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podcast listeners. It helps us out a lot. When you subscribe to our podcast unpatriotic on find it at Patriotair Dot com slash Asia? The children's hour. Thank you D-. What do you call a callous? No legs likes ground beef. Time Children's our public. Oh great my brother and my brother. They're really love me. Oh you know my brother now. He's the best brother he could be win win. I wake up in the morning. He's the first person that I see. We really love to be together. His run now announced to Kim. I send my brother likes to play but brother likes to play. My brother likes to play my game. Assume my brother likes to play play. I love it when he's calling my name. Sometimes playing in the kitchen sometimes John's replay. Some times were running outside and sometimes rebounds enough to Taylor. I would have seen anybody happened. Not The win now. I know what is being rather just like him so or really my sister and my sister really love me yes my sister. She's the best sister she could be. A Nissan won the whole me and Mick mic missile. Nice in wall. My sister's always GonNa be there tech from home. Komo sister likes to pay. My sister likes to play. My sister likes to play my game. I send my sister likes to play all she likes to play. Hey I love it was his name. I never thought I would ever have and things special. I deserve now. I know a win topic Bro. I'm GonNa be just like I like that better now. Among people get. Aw Aw my family and my family really love me. Aw Oh you know my family. They're the best family we can be like making people happy a bit down. We are the rhythm child's family and we love having people around up my family my family. My family likes to play my game. I said my family likes to play. Take my mom likes to pay. My brother likes to pay. My sister likes to pay. My Dad likes to play Macaws author and Bobby said Granddad paid. He's play all day. I know my brother likes the bay. The blade on that now now. A rhythm child from kindy reggae. Play my games. This is the children's hour. I'm Katie Stone. I'm just delighted to be here with a whole lot of great people. Hello everyone hi well well. WHO's here? Hello Zan hi it's Daniel Hi. It's my hello. Everyone little petit crew on a beautiful day. We're going to have a show today where we're going to be thinking about all kinds of cool things we can do without being on devices. Do you know what I mean by that like screens right like on your phone or on your IPAD or like looking at a screen. There's a lot we can do in in this world that doesn't include screens but might have something to do with digital fun and Daniel. I think you're part of the a group of kids that went to visit this. New Place here in Albuquerque called electric play house. Can you tell us anything about it. Yes I was. It was very exciting. I got to talk to a lot of people will be getting into it later. More what it looked like and everything and in your piece that you made for us you described pretty well what it's like but in a nutshell it's kind of like being inside of a video game isn't it. Yeah pretty much is like all this digital worker around and you and so it feels like you're playing a game but you actually get interacts with everything around you so I think that part is very interesting and exciting. It's a way to get kids to put down their devices and do other things. What other things do you all do in this room? That don't involve devices that involve the real world and being with other people and doing stuff. I draw sometimes actually draw video game characters but I also saw dinosaurs. Art is a great gateway to get into the physical world. And I've seen your drawings. They're pretty amazing. WE'RE GONNA have to post some pictures if you're okay with that foreign by me. I play my UKULELE and I sing. That is so cool. Wow and do you. Are you learning new songs all the time. Are you writing your your own music. I'm learning other people's music and also writing my own. Yeah Amadeus anything you do. That doesn't involve screens. But you're out in the real world doing something think Particularly Puzzles they seem like a lot of fun always require a lot of skill and have lots of fun with them. Different board game stuff like that. Lots of fun. I'm to take up the time and have some fun. I loved doing puzzles. It gives time to just hang out with people. Because you know you're it's so visual on you're looking at the a puzzle but there's a lot of space to just talk and have fun when you're doing a puzzle very much so we're gonNA be talking about play today. In a couple of ways the kids went to a place called electric playhouse. We're GONNA find out more about what that is and then we're going to talk with Dr Lisa. She is is the first African American woman to ever receive her PhD from Ohio State University in marketing. And she has developed a line of dolls and toys that are multicultural and her vision is to create diversity in the toy box. We'll talk to Dr Lisa and a little bit and we're just gonNA play. How do you like to play? This is brave Combo on the children's Hour uh-huh I didn't hear hiding there. I'd never anywhere I'm over here. You're over there hiding here hiding there. I didn't ever meet where but saul hide and seek be just by not ready alright. Let's all play hide and see apples peaches pumpkin pie. WHO's not ready all bride? That's all in hiding there. I'm all over there hiding hiding. I let speeches by WHO's ready play by. Ah uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh Bumpkin lead by It off look outside. It's really coming down days that John Glenn do I use my friends. Think you're in luck day for money stroll and clouds Out some roll by so lovely end gray have the rain then. The New Year Low rain new defy Mile Rainbow look quite apparent that day chart go. Come on let's go way. What these a Rainy it looks like the avenues for the the day did you Back Splash and ooh That was Daniel Tashjian. I love rainy days. His CD was up