rouge is such a special place, you know, obviously athletics. But but also just the university in general. And and and I just did a whole lot of growing up. I think everybody in college. You know, I think you know, the, obviously go there for education. But thank you, you find out a lot about yourself in school. And and I was very very blessed to be able to say alumni of universities like LSU. And also think that we we addressed cows town in the country already too. But although I gotta say I was in Athens last night. And after does a pretty good job after that's a really cool town. Yeah. I mean, I I would have to agree with you on that. And and as you know, it's a big music town as well. Yeah. But we played a Civic Center down there. But a couple of months ago play George theater and manage really cool. We'll get see saw a couple of football players out there. I think from was out there, which is really cool, and man is just a just a good night. So when you when when you do appearances like year in Athens, a little bit of robbery between LSU and in Georgia. I mean, do you wear your your your school colors on your sleeve, or do you try to you try to be a little more neutral because there are a lot of rec. There are a lot of there are a lot of music buyers out there the. The and you still you wanna you wanna serve your loyalty to university. But you also on record. No, you know, I so I actually played the Georgia theatre the week after LSU be Georgia this past year and we played on Wednesday night. So I couldn't help it say something about it. But I was very, you know, like, hey, you know, y'all gotten us we get all this week. You know, and I I feel like I lost a few people there. But you know, I'm proud tiger. Man. I you know, and I was proud to victory. So I try to put it back. But sometimes it sometimes I can't I take quick story. I Taylor Hicks who did the the song for our program one American idol fourteen years ago, and as you know, you you're trying to get people to vote for you from every walk of life. And he he actually pulled this off even though I knew differently being a friend of his he he made Auburn fans and Alabama fans think he was a fan of both schools. Say tough. But what he won and he had the support of everyone. But so tell me what new year on tour right now. What's what's it? Like, I mean, you hear you you watch the movies. You read about these tours? I I know they're they're fine in in rewarding. But they're also I would think quite a grind. Yeah. They're pretty grueling. You know, I think the thing about it too. Is it's a whole lot of you know, hurry up and wait, you know, you load in early in the morning. A lot of buses driving a lot of times. Luckily, we in Athens. We're in winning toss them nicer. The wasn't too bad though that we got to sleep the bus park for a while. But you know, you wake up you load in and you just try to find things to keep you busy. You know as a song writer, I write a lot out here. And and try to stay say so try to go work out a little bit. And and just kind of you know, you know, we start the up and start doing, you know, little acoustic shows like four thirty so and then we play at nine. So it's a it's a long day. But man, I wouldn't turn into the world of it. Happy have to be playing shows. Tell us about writing music because I mean, I've gotten to know some songwriters, and you know, sometimes they can go into go into a studio and and crank it out or sometimes they're walking down the street or in the middle of the night. I mean, where do you get your ideas? And how do you compile it and make it into a song? I actually read a lot about my favorite songwriters. And then kind of what they did. And you know, one of my favorite ones that sonar everywhere. You just gotta find them. And you know, I get this and people talking, you know, from some of the stuff they say, I read a lot. So a lot of times through books are come across something. No, either some, you know, some of the idea or or the way somebody word at something. And I'm always kinda just homing Melody's in hope that those two intersect at some point. And and it turns out to be you know, good, but also fell right through. So a lot of friends that that are great songwriters as well in. And they bring a lot of ideas. The. Yeah. I mean, it's something that you know is a song songwriter. You can never turn your brain off the oil. It'd be listening to see to see where the next idea is gonna come from. Growing up. And even when you got started who are your primary influences as a songwriter. My dad was you know, like, I say that you writer in the play the Tauron house, and he was he's a Jim crow. She John Prien Chris office and fan. So I was probably the only six year old kid running around saying trophies, France. So, you know, I'm glad that I had that kind of as, you know, I'm I'm still as I think John best the best on their still listen to him a lot. But those were the guy that they kind of started me in some writing in, you know, as you go up and you start hearing a John Rosario Embi pop music. You know, it all kind of just comes together. And what I think is the way I make music. So man, I'm kind of all over the board that. I grew up a crochet fan myself. And sadly, as you know, he died not too far from Shreveport natural this in a plane crash at a very young age. Yeah. I know. That's a terrible thing actually, my freshman year college. I I was at north western state where he played his last