Episode 19: Sister Act 3: Moon Knight


Yeah you re body and welcome to build when Frankie pop culture. I am frank and with me as always is bill bill. How're you doing? I'm doing well cited for the fall all TV premiere season which is upon us so billy never thought we'd get here. Were this episode nineteen. We're on the run the eve of episode so twenty well. I mean in reality it. This is episode like twenty two because we have some bonuses that we threw in their right but it cannon right right episode nineteen right and as Nerds we have to be we have to stick to Canon of course. I never thought we'd get this far. I thought we'd get to like seven yeah. I thought we get to seven. We we get sick of each other's bullshit and diva egos and be done but this has been this has been quite a journey in a lot of fun so I'm looking forward to the next nineteen. Actually this would probably be Stephen King's favorite episode because Asu nineteen. This episode has mystical powers for all your dark tower fans. It's it's all nineteen Maryland Ramo so so to make it even more special because it's the fall premiere television division season and this is going to be a very TV centric episode. We have the master and I don't say this. I I don't throw this term out there loosely bill we have the master of full premier TV TV watching himself J. B. John beaver welcome back John. Yeah thank you guys some become like a three demand booth here. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing but I'm happy to be back around three. It's great. It's well. It's worth every time so far. There's a spike in listenership whenever you're around John All right. I don't know that's just that's true or not. But if it is a warms my heart all right so we got a lot talk about what's going on everybody strapping open wide and let's start the show guy so just when we thought we were seeing the the wind down the never ending story part three. Disney verse Sony for the love of Spiderman That's theirs to Colin's in that title. That's what the Bush the never ending story Colon Disney verse Sony Colon for the love of Spiderman a memoir. That's not that far off from the way. They handled the accident so anyway so we got some more news. They'll want you take that. One is getting kind of hard to to keep up with it when there's so many people throwing growing theories out there it's hard. It's getting hard to decipher what has any credibility but today we got or yesterday. We got even further credible news. That apple is becoming a major player here. apple wants to get into the streaming world. They're launching their own sort of high prestige TV series about a good morning talk show with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon but they need the library. They need a library badly and Sony's a great one. So apple is in the hunt for buying Sony what that means for us web heads this is in the Spiderman. Ip contract that. Sony has if they sell to anybody. spider-man's movie rights automatically revert back tomorrow. That's not just spiderman that spider man spider verse so that's then I'm more BS and all the other spider universe people so apple could literally save all you know if they decide to buy Sony before you react to that. Also we get news today day. That marvel is concerned Marvel Disney since Disney has billions of dollars in their couch cushions. They're considering buying just outright. buyings Spiderman writes back from Sony the speculation. I read today in variety which is a pretty reputable place is that Sony would ask for ten billion with a B. dollars. No Way Marvel would pay that but it would be a starting point. and I honestly like I feel like it'd be worth it. I mean I feel like if they got him. Down to five or six billion dollars probably be worth it. It'd be amazing that spider demand himself would sell for more than Disney bought Lucasfilm for which unbelievable but well what did what did far from home. Make far from home made need over billion dollars about one point eight billion. It's the it's the highest grossing I mean. He's never been more popular yeah. It's it's pretty it's a that's a big number to me. I don't know what you guys think. I'd I'd love to hear you think one at a time but to me. The Apple News seems to me has the ring of credibility to make sense. It's an apple. They're not gonNA have time to build up some big original library. They need somebody's library to make their streaming service attractive. It makes that makes sense to me why I think you know that makes total sense but I I when I first saw this going around. The first first thing I thought was because besides spiderman the only other thing Sony has that's worth. Anything is probably the only thing that's kept. The company viable for the last. However many years is is the playstation? I thought I was figuring Sony wanted a apple wanted to get in on the on the the console market because they are launching that Apple Arcade. You know it would be the apple. Computers aren't the best thing to game on you know so if they could have a at a console legitimate console to their to their your portfolio. I it makes sense. I can totally see this happening. I mean I feel like apples been hoarding cash and looking for the looking for this big huge purchase for the last ten years and I think it's I mean I think it's one that probably makes sense for everybody. Everybody Yeah I mean I'm curious if they would be like straight up by the whole company or just buying the film studio and the and the Catalog Dog you know there's obviously these weird writes things you know as the reason they would that the spiderman go to Disney is because if Sony gets sold that was part of the contract with marvel sold rights spiderman to Sony you know because it would just be kind of a studio going one electronics company to another electronics company and it would just be kind of odd. They're just divert that way but Sony obviously does not seem to have a upcoming platform of the NBC does and Obviously Disney with this class on Warner Brothers as well so oh they're cow lesser planning launching their own streaming APP and that would be just wage raise streaming APPs. I'm not sure how many people are actually going to be willing to pay for this point. and it kind of makes sense to me at minimum. They might want to offload their studio products because I just don't know this is the kind of business that a bunch of Japanese Japanese corporation corporate head. Honcho guys really want to be in anymore especially given that you know as you said really the only thing that they have going for it. Movie me wise is Spiderman. I can see why they're asking so much so I've been looking at. What's on what movie franchises? Sony may have. They actually have a few things that could be viable. James Bond being one the gemology franchise which is alive and well is. Sony men in black is Sony I. I know that the last movie tanked but it's still a viable. Ip the Robert Langdon series from Dan Brown is Sony the girl and the spiders the girl with Dragon Tattoo that is Sony the karate kid the dark tower from Stephen King Charlie's angels underworld. These are all so those are those are all you're right. Those are all like you know well known Kaiser's but here's the question or any of those French takes spiderman out of that that portfolio now are those franchises that a studio can exist on without a spiderman especially sorry I was just today especially because the bond rights in particular are really weird because they are technically owned by that like brought Barbara Broccoli like the people who own the original ones that connery sit sit their kids and so it has to do with distribution rights internationally versus. The states was not straight up ownership the way some other ones and that's probably most valuable. Ip besides despite yeah they have a Dumont although I mean there's that movie made a billion dollars which is unbelievable but here's why I think it's viable. I don't think think any of those franchises outside of bond really maybe if Dan Brown continues to write Robert Langdon books and they rebuilt it with a different actor. I don't know I don't know if the Dragon Tattoo has any life but what makes viable isn't making new movies. It's apple would be able to put all of these movies that people loved at one point on their streaming service so people can watch the underworld movies. Watch the karate kid movies watch the dark tower on who will watch direct our I don't but some people might and then I'm reading the article here like John's like Frank said a minute ago the other attractive thing is the video game rights that Sony Sony has not just the video game console stuff but the movie rights to uncharted which is postal star. Tom Holland the resident evil. Stuff is Sony Mike so bats value. I mean it's as far as libraries that are left that are viable that somebody can purchase. I feel like they're right up there Komo. Be You know the best ones left yeah I I would say you know like playstation does have playstation does have playstation vue which she's like their own live TV streaming service I. I'm not familiar with it like intimately so I don't know if they've got the the library included in that or not. I don't even know how good the services but show. I I mean that exists to. I don't know if anybody gives a fuck about that. If if it was it worth bringing up but I just thought it it was time for everybody to hear my voice ghostbusters to just really met yet which Jason Reitman