JoJo Rabbit


In two thousand nineteen a new type of film was released. Something that might make you think you were watching Charlie Chapman but this one is from the genius. Mind director Takuya. What did not on this week's episode? We might even discussed Joe Joe Rabbits imaginary friend. Hitler sit back and grabbed an adult beverage and listen to our host talk about the award winning satire film Joe Joe Rabbit. Welcome to adult beverage. Podcast where we will be talking films new and old looking at you kid. We just become best friends as low as anything else. Entertainment World Wide. Enjoying an adult beverage in hand. Well let's talk about Joe Rabbit and you know this is a fun film. I think All the way through to ask questions right off the Bat. Did you guys enjoy our did not like it loved? It loved it. I did enjoy it also. Just tell everybody who's WHO's on line with US right now we've got Large Truman hello and Patrick Keenan. Oh and squeaker everyone. We're also from your pickup squeaker. Hello hello my sex equally on right now. Listeners will know we're all at our own own houses Doing this lovely podcast for you guys. 'cause we we know about this time everybody's starting to get gauge fever and we're drinking and we hope you're drinking weather center. You know each one grabbed your drinking. And here's a toast to you for making it through the corona virus to you cheers chair awesome way of saying that they've made it through everything else and they might finally stumble upon us is that they've already run through the seventy five other part cats and now they're on to us. But now we're we're we're D- we're doing this thing and that's the thing about it everybody's in the same boat and everybody's using wearing still wearing the same pajamas from two weeks. Guys are wearing something so you know listeners. We are actually looking at the other person on through zoom Right now so it's It's interesting to see. Everybody looks pretty good and healthy. And that's a good thing We hope you guys are out there. You're you're being real cautious in staying home to and and listen to all of our adult beverage podcast because there's a bunch that we've already. We've already sixteen of them. I think are already in the fan. We've done here. Which is that last one. Sixteen I think so. Yeah so this is number seventeen and it is Joe Joe. Rabbit Georgia'll Dhabi. Let's see in the beginning. Let's just go right to the start. Patrick what did you think about the beginning of the from the very beginning where. He's getting all psyched. Up to be a Hitler youth the whole thing I thought that was just hysterical of it was a great opening and you get to beat his imaginary friend which is Nice Hitler I look I I had I I'll notre straw away so away I thought it was an amazing opening a very funny. It's a strange way to be because you start going. This is funny then. Some stuff happens later where you're like. Oh single or several tiers subs. That got me crying uncontrollably. I like I like the way. This started off as kind of carefree and loose and and fun. And then boom you get nailed with this impact Which is it's. It's neat the way he did this film. I'm one of the things that he worked on this film for fifteen years and actually I think he'd be the course at the Sundance Institute Which I've done in is a great course for a about different types of things screenwriting all kinds of different courses there but It's a phenomenal Workshops that they put on and but you know think about this for fifteen years to get this thing made and you know and then you see what's on the screen and I thought I honestly you know. I didn't know what to expanding me Patrick. I went to see at one on the second run We didn't see it on the first day we went went to see an end it. I was blown away. I mean right from the beginning I just. I thought this was amazing. Like what he did and I've always liked to style but I thought he just nailed this one and I don't know what else to say it I I. I'm sorry. Fifteen years to make was it. Nobody wanted to pick it. Up was just getting the script right. I think you know he had a script and it. Just you know it wasn't in a place for someone to look at and and you know. Think about it if it's a hard sell. Yeah you're hey we're gonNA make a movie and it's going to be about Nazis you know and it's going to have an imaginary Hitler. Yeah and we're GONNA throw Hitler based on a book right. There isn't an imaginary Hitler in the book. Right now but I think that's I think it's great one of my questions. You guys did you guys when you're growing up as a kid. Did you have an an imaginary for him? And do some of you still have imaginary friend where you actually talked to one but I you know I had a good imagination like I. I think we all do. I mean that's the thing I mean. I used to make crazy games up that I would play. You know I mean I played basketball games. Were you know had I in a sense I was playing against? You know all my imaginary you know. Nba Players So you know we had something like that. So I guess I could relate a little bit to this