for Grammy. It didn't wind. It was just one of the nominees. But we're going to play all the nominees today on the children's hour before him. You heard brave Combo from a CD called POLKA sonic with Apple. Peaches Pumpkin Pie. We're doing a show today all about play and sometimes when you hear the word play it's talking about the kind of play that a bunch onto people do altogether on stage in front of other people where they're following a script and those kinds of plays can be really relief fund but they don't start in the imagination and the imagination can take us a long way and sometimes it can take us the wrong way. This is a classic tale done by kids in theater in the making recorded decades ago for the children's hour the blind men and the elephant by John Godfrey Saxe Hindu fable. It was six men of Indo stand to learning much inclined who went to see the elephant though all of them were blind that each observation might satisfy his mind. The first approach the elephant and happening to fall against his broadened sturdy side at once began to ball. God bless me but the elephant is there like a wall the second feeling of the Tusk Crud. Bud Ho- what have we here so very round and smooth and sharp to me is mighty clear. This wonder of an elephant is very like a spear the third approach the animal and happening to take the squirming trunk within his hands. Those boldly up and speak. I see what he the elephant is very like a snake. The fourth reached out and eager hand and felt about the knee. What most wondrous beast is like is mighty plane quoth he to clear sorry not? The elephant is very like a tree. The fifth who chance to touch the ear said in the blindness man can tell what this resembles most deny. The fact to can this. This marvel of an elephant is very like a fan. The sixth no sooner had begun about the beast to grope then seizing on this swinging tail that fell within his scope. I see growth. He elephant is very like a rope. And so these men of Indo Stan disputed loud and long. Each his own opinion exceeding stiff offense strong Bo- each was partly in the right. And All we're in the wrong so often. The logic wars the disputants. I ween rail on an utter ignorance of what each other mean and freight about an elephant. Not Not one of them has seen in in June taboo. Traffic is too. But I'm going to commissioner help messed web whereby we failed in the TV chick Kamaz e made it his home. You leaders failed. It is it was it was In what is going through the Oh great Song again. It is very in the did you. Six spots can ask house is still used. Dude itches. Flags Tay on Cross gender. Uh believe me. Children's Prince hours produced by the Children's Hour Incorporated nonprofit dedicated to producing high-quality kids public radio. You can find out more. At Children's our dot Org word support provided by electric playhouse in all ages playhouse filled with food fun and Family Entertainment. Electric playhouse encourages healthy active. Play using technology to bring people together together available for public group. Play and private events opening February I in Albuquerque New Mexico more electric playhouse dot com talk radio. We'll be right back among The noodles butter butter. You are my favorite tree free doodles and butter. There is no other nothing else on E.. I don't like chocolate. Take like others do or lemon drops or temperament your little cakes or sugar lumps no candy bars or whipping cream. No lollipops or tangerines. Tangerines no mobile home. Just want noodles and butter in butter you are my favorite tree doodles butter. There is no other nothing nothing else that I don't like bubble gum or licorice whip saw anything dipped in cream now. That seems good to me in charge or anything from that pastry card. The only thing I really want is dude and As well you can gosh shooters suites tower of trashy trees. It'll say I don't like chocolate cake like others to or them and drops or peppermint your little cakes or sugar lumps no candy bars or Kareem. No lollipops or chancery root beer floats or bubblegum just want ought noodles and butter doodles butter you favor doodles and butter there. It is nothing else that I wanna eat today on the children's hour were talking about play. How do you play? We have noticed so many kids. Love Video Games in here in Albuquerque New Mexico. A new playhouse has opened that we heard was like being inside of a video video game in real life. Sanyal Maya Zen. And Amadeus from our kids grew went into the electric play house to find out what it was like. I am at the electric play house. I am here interviewing Maya. Can you describe what you saw here. I sure Tan ill is is a lot of light. You're interacting with lights and there are some of it was like you were interacting Elizabeth balls and stuff like that. There are all sorts of games and lights and I got very sweaty. It's quite big workout. Really really big. What kind of James would require such a great workout? So there's like this field Anders the ball. And when you stop it on it it goes a certain way and then you try to get into these goals and stuff so it includes water water. Oh like soccer. Yeah is it a real ball. Now it's just the white that you're stopping stomping right now. We're walking through a tunnel of all sorts of bright lights all around us in a little little arc. At this point we are essentially entering a physical video game and there's so many different electrical things happening around us as music. HAMPSON radio game. How does this game war so you step on this light and then you and the new picker colored teams you step on this light and then that you're on that team it and you try to get all those colors and then if this light gets to the top of the wall you went right now rain just all right? I found all the lights in here. Mesmerizing you just the projections are. They're very interesting like to know more about how they work. John on Mark Collins is the CEO of electric playhouse. How does it actually work? There's lights