Stephen Handwerk Democratic Party Strategist and Managing Partner of Garrison Strategies


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Stephen brings more than twenty years of experience fighting for democratic values. The local state and national level including six years serving as co chair of the national stonewall democrats pack he lives in lafayette with his husband at two decades and their two great danes. Whiskey and mahyco. We're taping this interview a few days after the siege on the us capital something. I never would have dreamed possible when we scheduled our interview a month ago. So stephen handwork. Welcome to discover lafayette. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to be. We've been friends for quite a while. Now i meant when i ran fall. Came lee a republican and a democrat about that. I think we're both people. In france. I and probably concerned citizens right up there no matter what our party you've shown that through the years you care about our state in our country and as have you and that's why it's been so whenever i see your number come up on my phone or whatever i have the issue to be able to dial you. I know that. I'm going to be able to talk to someone who has an who really wants to get to finding solutions and also to can sometimes help commiserate out woodward frustrated with our political systems. Yeah these are crazy times. We're heading before we started recording. Everybody wanted twenty twenty two end and boy did it. Now we've got twenty twenty one year. That i think is already has gone down in history as One of the saddest starts. I've ever seen a look. My daughter taylor. She's here with steven. Thank you for having three of us in on the call Taylor is a young woman. She's an independent. And i thought it'd be interesting to get her feedback to Talking bit if you'd like to start out there's a lot of issues we can talk about. You know the election of joe biden and all it seems like we can start out with your thoughts on what's going on nationally in in the states as we look forward to joe biden being sworn on you look. I don't know That that we are in a good place nationally. I believe that we've got a lot of problems that have been made worse buying in my opinion out of control executive Who has always had somewhat of a distant relationship with the facts. Bites has certainly made those things worst post-election and the numbers came in as the People weighed in on this election. As more americans voted in this election than in any other election in our nation's history when all was said and done the president came up short and he and his followers and probably lot of his innate lers a really lead our country down a horrible track. These past. Two months in ultimately led to an insurrection. In her handle. I have said Especially over the past two days. That for those of us who remember nine eleven. I had those exact same feelings all day wednesday. His we saw what was happening as we saw the shots of the individuals. Getting fired up at the rally Right outside the white house and then we saw the mobs moving towards the capital. It was something as they would cut away and show the capital. That was making me incredibly nervous. Because we weren't seeing the type of th- worse that we would normally see so clearly for many of us who watch these things who've been at marches protests and at events i i kept thinking that the doors were open all of us capital. Police come pouring out that and it just it it never happened and then we saw an outright travesty tour country and so now we're we answer your question. What do we do. And i have been hosting almost every day on all by socials because i believe this that we cannot begin to heal until there is accountability. We have to. I mean. I think sad and and and maybe your daughter candidate ted tell us as well but i was raised in a world that there was accountability. I feel very sad. That i broke something. Okay when i had to go and talk to my mom about breaking it but there were still going to be accountability okay. I probably was going to be grounded for. I probably was going to have some sort of consequence to the jets. And so those who are seeing that we've got a oh we've gotta move on. I'm sorry we can't move on from an insurrection that there's just no way possible in my mind that we just move on from that but there's gotta have to be accountability and it's not just for this president is far as i'm concerned it has to be for those who able him for those were constantly in his ear constantly feeding him this ridiculous nonsense of trying to find extra votes and that it was possible in that big just needed to delay the actions taken by the congress. It's it's a lot so not till strongly about these things. I know it's really you know could care less. But i there's a couple of things you talked about. I'm gonna get tailored opportunity to respond first to her thoughts on the accountability. because taylor. he's gotten in trouble before. I spent a good portrait. Martin is school career grounded. So i got caught for everything and then my dad taught me specifically. There's a way saying starring. You say i did it back thing. I'm sorry please forgive me. I won't do it again. And then you have to follow up on that because empty promises. It's just it's pointless. I mean he as you have to have faith in the system i mean. That's why america's great because we have a democracy like that's why people come here all the time dealer still coming here now even these past four years that had been greasy that shows just how great we are as upon but my god. I don't know. I mean my little sister just turned twenty two. I want her to be excited about the political process. You know so what i wonder. Will this be a silver lining not only the democratic party but hopefully for the republican party to back away from that you know Dysfunction in really look at our core values. Which is what i cherish. I mean i was a reagan republican back in nineteen eighty s when i registered in cherished our party ideals but they're no longer visible. At least i say. I just