situation and I mean you know the Hitler just he was so good at it You know just brought the realness of this film out and it was like you know A sounding board Anybody crab that part of it. It was like his sounding board of his conscious of what was happening. Yeah it's how he himself motivated and and keep good attitude of looking but then he has his accident and he's ugly ugly forever after that right at the Stop I mean he kind of like it was like his inner doubt your snoring as we got towards the end You know changed his opinions but he still saw like the other side of it threw it off right which is really strange right. I mean we think about you. Know the Hitler in this Wasn't like a super bad villain But what I think it did was it gave clout to the whole situation of how bad the situation was and not taking Taking anything away from this film but to also look at historical what has happened and I think that's a good thing about it like at. I've heard a lot of people. Go well you know. I think it's bad you're making fun of you know the. I don't think that was the situation. I think this is to make us look at. Hey you know this is what happened is actually reality and less. Let's you know let's make fun of it but not in a way that's bad and I think that's what he what he did with this film. Yes so that's the end of the great. Hey we just want to make sure your rate review and subscribe. You brought up the beginning so I actually was kind of the opposite of you. Has It kind of took until the end to really appreciate beginning more like I thought it was funny but then to actually say like as it kind of sunk in more like this could literally have been a kid in Germany? Like the things that they're putting in his head and and making him think. This was the right way of living than once. I come back to the beginning. I was kind of all fell in place for me. I think I thought it was great. The use of the you know the old footage and And the music. The way they tied the music in in the beginning And then him him running through when Joe Joe's running through the whole you know the streets in Hilo. Hi Ed la you know. I just thought you know I could see that happening. So I'm a dog could hear you believe at two so Yeah I mean it. Just was fun on that side. And and I you know the thing about this. Is it breaks down the barrier of the innocent on film you know and you and you really big into that side of it. Is there one character that you resonated wipe throughout your Gate Gorky? Yeah I love him. He's my favorite. I square heat. Is Nick Frost as a child? Totally totally yellow just kept looking at him is his last name. Frost is at Boston duplicate himself. Is it a close? Well good I have never had one of those old woman moments where I wanted to walk up and squeeze this guy's little cheeks. He's so cute in it like you're so cute. I just wanted to get in there with him. You know. Every time he was on screen I was laughing. My ass off and I mean he was the sweetest little Nazi youth right right and it was just this little mannerisms along with his. You know his His dialogue that he had was just phenomenal. So were you there when When he ran out and like all the explosions happened and then you he finds a Mike few minutes later and he's alive. Oh Yeah Oh yeah. You're coming in with a carefree mannerisms side. Now you could be with you. Ju- girlfriend attitude throughout the whole thing. He he's only in very few scenes and yet I was like I just want to see more of him. I WANNA see him but only steals the show he does he does and I mean you know. What can you say about the the lead actor in this? I mean he just is phenomenal Ikea. What nate knows how to cast? If you go back up I just watched boy actually for the first time. I haven't seen that recur so ago. I think it was on something like a Voodoo or something or another for free so I had the chance to watch that really good. I love hunt for the wilder people. What we do you. He's he's his casting is so amazing. Kudos to Taika well and affairs. He's really good with a kid actors. I mean he brings most m He finds he's got this sort of you know unique. Characteristic that again. He's like a kid he really is back like I mean. I don't know if anybody listened to. I listened to the DVD with him and In its directors talking version. And he you know he basically makes phone calls it the whole time. Terry commentary was because I don't want to really say it was commentary. It was more like him on the phone with people talking through the whole thing Wife was like I just WanNa hearing talk about why this was made and all this but and honestly I did too but I was laughing because it was just him cutting up and you could see that was how he was throughout. You know the whole production probably and but yet you know. He's he's amazing director. I mean really. I've not seen boy but all the other films have just been outstanding. Yeah boy is not as amazing as like hunt for the wilder people is pretty good. Yeah that's really But boy is also one of his first features so he keeps improving. Smoke may give us some really