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Yes yes. You still have to stay inside. But here's the good news listener inside. You is endless so get up with us. Take A walk inside yourself. Go outside. Come sit by the imaginary tree inside your heart next to me. My friend Dan. We've got a bowl of your favorite cereal waiting here for you. And it's never ending and it's called the Empty Bowl. Sit on partner. My name is Justin mcelroy. I'M A serial enthusiast. I'm Dan Gilbert and I am a serial astrologer of sorts in that Could probably read a lot about you. Based on what cereals are in your pantry right now or at least what serial. Your parents were really into when you were born You know I had a new serial this week Dan before we get into the show proper housekeeping gaming gaming discussions. That doesn't really fit into any of our usual categories but I just wanted to mention that First off I should establish this as a meditative. Podcast about serial. Sit Back and relax and let yourself be whisked away. I I'd like to tell you what I tried this week. That a one of our beloved listeners sent us was Golden Tomb Rick Cereal. Marie tried this. I tried it a while back. I can't say I'm a fan but I'm interested to hear what you think you know. It's it's interesting to have a bit of spice that's not a flavor we normally get And I've found it such a pleasant mix in for things like How you've probably already guessed that I'm going to say Cheerios OH current You you've certainly guess that already Be Universal Receiver of cereal. All serial proved With the bounty of crunch but I found it very pleasant. Felt like a grownup grownups. Cereal Nice Flake on it to do you see a future. In spite cereals. Maybe Acumen crunch I you know what if you put some sugar and flakes in there? I'm now for pretty much anything. It's kind of a secret about me and speaking of flakes mixed with anything Let's let's up into the news so the the biggest story that actually does broke yesterday is the upcoming debut At the end of this month I believe of frosted flakes with Tony inspired marshmallows so frosted flakes with marshmallows. Has Been around for several years now and this is a serial that not counting the chocolate Halloween variant. I have not eaten since it first came out because frosted flakes and marshmallows is just about the most obtuse case of compound. Sugar since marshmallow fruity pebbles. But if there's anything that will get me to buy another box. It is mixing up the marshmallow game because This new edition has four different more bits in it that are allegedly. Never seen before. We have Tony's power pause which I don't know what is especially powerful about them but yeah They're basically these orange clouds with a white center We have Tony Scarf which looks more like his tone. We have a a man. How do they even described this thing? It's sort of this abstract shape of orange and blue. A sweet swirl or I have to imagine that represents Tony's power core that is embedded deep within him that you destroy to Takeo him entirely but last but not least we also have Tony. The Tiger marshmallows. Which look exactly like malformed goldfish crackers? They do not do any sort of features on them or anything. But basically I don't know Kellogg's seems to be trending towards these. You know intricately sculpted marshmallows. Which I guess is a an improvement over their previous strategy after making all these sugar ring cereals but yeah. I'm hoping this leads to a new renaissance of intricately shaped marshmallows. Have we had Tony frosted flakes with With marshmallows at all before have frosted flakes with marshmallows. Have been around. I believe since twenty seventeen cow but up till this point they've only had just the standard white circular marshmallows checking in on our our ongoing investigation the waffle Chris Saga Yeah so as we reported before there were spotting waffle crisp cereal in Mexico. And ever since then there's been a lot other spotting waffle crisp and other countries in including the US but unfortunately the serial snob who is also a fellow. Serial investigative journalists like myself reach out to post themselves to inquire rather or whether Chris was making an American Ri debut but it is apparently a limited release internationally and they're not plans to bring waffle Chris back to America which seems just baffling because the cult appeal of it here is arguably stronger than anywhere else and yeah well. There have been some people who have spotted it in America. I believe probably unlike the import international foods. I'll I don't know if we'll ever see it back in the serial property which I think is. It's a disgrace but outbreaking heartbreaking. Of course that's what they would say until the moment was right we trip over it. you know. I was Really hard you know that the news has been Mostly really good all over but there was actually some bad news recently when we found that minions the rise of grew Oh man been delayed to twenty twenty one. I didn't even know this movie existed until I heard about the serial behind it so this is the second minions film minions to the rise of grew which is nice to say together. A we'll say I don't know. How many films is that making the extended despicable me universe. So there's three despicable me's there's despicably one despicable me two minions. Despicable made three