in louisiana but nationally. So do you think that did count ability aside. I guess that's unfold. Stephen as we go through the next few weeks You're know there's peach and all these other things going on that he thinks he's gonna be a silver lining from this extreme behavior. That we've been witnessing i think so as long as we don't short hand the accountability part. I think that in order for people to feel like we have had a reckoning that we have had a time of a as work for us to be able to come together you. I look at the dichotomy of our two united states senators from louisiana. What a huge in the to you. And i am not a fan. How bill cassidy. That was probably one of the most difficult races back. i ever had to go through it. Because i'm such good friends with senator. Andrew and i really believe that she was better for state that being said bygones. He has shown himself to be a statesman in the past month and he needs to be recognized for that and we also need to contrast that with a buffoon that is john kennedy who has embarrassed us time and time again as a state he seems committed to making himself this constant talking head that needs to get out in front of a microphone to the first person to have hot take and be able to say something that so full of venom that will get replayed and replayed replay and the problem is that it was cute when he was just trying to do as best impression of foghorn michelmore okay but the problem is being quiet exactly but the problem is now. He actually inspired the insurrection. Even after even after his workplace was attacked his life was put in danger. He still voted to say yeah. We don't care. We don't care what happened in georgia. We don't care we don't care how the voters voted in that state. We don't care that the courts have all ruled against the president were still going to invalidate millions of votes by casting aside of. It's never been done before. And she is going to have to account. And there's there should be a very steep price for him. Congressman mike johnson and congressman scalise. The three of them added to this problem. A big stoke the flames they enrage people and we can't then all of a sudden act surprised when you enrage someone and they act out. We just can't senator. Kennedy is up for reelection next year hurt. People speculating on the show. Yesterday about governor edwards possibly running. Do you have any information about people. That may be looking to run against him. At as i always say. And i've been trained pretty well after almost nine years of running the party. That's not my news to make. But what i can't tell you. Is you better bet that we are going to have a significant challenges. And i gotta tell you. This is a call to all of my friends in the republican party. You need to challenge this man. You need to say not my house and you need to draw a line and say this is beyond the scope of what it is. We are going to be accepting and until that reckoning happens. I mean look right now. Amount of businesses are making those decisions. I feel bad for any of the white house interns. Any of the junior staffers that have worked in this white house. They're not getting a job. Yeah okay they're just not going to be getting a job not for the future. Because i don't know of any business that would want to take that risk on of getting found out that they hired someone who may have had some sort of a role in this administration. There has to be an accounting and seeing these corporate citizens actually stand up all the banks now saying that we're not going to process your credit card transactions anymore. You're no longer going to have space to be able to do this. Work because it instigated an insurrection and a lot of large corporations have suspended giving yes. I'll political getting. I think they're just backing out for a while. So in moseley you know the the the biggest ones or saying that we're not going to be giving especially were not giving to individuals who voted to throughout millions of voters that i think is incredibly important that they're being able to draw the line they can say you left rider center. This is the line that we have to draw. The nation a. That elections have consequences and them. Now wins they gotta be recognized again. The person who gets the both votes wins. I mean that's what we are taught in the first day of kindergarten. We've got we've got a push those norms even when our candidates don't win entrust have been on that side of those races before. I was totally thrilled for years ago. But i kind of except that. It happens and i know that a lot of people are like off is pricing equal time again. We thought that there was fear. Not that it was all fraud. Feel like those are differences in just the basis of their argument. I mean we knew that we lost fair and square other than just some people talking in other ears letting people but not just ballot changes. I mean it's it's entirely different. In my opinion i mean. I think that that's very valid. I think that that is that is probably one of the most cogent explanations as to the difference that we find ourselves in right there was we immediately went to work. I mean being on the inside We immediately went to work inside the democratic party. To say how in the world that we this short in our polling data when our operations data when our have we come up short not throughout votes challenge. This in court for you know on tonight that was that was something that was very Real us how are we going to make sure that that doesn't happen again. And then we'd sounds forward ourselves and one of the things that we believe. We have a lot gone. Were really good at is knocking doors and having conversations with voters democrats are good at that that was ripped away from us this year. We couldn't do that because cohen me had immediately figure out. Okay what is this. An it played into a lot of the president's words in a lot has been made his individuals. That did this digital organizing. They were so good at at at but they were doing it buys stoking the flakes were not burdened by truth and when you're not