turns the franchise around after the failed reboot that could be that could be of some valuable. Ip as well yeah exactly so I'm not sure you know back to me has the biggest ring of truth to it. I'm not sure I see marvel ponying up ten and billion that seems astronomical but if it comes down to the four five billion range like it's not like Disney can't afford it so and it would be smart but who knows man so far there there. I pee purchases. We really have to see how the Fox one pans out. It actually hasn't started very well but that's also because everything is just leftovers from when it was still Fox production company but there are other. IBP have all worked out you know Pixar are buying it outright marble. Lucasville those have all been successful so I would imagine they're going to continue down this path and I would imagine that apple and other companies are going to emulate them if they have the cash flow which have free much more casual than any other company on the planet right what else we got frank so the other thing. I think we wanted to touch on was there was some news release that we know oh how we're going to see dead pull for the first time in the MC you and yeah I mean it's it's it's interesting. I don't know that I expected it. and I'm not talking about he'll be he'll be introduced. The same way J Jonah Jameson was at the end the far from home in a post credits scene. I thought thought that all along but that this is going to be a different dead pull from a different universe not meaning that he'll act act any differently but he won't come with you know the history of the I two deadpool films right which I think is probably the way to go. I mean they want to as much as we love the dead pool films and honestly love sort of a supporting cast of that anytime arena backer and gets work. I'm a fan of it but it's probably smarter them to distance themselves as much as possible. From Anything Fox did Fox's I mean the bad taste taste in people's mouths. Were Fox really other than deadpool and Logan. I guess it's really been bad for quite a while so I get that you know there's nothing they can do about Ryan Reynolds's face you know that's GonNa be familiar to people but they can distance themselves from whatever continuity continuity they've built. Unfortunately it probably means. We don't get to see Josh Brolin his cable again which Kinda sucks but I also so kind of get them not wanting to use him as cable considering we just had him as you know. It was one thing when they were separate studios and he was playing cable the same time but yeah. I'm a little surprised that they sort of let us know how they were going to do. It doesn't doesn't make a comment about that and deadpool two yeah I think he does. He knows I did read in the article which is funny is that marvel is GonNa. Let him sort of wink. Wink acknowledged his past with Fox the way he does which which will be funny. Hopefully they'd like let him carry over his like obsessing obsession with Hugh Jackman and all those running gags but it strikes me as the smart way to do things I mean I just I if it means that he's going to be a fully integrated character into the rest of the MC you or with the rest of the mutants I'm perfectly okay with it me too. What do you think John I don't. I don't know how necessary it is only because deadpool play pretty fast awesome loose with the continuity of the Fox films in the first place and my biggest concern about deadpool in particular being purchased by Disney is that they try turn into PG thirteen eighteen on which I'm not a fan of because his knees proclivity for not really wanting to have that hard are kind of stuff which this does not fix ex- you know obviously there were a lot of references to you know x men. Wolverine especially in the second one and things like that but you know colossus was a character her who had also been a character in x two and basically they made no acknowledgment of his previous history next to in any way so it wasn't like the continuity was really a strong gene ran through through the first two deadpool movies so I'm not I wasn't overly concerned in the first place. The continuity wouldn't make sense I don't think there's any way really to proceed lead with this character without Ryan Reynolds obviously they they can't reboot deadpool. They know that so whatever works for them at at the end of the day I mean I I don't think that obviously the MC you being interconnected has been essential to it but I think deadpool movies can continue to work owned by Disney without being interrelated that being said I obviously would love to see some of the characters pop the deadpool movie more so than I think I wanNA see deadpool Geico pop up in like a spiderman movie because I think that would kind of actually bruin illusion but I would love on the other side of town hall and showed up in a dental movie and just took piss himself that be hilarious. They are saying right now that deadpool in later both slotted to be are I. I mean that could change of course they could back off that get cold feet but that's what they're saying now. I don't think they will people go nuts. If deadpool is kid. I think really making him. A different deadpool is just so in case people are like well. Why isn't he mentioning Vanessa wisely mentioning. Whoever the CABDRIVER DOPE hinder gender they can say this is why that's it. I think the more what and what John Sort of alluded to is the more interesting question is where they they say he's going to you know marvel sort of let it slip that he's going to pop up in two thousand twenty one so we kind of know what the releases are in two thousand twenty one the article that Franken I read had seen they seem to put their bets on him popping up at the end of for love and thunder. Which is actually the end of phase for What do you guys think I mean. I think it would definitely definitely be a post credits scene. Most likely I don't think it would be anything in the actual Louis right and I wouldn't even be surprised if it's not even actually directed by Tyco what td is no involved evolve with is one of those like we used to direct some of the good the the singers but I think I don't think we're going to see a lot of mutins. Besides maybe maybe some subtle or overt references to them in the movies but I don't think rationally. GonNa see them unless it's GonNa be in stingers and things like that. I don't think they're going to be involved in the plot outlines of none of the things we saw announced at comic con at all. Can we just for a second. Can we reflect on the possibility of a Tyke. Tychy latinity directed deadpool movie. It'd be weird. It'd be fucking awesome. I just wondering I mean if he does if they do position Deadpool as like the post discredit Stinger to four. That's like that's like the last thing of that's a pretty big spot. That's like the hammer face four because after that it's face five yeah I agree we even knew if as five is now we know that for love and thunder is the last movie in phase four I mean I think we have to assume that Black Panther and Captain Marvel are GonNa get additional sequels audience we guardians three which is not doc is gonNA come out and face five which also would be comedic -ly an appropriate vehicle to have a standard. I think either thor or guardians as far has the type of movie they are which fit best and going back to what you said. Frank I think because take a because apparently has really good at bringing out you know improvisational national performances as we saw with Hemsworth never been better than he wasn't worth Iraq so I think she'd be actually great at it because I think he'd bring out the best and Ryan Reynolds not we had an argument created in the first two already so good at it totally so the last piece to close out our discussion as last week Johnnie as you know because you're a loyal listener bill and I went to twitter and said hey twitter who do you WanNa see cast as Moon Knight because bill and I both agree that this is a pretty important casting or could be and you know our our twitter followers didn't disappointed I want to say again. Moonlight is not a broad. I like. It's not a character. Everybody in the world is familiar with its ally to me reminds me a lot of when they launched guardians of the galaxy like Peter Quilt needed it to be nailed casting wise for that to work and they nailed it. You know it's you know Ironman thor the these these are characters that yes it's great that they nailed the casting but these are well known characters that people sort of know their characteristics with M- night he's so niche like whoever whoever they get really has to knock it out of the park it has to be right and I'll take it a step further and say Moon Knight has been very inconsistently recently written in characterize within the comic books for pretty much since his at the outset he was actually introduced as a villain and then he was in a a lot of serious grim gritty comics and then more recently. He's been you know. It's been more about eight. Oh his mental health issues yeah he's been all over the manly ah some hyper violent comics in any Ed like the Bendix Ryan which was almost Kinda goofy so really it's a lot of it depends appropriate casting on what tone they're. GonNa try and hit. Is it going to be like the daredevil series where it's going to be like a real gritty street level series or is it going to be more about you know his mental instability which I think would be a very different