show practical, and yeah, you know, we went to he he still had a lot of great music within the of those sad. Relish. She's got a pretty big win. The mar I know you you're all over the place, but they are playing basketball in enemy territory. You you feel pretty good about the Tigers. Man. I really think you know that in the game was when. Stay on she sporting theft seen in a long time. And and then they get great score. I think they're super balance, you know, it it's gonna be a tough one. But I think they're gonna make a pretty good run here in a couple couple of weeks. Jordan. Thank you. It's been it's been a pleasure. Getting to know you, and I hope you'll come back and re really enjoyed hearing from me, and I know you're on the road and a lot of fans out there but comebacks in. Absolutely. Thank you so much. You're listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Eight is Friday afternoon. And that means one thing are we hope it's a weekly. Visit. He's been nice enough to come on lately. And we're always thrilled to have Seth Greenberg on game day Tamar in Houston. So Seth joins us. Thanks for the time as always and I've gotten one hundred calls already tonight about tomorrow's game in Knoxville between Tennessee and Kentucky. So I'm gonna get out of the way because I know nothing, but you know, it all so have added. What's what's his game all about? Yeah. Interesting. A couple of things one I think Kentucky's ability to contain your bone and Syrian descent white. You gotta start with grant Williams. You gotta start with Admiral Scofield. But to me when I think about Tennessee it starts with Jordan bone. You've gotta guard of in transition. You got to keep them out of the lane. You gotta limit at his impact on the game because you control bone. It's easy to control, Greg Williams and Scofield. So that's the first foremost recalculated. The next thing is without re Travis without re travis's baked physical body without re travis's ability to grant Williams just one step off the block. It sounds silly. But if you move one step off the block, then all of a sudden those double teams that they ran item you can get to that much quicker. And then when he goes you can wall up and keep them in front re Travis did a great job defensively, and they went down to into the post some offensively. He got the found like, oh, how do they go grant Williams without re traps? I think that's going to be something that. You need to watch. And then I think the final thing in terms of the Taki side at Tennessee is is a great job at school. So I thought that Calvin Johnson was really good. He made a bunch of shots early. But no one talked about his defense. I thought as defense was really really good. So those things outside of and the other thing, you know, Doug. They gotta take care of the ball in a tough environment twelve turnovers start to gain the the other night against Arkansas. You turn it over twelve hundred first half against Tennessee. You're not gonna have any chance to get back in again in the second half. So those this big important, and then the one thing that Tennessee's got a really good job of PJ Washington when he gets bit left block, Paul he destroyed Tennessee, they got us on the left block you work to the middle jump after jump after jump hook. They've got to either garden earlier of get the ball out of his hands. So as you're watching the game those things to look for great stuff here is we talked to. Greenberg. Seth Tennessee fans are feel a little bit anxious right now they lost that game week ago. They lost the game to Kentucky. They nearly let one go and I realize there's still plenty of time left in the season. But is it what is it critical for them to win this game just to stem, the some of the the negativity or is it just another game along the way to the tournament. Their season. I in a bigger to have great. They're gonna come in first or second in the late depending on what else she does. Or maybe third it their goal to beginning year wasn't just to win. The SEC championship is to make it to the final four and competes off chip. So they've got to get the playing their best basketball. And I I think that's the biggest thing they've gotta get some bench play. They're not getting anything out of their bench. They've gotta get some quality in separate bench. And then Kyle and he's got to have a little bit more impact on the game and grants. Gotta be more consistent. I look for Rick to try to punch that thing inside. Often against Kentucky. If they can't get grant basically going then. You know, you're in Tennessee, San you've got a concern. But I think they kind of went away from him a little bit probably not on purpose, but they've got to establish grant Williams at their very best when they're establishing. Grant warriors everyone else is playing off but their bench doesn't play. And they don't just get some quality minutes out of Carlisle Zander. That's an issue. Let me let me flip to LSU from moment to that. They come away with with that big win there. You know? I think they're they're they're healthier. At least. That's what most people are saying. And I know the kind of get overshadowed a little bit by what's going on with Kentucky and Tennessee. But it's hard to overlook them as we as we are now in March. Yeah. They're really all. I mean, it's interesting. They win those back to back games. They went without obser- trade waters the sea trout waters plays in the next game. If he