burdened by truth of you can just do anything. That's going to incite people to do what you want to do. You're not harnessed on to you. To to being factual no wonder. I don't know if my numbers are right stephen that talking about the al gore george w bush race. I mean from what. I heard al gore's votes for maybe five hundred thirty seven short state of arda so to lose that election. He probably was watching this right. Just you know disdain. For the whole process because finally did conduct himself honorably went to the supreme court and how it came out that that was a squeaker that is why really wants absolutely and for those of us who stayed up that whole night and then the next night and the next night we also we. We certainly remember that. And we saw how that played out i ultimately he was a state ultimately he did stand up and say and we look at the concession speeches that were made by john mccain mitt romney we look at the statesman that stood up and said that al gore certainly goes into that into that. Even look back at jimmy carter and that race was a pretty dirty race israel reelection in the problems that that got there. So you know i'm looking at. I'm hoping that we can call to our better. Angels here and get to a place. Where we're going to hold people accountable. I believe in finding the things. I believe i absolutely do but at the end of the day. We don't do it by tearing down the other right. I think we shared a friend when we lost him. Warren connell was such a good friend of mine And he was such a great guy because there was a lot. We agree on surprised by when we were doing the radio together and we were working together. We were always trying to find something that we could. What does the one thing that happened this week that we can agree. It was a good thing. Or what can we agree. That shouldn't have happened and we need to do better so it doesn't happen yet and we gotta get ourselves back to that. Somehow we got to well. Social media is to me the biggest difference between some of these prior elections where we are now because obviously it was a coordinated effort and social media. You know people have just gotten to be so inflamed all the time. It's it's just a way of life now calling people names and things. That even ten years ago i would have never imagined. Stupid are hubbard. Maybe enough you'll remember you remember. I mean it was not that long ago where we never in politics would accuse our opponent of line jury member. There was like a thing where you would say they got it wrong. We wouldn't go into like pretzels in order to be able to not say that they were lying because lying was such a bad. Stay right and now. Alan do we. I mean not only people And it is it is. It is definitely something that we we gotta come to terms with. We gotta figure this out. There is a whole lot at stake. Co that numbers have never been worse in our state The governor's going to be doing a press conference this afternoon. Which by the time folks here this interview will will be able to to know what comes from that but the numbers are only anymore and The new Strains of the virus are are incredibly aggressive and it is incredibly scary What we're going through right now. That in and of itself should be a huge crisis that we are dealing but we have multiple crises that were dealing with all even agree on that. That's what's so amazing. You know people that still don't take it. How did we allow that to happen. Mike how did we allow wearing a mask to become a political state. I don't know let me ask another National level before we go to state politics When unlocked on the biden side and the democratic national committee. It's like it's for real people. You know the issues i wanted to know. Like what are the toughest shoes. Because i never really looked at all that we have a divided house here kiss. You did not like somebody voted for trump and others maybe deadens but when i looked online there is nothing for the republican party since two thousand sixteen. They just chose not to adopt a platform. I guess they defaulted back to the sixteen issues. I didn't even. I didn't even follow that. I was one of those that was happy about the supreme court tax in. I gotta say do not voted the party line when look at what the democratic party stands for you know getting the minimum wage to fifteen dollars by twenty twenty six. I think Focusing on Cove it you know. The the fault lines have been drawn between people of means people Color suffering war. It's it's laid out just so explicitly and it was really a beautiful thing i i don't i just have to be honest. I don't agree with all debts but the thought that when interior i thought for people that don't know who to vote for the democratic platform really laid out depth. What their thoughts are as opposed to my party. You know if you know. And i think that that was a mistake when you allow your party to be run by an individual and it becomes a cult of personality verses. A basket of ideas were. That difference is is very difficult and also it's much more Galvanizing it's much more course it's much more prone to have because again any time you even say that while i disagree with the president look how many into look how few individuals could bring themselves to that place because again it wasn't about the core belief system of the republican party and there is a lot of values that i shared her with what the republican party used to me. I don't see that anymore. Regretfully And i'm hoping that more of those voices come out the george will's. The party is certainly someone that i oftentimes find myself reading his columns shaking head. Yeah yeah you've thought somehow tenure. He studied all. That taylor really puts effort into this. I think i was more surface level. I hate to say that will also may there were access to information now anyway but i guess it just makes me sad because i know clearly love so many democrats to but republicans. But it's just it's not the same. I mean because my parents are basically just smaller government. They're not filled with hate. And i don't know i mean it's easy to