devastating for me. It's just minions the rise of grew. It's a separate spin off franchise following the minions I have I have a chronological chart laid out. There's a serial is the thing is the thing we're getting to. There's this area so just as there have been a lot of minions movies. This is actually the third minion. Cereal to be documented. I we got Minions Banana Berry cereal which. I'll be outright and saying that even though I like many many people. I'm not a fan of the minion. As a as a concept as an abstraction that was a very very good cereal. Because you don't really see banana mixed with Berry very often the serial true but unfortunately when that one went away that was a general mills. Product the licensing minion. Cereal shifted to Kellogg's and they released a very very bland and boring sort of Oat squares and many marshmallows released for one of the movies. I couldn't tell you which but Now that we are getting the the third entry in the minion cereal verse. It is bouncing back to General Mills for Minions Vanilla cake cereal which unfortunately is just a yellow and blue corn puffed. Cereal with your standard Garden Variety marshmallows and vanilla cake is really just a cheat in a sense to describe it. This will indeed be another sugar puffs cereal like any other birthday cake or Vanilla or Lucio that we have seen in the past year. Yeah I get it. I don't think that birthday cake is something that lends itself well to breakfast. But I don't see maybe the flavor is easy to produce there was a very I won't go so far as to say good but I will say interesting. Minion cereal. That with the Banana Berry Flavor. That one is that one's not that one was not bad. It was interesting it was something I liked it a lot. Especially because they even went the full monty and put actual little minions yes etchings on their sort of these cave carvings But you see the sort of decline in creativity they were. We went from that to vaguely minion shape marshmallows. Now to just you know yellow and blue and white yeah And it also has to have the texture of Simitis crunch pieces Which is like. That's hard to go around with now. That was That was the minions news. Talk Sad to see it but hope. I'm looking at the serial Dan and it's so boring. It makes you could just taste. It are like you know he's like personally. You can taste with your mind without necessarily taking out of the box and just sort of probably bang that review and under a hundred words of them will be why a lot of hypertext links to other Yeah in in frankly Much more exciting and I will say astonishing these. Oh my goodness this is. This is something that just turned. Twenty twenty four hours Entirely it is the officially announce and General Mills. co-signed You know Reintroduction of checks quest checks hd is coming to steam. This summer it will be free to play and this new version will feature to Split Screen multiplayer and six playable characters. So I won't say that checks quest. Hd is something we haven't known about for awhile. I actually had the good luck of interviewing the art director behind it Charles Jacoby who also released the unofficial checks quest three some years back and my article was also able to debut cheeser trailer and it was three years ago but now he has gotten official sponsorship of General Mills to make this into a full blown reintroduction to the series and unbelievable. Anyone who's been reading my blog knows this means a lot to me specifically because if you're wondering how a guy manages to get to the point where he has both a serial podcast and a blog. It's because one day in the in the date. Lewis unnamed passed. I discovered a checks disk and my parents basement data in both senses of the word. Yeah one hundred percents such check all the ladies but so checks quest for those who aren't familiar. Somehow it was a one thousand nine hundred six release. That was pretty much the first video game to be released inside of a cereal box. Now this predates Mills Berry Post Topi. Even Cap'n crunch is crunching adventure. Checks quest is the O. G. and it's something that I don't think could have happened. Organically today in this serial sphere of creation but it was a modification of doom made to be more kid friendly and cereal. Themed where you are. This sort of checks warrior hero. Who these phlegm Lloyd's snotty creatures back to their own dimension to tell us all the time. I've had many many times in class speeches and you know commencement addresses it's Cetera. But there was the original checks quest there was an immediate follow up checks quest to attack on check city which came as a downloadable a follow up to the game and then checks quest three as we said was an unofficial release that completed the trilogy. I'm we've known that checks quest. Hd was coming for a bit but this sort of elevation in the official this behind it. That happened just today is pretty crazy. Because as I mentioned it's coming to steam it's going to be free. It's got split screen multiplayer and six playable characters and those characters are all based on the different pieces of checks mix. So you have our hero himself. Fred checks to. Who is the standard contracts piece you have? I don't know any of the lower behind these characters yet. Based on the one concept art that we've seen there is his female checks counterpart there is to pretzels who