good advice. Be The habit. The humble bunny can out with all of his enemies. He's brave and sneaky and strong. The y'all talking nobody to delight Captain K Love Captain. K- Arkansas Yeah. Yeah Love Sam Rockwell. Anyway he's rate. There's nothing that I really cannot think of film that he's been in that. I didn't enjoy the remake of poltergeist that they did that. Sam Rockwell was the fall this right he was now but now I don't remember even being bad in it. There was nothing good about that movie. Well you can't. It's hard to make remake. Poultry is beautiful the first time so Change Is just not good but usually when SAM walk Walk well I'll allow you know three billboards and moon and he's galaxy. Quest Galaxy says one of my favorites. He's a fantastic actor and have you seen that by saying that the way way way back her. What's it about It's about some. It's about amusement park like a waterslide. Basically but it's a kid is historic coming of age story. Which is kind of what this film is. Here's a coming of age story. You know it's It's Kinda to me IT'S A. It's like a love story coming of age story for a young boy. Yeah I mean we kinda falls in love with the girl in the in the closet. You know assess. Yeah so that dynamic. Whoa how did you? What did you guys think about the dynamic between JOE JOE AND ELSA? I thought it was funny. Just how how it started when he was trying to be all tough But then to figure out there like neither of them could tell on each other. was was pretty cool. It was funny how that played out. Yeah and then. The negotiations start my favorite. The bus touching the letters from her boyfriend that he was writing which He's how hurt she was after the first one to tell you there was a second letter and it's just so sweet such a sweet moment in and that's right at first leg he. He's feels bad about hurting her feelings immediately. Even though she's a Jew so an oath to I laughed so hard hits his little mannerisms he just so priceless and it was fun to watch him kind of develop though this kind of love for her you know throughout your kind of watching it and I said you know his. I really liked the first same when they find each other. And he's crawling through the room. He finds it gets a little knife and he gets into the room and then all of a sudden he sees this monstrous foot. I mean that's the biggest foot I've ever seen on a little girl but And then you know he has this fear and then of course the little fingers of of coming around the corner like Alyssa's GonNa turn into like a horror flick. Yeah she has long Skinny Weird Vang. You're coming down the steps. She's moving her fingers to as like she's walking down which is definitely you know the director one hundred percent like do this because you could tell that was so much like him and his personality you know. It was really fun to watch stat. And then that scene where he tries to run for the door with I thought was amazing. I think that's seen as really impactful was so well done And then of course she pulls in life Did you think what why did when you first saw? What did you think it was going to happen in that situation? I mean we. Obviously you guys didn't watch the same film idea. I didn't think she was really GonNa hurt him. Yeah but did you think anyway? What did you think was going to happen? I mean just put this back in the situation. The time he gets out you know is he going to be. You know tell everybody is you think about she can tell that's his first reaction like that's what he wants to do. He wants to run out the door and like tell everyone he doesn't even think about the consequences I she has to like grabbing before it against the door because he feels like that's what he's supposed to do he's been through. He's trained to do yes. I'm training didn't really work kit. Blow up with a grenade. Come on. Let's go speaking of blowing himself up with a grenade What did you think about that? That scene where you know. He's running through and making well. Let's go I guess even before that you know. Let's go to the where he snaps the neck of the rabbit. How did you guys? How did it make you feel during that? Jerk Nazi Jerick Nazi snap in the rabbits. Not Yeah it was horrible too cute little rabbit and yeah and the thing that he says he's trying to get him to run away like rubber like something as he's kind of scoot them away and then the guy just jerks him up and does it. You could just see the innocence like right away. Yeah Yeah and the rabbit wouldn't go anywhere. He just sat there right so frustrating. I think Taika doesn't want you to forget that Nazis are bad throughout the movie. Our Commander K camping. Thank Captain K. You really by the end are in love with this guy. I don't like his boyfriend a little bit. 