gets a three game suspension, then he probably had some off the court issues. Let's be honest, but our business three consecutive games in a row, but they're actually playing a little bit better basketball in some ways without the ball's. Not get stuck. Devante sportsman, absolutely terrific. A more guys are getting touches. And they've been really good defense for this. No denying LSU's talent. Now, I'd like to see Nausori get to the left block a little bored post them up a little bit more. But that's up. See a decision there coaching staff speaking, I think, they're defending hard. I think that an Williams gives them great minutes off the bench. They've got legitimate depth that I salute we one of my favorite players in college basketball, scholar mates. I just think he adds to winning. He's got a high basketball IQ. He's got a great feel for the game. These self. Flips. You don't have to run a lot of place for him. He's a willing passer. I think he's the glue that keeps that team together and LSU is final four good. And it's amazing to stay a lot of stuff swirling around their program. And yet, you know, what those kids are playing. Let me ask you about that. Because the the news that came out the other day about will Wade being subpoenaed. And and this is a story that's been out there. And he's done a good job by winning of of keeping it maybe in the in the back corners. But but as as we are now heading toward the tournament. I think it's going to keep coming up, and especially if they do well as a coach now that you've ever been through anything like that. But I promise you, we would have we would have made we we we would have remembered it explain what what he what he deals with. Because it you can't you can't look pass it as an individual. I mean, it's a big deal. It is a big look. In any walk of life. All right. If you're subpoenaed. By a federal court. That's a serious. Situation to be in. And if compartmentalized if he's say control what control there's not to go on until you know, I get in court at that. Like, we'll wait the only guy that knows what's on those states. And probably defense. I mean, there are two people that know what's on the tape. So like, you know, if he's handling this lady says, you don't I'm totally innocent, the tastes approved me out, or you know, if he's not been he's going to have to deal with it. But until the tapes come out, I guess, he's he's compartmentalized to the point where he said, you don't have to coach by the these are my guys they need me. They understand everything that's going on. I can't do anything about. What's happening? What I do is that coach Mike team. Now, that's a hard thing to do. I gotta be honest with you just in general when you whether it's when you're on the hat, cedar, you're under the microscope of people are making accusations. It's a hard thing to do. Because it's harder. You it's hard on your program, and it's harder to family his kids are younger and probably don't understand it. But it say he had P majors setting say he had kids in high school. It would even be that much harder. Because now you have to you know, obviously, help your kids deal with such a problem. It becomes your children's problem. So I think he's handling it, really. Well, and look he might be a hundred percent of the of the is that you know, everyone moves on. But again at any walk of life, you could head of the subpoena. Never good thing. No. It is not finally you mentioned dealing with pressures in a you're coach who seemingly lived on that bubble. This time of the year and fourteen straight months. Thank you, Paul. And then I mean going back to the situation with we'll wait. I mean, no, no one was accusing you of anything other than not being farther up on the chart in getting the tournament. But ultimately, it it it ended. I'm interested in what that does to you as a coach when you're always fighting to get into the tournament. People are whispering about your job. Does it take toll? I'm sure it does. Oh, yes. For sure first of all when you try to get a turban Megyn having a pretty good here because they're not they're not talking about beginning to be Carolina and save year one year. It didn't get hit which is like my teams back bed. If this sure we'd be pretty good shape. You'll be you'll be in the final four. Absolutely horrendous. But sure takes toll on your I will realize it takes a toll on you. Because you feel your kids like last year that was that that I had Malcolm Laney, Jeff Allen and Terrell bell Abbas, the winningest for years in the history of Jin tech basketball when he was four years playing in the ACC and those guys didn't play one tournament. So like that year that their senior year when they didn't get it. I heard for them. I've been to the survivors assistant that went to the final four though, I would games answer. Aa Turk by prefer not to be able to get that opportunity. I mean, I I when I found out I found out not by the ACC office and be honest with you, I find out because I my mind, I do exactly. Where we stood. And when I saw Surtees pop up on the brackets be vast CBS, I knew we were done. So at the end of the third bracket, I told her guys were not in league. Never call me beaten, every covers most positioning thing ever. So those had a sit at my house after haven't been her wait to see their name pop up. People say out of nowhere to leave the out. You beat duke's be Carolina victory won eleven games in the ACC that aired beat