galvanize people when they're scared angry. That's our base instinctual things slip you grab onto that. It's it's it's scary. But yeah i don't know i mean. My dad was actually saying that. Hopefully it won't be immediate but the silver lining kinda like you're saying was the republican party can slowly with distancing of whatever the heck has been get back to what it actually is. So hopefully i think that will be the good part that comes out of this. So 'cause it's i'll say mitt. Romney has been out liar and his voice. Resonates end lindsey. Graham's road to damascus has been quite interesting to watch and you know so there are voices are are getting it and the pressure that is being mounted on all of the different sides is certainly going to have an isolating effect which i think individuals are going to have to have some really strong conversations with themselves but yeah i don't. I'm hoping i'm hoping that the republican party uses this as a time to go back to their core principles read. The cult of personality That they that they do that because quite frankly we need that like the democratic party needs that the democratic party needs to get back because again. I believe that we do a better job in arguing. Our values and so we need to get back to having conversations about values and you know. I think the thing is. I believe that those who are entrenched intransigent on this light later scully's light john kennedy the problem that i think that they boxed themselves into is is that they're going to only push people wanna get rid of the the parine they're gonna wanna get rid of the the electorate. They're going to want to get rid of the electoral college and the problem with that is republicans have not won the popular vote in the country. Give how an in louisiana would hagner voice. you know. Small stone would have to be there the two that were dominates. So yeah well hopefully this will. We'll say in. The next few months is going to be super interesting. And i do want to say i was proud of senator Cassidy i think it's because he's a baton rouge guy. Were both the same age. He was a graduate. I went to broadmoor high but all that aside you know wanna give a shout out. I was proud of so. Let's talk about. Our state of louisiana lived up are registered voters and we have three million one hundred thousand ish registered voters in louisiana and there are more democrats a million to registered democrats to like million republicans and then eight hundred nineteen thousand other. The independence are other libertarian. Green party whatever right so we still have majority democrat voters. But that's not really how our state votes if you could talk. We were talking before the interview started. It's fascinating how people but one way maybe on national issues and then it's different when you vote for your home town you know for low. Crochet said yeah it really is. We've certainly seen that in in looking at our numbers it has been Certainly true over the last decade that the republicans have making a lot of strides forward in ingoing. We used to have democratic party. Used to have a majority of the registered voters down. We don't we're slightly behind a clear. Majority of the state of all registered voters. But we still lead. I in all of that that being said. I think that our voters are lot more complicated than party Our voters Oftentimes on national level may see things in a more conservative lines may see things more certainly when we talk about. The supreme court picks in those sorts of things. You certainly see that there is a little bit more of a conservative than there but when it comes down to local elections people really do in louisiana. Want to consider the candidates for themselves regardless of party. oftentimes The party on selection may get them in the door by what keeps them or what converts them is the conversations with those individual and and so. I think that the opportunity for democrats i mean. I never thought twenty years ago when i got started politics here louisiana. I never thought that democrats would be able to claim jefferson parish as a blue parish. But guess what's happened and that's what we're seeing. We're starting to see that. Not only to cities do democrats have a solid majority but now we're also hearing the suburbs and the democrats taking over that in the more rural areas have become much more crimson democrat as a lot of those individuals used to be working class blue collar workers and they tended to associate with the democratic party. We've seen kind of that shift especially when it comes down to social issues has kinda cold that begin to that so the opportunities now is you. Lean into that and figure out exactly how do you. How do you garner those votes. How you engage with those voters so that they turn out on election day john. Bel edwards is an anomaly. Obviously i mean he's so conservative and some of the things that people really care about you know rights lives and Gun rights but in the big cities. I guess lafayette aside. It's minority democratic candidates that that have been winning these at least the mayoral races. I don't know about other the city councils and all that In louisiana would you talk about like the the typical democrat that selected at these levels. Is it mainly minorities that are being elected as it based on the population or Am i no no. We've got a great. We've got a great cornucopia a democrats that are getting elected in these local areas. We're seeing a lot of a folks. You were kind of doing what. The republicans did in the nineties as a party of more really building her bench right now in getting a lot of our folks elected to school boards and local town councils in getting them into the mix so that they can bill that they can really build our farm team and teaching them the tools that they need in order to be able to connect with voters. And that's a lot of the work that i participated in trying to help shape and mold. But what we're seeing is that where democrats have the opportunities are in these more suburban areas outward finding that and again it just what. The numbers