show require different actor to pull that off me too so this is what our this is what our listener said so I tag Dr Tony Ortega on this one and I I. I think he thought I was recommending that he be midnight in his response was I hi can play crazy just not whiteside gender and heterosexual and then I think he realized I wasn't asking him to play midnight in. He's he came back and said channing tatum interesting all he's never gotten his gambling movie off the ground so I guess this is shot number two. He is also kind of falling on off the map. Since twenty two jump street we had what what is the lasting channing tatum did. I don't even know he spent the better like a a better part of a half decade trying to get that game movie main move now. It's never going to happen. I I'm sure he's I think he's going to all of this in production and stuff which may or may not have worked out for him but Franken a couple of weeks ago took a poop all over the Jupiter Jupiter ascending after three three four four five years ago that was supposed to be the start of another franchise which didn't really work in Netflix Keith recommending it to me. I'm like I don't know what it is. I watch Netflix he thinks I don't know anybody watches on Netflix. That's what movie they want to say. We got a lot of Kiana Jonah Reeves. He's my is my favourite. He's my favorite pick as well I think he could. It's weird you know it's very weird because we just spent like a couple the minutes talking about how the actor really needs to nail it and Moon Knight's got the DISA- disability of personality disorder and all that and you really need it actor with some range range. KEANU REEVES IS I love him but is not known for range so it's an interesting i. I don't know why I think it's so well. I think I think if they I think they go with counties. It's going to have to be like the dark and gritty midnight so that one you know that we got quite a few of does one of our most loyal followers. Her name is more gain. Kt atmore gain kt on twitter twitter. She said Joseph Gordon Levitt and I was like wow I never thought of that but that could be really good. That's a great pick the John. What the Hell Happened Joseph Gordon Levitt I I think again I think he got involved in some production kind of stuff and he tried tried to get that he had the weird productivity. TV production thing that never really took off and then he just honestly been stuff where he I think he's trying to work with interesting directors but the the things have just bombed you know like that tyrod movie with the Robertson Meccas movie just to just work using that lousy Oliver Stone movie about a about Snowden is actually very good at it. Yeah I don't. I'm not just not Oliver Stone Fan but I think he just and then he was also trying to get salmon off the ground and that didn't work out either so you know I think it's cut now. You've got to after his listed three that. I have tried to get a complex thing off the ground. It worked out for them so that's why they're popping up to now. He's now. He's podcasting just like us the laughter life through Tom Hardy out there. I feel you can throw Tom Hardy off exactly and it weren't that seems doc ID huge longshot especially with with him and ban on. Here's another one here's another one that really that really. I never thought of but it could work because I think there's another guy that's tasked to being a superhero movie. At some point our friends over at the coach do d'oro parlay our podcast said armie hammer well. He's another one he's on that list to John. I mean there was a lot of rumors of being green lantern in Justice League movie. I feel like there was something else that he was attached to a compromise for awhile. I think he's actually wasn't he actually cast in the in George Miller's Justice League movie that was like two days from shooting. Yes I think you're right. I think he was superman. Superman US something he's been certainly has the look for a of use leading man hero type I've never I haven't seen that movie we know that got nominated for the Oscar last year with the with the candidate so I like. Rem always great in a in a social network as I remember people pitching him to play Steve Rogers back in the day which wouldn't have been crazy. Now I mean he has a look for that too and he's he's still got tall. Yeah I still think Gotcha I still think Chuck's brother-in-law should have been captain. America Captain Awesome Captain Ause cheers to comics podcast ask throughout a sadistic split James mcavoy. I don't think it's too close to the x men also. I also don't see I don't. I don't find him intimidating but he said he's pretty. It was pretty fucked up split. Yeah be so tight. I guess I mean it could good work I. I had another thought What do you guys think about Jon Hamm Different. Take a lot older so be a little more of like seasoned and yeah I I think Jon Hamm's missed the missed the boat yeah he's no older than Kiana reeves these younger gotta make to be quite honest. I can't believe he hasn't been in something to this to this point. I think he could. I don't know I think his I think his comic sensibilities could actually help depending goal which way they go with the character and he's certainly got the Chisel jaw line Chris Chavez at n nerds zero four said he was really hoping it was going to be kit. Get Harry Tin but me too but he's happy nonetheless. It'll get to see him. In Eternal. I kind of feel like the Black Knight announcement was a letdown. I would've loved love to see kit as midnight. I was one hundred percent convinced that comparison was going to be Wolverine like convinced body type wise theatric probably Pittsburgh Wolverine. He's small. He's got them semi beard thing going on so so that my favorite one guy is my favorite one. I know you're both in Shit on this that somebody throughout today and I wouldn't have you given me a hundred opinions. I never would hit this button as soon as somebody said it. I was like yes Shiloh booth yeah. I knew I knew you were going to say that because I saw that I saw all that come across and I would be I would be in on that. I think he is sort of a denial but I think he's he's is really not. He has D nozzle yet. He's a Douche. I mean he acts like but he's he's got talent. He's there's no. There's no doubt doubt about that. I mean the MCI has stayed very far away from quote Unquote Difficult Actors Ray in the two that they had Ed Norton and Carrots Howard. They unloaded after one movie so if has turned his mental state around and easy game team to get with the program and kind of be frankly accompanied man which he wasn't with the transformers movies by the time the third one came around. I think he'd actually would be pretty good because he's he actually is a really good actor. I I think you saw this movie. You saw that he was in his tank movie. Were to recall. Fury also really good with with if you're interested and he was really good in it. You know using this like other thing. I saw him like this. Western we we. I think Tom Hardy within two really good in that as well. He's actually a really good actor. Just an Asshole I I actually didn't move review a couple of weeks ago for a movie that's out in limited release right now called peanut butter. Falcon and he was fucking sensational in it it was it was a very of mice and men ish kind of story where he sort of befriend. Zick a kid with down syndrome and it was was he was so good like reminded me that he's really good actor and I think you know as far as his career where it is now. I think he'd be you know. As far as the opportunities has this would be a good opportunity for him whereas Kiana got a lot going on and and might not be as available. Obviously Tom Hardy's pretty much much in the non start with him being venom stuff like that but so whereas I think shy would actually be someone might be keen on this opportunity. They need the money so just officially moving forward. I want you a proclaiming right now. I'm on the Sheila Booth Train for Moon Knight well. I don't know if anybody tweeted tweeted this at US frank but I was on twitter today. Looking at what people are saying about midnight and one of the things that made my pants feel a little tighter was people people are suggesting. Janssen echoes as a candidate which would make very happy man is. It looks like his onscreen brother has got a television role lined up so he has to get one lined up to yeah exactly yeah. What's that role that he's playing. We'll reboot of Walker Texas ranger. Oh Yeah right jared. That's a good that's gonNA. That's GONNA do well. They're eliminating the Texas. Ranger part of the show will just be called Walker but it's an interesting. It's an interesting choice so build you remember last week. You made a comment about how crazy some of Dr fans slash twitter followers are so probably are craziest listener at Lewis Underscore Ream Whoopie Goldberg as Moon Knight Yeah Yeah that'd be that'd be a very different take unconventional yesterday unconventional mentioned. She's going to be busy though next year. Why she's she was cast as she's in just mother? Abigail understand that's right. I have to say with Moon Knight because because he's his character has been so so inconsistent he is one of the characters I think I would least mind if they'd made some major changes in casting like I would not be at all opposed to a good. You know black actor or something like that. I think this is one of the ones where I don't think that there's a lot of