Florida state twice, and I had to send them home. And as I can tell you that was the lowest point probably of my coaching career. It sounds silly. But because I felt for those kids, and I it's really share experience with your players for four years. And you you wanna give it back for tuning to realize their dreams pointed third of it, and it was taken away that their last chance was taken away. That was hard. You have to think about being on the hot seat is. My daughter's roller at daughters that were your tech. I had you know, I had a daughter was a sophomore in high school junior high school. I should say, you know, when you hurt that's one thing when your kids hurt it's another. And then when you let get let go when it's on a public way in which was the first press conference to ever call to let coach go, and you were told thirty minutes before the press conference at no idea, you know, you're once again, it's not about you. It's about your family is not the port to beat about family. It's hard. I mean, it's hard. But you know, I it's a life's lesson that you know, you've got to always reinvent yourself. You got to move on. And I I look I look at the people the experiment. So good to be welcomed the bay people like yourself. But if you know giving me opportunities to you know, game game a greater credibility. You know, coaching is still in it. But it would have to very special. Situation. 'cause now part of a different team. The bet I really joy an unfortunate to be part of. Well, we appreciate it in your honesty. I think in your authenticity is what has made you so successful. I was just hurting listening to that stories. I remembered when when when you were let go I think you were in you were entertaining or recruit where you're not entertaining or Kurt my my wife, and I put on a big launch for the American side pink ribbon lunch about eight hundred people. I just finished having lunch with my title sponsor got a commitment for them to once again, be the title sponsor. I'd either have my soul would be heard by when I got back into the office because I left it the car, and he cats and other people all of a sudden, my phone's going crazy and say sable Gitex holding the press conference you've been tired. And I've said, I don't think so. And then I get a call thirty minutes later. And you know, I was the last last one to know then you have to get. You know, just understand daughter at school there. I've got to get her out of class 'cause sushi turns on her phone which she gets out of class. Obviously it's going to be a difficult situation that daughter high school I had to get someone to pick her up had get her out of school. And then my daughter was working in New York. I had to find a way to get someone to communicate with our people understand that residual. Then you got your system coaches and other people that you're dealing with people. Just don't understand it's easy to talk about the bubble. It's easy to talk about hot seat. Obviously part of the profession, and he you know, you get paid well and all that jazz. But you know, coaches families and the head coach gets let go other people's lives are impacted and you know, it's a responsibility, and it's hard. It's hard on you know, 'cause I was singled swamping dealt with. You're married. You have children and you see them hurt. You know, as a as a parent, you see your kid, sir? That's about toughest thing of Bill with. Seth greenburg. Incredible story. Seth really appreciate that was not my intent on ended ask you about couple of games. But. I really really pretty sure. It's real life. We all live on the bubble. Paul. I am actually in the midst of the infancy of writing a book it's life on the bubble has nothing to do with the NCAA tournament as we all live on the bubble. And it's how one deals with those bubble type experiences that shape who yard. So it's something that they would not divert very fortunate. So I mean, I've been I've been blessed, but life life is told roadblocks detours, and it's kinda, you know, they'll say, it's how you handle it that determines your, you know, your pass many thanks can awake to read that Seth. We will talk to you soon. Your best. Appreciate anytime. You got every Friday lobby. You're in sat. Thanks what what is incredible story. I mean, and I, and I'm I say that as someone who who deals on the other side of that. And I I have to tell you. It's easy. Just to throw this coach in the hopper as being in trouble or that one. But when you hear the reality of it, it does chill you, and it gives you reason for pause. You're listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. David is in North Carolina. You're on the air on a Friday afternoon. Hey, David, thanks for taking my call. Thank you just want to throw something in there that came to me. That's just I think there's a possibility not much, but I think there's a better even chance. Holly Warlick will still be coaching toasty next year. Okay. I'm listening. Couple of reasons. One is nothing's happened yet. You know, we're sitting almost twenty four hours since the game and nothing out of Knoxville yet the other thing, and which goes to really my question that you would comment on is what does Tennessee really expect their women's program because you know, there's been a decline for the last three years, it's been pretty obvious. And there've been other coaches out there on the women's program, but they haven't made a move yet. So you know, it's