are showing The the more a person has a higher education the more likely they are to be a with the democratic party. So when you're looking at these more affluent summers of areas there is certainly an opportunity for democrats to be able to go in there and how these honest conversations democrats often fall prey to not being able to talk about bumper stickers. They end up having to talk about you. Know thesis Actually their paper. That were on an issue but that actually works to their benefit in a lot of these more affluent communities where were being out those longer conversations and really build that out. And that's what's i think. Influencing the state q run longer election cycles now may be painful for a lot of individuals but to me. I'm excited about it. If we're waiting until qualifying day to run a race voters are not getting the chance to get into fully wage. You into fully judge your steel as it were and so giving a little bit more time to actually have that i think is really important and i think is one of the good changes that we're starting to see in state. When did all that change steven. It seems like in the past. You know the republicans attracted that wealthier the educated in it's really flipped with the populous movement. Right i mean that women strong when new gift pulled away from your core values. When you pull away you know. Look one of the things that drove me. Nuts about george. W bush was not a fan but one of the things that i just so wished i can get more of my democrats to say george w bush when frequently say you may not always agree with me. But you'll always know where i stand. That one's like earth shattering me. That's still is something that. I'm trying to get candidates to understand that if you have a core set of values that you're always going to live and model everything else becomes easy and as the republican party has called themselves away from that as they got away from those sort of core missions they've had things start creeping away when when when programs and rewarding friends. And you know taking care of your corporate donors when those things started encroaching and taking over all of a sudden voter started seeing will they say they say they want small government but not when they're rewarding their friends and nats dichotomy starting coming in there and started challenging the credulity of those candidates. I think that's when we started to see that shift and it only made it more right for someone like donald trump to come in and say well. Since you've already given up all of your values well come behind me and i'll get things done for us. Yeah and so. I think it lent to that. I think that that is a natural outcome of the slip. You know and it's something that i'm going to be continuing to find for inside. Our party is is fighting for only one thing about trump though. Remember back to twenty sixteen i thought it was. It was almost magnificent hockey. Just mowed down all those credible republican candidates. I really liked john casick. There were view that are really casick was kind of a everyday guy served office. I knew he was he was. He's more moderate. It's a real person an. He came out so disgusted with trump. And it came out. You know sanity wouldn't voting republican. But i just wonder as we move forward or possibly more people want to become independent. I know that you're spokesperson for your democratic party. That for young people. Like taylor coming up. You know What do you. What do you anticipate you think this. I know m louisiana. We have a lot of independent voters we do. And and look. I think that it's it's. It's partially our job. I frequently said that when you're working for the team in your wearing the jersey you're obviously always looking for the betterment of the jersey and the team One of the things that. I think that it is important for us to do those. That are kind of leadership roles in our teams. It's important for us to be able to provide space for our candidates to actually get the voters for them to be. Actually go after folks like taylor and the say. You should really come with me here. The ideas that i'm gonna be fighting for these things i wanted to deliver for you and for community giving them the space to do that without kind of the saddle. John bel edwards. I'll give you the the position on choice was certainly something that i gave some heartburn of our our base that issue is how is that first off. He never tried to be someone who he's not. He's always professed his faith and his belief system secondarily. He never once called me up on the phone or any of his people ever called me up on the bone and said stop talking about you being pro choice. I am pro choice. I'm a game in. there is the. I'm the last person that should have a say. I literally I'm the last person should say as to what a woman should be able to do with her body like seriously and because of that because of my belief system never wants to heat. Try in push us away from being able to say well look. We disagreed with the governor on. This doesn't take away. The fact that he expanded medicaid that he actually has led through the one of the worst crisis that we've seen we've seen him leads natural disasters that have gone through our state two of the biggest hurricanes that we've just gone through. He led through the hose on those issues and so being able to again. I think this goes back to george. W bush going back to being able to say i. I doubt the credibility for my advocacy for the governor. Because i couldn't say those things. Because i couldn't say i disagree with him on this issue but look at the totality i built that credibility amenable to go in. You know a women's rights groups and being able to have the conversation with him and b-o-l-l say all in all we've still got to be with him and that's where i think that again if we go back to our values if we talk about our values we're going to raise the level of discourse we're going to raise the level of of of how people are get along maybe we can get out of the comments section cagey me. Yeah yeah. I'm thinking back to the sixty minutes