'cause yeah theon. Fan Range. He has no scrotum game. Throw Clinton Dorf right I mean. Isn't John Listen? Dr Clinton Fencing. Dorf almost funny like he had all these minions around him. You know and You know a rebel Wilson. was knows her typical feel and energy. Did you care for her character at all for who rebel Well she's funny House he was. I think there was nothing but you don't You don't I don't know if you particularly embrace her because she she's very Nazi. Find the stuff that comes out of her mouth. Did you know and I mean also You know you think about this if this was you still have to go back to the historical you know but it's a satire on on what happened. Was there anything they just when you're watching it? You just did not expect to happen in this film. I didn't expect him to blow himself up with a grenade was like we lost our main character immediately. What's going on? I don't know if we're jumping to too far ahead. But I did not expect to see that happened to his mom either. Oh my gosh. That was horrifying. Yeah You know they. They never showed her face. Like yeah you know the thing about that scene. I thought they did a great job of setting her shoes. You know and the scene and then when you you know the butterfly and that's one of the questions I have you guys you know th th as we saw the butterfly. We saw it a couple of times so it wants with. He was with Elsa in the butterflies in the stomach and then we saw this butterflies Following when he's in the kind of the park area and then all of a sudden we see the sh- he turns and sees the MOMS shoe hanging but the body attached You know that same was like holy cow. This know is is brilliant Heard one of the things I thought it was that he originally wanted to kill. Have the boy be. The one was killed when his early early works on this and it changed and I think that was a marvellous change of having the mom because now than you really feel a new sympathize with Gioja because how else can you not? He lost his mom. Yeah and he's learning that Nazis. A real bad. Yeah and what kind of stood out to me was the ruthlessness of it that I think they had just been at the house going through stuff. Did they know at that point that his mom was dead? Because they just like. Oh she's in town but nobody ever came to tell him like he was asked him where she was. Do you know where they know at that. Point that she was dead. That's a that's a good. I mean you know I'd never. I didn't think about that when we were. I was watching the film. But you know when you look back on. It is a possibility that that could have been the case and as cool things about it is to you know. Look at it when you watch it again. To see wasn't any more clues at set that off because had he not been walking around that day he might not have ever founder and then would he have just been sitting home like wondering what happened to it because no one ever came to say. You know your mother's dead right right. Yeah I mean there's a war going on yeah so I mean it was one of those moments. That sort of makes you go. Wow vesta looking fetching as your should. It's because of you. My son can't walk properly and his a messed up. Face still just took. Yeah so you are going to look after him while. I'm at work mixture. Here's a job. Infused included got it. Really good guys. Is Your Kid told you about remember. He's still the hung. Canadian blew himself up and as a result. I got demoted for negligence. Now I get to work in office for all these wonderful kids so Joe Joe. I'm sure we can figure out something for you to ideas. Yeah guys okay. So we need somebody to walk the clones. You will be guys becoming motionlessly involved in the story. Yeah for me. It was the scene when they were arguing at dinner and then she puts on her face to make it look like his dad. I mean they have a little sweet moment at the end of it that that's kind of what got me in there. How about you Patrick? I think I was all like I was invested from as soon as he has an imaginary friend. That's Hitler who's advising him and then he does what he's running down the street con. High High Island. I I just like a love it. I love it already and you see kind. Part of you feels bad because this little kid does not understand the severity of the Third Reich right at the same time. It's funny so entitled. Ytd's good at that where he can make you laugh and then stop you in your tracks and make you cry and then get you laugh and again a few minutes later. So yeah it's amazing. It's an amazing talent to have. It is better so when was the first time that you were really like second on the on the phone. I think for me. It's the part where he is reading the first letter from Nathan. And then he sees it upsets her any immediately goes and writes the next letter. Like that's like Oh okay. You really do care about her. You really do know that. She's she's a person she's not. Just this monster. Ju Ju I I was really to me. It was as soon as I saw the hit. Hitler situation at I thought that right there caught me and it kind of reminded me a lot. I don't know if you guys have you ever seen the great dictator With Charlie Chaplin was I think seeing the monologue on forty yeah You know it kind of reminded me of like that sort of Satirical feel and at that point I was like I'm really interested in what you do. And you know whether you blow it and it's terrible or is it. Is it really great? You know and I think he he actually