appear to be combat automatons The ride ship which appears to be some sort of a wizard as well as the the breadstick Who looks like this potato Jimmy Neutron hybrid per and yeah? It's pretty just insane because not only is this happening but also checks questions. Apparently partnered with the folks at limited run games to release this giant checks. Quest Merch back. I don't know if you've got to see this. It only debuted for one hundred and fifty dollars for the trump era checks warrior addition. You say that but I'm going to end up doing your. You can get checks quest for in a beautiful cereal box style box. You can get the game itself on a USB floppy disk along with the official soundtrack you can get two different posters. Two different enamel pins a piece of checks keychain. This checks quest t-shirt. The inner collect checks salient of bravery commemorative medal coin. Too Large stickers of full-sized replica with activated lights and sounds and a metal checks warrior statue. All a four week open preorder starting April Seventeenth Secrets Times. We live in Dan. Strange time while you look at it objectively and I'm very excited. That checks is finally getting the validation. It deserves. I'm also a little bit mixed in my emotions on it because what a lot of people don't know is that after checks. Quest to came out in the series future was very unknown. General Mills refused to comment on further at the time but it became much like the star wars extended universe. Something that was owned by the fans. There were a lot of fan games that people would make. There were sort of these. Diy homebrew online matchmaking. Services where you could play checks with others and there is all this you know random Lord that people were making up in their own hands and it was kind of magical in a way to divest the checks property from its original source and make it something that was fueled by pure imagination and creativity but now sort of that cannon much like Eastern Universe has been disavowed by this official return and you know it just brings a lot of a lot of emotions bubbling to the top. So if you're the type of person like me who is a hundred and fifty dollars worth of obsessed with checks quest. This is exactly the news you needed. You know Dan moving into Reviews seamlessly as I ate several cereal or this Easter weekend I kept having one problem with every bowl that I ate and the thing is the pieces they just weren't big enough Dan And Yeah I heard you have something to remedy the problem man. Sometimes you just. Here's eating cereal and you wish it was more snack. It was just. It's more like A. I couldn't snack. I try to eat it in the middle of the day. My Darn hand got stuck in the box so small more like a Diorama scale. Model of a serial. The original stuff is. That's why I'm glad Kellogg's has brought jumbo snacks to the forefront of the cereal aisle I. We mentioned these. In the last episode it is four. Classic Kellogg's cereals reimagined to be allegedly more snack by blowing up the size to a greater diameter circumference. Whatever your measure is so. We HAVE APPLE JACKSON FRUIT LOOPS. Which can kind of is right off immediately because the jumbo snacks version tastes exactly like the original If we're talking about the size they are bigger. They're probably just a touch smaller than the donut mart. Cereal that we talked about earlier as well so not quite big enough to fit around your pinkie but I was trying to think of something nature to compare it to give people a frame of reference. I I'm coming up empty. Yeah maybe a lifesaver. I don't know but yeah those aren't very say it would be like imagine a bigger lifesaver but lang debts useful. Either of the Apple. Jacks one was interesting just because they didn't include any of the green rings. Which is I don't know there's nothing really to say there. It's just we're but The frosted flakes take. I think especially good because they decided to make these Tony's tiger paws. These things are surprisingly good. I mean frosted flakes as a whole. You can't really say too much about. They're sweet they're tasty the Corny. That's about it but these tiger paws have a much more butter creamy element to it and I don't know it's sort of halfway between frosted flakes and like a donut cereal. Almost I wouldn't say the tiger specifically are much bigger than your standard. Cop's these ones especially are a bit. They're more like a an exile king vitamin or anything. All right but I would recommend those out of the floor because the last one is corn POPs which they sort of differentiated a lot by not only bringing back the Canadian spherical version of a corn pop as we had mentioned but also adding a Karma flavor to it and while I think this is ambitious. The the Carl does not come off exactly all that well. It's more of a caramelized brown butter than an actual sort of caramel. Candy itself and the ultimate effect is a little bit muddled and it's hard to see. The letter sounds good. That sounds appetizing. I don't know maybe it's just a matter of the jumbo snacks having a very strange method of distribution. So you have two different kinds of packages you can buy for this. They are the zero point. Four five ounce snack packs of Chombo snacks each of which contains maybe twelve pieces at most of these cereals. So it's really takes longer to open the package than it does to