interview. It was on sunday nine with nancy. Pelosi in georgia officials. Who were republican. You know in semi be issues that have happened in the past week and Curious on your thoughts about our national leaders in the age you know. Do you think we can see a younger movement. I mean as a is just almost. I think too liberal from us anyone to at least from. Asu from self to look at leading the party of uc's some people have been coming in as possible to to see some new leadership coming in at least under six years of age. Yeah i mean okay. i'll give you one. You may have never heard of her before. But what about kamala harris. Yeah there is an amazing woman who is young least. I hope because if she's not considered young any more than i'm out she's in her fifties and so looking at her. I mean i do believe that she is a is a reach. One teach one has been my motto for a very long time and she lives her life. That when you look at the senior staff that's being brought into this cabinet. Yes we have some pros that are coming in. And i think that the nation needed to see that there was going to be some adults. You know sam down but all of these young folks that are coming in. I look at a maximum. Who's added to the team. I'm looking at some of the senior leadership That's coming into the comms department and all woman comes report that is coming in to help lead and help communicate the values of this president. That is something that i'm thoroughly excited about. Now it's not going to happen overnight honestly and when we're looking at our congressional institutions. I'm looking a lot of the individuals that are coming in jon. Ossoff is a perfect example of someone. That's going to be coming in. That i think is going to have a natural platform who is younger and look not all not just because you're young. Does it make you a leader. I think we've seen that with mr hallway in the united states so i honestly believed that there are those opportunities. I didn't see that interview. I probably wasn't Over the moon with a response there. Because i think it came off really aggressive but we have to realize that we can disagree with each other and we still can run the country in anti close. He's pretty impressive out. Think that she's eighty two full and very strong she. She comes right back. Well known a few eight year olds in my life and he knew there there. There seemed to be cognitive slip. Happy she's on. C- i mean she is on an and and yeah so. I'm thoroughly impressed with her. I think that she had said earlier on that. The agreement that she had made a with others the more progressive. The party is that she would serve two terms as speaker. This is the second term she was just elected to. And i'm hoping and i fully imagine that we're going to see some new individuals coming forward in leadership roles in we certainly see many of them come forward katie porter keep an eye on her she is a rockstar in our already. I think that she is doing it in outstanding job. She's a state rep She's a united states representative. And i just. I adore her. And i think that she's doing a lot of upgrade s. We wind down stephen What do you think what should we expect from by non once we get past all the impeachment hauer. That's gonna shake out you know he's really got For years now to to show us what can be gone. Where do you think are some of the top things. He's going to tackle i. Yeah so first and foremost it's coded cova coleman every piece every part of the government is going to be laser focused on kovin of any us through this crisis of helping americans get through and that's going to be everything from the health and medical side of things but it's also going to be on the support for our young families are young are small businesses a chimney bird. Small businesses have been held out to dry and and being able to see some real focus on delivering and and delivering in a way that not just his cutting blank checks to these offices but really helping the small businesses heat their staff. I think every one of us with our connections to the local business community can hold some really shining examples of folks. That said we're giving away. Were no longer taking salaries. But we're going to keep our staff employed where really going to lean in and and help our our young asked able to take care of their families. That's the thing that i think we're going to see. I think you're also waiting to see him wienand just because of his background. I think you're gonna see him. Really works to improve our standing on the national on the international i think he's gonna lean into a work with his counterparts throughout the world to be able to improve our standing. And i think that those are gonna be you know some of the things that we're going to see from him in his first hundred days that are probably gonna be the most To what i'm looking for the other thing is i'm going to forward to my whole world my whole day coming to a screeching halt because we're going to damage mode because of some wild tweet. That goes out. Like i'm really looking forward to being able to have that. We can plan that we can actually return to some norms. That is something important for me. Excuse me the last thing i want to say is having to justice department but no longer is beholding to political that this is gonna be a justice department. That is going to be free from political intervention. That it's gonna be it's gonna follow the facts that if you break a law. You're going to be held accountable. That is what we want to see. And i think that by doing those things President by will actually be able to get people to come to his side. That folks will give him the chance because they'll see it and biden is a big person to be able to say. Don't believe what i'm saying. Watch what i'm doing. And i think that's what we're going to see from him. I hope i hope you're right and i. I wish the best for him. I respect the office of the presidency. And i respect mr biden. You know winning the race. Taylor have anything you'd like to ask before we close young spot. Well we kinda talked about it. Last night's