sort of continuity that they have to live up to so I think the expectation exactly he turned like sort of the same way with the terminals like it's cool to the cast all these people but like nobody has any idea whether any of that castings accurate like no one cares. That's why attorneys was such a good. It's time for Marvel. That's one of them. One of them is is either Gayer by you know. Kumail Nangiani is obviously Pakistani like so that was they took that opportunity and ran with it. They could do the same with midnight. What do you guys think the chances are that they go with flights an unknown Charlie Cox or a you know a Michael Coulter like level I think I think the chances are pretty high like they could definitely do that. I think they've earned the benefit of the doubt that if like some unknown comes into audition room and just crushes it than we should trust. Ross them but that being said I mean there's so much nerd love around this series that I feel like it's going to be somebody. I have a feeling somebody with a name. I don't know why but I I do. I feel the same way about she. Actually I know won't be Whoopi Goldberg now. We'll although wouldn't it be crazy if they cast. Whoopi Goldberg as Moon Knight and then in the last episode it was revealed that was all the whole thing was sister act three three Sister Act Three Moon Knight but speaking of black actors taking on historically white comic book roles I saw today or yesterday might have been last night there rumors. They're heavily considering actor's name. Yeah Jeffrey Right to Play Commissioner Gordon in the Batman I really liked Jeffrey Wright as an actor I don't know I I have such a image of what Commissioner Gordon is supposed to look like in my head and that that one to me is tough. As much as I think he's a great actor. I have a hard time divorcing myself from like the typical sort of moustachioed glasses white guy. I mean essentially Gary Oldman essentially looked exactly like what. I imagined Jim going to look like yeah he did but I mean. It's not just amazing because he looked exactly what I thought. Sirius Blackwood look like Yeah Gary Oldman's quite a chameleon but I don't know what do you. How do you feel about Jeffey right. I don't know what when I first saw it. I was like I feel like this this next this next. Batman Franchise is whatever it's going to be. It's going to be so different and if they're doing the Nawar thing and I kind of like it. I mean he's awesome after he's a he's a super he's. He's a super cool actor. I I don't actually I don't have a problem with it. I don't think I have a problem with it. I'm I'm a liberal and you know me build Gordon's one of my favourite ancillary characters in comic books. I you know to me. It's it's not to be a good Gordon. It's more about the actor being solid than you know in a red head and having a mustache and what do you think John. You know. Just I want Jeffrey does it. I don't want him to play his standard. Jeffrey Wright character which is this like very mellow laconically back guy like he was when he was Felix lighter in the bond movies and kind of Westworld and the even is in like the second the hunger games movie. I think Gordon needs a little more personality than that and he he tends if play the sport of Nuri professor kind of character. I don't really want him to be that way because that's not that doesn't it. Gordon but he's a good enough actor. I think he has arranged it just that those are the roles even recently the kind of pop out to me so again. I don't think this this is a character where I've like has to be a white male. You know that's that's not you know. He's a very kind of character but not to that point you. You know we're just I think it would do to totally throw throw the movie off so I'm not not opposed to it. you know they also somewhat depends how integral integral. Gordon is the plot and how we whether it's more like the J. K. Simmons gone or it's going to be more like a a real me media role. Gary Oldman had I agree with that. I do think he's yeah. He's got a he's got a play different that he normally plays for sure and if it's a director noir thing like we're being told it is. I feel like Gordon will be fairly prominent I do too. He's also very prominent in you know in Batman Year one and Batman the long Halloween which seems like long Halloween is going to be a touchstone for this movie as it was for Batman begins ends so so I think he is going to be someone integral to the to the PLA is not just going to be kind of your show up at the bat signal offer a couple of scenes in that's it so I'm speaking of Batman. I'm really interested to hear what both you guys think about. The recent Jonah Hill News well when that news first came out that he was talking to Matt raise about being in the movie people were sort of speculating what villain he would play most people thinking. He was either going to be penguin a ridler. I certainly came. I came down. Penguins side not just because physically I feel like it's more of a match but I don't know I just saw saw him as penguin more but then we got sort of confirmation today that he is in talks to play the riddler which God I don't know I don't know I don't know if I like that. just sort of the Joan. Hill vibe doesn't really doesn't really scream ridler to me. I don't know aw I will say Jonah. Hill surprise me like three or four different times now in his weird career so I'm certainly not gonNA write it offer. Kill it but it's not it's not who I was imagining for the ridler Johnny Yeah. I'm not opposed because I do liked Jonah Hill. I think he's been very good as a serious actor in a way I really didn't expect there. You'll be able to pull off. I love Super Bad but I pretty much. I thought that was what Jonah Hill could do is be EMESA throw again and he's actually managed to really diversify his career and eat and do some really interesting things that I've I've enjoyed so but I very much agree with you bill. This is not what I pictured for the Ridler and it's not you know doc nothing that he's done is Bruce Afar leasing to believe he'd be particularly good in the role but nothing that he's done his career. Let me let me to believe he'd be as good as he wasn't moneyball so alive. It could just be that. I'm I'm not giving him enough credit yeah. That's that's pretty much where I fall like. It's not just his whole. Even even something is weird is like his voice doesn't work for me as the Ridler but I dunno I can certainly you know Oh. I've been wrong a lot so I mean I'm not. I'm not above admitting I'm wrong. Once it comes out. Would you guys watch that blink and you missed it netflixing. I think he was in with Emma Stone he was really weird off the wall which pleasingly that someone some casting agent or Matt raise watched it and thought that's why he. CBS Good is the ridler because he definitely like this kind of depressed semi psychotic guy he had to do a lot of different roles goals in it because the plot of the movie involved going into their minds and reenacting these like lives and memories that they had so I I don't know I. I just think it's a really weird weird angle to come out with the casting me to agree what Frank. What do you think you're the big bad head yeah. I don't like it just come out and say. I don't like him as the riddler. I don't like him as the Penguin I don't. I'm not join a hill fan. I'm not saying that he won't prove me wrong. I'd rather them cast him in him. Be Good because I wanted to be a good Batman movie. I don't want to see him fail but it doesn't excite me like I'm not I didn't hear that I wasn't like oh I just I was like okay well at the wait and see on this one. I media media. Just I don't know that the Comic Book Universe Cinematic World World Needs Jonah Hill in it I just I I. I just feel like there's so many you better people out there to play the riddler. you know I starting you know listen. I just said I'm I'm cool with Jeffrey Right. You Know Robert. Pattinson like took me a couple of weeks to swallow that one like a starting to get like what's the director's name Mary Yeah. I'm starting to get like all right. Dude like we get it. You'RE GONNA cast off the wall. Shit in every casting decision you make nick is going to be a headline for people to talk about leading up to the movie like and and it's just it's it's starting to be a little much. It's you know I don't know I. This one is tough for me to this. One is tough I I. I don't like it. I'll give a hot care. which is is that? I did not like Jonah Hill at all the wolf of Wall Street. I thought he was like overacting and chewing scenery and I do not want that energy in this Batman movie yeah. I know I agree with that. I kind of agree with everything you said. I mean I'm not gonNA. I think Matt raises a really good director so I don't not not not downing but but but I also think Ryan Wilson is a really good director and he got so caught up in his own shit when making the last Jedi. I fucked Ho movie up and I I I'm not questioning. That raises is a good director. I still think the movie is going to be good. It's I'm hoping it's great because I want a great Batman movie. Out in the world I just I don't know why it's a new Batman. It's a new Batman Franchise. Why do we have to. I don't know it just seems like a lot of theatrics in the casting. I don't know I I I was a big fan of the patents in casting right away away so I think he's a really talented actor twilight aside this was the first time like Jeffrey Wright is fine