eat the entire thing but more reasonable is the receivable sort of six six ounce versions which are very interesting because the back of the pouch very very like A boasts that it contains twelve handfuls of cereal which doesn't sound like very much but then you read closer and you see that a handful to them. Twenty pieces occur handful if you try to put twenty pieces of any of these jumbo snacks in your hands. You realize that. That is just unrealistic. It's like it's like a claw machine tried to get a handful of cereal. Not only can you barely fit it into your hands but to try and eat. That sort of handful is like eating a a loosely configured apple. But I'm getting inserted the serving sizes and the ultimate conclusion is that the Karma Corn. Pops seem the most intriguing. But what you should go for is the tiger paws Is there any difference in your enjoyment of like the apple? Jackson fruit loops with the with the size. Does it change? Change like the texture balance at all and did you try them In a bowl with milk on them rebel you are. I definitely try them with milk and that case it is almost indistinguishable from a normal cereal. But this is probably not going to play into what the the business strategy behind jumbo snacks was but when he any of these dry it. Really accelerates the rate at which your mouth sort of gets torn up. Yeah you're sort of your jaws reflexively train too much cereal very very aggressively but with these giant piece sizes. They're more like just these giant meteors. That sort of Serrate the Pallet Innocence Fun- fund sounds delicious. What about Oh some ice cream? Yes so for a bit now. Valleys and desert for our. Yeah after the snacks. So General Mills released these light ice creams which is basically code for not exactly ice cream but in lucky charms and cinema cinnamon toast crunch variants. Because those are sort of their their goto flavors when it comes to licensing out a serial adjacent product. But I finally got the chance to try both of these ice creams despite the fact that I am mildly lactose intolerant. I had to. I had to do it for science. But what was interesting about the cinnamon toast? Crunch one is that it tastes way more like cinnamon spice than any bullets cinnamon toast crunch sale ever. Wow jarring in a sense just how real it tasted in that sense and I don't know if you're going in expecting something extremely sweet. You might be a bit off put by just how genuine they were being in that sense but the lucky charms one I think is much more of the standout. I didn't expect a sort of marshmallow ice cream to taste much more than just like sugary ice cream. But I kinda got these distinct notes of like oatmeal cookie dough almost because there are marshmallows in the cereal lucky charms marshmallow is and they are very appealing to senior bowl but the base ice cream itself the way they've infused the old pieces into it is very very very compelling. It's sort of like a custody oatmeal. In a sense it is wholesome. It is again buttery and Golden Brown but it also has these delightful pop of especially Creamy marshmallows so Basically go for the cinnamon toast crunch one. If you really really like cinnamon as a spice but lucky charms assertive the all around her here for a nice Comforting ice cream. That you were like me. We'll still probably caused some degree of gaster intestinal distress later. But you know in a good light We we discussed. I believe in the new segment last episode. The Confetti cake pop tart bites and now you have Sampled them Pop tarts bites have been releasing flavors steadily for a little bit now. We started with strawberry and brown sugar. Cinnamon which are basically pop tarts Equivalent of lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch in that they are the the mainstream flavors that you see in a lot of peripheral products but after that we got chocolate fudge pop tarts bites which were very very rich and tasty and now we have the direct inverse of that in. Confetti cake pop tarts bites. These are pretty homogeneous sort of containment pillows of just generic vanilla sugar sweetness and the thing about Confetti cupcake. Pop tarts is that they are no sense. The best pop TART AND IN NO CENSOR. They even really an acceptable pop tart. But the good thing. So you're saying it's nice because there's lots of them well well not even that because if there's one saving grace of Confetti Cupcake. Pop tarts is that they strike this important balance between filling and crust whereas the filling is this sort of. Echo plasmatic. Sort of one note. Who's the crust itself as you'd see any other non chocolate pop? Tart is much more. Like a golden puff pastry but when pillow. Is it when you turn into a bite? There's no sort of ratio anymore between crust and filling. It's lawless so in the case of Confetti cake pop tarts bites. All you taste is just differing. Degrees plane all buttery. Oh vaguely vanilla sugar. And considering that there's three other pop tarts bites that you could be spending your time on considering the fact that there are a dozen other pop tarts flavors that are more icon and deserving a bite treatment. I just think this product is a waste of time awareness. I mean there it. Is that letter? It'd be dead for that every week on the show. We asked You our beloved listeners. A question that you can Respond to at your leisure. I say that