pointless. Remember, remember one thing though? Let's let's Tennessee is on its third athletic director since Holly warling took over for coach summit. So that's an important thing to remember. I also think if you look at her record in toll recently, there was really no. Not a cause to to consider this conversation. She got off to a reasonably good start at at Tennessee. Matt made the elite eight three of first four years. So no one is going to fire a coach, even at Tennessee where the standards are winning the championship for for not getting to the to the final four the championship. Now. It's only been Simpson. The last two years coach more like has not gotten out of the second round issue or there's some debate whether not there's a lot of debate whether they'll even make the NCW tournament. So I I think that's where you have to concentrate. I think you have to look at the crowd last night. It was small it was apathetic on senior knife a loss was historic in. The fact that Tennessee had never lost to Vanderbilt at home. So it's more of a pressing issue. It was a it was an issue last year at the end of the season. But but Tennessee had just gone through a tumultuous change. Athletic director and Phillip Fulmer having gone through the same thing himself. It's not about to make a change. Understand. And that's that's a good case. And I'm not I'm not arguing that that that there's a big chance you'll still be there. But you know, the other part is we're still looking at Knoxville for some kind of word about this. David think about coach fomer for a second. And he's a competitor. And I'm sure in his mind, he probably has talked to her today. I'm just guessing and. I don't think he would get in the way of the season at for a coat we look at it differently. But for from a coach standpoint you have another game Sunday, and then you have a tournament next week. So I think that's probably the the conundrum for him unless he is just decided it doesn't matter. What happens that maybe a change needs to be made? So or maybe she said, listen, I don't I don't know how she can make an argument to keep her job. After after last night, though, do you really don't and it's too bad. Because I know she's doing everything she can't I think she is. She's just not the coach for this team. No. There is a I mean, I'm watching it on TV from my house. I'm not in the stadium where the arena, but I mean, they're just looks like a tremendous disconnect between those players, and I feel terribly. But I think everyone does I have friends of mine who are much closer to her than I am who were at the game. And they are they walked out and it felt like a few. Neral because in some ways, it may have been the end at least in that arena were so many great victories have occurred, even even under her coach is up next in Morristown, Tennessee. Hello, coach, April. How are you today? We are doing. Well. Thank you. Good. Thanks for taking my call. I'd like to make a few comments. If I may on the interview with F Greenberg, of course. This is this is the tough part of this business. You know, and I as I've discussed with you before sports enough to to go through the the ranks high school and making it to be one program. And it was really what that interview at. There was really what I didn't stay in coach starting family. And that situation there. I just say what my head coach had to go through both personally and professionally and thought it was just a chose the family over that lifestyle. Now, I think coach Fulmer is fighting the same little battle with Holly right now because we're talking about someone that is a good person. Someone that's been associated with prudence from what thirty five forty years, maybe. And it's kind of he knows he probably has to make the change, but you're indium era. A Pat summit era also when Holly leaves if she leaves now. So I think that's the tough part of this business on Okocha farmers having, you know, regrets about it. But I think in in the low, I think he understands he has to do to coach you said something interesting in you, come in contact with a lot of coaches, obviously in this profession, and there are some. Businesses where you can separate where you can have a career your wife can have a career, and yeah, they they may intersect at Christmas parties or occasionally. But but they are not really. They do not run. Contemporaneous -ly to one another. Where if you're the wife of a coach there's nearly. Yeah. You you can't just act like, you don't know. What I mean, you are you're part of the team. And that's that's you know, you always hear that phrase, and some people may be offended by in terms of a great coaches wife, but you understand it and you live and die. What what happens? Your family or your system coaches. They're just they're all into just as much as your system. Coach it may it's a tough stuff and now again athletes can go back to my life and athletic. I were the reason I went from point a to point b in every step of my life. So it has been very warning for me going through that process. But I did see I was at a crossroads, and that's why just I chose that the family over that lifestyle in that profession in and I'm glad I did looking back. I do miss it. Just like every coach just like every player miss when they retire. But what's best for your family has to take prison over there now, and that was a sensitive interview listened to Seth because I I know people that are close to say, and