everywhere and they're moving and they seem to be interacting with human movement. Is this artificial artificial intelligence. What what is this? This is essentially depth motion tracking so use a body based mechanic and three D.. Damas to track people are moving even so that we know where they're headed and where they're standing on the press and I'm all stepping out and so that gives you the impression spaces reacting to everything you do and it is it is it is all the media on the walls all the projections are responding contextual to where you're standing doing we created the playoffs as is a way to get people to play together and get them using technology much more constructive social and engaging fashion so it's about large-scale video games taes groups. Remember play together in large groups get into family all engaged at the same time. It's really interesting that it's so interactive as well as it's kind of being so virtual also very physical as well as kind of really unlike any other thing that I've seen before what was the electric playhouse like there's a lot of lights and it's very active. You get to play a lot of games and you can take pictures with your friends. You can learn learn more about the electric playhouse by going to electric playhouse DOT com. We should note. The electric playhouse is a supporter of the children's hour bills. Everything aw starts it stops. It's clear things it starts it stops. Where's that gather? Nope we see a warning. Do we think about the men In sue sits together fabric. The morning we all go that way. Start Start Stop. We see the the it clear picture. Search Bingo mm-hmm The Twenty Twenty Grammy Winner for the Best Children's released John Sampson from his ageless songs for the child archetype and before the kids you heard noodles in in butter casper baby pants. That was up for a grammy this year. The CDs called flying high. You're tuned to the children's hour and I guess way back before the break. We heard Mr Tembo. That's Damon albarn from a CD called everyday robots today on the show. We're talking about play. I'm just delighted delighted to have on the line with me Dr Lisa. She is an innovator toymaker and she has created the fresh dolls. Welcome welcome to the children's hour. Dr Lisa Hi. Thank you for having me. I'm so happy you're here for our listeners. I have only given them a little a little taste of. Maybe what you're going to talk about. You are diversifying the toy box. Can you talk about your dolls. Oh yes absolutely. And you're right. There was a beautiful way of saying it diversifying the toy box. What we know by living in this world is over? Fifty percent of the children Now are beautiful multicultural children however when you walk through a Toyota you do not see that diversity and so what we are trying to do. We're here with the fresh dolls and positively perfect dolls and the first call. I've dolls is we're trying to change that. We're trying to make sure that every child sees their beauty beauty and their brilliant reflect back to them on the toy shelves so we custom blinds skin tones and do unique sculpture which are the face To make sure the average house these their beauty in that doll when they're playing with it. Can you talk to us. A little about about the positivity perfect dolls are really for maybe maybe younger kids talk about those first and then we'll get into the fresh squad in the fresh dolls absolutely. Yes positively perfect. Where my first babies? He's not I ever did. And they were designed for smaller kids. There have like a toddler's that kids can carry with them under their arm. They can and sleep with them because they have really sought cushy bodies and the purpose of goes dolls is actually they were characters from a line of Children's books that we we did and so basically brought these character from the book to life with golf so yeah there are like fourteen inch are toddlers and then we have our older girls but again they're all have unique faces and they all have customer skinned tonk unique hair textures and hairstyle you are really representing kids of all different colors different ethnicities in your doll lines and you did that with your fresh dolls and the fresh squad for a little bit older kids kids who might be interested in what another brand is called Barbie but there that sort of style except they look like real people. I love that And that is the idea. I want kids to be able to see themselves. When they play with these dolls? So the boys look really chivalrous young men they have a custom Linda skills as well they have unique facial features. They're totally what we call articulated. which simply means they're totally bendable? So you've been at their risk in that fair knees in their ankles and elbows and the girls are bendable at eleven different points knees hips shoulders elbows etc.. All designed so that when children are playing with the dolls they can actually bend and imagine what they WanNa appea- kids can also create a world a scene that looks like our country even if the dolls don't look exactly like themselves I think Having a diverse range of ethnicities and dolls. It must help kids see what the country really looks like. And what what their classrooms really. Look like I could not agree with you more. You're absolutely right. These are group of characters that represent African Americans they represent Latinas Caucasians and we're increasing to include native American Middle Eastern. We want every child to be able to see their are unique. Beauty and diversity reflected back to them. And you're so right when you look at classrooms you see a diverse beauty skin tone and in hair textures and that's what we're trying to reflect so that children will actually be able to if you will bring their different home with them when they play okay because they can go to the store and see dolls that look like them but also dolls that look like they're friends and that makes them to be able to again create a community liberty in their play. It