but you do have to that before. The next episode is recorded. If you'd like to be included in phone cast This week we ask you about cereals that you had a rediscovered and we'd like take a listen to those now. Dan entrusted money. Ms Ezra from Salt Lake City and the serial rediscovered is actually the cereal as a whole About a decade ago I may made the opinion. That serial was not worth. My time was a breakfast food. And because of this podcast I've started eating cereal down and it is very nice. Thank you Dan Justin. This is clearly from Arkansas. Is He real? I held disdain for I might use would have to be honey house when my mom would buy them. I always viewed them as ING knockoff. Version of cheerios and would refuse to eat them however as an adult I found them were textually pleasing than honey nut. Cheerios and actually prefer them. Hi Damon Justin. I'm cat now. Is younger about eight or nine. My grandmother would take us down to the Taibbi Georgia vacation to my displeasure. She would feed me grapes nuts. Because that's what she likes to eat. I didn't like them because I thought they were an old person. Cereal at the time but as they've gotten older I I've come to really enjoy them and I find them very familiar and comforting so sorry for Discipline Iverson Years Grandma podcast by some important points there. One Taibbi island Georgia's beautiful My family has has vacation there. Many Times. It's a lovely relaxing plays for casual people. Second Grievance is an old people cereal What has changed is maybe not so much the cereal but perhaps the consumer of the Syria has more closely approximated. The ideal consumer great nuts. Yeah it's only GonNa get better with age. Honestly not scrape nuts ages. Look a fine Y- grape nuts wine to be clear you ages just there waiting for you. The universal constant also would love. I Love I love to see more of a waiver appreciation And this Donna. A few months back much more appreciation for honey ohs because they really went when you get a honey owes craving. I wish I did after we discussed it. I at maybe a year ago it nothing would do nothing until I gained now. Are you talking about the honey? Does that used to behind? Grandma's yes correct. Honey Graham Honey owes me honey. Grandma's yes does that not just sort of irritate you at a level that they took the Graham out of it the grimmest this what nobody wants. This is what the fact. It's one gram grams. Still there they just change the word. I think this is my theory. At least there was crunchy. Okay do a little quick on the fire research here it used to come in crunchy gram and honey nut and then now it's just honey Graham. Oh's so I don't know started blaming the pieces of. I have no idea how that shook out. I don't know I feel like enough. Not Enough people are talking about the great grand or Asia in the cereal aisle golden grams being our last bastion of the of the craft Do you have a question at the top of your head. I have if not if you don't have one in the in the hopper you know I'm GonNa let you do this one So here's here's what I'd love to hear We recently about which animated series. You'd love to see turned into a Cereal I this time would like to hear. What cereal would you like to turn into? An animated series are rich. Enough Universe backstory. Where it would be a an entertaining Television program no gritty reboots. Thank you just wanted to be kind of like the Serio man. So that is my question. One obvious answer to that. I'm not going to say we're not going to a sway anyone's opinion but I feel like there's only one cereal but has the appropriate amount of lower down so if you want to respond to that. Here's what you do get your phone or plug a microphone into your computer and go to boll dot rest and you're going to see a. That's our website by the way and you're going to see a little button there let you leave us a message and you can record it right there and maybe we'll include it in the show. Okay so in. The last segment of the show are after our. Our reader interactions news reviews. We'd like to cut loose a little bit and stop being so uptight You have this here. Cereal best in class. I love this idea Dan Why why don't you talk a little bit Talk a little bit about it so when you talk about cereal on a high level. There are very broad categories of types of cereals. I think overall I'll talk about a holy trinity of sort of chocolate cereals. Peanut butter cereals and Ferdie cereals. But if you get a little bit more granular about it. There are very specific. Categories of you know serial designator That make these very very nuanced pockets of cereal and I want to discuss what we think are the the sort of best representatives and maybe even the worst representatives of certain Cereal classification and. I think to kick it would be good to talk about the very very diverse and under-discussed around of banana cereals. He asked so. This is piggybacking off of our minions Banana Berry. Cereal discussion. That itself being a very very strong candidate for one of the best banana cereals in recent memory at least So what would you say is the best? And perhaps the worst banana cereal out there. You know it's tough Dan. I really Have I Don Banana is tricky because I feel like anything. That has a big banana. Flavor is it can skew. A little chemically I think that I would probably go Great Grains Banana Nut