nine. This is the first time that I've been like 'cause all you know what makes it worse to me. What makes Jonah Hill's kind of more of more. Is the rumors of people they were considering before him. Were all really great like I really liked the as far as I know there were three people that were bandied about as the ruler David tennant which is God would be amazing Eddie Redman who would also be amazing. Oh God he'd be great and Ramming Malik from Mister Robot who would be sort of another inspired sort of choice He's my least least-favoured those three but I think tenant already read may be amazing so to have those gotTa know whether those guys were actually on the radar or not or just like fans going crazy easy but I don't know I would rather see in any of those guy. Johnny Hill seems like kind of a you know. I'm a little deflated but again I don't unlike him but and I agree with John. About the wolf of Wall Street but I also agree with John that like he was fucking fantastic moneyball. I didn't see coming at all so you maybe I'll maybe this'll be another case like that all right Johnny and bill so the Emmys were two nights ago and there was a lot of there's a lot of controversial winners so I thought that'd be fun kind of do like a lightning round type thing where I just kinda run down some of the main categories and a name the nominees and then one okay you guys give me like you the immediate thoughts pop in your head. Okay okay all right so I up outstanding comedy series Barry Fleabag the Marvelous Mazel Mazel Russian doll deep in Shits Creek the winner being fleabag. I'm sorry I forgot the good place to nominate. The group should win this every year that the place is on television. Wow interesting I I also also I mean I I watched the first season fleabag. I thought it was UK but there are a couple. I think Barry's really good. Thank Shits. Creek is really good. I think doc veep is tremendous but I also. I probably go with the good place here. I think that's the good place is going to end after next year and it's like take the most heinous underrated sitcom ever never watched an episode. It's really good dude. Catch up on Netflix man. It's totally worth worth fit has really worth it. It's really worth it at some Ted Danson. He's so good Ted Danson so good I mean I feel like if anybody has a proven track record as a you know as show runner and room producer for sitcoms. Mike sure I mean unless you unless you wanted to crazy people that doesn't like parks and REC and those who will actually exist now if they they should be shot okay guys next supporting actress in drama Julia Garner from Ozark Fiona Shaw from killing Eve Lena Heady Heady Maisy Williams Gwendolyn Christie and Sophie Turner all from game of thrones the winner being Julia Garner from those are the I hate Mrs why you don't want to have multiple people from the show nominated donated in a category cannibalize each other so who should have one in my mind. I my heart wants to wants to say maisy Mazey Williams because I love her but actually think of all those people for this past season of television that they are voting on. I want to say the Sophie Turner yeah either early in a heavily or you know which is almost like a body of work for how good she was throughout that show right. I guess I was thinking seriously I think had better. I like more meaty stuff in previous seasons. I think this was the you know. The culmination of or the biggest change we saw in Santa was toward the end and I thought so turned crushed at this year. That's why would I give it to all right. Outstanding Drama series this is US better call aw game of thrones ozark pose bodyguard killing eve in succession the winner game of thrones so for me. I'm curious whether John will agree this to me is an emmy for the show's IOS body of work. I mean seven was not strong. It might have been the worst season of the entire show that being said none. None of those other shows actually really jump out to me is like wow. They really should have won. I agree with that. Actually I really love ozark idea to we shit Julia Garner in the last category. She's very good but I think the game of thrones people wanted them deserved it but yeah. I guess that's that's. That's one way to look at it. There's nothing on that list. That really jumps out at me that like it's a it's a clear cut and to be honest. Game of thrones probably does deserve it for it's body of work. It's a revolutionary television. Show supporting actor in a drama series Allen from game of thrones Jean Carlo Carlo Esposito from better call Saul Chris Sullivan from this US Peter Dink Lidge from game of thrones Michael Michael Kelly from house of Cards Jonathan Banks from better call Saul in how do you say Jamie Lancaster's name Nikolai Koster Waldo L. Yes the winner being Peter Dink Lynch yeah I again. I think that's a and he's gotten one before for playing Tyrian but to me. That's another legacy body of work award cause. I don't think the last season was Stiglitz's Stiglitz's strongest by a long shot for going to give it to anybody in that category probably would lean toward Jamie I thought he had the better stuff in the last season. Yeah I don't know what do you think John. I think I would have given us a Jamie as well. I think he was I think he he he had the biggest arc as a character honestly of anybody on on the show even though he has a bird in the last two episodes. I do want to shout out to Alfie Allen. He was really good in the last season lead AC. Oh really good doesn't get you an emmy bill. Now doesn't lead actress in a drama series Laura Linney ozark Mandy Moore this this is US Jodi comber killing Eve Sandra L. Killing Eve Viola Davis had to get away with murder Emilia Clarke game of thrones in Robin Wright House of cards the winter jody comber killing Eve That's bullshit to me like she's great killing to me as wildly overrated. I've watched both seasons that I can watch. They should have been a million Clark's award yeah. I'm not I mean. She's not a fantastic actress but I don't think she ever one for the body work for that show and I don't again. I it's Kinda. I the Emmy's in general you know some of they just don't always nominate the right. People and none of those people really really popped out to me. Either honestly newly-acquired probably the most of all the other thing that popped out to me when frank was reading those nominees when I heard Mandy Moore the first first thing I was thinking of is that John went to a walk to remember by himself as I do not live in a world or manny Moore's Emmy winner and that is a good thing because I've seen a walk remember and she doesn't deserve one lead actor in a drama series billy porter pose Bob Odenkirk. They'll call saw aw Kit Harrington game of Thrones Sterling K. Brown. This is US Milo Ventimiglia. This is US Jason Bateman Ozark the winner the billy porter pose yeah well I mean I don't want to criticize because the moment we're living in but I mean the the risk of sounding repetitive. I would've given this ticket. Harrington I think he by four had the toughest I mean it. Kinda was carrying the show at this point carrying the show with a ton of expectations even if it didn't meet them. I've thought I never thought it was his. He was great so I would have given it to him. Second close second to Jason Bateman who I think is tremendous knows arc I just love Jason Bateman so but I prob- I would've gone with Jon snow the Emmys no nothing I would have gone with Jason Bateman and I think he's great knows arc. He's very heavily involved behind the camera in front of the camera on that show it's it. It seems like it doesn't have the critical reception that frankly it should have is really good and he is in ninety percent of the scenes of the show. He's really great in emiss- The show I also say if you don't get to this category that please watch the GIF of Yup Jason Bateman winning best director for Ozark. Those are in his reaction because it's fucking hilarious in his Jason Bateman. Meadow one is tremendous Michael Blue. It's most Michael Blue reaction ever the lead actress in a comedy series Christina applegate dead to me Rachel Brosnahan Rosina hand the marvelous marvelous. Mrs Mazel phoebe Waller Bridge fleabag Natasha Leone Russian doll Catherine O'hare Shits Creek Julia Louis Dreyfuss veep deep the winner fleabag phoebe Waller Bridge I got hot. Take on this one. I don't know if you have watched it but I would have given this. Natasha Leone tone for a Russian doll inter. I yeah show is tremendous so that shows about it's like groundhog. Ugh Day right kind of yet. She's she's like this. Yes she's like this party girl and she keeps reliving the same crazy night that ends in her death over and over again and she she has to act the same scenes. 