mailed it was real of comical like his characters that he you know we're always around the Hogan heroes characters almost You know I mean you felt like that's what you were watching. You know when you looked at you know a captain k. Yeah and rebel Wilson. Yeah wasn't that didn't it reminds me a bit of it and and so I thought he like pulled interesting little pieces and put them into the story but then he put this amazing story underneath it that just that takes it to the next level special. I just keep telling me that. Sell to everyone anyway. So stupid idea. You're stupid the strongest thing in the world. I think you find that muscle. It's the strongest thing in the world. Follow closely by dynamite and then muscles sites. I wouldn't even know to resort. Press fries on gun show you know. Feel it it's a pain my also that's in your tummy butterflies. Yuck Yuck come on Shit. Let's move on if you had to pick one character out of all of them. You know I know. We talked about earlier but one character that you'd like to see another completely developed out script. Which one would it be. I WANNA see your g and Gioja together in something else with a buddy comedy extensively super fungus tucker and Dale. I'd like to sue them. Fight Sambas yes yes and then Phi robots. That's on point right so I thought once one thing that was always interesting to me as watching. It was how many times he got offered. Cigarettes from Hitler kept forgetting he kept forgetting that he was like ten years old and all smoke but but I thought that was like really funny and just sort of a you know kind of in his imagination thinks he's older and you know and it's it. He plays so well in this. The story is so cute and ev- and every time I watch this I feel like it gets better Yeah it did when I watched it. I thought this was a lot like wes Anderson and had some a lot of the symmetric Aspects that Wes Anderson does very simple. You know kind of isolated very bright and very bright colors. You know which was part of you know. They shot this With animals Lenses but they shouted a four three ratio. So this too. That's taken an image in their crunch in it down but I thought it was beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous shot with Alexa. And you know the the look on. It was just really really solid. I think that was one of the other things attack this film together at at all the pieces you know you had a good script you had great. Cinematography had amazing acting And it was fine. He knows so. What more can you ask for film and when you it kind of made me think when you brought up the cigarettes must have been a fun character to play this Hitler character. Because you're not you're not Hitler. You're not a parody version of Hitler. You'RE A kid's imagination of Hitler. That's I bet it must have been fun right. Yeah pretty much anything goes. There's all contact lenses in. Did you notice that right off the bat I was like that's right? His is would make sense did they. How did they have contacts? Then why don't think we're supposed to know that they were contact. Go now I will say. This is the second movie That I love that has closed out with David. Bowie's heroes it. Is this one way I did. It was in German this time but the other one was Perks of being off lower right and it ends. We are infinite and then Boston to hear us. Yeah yeah the music in this really pushed pushed it through two great great choices. A music in That Beatles the German Beatles version of I WANNA hold your hand. Tastic is awesome one of the things that I was thinking. Throughout of it was was captain. K Good or bad guys thank relatively speaking for a Nazi. He was good. Yeah I think it goes through a change. I think the change happens when You know he asked for the passport and he at that point you realize that he you know all of a sudden he's not so bad and he's he's a nice gentleman like he's trying to protect the family and he you know looking after him so I think that's the point where it starts to flip for me on him. You know other before that. He's kind of he's he's not he's a hundred percent. Nazi even though he's got this song of love right and he knows the Nazis are against that. So He's trying to you know tone that down so so he might be on your side right now because he's announced off. Yeah kindred between the gays in the persecuted Jews and they don't beach over the head. I don't think with him now. But every time you see a theon your life Dan the standoff scene where the two of them are face to face kind of comfortable and say at the the pink triangles on their uniforms. Do Remember that was that all the way through now. I think it was at the end. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah well at the make their own. Yeah when he designs his own Yeah they didn't have them throughout the whole that'd be like Yeah I love. I love that same whereas you know he's got the Alan around his eyes. And and you know fabulous. Oh so so amazing and then and then you roll out of that for a second and it gets you know funny and then you come back and you know joe gets brought to the firing line. Basically where the Captain K How did you guys feel when that was happening? Did you think that judge was going to get killed or did what was going to happen? You definitely are afraid for him at that point because he's been sucked back in like an associated with the Nazis and he's got the jacket on and it doesn't look for Joe Joe at that point. I didn't think he was going to get killed the worried but I thought it was a neat way of like getting them out of there by standing him up. He's having this whole talk. And then he just pops the jacket off of him and spits on him and throws him out a perfect. And then you know you you at this point you've already started to care for for the the captain and a K and his is wonderful antics So that's a cool. Feel of the film you know did it. Seem like kind of like kept. Gioja almost changed. Captain Ken a little bit too because he did seem to soften up after Joe Joe blew himself up like you could see every time Georgia came around. He was just like a little bit easier on them. Yeah like like the turned him. You're a misfit. Now like the rest of us well plus. He was taken off of that training. Camp Duty Right the office Joe Joe's fault and wasn't even manage. Oj about that Could you be mad at a ten year? Old Sweet judge out so cute. He's so cute. So rebel just blew up Yeah it was pretty funny. I just kept waiting to see her fly or something. You know shoes fly and some of them you know but that was. It is definitely a movie about shoes. Yeah Yeah someone had airtight fuse. Some fetishes foot fetishism brand this deficit kill this movie for me. Can't finish moving across. Yeah healthy no feet. How would you know if you sold one? They could look just like us at feel its head forms spro in Brussels sprouts. Yeah I forgot about the Brussels sprouts. Bits imagine catching on giving it to Hitler. That'd be a surefire way to get his personal got. Its all time of your best friend. I guess I'm justification affect kids. Both have you guys gone out and bought your Yoohoo. Juba Ket traded you do right good ways of killing but the book was very interesting. How it kind of plays into the story you know. What was your thoughts your seen it and else's there and she's like she says pay. I wrote it. You know. This is my thoughts. How did you feel about that? Was a good way to save herself. yeah that was very quick thinking but I on the other side of it I was like man I feel bad for job. Because he's just been copyrighted all of his work So I felt bad for him but I also felt that that was a way of saving her. Yeah Yeah for sure for sure for sure do you. Do you think this was to Nazi driven on the aspects? Do you think they were just too much of that thrown into this or do you think it was a good amount and everything kinda played out? I thought it was. Yeah definitely Thurgood. get to see how how silly some of the Nazi protocol was with the High Hitler. Seen with like thirty eight times I was cool. And what did you think of his character mean? How did you think of his character? Did you think he was a Dick? Do you think he was He was creepy wasn't he? He was great at being super creepy and just looming over everyone. I mean he's an enormous guy anyway but just the sheer lake presence of him. Plus I read. He stood on a box. I was GONNA say what's being taller than Sam Rockwell. Yeah I was a lot taller. I thought that was really funny because I was like. Oh my God they just made me Mike six inches. I'm sure he was on an apple box. You know at least six inches taller but it does create it really worked really well with the story because then you got this lurch of subtler cheat the funny thing is. I just watched the good boys the night before. That little tween comedy. Sex Comedy thing and Stephen Merchant is in that also playing very creepy character. So run out and see the good boys. Philip Creepy Stephen Merchant. He's only like two scenes little bit creepy Stephen Little. Bit Creepy Semen worship. Then Watch Logan where. He's little less creepy but still creepy as a creepy mutate. After that scene no was would I guess I didn't realize it still moves over? How lucky they were that. That wasn't like early in the war. Where like the war ended so soon after she got discovered that worked out. Okay Yeah that was great. I mean and I think that that was a fun ending. You know the whole and this just this got into that part of it. What do you think about you know? Joe Joe basically lying to her at the end there That the war was that was tough because one goal is freedom and like. That's the thing that he's going to deny her to though like you could see I mean. Obviously he was just being selfish because he wanted her the living there but but there were. There was a sweetness to it. Yeah Yeah like keep it from her I mean he was he figured out a way to make it right right right and he paid to like just the look on his face and like how he couple down a little bit like it was perfect. Yeah yeah I thought that was a and then you know as we go out to the ending the you know 'cause I mean let's talk about it you know it's