Kranji All the Great Grain Cereals I find a really really nice I got deeply into your blueberry warning. Os It's a really good. I have great grades and sort of that same. I think think blueberry morning. It's now folded into the great grains Brand umbrella but Yeah it had like Actual like some banana flavored clusters and almonds and walnuts Those just a nice a nice serially. Do you have a job at least favourite banana Syria Very much did not enjoy banana. Split dip and DOTS Man That qualifies. I know that's why I picked it. Is it's unbeatable as a failure. Yeah when I was thinking about this I found that. There's a very sort of Stark Dichotomy of Bananas Cereals and that you either have one that focuses on Ferdie element or one that focuses more on these sort of wholesome baked goods element of it. So on the one hand you have the very distinctly bananas. Stylings of Banana. Cream frosted flakes which really hits on that. I don't know I feel like every single banana. Cereal in this domain only makes me think of Banana Laffy Taffy which this might strike the ire of a lot of Laffy Taffy fans but it is by far my least favorite lavish flavor. Wow I just think it's nothing like real bananas and by that essentially that sort of an insult to the the rich fruit which gives it his namesake but If we're talking about Best Bananas Cereals I think one springs to mind and that is twenty-seven Teens Candida exclusive banana bread shredded cheese. These were very very dance shredded pieces. Which if you're not familiar are sort of identity checks in a sense and this was very very well. Roasted the banana assertive undertone to more of that bakery. Fresh browned sweetness and very very overripe banana versus the more candied banana approach. And I think in any case that you see banana paired with something that is more bread like or not like it tends to work a lot better so you have the Cheese with to call the trader. Joe's banana nut clusters the honey bunches of oats. Banana night Anything that pairs a banana nut. Cheerios even is probably the most typical example. Where you don't really let banana steal the show so much as provide that undertone of ribbon sweetness beneath something. That's more you know grandmotherly in a sense. Are there any cereals that have tried Banana in them. They're willing actual slices of banana. Yeah not too. Long ago there was raisin bran with banana slices in it and I think it was very very interesting. It was a good attempt but the sort of contrast. Between these big hunks of chewy banana and the the ever crunchy raisin bran flakes. That are very very very sharp and Brittle in. That sense was a little bit much for a mouth to handle. That wants to chew one thing super fast and be reticent around the other right interesting well I Did so did you have a least favorite Man You kinda stole the show with Dipping DOTS there. But so bad. Did you like the The Nila Wafers. Yeah Yeah. That's a good one. I think that was a bit of a disappointment as well. Because as much as I've said against these bland sugaring vanilla cereals Plano nil away for cereal is something I've wanted for a while to have Nila cereal. Come out of nowhere with this sort of half baked. Banana Pudding. Concept was sort of an insult to the the Nila mark deep inside of me so that one gets a hard pass from me. Very how folks Dan Thank you so much for joining me for this episode. It's been such a delight as always If you want to send an email you can send it to mail Paul Dot rest Bowl dot rest is also where you can donate to the show. If you would like to To do that we would be so happy to. You can donate anything. I think from ninety nine cents up to ten bucks Half that goes to keep seriously dot net running and I promise damn will not use any of that money specifically to buy the hundred and fifty dollars. Promise that because I before I can legally I wanNA make you legal I. I want you for checking care. We also the half of that money goes to a local food bank in Huntington West Virginia. And they certainly Need it I would say And so we really appreciate your support. means a lot to us and more than anything we're happy to just how space to to have the time to create a little space for you in your head and in in your ear week. We'd also like to think Chris Zabriskie for the opening theme. The Sun is scheduled to come out tomorrow as well as emily. Low per for both editing our show and producing a great run of t shirts. So you can find at the mcelroy family merge store. We'd also like to think as you might have noticed be have refreshed our visual identity to sort of better capture where we think. The tone of this show has gone towards this sort of incident. Cereal beach of calming tones and cereal dust. Sand giant giant bowls are floating in the distance. And you can think At the void and more on twitter for that. She did a really great job in doing our new branding and we are very thankful for that. And I hope you like it as well absolutely Folks thank you so much for for us in the show we will Be With you again. Here said Until next time for Dan Gilbert. My name is Justin mcelroy. And as always don't forget to the number two to drink the MILK NASTY. H. A. Milk. I'm trying to Freshened up a little bit make. It seem more drink the mouth while there is my Thursday contribution together.

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