'cause it's not like groundhog day the whole day. It's like literally like a two hour window aw so she has to like reenact the same scenes over and over again and it is I think she is absolutely tremendous and also like Jon said about Jason Bateman. She's very heavily involved the writing and producing directing of the show. I was so incredibly impressed by I mean. I never thought that she he had that kind of thing in her so I would. I would go with her on this. One also none of the other people super pop outta me Kristen Bell's not nominated which stupid so Catherine O'Hara's amazing and Shits Creek. Yeah that's true. She is great. Yeah I agree with that. You know this is a scene by omission and Kristen. Bell is not even nominated here. That's insane. Supporting actress in a comedy series Alex Pristine the Marvelous Mrs Mazel Olivia Coleman fleabag Seen Clifford fleabag Kate McKinnon Saturday night live Betty Gilpin glow. Oh Sarah Goldberg Berry in a chums veep merrin Hinkel the Marvelous Mrs Mazel the winner Alex Burstein the Marvelous Mrs Mazel and for those of you that now Alex has also also lowest from family guy and she's also from Mad TV. I honestly I'm not sure that I give two shits. I don't know that I have an opinion. I'm I was GONNA say that having watched Bo seasons of that show. That's not nearly as good as people seem to think it is that the her humor is very specific guy said about how you know. Some people seem to really enjoy the comedy stylings of Jacob Battle on in this spiderman movies in on that one of them at Alex foreseen is very much the same way. I'm not one of those people yeah I agree supporting actor in a comedy series Anthony Kerrigan Barry Tony Hale Veep Alan Arkin the Kamensky method Tony Shalhoub the Marvelous Mrs Mazel Stephen Root Berry Henry Winkler bury the winner Tony Shalhoub the Marvelous Mrs Mazel. Oh no I mean. Don't get me wrong. I really like Tony Shalhoub but did he really another at me at this point and especially for that show like I I. I just don't understand this. Who was the guy who was the WHO's the guy after the the first guy from Barry Tony Hale Buster her yet. That's the and that's why we give it to. I think he's the Julia drivers. I mean she's a transcendent talent at this point like she's Lucille ball of this generation but second to her on that show is Tony L. He's so funny lead actor in a comedy series Anthony Anderson blackish Michael Douglas the Kaminsky method Ted Danson the good place don cheadle black Monday Eugene Levy Shits Creek and Bill Hader bury the winner bill hader berry I am. I'm not going to hate on Bill Hader winning too much because I really love him. I think Barry's another one that's I. I like it but it's a Tad overrated to me. It's not that good. Would that being said here this to me. This is Ted Danson every day of the week twice on Sunday. Yeah I love to dance really really good in a good point still funny. I think that's the last I think that's the last major category yeah I do want to see I would like to John pointed out. How do we okay okay. Let's talk about directing. I'm sorry Jason Bateman one yeah Jason Bateman one and listen to some of the hitter's up Ryan's right DB Weiss David Benny off both from game of thrones David Nutter Gamer thrown thrones Adam McKay not from the laughter life from Anchorman Right I mean I don't know the other people but will the other guy I count. Mig will support. Yes the long naive perversity director who shot the game of thrones episode. You couldn't see anything yeah so that to me. It was funny. I'm like I don't understand. I don't understand how he got nominated for. I don't understand but I that is tremendous tremendous work. I mean that's in a night. That had a lot of shocking winners. That was arguably the biggest upset you can tell I mean besides the fact that Jason Being Jason Bateman when you see his reaction you can tell that he's like what the fuck just happened. Everybody around him goes nuts and he just sits there. At the most Michael Blew the expression on his face ever really worth watching I mean I think you could say that. He got this because the there were like three a game of thrones directors by against each other and they cancel each other out David Nutter. Maybe make the argument that he actually deserved this one but I'm just really happy for Jason. Bateman and I and I was wearing the shuttle on so yeah I agree. I mean David. The long night was one of my favorite episodes in the series is definitely the best episodes of of the seventh season. It's it's not hard to make the case for John's right and it's not hard to make the case for another there will not are actually you was nominated for a night of the seven kingdoms which is my favorite episode of the season. I think Josh was the one that directed long night rank or my yellowknife wait a minute. We Man Yeah I got the wrong. I got mixed up. Yeah you know another got nominated for the last of the starks interesting. Maybe I'm wrong lousy directly. It was the one that was the name of the one before the night before for the battle. That was the night of the seven kingdoms. The one where bran gets that's that that was my favorite part of this. That was my favorite seven seasons well so we just don't know who directed one episode of Game of thrones but we're really saying I'm just looking real quick Yeah David. I did direct a night of the kingdoms. It's just not the one he was nominated for. which is crazy that is that is fucking crazy all right so the fall? TV season is upon us. I go into it with a little aside going into it to be honest because I kind of in the streaming world. We live in where things are premiering three hundred sixty five days a year. Now now I kind of miss you know ten fifteen years ago when the fall TV premieres were such a big deal and you know the traditional network model will astill dominant. I kind of miss that maybe it's my last couple of weeks that I spent binging on friends. That made me miss it. I don't know but I feel like it's such a different landscape now but that being said still there is a fall premiere season and there's no one more knowledgeable about said season season than our guest tonight John Beaver. I WanNa talk about returning shows and new shows. Let's start with what are we. What are you you excited about that's brand new a new show coming on whether it be on a traditional network like NBC ABC Fox CBS S. or something on cable. What's what's what's blowing your skirt. Let's gives johnny a Boehner. That's right well. What gets me hard guys so I just want to say bill totally agree with you is very weird to be like an annual in this generation where like the fall dates don't don't matter. I don't want us for you but as a subscriber to of entertainment weekly for the entirety of the nineteen ninety s the two issues I used to get it's about were the summer movie preview and the DEL TV preview and it's Kinda snap either. We don't live in that age anymore but you know I still watch all the all all the network pilots just to just to see what I like. I don't like and I've been doing it for the last five or six years so so i. I'm probably one of the only ones left. It doesn't get paid for at this point but I do know there's. I've watched three of them so far. Two of them were atrociously bad. One of them was pretty good. MM-HMM I watched all rise which stars Misty Knight from from from Luke cage and it was fucking terrible visit visit Jimmy Smits do now that's on bluff city law which also premiered that not a chance to watch yet which is also looks terrible honestly but I'll give it a shot yeah all rise literally in the first five minutes a bailiff in the courtroom. Kobe gun on Misty Knight and then the other ballot shot him. I was like Oh yeah that's that happens in courtrooms all the time sure that was on CBS which you know shockingly anyway a legal dramas on CBS. I know everyone's just astounded with Bob. Hold on a show so is all rise did not make Janis Boehner Rice. It did not make Janis Boehner rise in the slightest there was some random actors in it that I got a chuckle out sounds like Marc Hogan Burger in her fiftieth television show and this the night of course but but yeah it was it was fucking bed and then I watched another. CBS Show a Sitcom called Bob Hearts shola which was also atrociously bad. It was chuck low ratio so you pretty much. I know exactly the like Sitcom Beach. You'RE GONNA get a Chuck Laurie show at this point you know if you've seen two episodes of either Big Bang theory or two and a half man you know exactly what you're getting here and had the guy from Mike and Molly in it so it was like your standard down the line a CBS show the are getting more diverse so didn't have they lead black actress than the as did arise so CBS isn't quite the White Bread station that used to be so that's something I guess and then I watched the uniform which doesn't actually premiere until Thursday but it dropped online yesterday so I watch that and that's got wall Goggin in it so I'm going to give it a shot. Regardless just won't and Gaba channels out on Johnny the Unicorn is also on CBS so I was kind of surprised to say that I liked something on CBS. I'd had the vibe like parenthood even though it's a half hour sitcom but it's a single camera so there's no laugh track and you know it's Walton Goggin so you know I'm I'm GonNa. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA go down. That road allowed great yeah so I can't picture well coggins in a fucking Sitcom. I mean great fucking great in a vice principals. He has a real comedy touch but this one is actually more like yeah he does comedy almost more like the straight man a little bit in more like a family drama which was very much not while unguarded as to me but you really good so what so what is there anything coming up the fall that you have not watched yet that has buzz around it or that. You were just looking forward to watching yeah so I think stump town premieres tomorrow night. I'm sorry I'm looking at it and looking at the schedule right now. I really WANNA watch that so some some town has Kobe smoulders you know agent hill slash how I met your mother and Johnson who Robert about the end Jay Johnson Nick Miller from a from new girl who I fucking love he's also made see also absolutely stole Spiderman into the spider verse so I I love Jay Johnson and that's based on a graphic novel that I have never read by Greg rocket which so obviously the comical gallant also gets the pumps for that one. I love Russia just saying yes awesome yes sir. I've never read town of you or I've never read sometime. I read the the vampire book he did which I I'm saying I love it. I can't remember what it's called now and then he actually has a series of novels that I was a huge fan of about about a Hitman so he's pretty. I like rock and I love. I love Kobe smoulders. That was one where I watched the first look trailer. Oh extended sneak peek kind of thing. I was really interested in that one yes so that one's on ABC and I'm definitely I don't the plot wise. It's like you know she's a private investigator in Portland but she also has a gambling problem mm so it could be it could be interesting and I think you know again. I think Greg rocket being you know behind the scenes on this one and also the source material is promising thing and a Lotta Times at some of these these pilots you know it's really because of the way because of the nature of how pilots are shot and how you don't know what you're gonNA series. When you make a pilots you have to keep your fingers crossed. You have to make these really awkward. Pilots that explain things and then the second of episode has to explain everything they can be kind of unbearable to watch and don't always indicate issue is going to be good or not so I'm looking forward to seeing the pilot and seeing how it is but that's definitely one I I'm actually excited about for the fall and also another show also on CBS shockingly called evil which is by the the folks who made the the good wife which was not actually show a super into but it does start luke cage as one of the leads in it's kind of like a x-files ish supernatural thing where he's a a priest in training and he and he like he teams up with this psychologist who's like a lapsed. Catholic and she's like like the scully to his shoulder a bike hunt down these like supernatural cases where the Catholic Church and it's got some pretty good pedigree with you know with the good wife and the good fight being some pretty well regarded if not always highly rated shows and it seems like it's really out of the wheelhouse of the Kings who made those shows but it could be interesting and I like my culture in Luke Cage and Jessica John so I'm I support. I support his career moving forward that premieres. I think on Thursday night on C. B. S. so John did you watch. Have you watched it last night but I run out of time. did you watch prodigal son. DVR It. I did not have time to watch those that bluff city law. I did not watch actually Michael Sheen alive. That was my number three. I wasn't sure how how much time we had to go through shows. I was semi excited about but that was my number. Three show is excited about that one. I liked the conceit of that show. I mean it's ludicrous but I I like it. I like Michael Sheehan so I watch him. Read the phone book yeah definitely like a little bit silence of the lambs. Yes for fresh off by you know but you know that doesn't mean it's necessarily bad for sure the other one. I was Kinda curious about. I think it premiered tonight. John was called emergence. Did you hear anything about that yeah. you know that's like a it's on Internet premiere on. ABC actually airing right now. I think that's the one that's the one with the plane crash in the superpowers yet which I'm definitely going to give a shot as well I liked Allison tolman. Is You know I it could be good. It could be one of those blink and you miss it. SCIFI shows the networks tried out to try and find that lost money and it never works out linked to manifest fast yeah which I think actually got renewed. Yeah that's coming back and I think didn't blindspot last. That's the lawn I think this might be. Its final season but it's like seven years right. Yeah I was pretty surprised at last as long as they did to Just how many can she possibly have they could solve crimes with ah the blacklist is still going to write. Your black list is coming back. It's crazy but yeah I like Allison Allison tolman and also Turkeys in that show Donald face on so. I'm going to watch it. It's right given Turks in work. I mentor yeah all right. That's a good that's a nice little across section of new shows for people listen. I like how I look. How Weird Shit is always the result of plane crash of course of course. It's never like a ferry was a train unbreakable. That's true so johnny. Are there any other ones or is that it for you that Mike sure has a new sitcom com called sunnyside with Calapan. I don't really think the plot sounds very interesting. He's like this disgraced politician that starts helping immigrants you know get into the get their green cards or something which sounds like super topical but I do as we mentioned previously in Mike sure I trust somebody because I I want to shot an end. You know I'm like were Bradley. Whitford career but pervert army does not sound appealing L. I just and then I cannot believe that Patricia Heaton is getting another Sitcom where she apparently plays a woman a woman who becomes a like doctor medical intern in her her fifty s or whatever issue is God knows unsurprising. That's on CBS as well so that's one of the ones I'm not looking for. It was rather go to the dentist than watch that show honestly. I think all rise in Carroll Second Act which is what that show is called are going to be the two worst pilots. I'm going to watch this this year all right right so that's a pretty good cross section for listeners of some new things to check out. What about what what's got you most geeked out as far as returning returning shows. I know what my number my. The thing I'm looking forward to the most is I now I mean I have two things I'm superpower about well really three things so there's two shows going into their final seasons that I absolutely adore one of which is a good place and the other is supernatural all right so I you know I have literally been watching supernatural for over a third of my life at this point so I'm going to be bit. It'd be very bittersweet sweet to see them ended but I really hope it goes out with a bang and a good place is always full of surprises as far as like you know big events events obviously the crisis on infinity. Earth's I think is the one that that did that. You're Jones and so franken so am I and that also leads into another new show which is bad woman knowing that I didn't I didn't talk about but so which we all also got kind of a teaser on with last year's big crossover. I think the woman is GonNa Suck Past. Yeah did not get a good vibe from the IT. We got last year at all but you know so so I'm I'm super excited about crisis on infinite earths. I think it's it's I think think it's GonNa be just awesome especially all the shit they're lining up with Tom. Welling Tin and Eric Durant's and it's GonNa be awesome article emphatically not Michael Rosenbaum right out of their way to not very Michael Rosenbaum back he you probably didn't see they asked him and he he said Go. Fuck yourself really yeah. Apparently he put it out on twitter. He made them look really bad. He was like he was down in Florida visiting family. They called him and said we don't have a script. We don't know how big your part is. We don't know when you're shooting it. We can't pay you much you. You want to do it and he was like no but I will say so watching season seven of the Arrow once it got to the second half of that season. I was like Yep. It's time to wrap this thing up. I thought the second half of that season was so slow and boring. A hole jump forward to the future was a hated hated it and then they I saw today that there's going to be a spin off to aero yeah about his his in a felicity daughter which I'm like. No thank you good well. It's not sure it doesn't matter. I'm good well. It's it's the three it's headlined by Katie Cassidy who I like and then it's got the other check. I can't remember her name that plays the other version of black canary and then Oliver employees daughter. It's the three in sort of like a birds of prey ish thing so. It's like the canaries canaries in the coal mine or something well not. I won't be watching it and so anyway. That was my feelings on season seven however I will say I'm going to be Super Sad AC- Stephen Mel go. I love the guy but now I think they're set it up to be pretty pretty awesome awesome so I'm looking forward to that. I'm definitely agree with you. There's a reason I did not mention Arrow in my like final seasons. I'm super pumped about. I appreciate especially especially Stephen Amal and the university created by the show's frankly it kind of had a bit of resurgence a couple of seasons ago you know with a Damian dark season and the following season where they export a lot of like first season themes about Oliver skills in your killing possibly and and then just really took turn hasn't been hasn't been kind of a struggle to get through and not in like a you know turn it around after one season the waste log but just like when are they gonna end this which is sad because I I enjoyed the show so much earlier season yeah but I'm excited I mean I think I think the flashes similar. I think they went through. They went they went through some valleys but I felt last season was pretty good leading into a