is black history month right now and you have made black history in this country can talk a little bit about the history you've made personally and also what black history means to you and what you think kids should be thinking about in black history month well for me. I was plus the first African American female to graduate with a PhD from the Ohio State University and then I went on to become the first African American American female to get tenure at Penn State University in Pennsylvania and then I went on to become the highest ranking professor. We're be women or female or African American or occasion. I was the highest ranking professor in my field so I have created history but what I know is that what I have done is so minor in comparison to what the kids coming up today can do. Our children are so incredibly really smart brilliant creative and innovative and tiny back to black history. That's exactly what black history represents if you look. Look at the history of African Americans or Africans. I should say what you see was a powerful creative determined group of people that regardless regardless and in spite of the circumstances achieved their freedom they left something that was really unpleasant for them and moved into something that was very unknown and very scary but they moved into a future where they have created cures for cancer cancer and science and entertainment all coming from that African American culture that has migrated not just to America but literally actually around the world we are the history makers of tomorrow and kids are two and here you are making history by helping ensure the kids can have themselves in their own toy box. Could you just tell folks. Where can they find your toys dolls? And where can they find you online. They can find the dolls at the fresh dolls dot com if they want to see more about me and what I what I do and and how I am driven to create dolls that reflect the beauty of all children. They can check me out at the D. R. Lisa so the Doctor Lisa Dot com Dr Dr Lisa Williams. Thank you so much for being with us on the children's hour today. Dr Lisa you are an inspiration. Thank you Katie Let me let me so let me tell you that. Feel free in the long. Can we go pick Beck Baltimore talk about why you tell me how to live my life. Listen I'm free so free Famously you can't hear me the sky Sir. Yeah let me let me tell you let me tell you. I don't mean to didn't fit in the Brenner. got a little bit of this. Sound down a little bit of black queen indicating a cycle inside and outside his office living and people thought about me getting faculties beyond got family. History Kika me Straw pushing their way. WE'LL AW AW disguised risk the they do yeah The children's hour is produced by the Children's Hour Incorporated the nonprofit dedicated into producing high-quality kids public radio. You can find out more at children's our dot. Org Wolf is a proud supporter of the children's hour. Yellow Wolf creates immersive experiences that transport audiences of all ages into KALEIDOSCOPIC RUM's of story exploration meow Wolf Dot Com. Your kids like radio. We'll be right back With me out on the late together Doug fishing hole in the only thing by is sometimes I get so brain freeze. I show voice res and the he is fishing. It isn't big so bad I'm alone with you. You don't bread broad gummy worms for the be a tree branch for the raw the data cards way. I'm tired of Gopher let's play Solitaire Me Versus me. You can bet that were wrong. Winning and the ice station so the loan But I love it. I don't know and I ah like to be my and the is Beijing. It is big but is So bad he alone with you crazy you were hard to be part of humanity so our come here low Kazaa help me find my sanity in the ice fishing. It is big but it so bad he alone with you Me Hey little phone with me. Get all the moderate show scams Bull run dance sued me me me. Stead Jump Tim Star craft up their bid super cheap with me day To irap speaking you have fun making Me Me Stay have award stars Kim Bad and bad jargon me pancakes you you didn't play Um There may have little did with me from a CD called for the kids. That was Glen Phillips. Have a little fun with me before that you heard ice fishing fission the okeydokey brothers. Grammy nominated Winterland. And before the break. You heard I am enough. That's the alphabet rockers. Another grammy nominee it from their CD. The love thinking about play thinking about toys. But we wanted to get this out this spot the Bela meaning barefoot from Columbia. This is their latest single plaza. Right here on the children's hour The volume based Food Skyla. I love that he's GonNa let's get her. Ah Ah the the. The children's hour is written and produced by Katie Stone at the sunspots all studios in Albuquerque New Mexico. PODCAST show information more can be found at children's our dot Org a lower your new listeners and k. k.. You from the beautiful island of Maui Hawaii. Many things deductor Lisa from the fresh dolls to our friends over at electric playhouse. For letting US play and check out their space. If if you'd like more information about anything with the show you can always email us info at children's our dot Org. We love to hear from you catch you next time. For another edition of the Children's our children's our listener supported kids public radio produced used by the Children's Hour Inc and New Mexico nonprofit dedicated to producing high-quality kids public radio. You can find out more. At Children's our dot Org support is also provided by the county of Bernallio New Mexico. Burn Co Dot Gov and from the Infinite Gesture Gesture Fund at the Albuquerque Community Foundation support also provided by the leaving refund. You can find our podcast photos from our shows or social media feeds and lots more INFO at children's our dot Org are music is written by Barlow. We'll catch you next time for another edition addition of the children's our children's hour.

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