and they know how tough that for gene, Texas wish was on him and his family. Yeah. In his his last year got a little bit off the rails. As you remember. And sometimes these things are are Neville. And I think if you're an athletic director like Philip you want the decision to to make itself easy. And I think last night it did maybe he feels that with one more game and a road trip coming up tomorrow. It's better just to get out of her way and let her finish that. And then regroup before the the chimney. She'll be playing again team would be playing again probably on Wednesday. I think maybe Thursday, but these things move quickly and as a head coach. When there's no way to avoid it. And I know I I know coaches say all the time. Well, you know, I'm I'm gonna bubble. I don't know what's going on. But when you have the lead sports columnist in that community who's been there now for thirty three numbers. Write a column that's published online at noon today, saying the head coach should be fired. There's no escaping. It. Will they'll work something out with Holly? They're not they're not going to fire her Holly. I know they work at a separation of that. And there will be it will be I have all the faith and coach former hiring a good coach. But it will be someone that's probably has done more times to to to Pat summitt. And that's kind of the end of the air. I think Tennessee's women's basketball pro has some disciples out there. But but maybe maybe that is the best thing to do is just cut the cord and start over. I think it will be, but thanks for taking my collegue theory much coach so great to have you on really, really. Interesting call there. No doubt. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Always great to have crisslow on the program from ESPN, so many things to talk about we'll change the change of pace here, and we'll get to basketball issues in a moment. But Chris, thanks for the call. Thanks for being here in Tennessee about to kick it off again under Jeremy Pruitt, and someone who is observed this program as along with many others, very closely. I'm really interested in your perspective of Jeremy as year two is set to begin. Paul. It's always great to be with you, man. I think than anything might be quite with Jeremy was house deep, but his earning curve d of the head coach and then knew the guy can recruit coach ball. And it was one of these guys that you know, is wired to to go at it twenty four seven, and I think he did learn a lot in his first year, you how to manage people manage games, we'll see how much this year 'cause the schedules easier, and I don't think there's any question of this team's not in the postseason and your number two. They're going to be a lot of disappointed people on rocky top. I think the fact that there's some momentum in the program with what's happened in the off season has a lot of all fans excited. You look at who is hired, you know, bring in Jim Chaney of proven off office coordinator who's done it in the SEC. Go get Derek Ansley, the NFL and bring him in and see I think that's going to help him to all the cause last year. Jeremy tried to call plays on defense, then in first years head coach and do that and manage program. All the hatch. You gotta wear that's difficult. I think that's going to help him into bring t Martin back. You know to bring a guy that means as much kinda see fans spending those the USC who's a terrific recruiter. So there's a lot of them minimum off the field. I think the recruiting clash they got two of the top off its tackles prospects any way in the country. You know, they certainly need help and the offensive line. Now, they've got to do it on the field. This is a big year the second year typically for coaches in the SEC, we've seen a lot of success stories, Kirby smart comes to mind guys really turned it around in year two I think the most realistic expectation Tennessee, though is to get to a bowl game and be playing a lot better football November than they were last year. 'cause we were they got creamed in their last game against Missouri. And vanderbilt. No doubt talking to crisslow VSBN. Always great to have Chris on Chris. Let's turn the page to the big basketball game to Morrow afternoon. It's certainly kinda hard to. I mean, it's Kentucky which means. What means a great deal? But just seems like this Tennessee team which surprised everyone made a run about six weeks in as as a number one team. Even those loss of Kentucky in at LSU that seems like people are doubting them right now. Help us understand what this is with this game means tomorrow, especially for the trajectory the rest of the way, you know, what I think happened Paul. They went so many weeks there where they they just weren't Bush that release where they won I think five or six games by double digits and then Kentucky bumps Sunday, go to LSU gained the going either way, and they don't get it done there. And we're probably pretty fortunate to win a little bit the no probably too. They were fortunate win Wednesday still a team that can do damage in the. Postseason. They've got veterans. I got guys play together. Well, this is a big game. I think for both Tennessee and Kentucky. I think you could say the winner. This game has the inside track to be a number one seed, or if the SEC is going to get a one c I think the winner of this game has a great chance to get that see if Tennessee's problem has been defensively, and I was talking to Rick Barnes about