the it's Patrick was showing us. It's the pop of the day you can see it. He's snapping his fingers. The dance because people who are free dance right that's right and and she said you know that was the thing she said earlier in the film You know it was about freedom if she had. What was the one thing she wanted to do in that would be you know? Freedom Dance Freedom to names and theme in this movie dancing and feet. Yeah it just played really well at the end and I thought it was just a nice. You know you know the wars come to an end. You know. Realize that. He's lied to her. But now then you break into this sort of like okay. I don't like what you did but I still like you still care for you And then the dance. Just you know you. Just get when the music cranks up you get into it and you start snapping your fingers with them so it was fun. When I saw with canty stood up in the theater started dancing. I burn head thing. We were the only two people at ten o'clock show. There were two other people down in front of US got it. Didn't see him are even have like therapy. I saw you. Everyone saw holy cow. I got to moves. Doesn't it but the reluctant like the little boy? Like starting with can't right but that was kind of weird Patrick ones at me. I don't know what it was about but one dollar bills were just flying. You know makes it rain money when you're talking about new digital? How far would you go? On the producers of James Bond Action sign born. Don't actually watching it too. So what's closing notes on Gioja? Rabbit what do you guys think about it any Any thoughts on this and you should see it and then see it again after that. Yes maybe maybe it. When we're time I tell you it really helps to watch in the second time because you pick up a lot the first time. I always just watch it. You know and enjoy and then the second time. Watch it again because there's a lot that you miss and I think the humor's funnier the second time than it was I can't wait to watch this guy. You know ten times and come back to and and say wow I can start quoting some lands out of it which is almost impossible for me. Sexy shoe easily. Yeah I think it was really well-made like all the way round shot beautifully great acting great store. I'm ready for his next film. I'm ready for his okay. What that is next door versus Hulk in another movie or another though or maybe or yeah which is a did a good job with the first one you know and now Ragnarok Masao. It had enough humor in it and and kept true to the story so I thought it was. He has a job at that kind of stuff. And and that's the kind of thing that probably pays for his films to judge rabbit definitely. I'm not sure what what he's saying. What I wanted to mention that if you WANNA see another comedic movie a hiding a Jew in the attic in Nazi Germany about that Patrick. Here's a short fill that Adam. Green directed called the diary of Anne Frankenstein. I think it's on youtube where he could see. If not there's a film called Chila Rama With a lot of recognizable faces but the diary Van. Frankenstein's one of the funniest short films I've ever seen because They make a Jewish Gholam like Frankenstein. So it's basically Frankenstein but all dressed up like almost like a Jewish way. Yes it's felt. Who's the tall skinny guy from Avatar Who was in dodgeball? Is the Jones. Now our dodgeball. The pirate. No no no. That's a friend. Alan Tutic right The guy who doesn't know who Steve The pirate is. That's me set on your Abbott. He wasn't the main character's avatar known is seen Avatar. But you. That's fucked up. That's you still more Joel. What does him even more? Joel David Moore yes. Yes that's what I'm talking about. He plays out. Basically like a Hitler type of Nazi character in it and he's speaking gibberish German in the movie. And you just start and as you watch it you start hearing things like you'd be like when back. Cpo these pop references at itself. Fucking funny you give it a shot on YouTube. You guys are probably hate it but you know what it. What other movies? You've been watching in quarantine other than Jewish Frankenstein there as an Oldie but a goody diary Frankenstein. I've been watching a lot of your indie fair movies. I watched American Satan Which is about a band. Malcolm McDowell and Sam. From game of thrones isn't it Sam It's an okay movie I saw Satanic Panic keeping with the Satan theme. Apparently I saw guns. Akimbo was probably my favorite with Daniel Radcliffe Daniel Radcliffe basically gets guns bolted to his hands and is put into this game where he has to fill the other person or be killed. It's just a lot of. It's good clean violent fun. I like that far. What HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING. We have been marathoning episodes of Night Court and Shits Creek and tiger king which is hard to watch at times. I don't know if we're GONNA finish that one but they we're halfway through better. Finish that one if I don't know we're out episode five. It's almost seven episodes isn't it? Yeah or did I stop watching it? Seven call it a day now. I think it's seven even though I heard that