I would certainly like to live here and raise my kids here but a huge part of it for me like what is to see my kids public school. But we don't have the best public school system like the democrats bernie sir Plans or visions for education. Because i mean to me. That's just a huge factor deciding whether or not even stakes. I love ways. But it's usually out. It's a big deal for me. So yeah so look and obviously. I think that there's a lot of different ideas out there. But i'm a firm believer in in what clinton said when he was over in lake. Charles he said go to our schools. Find out what is working for them and then pay to replicated elsewhere. I think that's a really important thing for us to look at the problem that we've seen in one of the. I think the things that we are paying the price of the reagan era it is all taxes are bad. Look at the initiatives that we're doing here if we're take more constantly taking money away from those funds and the problem is that they're trying to balance that on the backs of the teachers while the problem i have with that. Is these teachers. That are now in their fifties. Okay agreed to defer compensation because of their retirement package because of their benefits package. They agreed to this work so that they would have that for themselves and ripping that a winning from them when they're ultimately two years to their retirement is not acceptable. So we we can do. Both we can honestly do both these things. We can have green schools that were reinvesting but we got lafayette high. And you will mmediately beat the most embarrassed person for any of the kids that have to call that their school it is falling down around the ankles of the kids that are going into every day in. We should all be appalled at that so we have to do better. But we have to have these honest dialogues. We have to go out there and have conversations with community and we got to get people to place where we can realize. We gotta be investing in our kids. How do you connect people in kobe. All their tax money doesn't go to what it says. It's four because that's a lot of people that i know were conservative data down for all taxes. Because they're like well they stakes for this. This but never is seven. It's just kind of like an all or nothing situation me. How do you convince them back. Their money's going where it's supposed to be going. Because i have to make sure that our leaders don't miss appropriate and send money elsewhere. So that's the first thing we gotta do. There's gotta be accountability on these individuals that are in office that are reshuffling these these monies being able to run everything through the general fund is not acceptable. We've got us for dedicating and we gotta start attaching one of the things that we saw over in. Calcutta she was there. Sheriff actually attached hitters increased millage to a covenant with the voters and said that ninety percent of this money is going to be used exactly for what we're italian you and if not i'm gonna come back in the air permission more of that. We're going to lean into being accountable and actually doing what we're saying we're gonna do to. There's too much fuzzy math. That goes on and all of this stuff and we're doing to ourselves. We did this year. We know when the airport tax is passed. It was for eight months and they kept their promise. All the money went to the airport. People voted for. It was masterful yet. Campaign lives impressive. Yeah that was. Larry side's group help in the airport commission but they did what they were getting a new air. That's exactly right. And i would also go back and argue The fiber optics the home. We did what we said we were going to do you back for those of us were involved heavily in back campaign iranian the democratic side of things. My friend john bertrand actually ran the republican side of things. That was so weird being in the same room with election day. Running our ops on it was so weird a by was it was something that that tier huma lettuce and ed and look every possible thing was thrown against him right every possible thing can even this day is still being a challenge but we delivered no one was gonna much higher bailed broads broadband. No was going to do that for us. And the amount of opportunities that is now provided to small businesses to educational opportunities for kids was huge. And so i will always put that feather in my cap and used as kind of a shining model of a community coming together and and really doing something for itself. Detailer of this has been great. Stephen hand work It's so good to hear your voice and to shine the light year. One of the people. I think that makes slap yet special and while we don't always probably agree on some of the political issues Again as i said in the opening our hearts are similar. Sa- thank you for taking time to share your thoughts and we'll see how the next few months unfold that i think locally. There's a lot to look forward here as we all start getting the vaccines and people emerge from this down. I'm looking forward to getting back to gnarled. Save me to. It was such a pleasure being here. Thank you so much for the invitation. Anytime you want to get together I'm there for you. Thank you also like to thank. Our listeners played subscribe to discover lafayette. You can go on your podcast app on your phone or device and we do a new podcast every week. This comes out on friday mornings and we have about one hundred. Eighty five hundred eighty six interviews statement. So there's lots choose from. And i want to thank our sponsors who make the podcast possible. I ideally bank. Which is now part i horizon. Thank you for your ongoing support as well as austrian. Lafayette general together means. Moore's we're all learning. We're very lucky to have them in our community and growing our healthcare system. And lastly i'd like to thank jason sikora chris. Raider raider from mixing the tag maiden podcast possible last three years. Technically and i can't thank them enough on behalf of the lengthy ends. This chan quest.

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