this. And that's long they're edge lasts two defensively without band, and they just haven't played with that same age. I don't know if it's because they've been so good offensively. They've been able to win games with offense. But they haven't been able to stay in front of people with fall dribble penetrations killed them. And I think that's the thing tomorrow night or more after noon that they're going to have to be better at certainly better at Kamarck because you've got to grind out games on the defense event. If you're gonna stay alive in the postseason. Chris I'd say probably the most difficult subject for last. And that's the the future of Hollywood liquor. Just there's no way to describe the the the embarrassment of what happened last night against the worst team in the the first loss ever at home to Vanderbilt calls for holidays. Dismissal already in the local Knoxville media. No word from anyone today. But with the game Sunday and the SEC tournament next week. Where are we? Well, if they don't make incidentally term and right now, it doesn't look doesn't look very good that they are anxious gonna have a hard time surviving, you look at the standard of that program and what Pat summitt field, and they were you know, when women's basketball was way way way off the radar, you know, with with what Pat at Tennessee, they were on the radar because of the way she did it and how successful she wasn't. I think the hard thing here with Holly Hollywood a big part of that the players he played for Pat. She was a big part of pets coaching staff. And now you got Phil Fulmer who's going to have to make this decision. Phillip Fulmer been in this position pushed out himself as head coach after the program declined on his watch. Now, you look at where they where they have not gone, football wise or out, maybe. Guessing that and he had Holly go back a long ways ball as you. Well know, so this is one of those deals where as JD you gotta put that aside and make the decision that's best for them. And are they going to be able to get back? We're Tennissee should be and women's basketball with Holly the handle. And I think when you look at the way it's going the last two years some the body language of the players that just doesn't seem like this team has responded. I mean, it's not like she has it recruited well done a lot of McDonald's all Americans in. I think when you look back at her and her total body of work at Tennessee head coach, and you know, they've done some some nice things they wanna see tidal she's gone to elite eight but the last two years not even close to being up to par for what Tennessee women's basketball has been. And I gotta think if she does not make the term it which would be the first time ever pretend ac- not making the women's term. There. Phillip Fulmer is going to have to probably think it's up finally on that Krizan and certainly last. Night seemed like the end, but knowing that the competitive nature of both Phillip and Holly. Do you think he is going to sit back in and make sure that they are completely eliminated before he made that call. I think so. It really shouldn't be just about that. All I mean, I think the bigger question is is she the one to get Tennessee back. And that's again where you have to put relationships and pass the side because I do know that Holly and Philip very close. I mean, they were contemporaries UT for long time. And as I said, the fascinating part of this is Phillip was in his very position in there and got pushed that there's still the bad about how how smarter decision was. Right. Exactly. And now, I think it's a little bit different football and basketball, two different sports. But, but I don't think it should be about whether they make determined not again is is there reason to believe their vision is our plan that she can get them back to where they should be. I don't think he's gonna make rash decisions. He did give an extension before the season. I don't know that that really means a whole lot. And I think the other thing is who do you? Go get you know, you have a plan. You have somebody that you can zero and bring this one of the Taj Mahal jobs and all the women's. Basketball. So I would think it would be a lot of people out there that would be certainly interested in. It's always best all to be the person. That follows the person who follows the legend in the person who follows election. You know, we'll Br bring that one back in a few years after saving retires. Imagine the poor as I I was kidding with data this past spring or springs ago about that he looked at me that the poor soul that goes in whoever that is, you know, God bless. Yeah. Well, I can tell you I had the misfortune of covering the guy who who succeeded Nick excuse me pair Bryant. And there at one point. He did everything he could to give me fired and run out of town. So I lasted him, which is why we're still having this conversation. Well, you in just like the poor the poor guy that has replaced you. All right. Oh, exactly. Well, Chris what a pleasure we will talk. Again, many many times soon as we head toward spring. Always great to have you on you bad politics here, crystal. I one of the absolute best in the business. Joining us from Knoxville working, for course, ESPN. Thank you. For listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. The Paul finebaum show airs weekdays on the SEC network beginning at three eastern.

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