this big crisis season coming out. I haven't watched flash in two seasons. Flash is still pretty good. It's better flashes always better when it's light it. Is You know it's got to be the the comedic side to arrows gritty side when they tried to get when when Barry got depressed the show is not fun to watch when those scripts do grant gosden no favors in Barry Allen either but whenever Ralph is on screen. It's actually pretty good. I also love all versions of Harrison. Wells that Tom Cavanagh plays he's great and then my track record on super girls very spotty. I I haven't watched every episode I pretty much out on. I actually did end up watching it over the summer and it was like must be topical about trump agree. Ah The honestly the best show out of the Arrow Verse Spawn Shows Probably Legends Tomorrow Laura Most Fun. I Love I love. Let's bury with Constantine. I love it too. I'm very sad. Brand Ruth is leaving though yes US agree I don't. I don't really understand why they said they don't have anywhere to go with his character which just crazy me but I'm disappointed in that but that show is just so loopy. Iran distant so like giving up on what they tried to do in the first season lean into the ridiculousness that it's it's a lot defined as long as you have said about titans how you just have to the first episode might be thrown off and then you're like Oh. This is what they're doing so now that I've accepted. This is what they're doing into this. I feel like legends is the same way like that's a show where they can go and and made George Lucas and it's totally fine so johnny you're saying for your returning shows than the only ones you're really excited about our supernatural the good place it was the third one. I mean I'm I'm I'm excited for a lot of stuff that I watch you know or have watched. Those are the ones I was just most excited about where a supernatural in the good place for their final seasons I do watch a couple of procedures as I get older on actually really enjoy the Nathan fillion show the rookie out which barely barely got renewed but I I I really like it and you know again the way things are so fragmented now it's just really and I think a lot of actors are just like I can go do twelve episodes on FX or Netflix or something and get paid just as much not have this crazy work schedule like the twenty two episode things you know so. I think a lot on the quality is frankly moved away from the networks unfortunately other a few other shows that I watch that I watch on the networks pretty he regularly. I do enjoy the good doctor for some reason to bury watches. I kind of like how do you know he has autism instead of being curmudgeon addicts but but I kind of enjoy anyway honestly looking at the snow like most of the stuff. I'm excited to see come back is stuff. That's involved with the crisis crossover or you know the good place. I'm also getting older and I'm almost the shamefully excited about the final season of criminal minds which I've watched for ten years and I I also I watch watch Chicago. PD relatively religiously. I don't know why but I do and I like it. You can do a whole three hour. Block of Chicago based emergency correctly services if you wanted to try. I tried to do the whole thing. I tried to hold Chicago Dang but I don't I just never I could never really stick with and it's not even necessarily a generational thing because you know there's a lot of people even younger than us that will lead his love turning on USA am watching law and order. Svu reruns and I'm just don't really get it but you know I'm not I can't. I can't invested in procedural so I just can't do it. They they made a point this passage of the Chicago shows John of they had mercy hardy gay crossover into Chicago. PD so they're all on the same. I guess surprised by that or bet. Mariscal heartache will pretty much do anything at this point for predictable. I mean she's GonNa break. The gunsmoke record right and it's just insane so yeah. I can't think of anything alison super excited for for the fall. As far as network shows you know I'm sure there's a lot of streaming things things that are more exciting Franklin than some of the shows we talked about but I think crisis the most exciting thing by far honestly I'm GONNA check out. I'M GONNA check out products yeah. I'M GONNA check that out for for me for me this season this television season is all about sue. Bradford like I'm really excited for crisis. Hopefully it'll fuck it up too bad. I'm really excited excited to see Tom. Welling Brandon Ralph and the other dude the place superman all the same time. That'll be really fine but for me. This is all about supernatural natural like John I've been I've been watching supernatural since I was twenty five years old. I'm going to be forty one in two weeks. That's ridiculous. It's a ridiculous amount of time for John. Rachelle like supernatural and just like I know frank you never got into it or stuck with it but the evolution of that show from what it started as to what it is is nothing short of it's unreal Bennett lasted this long and that has been dependable. I'm really sad. I hope it goes to either way. I'm going to be really sad not to have the winchester's in my life anymore. I haven't end of the era kind of show like this. Since like smallville friends went off the Air Oslo is far as something that really was like a big part of my life for this large chunk of time. Maybe lost yeah and game of thrones. Maybe it hasn't been that long but this is like Smallville is the closest this thing I guess because it's ten years of John. Ratio friends was a very broad Sitcom comping but you're x-files something like that lasted such a long time. fifteen years is astonishing for a paranormal science fiction each show with the same two actors yeah. It's unbelievable all right well. I know I speak for bill. When I WANNA say Johnny. Thank you for coming on again in being a voice of reason on this the chaotic circus that is billing for pub culture hope you had a good time. How it's my pleasure man. I I always have a great time chatting with you guys for for hour and a half straight. It's exhausting soaked in sweat right now. Just worked marathon we have we we've talked before frank about. You should really stop furiously masturbating while we do this. I know I I you know it's even weirder when by dogs watching me through the door but the yeah you know it's funny so earlier today I I sent out a tweet because I got home from work and I sent got a tweet and I just asked like what's the first thing everybody does when they get home from work in there. I had multiple responses that said take my bra off okay I I just I guess I never i. Maybe I don't CARE I. I like a selfish person. I never realized like the BRA was such a a like uncomfortable. I gotta get this thing off kind of thing. I would've thought it'd be like high heels for froth-pak man whatever man women women really don't have it easy. Okay Bill Jesus Christ I mean I can't imagine walking around in high heels all day. They'll just seems ridiculous to me. I can and all right Jagger so so anyway Jamie thanks again man really appreciate it bill. You got anything else you want to say yeah. I know I'm all talked out all right so let's wrap it up then the usual. You know what I'd do is if if it ever deeper so I finished my binge of ten seasons of friends today. I want people in the interwebs. give me some suggestions for something to binge next. Prefer something funny because usually these are things that I watch go to sleep so I want suggestions on what what Sitcom preferably something fairly long running. I should go for next. Anybody hit us up hit me up. Does it have to be streaming or are you going to not get it could be anything it can be. As long as I can get it on. I mean I I have access to Netflix Hulu Amazon prime so wherever I can grab it. I like superstar alive. That's actually still running but and that's been on for like five or six years really. Maybe I'll check. That out happened for six years. I think this is it's like he's going into its fifth or sixth season the now it's going to his fifth season. Yeah Pretty well-thought-out too yeah. It's pretty good. I was thinking about rewatching chuck but I want. I want some suggestions from people in the world all right well. I'm sure sure I'm sure our loyal twitter basil will come to your aid bill as they always do so speaking of twitter check US OUT ON AT B. The F. E. Pop culture on twitter. Follow US Leica Sri Tweet US drop in say Hi Telescope Fuck Ourselves. you know this whole podcast thing. I'm really like enjoying the twitter like I'm having a lot of fun with it. I like talking to people so oh keep bringing the two guys and the other thing I wanted to point out. Was You know we we lost a member of the The podcast family today pod coin is no longer yeah so you know you're going to have to find it somewhere else. I know we got a we had a lot of listeners in subscribers on pod coin but you know hey we're on overcast ron cast box. We're on POD chaser. You know all three of those guys are pretty cool pretty cool APPs and of course all the big guys apple Google. Will you know stitcher you name it spotify by download one of those APPs. Come find US hang with us for a little bit. Let let us know what you think. Share with your friends and that's all I got so until then guys bill Johnny. Thank you love you. They will everybody ought to you by the odd Hans Croc.

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