there's GonNa put a new out. They're going to put a new one. Oh No if you have a chance to watch kingdom that flicks it's an Asian Took Korean period kind of futile Asian type of show at its two seasons rag. Nats fantastic fantastic. Mix The walking dead. Look like born talking about your feelings in Kingdom. It's non stops up the action. Oh well there you yet. It's bigger about your. You've been watching anything. Yeah I mean. I've been watching a lot of TV on Netflix. Random towards Yeah a little bit here and there about the community on Netflix. Ready Watch community when I did watch watching that again I do get a recommendation for a movie called Blow the man as I watched it. Yeah have you seen that? Haven't yet but I I heard good things about it. I enjoyed it enjoyed it a lot. thought it was really in down. It's not yeah. It's a little mystery Film that's on Amazon Prime. Right now and movie. It's a movie it's really well done. Yeah I actually I. I watched the invisible man Did you think of that? I wasn't away it was. I thought it was good. I mean I was a big fan of the original. You know way back and A A claude rains like old school. Yes to Oh I thought they did a really good job with it and had a unique tool twist and I think that's what made it a little better than I thought I thought it missed and some things but You know I. It was still. It was still good. You know it was very entertaining and then I watched Ford versus Ferrari again Seeing that so good. It's a great action packed film And it's just full of you know it's just it's got a lot of like a good acting good story good action all tied into one And then we kinda bench watched a season three of ozarks and watch that too. I watched season to season three. The final episodes threes just as brilliant to me is really really well done makes you. You know you can't wait for the season. The next season Serwa I can wait. Yeah I take one that I WANNA see and we're going to actually be giving away. Some of them is the rhythm section with Blake Latvian. Jude Law. So you off right. Yeah it looked really really good. Yeah Cool Action Pack Film. It's going to be coming out So it's kind of actually thriller We're we're excited about it and we're going to actually have some places you can go to instagram and twitter and facebook and will be. We'll be giving away some free digital copy so you can watch him at your home and let us know how you feel about him so That's coming up real be awesome into our instagram twitter and facebook. That's right that's right for Rhythm Section giveaway there you go a world sound unpatriotic it. World woman seeks revenge against those who orchestrated a plane crash. That killed a family so good job but Listen we've got a lot of fun here. We're excited about all this and we're you know hoping that you guys are staying safe out there and we just WanNa make sure you rate review and subscribe Wherever you listen to your podcast and wash your hands and wash your hands number one right where mascot that's right and do whatever you can stay in as much as you. Can you know it's nothing wrong? I've noticed there's a lot of people walking in the neighborhoods and all that kind of stuff. So it's good to see people actually going back to the nineteen fifties again So people walked in. Yeah it's really. It's really interesting to say it's kind of like that. You know we're back to the more family and you know the people that mean the most to you and you guys. They're out there listening. You mean the most love you. So you in a world beverage. Podcast marks you stay home and watch move right and we're going to give you a big hug out there so keep listening and make sure you go back and check out some of the other podcasts. That we have as there's a lot of them sixteen of them floating around on there and it's just fun. Put them on in the background. I'm just let them rolled so we decide what we're doing for next time. Did we know parasite is on Hoodoo? Well maybe I whose numbers up. Who's a turn is it? Let's see I don't know it would be a good time today. More would be lars now. Isn't it yet so then it would be to me right? I think so. Comparisons on my list guys so guys should probably say candy. You fierce awesome right excellent. All right well thanks for listening and once again Make sure to rate review and subscribe. Stay safe out there. You'll see a thank you for listening to adult beverage. Podcast this podcast has been to you by our sponsors bricks wood-fired pizza where they bring people together. Be Sure to visit adult beverage dot org on the web to join the conversation access the show notes. Discover our new fantastic bonus content. You've just listened to the adult Beverage podcast with your host Patrick Lauren. Kent love this episode of Beverage PODCASTS head over to add tuned stitcher spotify wherever you might listen to your. Podcast subscribe rate and leave a review. That's this week's episode of the adult Beverage podcast. Don't forget to join US next week for another episode. Thank you for listening.

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